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    • The month of July continues its stream of updates, with our latest announcement set for launch, and in fashion de rigueur! We have selected a winner from a randomised draw and would like to thank everyone for participating; congratulations to 'I am Ti', your prize will be sent to you in due course.

      Without further ado, our content reveal will now be unveiled! We are proud to introduce two upcoming GMCs into the fray: http://bit.ly/2vxTZQ3

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    • Buying +7 book of blazing sun or of billows clean comment here or mail cowsmith offer thanks!
    • Now that I saw this topic, I opened aproximately 800 GB some months ago (4~5 months maybe?) and i didn't get any santa poring card too. o.o
    • During 2013-2015 When I open 1-2k Gift Boxes, I get all the items on the Gift Box list including Santa Poring Card. I usually get 10-20 Santa Poring Cards. Then after a long hiatus on gathering Gift Boxes, I returned on gathering gift boxes again a week ago. So I opened Thousands of Gift Boxes recently and got all items in the GB list EXCEPT Santa Poring Card.   If you are going to argue with me about the RNG thing. Even if you do the math that opening 1 GB =1/76 chance (there are only 76 items on the GB list including Santa Poring). And if you open another GB. It will have the same chance(1/76) and the item can be obtained repetitively. Even if you do the Math on Probability. 1-2k Gift boxes will give you a number of Santa Poring Card.   The ones on the market are usually old Santa Poring Cards (Cards that have been obtained long ago). If there were any Santa Poring Cards recently obtained from Gift Boxes, then let me know here please. The GMs can look into my logs and kafra storage. I am so frustrated because it worked during 2013-2015. But now,   I have obtained an estimate of 50 golds for my (1-2k)attempts. Something is really wrong. I am sure.   That is why I am also gathering/farming Gift Boxes because it is the best way on getting the Card. I do not want to buy the Card. I want to farm them. The ones on market are probably old ones obtained in 2013-2015 or older. I am still gathering recently. If this costs me 100-150m with no santa poring card on a Gift Box. Will you still believe that it's a RNG thing huh?  
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