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    • Hell0_Viki

      I love my fellow Gunslingers. They inspire me.

      Much love also to Low Maintenance for being such open-minded and chill people. ❤️
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    • GM Chai

      Hello everyone! I would like to invite you to join our very first Live Singing Contest on discord!

      It's that time of the year when the jolly hearts cheer! TalonRO hosts its first, LIVE, singing contest!
      We searching for contestants to sing their most merriest Christmas song ever!
      Anyone can join and each participant may earn a bundle of in-game goodies.

      Dec. 18, 2021 8pm ST (UTC/GMT +1 hour)

      Vocals 30% TalonRO Original/Related Songs 20% Performance 30% Entertainment Value 20%
      Acapella are welcome. Instrumental music only.
      Duets are allowed but will only win 1 prize.
      No pre-recorded vocals. Recording participants without permission is prohibited.
      Must prepare a second song incase of a tie breaker.
      Please stay muted at all times till you are called to perform.

      How to join?
      Reply on this post with your Discord ID and IGN 
      Comment your Discord ID and IGN through Instagram here
      DM me on Discord with along with your IGN at Chai#9023

      Further Instructions: Contestants must join any voice channel in TalonRO's Discord Server and will be moved to a private channel 15 minutes before schedule, please do not be late or you will forfeit your entry.
      Grand Prize
        10 TC
        1 MCB
      1 GM Box of Choice
      2nd Place
      5 TC
      1 Random GM Box
      3rd Place
      3 TC
      1 Random GM Box
      Consolation prizes will be mailed out to confirmed attendants after the event.
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    • Sloan

      Much ❤️
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    • Arsenate  »  TroublesomeBR

      Bitch please hahahah
      Me ama~~
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    • GM Lance

      Sign-ups for Blade & Magic are now open! 
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    • can I have a slot at 4pm on the 11th please? ^^
    • TalonRO is pleased to partner once more with GoFundMe Charity this holiday season in our annual fundraiser to benefit The Ocean Cleanup. Every year, millions of tons of plastic enter the oceans, primarily from rivers. And the plastic that's afloat within the oceans isn't going away by itself. To effectively solve the problem, we need to both turn off the tap and mop the floor at the same time. The Ocean Cleanup is developing and scaling technologies to rid the world's oceans of plastic. Their aim is to put themselves out of business once the oceans are clean. Visit https://theoceancleanup.com/ for more information on their impressive efforts! 100% of all proceeds go directly to The Ocean Cleanup through the GoFundMe Charity partnership. From now until December 31st, 2021 - TalonRO will thank those who have donated to the TalonRO Fundraiser with a unique in-game gift. Keep in mind that these donations do -not- give you any Talon Cash like a donation to TalonRO would. Donations made after December 31st will not receive the rewards listed below.   Due to changes in the GoFundMe donation system, the method of ensuring you receive your rewards has slightly changed, so please pay attention. Make your charitable donation to The Ocean Cleanup with TalonRO in three simple steps: Visit TalonRO's GoFundMe Charity page for The Ocean Cleanup Donate any amount to support The Ocean Cleanup, though the minimum amount is $10 USD. Once your donation has been made, please scroll down on the charity page and leave a Comment that contains ONLY your in-game character name. This is so we can match your donation to your character and deliver your thank-you reward! Receive your special thank you gift! All thank-you items will be distributed in January at the conclusion of the fundraiser.     All items received will be account-bound, but you can use the Vending Machine NPC in Lutie to claim the Costume and Pet on as many characters as you like. Thank-you items will be distributed through an NPC in early January. Gifts will not be distributed until after the fundraiser is over, but we will ensure that all who made an eligible donation will receive their thank-you gift. No Talon Cash will be given out for donations made through the GoFundMe Charity campaign, and all proceeds will directly benefit The Ocean Cleanup. Donating at higher levels will grant you the gifts in the levels below as well. For example, donating $50 will earn you all three thank-you gifts! $10 USD Donors will receive one (1) special Surprise Box, which will contain some wonderful and enjoyable goodies inside! This year, the Surprise Box has been updated with many new rare costumes from past Monthly Boxes, too! $25 USD Donors will receive one (1) exclusive Spoon and Fork Costume (Garment)!  Donors at this level will also receive one (1) Surprise Box as well! $50 USD Donors will receive one (1) charity event exclusive Creeper Egg! This magical pet and companion when loyal will increase your resistance to Wind property attacks by 2%, along with STR+2 and VIT+2. Donors at this level will also receive both the Surprise Box and Spoon and Fork Costume as well.   We hope that you'll join TalonRO in making a contribution toward this worthwhile cause and help bring the magic of the holidays to the incredible work of The Ocean Cleanup. Our goal this year is to raise $2,500 for charity - and we hope to be able to do that with your help! Thank you for your generosity and for being a wonderful part of the TalonRO community of players. Thanks, Happy Holidays, and Happy Gaming!
    • Slot for 'Bor Robin and Friends' team please, thanks
    • Welcome to 'Warfare'. A new event challenge conceptualised by the community! Two teams will go head-to-head in a full scale battle to claim their rightful mark as MVP kings and queens. Team Aqua of Geffen versus Team Vermilion of Prontera. Party leaders are required to gather a team and signup via the thread below. Prior to the event, the GMs will draft each team to their respective bracket in a tournament knockout stage format (using a random number generator).  Once the teams are drafted, players will have an opportunity to recon the map as well as the MVPs they will be fighting. For further information, please review our rules before opting in. As always we are open to feedback and suggestions -- so don't hesitate to reach out!     Party leaders must include their team name as well as a total of 10 players to be eligible for entry. If a member of your party can't assist at the scheduled time, party will go as is.   Once all teams have been drafted into the tournament, party leaders of each bracket will need to liaise a suitable date with one another before confirming their times on this thread. Please note that the event must conclude before the end of December.   During the event, both teams will fight their own MVPs (highlighted by a letter corresponding to your bracket allocation). The team who successfully defeats the most MVPs will be victorious and move onto the next round   Each team will be facing off against the same 10 MVPs (a list of what you'll be fighting is highlighted below)    Skills will be disabled and ONLY enabled once both parties have said "ready" and the countdown to the event begins   3 resurrections will provided only when the team leader asks for one via PM   We will use a random number generator to distribute teams fairly for the tournament bracket. As this event is still in its infancy stages, we strive to improve the mechanics based on numerous testing and player feedback   Dual clienting is not permitted, and you must remain in one team throughout the tournament. Anyone caught breaking these rules will have their team forfeited immediately, this includes team hopping regardless if party is lacking players.   Please notify us at least 3 days before the event in case of any cancellations / drop-outs. Failure to do so will remove you from all future Warfare events   If any content creator wishes to stream this event, please get in contact with myself on Discord to discuss scheduling and compensation   The competition will start (December), winners of the finals to be announced same day       1st Place Reward: 8x Talon Coins 2x Bloody Branch 1x Old Victory Box 200x Valkyrie Coins 2nd Place Reward: 6x Talon Coins 1x Bloody Branch 1x Monthly Costume Box 100x Valkyrie Coins Participation Reward: 4x Talon Coins | 1x Bloody Branch | 100x Deadly Branches | 100x Eden Badges Future Prizes: Prizes are subject to change for future renditions of 'Warfare', including bespoke costumes and beta access to exclusive PvM content Signups: [ Open ]  [ Open ]   [ Open ]   [ Open ]   [ Open ]  [ Open ]  [ Open ]  [ Open ]  
    • Hello,   11th 15:00 please  
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