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    • Hello! I'm a bit shy so... oh boy, here we go. Maybe I should start by saying that English isn't my first language, so I'm sorry if I sound weird sometimes. I've been on TalonRo for 2 years now (wow!), RO has been my first MMO and this place is the best to delve back into the nostalgia everytime I feel like it. As I said I'm a bit shy, so I don't talk a lot, but I appreciate our kind community very much. As I'm playing more often these days again I've wanted to try my hands at some commissions. I wanna improve my drawing processes and there's still so much I wanna collect (´・ω・`) I'm still so unsure on what I can charge, but the prices below are what I feel comfortable with. (Rate: 1 TC = 1.2m Zeny) » Chibis ! 1. Digitally 15 TC / 18m Zeny | Here are some examples I made: 2. Traditionally 20 TC / 24m Zeny | You can choose if you'd like it done in watercolour (left) or with copic markers (right):
      » Not so chibi ? 25 TC / 30m Zeny | Waist-ups + digitally only for now.   If you'd like a slot, please reply below and I'll add you to the list! I'll need the following information from you to start working, preferably send to me per PM:
      (this template was sneakily altered & inspired by all you other great artists on here ;u;) IGN:
      Sprite / screenshot / art reference:
      Preferred style: [Chibi digitally / traditionally (water colour / copics) or waist-up]
      Preferred personality / expression / pose:
      Preferred payment method: [TC or Zeny - as time zones + schedules can be tricky you might prefer sending Zeny via Mailbox NPC for a quicker processing, but that's up to you!]
      Other details: [Anything you'd like to have added or different from the provided reference (hairstyle, headgear, colours etc.) ?] I'll tell you separately again, but please send the payment to my money bank blacksmith, IGN: Nerril
        » Slots, waitlist & progress Slot 01: --
      Slot 02: --
      Slot 03: -- Waiting 01: --
      Waiting 02: --
      Waiting 03: --
        Thanks so much for checking this out. If you have feedback of any kind, I'd love to hear it. Also, I hope I didn't mess up the links of the images |D" I just uploaded them to imgur...
    • Swordman class, Magician class, Archer class, Acolyte class, Merchant class, Thief class, Extended classes and Novic.   different people will give you different reply - depending on what they like most - you can play alone with any class. so the correct answer would be: whatever class you enjoy most for me, it would be HW
    • Lord Knight. It's for single people.  
    • What are the best classes to play alone?(For pvm, especially)
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