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    • September Patch | Minigames Return!

      It's already the start of September and with the Amazing Summer Race still ongoing, it's time to treat you to another new update: the return of your beloved Minigames! Come to the Comodo Carnival to check out these latest additions to the server!

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    • I hope I can finish this on time, posting WIP for now (/ω\)  
    • ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️  
    • Kaho and valk helm, that's what we call them. Search function in ragnarok game is capital letter sensitive. So it has to be Dark Lord Card. Primitive, I know. Decent yes, but not best. Yet, you can convert cash shop currency to talon coin to sell them to other players for zeny. Then, you can buy something better than cash shop once you cap that. Try not to look other server guides, since our server is heavily modified, go to our forum guide or wiki. And, I am too lazy to answer more specific answer, just look those first. For f2p player, our first budget gear would be eden and rental gear. See eden guide at forum guide, and rental should be explained at tutorial quest, given by first npc you met when you make char. You can farm bronze coins either at eden board hunting board, gramps or tamtam maps. Tamtam is our monthly event that gives double exp in an area, and give monster drop chance of some of those coins. Monthly update will switch places. see more: wiki.talonro.com
    • how can I make my filir auto buff its skill fleet move and over speed and set it to lvl 1?  I've already changed the oldhomun type to filir and skill class to homun s skills.  What am I missing?
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