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Thoughts, musings, and ideas from inside the world of TalonRO's Gamemaster staff.

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GM Zelda


Hello my pretties, how are you all doing? I hope everybody is enjoying a little time in the sun and having the most amazing time in their summer vacation! (while I just freeze and sniffle because it's winter for me /sob). Summer is also a time where you have that extra time to dedicate to your favourite hobby. And we all can agree that our favourite is TalonRO right?! So how about some amazing art from our oustanding artists~




Starting off with @ciliadesu from Cilia's art stuff. Such flowy and expressive poses! And would you look at that falcon, WEW!

You can find more about Cilia on Instagram.






Next up we have @Kurai Shónin from Dark Merchant that hosts the most entertaining streams! Oh, did I mention Kurai is one of our Loading Screen contest winners? Fancy!

You can find more about Kurai on PicartoDeviantArtTumblrTapas and Instagram.





Last but not least, we have @Cherrios from ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ Bobbing Around. It's such a cute, delicate and flowy art style! I'm pretty sure even an Orc Lady would look absolutely adorable if drawed by Cherrios!

You can find more about Cherrios on



Oh and let's not forget about last month's challenge! @Hell0_Viki was our shiny participant with a very appetizing slice of pizza! Thank you so much for joining!



And to wrap things up, I'll propose a new challenge for this month! Draw your character enjoying summer vacation, in any way you see fit. To be featured in the next Spotlight, just post it anywhere and tag me.

Until next month!





GM Spica

Garm has spawned in the fields outside of Lutie town


Half a minute passes..



Drawing and animation made by me, credits to Kruro for the creation of the meme. No actual Garms were harmed, but happily respawned in the making of this blog post.

GM Lance


A chimerical night dawns upon us all! Kindle the fires and warm the kettle for another addition of Interview Spotlights featuring a Phoenix,
risen from the ashes to bestow you with a personal insight on life from the development side of TalonRO and how
he’d vouch for Luna burning Morroc into ruins faster than Satan Morroc ever could.


Lance: Right, now before we begin there’s something I’d like to address with you for our audience. I think we're all intrigued by the name "Phoenix" - what's the story behind it?

Phoenix: The name Phoenix comes from the fact that Game Design/Development basically redefined my life goals, hence my way of thinking being reborn, because before I wasn't really sure what I was going to do. It also represents my way of thinking in terms of working on games. I really like to bring new life into content or thinking of new approaches for existing problems.

Lance: Jeepers! I can certainly see the connotation behind your alias now. Do tell us, about your past life? And most importantly what brought your majestic presence into the frolicsome lands of TalonRO?

Phoenix: I have a long history with Ragnarok Online as well as this particular server. After the long decade and 1/2 I've been playing RO for roughly there just ain't another server like TalonRO, I knew I was here to stay. What got me playing this particular server initially was actually family that used to play the game with me.

Lance: Ah, your family seem like a marvy bunch! Mine on the other hand wouldn’t have a clue how to even spell MMO, ha! And what does an average working day look like for a dexterous game developer such as yourself?

Phoenix: Game Development is something that requires a lot of time and passion. For the most part with the exception of maybe the weekends I spend a majority of the day working on one thing or another. In most cases this is either writing scripts for future content or pitching new ideas for new content. If I'm not already knee deep in a project for the server, or if I'm taking a break, and while I may not speak often, I'm actively looking at what our players are suggesting or what their feedback is as I'm always under the belief that as a game designer it's our job that we create games for the people above all else. If it's not that, I'm studying/preparing ideas for where we can expand and what we can make even better. As such since I believe in what the player is thinking first most, I will carefully design content in the shoes of a player and making sure that the content is quality and that it's fun. Then I will also look for new approaches to old/existing problems as well and if applicable, and I will implement those new approaches after thorough testing and obviously assuming that they work and they're not just good ideas on paper. In short, a lot of my days consist of making scripts for content, creative thinking, and keeping up with what's going on and what people are saying. Haha. 

Lance: Diligent, precise and innovative — looks like we’re in safe hands on the development back-end! Speaking of which, do you have any hair-raising content in the pipelines you’d like to tease our bodacious Talonians with?  

Phoenix: I’m wondering how much we’re allowed to say.. Haha.

Lance: You can tell us! We won't utter a word to the higher-ups.

Phoenix: Hmm.

Lance: Do it man.

Phoenix: I’m not sure.

Lance: If not for me, do it for the shish kabob!

Phoenix: I’m a vegetarian.

Lance: ... Do it for the lettuce?

Phoenix: Kidding. I can’t say no to meat.

Lance: Well?

Phoenix: Well, what?

Lance: Hmn. I may have been bamboozled. Drat! /shy

Phoenix: /ok

Lance: So uh... What are your plans for TalonRO from a development standpoint? Anything you’d like to share with us in regard to future planned projects?

Phoenix: You’re just repeating the same question now. But I will say this, I have some very exciting content lined up in the not so distant future. So stay tuned and watch as the magic unfolds – you won’t be disappointed!

Lance: I see my sorcery of asking the same question in a different manner proves ineffective with you, firebrand. On a different note, what has been your greatest achievement and cherished memory on TalonRO so far?

Phoenix: I would probably have to say my hard work and dedication toward farming all my end game equipment when I was still actively playing as just a player of TalonRO. If there was a quest to do it, I did the quest for instance. Not once have I bought quest items off of other players and 9 times out of 10 if it was something I could farm directly from mobs, that's the way I did it.

Lance: How wondrous! and sheer dedication to the grind. Now let’s move onto a specially crafted segment of your spotlight. Lance’s “Zoinks! I shouldn’t have said that” GM quiz extravaganza! There are no right or wrong answers and the points don’t really matter. Cue the music!

[ Doowop, doowop, doo-be-doo-be-doo.. Wop wop wop. Lance's quiz show! ... Wop ]

Lance: Who is more likely to burn Morroc down in desolation the fastest?

A.) Satan Morroc
B.) GM Luna
C.) GM Spica
D.) A forest fire

Phoenix: GM Luna is the best assassin we got; you and I both know this very well. But also it wouldn't be the first time she burned something down. Hahaha.

Lance: You'd be surprised at how many illusive assassins we have in the staff team. Ah-ahem, moving on. What is the most painful way to go out in a blaze of glory?

A.) GM Cherri’s experiment gone wrong
B.) GM Zelda’s eternal warp maze, there is no escape
C.) Plucked to death in a 1v1 showdown with GM Shiris
D.) GM Mimi truth dares you into something against your own will, ultimately you fail and are sent down a bottomless well

Phoenix: If Ocarina of Time taught me anything when I was growing up I would have to go with B because I got lost in the Lost Woods more times than I can count, and GM Zelda's eternal warp maze makes that look like a walk in the park. Hahahaha!

Lance: Her warp mazes are truly a terrifying sight to behold! Onto the next question. You could get away with anything for a day as an admin. Choose your destiny.

A.) GM Boreas
B.) GM Howl
C.) GM Seiren
D.) A Phoenix will embrace his own mischief

Phoenix: Thats obvious, who doesn't want to be GM Howl?

Lance: Who would you call forth in the heat of battle at a steakhouse buffet?

A.) GM Saen
B.) GM Lance
C.) GM Naus
D.) I can handle this. Someone hold my belt buckle!

Phoenix: I like the way you think so I think I would choose you haha.

Lance: Oh you! Now, if you could purchase your very own plush doll, which would you choose to cure your sleepless nights with?

A.) GM Kuma “Beary Cuddly”
B.) GM Radius “A Saiyan’s Touch”
C.) GM Spica “Burn, baby burn”
D.) GM Boreas “Go to sleep or I kikban”

Phoenix: I’m torn between A and C at the moment, haha!

Lance: I’ll accept both answers. And finally, whose home cooked delectable’s would you invite yourself to (all expenses paid), followed by an evening of joyful shindigs and banter?

A.) GM Zelda's “Oreo du fromage”
B.) GM Mimi’s “Rice & ketchup on a platter”
C.) GM Saen’s “Iceland 2 for 1 chicken nuggets microwave supreme”
D.) GM Cherri’s “Never heard of it red velvet creme brulee”

Phoenix: Probably D because while not a lot of people have heard of it, if you actually look it up and read about it, it will definitely spark your interest. 

Lance: Capital answers monsieur, let’s wrap things up. But before you leave my feathered ave, would you like to leave a parting note for any aspiring developers who want to follow in your footsteps or to our dear players in general? The stage is yours fluffers!

Phoenix: If you want to be involved in the Video Game Industry at all there's a couple questions you need to ask yourself. You like to play games, but does your love for games go past just being a hobbyist? Are you prepared to learn about programming no matter what path you take? Can you honestly look at any game, even if you love that game to death, and make a list of pros and cons rather than only pros or letting bias get in the way? And most importantly are you fully able to embrace change if it means making the best possible game? These are all things Game Designers and Developers have to be prepared for. Being a Game Developer is more than just loving and playing games, it's about sharing experiences, stories, and ideas with the world, and most important of all, games are supposed to be fun and are to be enjoyed by the consumers. It's also very important to work as a team, as Game Developers work much better in groups. It's very easy for you to look at your own ideas and say "There's nothing possibly wrong with what I did here". This is exactly why they say two, or many heads, is better than one. I strongly advise working closely with other people if you're looking to get into this industry.Also as said earlier, you need to be able to embrace change. It's very easy for Nostalgia, let alone familiarity, to cloud the vision of a great game design or feature. Change is extremely important in making the most polished, creative, and most functional final product. In MMO games this is expanded even further by saying change helps make the game go forward at all times without things getting stale. Think of it this way, how do you think great games become great at all? They try new things and constantly experiment with the unknown.Finally, while it can vary depending on the size of your team and the scope of your project, you should be prepared to take on many different roles whether that be designing game mechanics, stories, characters, interfaces, or even the programming behind the game. It's also pretty important for you to have an understanding of gaming history, so I strongly advise people looking to be Game Designers or Developers to look at past events, consoles, and video games, and see what made those particular things great, or if they failed, why did they fail?In conclusion if I had to summarize what a healthy mentality is for being in the game industry, I couldn't say it any better than Saturo Iwata, a man that singlehandedly saved a variety of video games in development crisis and was once the CEO of one of the most notable game companies in the world, Nintendo "On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer."— Satoru Iwata, keynote speech at GDC 2005. I hope this gives future Designers/Developers more insight on things. 

Lance: It's been an absolute pleasure Phoenix. 

Phoenix: May the force be with you.

Lance: And you, my young padawan. Now fly!

GM Zelda



TalonRO is not just a wonderful place where you can meet your friends, have some fun and drink a nice Dragon Breath Cocktail. It's also a place where you can find the most wonderful artists around, and what better way to celebrate the people who bring our stories to life than with a monthly spotlight feature from our very own creative community?

Without any delay, I'm proud to present this month's theme: Chibis!



Lovely Chibis by @Arcelle from the  Arcelle + Mistreil's Art Shop Thing

You can find more about Arcelle on TumblrTwitterDeviantArt and Pixiv.



Cute chibi stickers by @Mistreil from the Arcelle + Mistreil's Art Shop Thing

You can find more about Mistreil on Tumblr.



Super fun chibi bouncing heads by @Tsukikai from  Tsu Tsu's Shop of Artsu

You can find more about Tsukikai on Instagram and Tumblr.


That's it for this month's Spotlight! For the next one I would like to propose a challenge to anybody that would like to be featured next month:  Draw your character eating their favourite food! Take on this challenge and leave a comment down below so I know you'd like to be featured~

Until next month!




GM Spica


Hey now, Poporing cards are not random things, they are important just like every other item." - Naus

Spica: Hello there Talonians! This is our next Interview Spotlight, and this time we're interviewing GM Naus! Hello Naus, how are you doing today? 

Naus: I'm doing great! Glad I can be here to inform all the players about my...interests.

Spica: Great! So tell us Naus ser, when did you first start playing RO?

Naus: Oh jeez, well I was playing the good ol' runescape back when it was fun. My buddies managed to persuade me to download and try this new game which happened to be RO. Now I played on other servers but I want to say I started in 2007 so we could say I know my way around a Poring.

Spica: I see I see! So you've had lots of adventures I take it! When did you join TalonRO?

Naus: Hmm well if we check my forum account it says sometime in 2013 , but I honestly believe I played here before that.

Spica: Oh wow, that's quite a while back! What was your very first job class when you started playing on the server?

Naus: I want to say it was either a Stalker or Super Novice. I fell in love with the thief play style which made me like it so much while Super Novice was the jack of all trades which fit my personal traits better.

Spica: Super Novices and Stalkers are super cool, indeed! Do you still play those classes from time to time or did you change your play style completely since then?

Naus: I tried getting away from playing Stalker so that I could find more ways to farm because auto attacking can get boring sometimes. I still play a Super Novice but its just a pocket pick for now. The main thing I do now is play classes in ways that most people don't, for example I have a full damage clown for Geffenia.

Spica: That's super impressive! Did you come up with that Geffenia Clown build by yourself?

Naus: That I did, I basically looked at the strengths of the class and combined it with cards I believed would help. After some calculator math, I was able to come up with something viable.

Spica: Getting to Geffenia is a challenge in itself, it's amazing that you could farm with a Clown after all that! Speaking of quests; what is your favorite quest in game?

Naus: Honestly it would have to be the Sign Quest with the dance part in particular. So many people always send a !Request or ask !main if its bugged and I find it funny, only because I managed to do it on my first try. :D

Spica: No doubt you did! :> So let's move on to further questions about your life as a GM on TalonRO! I'm sure that everyone is as curious as I am about your Name! How did you come up with it?

Naus: You want the real answer?

Spica: Of course! 8)

Naus: I picked 4 letters from a hat and scrambled them till I got the name.

Spica: You did what? Hahahaha! Wow, did you ever regret your choice, though?

Naus: Not at all, its very unique and something you don't see very often, like your name for example.

Spica: I seriously thought your name meant pancakes in some unknown language! Either way, you seem to have some kind of association with them, why is that? :>

Naus: When I first started learning how to cook, the first thing my mom taught me how to make was pancakes. I was so oblivious to how much water to use and ended up making super thick pancakes that were so inedible a dog would turn from it.

Spica: Oh no! And by now, did you stop the arts of pancakes, or did you learn to make the best pancakes in town? :>

Naus: Let's just say they turn out golden and brown each time. <3

Spica: Yumm! Now I definitely want some pancakes! /spin Ahem, so moving on! What's your favorite event, and why?

Naus: I would have to say MvP vs MvP, when I first became a GM a couple years ago this was the first event I wanted to host. There's just something about putting 2 super monsters against each other to prove to another GM that they su- I mean, so that we could have friendly competition.

Spica: That's a fun event indeed, ser! Let's host one someday! :> Now then, could you tell us about a memorable moment in TalonRO?

Naus: My most memorable moment was when I started playing crusader. There was a paladin that saw me training and gave me all the knowledge that I could use, as well as farming places....then of course he gloated about his 4 Aegis shields.

Spica: Oh wow! He must have helped you on your journey quite a lot! And then you went on dreaming about that shield, didn't you? 8)

Naus: Actually no, my goal changed from the shield to an elemental sword. Lets just say I have a very hard time keeping my goals in check, haha.

Spica: Does that mean that you also spend your hard earned Zeny on random things? ;>

Naus: Hey now, Poporing cards are not random things, they are important just like every other item.

Spica: Well, don't worry Naus. I recently bought two mid headgears thinking I could combine them to get extra stats. So I'm not the one to judge.

Naus: Well actu-, wait..you did what now?

Spica: What.

Spica: WELL we better end our interview soon, it can't drag on for too long! Do you have any last few things to add, Naus?

Naus: But you didn't answer my quest-

Spica: Thank you for your time today Naus! It was truly a pleasure interviewing and knowing more about you! Keep on rocking!


GM Luna







 …At some point Boreas simply started replying “Yea and my dog banned you”…




GM Luna: Thank you Seiren for taking the time to sit down with me this fine afternoon. It’s a pleasure to be paired with one of TalonRO legends ~

GM Seiren: Thank you for holding this interview! I’ve enjoyed reading the previous blogs, so I’m excited to see how this one will go. :)

GM Luna: Well, I’ve tried to think of questions a little outside of the box for our session.

GM Seiren: Uh oh. Should I be scared?

GM Luna: Ahahaha … no no, not at all. No Death Stars in this interview.

GM Seiren: Phew!

GM Luna: So, tell me, what does your Admin life entail within our world of TalonRO?

GM Seiren:  I would say that as an Admin, I’m involved in pretty much everything regarding the server. My main job is about content development. I’m responsible for the majority of the new things that you will find in game.

Think of a new RO episode, major event like the Amazing Summer Race, keeping all the items and monsters up-to-date, you name it! But the fun doesn’t stop there however.

Outside of scripting work, I work closely together with the other Admins on new web-related features such as new website, the forum and upcoming new control panel. Finally there’s a little player interaction of course. None of the Admins spend a day without taking care of multiple support tickets. It’s not the most joyful part of the GM-life but it has to be done. And when I Have time left I like to hop in-game and socialize a bit with our wonderful community :)

GM Luna: Wow! Sounds like you have one full plate.

GM Seiren: Haha, it never ends!

GM Luna: Have you ever had a moment where you felt, hold on a second, can I really continue doing this? If so what keeps you motivated and going?

GM Seiren:    If I’m being perfectly honest? Yes and more than once. I have been a GM on TalonRO since early 2008, so that makes for almost 9 years by now, which makes TalonRO a huge part of my life.

There is not a day that goes by without having TalonRO in it, in a way it’s a 24/7 job. So even if you were to have plans on a weekend, you always have to be available in case something goes wrong or something requires your immediate attention. That never stops. This is the first part.

GM Luna: Such dedication, it’s inspiring.

GM Seiren: The second part is about actual work itself. For example, the meiadrir patch from last year is mostly considered as a bad thing by our community.

We introduced a few balancing updates which were about 5% of the entire update. What people don’t realise is that this is an update we have worked very hard on, for weeks if not months and were super excited to release. When we finally finished everything and were happy with the result, we decided to release it.

Rather than people being excited about the heaps of updates, new feature, new items, people were attacking us over an update that we thought was so minor.

Having spent so much time and effort into something then to have is bashed into the ground isn’t the most motivating experience I must say.

HOWEVER! After all these years I’m still here :) first off, what motivate me most the people I get to work with. Through the years I’ve made very good friends on the GM team, some of which I consider close friends. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with them.

Secondly, there is always this one person in the community who randomly PMs you and says “thank you for your hard work”. Hearing that from one person absolutely beats 100 people who complain to you.

And being able to release something you’ve worked hard on for it to be received in a positive manner by the community is awesome, too ~

GM Luna: Wow! Am sorry that you and the Admin team received such response and yes I completely agree, having that one player PM you and thanking you for all the hard work is worth more than any complaint.

Such touching words from you, Seiren.

Ok let’s move on before I cry an ocean in our session.

GM Seiren: Hahaha! We wouldn’t want that! D:

GM Luna: As one, who has been here for quite a long time, I would assume you have seen quite a lot of interesting things can you share with us one of your unforgettable moments within TalonRO? I know you said about the meiadrir patch but maybe while you was randomly in town and saw conversation or witnessed a “what the hell” moment.

GM Seiren:  Ha. Too many to mention really, one of the most amazing things I have experienced has to be the rise of TalonRO. Back in 2008 our population wasn’t doing well at all. It was down to maybe 15-20 people online. Seeing it go up through the years is something that’s really great to see and make me proud of be part of the server. :)

In-game, I think the very first Yule Ball left a pretty good impression. We didn’t know what to expect from out very first internet dance party. In our minds it was great concept, but you never know how it turns out! To see more than 500 people join this event was something none of us expected, I think. This also resulted into some nice traditions such as the GM Seiren Captain Jack march.

 I have absolutely no clue anymore how this came to be, but it’s a tradition now! And an awesome one at that, haha.

I would say most of the interesting things happen outside of the game though. We have collected so many inside jokes through the years. The term “Dogbro” comes to mind, which is a persona that was created by I think Boreas.  In many tickets (too many to count really) people blamed their brother, sister, cousin, best friend, you name it, for breaking the rules. Stole someone’s gears? My brother did it. Fraud the voting, sister? Ser, it was my cousin! At some point Boreas simply started replying “Yea and my dog banned you”

Eventually that turned out into the “dogbro” character being the person who did all the bad things. Not the players, of course. It was dogbro!

We’ve secretly hidden him on various quests and events in-game as well and like to giggle about it be-hide the scenes.

GM Luna: It must have been pretty tough times during those early days and having to witness the server grow from what it was to what it is now must be a wonderful feeling. Like when a sweet lover walks into a candy store and sees all the lush chocolates and candy.

The tale of the “Dogbro” will forever go down in TalonRO history and what a interesting story, to see that even through the stressful time you can joke and make a situation into a fun one.

So on to our next question.

If you could swap bodies with another member of the GM team, who would it be and why?

GM Seiren: GM Howl, duh. Who wouldn’t want his impeccable abs? 8)

GM Luna: Oh! Someone get me some water … I’ve heard the stories!

GM Seiren: His hordes of fangirls are legendary ~

GM Luna: That is no surprise! He has, on many occasions proven why he is popular!

Ok moving on ~

Which RO monster would you say your personality relates to?

GM Seiren:  Fallen Bishop? No, just kidding. Oof, that’s a difficult one.


Can I say Tatacho? Sleep is love. Sleep is Life!

GM Luna: Oh! That cute fluff ball! All he does is sleep and eat ~

GM Seiren: Who wouldn’t want that?!

GM Luna: If only… in an ideal world /sob

A Zombie apocalypse happens while you are holding a GM meeting and all 16 members of the GM team are present BUT your safe room can only hold 15 people. What do you do?!

GM Seiren:  Rick Grimes isn’t a GM is he?

GM Luna: ahahah! If only it was that easy ~

GM Seiren: Well frick. Hmm. I heard rumours that GM Luna has quite the armour of weapon to fight off zombie apocalypse. She’d be able to help out for sure! Boreas with his mighty ban hammer will deal with some zombies no double as well.Howl will just wall of text the zombie to death. Other than that, the people closest to me of course and then whoever brings the most food!

GM Luna: Ahahaha! If only they knew *cough*  

GM Seiren: They wouldn’t because they’d be dead. 

GM Luna: And just hypothetically speaking … how would they tell? Your supposed to get rid of the bodies, a good assassin know this ~

Hahahah! Well that’s a warp!

Thank you again Seiren.

GM Seiren: you’re very welcome! Thank you for having me! :)

GM Kuma


Winter has just passed, which means I stocked up on as much hearty food as possible to get me through hibernation. One of my absolute FAVORITE things to hunt is Savage (or Gullinbursti, even! Yum!); I mean, you get all that wonderful meat and also the hide can be made into really scratchy clothing to gift to people you don’t like during the holidays! There’s no downsides, as long as you can take them down. You non-bears might want to enlist the help of a large hunting party for this.

Once you’ve got the Savage down, take it over to a butcher to get it all chopped up into delicious bits… or butcher it yourself, if you’ve got the stomach for it. I am totally capable of butchering it all by myself! I just… want to give the butchers of Midgard something to do.

For this winter, I went for the tastiest bit of the Savage I can think of-- the Savage tummy! Who can resist all that wonderful fatty goodness? It’s definitely got the Calories I need to keep myself full during the long hibernation I’ve got waiting for me. I chose braising as my cooking method because I’m very lazy, and I need to cook it in a method that will let me nap as it cooks. Now, I’ll go step-by-step through this, so it should be pretty easy to follow along, even for the timider cooks among you. The measurements are are in both US and metric units, because I am pawsitively the most generous bear around (also I was forced).


For those of you nervous about the alcohol in the sake and mirin, I assure you that it cooks out.


Go obtain some Savage belly. I recommend heading to Prontera Field (or Dewata Dungeon, if you’re craving the high-end Gullinbursti stuff) and taking one down. Don’t be too rough with it, and DO NOT use fire spells! You don’t want to destroy the good cuts of meat or, Heaven forbid, char it before it’s time to cook! Have it butchered however you like, freeze or sell the cuts you don’t need, and keep that belly out to be cooked!

… or store-bought is fine, too. Here is a full list of the ingredients you’ll need for this:

  • Around 2 lb (~0.9 kg) of pork belly or a bit more, with the skin left on
  • 1 cup (~240 mL) of sake
  • 1 cup (~240 mL) of mirin
  • 1 cup (~240 mL)of water
  • ½ cup (~120 mL) of soy sauce
  • ½ cup of white sugar (~115 g)(golden brown sugar is fine, too, for a different flavor!)
  • ~6 scallions
  • ~10 garlic cloves
  • A ~2-inch (~5cm) knob of ginger
  • 1 shallot

Place the pork belly on a cutting board, and roll it up lengthwise so that it is a fat, short roll. Use some butcher’s twine to secure it every ½ - ¾ inches. Make sure it won’t unroll!


Preheat your oven to 275 °F. In a medium-size pot (big enough to hold the pork belly), add the water, sake, mirin, soy sauce, sugar, and garlic cloves (whole is fine). Roughly chop the scallions and slice the ginger and add to the pot. Split the shallot in half and toss it in the pot, too.


Heat the mixture over high heat until it boils. Add the pork belly and cover with a lid left a little bit open. Put the whole pot in the preheated oven and cook, turning the pork belly every 20-30 minutes, until the pork is totally tender. Put a thin knife through the roll, and if it meets little resistance, it should be done. This will take 2.5 – 4 hours, depending on the size of your roll. It is VERY easy to overcook, so keep an eye on this and keep testing! Here’s a picture after it’s done braising:


Put the lid completely on the pot, or transfer the whole belly and liquid to a sealed container. Place it in the refrigerator and allow it to cool completely. I leave it overnight. If you try to cut it while it is hot, it will just melt—which is yummy, but uncontrollable!

Remove the container from the refrigerator, and place the pork belly on a cutting board. Strain the liquid left behind, throwing away the solid portions and retaining the liquid as a sauce for the meat.

Remove the butcher’s twine, and cut the belly into thin pieces. You’ll notice the spiral in the center of the pieces from the rolling (and that I overcooked it a bit… I told you it was easy to do that).


Store the cut belly and sauce in the refrigerator until ready to cook. You’re done! Ish!

There are many ways to prepare this now. This makes a good topping for homemade ramen, if you want to put in the work for that! Even adding it to some cup ramen will really make the dish look… well, appetizing I guess? I like to make rice bowls out of this, so head over to get some rice (conveniently, a Straw Rice Bag is dropped by Event Gullinbursti, so go hassle those GMs to spawn one in an invasion or something). Steam it, and get ready to prepare your rice bowl:

Reheat the pork belly slices in a skillet until they are tender, flipping them with a spatula to cook both sides. You’ll know they’re tender enough if you can cut them with your spatula. You can also drizzle some of the sauce on them to give it some extra yummy flavor.


Prepare your toppings for your rice bowl. I like some scallions (which I have left over from the sauce) and jalapeños on mine. Also reheat a small amount of the sauce (around ¼ to ½ cup).


Scoop rice into a bowl. Chop the meat into small pieces and place it on top of the rice. Add your toppings, and drizzle some of the sauce over the whole thing. You’re done! Ish! Again!

You can go even further, if you want… I like to add some Japanese mayonnaise, as well!


You can go EVEN further if you want, too… I also like to use a torch to give the whole thing a good char, and it gives the pork and peppers a great flavor. Also it makes all the toppings really hot!


Now you’re ACTUALLY done! I usually add green onion AFTER I torch it, by the way. I don’t like the green onions to be charred. Here’s a picture!


I hope that sounds good to everyone! There are so many other ways to prep your braised Savage belly that this recipe will keep you entertained for a while, I hope!

With all my love,
GM Kuma


GM Kuma


Welcome back to our Interview Spotlight series, where we get to learn a little bit more about our favorite GMs! Today's guest is GM Spica!

Kuma: Hello, Midgard! Welcome to our second Interview Spotlight! This time, we are sitting down with the lovely and talented GM Spica. Say hello to the fans, Spica Ser!

Spica: Hi all! I hope you’re having the most wonderful day! *-*/

Kuma: Let’s get right into it with the hard-hitting questions: how do you pronounce your name?

Spica: The “i” and “c” in “Spica” are supposed to sound like an “ee” and “k,” like in Pikachu. Pika… Spica! My name has sadly nothing to do with Pokemon!

Kuma: Why choose “Spica” as your GM name?

Spica: I love stars and shiny things, so I started looking at different constellations when name-hunting. Spica is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, so I went with that! Besides, I get along with Virgo people well. ;)

Kuma: That’s as good of a reason as any. Probably better than some of the other GMs, and almost definitely better than my reasons (se~cret!). On to more common things: when did you pick up Ragnarok Online?

Spica: I picked up RO back in 2004 and got hooked right away! :)

Kuma: Golly, that’s a long time ago now. Did you pick it up on an official server?

Spica: Nope! I had no idea about official servers at that time, since my friend’s brother installed some random private server on my computer.

Kuma: So you got into it by accident? That’s really interesting! What class did you start off with back then, and what class do you usually play now?

Spica: Yep! I started as a Swordie since I used to think that the skills Bash and Magnum Break looked cool! Nowadays, I play a bit of everything, and my main classes are High Wizard and High Priest. :)

Kuma: Out of curiosity, what were the rates like on that server? High? Low? Medium?

Spica: My very first one? Really low… I spent almost a year leveling to 50. I was probably doing something wrong.

Kuma: Don’t feel bad—I can’t even remember how long it took me to get my second job when I first played. So how did you end up coming around to TalonRO. I have a feeling you got here before me.

Spica: Oh I doubt so! I started in 2014 and have been glued to the server ever since! :)

Kuma: What, that recently? That surprises me. How quickly did you get your first 99 on TalonRO, then, and what was it?

Spica: That was actually my Priest! And it took about a month—I lazy-leveled in Sphinx.

Kuma: A MONTH? You call that lazy? Incredible.

Spica: Not really! Also note that the leveling wasn’t on a transcendent class.

Kuma: Oh, that’s a good point! Then when did you get your first 99 transcendent?

Spica: Whoa, that took me months! I remember I had already saved up enough for a Kaho and IC gear, and I joined a couple of Endless Tower runs with my guildmates until I hit 99. x)

Kuma: Sounds like we’re in the same boat there, then. Did you ever have issues like I did with constantly switching characters, or did you mostly stick with one class at that time?

Spica: I usually just switched between my High Priest and Sniper, especially when I went on guild runs. It wasn’t an issue to transfer gears or anything like that, but I did (and still do) like to make new characters. There’s and issue there that still persists, since I often spend way too much time thinking of a good character name. ._.

Kuma: Character names are IMPOSSIBLE. I sympathize. Now we come around to the question everyone’s waiting for: why did you decide to apply to become a TalonRO GM?

Spica: I was mesmerized by how fun this server is to play, how well maintained it is, and how friendly the GMs are. I wanted to be a part of upholding that, so I applied.

Kuma: And that succeeded, so I gather. Good for all of us, for sure! I also gather that it’s your first GM experience. Do you have any early memories of it that really stand out or any great accidents that you had along the way that you’d like to share?

Spica: Thank you, Kuma! I’m really glad working with you and the other GMs. :) As for early memories, hmm… Ah, yes! I used to be really scared of hosting events on my own. I mean, what if I accidentally broke someone’s pixel leg/neck/Cap [1] and the server went boom? Thankfully, that never happened. x)

Kuma: Always good to hear. The first few times hosting events solo can always be scary, but I’m glad we have a great team with great people like you who can handle it. Looking at the time, I think we’ve gone on a while, so I’ll finish this off: what is your favorite GM-led event and why?

Spica: That would be Disguise Room! It’s so much fun to disguise players and see them walk off as monsters! /heh

Kuma: I feel you! Very low-stress, high-fun! Well, as we’re wrapping up, is there anything else you’d like to say to the world? The spotlight is on you!

Spica: It’s such a pleasure to work on TalonRO. We have the *most* wonderful community here! Keep rocking, everyone! *_*

Kuma: And thank you for doing what you do and doing it spectacularly. I think that’s the end of this Interview Spotlight! I hope everyone enjoyed it and learned a little bit about the people behind the events. See you next time!

GM Spica

banner copy.jpg

It all started on a cold November night one year back. GM Howl turned into the most wonderful female Wizard with a blonde braid, adding to the snow in Lutie while singing!

And the song went... 


"The snow glows white out in Lutie tonight, not a novice to be seen; PVP is in isolation and there isn't any e-peen.

Don't PM them in, don't let them see, be the good GM you always have to be! @hide, don't lie, don't let them know - well now they knoowwww~"

And so the planning of our winter calendar started! The first step was to gather some references, so we looked at a number of real advent calendars for some inspiration and started creating some mock-ups!



After that, we started creating various layouts that would be sent to Boreas for scripting while we worked on the artwork. There were many versions, but as you will probably recognise, we went with the pyramid-like stack of boxes in the end!



Howl helped us to clean it up and set out the numbers! We also had a sketch of TamTam placed at the top made by Himitsu, who created our mascot!


After the layout and numbers were done, it was time to start pulling everything together - the pyramid of boxes would become a pyramid of presents!


The first present boxes were an experimental sketch, but were redrawn many times until they looked better.



The final stages were to color the present boxes once they were neatly stacked, and also adding a background! I also drew some Porings that could be used for lightning up the scene, Howl helped me to make it more Christmas-y! I also added in TamTam and a few other RO monsters. 



The final product, as you've seen it many times already! /fsh


And this is how our Advent Calendar - now a yearly tradition - was made! Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2017 brings you lots of happiness!

GM Cherri


Welcome! This series of blogs will feature TalonRO's GMs interviewing each other about their history with Ragnarok Online! Todays entry will be myself, interviewing GM Kuma!

Kuma: Hello, world.

Cherri: Hello! So, GM Kuma, the beary punny king of tRO, what first got you started in Ragnarok Online?

Kuma: Oh, golly. I was really young, so this may not be entirely accurate... and it's boring. But honestly, there just weren't a lot of online games available at the time! Ragnarok Online came to international beta around the time I first got a computer, and I just got hooked.

Cherri: Yeah? So it was your first online game? Do you remember what class you tried first? Were you really into it at the time or was it fairly casual stuff?

Kuma: Oh, ahaha, I should clarify. Not my first online game... that honor belongs to Runescape, followed by Tibia (if ANYONE even remembers that exists!). Ragnarok was just the first one that... doesn't embarrass me to admit I played.

I went for Mage first, which became Wizard. It was a long time before the second set of classes came out, so I never really tried them in international. And it was definitely an obsession for a long time... when you're a kid in a tiny town, there's not a lot else to do.

Cherri: Fair enough. So when did you move onto private servers? I know a lot of people were pretty on and off with RO, was that you?

Kuma: A couple of years after iRO came out of beta, I quit for a brief time. After that, I joined a private server of like... 50 players. Very high rate server, and I really enjoyed getting to play around with all of the classes quickly. I got hooked on that sort of power...

And then a different sort of power when the administrator of the server chatted me up, and we bonded, and he let me become a GM on that server. THE ABSOLUTE POWER! NO RESTRICTIONS! He was not a great administrator, admittedly, just letting people on and giving them all the power. But it was enjoyable.

After that server died (fairly soon, as the administrator just disappeared), and except for one or two brief tries with servers containing third jobs, I took a long hiatus. I only came back to Ragnarok several years ago, here on TalonRO.

Cherri: Oh nice! So that was what, around 4 years ago? Same as me I think. And how long were you here before becoming a GM? What sort of stuff did you do in that time?

Kuma: Yes, I think we started on the server around the same time. You were probably here a little earlier, honestly. I'm a tiny cub compared to most of the people still around on the server.

I was only around a little less than a year before joining the GM team. In that time, I hung out with a lot of unsavory characters, hit 99 on a character for the first time on a low rate server (on iRO I probably hit like 85, honestly), and mostly spent my time slamming my fist on insta-cast MEs in abbey03.

Cherri: So you went the sort of classic TalonRO meta. And you became a GM with a group of others, myself included. What was it like learning to be a GM back then? Compared to your days in the past as a GM on that small server.

Kuma: I learned NOTHING as a GM back before TalonRO. Being a GM on a server of 50 people with high rates gave me no insight into anything. In actuality, if not for my real experience arranging events and managing people, I would have been completely dead as a new GM here.

I learned a lot of things very quickly, though. With my personality and the background with GM commands, it was surprisingly easy to get the hang of events.

It helped that I had GM Howl as a mentor, who really was the number one reason I wanted to become a GM in the first place. And GM Ashe, bless her, who supported me in the process. I can't leave her out.

And it helped that all the folks I joined with, yourself included, were all about helping each other out.

As an aside, that horrible "Diamonds" song by Rihanna. I cannot listen to it without thinking of GM training in that tiny quiz room. My Significant Otter had it on repeat for a solid two hours during a GM training session. Didn't dampen the experience any, I guess. But that song.

Cherri: Bahaha, that song. I seem to recall suffering through new contacts for our first training session. Nightmarish stuff. But you've been a GM for 4 years now! That's pretty awesome! Before we finish up, any stand out moments in that time?

Kuma: Hmm! I don't think so. I don't have any real "I screwed up" moments from those early days that I can call back for comedic effect. I never had any real issues that weren't immediately recoverable. All in all, it was lucky how smoothly it went.

Cherri: Awesome :D I think we're all good then! Thanks for taking the time to tell me all about you and RO today!

PS. GM Kuma would officially like to add that he is GM Howl's eternal waifu, and the rest of you are out of luck.

GM Radius

Lunar New Year 2014 quest is where I started to create seasonal quests for TalonRO. #throwback

Unlike traditional quest line with a to-do list, I decided on a quest with multiple endings.

20175.gif 9006.gif 1475.gif
Burning Crown Cornus Egg Equestrian's Spear


The type of reward depended on what the adventurer chose at the start of the quest. Here's a very brief summary of the plot:


4_M_KNIGHT_GOLD General Shang

Meet General Shang, whose magical steed has gone into a state of weird behavior.


1992.gif Shu

This is the magical unicorn, Shu. Its name means "speed" in its native language. It has three different wishes to fulfill and it is up to the adventurers to decide what they want to help Shu with.

To run faster?

To fly further?

To embrace the power of darkness?



Each journey takes the adventurers to different places to gather items and converse with event NPCs; Rheal is one of them stationed in Splendide. Obviously Splendide, because of Cornuses.

Once completed, Shu or General Shang will reward the adventurer depending on the quest line they embark on.


tl;dr version:


Choose journey.

Gather items.

Complete quest.


20175.gif The Burning Crown is a reward for helping Shu becoming a dark steed. As you wear it, you might feel a gushing sensation of youth burning through your veins that gives you improved resistance and power to break rocks. Totally not kidding. It's what you get for venturing into volcanoes.

9006.gif The Cornus Egg. Hatches into the most elegant horse available as a pet. Plus, it comes with a pair of wings. Might even produce rainbow-ish emission. I wonder if anyone would name it as Pegasus.

1475.gif The Equestrian's Spear is a rare weapon, unobtainable elsewhere except as a reward for this seasonal quest. Spear users may find it more handy than a normal Lance. Some may even put this on their shelf as a display. It's a limited edition collectible for collectors. Who knows, right?


All in all, Lunar New Year 2014 quest is very simple for one with multiple endings.

Do expect a write-up on Lunar New Year 2015 and 2016 in the next few blog posts from me.

Thanks for your readership. /no1

GM Howl
Over on Facebook, we've been holding a series of special interviews called "The Guild Hall" - a series where we sit down with some of TalonRO's guilds and ask them about who they are, what they like to do for fun, and much more! In our interview series with TalonRO’s Guilds - we heard from a ton of guild members from Ghostz on Facebook that their guild ought to be first; and with a ton of mentions, it looks like this guild has something special going on. GM Seiren and GM Howl sat down with guildmates from Ghostz Guild at their home spawn point in Lower Payon to learn all about this well-populated international guild! We’re looking forward to featuring your own guild and guild members from TalonRO in our series as well in future posts!


Gathering up for a group photo at their home in Lower Payon - and what a turnout!


Let’s Get Started!

GM Howl : Hey Ghostz Guild! :D
Ed Stampede : hey
-Near- : omg
~Rave : Yo
Sir Aulo : Let's get it Tarded
Olive-Xraz : HELLO GM Howl
GM Howl : Whoa! Quite a turnout here today!
lllLaxuslll : hey
-Near- : Howl
Looor : hi gm
-Near- : Howl do you sing
GM Howl : Hi there!
~ Elmo : hi bes
Olive-Xraz : hello^^
Ed Stampede : hello
GM Seiren : Ohai
~Rave : Even Seiren
GM Howl : Do I sing? Well - not well anyway!
Elucidator- : Hello there
GM Seiren : This is quite a good show-up!
-Near- : sad
GM Howl : Absolutely! What a crowd here. :)
-Near- : :(
GM Seiren : So, how's everyone?
Olive-Xraz : :) we were waiting for it
Sir Aulo : tarded as always
rusty arrow : fine sir
GM Howl : Hahaha
Ed Stampede : good

Learning About Ghostz History

GM Howl : Cool! So tell us a little bit about Ghostz's history! When did you start the guild and why? :)
Ed Stampede : started the guild on may 28 2008
Ed Stampede : from another server
Ed Stampede : main reason is to make a woe guild
Ed Stampede : some of the guys here are with me since the beggining
GM Howl : That's amazing. Are some of them here today?
Ed Stampede : yeah
GM Howl : Very cool!
GM Howl : How large is Ghostz Guild today, would you guys say?
Ed Stampede : we have around 300 people but most of them are inactive
GM Seiren : Oh my
GM Howl : Wow!! That's quite a number of people!
Ed Stampede : but i can pull them from inactivity by request
GM Seiren : What about the active crowd? :)
Cimenk : lol kuma
Ed Stampede : around 100+ plays here
Ed Stampede : 40-50 woe active people
GM Seiren : Ah, very cool!
GM Howl : That's a really large active guild! Good for you guys. :)
Olive-Xraz : :)
Alucard Hellsing : :)
GM Seiren : So, you started your guild in 2008. Around when did you come to TalonRO?
Ed Stampede : nov 2013
Ed Stampede : or
Ed Stampede : was that
Ed Stampede : nov 2014
GM Seiren : 2014 it is! Haha
Alucard Hellsing : 2016
lllLaxuslll : we're handsome :)
Tortalong : 2013
Alucard Hellsing : XD
Tortalong : it was 2013.
Mao Seiken : im so tired and handsome
GM Seiren : 2013, ok!
GM Seiren : :D
Ed Stampede : ahh it was 2013
Ed Stampede : sorry im too old and demented
Ed Stampede : why are you people trying to behave, lol

Ghostz Guild and Fun

GM Howl : What does Ghostz Guild like to do for fun in TalonRO?
Tortalong : chase girls around
Tortalong : jk
Tortalong : hahahah
-Near- : kill people on war
lllLaxuslll : hahahahahaha
Caules Yggdmillennia : find LOVE
Sir Aulo : slap ed's ass all day
Mao Seiken : afk
Ed Stampede : mostly all pvm and woe
-Near- : and ET with bragi afk
~Rave : Lol
~Rave : Bragi afk.....
Ed Stampede : stop complaining
Mao Seiken : watch ed die with porings
Ed Stampede : hahah
Cimenk : lol
GM Howl : Hahaha!
Ed Stampede : you guys need some spankings
Olive-Xraz : we do ET
GM Howl : And with so many of you all, how do you guys stay in contact with one another?
Olive-Xraz : guild runs too for newbies
GM Howl : So you guys teach others how to WoE?
lllLaxuslll : hahaha
Ed Stampede : well
Alucard Hellsing : were just having fun
~Rave : Because of the charisma of Ed? lol
GM Seiren : So, a little bird told me you guys meet up IR! Does that mean everyone's from the same location? Or do you have international Does that mean everyone's from the same location? Or do you have international guildmates?
Ed Stampede : international guild
Tortalong : international.
Ed Stampede : but yeah we love to party
Cimenk : internasiaonale
Alucard Hellsing : beautiful country of philippines
Tortalong : and by party
Tortalong : we mean drink and cry together

Fun Memories Together


The Talonians of Ghostz Guild - stop by and say hello to them sometime!
GM Howl : So, tell us about a fun story from Ghostz Guild. Do you guys have any really memorable stories of your time together?
Alucard Hellsing : give it to me GM ./gg
Tortalong : oh
GM Howl : Maybe a fun ET run, or a memorable WoE?
~Rave : Memorable woe....
Ed Stampede : thats gonna be a long list
Tortalong : yeah
Mao Seiken : haha
Ed Stampede : since weve been together for so long
Ed Stampede : lol
Tortalong : too long
Looor : love that
Tortalong : do you have a lot of time in your hands
Tortalong : because we're gonna be here all night
GM Howl : Hahahahaha
GM Seiren : It's early afternoon for me, I've got all day~
Ed Stampede : probably most memorable is when we first conquer vanilla castle here
Cimenk : but good meomorable for me its woe when we strike 10 weeks hold the castle
Olive-Xraz : i remember my First ET with guild ... i played so noob as HP but still everyone loved me
Ed Stampede : since woe have been dominated by big guilds and we are just fighting with our own people
Ed Stampede : undergeared and undermanned
Ed Stampede : we tried for 8 times until we got it
GM Howl : Wow - 8 times?!
Ed Stampede : and kept it for 3 months
Tortalong : a knight running around with a galapago hat
Tortalong : HAHAHAH
Ed Stampede : lol
Ed Stampede : yeah
Kumashigan : The most memorable moment is when we take Greendwood castle and Put Ed's face pict on the emblem for couple minutes
GM Howl : That's great! It sounds like a story of you guys really taking the challenge on!
~ Elmo : hahahaahahaahahaha
Cimenk : hahah true kuma
~Rave : oh yeah, that Ed's face
GM Howl : Hahaha - Ed's face was on the emblem for a while?! :)
Ed Stampede : they like to bully me
Ed Stampede : isnt that ironic
Tortalong : one of the fun memory i had
Tortalong : was when we had this last minute free for all in castle
Caules Yggdmillennia : oh yeah i remember that
~Rave : Unique ecaller :D
Caules Yggdmillennia : haha
Tortalong : everyone was hitting the emp
Tortalong : and we didn't get it
Tortalong : but we all laughed
Tortalong : everyone had fun
Tortalong : even though we lost

Ghostz Guild in a Single Word

GM Howl : If you had to sum up what Ghostz is about in a single word, what word would you guys use? :)
Ed Stampede : family
Kumashigan : FAMILY
Faust Evilstein : family
Tortalong : jk
Tortalong : family
~Rave : Family <3
Ed Stampede : actually cult
Olive-Xraz : Loving family
Mao Seiken : hahah
~ Elmo : cult
Tortalong : shh
Tortalong : boss
~ Elmo : hahahahahahahaha
Tortalong : they don't know yet
Ed Stampede : hahahah
GM Howl : Hahaha!
Tortalong : shhhhh
~ Elmo : wahahahahahahaha
~Rave : cult?!
GM Seiren : A cult, hm.
GM Seiren : Lemme write that down as final answer.
GM Howl : Hahahahaha
The Metamorphosis : As usual, I'm late.
Faust Evilstein : Hail Ed Stampede
Tortalong : what the hell hahahahah
Cimenk : lol
Tortalong : ghostz main goal is to conquer tRO
Tortalong : and turn it into
Tortalong : EdRO
GM Seiren : So do you all have any plans on future endeavours? :)
Ed Stampede : plan
Ed Stampede : my only goal is to drag this guild as long as i can
Caules Yggdmillennia : i wanna be the very best
~ Elmo : *TEARS* *TEARS*
Sir Aulo : like no one ever was
Tortalong : real man tears boys. here we go.
Olive-Xraz : be together for long
~ Elmo : Love u boss
GM Seiren : That sounds like a good plan, Ed :)

Final Thoughts

GM Howl : Well guys - we're just about ready to wrap up! Is there anything else you want to tell Midgard? :)
Caules Yggdmillennia : J.A.P.A.N.
Faust Evilstein : Enjoy playing Ragnarok
Sir Aulo : Ghostz is here to stay
Sir Aulo : >:D
Tortalong : J.A.P.A.N.!
Olive-Xraz : We love Tro and every thing in it ...
Ed Stampede : hahah
Ed Stampede : well
lllLaxuslll : Philippines!
Mao Seiken : we don't die, we multiply yeah!
Cimenk : we love Tro and ED stampede
Ed Stampede : keep moving forward talonro
GM Howl : Hahahaha
The Metamorphosis : Everyone in the guild is complete bonkers.
Tortalong : can you put
~ Elmo : Love is blind
Tortalong : #53 in there
Kumashigan : XD
Caules Yggdmillennia : ps. JAPAN
GM Howl : TalonRO sure will - especially with awesome people like all of you guys and gals! :)
Tortalong : WAIT WAIT
Tortalong : guys
The Metamorphosis : If you like having weird people around, feel free to join us.
Tortalong : don't forget to tell boss ed happy birthday
GM Saen


Hello, Talonians!

The topic of today's post will be how to find and access information about the server and our custom gameplay and bring your attention to some useful links and resources that often go unnoticed. In particular, these will contain answers to questions players often ask me as a GM, and I keep many of these links handy - so I thought some of you guys could benefit from having these compiled into a single post! The older players will likely be familiar with these, but it took me awhile - and some persistent googling - to stumble upon some of these when I first started on Talon, so I hope they may be of help to some of you!


Server Changelog icon-external-link.png

First and foremost, the Server Changelog wiki page! This is pretty much my holy book when answering !requests. Not only is this a wonderful archive of the server's growth and development over the years, it's also the place to go to seek out information that may be more obscure, read more in depth about some of our custom features, or even just check on the latest updates if you've been away for some time. Highly recommended.


Item Table and their Uses icon-external-link.png
Bonus: Alternative Item Table by @Iela

Created by @GM Howl, this fantastic tool allows you to search most items that exist on our server and quickly look up their potential uses as crafting or quest ingredients. Need to clean out your storage and not sure what may be worth keeping? This is the place to check. Aside from searching for ingredients, you can also look up questable or craftable items to get a quick overview of what you need to gather and even check out the Market Demand filter! Bear in mind that information may be unavailable for seasonal quest ingredients as these may change year to year.


TalonRO Calculator icon-external-link.png

 A player-made gear and stat calculator for PvM and PvP (beta) purposes. Great for figuring out, tweaking and saving your builds. Allows you to include buffs in the calculation - skill-based as well as consumable-based ones.


Technical Troubleshooting icon-external-link.png

Although this one may be a little bit obvious, we encounter a lot of players who are unfamiliar with this page - which will help you troubleshoot any technical issues you may have with TalonRO. It's the best place to start if you are experiencing crashes, installation or patching issues, and so on. 


Reporting Guidelines

Oftentimes players ask whether something should be reported and how to do it. The Report Guidelines are a fantastic resource that will help you ensure your reports aren't rejected due to lack of proper evidence, which is the most common problem we encounter. You can access these by visiting the General Reports forum, as seen in the image below!



How To Look For Information icon-external-link.png

If you're new to Ragnarok, TalonRO, or just haven't played in a long time, make sure to check out this fantastic and very comprehensive article. You will find a huge range of resources here - from general helpful links to TalonRO specific. 


Bonus: Advanced Item Database Search

Our panel offers several databases (found under Panel on the forum menu, and under Databases on the Panel main page) but I would like to focus specifically on the Item Database, give you an overview of how to make the most of it using advanced options and item scripts, as well as offer some tips that may not be immediately obvious. 


Item ID allows you to search for items based on their ID number. This is required for items with three letters, such as a Mes, as the database requires a minimum of four characters in order to perform search. This field probably comes in more handy when it comes to Buying/Selling databases though, for instance if you're looking to search for a slotted version of an item, et cetera.

Item Name is self explanatory - it searches both the item's display name and database name (e.g. "Pantie" vs "G_Strings"). Bear in mind you don't have to use the whole item name as long as you input minimum 4 consecutive characters. You could for instance search for of Assa to bring up Essence of Assassin or ence of to quickly bring up all of the Essences (spaces count as a character, use that to your advantage).

Item Description is where you can input a keyword of your interest to find relevant items. You could, for example, type in "recovers" to search our server's HP and SP items. It's a more user friendly but inferior version of item script search.

Item Script is a field which allows you to search for partial or complete item scripts to find any item on the database with specified effects. There are too many uses to list here - but I would recommend starting to pay attention to the item script field whenever you're looking any items up on the DB to familiarise yourself with them, or simply use this link to search for a script corresponding to the effect you're looking for!

Advanced Options are excellent if you want to run a broader search where you may wish to compare different items that perform the same or similar function. Can be used in combination with all of the above fields. 


Reward NPC - whether you can purchase this item for TC from the Reward Guru NPC in Prontera. 

Item Type - filters the items by type (as recognised by the database), which are pretty self-explanatory. 

Item Class - only applicable if Item Type is set to Weapon or Ammunition. Allows you to narrow down a broader search.

Item Location - only applicable is Item Type is set to Armor or Card.

Item that affects this Status - self-explanatory. 

Order By - self explanatory, but note that ordering by name will use the item's display name rather than database name.

Slots - how many slots the item has. Equal to, more than or less than the number you input in the second drop-down.

Applicable Jobs - you can use this field to ensure that your character will be able to equip a weapon or armor. Note if you were to, for example, choose Assassin, this would display all items an Assassin can equip, not items that only an Assassin can equip.

Items that affect this Element - self-explanatory.

Items that affect this Race - self-explanatory.

Vanilla  - searches for items allowed or restricted in Vanilla-mode PvP, BG and WoE.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you're looking to quickly find the cheapest vend price for something, try searching for it in the Item Database! The item's cheapest vend price will be displayed.
  • To get a link to an item in the iDB, check the Hotlink field in the item description or simply type http://panel.talonto.com/itemID
GM Howl



In this week's Letters from Midgard post, we're taking some of the great questions we've received from our Questions from Midgard open event - where you, our great community, asked a number of private questions to the GM team! What we've learned is that many of you have some rather silly and fun questions for us; some of which were maybe a little too silly to post! /heh

We posed a number of your questions to the GM staff - each of whom provided their takes on some of TalonRO's questions for the team. We know that there are many more questions our there, which is why we're looking forward to seeing you in-game sometime soon to say hello, answer your questions, and have some fun together! We hope that you enjoy this week's post!




What drives you guys to keep on working on the TalonRO server?



GM Radius

I personally like to see people having a good time on TalonRO. Both the community and the staffs makes up the server - and having both side to enjoy all that we do/play, it's both a challenge and fun time for me.

Ultimately, I enjoy creating opportunities for people (new players and veterans) to come together and have a good time.

As a player, I'm truly amazed by how TalonRO has set itself apart from other RO servers through its game content, reward system, administration system, etc.

As part of the staff, this is a prestigious privilege for me to foster an inclusive environment and culture for the TalonRO community I love so much that values difference and thereby attracts, encourages and develops a diverse community through the events that I come up with.


GM Saen

I haven't been here all that long as a GM, but I really enjoy the community. I like seeing people have fun and I love helping facilitate it. I also adore my fellow staff members - they're all fantastic people, and even if things get a bit difficult or frustrating, there's this great "We're all in this together!" feeling that keeps you going.


GM Raine

Giving back to the place that has given me the chance to meet some truly amazing friends and live really unforgettable moments! There’s people I would’ve never crossed paths with if it hadn’t been for TalonRO.


GM Howl

That's such a great question. I love being able to interact with the community - something that I am eager to keep doing more of as we move into the spring months! TalonRO has always been about the people for me - whether it was starting out by hosting events, to now working as an administrator on a lot of various things for the server. The dense geometry of this amazing community reminds me why I love this work: we're all experiencing this fun game together - what an amazing thing that is!


GM Kuma

GM Howl.


GM Cygnus

The community and the staff; both makes it so much more enjoyable. I really like to seeing the people come together and enjoy the events (small and big ones) made by the staff. And the stuff, they're all just wonderful people.


GM Spica

This server and its people have given me a lot of good memories - it gives me an endless will to improve it and make sure the players feel the same.


GM Gemini

Donuts. I mean the community. And staff, of course. You guys have been always awesome.




Which quest do you GMs like the most?



GM Spica

The Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance quest! This dungeon is really nostalgic to me.


GM Cygnus

Friendship quest. It's a touching story, albeit tragic.


GM Howl

Veins Siblings quest cracks me up every time - particularly the part where you have to make the Chamelepu Soap. I don't know why, but it makes me laugh every time - probably because I have a bad sense of humor /heh .


GM Raine

Kiel Hyre’s Quest! Definitely.


GM Saen

The quest for your hearts. /lv


GM Gemini

We had a poll for this! I voted for the Crow of Destiny. Please please do try it out! It is a lovely (daresay a bit tragic?) story quest. :)




How did you spend your valentine's day in tRO?



GM Saen

Myself and GM Raine hosted a special Valentine's Day edition Minority - we wrote up little 'choose your own adventure' style GM Raine/Saen date scenarios and had people choose their favourite responses. One round got a bit deadly in the end because everyone was determined to make it to the end of the story. As far as storyline goes I think that was my favourite event to date, we had a lot of fun writing it - and sharing it with the community of course!


GM Raine

Hosted a themed version of Minority! We had players go on a disastrous date scenario with GM Saen and I, it was quite fun, mutiny and all.


GM Kuma

With GM Howl.


GM Howl

I was posting up my last Letters from Midgard blog entry, along with getting some things around the Valentine's Day patch together. As for personally, sitting around eating peanut butter from the jar totally counts, right? /swt




What is your most/least liked class and why?



GM Raine

I have a love-hate relationship with Snipers. I love playing them, setting up and gathering supplies: not so much.


GM Cherri

I am a massive fan of the ninja class. A few years ago I discovered just how fun they are to play and how powerful they can be in solo stuff. Least favourite would be either Champ or Pally. I really find both to be tedious to level and they need so much specific expensive gear to play.


GM Howl

I've been a big High Priest fan for a long time - and although my skills are super rusty anymore, it certainly was a lot of fun to play on my ME priest! My least favorite class might have to be Gunslingers, I have to admit! I just found them sort of anachronistic to RO generally - though I'm sure I could be persuaded to learn them!


GM Gemini

I must confess when I first answered this, I thought you meant academic classes. Then I saw my fellow GMs answers... Hahaha. Moving along...

Stalker because I like the fast melee combat. Though I tend to play support classes more often - then get blamed a lot for when the party dies. Hahaha. I don't think I have any classes that I dislike. They have their own quirks that I like so I don't think any of them deserve my dislikeness. Is that even a word? *googles*


GM Spica

My most liked class would be Assassin Cross, they're so deadly and elegant! My least liked class would probably be Soul Linkers since I'd personally only use one as a buff character for my main ones.




GM Spica, What digital software do you use for your artwork?



GM Spica

I draw with a Wacom tablet in Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop. I'll shall make a post about it in the future. :)




What was a difficult time or situation for you as a Game Moderator?



GM Spica

Can't think of any specific situation right now, but there has definitely been some difficult times. Thankfully, I've mostly learned and moved on from them. /gawi


GM Gemini

I wouldn't say difficult but it does when it becomes too much - that time when someone rages for being banned (or just plain ol' trolls) and creates multiple lvl 1 Novices to spam !main with... distasteful comments. Then they start getting creative with their names... Oh goodness. Or badness.


GM Howl

Listening to the feedback, concerns, or just general comments from the community is definitely all part of the job - but sometimes when you're talking with someone who isn't listening, it can be a bit of a challenge! The best thing that you can do is be patient and explain things slowly and politely sometimes - now multiply this times many, many interactions throughout the day and it can make for a long one! But, it's all part of the job. /no1


GM Kuma

When GM Howl went on vacation.




What do you guys do in your free time away from Ragnarok?



GM Radius

I spend my time on photography, watching movies/videos, etc. Generally filling up my time looking at creative stuffs, and sometimes wondering if I could bring it into an event as well.


GM Raine

I’ve very recently started working out again so that’s where my mornings before work go. I usually doodle or goof around in Photoshop after work and I like reading a bit before bed (currently re-reading the HP series!), sometimes I’ll play Wii U instead, I’m halfway through my second playthrough of TLoZ: Skyward Sword. <:


GM Cherri

I bake! I love baking and cooking delicious foods, so that's what I usually find myself doing if I'm not on RO. Recently I've been learning more about making pastries, so I'm almost always practising pies and tarts :3 


GM Cygnus

Well, aside from work and commuting to work (which takes 9000% of my time), I do watch Anime and Movies.


GM Kuma

Most of my time is spent at my day job, but I wouldn't call that "free." Outside of that, I spend time teaching, practicing archery, cooking, and eating. Eating a lot.


GM Gemini

I'm either playing another game, reading, or spending time with the family. I have a rather normal (lazy) life.


GM Howl

Free...time? I'm not sure that I understand the nature of this question very well. /swt/heh

Actually, I do love to stay active, read something new or interesting, and explore new subjects with a lot of depth. I also love just listening to some good music of dreaming up things in tRO! I'm always up for a good laugh - even though I know my fellow staff members right now are thinking "inb4 hahahahaha." /heh





How does one play chess in TalonRO?



GM Gemini

Hassle the Mini-Game Girl? /swt

You didn't hear it from me!




Is Poring edible?



GM Saen

Impossible is nothing.


GM Raine

Everything is posible if you just believe, but they’re too cute to be eaten >:


GM Spica

Absolutely! Cherri makes some really tasty Porings! /heh


GM Howl

At last - someone around here is asking the tough questions.



GM Spica

Hello Talonians! 

GM Spica here, and this is my very first blog entry here. I'm really happy that I got around to post it! 

I'm sure that you've all been asked at least once about where to farm for Zeny. Truth to be told - there are many great farming spots, but in the heat of the moment

it's just so hard to come up with a good one!

I hope my comic will help you out and guide you with just that.  

Enjoy!  /fsh


GM Radius

Exercise With Radius

Short talk: I'm actually a fan of the Cooking With Howl show. If you haven't seen it, be sure to look out for it in The Talonian.


I met up with GM Howl quite some time ago at our TalonRO studio for an attempt at making a spin-off of the Cooking With Howl show.

I'm rather camera shy in fact, but that didn't stop us from Camera! Lights! And action!


We started off with a light and casual welcoming.


Then slowly, we turned up the heat and beat. It ain't no easy feat 'cos fast is my heartbeat.


Whoops! I'm so sorry Howl buddy. I'll make you a new Scouter. /dum

Nevertheless folks, be sure to exercise regularly to keep your body healthy. Get up for a stretch at the minimum every now and then during your long period of questing or hunting monsters.

In TalonRO, we want you to stay healthy as you enjoy your gaming time. /no1

GM Howl


Dear Midgard,

Since coming into the world of TalonRO, I had long since wanted to do a newsletter for the entire TalonRO community. When you think about it, one of the very best parts of TalonRO is that it brings together so many incredible people into one place - and that place is full of its own stories, mythology, and life given to it by the people in it. Though the stories and people change, and new faces come in and some old faces depart, there's one constant throughout all of this: TalonRO is full of stories to tell. That's what we set out to tell as best as we could in the creation of "The Talonian Magazine."

Originally, the Talonian started out as nothing more than a simple, flat image - even when I was only just getting my hands around photo editing in any serious way (one could argue that I'm still not all that serious about it now - then again, I tend to not take much too seriously, right?). /heh


One of the earliest Talonians, back when the magazine was a weekly release done as a flat image! It's almost funny to look at, isn't it?

Back then, The Talonian was a pretty simple-looking publication, but some of the features then have endured all the way through every volume, such as Where in Midgard, As Heard on !Main (or IRC, back when there was IRC!), WoE information, Market Watch, and MOTW information. There were also some early attempts at humor (emphasis on "attempts") in the form of "Scream Dancer and Frost Joker Bard Advice Column," where the only advice dispensed was in the form of stock Bard/Dancer shouts. /heh

As the popularity of the publication grew, the medium wasn't able to support even more content - so we decided to move it into a web publication. In fact, you can still look through all of the older web-based issues right from the Talonian's Main Directory, which serves as a kind of library for just about all of the issues of the Talonian! It's a fun journey to see the iterations of the design, and how community ideas, artwork, and suggestions shaped it into the publication that it is today. /no1

Currently, the most recent volume is Volume # 4, which is when the Talonian moved to what's called a "Parallax Scrolling" design. Although the Talonian may have a more polished look these days, nearly all of the elements are set by hand by yours truly! That means that I manually update, curate, and refresh all of the elements in the Talonian. Thankfully, I have some great help from the GM team in the form of their assistance with information, screenshots, minigames, and more! And while I use a nice program to put it all together relatively easily (Adobe Muse, in case you're wondering!), it still takes (on average) about 6-8 hours of work to complete a single issue. ragnarok.swt3.gif.b6c4fb38e92d3c6fb1d17b


This is what the editor of The Talonian looks like these days! I always give the Issue's master file a fun name (like this one, "The Plains of Ida") so I know which one I'm looking at in my folder, hahaha!

Setting each issue the Talonian is no small task. To find the images, I look through lots of places all across TalonRO: in-game, across the forums, and from our social media channels for people who share their great stories through images. One of the best examples of this is in the amazing Community Corner of the Talonian. To find all of the amazing artwork, I go through the Art Corner and start browsing through recent posts. It's impossible to choose just a few images for each issue, given the incredible wealth of talent in there - what a great problem to have, so to speak!


Seriously, how can anyone choose from this incredible and talented group of people?!

Another section which takes a significant amount of time are the much loved Minigames! Curating four different minigames can be pretty challenging, along with needing to give a lot of thought to what information players will know, and what items to gather, and how hard everything should be! While the GM team is incredible at finding some great hiding places for Where in Midgard, others like the Crossword Puzzle have their own extra tricks too! For example, I've been using a Crossword Puzzle editor for a long time to generate the Crosswords themselves, only after I plug in all of the answers and clues for each issue. /no1


A thousand thanks to you, Crossword Puzzle Maker ser.

In the end, while there might be some shortcuts, the Talonian is a product which just takes a lot of time in the end! From finding great videos for the player media section, to songs for the Talon Tunes button at the top, and much more - the Talonian is a project that's really morphed into quite an undertaking! However, it's always great to see that people still enjoy the issues, and seeing all of the feedback is absolutely great every time! There are also some true Talonian faithful players - some of whom have turned in minigame answers for nearly every issue!

As we say in the closing of every issue in Volume Four:


Look at all those good-looking sprites! Have you been eating your vegetables? Of course you have!


Until next time - Happy Gaming,

- Howl

p.s.: Happy Valentine's Day as well! /no1


GM Cherri

Dear Midgard,

Every morning when the sun rises I am faced with a very important task. A job appointed to me by the High GMs, and one I take extremely seriously. Making new Porings.

Each batch of Porings found on TalonRO is created using only the finest Jellopy mixed with my own combination of secret ingredients as well as a crushed up Stone of Sage to grant life. It also leaves the Porings with their pinkish colour. All ingredients are placed in a bowl and mixed until it's become shiny and holds shape fairly well, as shown here;


This process can take quite a long time since well, Jellopy is not a liquid...

Once you've reached this stage the mix can be extremely volatile, while not yet set and "activated" the Stone of Sage does grant a level of independence to the mix that generally causes it to try to crawl out of the bowl and escape into the lab. This can be extremely dangerous as even a single Porings worth of mix can, with the right stimulus, grow into some terrifying beasts, as shown below.



Once the mix is ready to go, drops are piped onto specialised trays lined with paper made from the Yggdrasil Tree, the paper is what allows the Stone to activated in the intended way. This stage must be completed quickly and neatly as the mixture will retain it's desire to wander off until it is set and begins thinking like a Poring (mostly about apples.)


Trays are then placed in kilns heated by an army of Salamanders held beneath the lab and will stay in there for several hours (the heat keeps the mixture docile, this keeps it in place and in shape.)

While this process is going on robots must maintain watch on the kilns to be sure no overly energetic Porings attempt to leave, this was the original intended purpose of the Alicel robot. The robots will alert me each hour so I can check the process off the Porings. When they are done (new porings have a hard shell that will soften and turn jelly like in sunlight) Porings are removed from the kiln and placed carefully on a rack to allow them to cool.


New Porings do not have faces and will remain blank slates for most of their cooling time. When Porings are almost room temperature they will begin to develop faces, starting with their eyes (faces will vary in colour and darken in sunlight). Moments after mouths develop Porings will begin asking for food and will need to be fed apples immediately. They need to be watched carefully to be sure all Porings are getting something to eat, if one misses out they will stray in search of other food. GM Apples also need to be secured carefully during this time. Failure to follow these important steps could result in a repeat of the "Pori-Pori" incident of '02.


Once all the Porings have developed faces and eaten they must be inspected by High GMs. Each one is checked for flaws by Seiren, Howl and Boreas. If even a single fault is found they will be released into Poring Catch. Once imperfect Porings are removed, the remaining Poring are released into the many fields found in Rune Midgard and begin their life of collecting loot, eating apples and crushing peoples dreams when they find a Creamy Card.


Though this task appears to be one of the smaller, sillier and less important jobs that GMs do on the server, it's treated with the same love and dedication as all others. Every small part of this server is as important as the big bits, a single out of place Poring can be just as bad as an out of place Naght Sieger. Just less likely to kill you. Unless of course that Poring is Pori-Pori...

Cheers, Cherri.