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The Guild Hall: Ghostz Guild

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GM Howl


Over on Facebook, we've been holding a series of special interviews called "The Guild Hall" - a series where we sit down with some of TalonRO's guilds and ask them about who they are, what they like to do for fun, and much more! In our interview series with TalonRO’s Guilds - we heard from a ton of guild members from Ghostz on Facebook that their guild ought to be first; and with a ton of mentions, it looks like this guild has something special going on. GM Seiren and GM Howl sat down with guildmates from Ghostz Guild at their home spawn point in Lower Payon to learn all about this well-populated international guild! We’re looking forward to featuring your own guild and guild members from TalonRO in our series as well in future posts!


Gathering up for a group photo at their home in Lower Payon - and what a turnout!


Let’s Get Started!

GM Howl : Hey Ghostz Guild! :D
Ed Stampede : hey
-Near- : omg
~Rave : Yo
Sir Aulo : Let's get it Tarded
Olive-Xraz : HELLO GM Howl
GM Howl : Whoa! Quite a turnout here today!
lllLaxuslll : hey
-Near- : Howl
Looor : hi gm
-Near- : Howl do you sing
GM Howl : Hi there!
~ Elmo : hi bes
Olive-Xraz : hello^^
Ed Stampede : hello
GM Seiren : Ohai
~Rave : Even Seiren
GM Howl : Do I sing? Well - not well anyway!
Elucidator- : Hello there
GM Seiren : This is quite a good show-up!
-Near- : sad
GM Howl : Absolutely! What a crowd here. :)
-Near- : :(
GM Seiren : So, how's everyone?
Olive-Xraz : :) we were waiting for it
Sir Aulo : tarded as always
rusty arrow : fine sir
GM Howl : Hahaha
Ed Stampede : good

Learning About Ghostz History

GM Howl : Cool! So tell us a little bit about Ghostz's history! When did you start the guild and why? :)
Ed Stampede : started the guild on may 28 2008
Ed Stampede : from another server
Ed Stampede : main reason is to make a woe guild
Ed Stampede : some of the guys here are with me since the beggining
GM Howl : That's amazing. Are some of them here today?
Ed Stampede : yeah
GM Howl : Very cool!
GM Howl : How large is Ghostz Guild today, would you guys say?
Ed Stampede : we have around 300 people but most of them are inactive
GM Seiren : Oh my
GM Howl : Wow!! That's quite a number of people!
Ed Stampede : but i can pull them from inactivity by request
GM Seiren : What about the active crowd? :)
Cimenk : lol kuma
Ed Stampede : around 100+ plays here
Ed Stampede : 40-50 woe active people
GM Seiren : Ah, very cool!
GM Howl : That's a really large active guild! Good for you guys. :)
Olive-Xraz : :)
Alucard Hellsing : :)
GM Seiren : So, you started your guild in 2008. Around when did you come to TalonRO?
Ed Stampede : nov 2013
Ed Stampede : or
Ed Stampede : was that
Ed Stampede : nov 2014
GM Seiren : 2014 it is! Haha
Alucard Hellsing : 2016
lllLaxuslll : we're handsome :)
Tortalong : 2013
Alucard Hellsing : XD
Tortalong : it was 2013.
Mao Seiken : im so tired and handsome
GM Seiren : 2013, ok!
GM Seiren : :D
Ed Stampede : ahh it was 2013
Ed Stampede : sorry im too old and demented
Ed Stampede : why are you people trying to behave, lol

Ghostz Guild and Fun

GM Howl : What does Ghostz Guild like to do for fun in TalonRO?
Tortalong : chase girls around
Tortalong : jk
Tortalong : hahahah
-Near- : kill people on war
lllLaxuslll : hahahahahaha
Caules Yggdmillennia : find LOVE
Sir Aulo : slap ed's ass all day
Mao Seiken : afk
Ed Stampede : mostly all pvm and woe
-Near- : and ET with bragi afk
~Rave : Lol
~Rave : Bragi afk.....
Ed Stampede : stop complaining
Mao Seiken : watch ed die with porings
Ed Stampede : hahah
Cimenk : lol
GM Howl : Hahaha!
Ed Stampede : you guys need some spankings
Olive-Xraz : we do ET
GM Howl : And with so many of you all, how do you guys stay in contact with one another?
Olive-Xraz : guild runs too for newbies
GM Howl : So you guys teach others how to WoE?
lllLaxuslll : hahaha
Ed Stampede : well
Alucard Hellsing : were just having fun
~Rave : Because of the charisma of Ed? lol
GM Seiren : So, a little bird told me you guys meet up IR! Does that mean everyone's from the same location? Or do you have international Does that mean everyone's from the same location? Or do you have international guildmates?
Ed Stampede : international guild
Tortalong : international.
Ed Stampede : but yeah we love to party
Cimenk : internasiaonale
Alucard Hellsing : beautiful country of philippines
Tortalong : and by party
Tortalong : we mean drink and cry together

Fun Memories Together


The Talonians of Ghostz Guild - stop by and say hello to them sometime!
GM Howl : So, tell us about a fun story from Ghostz Guild. Do you guys have any really memorable stories of your time together?
Alucard Hellsing : give it to me GM ./gg
Tortalong : oh
GM Howl : Maybe a fun ET run, or a memorable WoE?
~Rave : Memorable woe....
Ed Stampede : thats gonna be a long list
Tortalong : yeah
Mao Seiken : haha
Ed Stampede : since weve been together for so long
Ed Stampede : lol
Tortalong : too long
Looor : love that
Tortalong : do you have a lot of time in your hands
Tortalong : because we're gonna be here all night
GM Howl : Hahahahaha
GM Seiren : It's early afternoon for me, I've got all day~
Ed Stampede : probably most memorable is when we first conquer vanilla castle here
Cimenk : but good meomorable for me its woe when we strike 10 weeks hold the castle
Olive-Xraz : i remember my First ET with guild ... i played so noob as HP but still everyone loved me
Ed Stampede : since woe have been dominated by big guilds and we are just fighting with our own people
Ed Stampede : undergeared and undermanned
Ed Stampede : we tried for 8 times until we got it
GM Howl : Wow - 8 times?!
Ed Stampede : and kept it for 3 months
Tortalong : a knight running around with a galapago hat
Tortalong : HAHAHAH
Ed Stampede : lol
Ed Stampede : yeah
Kumashigan : The most memorable moment is when we take Greendwood castle and Put Ed's face pict on the emblem for couple minutes
GM Howl : That's great! It sounds like a story of you guys really taking the challenge on!
~ Elmo : hahahaahahaahahaha
Cimenk : hahah true kuma
~Rave : oh yeah, that Ed's face
GM Howl : Hahaha - Ed's face was on the emblem for a while?! :)
Ed Stampede : they like to bully me
Ed Stampede : isnt that ironic
Tortalong : one of the fun memory i had
Tortalong : was when we had this last minute free for all in castle
Caules Yggdmillennia : oh yeah i remember that
~Rave : Unique ecaller :D
Caules Yggdmillennia : haha
Tortalong : everyone was hitting the emp
Tortalong : and we didn't get it
Tortalong : but we all laughed
Tortalong : everyone had fun
Tortalong : even though we lost

Ghostz Guild in a Single Word

GM Howl : If you had to sum up what Ghostz is about in a single word, what word would you guys use? :)
Ed Stampede : family
Kumashigan : FAMILY
Faust Evilstein : family
Tortalong : jk
Tortalong : family
~Rave : Family <3
Ed Stampede : actually cult
Olive-Xraz : Loving family
Mao Seiken : hahah
~ Elmo : cult
Tortalong : shh
Tortalong : boss
~ Elmo : hahahahahahahaha
Tortalong : they don't know yet
Ed Stampede : hahahah
GM Howl : Hahaha!
Tortalong : shhhhh
~ Elmo : wahahahahahahaha
~Rave : cult?!
GM Seiren : A cult, hm.
GM Seiren : Lemme write that down as final answer.
GM Howl : Hahahahaha
The Metamorphosis : As usual, I'm late.
Faust Evilstein : Hail Ed Stampede
Tortalong : what the hell hahahahah
Cimenk : lol
Tortalong : ghostz main goal is to conquer tRO
Tortalong : and turn it into
Tortalong : EdRO
GM Seiren : So do you all have any plans on future endeavours? :)
Ed Stampede : plan
Ed Stampede : my only goal is to drag this guild as long as i can
Caules Yggdmillennia : i wanna be the very best
~ Elmo : *TEARS* *TEARS*
Sir Aulo : like no one ever was
Tortalong : real man tears boys. here we go.
Olive-Xraz : be together for long
~ Elmo : Love u boss
GM Seiren : That sounds like a good plan, Ed :)

Final Thoughts

GM Howl : Well guys - we're just about ready to wrap up! Is there anything else you want to tell Midgard? :)
Caules Yggdmillennia : J.A.P.A.N.
Faust Evilstein : Enjoy playing Ragnarok
Sir Aulo : Ghostz is here to stay
Sir Aulo : >:D
Tortalong : J.A.P.A.N.!
Olive-Xraz : We love Tro and every thing in it ...
Ed Stampede : hahah
Ed Stampede : well
lllLaxuslll : Philippines!
Mao Seiken : we don't die, we multiply yeah!
Cimenk : we love Tro and ED stampede
Ed Stampede : keep moving forward talonro
GM Howl : Hahahaha
The Metamorphosis : Everyone in the guild is complete bonkers.
Tortalong : can you put
~ Elmo : Love is blind
Tortalong : #53 in there
Kumashigan : XD
Caules Yggdmillennia : ps. JAPAN
GM Howl : TalonRO sure will - especially with awesome people like all of you guys and gals! :)
Tortalong : WAIT WAIT
Tortalong : guys
The Metamorphosis : If you like having weird people around, feel free to join us.
Tortalong : don't forget to tell boss ed happy birthday
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