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The Quest for Lunar New Year 2014

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GM Radius


Lunar New Year 2014 quest is where I started to create seasonal quests for TalonRO. #throwback

Unlike traditional quest line with a to-do list, I decided on a quest with multiple endings.

20175.gif 9006.gif 1475.gif
Burning Crown Cornus Egg Equestrian's Spear


The type of reward depended on what the adventurer chose at the start of the quest. Here's a very brief summary of the plot:


4_M_KNIGHT_GOLD General Shang

Meet General Shang, whose magical steed has gone into a state of weird behavior.


1992.gif Shu

This is the magical unicorn, Shu. Its name means "speed" in its native language. It has three different wishes to fulfill and it is up to the adventurers to decide what they want to help Shu with.

To run faster?

To fly further?

To embrace the power of darkness?



Each journey takes the adventurers to different places to gather items and converse with event NPCs; Rheal is one of them stationed in Splendide. Obviously Splendide, because of Cornuses.

Once completed, Shu or General Shang will reward the adventurer depending on the quest line they embark on.


tl;dr version:


Choose journey.

Gather items.

Complete quest.


20175.gif The Burning Crown is a reward for helping Shu becoming a dark steed. As you wear it, you might feel a gushing sensation of youth burning through your veins that gives you improved resistance and power to break rocks. Totally not kidding. It's what you get for venturing into volcanoes.

9006.gif The Cornus Egg. Hatches into the most elegant horse available as a pet. Plus, it comes with a pair of wings. Might even produce rainbow-ish emission. I wonder if anyone would name it as Pegasus.

1475.gif The Equestrian's Spear is a rare weapon, unobtainable elsewhere except as a reward for this seasonal quest. Spear users may find it more handy than a normal Lance. Some may even put this on their shelf as a display. It's a limited edition collectible for collectors. Who knows, right?


All in all, Lunar New Year 2014 quest is very simple for one with multiple endings.

Do expect a write-up on Lunar New Year 2015 and 2016 in the next few blog posts from me.

Thanks for your readership. /no1

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