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Letters from Midgard

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Happy Holidays from TalonRO Staff!

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GM Saen



Wouldn't life be worth the living,
Wouldn't dreams
be coming true,
If we kept
the Christmas spirit,
All the whole year through?
Impossible is nothing,
The GM staff wish you all a marvellous festive break!


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Greetings, TalonRO! Whether you're in the cold of Lutie, the warmth of Prontera, or even in the heat of Thor's Volcano, I wish you a merry Christmas this year and a happy new year in the following week! Keep your stockings dry, would you? /no1

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Happy Holidays! You all do such a lovely job on the server, and although I can't give you a gift, I can say... thank you very much. ❤ Your hard work has been greatly appreciated all these years.

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I have been playing here for almost a month. And might I say that this server really has a lot of wonderful and helpful players. Thank you so very much for making my ragnarok experience really worth while. /awsm

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GM Radius is funny and cute in picture sharing the heat with others over 9000

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