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The Making Of The Advent Calendar

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GM Spica


banner copy.jpg

It all started on a cold November night one year back. GM Howl turned into the most wonderful female Wizard with a blonde braid, adding to the snow in Lutie while singing!

And the song went... 


"The snow glows white out in Lutie tonight, not a novice to be seen; PVP is in isolation and there isn't any e-peen.

Don't PM them in, don't let them see, be the good GM you always have to be! @hide, don't lie, don't let them know - well now they knoowwww~"

And so the planning of our winter calendar started! The first step was to gather some references, so we looked at a number of real advent calendars for some inspiration and started creating some mock-ups!



After that, we started creating various layouts that would be sent to Boreas for scripting while we worked on the artwork. There were many versions, but as you will probably recognise, we went with the pyramid-like stack of boxes in the end!



Howl helped us to clean it up and set out the numbers! We also had a sketch of TamTam placed at the top made by Himitsu, who created our mascot!


After the layout and numbers were done, it was time to start pulling everything together - the pyramid of boxes would become a pyramid of presents!


The first present boxes were an experimental sketch, but were redrawn many times until they looked better.



The final stages were to color the present boxes once they were neatly stacked, and also adding a background! I also drew some Porings that could be used for lightning up the scene, Howl helped me to make it more Christmas-y! I also added in TamTam and a few other RO monsters. 



The final product, as you've seen it many times already! /fsh


And this is how our Advent Calendar - now a yearly tradition - was made! Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2017 brings you lots of happiness!

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