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Interview Spotlight: GM Spica

GM Kuma




Welcome back to our Interview Spotlight series, where we get to learn a little bit more about our favorite GMs! Today's guest is GM Spica!

Kuma: Hello, Midgard! Welcome to our second Interview Spotlight! This time, we are sitting down with the lovely and talented GM Spica. Say hello to the fans, Spica Ser!

Spica: Hi all! I hope you’re having the most wonderful day! *-*/

Kuma: Let’s get right into it with the hard-hitting questions: how do you pronounce your name?

Spica: The “i” and “c” in “Spica” are supposed to sound like an “ee” and “k,” like in Pikachu. Pika… Spica! My name has sadly nothing to do with Pokemon!

Kuma: Why choose “Spica” as your GM name?

Spica: I love stars and shiny things, so I started looking at different constellations when name-hunting. Spica is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, so I went with that! Besides, I get along with Virgo people well. ;)

Kuma: That’s as good of a reason as any. Probably better than some of the other GMs, and almost definitely better than my reasons (se~cret!). On to more common things: when did you pick up Ragnarok Online?

Spica: I picked up RO back in 2004 and got hooked right away! :)

Kuma: Golly, that’s a long time ago now. Did you pick it up on an official server?

Spica: Nope! I had no idea about official servers at that time, since my friend’s brother installed some random private server on my computer.

Kuma: So you got into it by accident? That’s really interesting! What class did you start off with back then, and what class do you usually play now?

Spica: Yep! I started as a Swordie since I used to think that the skills Bash and Magnum Break looked cool! Nowadays, I play a bit of everything, and my main classes are High Wizard and High Priest. :)

Kuma: Out of curiosity, what were the rates like on that server? High? Low? Medium?

Spica: My very first one? Really low… I spent almost a year leveling to 50. I was probably doing something wrong.

Kuma: Don’t feel bad—I can’t even remember how long it took me to get my second job when I first played. So how did you end up coming around to TalonRO. I have a feeling you got here before me.

Spica: Oh I doubt so! I started in 2014 and have been glued to the server ever since! :)

Kuma: What, that recently? That surprises me. How quickly did you get your first 99 on TalonRO, then, and what was it?

Spica: That was actually my Priest! And it took about a month—I lazy-leveled in Sphinx.

Kuma: A MONTH? You call that lazy? Incredible.

Spica: Not really! Also note that the leveling wasn’t on a transcendent class.

Kuma: Oh, that’s a good point! Then when did you get your first 99 transcendent?

Spica: Whoa, that took me months! I remember I had already saved up enough for a Kaho and IC gear, and I joined a couple of Endless Tower runs with my guildmates until I hit 99. x)

Kuma: Sounds like we’re in the same boat there, then. Did you ever have issues like I did with constantly switching characters, or did you mostly stick with one class at that time?

Spica: I usually just switched between my High Priest and Sniper, especially when I went on guild runs. It wasn’t an issue to transfer gears or anything like that, but I did (and still do) like to make new characters. There’s and issue there that still persists, since I often spend way too much time thinking of a good character name. ._.

Kuma: Character names are IMPOSSIBLE. I sympathize. Now we come around to the question everyone’s waiting for: why did you decide to apply to become a TalonRO GM?

Spica: I was mesmerized by how fun this server is to play, how well maintained it is, and how friendly the GMs are. I wanted to be a part of upholding that, so I applied.

Kuma: And that succeeded, so I gather. Good for all of us, for sure! I also gather that it’s your first GM experience. Do you have any early memories of it that really stand out or any great accidents that you had along the way that you’d like to share?

Spica: Thank you, Kuma! I’m really glad working with you and the other GMs. :) As for early memories, hmm… Ah, yes! I used to be really scared of hosting events on my own. I mean, what if I accidentally broke someone’s pixel leg/neck/Cap [1] and the server went boom? Thankfully, that never happened. x)

Kuma: Always good to hear. The first few times hosting events solo can always be scary, but I’m glad we have a great team with great people like you who can handle it. Looking at the time, I think we’ve gone on a while, so I’ll finish this off: what is your favorite GM-led event and why?

Spica: That would be Disguise Room! It’s so much fun to disguise players and see them walk off as monsters! /heh

Kuma: I feel you! Very low-stress, high-fun! Well, as we’re wrapping up, is there anything else you’d like to say to the world? The spotlight is on you!

Spica: It’s such a pleasure to work on TalonRO. We have the *most* wonderful community here! Keep rocking, everyone! *_*

Kuma: And thank you for doing what you do and doing it spectacularly. I think that’s the end of this Interview Spotlight! I hope everyone enjoyed it and learned a little bit about the people behind the events. See you next time!

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