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Interview Spotlight: GM Seiren

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GM Luna








 …At some point Boreas simply started replying “Yea and my dog banned you”…




GM Luna: Thank you Seiren for taking the time to sit down with me this fine afternoon. It’s a pleasure to be paired with one of TalonRO legends ~

GM Seiren: Thank you for holding this interview! I’ve enjoyed reading the previous blogs, so I’m excited to see how this one will go. :)

GM Luna: Well, I’ve tried to think of questions a little outside of the box for our session.

GM Seiren: Uh oh. Should I be scared?

GM Luna: Ahahaha … no no, not at all. No Death Stars in this interview.

GM Seiren: Phew!

GM Luna: So, tell me, what does your Admin life entail within our world of TalonRO?

GM Seiren:  I would say that as an Admin, I’m involved in pretty much everything regarding the server. My main job is about content development. I’m responsible for the majority of the new things that you will find in game.

Think of a new RO episode, major event like the Amazing Summer Race, keeping all the items and monsters up-to-date, you name it! But the fun doesn’t stop there however.

Outside of scripting work, I work closely together with the other Admins on new web-related features such as new website, the forum and upcoming new control panel. Finally there’s a little player interaction of course. None of the Admins spend a day without taking care of multiple support tickets. It’s not the most joyful part of the GM-life but it has to be done. And when I Have time left I like to hop in-game and socialize a bit with our wonderful community :)

GM Luna: Wow! Sounds like you have one full plate.

GM Seiren: Haha, it never ends!

GM Luna: Have you ever had a moment where you felt, hold on a second, can I really continue doing this? If so what keeps you motivated and going?

GM Seiren:    If I’m being perfectly honest? Yes and more than once. I have been a GM on TalonRO since early 2008, so that makes for almost 9 years by now, which makes TalonRO a huge part of my life.

There is not a day that goes by without having TalonRO in it, in a way it’s a 24/7 job. So even if you were to have plans on a weekend, you always have to be available in case something goes wrong or something requires your immediate attention. That never stops. This is the first part.

GM Luna: Such dedication, it’s inspiring.

GM Seiren: The second part is about actual work itself. For example, the meiadrir patch from last year is mostly considered as a bad thing by our community.

We introduced a few balancing updates which were about 5% of the entire update. What people don’t realise is that this is an update we have worked very hard on, for weeks if not months and were super excited to release. When we finally finished everything and were happy with the result, we decided to release it.

Rather than people being excited about the heaps of updates, new feature, new items, people were attacking us over an update that we thought was so minor.

Having spent so much time and effort into something then to have is bashed into the ground isn’t the most motivating experience I must say.

HOWEVER! After all these years I’m still here :) first off, what motivate me most the people I get to work with. Through the years I’ve made very good friends on the GM team, some of which I consider close friends. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with them.

Secondly, there is always this one person in the community who randomly PMs you and says “thank you for your hard work”. Hearing that from one person absolutely beats 100 people who complain to you.

And being able to release something you’ve worked hard on for it to be received in a positive manner by the community is awesome, too ~

GM Luna: Wow! Am sorry that you and the Admin team received such response and yes I completely agree, having that one player PM you and thanking you for all the hard work is worth more than any complaint.

Such touching words from you, Seiren.

Ok let’s move on before I cry an ocean in our session.

GM Seiren: Hahaha! We wouldn’t want that! D:

GM Luna: As one, who has been here for quite a long time, I would assume you have seen quite a lot of interesting things can you share with us one of your unforgettable moments within TalonRO? I know you said about the meiadrir patch but maybe while you was randomly in town and saw conversation or witnessed a “what the hell” moment.

GM Seiren:  Ha. Too many to mention really, one of the most amazing things I have experienced has to be the rise of TalonRO. Back in 2008 our population wasn’t doing well at all. It was down to maybe 15-20 people online. Seeing it go up through the years is something that’s really great to see and make me proud of be part of the server. :)

In-game, I think the very first Yule Ball left a pretty good impression. We didn’t know what to expect from out very first internet dance party. In our minds it was great concept, but you never know how it turns out! To see more than 500 people join this event was something none of us expected, I think. This also resulted into some nice traditions such as the GM Seiren Captain Jack march.

 I have absolutely no clue anymore how this came to be, but it’s a tradition now! And an awesome one at that, haha.

I would say most of the interesting things happen outside of the game though. We have collected so many inside jokes through the years. The term “Dogbro” comes to mind, which is a persona that was created by I think Boreas.  In many tickets (too many to count really) people blamed their brother, sister, cousin, best friend, you name it, for breaking the rules. Stole someone’s gears? My brother did it. Fraud the voting, sister? Ser, it was my cousin! At some point Boreas simply started replying “Yea and my dog banned you”

Eventually that turned out into the “dogbro” character being the person who did all the bad things. Not the players, of course. It was dogbro!

We’ve secretly hidden him on various quests and events in-game as well and like to giggle about it be-hide the scenes.

GM Luna: It must have been pretty tough times during those early days and having to witness the server grow from what it was to what it is now must be a wonderful feeling. Like when a sweet lover walks into a candy store and sees all the lush chocolates and candy.

The tale of the “Dogbro” will forever go down in TalonRO history and what a interesting story, to see that even through the stressful time you can joke and make a situation into a fun one.

So on to our next question.

If you could swap bodies with another member of the GM team, who would it be and why?

GM Seiren: GM Howl, duh. Who wouldn’t want his impeccable abs? 8)

GM Luna: Oh! Someone get me some water … I’ve heard the stories!

GM Seiren: His hordes of fangirls are legendary ~

GM Luna: That is no surprise! He has, on many occasions proven why he is popular!

Ok moving on ~

Which RO monster would you say your personality relates to?

GM Seiren:  Fallen Bishop? No, just kidding. Oof, that’s a difficult one.


Can I say Tatacho? Sleep is love. Sleep is Life!

GM Luna: Oh! That cute fluff ball! All he does is sleep and eat ~

GM Seiren: Who wouldn’t want that?!

GM Luna: If only… in an ideal world /sob

A Zombie apocalypse happens while you are holding a GM meeting and all 16 members of the GM team are present BUT your safe room can only hold 15 people. What do you do?!

GM Seiren:  Rick Grimes isn’t a GM is he?

GM Luna: ahahah! If only it was that easy ~

GM Seiren: Well frick. Hmm. I heard rumours that GM Luna has quite the armour of weapon to fight off zombie apocalypse. She’d be able to help out for sure! Boreas with his mighty ban hammer will deal with some zombies no double as well.Howl will just wall of text the zombie to death. Other than that, the people closest to me of course and then whoever brings the most food!

GM Luna: Ahahaha! If only they knew *cough*  

GM Seiren: They wouldn’t because they’d be dead. 

GM Luna: And just hypothetically speaking … how would they tell? Your supposed to get rid of the bodies, a good assassin know this ~

Hahahah! Well that’s a warp!

Thank you again Seiren.

GM Seiren: you’re very welcome! Thank you for having me! :)

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