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Interview Spotlight : GM Naus

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GM Spica



Hey now, Poporing cards are not random things, they are important just like every other item." - Naus

Spica: Hello there Talonians! This is our next Interview Spotlight, and this time we're interviewing GM Naus! Hello Naus, how are you doing today? 

Naus: I'm doing great! Glad I can be here to inform all the players about my...interests.

Spica: Great! So tell us Naus ser, when did you first start playing RO?

Naus: Oh jeez, well I was playing the good ol' runescape back when it was fun. My buddies managed to persuade me to download and try this new game which happened to be RO. Now I played on other servers but I want to say I started in 2007 so we could say I know my way around a Poring.

Spica: I see I see! So you've had lots of adventures I take it! When did you join TalonRO?

Naus: Hmm well if we check my forum account it says sometime in 2013 , but I honestly believe I played here before that.

Spica: Oh wow, that's quite a while back! What was your very first job class when you started playing on the server?

Naus: I want to say it was either a Stalker or Super Novice. I fell in love with the thief play style which made me like it so much while Super Novice was the jack of all trades which fit my personal traits better.

Spica: Super Novices and Stalkers are super cool, indeed! Do you still play those classes from time to time or did you change your play style completely since then?

Naus: I tried getting away from playing Stalker so that I could find more ways to farm because auto attacking can get boring sometimes. I still play a Super Novice but its just a pocket pick for now. The main thing I do now is play classes in ways that most people don't, for example I have a full damage clown for Geffenia.

Spica: That's super impressive! Did you come up with that Geffenia Clown build by yourself?

Naus: That I did, I basically looked at the strengths of the class and combined it with cards I believed would help. After some calculator math, I was able to come up with something viable.

Spica: Getting to Geffenia is a challenge in itself, it's amazing that you could farm with a Clown after all that! Speaking of quests; what is your favorite quest in game?

Naus: Honestly it would have to be the Sign Quest with the dance part in particular. So many people always send a !Request or ask !main if its bugged and I find it funny, only because I managed to do it on my first try. :D

Spica: No doubt you did! :> So let's move on to further questions about your life as a GM on TalonRO! I'm sure that everyone is as curious as I am about your Name! How did you come up with it?

Naus: You want the real answer?

Spica: Of course! 8)

Naus: I picked 4 letters from a hat and scrambled them till I got the name.

Spica: You did what? Hahahaha! Wow, did you ever regret your choice, though?

Naus: Not at all, its very unique and something you don't see very often, like your name for example.

Spica: I seriously thought your name meant pancakes in some unknown language! Either way, you seem to have some kind of association with them, why is that? :>

Naus: When I first started learning how to cook, the first thing my mom taught me how to make was pancakes. I was so oblivious to how much water to use and ended up making super thick pancakes that were so inedible a dog would turn from it.

Spica: Oh no! And by now, did you stop the arts of pancakes, or did you learn to make the best pancakes in town? :>

Naus: Let's just say they turn out golden and brown each time. <3

Spica: Yumm! Now I definitely want some pancakes! /spin Ahem, so moving on! What's your favorite event, and why?

Naus: I would have to say MvP vs MvP, when I first became a GM a couple years ago this was the first event I wanted to host. There's just something about putting 2 super monsters against each other to prove to another GM that they su- I mean, so that we could have friendly competition.

Spica: That's a fun event indeed, ser! Let's host one someday! :> Now then, could you tell us about a memorable moment in TalonRO?

Naus: My most memorable moment was when I started playing crusader. There was a paladin that saw me training and gave me all the knowledge that I could use, as well as farming places....then of course he gloated about his 4 Aegis shields.

Spica: Oh wow! He must have helped you on your journey quite a lot! And then you went on dreaming about that shield, didn't you? 8)

Naus: Actually no, my goal changed from the shield to an elemental sword. Lets just say I have a very hard time keeping my goals in check, haha.

Spica: Does that mean that you also spend your hard earned Zeny on random things? ;>

Naus: Hey now, Poporing cards are not random things, they are important just like every other item.

Spica: Well, don't worry Naus. I recently bought two mid headgears thinking I could combine them to get extra stats. So I'm not the one to judge.

Naus: Well actu-, wait..you did what now?

Spica: What.

Spica: WELL we better end our interview soon, it can't drag on for too long! Do you have any last few things to add, Naus?

Naus: But you didn't answer my quest-

Spica: Thank you for your time today Naus! It was truly a pleasure interviewing and knowing more about you! Keep on rocking!


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/ene ..... art of combining stuff... i hope dat is next big project which will become talonRO speciality /fsh

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