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Valkyrie: BotN Roadmap

GM Lance



We're back with another Letters From Midgard feature! For this week's spotlight, we wanted to reveal our plans for the future of Valkyrie: BotN,
as well as a roadmap of what to expect over the coming months! March will unveil the first of a variety of automated instances, starting with
Ancient Tower which can be accessed via the Instance Girl NPC.

In addition, we're continuing to improve reward features for BotN by adding exclusive costumes, gears, pets and consumables to Valkyrie's Bazaar.
Our first bazaar update will arrive in the coming weeks (see below for further details). Beyond March, we have an exciting lineup of episodic
instances with the likes of Valkyrie Hildr and Reginleif, including lots more content scheduled throughout 2020.

For more information on Valkyrie: BotN, you can visit the
official website by clicking here.


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freaking amazing is an understatement. Very excited Lance. From my perspective, all the Valk content and the events are the true MVPs in Tro at this time. Pat yourselves on the back. :)

Actually BG is great too :D Everything is great, just get SQI and databases back and this is the perfect server from every perspective

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