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Valkyrie | Development Update

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GM Lance


We're back with another Valkyrie: BotN development update. With Ancient Tower's release just around the corner,
we've been working hard expanding upon the 'Battle of the Nine' content, including monthly rewards, new instances
and timed challenge gauntlets to keep players busy throughout the year.

We also wanted to thank everyone who attended the historic 40+ player Ancient Tower instance last week, and a huge
shoutout to @Hitchner for helping us create a promotional video of the spectacle (which you can see by clicking on the first image).
For more info and updates on BotN, you can visit the website -- happy gaming!


I wanted to take a moment to thank the community first for bringing this project to life, you all deserve commendation for it. @GM Seiren and @GM Phoenix for working their heineys off throughout
the years. @GM Mikzie for being a wiz kid and recording footage of instances i've hosted since the age of Nightmare's Rift.  @GM Blackstar and his impeccable RO knowledge, as well as assisting
the team on key content pieces. @GM Boreas providing the foundations and support. @GM Haziel for his incredible sprite contributions, and of course to the rest of the staff team for their input!

Honorable mentions:

@EVlL @Sinshine @Red- @dihu @Bobito @TheStranger @Mosjoandy @Naght @~ Pain @Goyu- @Rayssss 
@Lieca @Lydia 🎀 @Keele @Amissapanda @Utau @Askein @Lyderis @Kurai Shónin 
and to all other contributors, party organisers, feedback providers and PvM enthusiasts, thank you.


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Thank you GM TEAM for all the hard work! I am not a PVM player and I only saw the action once but you lot deserve all the commendation for E V E R Y T H I N G! 

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Everything looks great, I can't wait, I have been gearing up getting ready so I can tackle this stuff :3


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Thanks Lance, can't wait to see new gears in the bazaar!

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