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The Talonian Edition 5 - Issue #2 | Eclage Beyond The Mist

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GM Radius


It delights us to see that many people enjoyed the first issue of our Talonian Edition 5. With that, we are more than happy to announce that Issue #2 of TalonRO's 5th edition monthly newsletter is here.

Enjoy reading and participating in the mini games this issue below. We hope that this newsletter continues to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and memorable. As always, happy gaming!




We would also like to take the opportunity to clarify up about submitting answers for the mini games:


Where in TalonRO?

  1. Find the correct location.
  2. Take a screenshot of your character sitting with the same camera angle.
  3. Send a forum PM to GM Radius with the title "Talonian Issue #2 - TamTam".
  4. Include in your message:
    • Your screenshot.
    • Map name.
    • Coordinates.
    • Your character name.
    • [!] Yes, you need to type them out.


Beary Tough Quiz

  1. Send a forum PM to GM Radius with the title "Talonian Issue #2 - Quiz".
  2. Include your character's name alongside your answer.
  3. You can submit as many answers as you like, but only the latest submission will be considered as the final answer.

The GM team reserves the right to ignore any submissions that did not follow the submission criteria. Good luck and may the best participants win!

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Also for those who are still having troubles sending your screenshots through the forum message, here's a quick guide for you:


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Both mini games Where In TalonRO and Beary Tough Quiz are now closed.

We have lots of entries this month but unfortunately, the majority of these submissions do not meet the mini games' guideline; especially missing character names and typing errors.


Where In TalonRO?

TamTam was at gef_fild14 77,115.

Mariyagi grabs the Sleeping Sheep Costume as the first person to submit the correct location details.

Following up, we have Ashura Cespoirs, Kuraido Edlyc, Delvra Primrose, Melian Doniel, Handmade by Lydia, Cueio, Pups, Razel Joker and Sister Apple joining the squad of the first ten winners.


Beary Tough Quiz

Kuma says: "This is an easy one."


Question 1 - What are the chances that both Porings being the same color?

Kuma says: "First one is 1 x 1/5. Because the color isn't specified, the first pick is a 100% get."

Answer: 20%


Question 2 - What are the chances that both Porings are green?

Kuma says: "When a color is specified, it's 1/3 x 1/5."

Answer: 6.67%


Question 3 - What are the chances that both Porings are not pink?

Kuma says: "When not including a color, it's 2/3 x 3/5."

Answer: 40%


Our three quiz winners are Alamo, Pewps and Dea*.

Honorable mentions include NattWara, Pasta Professor, tnud, Koi-chan, Miunn, Corsicus and Cueio.


Congratulations to the mini game winners. Do ensure you have space in your in-game mail as your prizes will be mailed to you soon. As for the rest of the participants, all your submissions have been well received. We wish you better luck next time. /no1

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