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The Talonian Edition 5 - Issue #3 | Together We Stand

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GM Radius


In these months of challenging times, we hope to entertain you with Issue #3 of our monthly newsletter. Wherever you're reading the newsletter from, be it on your armchair, gaming chair or even the toilet, we hope you stay safe and keep yourselves socially distanced. (You can still sit next to each other in Prontera though!)

Enjoy and have fun reading!



The mini games will be closed on Friday, May 8th at 12pm server time.

Remember to include your character's name as well as relevant answer(s) in order to stand a chance to win some goodies. You may also use image hosting sites like Imgur, ImgBB or Photobucket to host your images.



If that doesn't work, you can simply include the image link as plain text. /no1 


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The mini games are now closed. The answers and winners are as follow:


Where In TalonRO

TamTam was sitting at que_ng, 25/71.

Congratulations to Tequila Rose* for claiming the first place! The runner-ups are: Fhqwhgads, Ashura Cespoirs, Fancy Bear, Fey Eria, Beako-Kashira, Baby Eri, Arsenate, Morgentau and lost snail.


Super Tough Quiz

No quiz is ever just a simple math question, that's for sure. We have a sole winner this time - Hatfun. Let me share Hatfun's answer with all of you:

"your total weight" is what GM Ylag received as an answer from Dogbro. We don't know GM Ylag's job, nor skills, so there's no way to calculate exactly the max weight limit of his char. The deal was to type out your total weight. That's what Dogbro did, and a deal is a deal.


All your prizes will be mailed to you soon. On the side note, community corner is still open for those who have a message to publish in the next issue.

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