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  3. Mine at lvl 95, unevolved yet. Will it even reach the 800 MAtk mark? Huhuhu.
  4. Thanks much Does cleave and lifesteal stack? How about cleave and ignoredef(thanatos)?
  5. Guide Update: Corrected found typos spotted by our friend @Phanman as stated above in his comments. It's quite a long read and hard to spot these minute errors especially if you're the author. Thanks again Phanneh for noticing.
  6. Due to Guild member issues / setbacks, etc, the photoshoot will have to be postponed again. Let me know either here, in-game, or on Discord, what time next month will work well for you guys! We can do a kind of "Christmas in July" photoshoot in Lutie. Haha.
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  8. I think most of us are in our late 20s or early 30s xD Welcome to TalonRO!
  9. GM Boreas

    Plagarism NPC

    Changed Status to Declined
  10. Hey, now this is a great read. The annotated formulae are an especially nice touch, and they allow the reader to follow perfectly. As a result of being able to follow perfectly, I can point out with certainty that there are a couple errors under the Double Attack section; the flat ATK modifying cards aren't included in some of the actual formula numbers, though the results of the cards are correctly included in the RESULTS of the formulas. (The annotation contributes towards the reader not being misled by that incidental omission, but on the contrary being able to spot it for himself.) (Basically, the leftmost numbers ended up leaving out the flat atk cards in some of the probably MANY mind-numbing copy-pastings that would have been necessary to create such a thorough explanation.) This is so both in the Double Attack flat ATK section, and the Double Attack Percentage Damage section. ________ In the "settled facts" there is a VERY slight mis-statement; it means to say that equipping percentage-damage equipment or compounding percentage-damage cards on mainhand OR offhand weapon will only affect the main hand; as it is right now however, it just talks first about compounding percentage-damage cards on the MAIN hand weapon, doesn't mention the OFF-hand weapon at all at first, and only later goes on to state what was really determined with the "regardless" etc.
  11. Reeda

    Item Change

    Can we the required level for the Alchemy Glove [1] Reduced, It has a high drop rate and the power of it is not extreme but the level requirement for it is. level 60-80 would maybe be just as appropriate as the current level requirement on it now. https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/2854/ the skill bolt on it is not that great of damage, but it is useful for using on mid range farm enemies such as Kobolds, Orc Warriors, and Zeroms…. ~thanks
  12. I don't know the exact list but there are many more skills available with bonus bundle. So I guess it was intended for skills beyond BB and TA to not be easily available through NPC.
  13. The Lutie Photoshoot is THIS THURSDAY, guys! There are reasons we had to move it to a few days sooner. But in the case that lots of people cannot make it, I will push it back a week if needed.
  14. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Shiirahime Discord: Harmony Rose#3920 Edit: Whoops, I didn't see the date this thread was posted. I thought it was new. RIP. Ignore this!
  15. Thanks for ur welcome πŸ™‚ I just started leveling and try to find my way. I guess i will look for a guild soon. I have soooo many questions πŸ˜„
  16. Welcome! .....soooo.... Not judging by your profile pic, are you the Doll Gowther or the Demon Gowther?
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