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  2. Thank you very much. Its working now perfect :) :) :) :)
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  4. DeliciousGreenApple

    Nifleheim is too creepy...

    Wdym, I haven't cursed anyone yet
  5. IronBear

    Nifleheim is too creepy...

    It is the curse of the Dark Lord. He can tell when you are controlling your character. Just unplug your mouse and use the touchpad (only works if you use a laptop)
  6. okay more than that actually...
  7. RagnarONE


    Can we use battlegrounds coins to purchase piece of cake/strawberry/speed potions etc items for woe account bound. Like Eden merit badges/ Merit baker NPC Glory coins 200 coins for piece of cake 100 Valor coins 200 coins for piece of cake 200
  8. RagnarONE


    need members all around the world
  9. PrideFries

    SN geffenia which build?

    buy a seal service. look for Khrei
  10. Evo six

    Champion duel unrestricted

    It's been a while.. enjoy!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZprxFQQ9MA8
  11. JGVnarao

    TAGALAKO Street Shop ^^

    book still available?
  12. -Faceless 💀

    Crimson Guild [PvM/Social] - Spread your wings 🦋

    GMC Saen - 10plyrs. Rank9 (Crimson Guild)
  13. GMC Saen - 10plyrs. Rank9
    (Crimson Guild)
    3696.gif   3697.gif3698.gif

  14. Zbx

    SN geffenia which build?

    Got enough money now to buy a BoA with DBsn, after that i guess i need to do all 4 seal quests to get access to the sqi bonuses of the weapon?
  15. Fuligin

    DD SinX vs Crit SinX for PvM

    These are some of the worst takes I've ever read on this website. It's 2019, and we have an accurate, working stat calculator. Here, I'll even do the work for you. Theoretical 2 Megs TF sinx w/FS HP buffs (add 60 STR and 4 DEF in the Manual Edits section below). Actual crit TF sinx w/FS HP buffs Now look at the TTK on Howard, or any Biolabs 3/4 monster for that matter. tHaT's sOmE rIdIcUlOuS oNe sHoT dAmAgE It's pretty clear to any veteran who's played a sinx for a significant amount of time on this server that: No one levels or farms with EDP, ever (this isn't RO Mobile) "SB sinx" isn't an actual PvM build when reaching 190 ASPD is easy Letting us equip 2 Megs is the furthest thing from game-breaking there is 2 Ifrit Bris > 2 Megs for all-round stats, but niche situations exist in which latter would shine So yeah, tell me more about how 2 Megs would... actually, don't. This is a DD sinx v.s. crit sinx thread. @howrah I know nothing about DD builds. What would you say is the generic equivalent of Twin Fang for general PvM farming? IP[1]+??? Does the second weapon have to be a dagger?
  16. PrideFries

    SN geffenia which build?

    theres a build here for jupe. check it out.
  17. Snooni

    SN geffenia which build?

    Standard carding for BoA would be DBSn? What are the gears needed for juperos?
  18. Gynsen

    DD SinX vs Crit SinX for PvM

    @howrah: After reading your comments, I feel stupid to put my 2 cents here. You still don't understand sinX gameplay. A few more years should do it. We will talk then. Peace out.
  19. PrideFries

    SN geffenia which build?

    yep. scouter is luxury item. it can replace doppel on some builds.
  20. Hello guys, I'm a newbie. Even tho I've been playing rok long time ago (some official and private sever), I'm still pretty much newbie. As the title above, now I'm looking for a guide to socialize, chat, ... and help me get more experience in rok. Thank you.
  21. foxtp512

    Amatsu Desserts [PvM/Social/Instances]

    Can I join you guys' guild??? I'm newbie btw
  22. Snooni

    SN geffenia which build?

    Is the melee build possible without a scouter?
  23. Snooni

    Super Novice [Magic] : Mavka Farming Guide

    Thanks for the guide. Just made my first step into mavka with Bolter SuNo.
  24. topsykretts

    Add Hill Winds to TamTam

    That is not Lighthalzen Field anymore. It's already part of Rachel's.
  25. Yesterday
  26. I'd check out this link:
  27. DeliciousGreenApple

    DD SinX vs Crit SinX for PvM

    Considering you have 2 megs, buying edp bottles shouldn't be that expensive, though still not very cost efficient. But yes I wouldn't mind it giving 5-10 str for sins
  28. Mawanmeabeab2

    DD SinX vs Crit SinX for PvM

    With easy access to edp, yes it is. Without easy access to edp, sadly, no its not. There is a reason why nobody wanna play sinx here, dont take me wrong, i do roam with sinx, but, its really nothing if compared to the other popular class. Megingjard shld be allowed for sinx on pvm, just reduce the str amount, and disable it on pvp.
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