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  2. TalonPatch.exe will not launch correctly.

    why not responding my talon ro i download this in your website but not responding i dont know to fix it its apear on lunch is not responding
  3. Rogue Farming

    You can get a pantie undershirt combo to boost flee and just tank 2-3 mobs instead of finding an isolated spot. If you have extra money you can get a falcon muffler and fricco shoes to go with your odin's blessing to give better dodge.
  4. over upgrade weapon

    is the Talonro Calculator Bugged? the difference between a +0 and +10 Luna Kaleet AKAKAK is around 300 dmg done only. 99 str / int only weapon Target Incarnation of morroc Golem
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  6. Rogue Farming

    So, this is my gear so far. Levels are 86 base and 50 Job on my rogue. Been farming Koko (then bought the Weeder last night.) and am getting into farming Mavka (http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=mob_db&mob_id=1884) No here lies my question, after reading all the guides I could set my eyes on, it is still unclear to me as the best way to avoid the other mobs in the area? I could use Intimidate, but that's a total SP drainer. So, any suggestions on increasing my odds at surviving! (Before you ask, no. No I don't use BB because i'm not a stalker with Preserve yet :P) Thanks in advance, ~Arte~
  7. Server dont recognise my last login

    I do on occasion get this same error, but only if im using !autotrade and then try to log in to claim my sales... lol You try going into run>cmd ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew ?
  8. Server dont recognise my last login

    As Boreas said if this was an issue on the server side there would more people reporting this issue. So either your client does not work properly and does not send a logout packet or you got a problem with packet loss on the connection between your PC and the server. But then it's strange that you actually have to wait several minutes to log back in. Usually the server should log out the character the moment you get that double connection error message. And even if I kill my client without properly logging out it only takes a few seconds before the server logs out the character.
  9. Adjustment to Eden Hunting for Melee Classes

    one thing i would probably suggest is an board that is in the 79-99 range. i think this may help since if you are unable to solo the 91-99 unless they are in that range other players may not be in the quest range for it. with a range of the exp share range you are probably going to have a higher chance of finding others who may be doing the same quests.
  10. regarding the previous update (month of april)

    Yeah, I get it. Lol Still have it on my list, but not for the next couple of days.
  11. Server dont recognise my last login

    The problem is that nobody else reported this. I honestly wouldn't know what could cause this on our end.
  12. Card win announcement!

    Hm an annoucement when an MVP card naturally drops is probably rare enough and crazy enough I could see it for just those lol. That being said not sure if it's actually possible to code it being dropped from the MVP or if anyone dropped it would spam the message as just checking that it spawned on the ground without having source attached to that or not by code. That being said could be maybe fun to see a tracker on website (not annoucement) of just what cards were obtained during previous day on server Something like below, with breakdown, or even without, Just seeing x cards dropped and not knowing which ones is fine to. if worried specifics might mess with economy somehow. Info on who got what shouldn't be listed though. (Apr 20, 2018, Total: 61 cards 15 poring cards, 2 poporing, 5 lunatic, 8 savage, 1 vadon Apr 19th 2018, Total: 83 cards 25 poring card, 17 lunatic cards, 3 munak cards, 2 soldier skeleton cards)
  13. Server dont recognise my last login

    Sounds like the disconnect message isn't making it to the server then. Alt+f4 will never speed this up and at worst will slow it down. That being said I have never received this message from switching characters or switching accounts. So would be hard to pin down the issues to get it fixed. Might want to post this in bug reports anyways.
  14. Jewelcrafting and Enchanting

    Wow, Guess it really depends on how efficient you can be at finding them and what maps you do. That being said I have at all different times of day pretty much taken over 6 maps. But only 6, about the time i hit the last rock on the last one I looped back to my first map as those rocks were coming back up, Will admit they just might not have been the best layout maps and so maybe I just got them because others weren't focusing on those maps.
  15. regarding the previous update (month of april)

    +1 so excited for the database update!!!
  16. TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide

    When I got GEC, it turned my head upside down on everything I knew about RO. I always played the cheap-o player, never using consumables. GEC changed my life.
  17. B>+9 Diablo Mant

  18. Server dont recognise my last login

    Ok so now this. I looked with my Palladin with Long Name how much is Armor Charm on market @ws . Then as a normal RO player I switched to my merchant to go buy it and then AGAIN I get disconected . So while I am disconected , I looked on my Slave Long Name account and me Palladin with LongName is still there in the game ... I had to try to connection 3 time before be able to log again . And the story is not done : Now that I got my armor charm , I have to log out my merchant and AGAIN struggle to go back on myy Palladin with Long Name . And you know the worst ? Since I try to log fast as I can because I want to play , I log into my slave account so I get disconected . AGAIN I need 2-3 time to go back on it . How can I play with that ?! I just wasted 10 minute to buy an Armor Charm .
  19. B> Nidhogg Wig Costume

    I’m buying a Nidhogg Wig Costume. PM me here for offers. Thank you.
  20. Yuss! Updates please, it will be interesting to see the effect of these changes to the market.
  21. Casual-fun гильдия "Kets".

  22. В поиска гильдии

    В гильдтемах искать не пробовали?
  23. TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide

    Not a prob! Getting to Sniper hooked me, and just bought a GEC card to put in my slippers so I'm on my way to the promised land.
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