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  3. +6 Ice Pick[1]

    400m Zeny
  4. Halloween Event 2017 - School Quest Guide

    Got bandit egg on my other game account. Logically speaking, it makes more sense since I have more melee classes on said account to take advantage of its bonuses, but I want him on my champ account.
  5. B>Ultimate ascended black dragon hat

    Buying ultimate ascended black dragon hat. Wonder if anyone has it. Leave offer or pm me plz
  6. New. but old player since splitted

    that happen when ya just too fabulous to let others greet ya lolol
  7. Account bound costumes

    As I said there are no 3rd jobs. And this is not the place to ask about that.
  8. Ordinary Weirdos PVM//Non-WoE//Social//Casual

    Why thank you.. join the weirdos in splendide 😎
  9. Account bound costumes

    yes sir..that is 3rd jod
  10. Yesterday
  11. wow.. it's been almost a year already .. since i first joined TRO... at that time i was thinking of becoming an archer or a thief.. well the guide i read said being a thief > rogue is a good start.. a "challenging start".. i had no equipments.. i had no idea what i am doing.. hahaha.. i was just hitting random things.. i even challenged the walking pizza/spaghetti at morroc field 17... forgot the name.. I didn't have any idea of the words KS, LEECH, GEC, and so on ..until i met some great players.. Mina Myoui, Misamotzu, Yanyan, Hammering a Poring, Joan, Burger, Asuraing a tree, Vick, Sleeq, Zeon, Project Eagle Eye (PEE), Doraemon and of course the perverted one The Demon Lord... whew.. i learned a lot of strategies from them.. because of them i learned how to enjoy TRO much better ..looking back from the past.. i suddenly remember the reason why i started to play this game.. to have fun.. and not think of farming zennies and so on.. .. and i met a lot of friends along the way so i think that is the best part of this game (so cheesy.. sorry.. hahaha)... i am sorry if i offended some people with my jokes before.. and thanks for all the memories that you all gave me.. It's been that long and i still love playing this game.. everytime i get stress from work, TRO relieves all my stress.. it is the place that i can release all my frustrations.. by doing some quest.. killing monsters and joining events.. i am thankful that i found TRO. Thank you TRO and more power..
  12. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    I got Update to this thread maybe this will help you! it will gain your zeny per hr by. 286k as per my calculation base on my Personal and Timed Experienced! My Gear Top: LKH+4 Mid: Pharaoh Str+1 (This 1 will help to earn you more) lower: Pirate dagger R hand: Excalibur Dex+2 (i prefer Dex because after the buffs bless and agi gone you are close to IC SB w/out bless but it depends to you) L Hand: IP Dex+4 Body Armor : Dragon vest [Bathory] (Im Poor HAHAHA) Robe: Dragon [Deviling] (IF you got SLEIPNIR [EDDGA] Or Wool[Deviling] Shoes: Tidal[EDDGA] (If you're SUPER poor :D) or Sleipnir [Eddga] ( This is the best choice ) Accesory : 2x celeb My stats Str: 87 Agi: 2 Vit: 1 Int: 50 (To 1 hit SB even w/out bless) Dex: 99 Luk: 1 The key here is the middle headgear it will increase your earning trust me ! maybe if you try pharaoh mid for the first time you will not feel the difference but if you rate it will drastically reduce your GJ consumption you will save 286k-230k Happy farming
  13. What Are You Listening To?

    6LACK - Problems
  14. Last Person To Post In This Topic Wins.

  15. Any Recommended Gears for Newbie Thief to Rogue?

    Should be plenty of topics about it already, Just check the forums. Here are a few: https://wiki.talonro.com/Rogue_-_Zeny_Farming_Guide https://forum.talonro.com/forum/68-thief/
  16. Planning to try thanatos again :/

  17. New. but old player since splitted

    ... Did you just greeted yourself.. Anyway, welcome back..
  18. Wanderer [Social/Mid-High PvM/NT-Woe]

    For recrutation, you might PM me on discord My nick is the same as my character name, Rytm. Join us and let my "love" spread P.S Susan I will kill you for not saying me anything that u made a topic on forum
  19. Revived

    Welcome TRO Loo
  20. new around here

    Welcome TRO home enjoy
  21. I just want to ask some equips in thief class to rogue.. Just starting to play thief class and I don't know a thing or two about it.. Any suggestions?
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