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  2. Dude, do not spam, 1 open suggestion is enough, just use eden revolver at the moment.
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  4. Helo MIDGARD WORLD !! There Leme Open Lock How TO Take the Podium Wave Challenge with 5 man a hours , A: What that Wave Challange ? Q: u can read form here https://wiki.talonro.com/Wave_Challenge A : What Char we need?? Q: We just Need HP "Tanker / Lure Mob" , 3 Snier " 2 DS , 1 Cleaner Hybrid Sniper / SS sniper" A: What Gear Need ?? Q: Lets See these instructions 1st We need Know What Map in Wave , the wave use map Map Name: Thanatos Tower F12 (tha_t12) "Many Party Run With walking / killing following the clockwise direction this WRONG or Kinda Take Ur time to clean This Map" With 3 sniper , 1 Hight Pries and High Wizard Okee lets i Expain Agan about that Picture : We will Spawn From 1st Star / 1 Flor At midle Map , and Nex Flor we dint get Call / Spawn agan , Only Monster Spawn After We kill All monster so We go to save Sport At 6 oclock , The Party Walk Clean Monster with anticlockwise way / Follow Yellow Line Here after all member going to 12 one of sniper Go Down 12 to 6 oclock to clean missed Monster and back to save sport 6 oc oke this Done . Hight Priest Work : Tanker , buff and Lure is Hight Priest work here , u need Hight Priest with Many HP here , With Hight Wizard near you . Lure All Mob with Eddga On and Tanker With Dard Lord Sleip ON and Dont forger SW ur Self . Keep Drop Sanc On ur Party or in ur cell make sure Monster Dont get Heal if u see DL monster keep tank With SW and Numa ur party just follow this with monster almost same skill. High Wizard Work : There how HW work Just Follow near Hight priest keep SG monster if Hight Priest back to u / ady have many monster on him . make sure ur HW max Damag like normal monster die with 1x SG , play Quaqmire to if posible this like hight lvl flor , u need know Bast element monster here for what sill u use . but general skill is SG , Sniper Work : Two type sniper here 1. is DS build and max Flee " two snipe" and 2. is Sharp Short / Hybrid ( solo sniper ) : ( 1 ) how type 1 sniper work , general skill Duble Strafe , DS all monster where u see but wait HP and HW work 1st , if u see monster ady get Hit from HW and go ur work now DS that monster do it until you return to the save spot . ( 2 ) how type 2 sniper work just follow ur party member DS and SS monster what u see but if u ady at 12 oc just go Down to 6 oc for clean Missed monster There DONE Basic Work . Q :Now what gear for them ?? A: Okee there I Give hit HP Gear just use normal hp gear if u have many zeny buy gear cant broke and less weight like Aegir Armor and DL set / DL only for Tanking Monster , SQI Evang with bonus Dex and 3X Drac card HW Gear , Max Damag Set With SOM 3xN and SQI Bonus Sniper Typer 1 , Max DS set and max flee gear Artemis 3X QS and 3X AK card , SQI Bonus Sniper Type 2 , Hybrid Build Bring DS and SS gear Artemis 3XT and 3X AK CARD , SQI Bonus Give Kahi and kaize ur PT before enter Wave , FCP HP and Bring FOOD stat and many Suply , keep all member bring Ygg leaf and Fw or tele/infinity fw DONT Forget Use Team Speak / VC Discord make u guys ez give instructions and talk Well EZ DONE Thanks ,,,,,,,....
  5. Hi @~Lunox!!! Nice seeing you landing in here
  6. This is how Engineers make a Guide good job @Ghaspar , greeting engineer
  7. Can't get enough of this song
  8. Pm me your offers :)!
  9. Dear GM, i use the gunslinger like my first character (because my wife have steal my crusa, with all my equipT.T) please introduce rental gun for this lonely gunslinger....
  10. Peds.

    Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Leftovers Mid April Update!! Ahh that was alot. But super fun runs! lets go finish April with alot more runs and fun. Missing Screenshot there is Daily TWC. Idk why I keep forgetting to take screenshots. @Motto Stella take some screenshots pls haha. Also lets take a moment to appreciate our DST (Dont Starve Together) base! Amii so organized lol. If u guys wanna join and chill with us while in runs just PM me! Thanks again for reading the report. See you guys next time!
  11. Hi! May 13 Slot 2 (4:30 server time) please. Thank you! 🍎
  12. ahahaha. so that is you !! That male high wizard who's wearing a lady's wig !!!
  13. Thats not a costume. You have to wear it including its stats to get the look. Costumes are to get the look and wear another headgear for the stats.
  14. The Easter Event is up yet we have heard nothing from the yummy bunny trio?

    Are you three running around hiding easter eggs everywhere?


    1. GM Amor

      GM Amor

      @disguised them as rabbits in the Runaway Rabbits muhuahuahua

  15. I gave random noobies at Orc Dungeon 3m each so they can get a little started. Not the one wearing kahos and stuff. But the ones only wearing katana or some sort.
  16. Western Grace not to your liking? http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db&item_id=2248
  17. I have problems running TalonRO on Windows 10. The screen looks garbled, and it's not responding. I tried the guide you have, and it's not working. Please help me.
  18. That was a typo. I have missed to put OHP (Off Hand Penalty %) which has to be added. Also, the 0.80 is not fixed, it should be replaced as OHP as well. The formula has been revised accordingly. Apologies for that. (Been working on my monthly report when I did that ) The Revised Formula then is: Damage Output = (MC+1*MH+OHP*OH)*EP*[OHP+(0.29-0.07*Off Hand Skill Level)] Let's apply that, shall we? Using the same weapons, Main Gauche and Jujube Dagger Off Hand Level 1: (171+1*43+0.40*39)*2*[0.40+(0.29-0.07*1)] Damage Output = 284 Double Attack = 568 Actual (In-Game) Damage = 563 Off Hand Level 2: (171+1*43+0.50*39)*2*[0.50+(0.29-0.07*2)] Damage Output = 303 Double Attack = 606 Actual (In-Game) Damage = 603 Off Hand Level 3: (171+1*43+0.60*39)*2*[0.60+(0.29-0.07*3)] Damage Output = 322 Double Attack = 644 Actual (In-Game) Damage = 643 Off Hand Level 4: (171+1*43+0.70*39)*2*[0.70+(0.29-0.07*4)] Damage Output = 342 Double Attack = 684 Actual (In-Game) Damage = 683 Off Hand Level 5: (171+1*43+0.80*39)*2*[0.80+(0.29-0.07*5)] Damage Output = 362 Double Attack = 724 Actual (In-Game) Damage = 722 Off Hand (Level 1 to Level 4) Screenshots (Level 5 already done in the guide above) Now, that's as close as I can get. Me neither . But this is the Equation of Element Multiplier Penalty I got to get the best results. At least we got it. THAT was just plain wrong. I stand corrected, and I appreciated the analysis you've given. Made look into it. Guide Updated.
  19. PM n Leave offer.. IGN: Miss Pandaa
  20. ValheruWolf

    wing costume!

    sounds awesome but moving sprites is way more complicated then can be believed heh. There is a reason all the sprites are static.
  21. hi, can someone teach me how to make umbala spirit? I am new. Thanks
  22. I think I'll go with mi gaos, I do have dark pingu card. I will also do that brasilis once I'm online later today. I'm not sure if I made a mistake, I do have some hefty zeny before but unfortunately I drain it because of purchasing materials needed for slotting midgear, trans equips which I can't use yet and +9 food materials. Maybe I should have done this after I got the survival gears and armors that you've suggested. Yes I do vote that's what I like about this server; they have a voting system that gives reward. For the income not to worry, !pj works wonder for me. My current income rate is around 300 to 400k per hour. Btw thanks for enlightening me about stat reset and armor selection to fit a map, It give me an idea how I can increase my income rate. Overall thanks for ur advice this will really help in my future plans. Bliu
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