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  2. Thanks for the review guys, will consolidate my findings ASAP.
  3. Смотрите шо откопал)))10 лет назад Как молоды мы были))
  4. @Mayunnaize I liked your post just so I could unlike it. *karate.chops.*
  5. UPPP
  6. bump
  7. bonus bundles.... cost bronze coin, and are account wide. Meaning all they need is 1 alt character on the account that can easily farm bronze coins from HBQ and they only have to renew it every 2 weeks.... All true MVP campers I'm willing to bet have that bonus bundle... Not all MVP killers have it, the campers being focused on different MVP's // some people get lucky. but bonus bundle is really easy to unlock.
  8. Today
  9. Didn't realize seals had no cooldown. Could see adding that long of a cooldown to all seals. Maybe lower at 5 minutes though. Be enough if people are farming the groups could get in and alternate, Not like there is that often that someone needs it as once done on an account you have it unlocked.
  10. Manuk/Niff Seals

    Need to add Cooldown for Manuk/Niff seals at least 10-15 Minutes, often we who really need cannot enter because some 'farm' those. I think 10-15 minutes CD wont matter much for the one who farm it
  11. I will be there! my song requests> https://mongaguapraiaclube.bandcamp.com/track/streamside (can be downloaded pricing zero)
  12. I like big butts and i cannot lie.
  13. just to add a little: you dont need 150dex.. but since you insist: look at your gears and stats. bonus stats on equips should help you save some stat points --> so it is good idea, to have bonus on the stat that will cost you most - in your case, DEX.. so it would be better for you to Exchange the bonus in divine cross to +DEX and use the saved points to pump base INT - this will save you stat points...
  14. apparently i don't miss much when i skip a day
  15. you can get extra dex from malangdo enchant
  16. I break them and keep what could not be broken weapons - I break them while overupgrading, hoping that +lot will sell.. so now, I have few +10 katanas and other weapons, that sell for too low, so I keep them.. for ever... headgears - I keep them.. if the kafra is full, I just make new merchant - he has 100 slots in his cart.. armors - I mine stones and see if I can enchant.. this way, you will get rid of at least 80% of these the remaining 20% (or less) will still never sell, but at least you had fun overupgrading it.. some of the items may be given to low lvl newbies, but sometimes they tend to give it back once they dont need it..
  17. Up!
  18. Well, I do have equips in my storage which are hard to sell. Sometimes I just give them away to newbies. What to do with items such multiple broad sword, 2H sword[2], rare headgears, etc., I do already have a general headgear to be used by my other chars.
  19. B>+7OA [DBSnSn] Leave name and price, I'll pm you in game, OP will be ignored.
  20. talking about physical (non-magical) attacks: Normal attacks from monsters are always NEUTRAL property. Skill attacks from monsters may have other properties Normal melee attacks from players have the property of the weapon wielded Normal bow attacks from players have the property of the arrow being used Skill attacks from players have a property determined by the skill. In many cases, this is merely the property of the weapon, but it may be forced to be a particular elemental property *from irowiki - irowiki is awesome web for understanding ro..
  21. If somebody shouted at main that >insert MVP< at >location<, then there will always be that mvp camper/s(especially those who do not have bonus bundle) who will dive for it regardless it being a fake or not. I said 50% because if both MVPs are present and there are two solo mvp campers. 50% chance that the other camper will kill the real mvp/fake. Players who shout in main that there's a mvp actually gives mvp campers to react if they will go to that mvp map or not (who will dive for it regardless it being a fake or not. ). It is somewhat a stimulation. So players who do use the main to inform presence of mvps attract people to kill that mvp afaik.
  22. what can i say, it's my specialty :< and i wasn't even playing a priest aaa and yay bids! go go
  23. Are all auto attacks neutral, even if the monster has a different property or it depends of the monster ? I am never sure of this, please enlighten me
  24. Thanks @EvilNymph, good seller, fast, clean, cheap.
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