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  2. Empyrean [ Social / PvM ]

    GMC BlackTalon : SUCCESS !! 01/23/2018 - thanks guys
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  4. Help geffenia

    Thank you. now i know. Tyvm
  5. Leech le Cass - [ OPEN once again ]

    Thanks for availing my Leech Service -Cruel Til our next transaction <3 Have fun AJA !! #backtobusiness Thanks for availing my Leech Service -Geetec- Til our next transaction <3 Have fun AJA !! #backtobusiness
  6. S>Icepick+6Dex

    Sent you a PM:)

    Hello! ive been playing long time and have almost fully PRO Sniper gears. Just wondering if you can do a SEAL quest by yourself? or do you need a full party?
  8. S>Costumes and more!!

    #bringBack150mDRobe D:
  9. Game doesn't start

    Could it be your hardware might be defective? i found this reference : https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/85336-game-crash/
  10. S> Bacsojin Card / +7 NSFM[1] / Alice Doll [Incubus]

    Up I cracked and made a +7 NSFM[1]
  11. Game doesn't start

    Could you also send a screenshot of your RagnarokSetup.exe for graphics and sound settings and what windows version.
  12. Game doesn't start

    I reinstalled it and same problem occurred, the window will just suddenly fade in less than a second. I tried disabling my anti-virus and this happened. By the way I did this on my 1st encounter for this problem so I tried your troubleshooting guides and the end result is the 1st picture I showed you above.
  13. Help geffenia

    @chraine19 Brisingame SQI + Sting card
  14. Help geffenia

    This : https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/2630/ With this card inside : https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/4226/
  15. A newbie's introduction.

    Thank you very much everyone for the warm welcomes. And yes Neza ^^ I've joined a guild yesterday thro one of the amazing futures of the website ( The guild recruting) ^^ Also joined the TalonRo discord
  16. Notorious X

    good nyt
  17. A newbie's introduction.

    Hello Felix! Your introduction's so heartfelt and I just couldn't help but smile. It's great to have you here, and I hope you enjoy the experience as much as we enjoy having you in the community! Just feel free to ask here in the forums, in-game through !main channel, or at our Discord channel if you have questions! To further enhance your talonRO experience, you might want to check out guilds through the !recruit channel in-game, our Guild subforum, or our guild directory at our user control panel! Cheers!
  18. B> Mavka Farming Gear

    I have magmaring mant in my smith, although im not ol tonight, maybe tomorrow at 10am GMT+8
  19. Help geffenia

    Excuse me. What is bris [sting] by the way? im super new to ragna sorry
  20. S> +7VF[2] Clean

  21. Prepare Me a Song Winners!

    I'm one of those who haven't gotten my prize yet huhu
  22. A newbie's introduction.

    Hiya Arphen! Wow! You're already off to a great start, my good sir. Welcome to the server and thank you very much for choosing us for your first try of RO, we're glad to have you and thankful for your appreciation for our dev team. Happy Adventuring!
  23. A newbie's introduction.

    Hello everyone! My name's Felix,I am from Romania ( but I live in Italy at the moment ) Lately I've been having a bit of Nostalgia for older games that I used to play and so I played a bit of them on some private servers,but that died out quickly so I decided to try out Ragnarok! I've heard so much about the game in the past and till this day so I said : what the heck,let's give it a try! I love complicated games ( Path of Exile fanboy here ) and this game is just...amazing! It took me a while to figure out the UI and Controls but luckily I've read the WIKI and some Guides to starting out in RO/TalonRO meanwhile downloading the game. I've started with a Thief (which is now a Rogue ) and an Acolyte( now a priest ) for buffs. I am having a lot of fun in this game and hopefully with time I'll be able to try out more classes & items ! I am also gonna say this is by far the best website / forum design I've seen (props to my fellow devs for that), I was shocked by the futures you guys offer and such, and all this on a private server ! I'll be playing around a lot so if any of you guys wanna chat or want to be kind of my mentor that would be amazing,since I've still got a lot to learn about the game. Thanks for reading!
  24. Yay, new person!

    Welcome to the server. And indeed, your first days do seem to be an adventure already! Great relief that you didn't let those mishaps put you down. The server's happy to have you and I hope you enjoy your stay!
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