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  4. 🌸Hi im Aura!🌸 And this is my first commission here in TalonRO! Bust Shot 50mil or Costume Trade  You can contact me on Discord AuraDraws#9279, So we can talk more about the details of you request art. I will show sketches of the art first so you can change some or add some other details, you can only ask for changes 3 times only in sketch mode. But when in Line art you can only change minor stuffs. In your character or avatar, I need at least a zoom screenshot of your character, a screenshot of every piece of costume. ( Sample screenshot below ) I want to know the personality of your character so I can choose a better pose for them, or if you have a sample pose you want it's ok too. Color of your characters eyes too. Art usually finished in one day if not busy, atleast I need 2 hours or so to complete a piece of the requested art is not complicated to draw. You may use the art but remember always credit the artist's Currently Working on (Person's Name) Waiting List 1. 2. 3. 3 Waiting slots available ( Sample screenshot of your character and costume )
  5. I do like the idea of a ranking system but BG might not be the best location to do it.Maybe PVP instead? I honestly would need to think more on this idea but I am very interested. I've also forgot to mention that we have Happy Hour in different time slots for players to obtain bonus coins as well Tuesday and Thursday: 4am ~ 5am, 10am ~ 11am, 4pm ~ 5pm server time. Saturday and Sunday: 4am ~ 6am, 10am ~ 12pm, 3pm ~ 5pm server time.
  6. Reeda


    is there a guide for the new eclage entry quest
  7. Hola soy nuevo en el server, me llamo Javier y soy chileno. Por esto del coronavirus mi facultad está en paro y tengo harto tiempo libre así que decidí volver al viejo Ro low rates. La verdad no sé si pasada la crisis seguiré en el server pero si hay comunidad hispana o chilena pensaría seriamente en quedarme. Si alguien quiere coversar/hacer party/unirme (crear una) a su guild, deje su nombre en juego abajo (no dejo el mio porque aun no me creo ni la cuenta; estoy descargando el juego). Espero que estén bien en sus casas y podamos distraernos con este jueguito que nos trae tantos buenos recuerdos jejej
  8. i do agree with you. low drop makes us really ambitious to get one....and then also try to follow where tamtam is, because the exp gain is really good (better than sting)
  9. Hi there. I'm hunter lvl 98 on this server. my build is AGI 98, DEX 99. And yes, bow thimble does increase your damage about 3%. Not show in the stat just like card with damage modifier. Maybe your dex doesnt high enough so you didnt feel the difference. my average double strike to Sting before bow thimble are 4600ish, now about 4.7k-4.8k after bow thimble. Hope it helps your question. See you on Sting sites
  10. eh, weekly? could be fun if the prizes were minimal, say an extra 5? BG coins or something. Then it's more weekly bragging rights then for the reward. But, yeah, doubt it will actually help much, A better idea would probably be have set times server time for an hour or so that games give double rewards each day, say 4 1-hour time slots spread out over the day. would give target times for people interested to get on and be more likely to find people to play with.
  11. I do not feel that a ladder ranking system would be good.
  12. Hello everyone! My in game name is FyreStone, I'm new to the server and hopefully will be here for a while. Any tips or tricks I should know before playing, I haven't played RO of any form since 2012 so any help would be great.
  13. assuming its an item someone is wearing I run the game fine however, it will randomly crash. any suggestions?
  14. The bazaar already has too many convenience items available to it. Let's not add more for now.
  15. Yesterday
  16. I was thinking why not have a new bazaar or drop food item for homunculus that increases more intimacy than the usual food juz like how special bonbon works for pets. But maybe this is seems as op/broken. so probably nds some nerfs. 😷
  17. As far as i know, mavka has : 3 % witherless rose, 6 or 9 % of crystal mirror (according to the old talon ro database)
  18. I want to optimize my Steals for farming Mavkas and Geffenia for max $$$. The problem is, TalonRO has customized drops for certain Mavkas, Succubus, and Incubus, and the Monster DB is currently not available. Does anyone have item drop info for Mavka, Succubus, and Incubus? Not sure where to even ask this, but it seems relevant here since Thieves farm these monsters so much. Thanks!
  19. Hey Its my first time playing RO agaib after like 9 years! Getting the grips of things! If anyone is bored and want to help a newbie out...holla @ me! I'm just running around in game figuring it all out
  20. 1 more AT run. This time more prepared. (link inside) 


  21. DM me or mail Vampire Mallet
  22. Hi there, welcome to the server. There are quite a number of player from Philippines on the server. I'm sure you will be able to make new friends here.
  23. Submit a support ticket and we will assist you on it.
  24. Question why cant I log in my 2016 account ? Radius edit: account name redacted.
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