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  2. Оцените гома

    Вот и замечательный повод узнать )
  3. Polish (Poland)

    Siemanko, gra ktoś jeszcze tutaj z Polaków ? Dopiero zaczynam grać na tym serwie, dzięki za info pisać do Pownager jak coś.
  4. Today
  5. T>Your +4 artemis[TTT] to:

    up! let me know if I need to add few more zennies. 😁
  6. Umbrella Corp

    We need social and trans vanilla woe folks to join us in splendide...come grow with us.❤
  7. Guild - Desert Dojo

    Hi. I've forwarded your concern to our current officers. They are currently looking into this matter also it would be better if you had posted this to our newer forum topic since this is the old Dojo topic xD
  8. PC> +3 Int +3 DEx Kris

    What would something like this run. with a +3 on both of these stats?
  9. NEED HELP FOR SQI twin fang (beginner guide)

    so you can only have 4 bonus active?
  10. Donation Questions

    I wish I could tell you more, but this is not something that we have any influence on.
  11. Donation Questions

    @GM Seiren @GM Vitek I have been waiting for 1 week now. still no email for my verification or even a notification.
  12. Prodigy, Vanilla Trans WoE:FE

    Bump!!! Let's get back that emp!
  13. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    Asura Bump
  14. Before Christmas. I promise.
  15. Stitch Wants to Draw You

    Thank you so much GM Lance! One of these days I'll draw all the GMs hahaha
  16. Ragnarok Comeback

    I'll prepare the coffin then, shall I?
  17. Greetings fellow humans!

    Rest assured you're free from the macabre lands of iniquitous bots and lag induced cesspools. Welcome aboard!
  18. Hello

    Welcome to TalonRO Emperor Empoleon (adore the alias, I must say), i'm sure you'll fit right at home!
  19. Guild - Desert Dojo

    Your Dojo is very respectful, but i have a complaint. One of your Sinx by the name of "Naupari" have been Ksing me the whole day in Glast Heim Prison. I know that one of your main rules are "DO NOT STEAL", and he been doing it with cloaking and grimtooth, appearing where ir lure my mobs. tell me, what are you gonna do with that kind of behaviour???
  20. Playing ro again

    Good to have you back, all the best on your expeditions!
  21. Three sugestions...

    Perfect! Thanks Boreas!
  22. Stitch Wants to Draw You

    Astonishing, as always Skye.
  23. Stitch Wants to Draw You

    Good evening guys! been busy lately..playing Talon ahhah! so here's another artwork for our GM Mimi! ^///^)/<3 bg is from google images- ragnarok.wikia.com- a picture of Veins
  24. Привет, хочу вступить к вам. играла в ро очень давно на сервере enclave-os. На талоне играю алхимиком, уже 97 лвл. ещё есть ассасин, но им пока не играю. механику игры почти всю забыла, так что от меня будет много нубских вопросов. ник в игре MypMypka английскими буквами.
  25. hi GM i have problems i play talon RO years ago and i stop because i need to pay attention to my work. now i want to play again but i forgot my password and email address and my account password.. can you help me to recover it?

    my account is omar14 i forgot the password and email..

    please help me..

  26. Notorious X

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