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  3. .....3rd playthrough, 160+ hours in total, now with Edelgard and the Black Eagles.... Getting closer to coming back to TRO...
  4. ValheruWolf


    I don't think this is possible.... But yes I love the idea heh. Live the dream
  5. Apparently one can't always just draw all the time, I felt a strong urge to paint earlier. It does feel good not having to look at the lines all the time.
  6. For my own personal pleasure, I will be featuring every now and then any one of the existing guilds of tRO. The Featured Guild of the day is “Sempiternal.” E M B L E M D E T A I L S Concept: The Guild name adapts the root word Eternal as a suffix; therefore, I used the Infinity symbol. And, since the guild name starts with the letter “S,” I rotated the Infinity symbol imitating the letter S. There are two parts of the vertically-erected Infinity symbol – the upper part, and the lower part faded mirror reflection. The upper part represents the organization, while the lower part represents the guild members on which without this faded mirror reflection, the guild will not form as a whole. Initial “S” had been inserted a bit unnoticeable, as intended. Duration: 100 mins. This breaks down in thinking of the concept, looking for references, and trial & error editing. Watch out for your guild. Yours might be next! Cheers! For now, this will be hanged in one of my emblem banners.
  7. 9/15/2019 Update: AbbEyes Cult: Snowie, One for All ---- I finally drew her.......Snowie, Head of the AbbEyes Cult. My lord knight~ (not sure if this might be better for some people who want to browse through or reply to certain posts easier...so I'll include the content in these update posts too)
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  9. Hi guys, I have a problem what I opened an Embryo throws me an AI error, I guess it was because I had to download this file, and now download it and look can you help me? I would thank you a lot
  10. Yesterday
  11. managed to sneak in one more to end the night ww commission for @Rense
  12. loi ☆


    Those Costumes with their respective IDs that Emi already linked can also be found on divine pride db which is a collective db for most official servers out there: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20269/ https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20440/
  13. Today I try to slow down and actually pay attention to what I were doing when drawing (Like what you do in mindfulness meditation). So it comes to me that I have been drawing different types of lines. One is the "searching line", where I go chicken scratch/messy in an attempt to find the line I want to draw. The other is "Committing line", where I go back again with a stronger line to draw the line I found in the first step. It seems I do that with almost every line I drew, without noticing it.
  14. did a few more for the weekend ww commissions of @~Izleen's cute children
  15. I have the same issue. what i did is to delete my AI folder and download the default AI folder from talonro website as instructed here: in the download page, scroll down and find the DEFAULT AI file. https://talonro.com/download/
  16. Naght


    *BRO FIST @Emi Yusa*
  17. Emi Yusa


    "ab" that means it's a beer belly right? ✌️
  18. Naght


    *gonna flaunt my ab*
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