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  2. Cant agree more. Its very discouraging running any Instances/ET/special farming spots when nothing sells at all and you just end up undercutting with 3 people. Same goes for SQI ingredients that used to be great sidehustle but now are useless. This issue WILL NOT be fixed by introducing new costumes in Cashshop. I saw countless people quitting due to the uncertainty of SQI. Not only newbies that I see most affected but also people that already have Vallhalla/SQIs and are uncertain if they should even invest in another SQI/char when SQIs might be changed with next update and they sit on a huge loss (especially with the prices of Essences right now). All the uncertainy did not let only people quit but many just went on Hiatus and now after many many month dont see any point on returning. SQIs having such a huge impact on the server and market should have been the number 1 priority to fix after Iduna in my humble opinion. Its the same issue for me like Poika when it comes to writing review. I feel like the vast majority of newer reviews since the delisting are just not telling the truth. I cant really write the same review here I wrote when I first started more than a year ago. Still I love the server, its perks and community so I rather just dont write a review. Really hope the topic can be opinly discussed, it surely took Poika a lot of heart to write down the issues. Greetings
  3. No matter what size the picture is, I cannot upload it to my forum signature. o: I was going to put a picture of my in game character as my signature, but it keeps saying the dimensions are too large and the image is too big to use. The dimensions are tiny, at 172 x 120, and i reduced them even more after getting the error. You can see the picture here:
  4. Welcome to the server! We have a lot of things to discover here, so you should use the wiki like GM Alisa said above, and if you want to begin leveling and earning rewards, you can even go to The Eden Group. Luckily there is a guide written by GM Phoenix right here on the forums that can help you if you have any questions: Click here! There are also many player guides in the Guides section of the forums, but I usually recommend to new players to farm while leveling, so they have some money to spend. Here is a guide for that too Earn zeni while leveling guide! Let me know if you have questions! My ign is Ritske!
  5. Do you play competitively at live events?
  6. I appreciate that, I work hard on these videos, editing is one of the things I don't mind spending every hour doing. No idea what got me into it lol
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  8. 2. The price of TC is made up by players. Those high amounts of TC are part people flipping and part people donating large sums. It's not the lack of TC sink (quite the contrary actually, with all the new powerful MVP cards such as Boitata that are must-haves for some classes and those ridiculous 7500 taloncash seasonal garment costumes), it's just a symptom of !shopjump forcing people to endlessly undercut over and over and over to get anything sold. This paired with all the vending restrictions put on in the last years (no more shops - most notably buy shops - in dungeons, no more autotrading in other towns, no more shopjumping to non-autotrade shops) just hurts the economy a lot. It's been going downhill consistently since !shopjump was introduced. I feel even the drop rate increase of cards from 0.03% to 0.04% really hurt card prices, in turn making it harder for people to make money. But that's really not the main issue. Another big thing for the economy is the lack of Seals for this long time, causing the market for SQI bonus items to break down, seriously hurting income of new players who find all those things that used to be sought for but annoying to hunt, starting at things like Powder of Butterfly or Claw of Wolf. People just can't make money that easily anymore until they're geared enough (and willing) to endlessly farm those same few boring maps such as Geffenia, Mavkas or Sleepers. Also an issue for the market is the lack of new content that is actually worth playing. I understand there are new fields added and they brought some new instances along such as Malangdo's Octopus Cave and Malangdo Culverts or the OGH. But that's all solo or 2 player content that doesn't really add long term value and group play as it ends up as either adding another "farm to get marginally better items to play the same old stuff with" or "play it but there's nothing to gain here". Battlegrounds also fall into this category but at least it gives the economy a boost for PVP focused items and extra gears. What it needs is actual big content that gives guilds and guild-like groups to do something new. I'm thinking of something such as an Endless Cellar, for example, to give options to do something else than Endless Tower, which would bring different items into circulation while reducing the amount of ET loot, giving it a chance to recover in price. 3. & 4. I do agree with the lack of Valhalla access is a big issue and hugely demotivating to players that joined after Iduna as well as people who hadn't managed to complete their access before Iduna hit. I add the database and other things into the same point as it's all hugely related. The Iduna transition just went less than optimal, with a lot of things broken that should have been tested before, not by the players casually testing out a trial server that you had to register for but just for basic functionality. This includes the control panel, Seals, GMC and other things. The basic GMC issues have been fixed (even though there are still some issues such as the inability of GMC bosses to change element more than once (this has been partially fixed/resolved over time but still hounds GMCs such as Seiren) or super weird aggro behavior such as MVP slaves in GMC Gemini endlessly chasing the person they saw first no matter how far across the map they run, even if the person is at the other end of the map and they get recalled or killed and resummoned or the constant target change of Mammoth and Tendrillion for no apparent reason) but simple core things such as the database missing simply leaves a very sour taste in my mouth. It gets even worse when you see new things showing up while old basic things that were broken half a year haven't come back. The database is integral for all kinds of things, particularly on a server as custom as this, and it kinda feels like they just don't care to fix it anymore and rather just work on new things. Also, from the very limited insight I have, it seems like people are spread very thin across a lot of project such as SQI revamp, GMC revamp, automating Ancient Tower, etc. Obviously I don't know internals and plans but it just feels like everything gets worked on at the same time instead of focusing on one thing at a time and (re)releasing them one at a time, resulting in delays. I have seen more people quit over the lack of SQIs or the database, and actually had planned to quit in January myself. Lance talked me out of it at that time but I honestly don't know how much longer I want to play on a server where I can't even look up basic information. It's been half a year now. 5. I am with you there. Today I've been told "you can just lie" when saying I couldn't write a positive review in good conscience. People asking you to lie in order to attract new people rather than having actual good points for why the server is great is just a really sad state of affairs. I've been here since 2014, without any breaks other than a week here and there for things like hospital stays. I am still here because I like the people. But the only positive things I could point to right now are GM Lance's original instance runs and it really saddens me. I respect the work they put in, and I'm certain there's much more work going on than what we see from the outside, but I wish there were more visible results. When there were several new 7500 taloncash garment costumes in the cash shop back to back, the first thought I had wasn't "oh nice they're releasing some new costumes". Instead my first thought was "are they expecting to go down and are trying to cash out from some extra donations?" and that's not what I wanna be thinking when new things show up.
  9. i shud make Soon ™️ t shirt... would be dope.. but yea, i would review and recommend this server IF all the Soon ™️ features are up.. the "core" ones that is..
  10. Can I sign up for Monday 9th March 3 pm Server Time please GM Lance
  11. Hello fellow Talonians. It is I, the Poikka! I decided to take some time to manifest some *opinions* (emphasis on opinion) regarding reviewing and the state of the server. Read it with an open heart. Please. Pretty please? :3 1. Introduction: As we all know, Talon RO was listed again in rate my server, which means it's reviewing season. I'm going to introduce what will possibly be a wall of text with the statement that every single point I make in this topic was heavily discussed with fellow seasoned players, as much as with new players. I have been dedicating a fair amount of time of my life in this wonderful and welcoming community and I wish the best for each and every single one of us. I do not wish to incite pointless "hurr server dead" drama. I repeat: I do not. I do not believe any of this nonsense. But, there are some pressing matters we do need discuss. Why am I writing this? Well, I wanted to review the server myself. But as I stared upon my blank screen, I just couldn't. I will elaborate in the following paragraphs. Every single word in this thread has my heart poured into it and I just can't reinforce enough how this isn't just some salty rant, although to some it might look like it. 2. The Economy: At this point I believe most active players can recognize the Poikka Shops ™. I think it's safe to say that I'm active enough in the market to recognize some problems. First of all: Talon coin prices. Since the dawn of time the true currency of our server and indicator of our economy is the Talon Coin. Of course economy is a very dynamic thing and as such, you cannot expect anything ever to have a fixed price unless an external force is applied. But for the past months, Talon Coin prices varied dramatically, going as high as about 1.6m when the Whisper Blessing Costume was introduced and plummeting as of today, February 28th, to as low as 1.03m. Usual price used to be fluctuating at most between 1.08m and 1.12m. There are players with 1000 Talon Coins stocked up in vending shops. Why am I talking about that? Inevitably equipments and services prices ride along with the Talon Coin fluctuations. Although, for now, we can't say that this is a major ongoing issue, this is a symptom of a much bigger issue of the lack of a true Talon Coin sink. Don't get me wrong, the Talon Cash Shop has everything you could need to start your adventure and does consume a lot of Talon Coins, but it just doesn't seem enough anymore. As the playerbase gets older and gears itself up, where does the coins go? And with the overflow of coins (1000!) undercutting competition begins. And then equipment prices drop. Doing Endless Towers runs doesn't seem as interesting anymore. Farming equipment drops seems pointless unless we're talking about really hard maps like Dimensional Gorge and up. For an older playerbase every single point I'm listing in this section seems like nothing. But this is a very serious issue for a new player trying to enter the server. Throw the first stone who never invested time in farming Stings, Anolians, Dracos and other "easy" but rewarding maps. Why bother with farming a Sting card when even putting it at *one million* zeny it takes forever to vend? Yes, this is low rate server. Yes, gearing up in *any* MMORPG takes a long time. Yes, no one forces you to play. Yes, you can do it slow and steady. But if the point of reviewing is to attract new players, how can I honestly tell them "no worry, look up this and this and this starting guide and you'll get on your feet soon!". As things are right now, unless the map is a raw zeny source, it just isn't worth it anymore. When I started my journey I relied on vending SQI materials and upgrade ingredients to get my first GEC and Kaho. That was back in 2017. Which brings me to the next point. 3. Super Quest Items: Every server has its own playstyle tradition and with Talon RO it couldn't be different. This is a server with a heavy Player-Versus-Environment or Player-Versus-Monster tradition. As such, the very shining thing about this server was the presence of Super Quest Items. Was. Again, this isn't a concern for seasoned players, for they probably already have Valhalla access and their Super Quest Item bonuses. This is a problem for everyone who is seeking to start an adventure here. Yes, of course, this is very, very high end content, it can take months for a player to get there, sure, it is very possible to enjoy this game without this very feature, as I have been enjoying myself. But. Imagine you're a new person here. Your hands are itching for combat! You farmed up for months. A broadcast pops up. "The Game Master Challenge is open!!". Well. Unless you have very generous friends that adopt you, as I had the luck to find myself in, you probably will not join this kind of event without having Super Quest Items. Now imagine telling this to a new person. "Well, you see, we have this amazing custom instances here, but you're locked out of it for some time". And there is absolutely no preview of when this will be available again. If you're lucky enough you will make friends who you can trust, give them the ingredients, and they will build the equipment for you. But thats it. Bonuses make one big difference in their efficiency, and that is locked out for new players for months now. I have both the delight and the burden of finding new members for the guilds I joined and its always a punch in the gut to see their reactions when they realize they will play in permanent disadvantage when comparing to pre-Iduna players. I also understand that every single GM working on this game also has very real life matters and work routines to take care of, and the real life urgencies should *always* come first. In the end, as much as we are passionate about all this, this is just game and I would never ask for someone to neglect any aspect of their personal lives for the sake of a videogame. With that in mind, I politely ask for a more detailed feedback. And I don't mean feedback on SQI details. I just mean the state of the art. How far away are we? As tiring as it is for you GMs to deal with these questions everyday, almost in an hourly basis, and not always in a polite manner, it is also hard for us, the playerbase, to be kept in the dark. Surprises are good of course but suspense has a limit. It has been months from Iduna. No, I'm not asking for a specific date because I know how tricky coding can be and how many surprises can happen when you try to implement things. But *any* info would help us all so much. If anyone asks, we just link the recent feedback on the matter. Everyone is happy. You don't waste time with the same constant questions, the community has feedback, everyone wins. And speaking of feedbacks, this brings me to the next and final issue. 4. The Database I can be short on this topic as my points are very similar to the ones listed in the Super Quest Item section. The feeling that we are in the dark, both the community and the GMs getting annoyed with the same things being said over, and over, and over again. For this section I want to point out the frustration on every single new player I had contact with when I tried to explain to them that the panel is missing, there is no feedback from it aside from "Soon ™" and that the solution was to purchase the bonus bundle to have reliable information on moster drops here. Yes, the Rate my Server pre-renewal database works most of the time for everything we need, but sometimes we find ourselves in the need of searching for specific information on custom drops, custom monsters, some maps have different custom monsters. Seasoned players may have some information by heart and main chat is as helpful as it can and try to be, but still. The lack of a official source of information for all these things drives away the people. Heck, I even tried to explain that with the Daily Betty your account can have permanent bonus bundle, for free, but the very idea of purchasing a service for information that should be openly available in the very first place was, at best, disheartening. At worst, it caused rage and insta-quitting. 5. Conclusion With all these points in mind, that is precisely why I can't bring myself to write a review on the server. I love this server way too much to do anything that could hinder it, but I also was raised with very strong core values of honor, integrity and the power of truth. I can't bring in a new person here and say that everything is ok, up and running when there are *core* features that this server advertises that are missing. So instead of writing a sour review, I'd rather keep silent. Again, I recognize all the hard work every single member of the GM team puts into this server, it is stable, it is a loving knit-tight community, the custom features are amazing, the costumes are lovely, Many of my personal, close friends, work with programming and databases in real life, I personally saw three of them rewriting the database for the college we were enrolled, it is not trivial at all. It's normal to take months. But as months have passed, we just want to now what percentage we are. Are we at 30%? Are we at 70%? Are we at 10%? How can I bring a player here just to see them quit? I'd rather put the recruiting on hold for the chance of a new loyal player in the future instead of getting someone now just to get them frustrated, quit, and badmouth the server and the team around. That is all. Thank you for your attention. I love you all. With all my heart, Poikka Edit: grammar is hard
  12. In my opinion using Kaahi is much better. Just don't use Kaahi level max, i think level 3 is enough for SinX. And avoiding big mobs is a way to go even with Kaahi for SinX.
  13. hi guys, I earn averagely 3.5m-4.5m per hr in Geffenia. I keep spamming MEAT instead of Kaahi. It is very tire for my finger to keep MEAT spamming. Except of using Kaahi, any better ways to avoid button spamming (btw I try not to run in to big mobs to avoid meat spamming)
  14. ☁. Keele's Commission .☁ ☁. Bodie's Commission .☁
  15. Hello. was wondering if we can have a go again? Monday, March 9, 2020 16:00 server. Thank you!!
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  17. How much is the green salad? I would like to buy bulk if the price is reasonable.
  18. Hi lydia, how much for your cyp ?
  19. This is very entertaining! Love the edits, very creative. Definitely looking forward to see more videos like these
  20. GM Alisa

    fresh begin

    It's great to have you, @Genzk! I hope you have lots of fun during your stay here!
  21. Hi and welcome @deathbringer020! Everything that you need to know about the server is on here at TalonRO's wiki. Also do not forget to join on our discord server. Starting an adventure is easier specially when you already know the basics of the game. Hope you are going to have an awesome time here. Goodluck
  22. @Hitchner, I am actually completely new to the server and not a returning player, just an RO veteran haha but thank you for your kind welcome!! I am really liking this server and hope to see you in game! 🥰
  23. Hi there, welcome to my stall Selling ranked potion; Condensed White Potion (CWP), Blue Potion, White Potion, AD Set, Glistering Coat, Condensed Yellow* Potion (CYP), Condensed Red* Potion (CRP) And i'm Selling anykind food too; Green Salad, Dex+10, Int +10, and other (order by request). Dont be shy, just PM me here or reach me on Discord; Araya#9917 Thank youuu ~
  24. Hi there, this is my shopping list everyday, Just reach me on discord: Araya#9917 or PM in here, if you have it Thanks youu ~
  25. https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/IEM_Katowice/2020 HERE WE GO
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