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  2. you could release a portuguese and spanish translation patch for players from other countries
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  4. @Rinny Rin i just saw this, I didn't know u have a forum thread, thanks again! 💖🏖😍 I am one lucky and happy customer thanks again Rinny! Hugs✨🍰
  5. Not a whole lot we can do about that. Odds are the client just handles it weirdly.
  6. Hello Everyone, GM Blackstar at your service. With Battlegrounds under construction again I started thinking, "Which games players like and hate?" So I've came up with an idea but I need everyone's help to do it. I just need everyone to cast their votes in my polls on your favorite Mode and least favorite mode in the Links provided below. https://forms.gle/d9eF9R6B6H2MJ6PY9 <-vote for your Least favorite Battlegrounds Mode. https://forms.gle/6s66m4DGxNJy9q6r6 <-vote for your Most favorite Battlegrounds Mode. Please be sure to comment in this Topic on why you picked your answers if you like. I would appreciate all the Data I can collect to make BG GREAT AGAIN (I am so sorry) just please be respectful of others thoughts on the modes as bashing players won't help me at all with data collection.
  7. Good Day GM's I have a concerned about the Robo Eye item. The Preview of the item is missing. can you fix this? Thank you. More power to TalonRO.
  8. 30th August 3.30 PM Server Time Valkyrie Brynhildr please 😍
  9. T> Your IP[1]/[TG] to my: IP[1]=+10 S.Jur [B,Sn,Dop,Mob]+20TC+4Icepick[AGI+3,Fighting6]+10m IP[TG]=+10 S.Jur [B,Sn,Dop,Mob]+20TC+4Icepick[AGI+3,Fighting6]+10m+2pcs Zerom Orleans Gloves. thanks for respect
  10. So much food here , I heard green apples taste amazing
  11. NEW NPC - Mission : Find Lyanne and collect Spices Location : Baryo Mahiwaga/ma_fild01 - Port Malaya>East
  12. 29 August slot 1 - 3:00pm server time - Valkyrie Herja
  13. 29th August slot 2 - 4:30pm server time - Valkyrie Herja.
  14. Aug 30 5pm server time geiravor
  15. Challenge rewards are now enabled across Ancient Tower, Tower of Mischief and Dark Randgris
    for all you PvM enthusiasts out there!/fsh

    Tower of Mischief Challenges:

    Loki's Adversary (clear in under 50 minutes)
    50x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon Coins

    Helmbreaker (defeat all raydrics on Wave XIII)
    75x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon Coins

    GMC Vanquisher (clear Wave XVIII in less than 10 minutes)
    100x Valkyrie Coins + 4x Talon Coins

    Ancient Tower Challenges:

    Great Gospel (clear in under 50 minutes)
    50x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon Coins

    Light-burn (Defeat the mystery MVP in one fell swoop)
    75x Valkyrie Coins + 3x Talon Coins

    Valkyrie Executioner (clear stage 30 in five minutes or less)
    125x Valkyrie Coins + 4x Talon Coins

    Dark Randgris Challenges:

    Nightmare's Champion (clear in under 40 minutes)
    50x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon Coins

    Zenith (defeat Verthandi, Pulse Sieger, Dark Dragon & Gold Dreki)
    75x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon Coins

    Lionheart (defeat Dark Randgris in under 10 minutes)
    100x Valkyrie Coins + 4x Talon Coins


  16. Changed Status to Pending
  17. We will add an icon. Out of those requests only 2) is possible tho.
  18. Hi all! This is my Lif at level 62 now! I'd love her,but I'm getting a bit worried, since her Matk hasn't increased since level 52. Calculator shows all average...
  19. Does anyone here know or anyone on the talon team know when the web databases will be back up? I really liked using those!
  20. 8/20/2019 Update: More concepts: Eyes of Illusion - Conscendo, What do the songs mean? - Marchen (Lady Mina's character)
  21. Pre-Iduna, the Bonus Bundle has a display icon alongside the skill icons. Post-Iduna, the said display icon is not present. Can we incorporate the display icon again? However, since this is a TalonRO-exclusive feature, can it have the following details: Make it a Captain TamTam-themed icon. I actually made this icon (just in case you want it. for free ofc). or Upon cursor pointing, it displays the expiry details. Double clicking (or Right clicking) it will display all the built-in features, i.e. commands. Maybe adding the Infinite Fly Wing?
  22. Ghaspar

    Infinite Fly Wing

    not to mention also making Creamy Card more redundant than it already is.
  23. PvM-Tower of Mischief 08-19-19 (Crimson Guild)
  24. PvM - Tower of Mischief 08-19-19
    (Crimson Guild)


  25. GM Phoenix

    Infinite Fly Wing

    Changed Status to Declined
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