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  5. IGN: Ghaspar Word Count: 200 Entry No. 2 The Ceiling
  6. Payon Manja Mystic Tower 25/09 - Link Inside! 


  7. Grats :D! good job nini and everyone
  8. Hi @IceDryst Thank you for brining this to our attention, I have sent you a PM in regards to above.
  9. Hi!! thank GM team for the fun event! I have one question about the reward, I have received 2 mails in game with the following rewards: In case the picture doesn't load: I'm under the impression that the reward should be I think I got [1 extra September Monthly Box] instead of the [15TC + 1x Gift of Panagia Costume + 1x High Orc baby pet] for some reason
  10. Heeeyyy!! Thanks GM team! Congrats to all the winners super well-deserved ❤️
  11. On behalf of the GM team and myself, we would like to say thank you to everyone who submitted their entries into this contest! Participates should be very proud of themselves for creating excellent artwork. If we could crown you all winners, then we would, but unfortunately, there can only be a handful. 🌟 Your design will be used in game. 🌟 15TC 🌟 Gift of Panagia Costume - #21322 🌟 High Orc baby pet - Loyal Bonus when summoned - Receive 15% less damage from Small size monster. ---- Orc Zombie - @IceDryst Orc Archer - @IceDryst Orc Lord - @niniane 🌙 10TC 🌙 September Monthly box ---- Orc Zombie - @carlaapostol Orc Archer - @Tokun Orc Lord - @IceDryst ☀️ September monthly box ---- Orc Zombie - @niniane Orc Archer - @carlaapostol Orc Lord - @Tokun ☀️ 5TC ---- Orc Zombie - @AG. Orc Archer - @Kumacy Orc Lord - @carlaapostol
  12. Sat, Sept 26th, 2:30am please, thanks!
  13. IGN: DeliciousGreenApple Entry 1 The Monastery Entry 2 Celine Kimi Entry 3 Delectable Fruit
  14. IGN: Ghaspar Word Count: 200 Entry No. 1 The Bloody Murderer
  15. Entry#1: The Horror of the Wilds Every day, people get lost in the wilds. In the wilds, your screams can't be heard.
  16. Hmmmmmm~ im excited for blackjack event

  17. IGN: SerVitor Title: A Voice in the Knight
  18. IGN: Maybelline Title: "The Wait Is Over" Gasping for breath, sweat running into his eyes, the young knight pressed himself against the side of a large tree in the darkness. He prayed that he was safely hidden after racing through the forest. He couldn’t run anymore. He needed to catch his breath. His heart pounding uncontrollably felt as though it might explode through his chest. In his irrational state of mind he thought in pure terror that his heart was surely so loud that it would give him away. No, please no, he thought. Hands trembling, he fumbled for his sword. It wasn’t there. His blood ran cold as an icy pair of slender hands touched his face. Her long black hair tickled his skin as she whispered, “I’ve been waiting for you, my love.” The scent of decay filling his nostrils. Fleeting moonlight slipped through the treetops giving him a glimpse of his company. He looked in horror at the pale, dead face staring at him with cloudy white eyes. Her tattered purple gown hung limply on her paper-white body. She was certainly not alive. Given the intricate designs on her robe, she might’ve once been very wealthy. “Darling”, the corpse rasped softly, “it’s me. Sohee.”
  19. Where are my coven peeps at?! Long live the Coven!
  20. IGN: Lynx Anjali Entry #1: Audun Entry #2: Abandoned
  21. Video rendering takes forever...

  22. IGN: Ignis Hammerfall Entry #1: The sound of branches breaking
  23. IGN: Zeiniru Manara Entry #2: The Portal Entry #1: Forgotten Player
  24. Halloween is coming and the autumn season of gradual cooling from summer to winter is the best time to build a campfire and to tell some horror stories. It can be a personal experience, an untold story, or even a horror tale conjured by your mind; pen them out and share your nightmares. May the scariest of the scariest chills our spines. As the title of the contest goes, there are a few contest rules to follow: The stories shall be horror-themed. The more horrifying it is, the more points will be awarded. The number of words shall be 200 or less, not more. Keep your campfire stories short and concise; we do not need a novel. Your story must be written in English. Your story must be original. Your story must be related to Ragnarok Online. It can also relate to any of TalonRO's customs. Include your IGN alongside your submission in a reply to this thread. Story titles are not compulsory. You may keep your story in a spoiler; for example: You may edit your story after posting it if you wish to fine-tune it. However, any edits made after the end of the contest will disqualify your entry. You may submit multiple stories but you can only win once. The GM team will be the judges for all of the submitted stories. The GM team reserves the right to pick fewer winners if there are five (5) or less entries at the end of the contest. The winning entries will be added in game as readable collection in Melodia Academy's library during the Halloween event. In addition, here are the prizes to be won for top three (3) entries: First place: Two GM boxes of your choice. 5 Trick-or-Treat Bags. 1 Pumpkinring pet. Second place: A GM box of your choice. 5 Trick-or-Treat Bags. 1 Pumpkinring pet. Third place: 5 Trick-or-Treat Bags. 1 Pumpkinring pet. The event concludes at midnight server time, October 15, 2020 - at the moment of the darkest night accompanied by the stillest air.
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