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  2. No I am charging people to help install/set them up. Is that not fair for my time/effort? You charge people for your time when you give service. Am I not allowed to do the same? I am also making custom GRF edits, but obviously you just saw the part where I was offering job 2 sprite changes. Its okay. =)
  3. Eh, let the guy donate, it helps to keep a great server around for a longer time Kaho 50 TC = USD 50 2 Celebs 70 TC = USD 70 GEC card 12 TC = USD 12 at least USD 132 can help you get a better start just make sure you get some basic knowledge to go with it first, so that you end up shooting kasa with fire arrow
  4. I just went on hiatus after earning 2000+ voting points last year, then went back early this year to claim 2,200+ points. It seems you are hacked.
  5. Point do never reset and a drop from 1600 to 175 would not make any sense. After all you cannot get that many points on one day. On top of that there is a limit of 1000 points before you have to claim them, if you really had 1600 then you wouldn't have made it to the voting links even.
  6. Where are you lel come Dewata
  7. Hey fellow old people haha ! thanks for the offer I'm glad to see the people here being so nice haha
  8. Welcome to TRO!
  9. Today
  10. hehehe yep really enjoying it so far <3 but are you still watching some anime?? Thanks GM! your events are so fun also the updates are pretty amazing so far but i hope you guys have a plan to make people participate in WoE :| anyways best server for me! thank you for your hard work! thank you! mee too! hehe i am!....i think... hahahaha thank you! hoping to be friends with you guys!
  11. I played '06 too PM me anytime on here if you wanna chat. Welcome to TalonRO!
  12. Welcome you seem lovely
  13. i played TalonRO years back...stopped, then came back... when i went to vote , i noticed i had 1.6k points...so then i voted, refreshed the page...got 175 points... it seems my vote points got reset. does going on hiatus for a long time reset the points? im curious. thanks
  14. I notice nobody is selling Hill Wind cards so I have no idea about the price. Please let me know. Thanks!
  15. im gonna dropped by here... nightskies heree~~ hi everyone!
  16. calc does show it - try burning bow with any arrow (stone for example) - add fire endow - see the dmg -> now change arrow to fire and erase the endow - it will show 125% of the dmg.. I used geo as target.. side note - it will also work if you endow the bow afterwards: burning bow + fire arrow + water endow = 125% water element dmg
  17. autoattack is not bad - it is just a bit slower on lower lvls - on the other hand, if you enjoy it, you dont need to go too fast.. now, something general about how to find out suitable target for you - you mentioned agi, undershirt and pantie - so it looks like you are using flee to survive.. go to monster database https://panel.talonro.com/mobdb/ - click on advanced and put your current flee into the box that reads "FLEE req. for 95% Dodge:" - you can narrow the search if you use other options as well - when you are done, select: order by exp, descending it will show you all the monsters who you should be able to dodge.. this helps a lot on lower lvls..
  18. Active Guild With So Much Fun Goes To The Top...
  19. Same: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=6437 Can't be sold, storaged or dropped.
  20. Don't donate... easy farming here. Else: Kaho, GEC & IP, 2 celebs
  21. Calibre is a small group of friends that camp end-game MvPs: valkyrie randgris, wounded morroc, ifrit, bio3 mvp and sometimes beelzebub. Occasionally we also ET or GMC if we have enough interested people but our primary focus is on MvPing. Save point: Moscovia We are currently open for recruitment and are seeking members who are: Active Open minded and have a willingness to learn Can take some criticism in order to improve their gameplay Both veterans and those who are new to the MvP scene are welcome if this description sounds like you. Classes we need at the moment: HP, HW, def pally, sniper. Being able to play other classes is a plus! Click HERE to apply.
  22. I see what you did there Jhay. A completely unrelated GIF.
  23. When you are poor, you try to stay alive by spamming meat, and hope that whatever you are killing does not kill you first, you can add a little survivability by buying some NPC gears, for swordman class it is located at izlude 11 o clock from fountain, helm(0) comes to mind The pantie+undershirt certainly helps if you are boosting agi, you can go ahead and use that instead of full plate+muffler, just be careful and be smart when you fight About isis, according to calc, you can 3 hit BB it (on average), certainly something to keep in mind too, in case you are bored of auto attacking
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