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  4. Letitia X

    Re: Voting links.

    Tried Firefox. Still not loading. Does the site xtremetop100 loads for everybody else ?
  5. Goyu

    Goyu SB Champ guide for ET and GMC

    Updates GMC Shiris - Shiris breaks headgear - Shiris has skill spiral pierce and ganba, it is now added to his skill - added a video how to position shiris properly along the long wall
  6. cobijin

    Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    We left the post as it is cuz Seiren told us, it is currently and virtually imposibiruuuuu, it has to be "re-make"
  7. agilazo

    Same Bank/Storage for all your accounts

    ahahaha , guess yeah you can do that too
  8. Jailbroken

    Baby Leopard - Pet Intimacy

    Higher level of pet needs to feed more times compare to low level ones. Neutral intimacy aswell has more feeding times compare to all intimacy level. Just keep going. Goodluck
  9. MawanMeabeab

    Baby Leopard - Pet Intimacy

    Its normal, wait till you want to evolve it into jaguar 😅
  10. elerntyse

    Baby Leopard - Pet Intimacy

    It took me forever to feed it, I have no idea how looong years it was, yet the Intimacy still stays Neutral. I always fed it when its hunger is in Neutral. Is there any other ways? or is something wrong with feeding method?
  11. NewGuyinTown

    Confusion about archer and bard card sets

    i try on talonro pvm calculator and it shows it needs the nepenthes card and doesnt nd alligator card. can any gm confirm this?
  12. Inverxion

    Hello World !!!

    Yep, I would advise doing Manuela’s quest ( talking to npcs ) to get your novice gear, leveling until level 26 and then completing eden quests for free gear. Ask around if you need help finding where or how to start Eden quests. There is also a guide on the forums. ign: Sekyria
  13. zzsosiris

    Buy > Protection Feathers Costume

    Buy Protection Feathers Costume. Fast Cash 35m. Easy Deal.
  14. ABG TUA


    thats very very low offer , nope thanks
  15. Crimson vs GM Shiris


  16. TalonRO : Crimson Guild vs GM Shiris
  17. Yesterday
  18. Cherrios

    Event | TamTam's Exchange

    Hello there, I would like to claim two tier 3 boxes. IGN: Chersure
  19. ViroHeresy

    Same Bank/Storage for all your accounts

    I just created a guild and added all my alts to it with guild access. Sure the timeout sucks but overall its been great for gear swapping. Not idea, would totally love a communal storage but just something to think about.
  20. Herofly

    How to fix the white screen problem!

    I've been having trouble with issues as well. I've tried the C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe shortcut and so far it doesn't seem to be working. I do have sonic studio 2 on my PC but it didn't work after terminating it from the background. I'm hoping a GM may be able to help guide me to one of two other things I havn't tried. Thank You
  21. Goyu

    Crit Happens is aliveded o/

  22. Takhui

    Dragon Vest [1] ASPD+3%

    Dragon Vest [1] ASPD+3%
  23. heresnatan

    PvP Clown (burst damage)

    what about a def+ set with garm pussycat bell+ valk shield?
  24. Sleepy o/

    Crit Happens is aliveded o/

    RESURRECTING BUMP 1st interview since coming back 2nd interview!
  25. Lustre

    Crit Happens is aliveded o/

  26. Noku

    Donation via Paypal

    That's unfortunate. What kind of idiot makes a donation and charges it back. F*ck those people. Thanks for the reply. I will find a way to make a donation.
  27. rolderick

    Road to Megs! B> Ingredients

    hey, i got tarou card. pm Harter~ ingame
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