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  3. IGN: MadVee~ /97/ AssassinX 1. Spica Challenge - Summer Splash! - Take your screenshot near a beachy beach! Original: Thank you!~
  4. IGN: Haha Patay / 99 / Stalker 1. A DAy Out Spica Challenge - Summer Splash! - Take your screenshot near a beachy beach! Original: 2. Squad Goals Original
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  6. IGN: SuperWhite0 Challenges Include 1. Spica Challenge - Summer Splash! - Take your screenshot near a beachy beach! 2. Soleil Challenge - Pet Friendly! - Include a pet in your shot!
  7. Heyo Talonians! Do you enjoy stickers? Ever tried making stickers? Discord has been such a great means to stay in touch on the server, and now with the most recent update we can finally add stickers to convey our feelings even better, hurray! That also means that you are now able to contribute to TalonRO's Discord stickers collection - and get rewarded for it! Will you do it? Come on, let's go! We've set a deadline for August 10th 2021 22:00 server time. 💜 This Contest requires you to use a digital drawing/editing software such as Photoshop/Photopea or other. 💜 Your
  8. My girl's bday is nigh. So, I thought of giving her a Charcoal Portrait. Hope she'll like it. This is a 7-hour drawing on an A3 size Canson Sketch Pad.

    I lack practice. Lolz


    1. GM Alisa

      GM Alisa

      Wow, the effort! This is really amazing. I'm sure she'll love it. /no1

    2. Ghaspar


      Thanks, Alisa 😊. At one time I thought of doing traditional portrait art here in the forums. However, I doubt that this would be possible. 😅

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    2. Ding




    3. Janice Samantha

      Janice Samantha

      got the same status, whats going on?

    4. Ding


      Some  Hicup I think :D  - will be soon over - I hope. Possibly due to the the Summer event.


  11. Summer this year is bigger than ever! First is the return of a highly anticipated event: the Amazing Summer Race. This special event is a popular offering, and we know that some of you wait the entire year for this one! Join Talonians everywhere in a race across Midgard to search for clues, solve puzzles, and earn fantastic prizes! In addition to the Summer Race and its many updates, also be sure to enjoy Cocktail Making, TamTam's Treasure Hunt, the Evil Octopus Instance and much more! For full details, you can visit the special Event Topic on the Official Events forum where you can read
  12. This year, the Amazing Summer Race is starting a little earlier than normal and it's our biggest release yet! With heavily remade Summertime Boxes, the introduction of Bonus Rounds and more, this year will be the greatest one to date! The Treasure Hunting and Cocktail Making return as well, with some fun new additions. And let's not forget about the Evil Octopus Instance. This year's event is jam-packed full of new rewards and challenges. See below for more details! Your journey begins by speaking with one of the World Quest Center staff members in Port Malaya to begin the journey of the
  13. I was thinking of sitting this one out, but it would be a disgrace to not compete again if you are the outgoing winner. IGN: Satomi Yamamoto / 99 / HW Entry 1: A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM: THE MUSICAL GM Blackstar Challenge: Take your screenshot on a type of stage or make your own *needs a form of lighting and a platform* Original Screenie below! Entry 2: HOT GUHRL SUMMER~ GM Gowther Challenge: Display a character that seem completely off the set, and 1 other players or NPC ready for a beach day. Origina
  14. spilulu.jpg.0a4e481e310a4458801c95208373a2f0.jpg

    The Summer Art Contest prizes have now been mailed by @GM Luna and me!

    Thank you for joining with your wonderful illustrations, Talonians! /lv

    1. Windseeker


      Got mine! Thank you very muchly.

  15. We say goodbye to spring and welcome summer with this event, so dust off those costumes, put on those fancy shoes and get ready to pose! Last year winner @Satomi Yamamoto currently holds the Fashion Crown! ☀️☀️☀️ ☀️ Entries must be Summer themed. ☀️ Entries can be a group shot but everyone in the screenshot must be dressed up. ☀️ Multiple entries are allowed, but you will only win once, please edit your original post. ☀️Entries MUST be placed into a Polaroid Frame which we have provided in the spoiler/link below or your own frame that MUST include "Talo
  16. That concludes it for the Summer Art Contest! Thank you for joining, everyone who did! We will be reviewing your entries.
  17. IGN: Memorizing How Dragon spend their summer in cave
  18. IGN: petb Pope island vacation Bigger version:
  19. IGN: Yunja Entry1: Summer Flower Love Entry 2: King of my castle
  20. 3pm on July 16, please ^^ 3pm on July 16, please ^^
  21. IGN: Devoted Cinnamon "Blossom Atelier"
  22. IGN: Aeraser Come get wet. Beat the heat with BoBo' Boba. So good you won't talk for at least 24 hours.
  23. IGN : Koi Jutsu "Galapago is mesmerized by the sunset"
  24. Behold, My skills with a tablet. EDIT: 2nd entry! IGN: Windseeker
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