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  2. We are currently working on the SQI revamp. If we were to introduce such tickets then you'd simply waste your money.
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  4. Welcome aboard! RO is indeed a nostalgic game for many of us who played so many years ago. Glad to know you're happy and motivated. All the best in your cooking journey!
  5. Welcome to TalonRO! All the best in your explorations and do ask us anything if you need help.
  6. As a new player who joined after Idura patch, I do not able access to Valhalla, while I was able to get buy the SQI items, I'm not able to upgrade the weapon like all the old players. While the seal quest is down atm, Can the server introduce time wrap item to Valhalla, which can be brought with TC/BC/EB.
  7. Hi Popo! I'd like to take a regular chibi slot please!
  8. Oh gosh i never got notified of this! Adding you now! Thank you All slots are currently taken! Thank you guys so much! I will work hard to push these out so I can free up more slots! Thank you for your time!
  9. Oh excellent, an aspiring chef! It is great to meet you Niji! There's always something new to learn in game- isn't that exciting? I hope you are successful in your quest to become a Chef in game. I look forward to being a taste-tester for you.
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  11. Hey there, thanks for considering TalonRO! It is absolutely possible to do the traditional job change quests! I hope you and your friends come join us on Talon. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  12. Hi, and welcome to TalonRO There are 2 ways of changing job here: The quick and lazy way: there's a job change NPC at the building where you start as a Novice. He can change your job right away if you meet the level requirements The brave way: doing the normal job change quest. If you go that way, you'll earn Bronze Coins as a bonus. Those Bronze Coins can be used at the Rental NPC next to Prontera fountain to rent powerful gear! This can be useful for you, especially if you're new without any good equipment!
  13. Hello everyone, popping in to give some updates~ apologies for the wall of text sfjksgskj First: Accepting slots for regular (full colored + flats) comms! This time these will not be FCFS; due to several reasons I'd like to pick what to work on for now, but you're welcome to provide multiple options to choose from! If you'd like to pay with something else other than zeny, feel free to let me know as well since at the moment I am more likely to draw in exchange for items I might be interested in (they don't have to be from the wishlist, but it does increase my chances of accepting lol) Please include your refs and what kind of comm you'd like when you message! Will leave this open for a few days before I decide. Thanks for your understanding! ;v; And second! I've been meaning to try out something different and more relaxing?? a while now so~ These will be pay what you want sketches! I realize I'm always at a loss over proper?? pricing so I'm trying this approach to not stress over numbers much ;v; and maybe to get an idea of what it's worth too?? Just a few guidelines for this! - No WIPs since these are meant to be simpler and more casual - Single chara only, will be in B/W by default. Include a theme color if you'd like! - Regular comms and other art obligations will be prioritized over this if have a queue; I will work on these in between those and in my free time - This is PWYW but please note the minimum fee of 3m zeny, since I still do want to make even a little bit off this aha ;v; They'll more or less look like the ones below! Will take 3 slots for for this type for now, FCFS. If anything else is unclear just ask~ Thanks again!
  14. okay i will check it out then, thx for feedback
  15. Hi, I have the same problem... ??? :-) Thanks
  16. You can do the normal job quests here, or at least you could when I did 'em.
  17. My most favorite thing about Iduna is being able to do this whenever I screenie DId you enjoy the sound track of the ball today?
  18. Requesting permission to trade for Tier 3 crate. Thanks! IGN: Hanami Schyntilia Discord: Kuraido#1739
  19. Hi Mercer, Specifically which floor of Abbey is more efficient for ME HP farming?
  20. hi new here, considering joining this server with a couple of friends, while we aint exactly interested in super vanilla official servers we are interested in keeping it relatively vanilla and i wanted to ask if its possible to do the actual normal job quest for any/all the classes on this server? we did tried out some other servers in the past where some job quests - for some reasons didnt worked (priest worked, but crusader for example didnt for what ever reason...) so before setting everything up with the group, i thought i ask prior if this and any such similar stuff is possible here? thx in advance
  21. Currently in the slums of Lighthalzen /wah


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