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  3. Really, really late, but WELCOME TO THE ART CORNER! Loving your style, definitely like the piece you did for Nefertina!
  4. Welcome to the art corner you guys!! Such adorable chibs!
  5. Seems like a lot of work to multi-client and log out login to kill mobs, not to mention doing doing juperos entrance quest each time. I rather just mob an entire floor of geffenia with my WS.
  6. thx for clarification ^^
  7. Spring Equinox is currently recruiting for paladins, biochemists, soul linkers and soul linkers.
  8. nope.. you will have the bonus.. it is character bound - changing job from hunter to sniper does not delete the char, so I am pretty sure that you will keep the bonuses..
  9. kaa =/= solo if only it was this easy.. At least I have a target to work on these dungs were not ment to be soloed, so it is OK that it is challenging
  10. Wow almost 1 day since last reply
  11. anyone is welcome! please sign up here https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/64/ and dont forget to check kafra for invitation
  12. slot of couple colored chibi too pls :3c
  13. currently im hunter. so u mean i need wait until become sniper only upgrade SQI bonus?
  14. sold.
  15. Selling a lion egg, I'll take any reasonable offer. PM me.
  16. Hello. I'd like a slot to avail a colored chibi, please. ^Same inquiry as above. Any reference sheets or forms needed to fill up?
  17. Up!
  18. @AryaArya and me getting slot for full color half body. Do you have a list or reference sheet that we need to fill out?
  19. 1st!!!!! :3 Welcome to Art Corner!!!! :3 <3
  20. = FOR SALE = Blue Unicorn Egg Tikbalang Egg 2pcs Robo Eye Gentleman's pipe Dragon Helm Silver Fantastic Wig Costume Hydra Card 1pc IGN: Light Cauchemar
  21. Hey, I'm interested in joining...I'm a new player though
  22. Hi! We are open for commissions! Since we are just starting ing and we're new here (in forum) it'll just be cheap. We can do traditional (sketches and linearts, you can have someone else color it XD) and digital. Pencil Sketches - 3M / 3TC Inked Linearts half body - 7M / 7TC Chibi - 5M / 5TC Colored Chibi - 7M / 7TC Full Color half body - 10M / 10TC Here are some of the artworks we've done since 2009 up to 2017. I hope you like them. Just message us or send me a mail, IGN: Niniane. XD
  23. Thanks, you too
  24. Welcome! I'm brand new here too. I use to play a few high rates back in the day, so coming back to low rates is a pretty cool challenge. Good luck out there!
  25. I'm new to the server! I played RO for year and years back from Beta of the original release. (I still miss Morroc to this day...) I played up until about 3-4 years ago and had to stop to attend Animation college. Now that I am done, I'm looking to get back into RO again. I'm trying to overcome my shy nature and make some friends and guildmates to play with. I'm excited to see all the new things this server holds. What are your guys favorite customs on here?
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