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  3. pongasaur16

    190aspd with low agi

    Yeah it is not a good investment 😁 I just want to try "out of the ordinary builds" though to see if it is crazy enough to actually work. I even thought of using phreeoni cards and low dex and just rely on the bird damage, of course around 186-190 aspd... One question though...how come i can't hitlock echios? Do they have endure? Ive checked on rms and it didnt say they have endure skill.
  4. K e n

    Selling High End Costume

    Selling : white vicious aura costume red vicious aura costume can mail me your reasonable offer thanks
  5. exoxiaolu000

    S > Bow thimble [ifrit] 28.5m

    S > Bow thimble [ifrit] 28.5m leave ign if deal
  6. > +7 meteor plate(mdef+4) (succubus card) > +7 Diablos Boots (Green ferus card) > +7 Cross Shield (thara frog card) > +7 Feather Beret > +4 Diablos Boots (matyr card) > +7 Bradium Shield (thara frog card) > +4 Valkyrja's armor (marc card) > +4 Valkyrja's shield (thara frog card) > +4 Diablos manteau (Raydric card) > +4 Deviruchi Headphone (stalactic golem card) > Red Glasses (int+1) (margaretha solin card) > Red Glasses (int+1) (Stalactic golem card) > Elven ears (agi+1) (Gibbet card) > Orleans Glove (zerom) > Vesper core 4 Thank you
  7. PrideFries

    BG Accessory for Novice/Super Novice

    just noticed on calc that we can equip Glorious Ring now....
  8. Eitr721

    Desert Dojo ~ [Social & PvM]

    Another day, another Dojo Jupe. Come join us in Malangdo for the next one!
  9. Mei Magnolia

    Seals Service From Aldebaran Est.2016 [OPEN]

    Finished a full speed Full Seals Run for @miataxaya 😎 the runs was 59mins (22.11- 23.10) in total as shown on screenies below Thanks for buying from us
  10. PrideFries

    Where to from here?

    You just need to know what is ur "main" character. Thats the safest answer we can give u. Even if u have all the items since u can share it to other chars, geared another character up, but if ur not happy playing it, u wont get anywhere. Seems like thats just ur problem now, not farming. Get to know which one u like playing the most and having fun with it. Then PvM, MVP and such will just be easy for ya.
  11. Kap Ben

    Rental Costume?

    Hello, i was wondering if you guys are going to add more rental costume in the future? since i got alot of Bronze Coins from doing Eden quest
  12. Yesterday
  13. Tainaka Ritsu

    Dark Illusion + Dark Lord card combo?

    thread necro but the answer is no item combo effects only work once, unless stated
  14. Bear~

    Unrestricted 3v3 Tournament

    Bump for free zeny
  15. jhyzone

    Where to from here?

    Hey folks, I wanted to ask about which character would be best for farming for end-game gears? Following @Brea's guide I now have a level 95 Knight equip ( LKH, Stone Buckler [Penomena], Odin's Blessing [Sky Deleter], +4 Ice Pick, Manteau [Magmaring], that I use to farm GN with (inclusing the supporting characters - Blacksmith, Priest and Sage to fire Endow). I also have a 99/70 HP that farms in Niffleheim 1 using ME sometimes. I also have a Sniper with +7 Elven Bow [TG] level 96 and HW Level 86. I do not mind trying out different characters if you think that would be better. I have the following Equips that I share with all my characters: LKH, Sunglasses [Mistress], Odin's Blessing [Bathory], +4 Muffler [Deviling], Muffler [Stem Worm Card], Divine Cross/Spiritual Ring, +10 Rod [Drops x4], Tidal Shoes [Eddga], Tidal Shoes [Gargoyle], Sandals [GEC], Rosary [Sting], Glove [Sting] and Belt [Creamy]. I currently have about 1931 GN to be broken and about 2.5m zeny and 3 TC. I am stuck as to where to go from here. I feel like I am just grinding/farming without an end goal and I keep changing my mind about which character to focus gearing up for. I want to be able to join High end PvM, MVP, ET, GMC, etc in the near future. Just need some guidance and direction as to which character I should focus my energy in. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you.
  16. Bear~

    Unrestricted Champion Tournament

    We have 4-5 players atm. I want more.
  17. Mines

    TamTam MobID's for Homunculus

    Also added 3556-3559 to 3560-3568 in the AI and set to Avoid. Champions are still getting attacked :\
  18. siinix

    how to make redglasses?

    Have you seen this guide? https://wiki.talonro.com/Slotted_Mid_Headgears
  19. DoucheEnrique

    What Are You Listening To?

    Bleep Bloop
  20. A Random Person

    Duo WERPA Leech

    Thank you Aetherix! ❤️ Lovely client especially with that "the fuck this exp" lmao. (Trans, 76-80) less than 30 mins Wishing you all the best and hope you had a good time leeching with us. We love you too. One of our favorite clients NymphoLover! ❤️ Thank you for having a second time around with us. See you more in-game! (Trans, 42-80) in 1 hr
  21. R. Flavin

    Newbie questions re: HP

  22. Mines

    Thief Class Rental Dagger

    Any consideration on this?
  23. tass

    Duo WERPA Leech

    Second time around with these guys, super pros and super nice, I fully recommend it 10/10.
  24. We have rest bonus exp system here. It will increase your base exp 2x (not job exp) until its bonus is gone. It's fully charged when you make new character, you can refill it slowly by going offline. Hence, you always have base level higher than job level on new character. Monsters level scales up the difficulty higher than players since we need to build up our equipment as well. By the way, I usually put around 10-20 int total for beginner melee class, and in multiple of 6, for sp regeneration bonus. Scratch that, you should just spam skills and abuse our doctor to refill sp. On low level, it's better than spamming grape juice. And yes, melee had unfair treatment based on game design, I remembered how gravity kept updating their game on favor of huge damage boost (while less risk) on archer/hunter/sniper/ranger classes. But once you build up equipment, stat and skill build knowledge (with extra effort compared to ranged), you should be fine on doing whatever you want with melee.
  25. Mines

    [BG] Weapon for Spiral Pierce

    A Rental Poleaxe doesn't have a huge demi modifier though, which would be the main problem if a spiral-specific BG weapon was implemented. On official, Spiral was used in PVP but not so much in WoE because only low HP classes/gearless characters died from it. BB was still more DPS.
  26. Tainaka Ritsu

    The Starlight Soiree | You’re Invited

    no starlight soiree is complete without this
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