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  2. OptimusProm

    Decided to come back

    Hi fellow players I used to play on the Lightside legend server a long time ago and was wondering is there any players here from those days
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  4. Yumiko Yukio

    Yumiko Yukio Marketplace

  5. Neko'Geki

    HI I'M NEW(and need some advise ^w^)

    Welcome @Hira I would always recommend taking the time to read up on our wiki https://wiki.talonro.com/Main_Page for some useful tips and for general understanding of RO as for classes and builds for newbies i think Priest would be your go to since imo its pretty simple and self explanatory to be a support in almost all MMORPG but that's entirely up to you. you can play whatever class you want and there are lots of guild that are more than happy to welcome you into there ranks happy adventuring -neko
  6. Coxwain

    S>>> IP DEX+5

  7. Hi, My name is Hiram I'm from mexico, this is my first time playing Ragnarok, but I see a lot of things on the game like build and classes, so It would be nice if someone can recommend me a class for a noob like me lol and maybe a build? also if i can play with others like a guild or something like that it would me pretty awesome too! PD. sry for my english. PD2. thanks for aid me!
  8. ValheruWolf

    Fast item dumping into Storage?

    we also have a store all command in the kafra menu, which i believe is enabled from the bonus bundle? adds a zeny fee true, but means depositing is fast, just takes longer to pull things back out. But if you only need 3 things, can dump a large inventory in quickly and then pull the 3 things you need back out and continue playing.
  9. ValheruWolf

    New Cards (Laboratory 4)

    I feel like we should go to server discussion, find some niche skills that don't find much use or any real use and start theory crafting some fun stuff that could make them viable, even if expensive. (some limitation could be added for power like requiring over refined gear to get the bonuses that would result is a zeny/refine-material/gear sink which would also help the server. Actually thinking about that for limits on bonus I support the over-refining method, true it limits it to richer players, but zeny, gear and refine material needed to craft them due to breakages if a very nice side effect of making good cards with that kind of limit.
  10. NattWara


    This may help you : calc.talonro.com btw, The sign, that you get from geffenia quest give 5% atk. Shield for geffenia should be Khalitzberg. But if you want universal then hodre is good. And try ice pick as weapon in calc. Succu/Incunus have high def. Also get a hell lot more dex. For stealing and faster cast BB. flee, having some is good but normally you get mobbed by bunch of monster. Survive with SL’s kaahi Tele clip, try swapping. Or get infinite flywing from Eden.
  11. RagnarONE

    Comment About The Person Above You

    RagnarONE Best Vanilla Champion
  12. GM Boreas

    Fast item dumping into Storage?

    Changed Status to Declined
  13. GM Boreas

    Fast item dumping into Storage?

    Our client is closed source, we cannot change that.
  14. Kulon

    New Cards (Laboratory 4)

    and again, as Carnaval said, a lot of text containing only criticism, but not containing suggestions)
  15. Sevak

    Fast item dumping into Storage?

    It would be nice to enable the alt + double klick for items into the storage or guild storage. We can already use it to sell items faster to an npc so why not into our own storage?
  16. Zyro

    Another strange new guy

    Strange because I like roleplay~ 😄
  17. Neko'Geki

    Pls helppp

    @ShinyStars if you are asking for stats and not gears?? since your level 99.. it depends if you have Valk helm or not if you do have Valk helm you go 98 dex 93 agi and 43 remaining i personally want to put it on luk for more damage this build with no vit is just enough to reach atleast 12k hp since you get 20 vit from valk helm if your using kaho i sudgest puting the some points in vit to reach 10k+ hp other wise the build is the same 93agi 98dex hope this helps good luck with them earrings ^_^ -neko
  18. Yumiko Yukio

    Yumiko Yukio Marketplace

    Selling both of these EVENT PETS Message me at Yumiko Yukio or just leave your offer here
  19. khrei

    Mailbox PRO Seal Services [OPEN] NEW THREAD

    Thanks Karkwa for buying our Seal Service!
  20. Conkor


    It's worth the combo of horn of buffalo and thorn shield? I was looking for going with a hodremlin card, this is my equip actually...any help?
  21. TrueNorth

    TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide

    This is the best sniper guide on this site, especially for those of us who are new to the class. You should put it up on the TalonRO wikipedia page.
  22. NattWara

    Pls helppp

    Also for ASPD, It's for long term investment. for end-game content. like trying to 100% auto-crit Shiris. or those with tons of flee/def and also need lots of crit. Also depend if you're breaking another multiple of 10 dex or not. But since he's after SS frus so --> https://calc.talonro.com/ try it out. If 3 less dex won't make you fall below your current multiple of 10 then it's ok to bow thimble. Like this : https://calc.talonro.com/?caybLbiakbDabbLabaOakabwnefnfnfnaae5aaaaaaaaakYeDwjeDy0lhhPfbgEfhgZfLh6fLfaaajaajkkkaaakkaaeyfaaahcaaaaHaaaabataxataa You can change the bris ifrit to bow thimble ifrit. But in case you're using celeb + bris ifrit instead of bris sting + bris ifrit then with with build then when you replace bris with bow thimble, your damage is not as good. Or you can use food & pet to compensate, if you can use food/pet and get that 2 more dex to hit another multiple of 10 then it's fine to bow thimble. Ps. I would go for valk gryph, and kaho. valk bk give less damage than kaho, and less crit than valk gryph you're gonna be meh at both (crit & damage), great at none.
  23. NattWara

    Signing in

    And your credit card
  24. MoonSun&Stars

    Is it possible to one-shoot at DG without Gloom card

    Best to IC. any slower angel will cast slow cast or curse on u.
  25. Values

    New Cards (Laboratory 4)

    You know, I really didn't want to have to respond to this again, but since you just called me out I'll go ahead and give it one last go. Name one. Just one "new way to play." Everything I wrote was constructive. Constructive doesn't mean brainlessly agreeing. Constructive means giving out logical reasons. If I said "These suck," with no explanation, you'd be right. But I gave explicit reasons why every single card isn't good and wouldn't be used. What YOU said wasn't constructive. All you said was "These create new ways to play!" Yeah? List them! If there are "SO MANY" new ways to play, I'd love to hear about them! Give us the same level of detail that I gave you. Can't wait to see your 99 DEX Alchemist build that autocasts level 1 Acid Terrors at a 1% chance. You know AT scales off of ATK, right? So you'll need to stack STR. And if you're playing an autocast spec, you obviously need to stack AGI for really high ASPD. You know that, right? Oooh, that card also adds that sweet Potion Pitcher regen! So we'd better pump up our VIT in order to get more benefit from it. That's only, like, 4-5 different stats we need, right? We can totally do that! Good thing we have 99 base DEX for this awesome build! How about that sweet Paladin card, bro? Autocasting a level 3 grand cross... whew, massive damage! I mean, 1% chance at a level 3... Huh, so that means if we have monsters hitting us 10 times per second, we can expect it one free level 3 GC every 10 seconds. A level 3. Not even a level 10, but a level 3. That's fantastic! And to get that sweet 8% more max HP, we only need to stat 99 VIT. This is way better than, say, a Hodremlin Card which only offers 15% mitigation with no stat requirement. Hodremlin cards are impossible to get, anyway! They cost, what, a whopping ~9 million or so? Whew. Only the super rich can afford that! Get real. The very best card offered here is the +6% MATK to Sage garment. And it doesn't offer a "new" way to play. It just makes Sages marginally LESS BAD than they already are. And it isn't even better than a Leak Card, so it isn't even a buff to Sages.. Just gives them a relatively cheap option. Even the Garment card for Champions, the +20 ATK that people were complaining "might be too powerful" -- is totally outclassed by an MVPing Champion that uses cards like Magmaring/Roween (when they apply). And it's actually just straight-up worse than a Giant Whisper card. And 80 STR is absolutely a breakpoint that virtually every DPS Monk is getting (whether it be for Investigate, Asura, or even Combo - but ESPECIALLY Asura). The point of this topic is to discuss a proposed idea. Someone put forth an idea and I commend their efforts, but the cards are too weak. GM's are humans with 24 hours in a day like the rest of us. Don't waste their time on this. It isn't up to me OR Reclusio Perpetua to come up with better ideas. As it stands, these ideas are so bad that I'd literally prioritize Boreas getting more hours of sleep than to waste his time on this garbage. Finally, it's nearly completely pointless to suggest better cards because this community is downright afraid of change and most players here don't even understand the game. Azgrim said that they all needed nerfs by 50% (hahaha!) and some other dude that said lowering the stat requirement to 80 would be "too overpowered." Someone said that "10% damage on armor is way too good" -- and he's right that's quite a bit -- but he ignored that you take +50% more damage which is WAY TOO MUCH. Meanwhile, Gloom Under Night (hur dur MVP card) is +44% damage in some situations. And Armor is desperately lacking offensive plays otherwise. I don't disagree that MVP cards should generally be the best cards. But the problem here is that, on a power scale from 1-100, most MVP cards are in the >90 range, most non-MVP cards are in the <60 range, and these cards above are in the <30 range. What this server could use would be a host of hard-to-get, non-MVP cards that fall within the 80-90 range that are OCCASIONALLY best-in-slot for one class (preferably a currently underpowered class).
  26. pakalupapito

    Signing in

    Wazzup @RagnarONE Sir @Noirach I have a question about a certain eden quest. I think it's a bug.
  27. GM Seiren

    Enchant Crystals (eden) items

    Changed Status to Implemented
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