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  4. Can do 28th october 15:00 server time please? 😀
  5. Last week
  6. Hello Lance, could I get Nov 1, 2:30am server time? Thanks! 😍
  7. Hi Lance, can get the Nov 1st, 17:00 server time slot? Thanks in advance.
  8. 7th November 14:00 Server time please ~ Thank You!
  9. October 31, 15 server time please. Thanks!
  10. Hi GM Lance, can i request 8 November ( 3 pm servertime )? Thank you
  11. November 1st at 4pm please, thank you!
  12. The judging of the contest has concluded; thank you every participants for you submissions. We (the staff) have had a good read on what your creativity has brought us. We are pleased to announce the top three (3) for this storytelling contest: First place: Abandoned by @cevenslight Second & Third place: Ting-a-ling by @Ryushimaru and Forgotten Player by @Zeiniru Since we have a tie for both 2nd and 3rd places, we have decided to award both players with the prize tier of 2nd place. Winners, please send me a forum PM on your choice of GM Box(es). Congratulations!
  13. Today we launched a real quick patch while we're working on finishing the Halloween Event as well as more sporadically quirkly interesting updates. The Build Saver has finally made its way into the live server and we can't wait for you to try it out! In the previous chapter of An Unexpected Alliance you helped the group get some missing tools from Hiel's hometown, Eclage. Rin could not find any of them in Hiel's "organized" mess, so you had to get the items yourself. As the completion of the Dimensional Device gets closer and closer, the strange divine energy it's emitting gets stronger. Will the group be able to find out what's causing this energy? Find out in the next episode of An Unexpected Alliance! After a lot of internal testing, we have finally completed the Build Saver NPC! With this NPC you can save complete stat and skill builds for your character. The builds are forum-bound so you can use them on various characters of the same class among your accounts. You can find it inside the stat reset building in Prontera. A few notes: The Build Saver NPC can only be used if you have the Bonus Bundle active. Saving and managing builds is free, however applying a build has a zeny fee of 25,000 zeny. Builds can only be applied to the exact class that saved them. Builds can only be applied if your level is equal to or higher than the one you saved it as. The NPC uses internal skill names, which at the moment are mostly similar to what you see on the client, but a couple of skills might have a different name than you are used to. We are working on this problem. As always, please let us know if there are any problems with the NPC. We hope you enjoy! Fixed a warp coordinates bug in a Port Malaya NPC. Daily Cash Betty now has item links for its daily quest. Numerous Valkyrie's Bazaar price adjustments. Added 'Bragi Wing Ears' Costume to the Bazaar Added 'Elysian Herb Box' to the Bazaar Valhallan MVP Shards (Elysian Garden) are now tradable Reduced level requirement for Advanced Angelic set pieces from 99 to 80.
  14. Hi Lance! Would you find time 24th 18:00?
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  16. IGN: Kyrea Word count: 200 Story: end note:
  17. Just when I thought I'm alone again in the dungeon, look who I came across to /heh


    and THIS <<< forum post was way back 2 years ago. time flies really fast, bro @Jailbroken. too bad @~Lunoxisn't here.

    1. Jailbroken


      Good to see you bro! Thanks for your help bro! That was quick! Unfortunately, i had very bad connection ☹️

    2. ~Lunox


      Sorry i am hiatus guys , enjoy the game 😀

  18. PvP 3v3 Tournament Vanilla Edition.

    See you on the next one!

    1. Satomi Yamamoto

      Satomi Yamamoto


  19. IGN: Joe T Word count: 200 Entry: Hello…? Anybody there…?
  20. wow i miss playing TalonRO <3

  21. IGN: -Damo- Word count: 200 Entry No. 1 The 3.7mil Deviant Diablos Manteau Hide contents Chaos ensues as hundreds of us scatter across the dark plains of a town inhabited by ghosts, walking trees, and a demon on a knight. I scurry to a dark, hidden path covered by trees and branches in the town of Niflheim. My heart is racing and I start to lose my mind as I see my friends and frenemies being ruthlessly slain by what appears to be a Boitata in NifIheim?! I am sitting down on my knees, praying, “Please don't let Boitata find me!” As soon as I open my eyes from my prayer, I see the raging Boitata with fury in its eyes coming towards me... I become completely frozen with exponentially increasing heart palpitations. For some unbeknownst reason, the Boitata does not spot me and leaves. Ecstatic that I am still alive, I yell at the top of my lungs, “Thank the Loli Ruri gods! For they have heard my prayers!” All of a sudden, a message shows up at the top of the clear night sky, "Do not let Death find you. There is 1 minute left!" The 1 minute feels equivalent to the time I killed Sleepers for a month to sell great natures, excruciatingly long. So I close my eyes praying to the Loli Ruri gods again... Another message shows up at the top of the clear night sky, "Time is up! Come to the middle of town, where you will be vastly rewarded for being chosen by the Loli Ruri gods!" Feeling ecstatic, I rush to the middle of Niflheim to be greeted by none other then GM Alura, GM Azul, and GM Kite. I am requested to deal and given the almighty combination of Old Blue Box, Old Orange Box, and Chiqita's Jewelry Box! "I am now one step closer to killing those cute Succubus and Incubus in Geffenia to sell diamond rings! I must sell my +4 Deviant Diablos Manteau to get myself the +4 Deviant Dragon Manteau and +4 Evil Dragon Vest combo!" Feeling like I am about to ascend to a whole new level, I rush to vend my +4 Deviant Diablos Manteau but in my haste, I leave out a 0 and vend it for 3.7mil, which is immediately bought by a lucky stranger. This is the story of the 3.7 mil Deviant Diablos Manteau.
  22. IGN : protin A unknown GM Disguise Event
  23. The results are in for the winners of the TalonRO 2020 PVP tournament Vanilla Edition. Tournament Winners: 1st place goes to Team KEKW~ formed by Sacrificio The Paladin, Nesprof~* The Professor ,and -Rapid Sura- The Champion Rewards: 2000 Valor & Glory coins on a character of their choice within their master account. 30 Total Talon Coins from the prize pool to split. A Saiyan Hair Costume, exclusively for any character within the winner's forum master account. 2nd place goes to Team Ad Astra formed by Intervention- The Professor, Zerothias The Protector- The Paladin ,and ImmoraI The Champion Reward: 1000 Valor & Glory coins on a character of their choice within their master account. 15 Total Talon Coins from the prize pool to split. 3rd Place goes to Team Animals formed by Contenta The Sniper, Nubflex The Professor ,and Scottish~ The Paladin rewards: 500 Valor & Glory coins on a character of their choice within their master account. 15 Total Talon Coins from the prize pool to split. Note: Talon coins rewards will be sent out to the winner's team leader for distribution. The rest of the rewards will be mailed out to their desired characters upon request. A big shout out to Team re-IGNITE , TakeMyEnergy (~*o*)~ and ELPAJO for fighting so hard and thank you for entering. As well as everyone who watched us live. Have a wonderful day Talonians and hope to see you in the next tournament.
  24. Payon Manja Reginleif's Reprisal (link inside) 


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