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  3. Hi @GM Alura, we have agreed and confirmed on the timing for Round 2. Pookish vs Yoyo's team, this Sunday 26 Sep 1630H Servertime
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  5. Dear Diary,

    Today, I partied with a bunch of randoms at Thor to help them finish their Gramps quests. One member was telling me, a gunslinger, that I can't be on par with the rebirth classes even though I was literally out-damaging the snipers right in front of his eyes, lol.

    Oh well, till my next Thor adventure!
    *creates more grenades*

    - Chicken

  6. May I reserve a slot for Oct 2 1:00am servertime? Thank you!
  7. can i have a slot for oct. 3 17:00svt pls thnx you
  8. October 3, 15 SVT please. Thanks Lance!
  9. where are the brackets being updated as some matches have ended/
  10. Earlier
  11. Sunday 26th September at 07:00 ST please for Snowrinz and Stranger Team. Thank you.
  12. Sure, just keep in mind only the core team members will be the one rewarded. Okay
  13. I have a question. If our team advances to the second round and we work out a time with our next opponent that doesn’t work for all the members on my team, can we swap people in as long as they are not competing on another team?
  14. Hi @GM Alura, With Yoyo's team, we would like to have a go on Sunday 19th 16:00 ST, just before Xin & Pook, if that's possible. I will also notify you on discord. Thanks,
  15. Hello lovelies! I'll be organizing the matches for you all, please contact me via Discord (Alura#2470) going forward! Also for the party leaders, if you want to scout the map you can message me and we can schedule a time ahead of the match to warp you all in so you can take a look. Thank you! o/ Oh! For those who are scheduled this Saturday and Sunday, message me at least 30 minutes ahead of time in case of any changes or situations that might happen. See you all there, good luck and have fun! o/
  16. We have decided on Saturday, September 18 at 1600 ST for Jordex and Killman.
  17. Xin's and Pookish's Team, Sunday 19 September, 17:00 Server Time, thanks
  18. The bracket is now live! Team leaders, please liaise with one another on a time/date to schedule your place in the first round play-offs. Best of luck to all participants! @kutsuru @yoyoi @snowrinz@[X]in@~KillMAN~@Jordex@TheStranger@pookish
  19. 1 Slot please as Utau seems to be asleep
  20. 1 slot thanks. Mon-Fri 16:00+ Server Time
  21. 1 slot please! Available on these time/dates in order of preference: 1) Sat 1600-700hrs Servertime 2) Sun 1600-1700hrs Servertime
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