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  3. Hello skyereed! It's been a long time, do you still remember me? I missed this game and I miss you too. I suddenly got busy in life and failed to make time for playing Talon RO that's why I quit and forgot about this game :( I just remembered this game again when my friend talked about it in discord. Hope to hear from you again soon :)

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  5. IGN: ~~Rikku~~ Title: TamTam's Vacation The Joyous mascot of TalonRO TamTam took her summer vacation.
  6. We Love the Blackstar Challenge.. Wooohooooo.... Thanks you much for the Experience... its so cool and so fun... :D


  7. Hello Sir, Please reserve same date and time for Mystic Tower Instance. Thank You.
  8. Hi! Please keep the same date and time for MT please! Thanks Lance!!!!
  9. Hello Lance. MT run for the same date and time for us please. Thanks 🥰✌🏻
  10. Hi Lance, Same date and time reservation for MT please, thanks!
  11. Please keep same date for MT Killman’s Party
  12. Please keep the reserved slot for MT. Thank u
  13. Okie. Make it a Mystic Tower for our slot then, please
  14. Due to our mid-month patch being pushed back for July, Distortion Tower will be paused until further notice. If you wish to reserve your slot for Mystic Tower instead, leave a response on this thread by the 22nd June. For all challenges/rewards related to Mystic Tower, please revert to this link Apologies for any inconvenience caused!
  15. Awwwwww thank you for the da UwU artsu @SKC and @Bifrost ❤️


  16. Hi tell your family you love them everyday okay.

    Goodluck xD

  17. 28tt, 16:00 if possible, thanks
  18. 25th of June, 16:00 SVT pls! 😆
  19. 26 june 6pm ST please Thank u
  20. Earlier
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