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  4. Hi, 21th 18:00? thanks in advance
  5. 21th May 15ST please, Thank you !
  6. oh so that's how you update your status. O_O

  7. Question: Whenever I drag a party member from my party list onto the screen for the on-screen party window, my client crashes. Quick Answer: Try changing your screen resolution to an aspect ratio of 4:3, such as 1024x768. This is a known issue with our current client and caused by screen resolutions of aspect ratios other than 4:3. It will likely be resolved in a newer client version some time in the near future. To fix this, try using a screen resolution in an aspect ratio of 4:3. Examples are 1024x768, 1280x960, 1600x1200 or 1920x1440.
  8. Last week
  9. Ahmagawd never saw your photo gallery until today and my nose is still bleeding uwu

  10. Such wonderful entries! Best of luck to all participants!
  12. Wow awesome works so far! IGN: pigcat Original versions and 72 DPI versions: https://we.tl/t-jhAwsE7KOo Alternate links: DRYAD SKETCHES DRYAD FINAL MANDRAGORA SKETCHES MANDRAGORA FINAL GEOGRAPHER SKETCHES GEOGRAPHER FINAL
  13. Hi Lance, can we have WoV slot on May 23, 4 pm server time please?
  14. Hello Lance, can we have Baby DoD slot on 22nd May, 16:30 server time? Thank you!
  15. IGN: Ayaki Dryad Card The following draft and sketch were censored as NSFW at a later stage. Draft: Sketch:
  16. Helo Hello Lance, can we have WOV slot on 17th May, 17:00 server time? Thank you!
  17. Hello Lance, 14th at 18:00 Server Time please (woV), thanks (Bongo/LMS Team)
  18. Hi Lance. B:DOD on April 14th, 15 ST please. Thanks!
  19. Hi, could I get a WoV slot on the 17th at 1:00am servertime? Thank you!
  20. 15th may 15:00 SVT please ūüėĄ
  21. Baby DoD on May 15 at 16:00, please o/
  22. In game name: bytes Geographer Mandragora Dryad Draft Draft for Geographer Entry 1: Draft for Geographer Entry 2: Draft for Mandragora Entry 1: Draft for Mandragora Entry 2: Draft for Dryad: Sketch Sketch for Geographer Entry 1: Sketch for Geographer Entry 2: Sketch for Mandragora Entry 1: Sketch for Mandragora Entry 2: Sketch for Dryad Entry 1: Final Final for Geographer Entry 1:
  23. Reminder

    Take Care always 

  24. i havent been able to login into the game, i have internet connection (tested browsing and youtube are fine) whats wrong? i check the forum and the server status is online 

    1. GM Mikzie

      GM Mikzie

      We are undergoing extended maintenance at the moment. Please consider joining our discord server for live updates and announcements.

    2. corvo22110


      thanks a lot for the reply ^,^

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