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  3. Ghostring card

    Ohh now i understand hehee thanks soo much for the help!!!
  4. Rogue to Stalker Build

    Good, we don't need people like you here who can't help us anyways.
  5. Rogue to Stalker Build

    Now i get why Howrah stop answering you, good luck with your super hard find out how to rogue task
  6. Pinoy OFW TalonRO player

    Walang problema sakin pre. 😊 iniisip na kc, kpag tinanong sya buburautan sya ng zenny. Haha! Wg gnun men.
  7. Rogue to Stalker Build

    Read your post above. You asked me to put my research here... I wasn't literally saying, "hey i'm new here, give me your build and etc..." This is not my thread, if you haven't realized that yet. What i'm saying is, i've been reading a lot and I can't seem to thin it down to what's the most common build for all the rogue/stalkers here. I posted here because I didn't want to open up another thread of the same question but some people don't think. They respond to this thread like they didn't go through this same shit before. And you know what's stupid? Is they'd rather waste time posting non-helpful stuff here than actually directing people to what they're looking for. I don't understand people. /facepalm
  8. Introduction

    Hello Everyone! After playing alot of other mmorpg i couldnt get the same satisfaction as i would get from ragnarok. So after 7 years i consider to make a come back... A lot has changed But i hope this community will be as nice and friendly as that i am used to. I have played a few hours and also studied the guide section a few hours lol... I hope there will be some nice guild or group which I can tag along with to have some fun. My IGN's are: MrDouble (6x rogue) MrJoness ( 6x Hunter) hit me up if you want to party or just chill and chat. Greetings! MrJoness
  9. Rogue to Stalker Build

    Wat? im not saying you teach us about the game, im telling you to make better questions than just saying, hey im new, give me builds for rogue pls. There are plenty ammount of guides on this topic, so thats why im saying to ask stuffs that havent been asked or just learning by the people who know about this job showing what do you have in mind.
  10. Rogue to Stalker Build

    I was doing research to learn the game, not for others to learn from me. So you're wrong. It's not laziness if i'm trying to thin down the builds here by asking in the forum, hence why I said i'm leaning towards the "meta". If you're expecting newbies to do research and put a build or suggestions here, then you're in the wrong thread.

    SOld closed.
  12. Rogue to Stalker Build

    I dont see any post yours putting some build or suggestion so yeah i only see laziness.
  13. Two kinds of Ice picks?

    There isn't even an item script for that item, so it can't exist. The description would be there, but it wouldn't be special at all. If it does make it into the game, it'd be a regular weapon with no special properties.
  14. Monthly costume Box

    @GM Boreas Hi, i'm new so please bear with me. I'm trying to figure out if the costume box is a RNG box that will give me one piece of a set or a box from a box for a costume set.
  15. Finnish

    Hyvää syksyä ihmiset
  16. Rogue to Stalker Build

    I did actually but was leaning towards more on the "meta".
  17. Rogue to Stalker Build

    then put ur research here, and see if you are correct with what you want to achieve or not
  18. Two kinds of Ice picks?

    Gotcha. I thought you can get it somewhere else like from an event. I still think the "+20 FLEE on the enemy" description is misleading and has been translated bad.
  19. Notorious X

    I'll be there tomorrow See you guys!
  20. Hi

    Welcome new comer! I hope you'll enjoy your stay here. We have mini-games. daily in game events and so much more!
  21. Super Fast ET that I clicked on NPC and we have to take a pic at base lol So happy today thanks all!
  22. Restriction merc in Hugel

    It really gets anything to Hugel with the merchants. Can you expand the restricted area? thx
  23. Notorious X

    Hi !! We are a mid-high game guild but we do accept newbies. If your online around 13:00 server time to 18:00 server time then come to moscovia for invite !! Because most members are online during that time
  24. Newbie need help

    different kaho names means different sprites - it only looks different. you are after the stats. I am using costumes, so I dont see a reason why should I pay more.. you can make the money by farming, voting, mining.. donating is also a way.. caesar/weeder are special weapons against plants, so it is good for moscovia. IP is for high def monsters - such as sleepers and I think they can also use it in geffenia. these are the most visited places, where people usually farm. it is not best - it all depends on situation and your target. anyways, for every melee class that can equip it IP is good to have..
  25. Two kinds of Ice picks?

    That Ice Pick is not actually in the game. There is no drop table for it and it is unavailable via reward guru.
  26. kurry i wanna joinnn
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