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  3. Aloeleaflet

    Y`all Its 2019 Now :D lets shows our Homuncolus HERE!!!!

    Too much High Flee
  4. TheStranger

    Y`all Its 2019 Now :D lets shows our Homuncolus HERE!!!!

    My 2 evolved lifs!
  5. Now this is my lIf ~~~ ❤️ homuncolus 2019
  6. Yesterday
  7. legiondeath


    Join us in trans vanilla woe in lighthalzen....join the rush😈
  8. topsykretts

    Time Stamps

    What I do when I AFK is to enable "/am" or automessage and put there. "I am AFK for a moment, can you please give the time you PMed me with the time server, thank you". The only downside is somme would do and would not.
  9. topsykretts

    Mid Drops

    I don't think that he's referring it to the newbie that wants the mids. What my interpretation is that he wants the MVP killing for middle/high tier would be more rewarding. Besides, if this is Implemented. The items would be more accessible for raw zeny farming for lower price than the TC price just like MVP Cards. Rather than trusting on your RNG with Chiqita and drop rate of Copper Coins.
  10. Zbx

    SN geffenia which build?

    https://calc.talonro.com/?_w4XCjsOBCsOCQAxEwr9Nwrx4wqhCw4XCk8K3N8Obw5gsESzClsK1fsK+wrvDlUPDv8OAF3LCmMKZMCRRw5TDlcKZwrVHMsKEdsKCZTLDunTDpAJ5csKrTsODwqMmw7k2wpTCsD7DncOzc1xyGcKvwq8Zw5rCmsK7w7MgwoIYVC9rF8KKw6DDh8Oaw7FeA8OiaxhbDlshTnTCnMObA8O/w6QD Hows this?
  11. Alphyr

    B> +7 Suiken carded or non

  12. FullHearts

    PvM | Elysian Garden

    Thanks to GM Lance and Events team. Was fun!
  13. SateAyam

    Hello to all

    ah thanks ! finally i can sleep well.
  14. By the name of Lif's cuteness I dispute your pen-ultimate sentence ma'am
  15. Phanman

    One handed sword or spear LK

    Wonderful to know, and especially un-intuitive because for some purposes your damage is wholly affected by your weapon, but for size mod purposes it is not. Ice pick? ALL your damage uses their defence against them. Fire elemental weapon? ALL your damage becomes fire. But for size mod purposes, a 50% modifier for a 100ATK weapon is only as though the weapon itself was 50ATK added to your ATK, instead of 100 ATK added to your ATK. RAGNAROK ONLINE.
  16. AlysSariel

    Hello to all

    Hey and welcome to TalonRO! I'm guessing the abbreviations mean Low Rate, Medium Rate and High Rate, and qRO was some other Ragnarok server Syomalol played on in the past
  17. SateAyam

    Hello to all

    Too many abbreviation here. What is LR MR HR qRO ? Nevertheless , welcome to TalonRO hope you enjoy here ! Cheers !
  18. FunkyCookie

    Last Person To Post In This Topic Wins.

    since 2007 lol over 500 pages.... Does it ever truly end?
  19. Dread.Gaming

    Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    @Motto Stella Alright! Thanks! I will drop by Rachel today then
  20. Honestly one of the most dumbfounding threads I've read in a long time. As a Chemist main, which I know few ( if any ) of you are, it's offensive to see being afk with a Hom called "playing". You are not playing if you're afk, end of story. You're an insult to Chemists if you're just standing there or only picking up loot. You could be farming WAY more efficiently by actually killing monsters yourself, or alongside your Homunculus. You have a variety of weapons and skills that can be used to make that kill time far shorter than 20 seconds or whatever slow-ass BS is being spouted. And to the original Chemist being talked about, @Coxwain - if your internet and computer is good enough for 6 simultaneous clients, there is NO reason you can't actually be playing on one and alongside your Hom for much higher efficiency. Stop trying to use that as an excuse for your lack of skill and/or knowledge, and/or your laziness. There's TONS of information out there on Chemist builds of all kinds - magic, melee, combination, etc. Sadly, there's no cure for laziness, so I hope that's not your "reason". People talking like it's some super difficult thing to level a Hom when literally the only work the majority of afk-ers do is feed them. Bitch please. They make their Hom usually by buying Embryos, then just follow the same few maps where the damn thing can level easily without dying, and then afk-repeat. It's only a sidestep from botting imo, and shouldn't be allowed at all. Sadly, hardly anyone bothers to learn about Chemists besides being afkers until they can use Acid Demo as a Bio. ... And then they have the gall to say that Chemist is hard, or that it's helpless, or whatever other ignorance-based BS spews out. The number of characters controlled by 1 person being greater than 1 doesn't mean that it counts as more than 1 person doing the 'mobbing', especially being an afk-er. Spreading multiple chars across the map means you're effectively taking up 6 large areas ( Hom range ), compared to each other person on the map with their 1 area at a time. That, and taking up anywhere from 12-30 Sleepers ( 2-5 each ), or up to 43 goddamn % of the spawn is completely unreasonable. You, individually, are not 43% of the players there unless there is only 1 other player there ( obviously making you 50%, but we're not dealing with fractional players, duh ), and that's never the case. It clearly breaks the rules and should never be allowed on any map. Coxwain again - Your low amount of GNs farmed per hour means that you're taking much longer to kill them than anyone else, meaning the Sleepers you have mobbed around your chars are taking a much longer time to spawn. That's as bad as someone walking around the map mobbing a ton of them and then taking a long time to kill them. Not only is that inefficient, it goes against the rules in that way as well. People can be slow and shitty at killing something all they like, but YOU are doing it times 6 and with an average of 30% of the mobs on the map. Homunculus really were the worst fucking addition to Ragnarok. I knew it back when they were first implemented, and this kind of garbage is exactly why.
  21. Motto Stella

    Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    @Dread.GamingHi! Of course. Just drop by Rachel when you're around. Being active at different times won't be a problem, since we have members from different timezones too. Hope to see you around! @SateAyamWe're usually active around 13:00 - 18:00 server time.
  22. Syomalol

    Hello to all

    Hi, My name is Nbs and I'm a 12+ yr removed player returning to RO LR. I just want to say I look forward to playing with all of you guys. I'm already enjoy the community as I always said LR players have LONGER value and teach you more vs MR and HR type communities. TalonRO Community I just want to say I'm very happy to play here thus far. I'm a qRO refugee who long forgot this game and I'm having a blast learning again aswell enjoying how this server has MAXIMIZED the LR experience. So, thank you guys looking forward to continuing to play here with you all 🤓.
  23. DoucheEnrique

    Time Stamps

    If time stamps on each message are not possible I think getting another "global chat" channel (maybe !timemark) that only sends the current server time every 5 or 10 minutes would be pretty useful already.
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