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  3. It's 1AM here and viewing this thread is a huge mistake. I'm breaking my 24 hrs fast then
  4. hi Lance Can i get 23rd 14:00 Please
  5. TamTam's Chocolate Frozen Cake STORY TIME! INGREDIENTS LIST GETTING THE INGREDIENTS THE COOKING PROCESS HOW IT ALL ENDED GM Challenges and I also have a random picture I couldnt delete, lol. This is me, stalking Santa... Creepy moment, I tell you.
  6. Payon Manja Mystic Tower Baby Edition (late upload - no internet since jan 9th) - link inside


  7. We have an amazing community on TalonRo, and when I think of good times spent with friends here, I’m lucky enough to have a few great memories to choose from. This has been a sad year for a lot of us though, a year of unexpected goodbyes. I just couldn’t find it in myself to make something silly like I usually do. I took the challenge to find something comforting though to heart, and my hope is that as you all continue forward in your own lives this year, you find a plethora of reasons to keep your feet moving forward and reasons to smile. I wrote my story, and chose to create this recipe in honor of my first two friends on Talon. It’s a well wishes of sorts, and also an acknowledgement that we are no longer a daily part of each other's lives. I know this is something most of you have faced, as friendships forged online tend to be transient in nature, with those lucky few hanging around for the long haul. So Remi and Sevi, this one’s for you. I carry you forward in my heart, always. Hugel’s Fish Cake Soup (Ramen with hand made Narutomaki (fish cakes) ) Our Story How to make Hugel's Fish Cake Soup Thank you for your consideration! ^^ The GM Challenge I took on was GM Ktulu Challenge: Alembic as I included Sherry in my fish cakes!
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  9. 22nd 15:00 please 😊 thank you !
  10. Hello Lance, could I please reserve a slot for 1:30am on the 23rd? Thanks! 💖
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  12. ~Dayrondo's: "Poring's Red Pool" Story Time: How to make the soup and dumplings: GM Challenges:
  13. Lunatic Pudding The Story The Recipe PS. I know that pudding is a generic term in English, but I had to use it to let you all understand. The name of this dessert in my language is “mattonella di budino” ^^
  14. Alice’s Whisper of Death Cupcakes Story Time Strawberry Shortcakes (cupcake)
  15. @GM Zelda I knew it! Nice to have a brazilian friend around. Also, we sure use condensed milk EVERYWHERE haha @rangelaaz Thanks a lot, my recipe was supposed to be for kids, indeed, but... I kinda ate it all. Not sorry though! Also, I love your Strawberry Tart, and you have always been nice the times we met in game, so I hope we both win this! ^^
  16. to my beloved brother, R.I.P. 01/14/2021.  for the first time i am not reacting in violent rage, but am immobile, baffled and confused in mind.  he was my life support.  God took my best piece off the chess board.  Cheers brother, may the Gods enjoy your company as I have.    

  17. Hahaha yeah, I'm Brazilian! You and @rangelaaz know it! Best way to find a Brazilian: see if they use condensed milk everywhere, AMIRITE? @vievie those are suuuuper cute, I'm in love /lb
  18. Heart Shaped Poring Cookies The story behind the Heart Shaped Poring Cookies The Recipe GM Challenge
  19. You people are making such delish foods! Keep up the good work!
  20. GM Zelda BR confirmed Holy shit @Freljord Ashe thats made with no heat whatsoever? wow never knew.. seems great to do with kids good job! @Bababoowee Yours look so tasty! im hungry @_@ Thanks for joining! ~Azey
  21. The quite unexplored WhiteSmith Class needs more love. 😔


  22. @GM Zelda are you brazilian or is this also a thing outside Brazil? I never imagined other people enjoying such a sweet candy haha Will surely try your Nescau version! Thanks ^^
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  24. can i make a cocktail / non alcoholic drinks?
  25. @Bababoowee hahaha I love that story, it's so funny! Also the MEEEEAT *drools* @Freljord Ashe bringing in the sugar! Have to say, I eat that too often for my own good, but it's so delicious. Try adding some Nescau, makes it amazing!
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