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  4. Thank you Boogety. I'd wait until I can draw faces and it looks like face. I mean look at my drawings, the faces are so motionless. Anyway feel free to shoot me some reference of your char and request, I would do them for free when I have time. If anyone have advice on drawing face it would be great
  5. Had the same problem, updating to latest Nvidia driver helped me too.
  6. I am also having this problem. Bump.
  7. i have 2 TG cards for sale if u wanna buy, 22 mil each 😃❤️
  8. Your drawings are amazing, if u ever wanted to sell ur drawing let me know!
  9. GM Boreas

    SN Link Equip

    If SN is the only class you are playing and you need the SQI revamp for it then yes, that's your only choice right now.
  10. That..Yune..and chest. Is murdering me. *clutches heart* ❤️💘
  11. phantome

    SN Link Equip

    I guess I'll wait and stay in hiatus until SQI revamp. I recently logged on to chat with some friends only to find this out.
  12. Ellie has uploaded the sprite on first page. Correct. Btw someone was walking around with a super cute 'love poring balloon pet' around town. Not sure it's from the latest box. Will post some screenshot if i ever encounter the player again.
  13. GM Phoenix

    1 Billion Zeny Limit

    Changed Status to Implemented
  14. May I suggest make it weekly? Now Betty asked for a certain item each day, but since that require us to play everyday, sometimes we can't. So like, make the quest instead of daily, become weekly with all 7 kind of items. (something like monster board in eden) And the quest just reset on fixed server time, like say, start of Monday. So instead of doing 1 quest a day, you can do 7 quest per week on Saturday. Or, If really want it to be on website it might be hard I don't know if manipulating storage from there is possible. So like have Betty on the website. And like the "Storage Search" on the panel that show your Kafra, if you could make a system that take away certain item from there and mark your quest as done. So at least you need to have stockpile of the item beforehand.
  15. exor003

    S> Ice Pick [1]

    bro may I trade? +10Sjur[BDSnMob] + 10m + 20tc + +4IP[AGI+3Fighting6] thanks
  16. Okay, thanks. I'll give that a try.
  17. After many tries I gave up >_< Anyway here is @EvaJun in the draw the character above you topic, in Tarot Card format My other failures:
  18. what are your thoughts about this one?
  19. What's Lif's main stat now that Mental Change can't be spammed anymore?
  20. Last week
  21. Ok this is my last comment on the thread (we seem to be running in circles) Yes people cannot get taloncash without logging in, But at the same time could see some people that just didn't want to deal with captchas or anything but logged in everyday completing the quest and getting coins Some people were like you earn way less this way then before if you go farm it yourself (as an experienced player) But honestly the last time I logged in, all I did was pay 12k zeny and buy the ingredient from a merchant and trade it in for my taloncash, so under 1 minute. So in the end, this really just benefits 2 separate group of people, and not having to deal with regulating and looking for people abusing the power of voting (by not doing the captchas, etc) or even the voting sites going down (we lost 2 of them?) Means less work for the GM's. So I doubt this will change at all. Edit: Though I do have a related side question. do our rates change anymore like they did based on voting before, or are they just now locked in at the 8/8/3?
  22. @Jelopithanks for informing me let me know if the image i posted for the pet is correct too.
  23. Oh cool Jelopi, whats its sprite look like?
  24. Looking for some stalker gear Gear: - Valk Helm (no OVH) - Dragon Vest +3 Agi - Dragon Mant - Sherwood - Sleipnir (1) - Bris - Dia Mant - Fire Armor (1) - Wind Armor (1) - Elven Ears (1) - PCB Cards: - Turtle General - Stormy Knight - GTB - Lady Tanee - GEC - High Priest - Bathory - Angeling - Deviling - RSX - Marc Please leave your offer here or PM me -
  25. Just got an egg from pro box. Observation egg
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