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  2. All hail, Yune. "What do you think, Farona?" Omg I'm having fanfics of your characters in my head already, Manda. Keep writing their stories, okay?
  3. IGN: Conscendo GM Kuma Challenge () Include a pot of honey - Jakk's replacement for the candy bag GM Lance Challenge () Include an MVP - Gioia about to Meteor Storm the hell out of everyone, because they trespassed into his territory. GM Creed Challenge () Include Jakk (the monster) - he stole Creed and Mikzie's bag of candies GM Haru Challenge () Include any of the in-game scarves - Straight Winterscarf Jetblack GM Luna Challenge () Include a scary Deviruchi-faced full moon - background
  4. Because Grimtooth is not a physical melee attack.
  5. Hi all, im suggesting to allow passing of an evolved pet to accounts within the forum account via npc or if worse come to worse via reward guru by delivering a fee for 5TCs per transaction.
  6. Yup, we do! And have already added you to it, and the guild. Haha. Sorry, I saw this a bit late.
  7. Agility Up/Increase Agi and NPC_Agi up is different, some mobs have increase agi and some have npc_agi up, like uhh.. it does take off their walking speed but the flee is not dispelled, though the minus AGI debuff is still kicked in, so that still reduce Flee. lets say a mob have 200 Flee, buffed with npc agi_up it become 500, then debuffed with quagmire; it doesnt return/dispel the flee to 200, and lvl 1 quagmire is too short and give insignificant differences for the cost, x_x
  8. Hi guys! Why sky deleter card doesnt work with grimtooth assasin? i doesn't play for a long time and early its work, but today i return and its doesnt work...
  9. Phone doodle (sad quality is bad 😢) IGN: okairi GM Kuma Challenge () Include a pot of honey GM Lance Challenge () Include an MVP - Drake GM Mikzie Challenge () Include TamTam wearing a costume - Whisper tall hat and white waving scarf GM Creed Challenge () Include Jakk (the monster) GM Radius Challenge () Include at least 7 pumpkins GM Haru Challenge () Include any of the in-game scarves - White waving scarf GM Spica Challenge () Include Loli Ruri (the monster) GM Luna Challenge () Include a scary Deviruchi-faced full moon GM Xing Challenge () Include four different Niflheim monsters - Loli Ruri, Lude, Disguise & Hylozoist GM Azul Challenge () Include four skeleton heads, and indicate their locations in your post ( See spoiler
  10. Hey there, we prefer to not touch the Ragnarok mechanics. Def is like the only real exception and that's just fine for our standards.
  11. Hello so SB is the only real option to tank and unfortunately its the most boring role to play ☹. It’s so ahead of any other form of tanking that it forces out any melee class out of party plays. I think there’s a few ways to make other options viable too. First I think flee could use a tune up. Every aspect of ro is really nice with tro flavour but flee just can’t compete. I think the formula could use a tro adjustment and slow down the decay curve. As soon as decay kicks in its game over. The formula could be revisited to something like def did. Decay starting right away but on a much slower rate with mvps being flagged to decay harder. 10% per monster is too much for the way flee works. It can result in -30 flee which at fine tuned flee result in damage received 700% higher for only 1 monster decay (getting hit 5% vs getting hit 35% of times). Another thing against flee is the power up monster skill. There’s no need for hit x2. Compared to flee up that a phreeo card solves the issue, hit x2 you just can’t do anything about it. Maybe add flat hit but I don’t even think its needed because flee itself can’t be broken. Damage x3 from power up you still have 5% chance to die every hit towards you (if its possible to even reach 95% dodge with the high base hit and decay). That way players that want to tag along with their stalker/sinx/cool flee auto-bolter prof could be welcomed in many more parties. Second I think def formula could be tuned again a bit too. The mvp decaying def was needed but the summons decay too much. I don’t think the mvps with lot of summons/crowded area was ever a problem to begin with, it was more because you could tank 1-2 enemies ridiculously easy. So maybe just flag mvp with special def decay, could be even more punishing, but leave summons like normal monsters. If a boss monster is not alone there’s no way def can compete with steel body. Steel body will always be king of tanks with its decay immune ability and its fine like that but I think a few changes could open up a lot of possibilities to make et/gmc runs much more fun and customisable and actively played without ever being as broken and dumb as steel body + gtb is. Any cool build that tro features give us the possibility to achieve is limited to no melee plays for ‘high end’ stuff. I think these ideas are a way to rectify that without overpowering nothing. Maybe stalkers will have it easy for crappy mvps but its not like they would have it as easy as let’s say a champ XD. The goal is not to make melee class unkillable, just to give them a chance to do something instead of being straight impossible to exist outside of farming.
  12. Would be weird if a utility/support char would do more dmg/as much dmg as a pure DPS no?
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  14. 1. Very few cases when a monster uses confusion and sleep at the same time but if monster has it then need to decide according to the situation. And I still haven’t done a separate section explaining each gear. 2. In this position you can use Weapon Perfection, HP can res/buff snipers, pally can gospel if situation allows, and backHP can res frontHP(I usually put MVP and myself on one cell to the right(I go from the top to the corner and then I go one cell to the right and its problematic without Gierath card)). This position is bad when Valk Floor because monsters can attack the paladin from the top(he is first target or hp). Of course a sniper can kill this monster but these are additional risks + on this floor I stand in a corner and don't use Weapon Perfection. So I advise you to be on the upper pillar. 3. Yes. I know this tactic, but this guide is not for the paladin. If some pally ask me to do it then I will do it. Thanks for the information about one cell between sniper and pally, I thought between them two cells. I'd be happy to put it on face but every time I have party of newbies and this position shows the pally to keep his distance, hw can use JT(I know one HW who took MVP). If pally group died then this position is better for luring away if I can go to two cells up then MVP will immediately lose sight of the snipers (better this way than the other). 4. Google for help (Agility UP and Power Up) or try to go to bio4 to test these skills (Flamel, Gertie, Trentini - Agility UP) and (Randel, Alphoccio, Chen - Power Up). Agility UP - Quagmire remove Power Up - Quagmire doesn't remove 5. Yea. My bad. I accidentally replaced it when I changed all GMC. 100% need to wear Fire Armor. If you noticed anything else, say so, as I could accidentally paste the text in the wrong place and further copy it to other tables. I finally finished the base for GMC and I can normally make a description of tactics and gears.
  15. 10/22/2019 Update: GM Mikzie (bishounen form!) Thanks for answering my random interview questions and sending me references XD @GM Mikzie
  16. Just FYI everyone you're wonderful and I am in love with all of this. One week left, artists! Get your submissions in!
  17. 1. I don't think Gierath is necesarry at all, INT based ailment fade off as soon as you get hit and unlike sleep, stun, frozen you still have control of your char to use green potion, there are alot of better mid gear. 2. Making mvp back facing the party is actually bad ideas, the best postion for most is from the side, Paladin can achieve maximum range of devotion and negate the need of using pneuma for mvp without hell judgement, while if their back is againts the party mean the mvp is closer to party stack, and risking getting caught in Pulse Strike range, thats why the yellow one is prefered ONLY IF the scenario is MVP dragged from Top, but then maybe they just dont know how to position and making them standing in specific cell you wanted and just follow with whatever they already watched/seen. (Go down from top and make straight L turn, Paladin and HP stand just next to pillar below them, they both wont need pneuma, just count the cell and check Pulse Strike range from iro wiki, these are useful for Ifrit, Valkyrie. Less job for HP, more free time to do something else. 3. During Naght making MvP facing party is best, He has 2 cell range, giving the paladin and sniper +1 more free cell to stand, when both Paladin and Sniper stand at their max range, there will be 1 cell gap between Pally line and Sniper line, thats where HP need to put Pneuma, also = Less Job for HP, 1 pneuma to cover Sniper and Paladin, and when Paladin also have Gospel, it will reach sniper making it far more quicker. 4. Quagmire doesn't take off NPC Agi Up iirc, they're different than player increase agi, if thats the purposes of it. If its just to slow down mob, i think not worth it sacrificing garment, its only lvl 1, thats -10 AGI/DEX and last very short, you also need to get hit in order to make it proc. 5. Rata better use Fire Armor, it has Magnum Break and his attack base attack is pretty high it also has Earth Attribute attack making it painful if you wear Wind. 6. ... Actually im lazy correcting most 1 by 1, i think better double check the guide sir.. not trying to be rude but some info is abit wrong and might misleading especially if newbie read XD
  18. Don't forget about higher base ASPD on Hunter/Sniper and access to Awakening Pots instead of just Concentration Pots.
  19. I'm a Gunslinger that uses scouter. But that thing looks horrible. Like to have angel wing ears costumes. Maybe Evil wing ears too., , Must be easy cause sprites already there.
  20. PRIMA 9th November 5pm server time
  21. slowly going through comms some recently finished ones for @Novalolly, ty for the commission!
  22. I've never made a post here so please forgive me if I do this wrong IGN: Mrawl Challenges included: GM Kuma Challenge () Include a pot of honey GM Radius Challenge () Include at least 7 pumpkins GM Spica Challenge () Include Loli Ruri (the monster) GM Luna Challenge () Include a scary Deviruchi-faced full moon GM Gowther Challenge () Include a white cat sleeping on a pumpkin GM Azul Challenge () Include four skeleton heads, and indicate their locations in your post ((I included one extra incase the 4 skulls in the BG were too subtle) Thank you for hosting the contest and good luck to everyone -
  23. Ah thank you so much! 🙆‍♀️💕 Sorry about that~ I'm a bit busy with work but it's ending soon. Will re-open again in about 2-3 days ❤ Hope you'll still be interested ⚘⚘⚘
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