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  2. У меня походу пропатчилось криво, ёлка есть, снега нет
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  4. Reclusio Perpetua

    Zeny Sink Ideas 2

    There was a discussion before that they have no plans to put zeny fees on warp girl. I can't find the discussion but I do support warp fees for warp girl. She should have atleast a service fee for all the warping 24/7.
  5. wow i dont know how long mine took but i got approved i just checked it an hour ago who knows could be earlier than that! thank you !!
  6. Letitia X

    Re: Voting links.

    What if this happens everyday day with me ?
  7. zoniccx

    Zoniccx Store

  8. PrideFries

    Cannot use "Enter" on Chatbox but works on Whisper

    after typing, try shift+enter.
  9. just downloaded this game today and was working fine.. when I was leveling in payon cave and when I tried to talk to one of the priest I couldn't!! I can type but when I try to send it or press "ENTER" it doesn't go through like my "ENTER" key all of the sudden stopped working... but when I tried whispering another player to ask if they know how to fix it the "ENTER" suddenly works... so in my case I can use whisper perfectly fine but when I try to ask for buffs or say thank you in public chat it wont let me!!! sad how I cant talk in public kinda like im muted! can someone help me I already restart my PC and relog many times.... only thing I can think of (its 2:45am) is to uninstall it and re-download it again.. any help would be nice! thank you!!
  10. We generally check the applications a few times a day, so should not take very long.
  11. GM Seiren

    Re: Voting links.

    1. Yes, they are the same for everybody. 2. This is normal. If there's an error, there's not much you have to worry about though. If someone were to not enter Captchas for a very long time, they'd lose voting privileges but if it's incidental, there's nothing to worry.
  12. Nonoko-chan

    Grape Juice 168z (Social/PvM/Parking Lot/AFK)

    Lolll Grape Juice still sharing guild slots for those who need 5% EXP (total newbies in the server gets priority) PM me here or send a msg.
  13. Emi

    S: Stuffs

  14. Juz want to confirm. archer card set is anolian, alligator, cruiser, dragon tail merman & nepethes and bard & dancer card set is anolian, alligator, cruiser, dragon tail, green ferus? becuz the old card set description is still there even though talonro made changes to the cards & card sets.
  15. Snow Bunny

    B> Love Feeling Costume

  16. Letitia X

    Re: Voting links.

    I have two questions regarding voting. 1) Voting sites are same for everybody ? I have six sites. Out of those, 2 are showing as unavailable. 2) One of the available sites, fails to open (error), but I still get the points. Is this normal ? I read in the rules, that voting without doing captchas, will result in losing of voting privileges.
  17. Сейчас "легально" не исправить никак. Поддержи лучше моё предложение о введении смены дня и ночи, чтоб хотя-бы ночью гамму приглушали, а то реально глаза режет.
  18. Iskand3r

    Ищу людей с МОТРа

    Ну можешь записывать меня в эти самые "погибшие" Дважды бета-тестер лаггейма (когда открывался и когда Нифльхейм вводили), любитель няшных сагов (у меня их было все три вида с одинаково выглядящими никами - было очень забавно народ троллить) и писатель нубо-гайдов Iskander Ещё отмечался на EuRO, но не долго. А на МОТРе не отмечался, хотя людей оттуда встречал на других серверах.
  19. DarkMinos

    Gym pass service

    Can't make any money while lower level as I have to carry GJ and blue gems, it's really painful! Why should I have to drag a merch behind me when levelling in Abbey? GYM MEMBERSHIP PLEASE!
  20. heresnatan

    Gym pass service

    A Gym Pass that can be given to a special NPC to learn a skill that will increase your Maximum Weight Capacity by 200 for each skill level up to 10. http://ragnarok.wikia.com/wiki/Gym_Pass
  21. Iskand3r

    TalonRO against my eyes

    It's already set to minimum and it doesn't help. Especially in the night, when i play with the light switched off, not to borther my relatives. Now i have to stay in dungeons all the time at night, not to injure my eyes.
  22. Letitia X

    Hello World !!!

    Hi I'm Letitia. I'm new to this server. Is there any beginners' tips for me ?
  23. Iskand3r

    Zeny Sink Ideas 2

    So there was a declined suggestion already on the same topic GMs don't want to make a buffer NPC. OK i agree with that as it will affect the necessity of priests. Now waht about making a payed option at the warper NPC? Like a warp into those maps which cannot be memorized? Like dingeon maps, or some world maps with no warper on them. Well may be except those maps with MvP and castles, as it will make MvP-hunt and WoE a bit unfair.
  24. Iskand3r

    Day-night change at server

    So the winter has come, where days are shorter and the night are longer. And many populated maps inside TalonRO are now covered with snow, which is way too bright. So bright, even switching the brightness of the screen to minimal doesn't help. Especially in the evening, when it's dark outdoors and one prefer to play in the darkness not to borther one's relatives with the lights switched on. Once I used to play at other RO servers and encountered the feature of day/night change. At night the colors are fading and the brightness became lower, though the picture still could be rendered nicely, since the sprite objects' (NPC, players, monsters) colurs haven't changed. So, the suggestion is - what about making a client-based feature of day-night change according tho the clients system clock? Make it switchable in graphic options of course.
  25. Iskand3r

    Time Stamps

    I find it interesting too. Just make it switchable (onn/off) cuz this option is not always necessary
  26. just curious on how long it takes for the staff to approve me and also I saw some players complaining they got denied.. I hope there's a way to check or read some info about it, im just wondering why would they have to review whos going to donate? does it really matter? I mean there's nothing to review as new players only provide limited info where its only a username and a password.. can someone shed a light on this one thank you!!!
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