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  2. thanks for this @Ghaspar! we, the few DD sinx's of tRO, would like to show our appreciation for shedding light on this very enigmatic build. like i always say, may the daggers be with you.
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  4. Hi Brother @Phanman & @DoucheEnrique! Formula for Off Hand Elemental Property Multiplier has been updated: Off Hand (Level 1 to Level 4) Screenshots (Level 5 already done in the guide above) Observations: Off Hand (Level 1) Mastered only 40% ATK Double Attack Damage Output = 563 Off Hand (Level 2) Mastered only 50% ATK Double Attack Damage Output = 603 Off Hand (Level 3) Mastered only 60% ATK Double Attack Damage Output = 643 Off Hand (Level 4) Mastered only 70% ATK Double Attack Damage Output = 683 Off Hand (Level 5) Mastered only 80% ATK Double Attack Damage Output = 722 Equipping the Elemental Weapon in the Off Hand is still beneficial, carrying it over to the overall damage output. However, since you have not mastered that side of your hand (which you never will, given 80% even at max), the innately-endowed Element Property of that weapon will suffer a certain factor of: 0.29-0.07*Off Hand Skill Level. The Revised Formula when Elemental Weapon is equipped in the Off Hand then is: Damage Output = (MC+1*MH+0.80*OH)*EP*(0.29-0.07*Off Hand Skill Level) Note: Guide has been edited accordingly.
  5. Started last week. I'm looking for a server to chill for a bit, rest from my work and grinding ( Games like Gr*nbl*e ). I downloaded few other servers to try and hopefully this is the one that I'm been looking for. See you guys ingame o/
  6. Hi GM, i think i was banned before for having multiple master accounts, which i wasnt aware of. I checked again today and I think I am no longer banned. Can you please make sure I will no longer get banned please.

  7. Yes, players can use a different character to bypass the cooldown. <:
  8. AzzyAi has an easy to use interface and practical for 1st time AI users. MirAi has more options that u can customize your homunculus though the user interface is quite elaborated and might be confusing for first time users. But personally I like MirAI.
  9. Corinthians three-time champion paulista! Easter Gift! 30 titles! The biggest champion of São Paulo. @GewenG "spoilers" Ah! Sorry!
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  11. In a little bit of quick research I've seen that there are a few options; AzzyAI, MirAI, ThothAI and a couple others. Which do you use / recommend as Alchemists? How do your have your AI set up and why?
  12. OK now you've done it Phanneh ... I'll do another test vid ... but this has to wait till tomorrow.
  13. Pr0man

    Hello there

    Heya guys - Pr0man here. Well, what's there to say about me? I'm a 26 year old guy from Germany, currently occupied as a student, thou not for much longer and I came to re-visit TalonRO. I totally loved the game back then already, but me and my friends stopped playing shortly after joining in 2015 because of heavy connectivity issues. After a long while I thought - "what the heck, might as well give it another spin, it's free and I remember it fondly." and now I'm basically posting here. The issues aren't nearly as bad as I remember them, so I stuck around for like 2 weeks, playing mainly my wizard Arkhantos and trying to win some bingo. But, what is there to say about me and RO? Not much really, I have next to no clue about what I am doing and you could totally call me a noob - I wouldn't even judge you for it. I am also generally a shy person, only hopping into main when there's something I can actually help with/answer or when I'm just in a grumpy mood. Probably also the reason why I'm not that far in yet - only 97/50 as a wizard after what is about 2 weeks of running around, testing what maps work since the connectivity isn't nearly as bad as I remember it, but still laggy enough for me to not be able to do stuff like vertical firewalling (which I still think is overrated anyways, got enough big AoEs :>) Going out here to post and to just meet a bunch of new people is no easy task really, let alone finding groups or even Guilds to play with - but hey, maybe I can find a guild sometime that's willing to take a newcomer under their supervision and gives me the rundown on how everything plays out. But until then - I hope to see you guys around sometime, maybe even in a match of bingo, where I'm always testing my luck. 😛
  14. But look at Ghaspar's formula, and look at how it produces the correct result as demonstrated in his screenshots. In that formula, and as explained by the goodly gentleman, it is CLEARLY applied more than once. Perhaps there is something wonky in that formula, or more likely, there is just one more thing that is, as usual, wonky in this videogame. Even if it was applied once, 0.4*1.75 is still a less than 1 modifier, so the correct element would still decrease damage, which is the main point. And if it didn't, something would still not be accounted for, which is the subsidiary point.
  15. The dual wield penalty is ALWAYS only applied once... it's "factor" times "weapon's damage" ... i cant even follow your thoughts anymore ... =/
  16. Yes, of course! Instead of worrying about an elemental weapon at all, if we have a neutral weapon in both hands, it seems that the offhand penalty is applied only once, to the damage contributed by the off-hand weapon. Now, that makes perfect sense. When you have a main hand weapon that is elemental and an off-hand weapon that is neutral, it seems that the offhand penalty is AGAIN applied only once, to the damage contributed by the off-hand weapon. Again that makes perfect sense. But as soon as you put the elemental property weapon into the off-hand, the elemental property modifier gets applied TWICE, ie once at the stage of calculating the off-hand weapon's actual damage, which is 80% of its max, and then AGAIN at the stage of multiplying the whole damage by the elemental modifier. Now that's wacky as hell, and if it's correct, Ragnarok is just being wonky as usual. This becomes most obvious when the result of the (Hand Mastery Damage modifier*the Elemental property modifier) is a number LESS than one, as contemplated in my post above, because as icepick shows us [in case we didn't know from basic maths], multiplication by a greater than one figure is an increase, while multiplication by a LESS THAN ONE fraction IS A DECREASE. To create such a situation, we just have to switch some numbers in the very same equation you have so helpfully provided. We'll use the very numbers I had been talking about in my post. Instead of a modifier of 2 from wind offensive vs water3 defensive, we'll start with a modifier of 1.75 from wind offensive vs water1 defensive (eg jujube vs the lowly poring). Instead of a modifier of 0.8 from left hand mastery maxed, we'll use a modifier of 0.4 from left hand mastery 1. Thus instead of LHM modifier*Elemental modifier giving a greater-than-1 multiplier to increase our damage multiplicand, ie 0.8*2 =1.6, we will have the LHM modifier*elemental modifier resulting in a LESS THAN ONE fraction to DECREASE our damage multiplicand, ie 0.4*1.75 = 0.7. So if the weapon is in the main hand, INSTEAD of (171+1*39+0.80*43) = 244.4 multiplied by elemental modifier of 2 = 488.8, we will have: (171+1*39+0.4*43) = 227.2, which will be multipled by elemental modifier of 1.75 = 397.6 And if the weapon is in the off hand, instead of (171+1*43+0.80*39) = 245.2, to be multiplied by elemental modifier of 2 = 490.4, THEN to be multiplied by mastery modifier of 0.8 AGAIN, = 392, we will have (171+1*43+0.4*39) = 229.6, which will be multiplied by elemental modifier of 1.75 = 401.8, then to be multiplied by mastery modifier of 0.4 AGAIN, = 160.72. Comparing both as neutral, which apparently has an elemental modifier of 1, unaffected by the left hand mastery situation, you'd see that a 39 ATK neutral weapon in the off hand would result in higher damage, because there is no multiplication by a LESS THAN ONE FRACTION going on. Hence: (171+1*43+0.4*39) = 229.6, which has no further elemental OR MASTERY modifier to undergo, and hence ends up higher than 160.72. But OBVIOUSLY a correct elemental modifier should always INCREASE damage, because you're hitting with the CORRECT ELEMENT. So the fact that it wouldn't in this case is just wonked the fuck out. (And if the correct elemental weapon in the off-hand with LHM 1 vs defensive element 1 does still result in higher damage compared to a neutral one of the same ATK,then something may be off about the forumla, for example the bonus damage from elements may be added into the calculation rather than representing a strictly multiplicative modifier.)
  17. Thought I drop by again to show some more artworks! ☺️ Been a busy year but progress has surely been made!
  18. Character cooldown like the regular Et gm? Example if one player plays champ today and has another, can he use his different champ? Ty! 💖
  19. maybe citing a sample computation will help us understand what you were exactly thinking. Just to note: the game actually obliges you to maximize Hands mastery to avoid the said penalties. And, c'mon guys, the topic is already complicated. Let's not make it more complicated to avoid readers confusion. 😉
  20. If having the correct elemental property to deal more damage makes you deal less damage, that is strange beyond strange. If having the correct elemental property to deal more damage does NOT make you deal less damage under the conditions I laid out above, the formula may be slightly off, and may well be so in precisely the manner I described. Considering the uniqueness of the situation if the first line is correct, it would certainly be an oddity germane to dual-weilding.
  21. You are overcomplicating things and pretty much confusing yourself. Using dual wield gives you penalties to damage and ASPD to balance the ability to get 4 more weapon cards. The damage penalty is just a multiplication factor to each hands damage. Mastery changes the number of the factor to 1x for Main hand and 0.8x for off hand. Element of the weapon is just another factor to each hands damage. Apply basic Math: Weapon DMG * Hand's Penalty Factor * Elemental Factor = done There isn't anything strange here IMO. You could argue that RO is incoherent about how it handles damage. Like having different "flavors" of ATK and handling each of them slightly differently. Base ATK from STR, Weapon ATK, Upgrade Bonuses, direct ATK bonus from cards and skills. But this is not a problem of dual wield but its own topic.
  22. exactly. and THAT is why you call it Right-Hand or Left-Hand Mastery because the game considers you ignorant to it by default which needs mastery. Otherwise, you'll suffer for what you've just said. However, no one would do that anyway. 😁
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