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    • I have been playing Hw for about 2y now, and I got some pretty nice gears already. I got a little bored of selling abbey leech to buy new gears, and I was wondering if I could upgrade my leeching spot to something more rentable. So I tried goin thor03 to see how things go. I teamed up with a HP friend first, to check if we could survive it, and we did just fine (with the ocasional wipe when we mob more than 3 guardian). When I tried to solo it, however, things became kinda messy and I couldn't last 15 minutes alive. I know that thor03 dual leech is kinda common, but my friend is not available at the same time as I am, and I heard some people can actually solo thor03 (but I'm starting to think it's just a legend). I could not find any specific tips for thor03, so here I am asking you fellow talonians: how can I manage to survive that nasty volcano? Gears I have atm:
      top LKH
      mid [vesper]
      bot cold breath
      weap SoM [NNN]
      shield Valk Shield [Alice]
      armor FA [RSX]
      shoes Sleip [Eddga]
      garment NSFM [Leak]
      acc celebration ring
      acc celebration ring

      tele clip on switch
      SQI bonus +15 DEX, Faster Amp cast 

      On my runs I use only SL buffs, main problems I run into are
      Bow Guardian = ranged dmg high aspd stun atk, a real nightmare x.x
      Sonic Blow = high damage and stun chance, it can one shot me if my hp is below 70%
      Stun status = no dmg on mobs = death  I've tried: switching leak garment for devi; balancing my stats to get more vit while still killing sala with one SG; just teleing around until buffs run off (rebuff is very risky, can't make it to safe spot 7/10 tries); having HP slave to get assumptio (assumptio is a real life savior, problem is duration too low)... none of them seem to work to get at least some 80% survival rate, which I find bare minimum to try to start leeching. I'm still about to try dualing another HP to mob and buff because of budget purposes (can't gear 2 char at the same time), and also I don't really want to spend 50m+ gearing a hp just to find out later that there's a chaper alternative, or that even with dual client it's still hard as hell. I heard there is a card which adds a chance to cast pneuma every time you're hit, maybe that would help me against guardians? Maybe I should just bring CWP for every hourly run and charge more for the consumables? Maybe run 97 vit and use stat foods? Get 20% ranged reduction SQI bonus? Give up and go back to abbey? Help =(

      Any advice on gears/strategy? I thought maybe you mighty thor leechers could share some of your knowledge with me <3 
    • Source : trust me bro  Ill glady do it when i get home.
    • Hi Ghostz! Im an old member from gathering RO. And Im looking for you guys, you guys still playing in this server? If you guys still playing. I will play here too. Thanks!  pinoy here! LF>Ed Stampede
    • Thanks for the feedback guys, it sounds like something really has changed in the atk script/calculation/whatever. Call me paranoid, or once bitten twice shy, but I kind of agree with Shendel.  I'll probably be overly skeptical because it didn't work for me in the past, and keeping an eye on IS cards lately, I haven't seen anything like a double IS haedog, a quad IS main gauche, or any other use of the card that would clearly prove it to be a SBK weapon. Can anyone who owns and uses an IS carded weapon, intended for use with SBK, verify that it does indeed work? A screenshot of your gear, you hitting some mob with it, a video maybe. Just some kind of proof? Anything like that would be greatly appreciated. With how much just a quad zipper bear MG helps SBK, I can't imagine how fun a quad IS one would be if it really does work. 
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