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    for the hit - you can get +12hit hidden enchant on armour.. thats like 10 dex... so enough stat points for some more str or whatnot.. Also, it will be much easier, if you start focusing on 1 monster (kasa) and afterwards (when you are confortable) try to go for salamander/guards and dont worry about effectiveness - dont worry about other classes, who can do better (sooner or later, someone will show up with this comment) - the important part is, if you like it and if it makes you happy..
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    Well, I just came back after 4 years. Finally got a new laptop!
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    Autocasted skills have NO cost
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    Because we - others, who care (not you) - are doing this in the long run. We want the forums to be organized and neat, so that people who want answer, will be able to find it - not ask for a millionth time, but to find it.. the info is already here - all these people need to do, is search for the answer... There are people who dont want this to become trashy spammers place - and there are also people like you, who try to sound, how helpfull they are and in the same time try to present others, who actually try to achieve something, as some stupid egomaniacs who dont even know the answers. lucky enough, there are yet other people, who actually read, think and afterwards will tell you, that they appreciate what you do - not you - us... so, yes, you are the bad guy in this disscussion - you were the first one who started attacking someone, who just wanted to point out something (and he really did not attack OP - just told him, that there is no need to ask the same question every 2 days..) there is no point on keep copy/pasting the guides and advice that are already here or on wiki - this is just like the "give a fish / teach how to fish" issue - for some reason, you try to make it sound, that it is bad, to teach peeple how to fish...
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    Yes it actually works that way you are thinking. Same with dex and cast reduction.
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    Did I hear CEB? Made a +9 by using 6 hats.
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    Good to see you again Biste. Best of luck to ya!
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    You can have it enchanted by wearing specific headgears that activate upon normal attacks: holy marching hat - aspersio imp hat - flame launcher sleeper hat - seismic weapon dark age [1] - shadow property gryphon hat / splash hat - lightning loader fish bowl and fish head hat - frost weapon and there are others too
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    Try uninstalling every RO file in your computer. Really clean it, run CCleaner, or similiar. Then try downloading the full installer: https://panel.talonro.com/download.html Should work.