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    We are excited to reveal the next episodic release of Nightmare's Rift: Tales of the Sword Maidens. Stay tuned for further updates!
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    Eventsu reminder - we are currently holding a social media contest on our instragram page - Click me There’s only one day left to enter and win “Stall of Angel” costume
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    F12 will give you other "cells" to be filled with skills.. you are most likely talking about "battlemode" check your settings (esc ingame) - usually it is assigned to letters on your keyboard.. you can activate it by typing /bm - the text box should kind of change its borders and you should be able to use keys to call skills/items that you previously set into the hotkeys cells.. the rows of shotcuts (F12 thing) should correspond with rows of keys -> "q,w,e,r,t,z,u...." and next row will be "a,s,d,f,g,h,......" and next one "y,x,c,v,b...." when in /bm state, you cant type - you need to hit spacebar or enter to be able to type - while typing, /bm is not active - it will activate again after hitting enter.. https://wiki.talonro.com/Interface_Guide
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    Welcome! I recommend eating Haru over here, she is a very tasty bunny kebab!🍴
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    I've been playing RO since it was basically available in Europe, taking breaks off and on. And with iRO now being unavailable in majority of European countries, I have been looking for (preferably low-rates) Servers. I'm still mostly used to Renewal, so I will have to re-acquaint myself with how things were... years ago, I suppose. Back to a time when I was, actually, very dumb about this game and didn't know how to do decent builds. (Not that I know any for Renewal, either)
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    If you ignore DEF etc. and just consider the resistence then Harpy card and Holy Robe would indeed give the same resistence / reduction for a Demon hitting you with a normal attack. But if said Demon uses any skill of a non-Neutral property Harpy would not give any reduction while Holy Robe still works because the source is still a Demon. Furthermore Demons often use Shadow property attacks and for those Holy Robe would reduce remaining 85% damage by another 10%
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    165 is more than I have I dont run full int - I have just enough for places where I go and I enjoy my "high" VIT (I never had over 30 vit on my HWs, so I enjoy it) maybe if I had time to play with party, I will think different - but in last few months, I play only solo novice and I am having great fun with it
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    Wholeheartedly agree
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    This is the result of your dedication and time well spent! Maybe if am brave enough I'll show my artsu as well
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    this is good color tho hahaha I would like to suggest to add time when a certain MVP died. The time will be based on server's time so it will not be too much work if this can be possible. ( but ofc having your own GMT time to be put in the time it died is better.) So we bonus bundle players will just have to type !time and subtract the minutes from when the MVP died and the current server time. Why? Because sometimes, you just eat lunch or breakfast or gone to toilet while waiting to an MVP , then you go downstairs and after u get back, the MVP already dead and your timer in MVP Tracker in guiderz says 25 to 35 mins etc etc etc ago and you dont know what to put in the text box, and you will just assume a certain time it died, then after assuming it is correct and ur waiting for next spawn, it dies 5 mins ahead of your timer SO MUCH PAIN!!!!! < / 3 ( happens when, eating, mom calls you, toilet, friend asked help, you took a bath, you feed your pet, etc etc etc and we all know sometimes mvps spawns continuously and we want to track them ) I hope it is possible. Thank you readers and GMs!