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    phew , i can make it on time xD i hope its ok to put seal characters reference like nokrah and the others so here my entry hope u guys like it.. ign: -6--Momoyo--9- for full resolution: http://hyuki69.deviantart.com/art/TalonRO-677720566
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    Probably not going to make it in time for the deadline, but I'll occasionally post progress anyway. Gasp, I might make it. No one point out the fact that I thought this contest was supposed to end 24 hours before the actual deadline. Q_Q Oh wow, I made it. Grape Juice has saved my friends and I so many times, so it'd be a crime for me to not pay tribute to it. IGN: Espi
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    i hope you like puns :> my art tumblr (and mostly RO art) is @ fumiddition I still have my newbie status, but finally decided to do this while I still have the courage to-- Howdy, Talon-ers! My name is Fumi and my main IGN is Ardinda (feel free to use either or be as creative as you want). I used to play, draw and rp RO about a handful of years ago, but recently I've been Asura Strike'd right in the feels again and decided to creep back into it for good ol' nostalgia's sake and take my sweet time with it here. That being said, it's only been a few days since I've first logged in (I've shamefully forgotten almost every command and underestimated some monsters ultimately leading to my countless deaths), but I hope to meet more of you cool leaf cats in-game and look forward to be able to use this little art corner to share some drawings of my adventures here on this server whenever I can. I'll start off with an art of Ardinda! She just turned Super Novice thanks to an awesome guildie's help (shoutout to IGN Holiday Roll!) and I just finished this today. Aaand on to my shop section! Since I'm still a big loser and very much gearless to the core, I'd like to take this opportunity to offer: Single half body character, cel-shaded commissions for 30 mil zeny / 30 Talon Coins each - I will work one at a time, but I'll provide a waitlist if necessary! These are samples of commissions I've done, so you can expect the final result to be more or less like these: If you're interested, do Sharp Shoot me a reply down below and I'll get back to you with the details I need! Working Slots / Waiting List / Current Progress Slot #01: jessu x 1 (colouring - paid) x 1 (sketching - paid) Slot #02: Maruvin (sketching) Slot #03: Reira (sketching) Waitlist #01: Arya Waitlist #02: Kisuka* Waitlist #03: GM Luna Waitlist #04: • ρ j • Waitlist #05: Restless Waitlist #06: GM Zelda Waitlist #07: M a s h i` Desu Waitlist #08: Iela Waitlist #09: (anon) Thank you so much for your time and looking - I hope to update this thread casually with more RO art~
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    Beep boop \o/ dropping off random chibi doodles I did n_n An OC of mine (named... Mistreil! my main boi); not RO-related. Aaand my soul linker (Mistreil) and assassin (Papopi)! I may have used 20TC to buy a hat costume instead of gearing up for geffenia farming. Hehe.
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    Hey guys, I hope you're all doing well! I wasn't planning on submitting anything, but after seeing the Seurat piece, that woke the dragon in me. Behold, I present to you, The Creation of Boreas! Ign: Imperatrix II It's complete. For the Boreas fangirls:
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    ign: Burger Steak I'm a little frustrated that the textures and all does not look like the one in my sketch pad. I'm sorry if the quality is bad.
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    Hello! I played on tRO a long time ago and just recently started playing again! I don't really know anyone so I figured I would say hi by posting some of my RO related drawings. If you would like to see some of my non RO related drawings you can find some on my Instagram Thanks for looking ~
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    2017 Winners Announcement Celestial Greetings beloved Talonians, First and foremost, let me start off by saying this contest has not been an easy one to judge, each participant should be extremely proud of themselves for creating such astonishing artwork. On behalf of me and the rest of the GM team, we would like to thank you dearly for your craftsmanship and hard efforts. Furthermore, and a brief reminder to all winners, you may only win once, should your entry win in two categories this does not necessarily mean you will be granted additional prizes as stated in the official rules of the contest. Rules Login Screen Winners Winners of this category will win - 30 Talon coins + April Monthly Box & Lora Pet: Huge congratulations to both @Hyuki69 @crayna Loading Screen Winners Winners of this category will win - 30 Talon Conis + April Monthly Box: Congratulations to the following winners in this category: @yawnallday @Mistreil @Kurai Shónin @Nheki Runners up In this category, you will win – April Monthly Box. A commendation to the following winners in the runners up category: @Arcelle @yawnallday @Nheki @Pneuma @BurgerSteak @Graytea The prize will be given out in the days to come, once again we would like to thank all participants! Until next time.
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    May flowers begin to bloom this month on TalonRO! Our latest monthly patch unveils new changes to the Wave Challenge minigame, plus bug fixes to Taekwon Missions, expanded Bonus Bundle options, and much more! We're also pleased to unveil a new addition to the Player Control Panel in the form of the new Item Wishlist feature! Plus, enjoy a new monthly Costume Box and a new Tam Tam's Gift region. Please take a moment to review all of our latest changes below - and as always, happy gaming! The latest feature to enter the Player Control Panel is the all-new Item Wishlist. This new feature, available on the Panel, allows you to curate a special list of items that you're seeking for your Game Accounts within your Master Account. Simply enter in the ID number of the item you're looking for, populate with some information - such as the maximum amount of zeny you're looking to spend on the item, and what types of additional cards or enchants you're looking for that item to have, and the wishlist will keep running track! What's even better? When the item that you're looking for is below your target maximum price, you'll receive an email alerting you that the item is available! The item wishlist will periodically check the marketplace for the items, and the Item Wishlist will let you know when it swept the market last for you - ensuring that you have data which you can use to secure the item(s) that you want! We hope this new feature proves helpful, effective, and efficient for all of our community members - and most of all, we hope that you'll enjoy it! Player Control Panel - Item Wishlist The new Item Wishlist feature is now live on the Player Control Panel! Create and curate your own wishlist of items that you're looking for in the market easily by entering the ID number of the item. You can even add modifiers, such as the exact refine rate you're looking for if applicable, plus cards, enchantments, and more. Enter in the maximum price that you're willing to spend. When the item falls below that price on the market, TalonRO will send you an email to the address on file for your Master Account to alert you of the price and availability! The Item Wishlist will also automatically sweep the marketplace for you, and will keep track of when this search was last performed. Our latest gameplay changes are designed to address essential needs to make your gaming experience on TalonRO the best that it can be! The GM Staff is always assessing the state of gameplay and working to make things dynamic, challenging, and - most of all - fun! Read below for our latest gameplay changes: Gameplay Changes The Wave Challenge minigame is now instanced for your immediate use! This means you'll never have to worry about finding an available room - play in on instanced mode and party on! The skill set of the lower level mercenaries have been slightly adjusted, and prices for these mercenaries have been reduced slightly as well (with even greater price reductions for Timed Mode). Various new monsters and MVPs have been added to the spawn lists with in the Wave Challenge to freshen up the content within this minigame. The Unlimited Challenge Mode, while functionally unlimited, now contains a hard limit of 12 hours due to its compatibility with being instanced. However, this time frame does not impost a timed ceiling, as it well exceeds the length of time for virtually any party play. The 1-hour limit per floor has been removed. Your party can participate as long as desired per floor, so long as the final time limit has not elapsed. Although we have thoroughly tested this instance, bugs might be present. If you find any, please report them to us as soon as possible! Changes to the Bonus Bundle have also been implemented: Kafra Agents will now be available to grant the "storeall" feature for a fee of 1,000 zeny. This option will place all of your items in your inventory into storage for you in a single transaction. This option will only available through the Bonus Bundle options when enabled. The Bonus Bundle has also been moved back to the Reward Guru. The cost for the Bonus Bundle via the Reward Guru will be 50 Copper Coins. This reflects its previous price prior to being moved out of the Reward Guru. Slightly increased the size of the no-vending zone in Comodo. Slightly increased the Hazy Forest cooldown from 2.5 hours to 4 hours. Aegir Armor now drops from Kraken and Aegir Cloak now drops from Red Eruma rather than the other way around. The location of the Stylist and Dressing Coach has moved! This is to better separate the entry point for new players, while keeping a dedicated space open for stylist and dressing options. The new location of the Stylist and Dressing Coach can be found in Prontera near 165,168 - at the building located near the Vending Officer NPC in Prontera. As a result, the chatbox-allowed zone in Prontera has been moved down a bit. Our latest bug fixes are also part of our ongoing effort to ensure that TalonRO runs smoothly, and that your experience is running at full capacity! TalonRO always takes the opportunity with our monthly updates to address any lingering issues through player-based bug reports or those brought to our attention - all with the hope of making your gaming time great. Read below for this month's latest bug fixes: Bug Fixes The Taekwon Mission skill should now (really) be fixed! This skill will now only select monsters from within the Dead Branch database. Previously, this skill would pull potential monsters from the entire database range, which occasionally would include unavailable / event / unimplemented monsters as part of a TK mission. The Novice Shield (item # 2113) now properly reduces damage from Holy and Shadow elements. Fixed Leak Card (item # 4520) also causing Confusion on enemies when using non-Magic skills. Fixed !killannounce showing Lost Dragon kills. Fixed questlog entries for Peace for Arunafeltz quest. This month's Tam Tam's Gift region takes us into a classic dungeon worth re-exploring: Umbala Fields and Dungeon! Embark on a special rumble in the jungle and fight against this month's Champion Monsters and earn yourself valuable coins, additional experience, and much more! Tam Tam's Gift Region May's region includes the Umbala Field maps and Umbala Dungeon map. This month's Champion Monsters are as follows: Wootan Fighter Dustiness Beetle King Stone Shooter Wootan Shooter Finally, no monthly patch would be complete without our latest monthly costume box! With our new graphic below, you'll be able to see which costumes are part of our classic series, all the way up to which in the monthly box are truly so rare that they might as well be legendary! The Rainbow Star Costume returns to our monthly costume box, and includes the wildly exotic Nidhogg Wig to make your mane look fabulous! Other additions to this month's box make it one worth obtaining - and be sure to do so, as each month a new box with new contents will take its place! May's costume box is currently available in the Reward Guru - and we hope that you get something fun to show off to the world of Midgard! May 2017 Monthly Costume Box This month's costume items include the following Rainbow Star Costume Nidhogg Wig Costume Heavenly Dark Flame Costume Protection Crown Costume Drooping Ahat Costume Monochrome Gothic Bonnet Costume Sitting Pope Costume Barrel Helm Costume Tiger Face Costume Ashura Fairy Hat Costume Sailor Hat Costume Deviruchi Hat Costume We hope that you enjoy this month's latest updates - and, as always, happy gaming from all of us on TalonRO! It is our great pleasure and privilege to proudly feature artwork from the TalonRO community as part of our monthly patch update series! Artwork featured in this month's update includes work from PhantomPuppeteer, Yoshimi, Elza, Antei Kun, Marly, and GM Spica!
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    Hey there o/, just want to share something that happened today I drew Princess Zelda this morning. After the initial sketch I didn't know what to do with it so I just left her to the side while I'm occupied. As time flew by I noticed I would idly keep adding onto it little by little during breaks.. By the end of the day it I kinda grew into something and all I had to do was to balance the image by adding another subject on the left side and fix the composition I've attached the progress sketches and how it evolved below, kind of funny how things could work out by just going on with the flow for almost the whole process without having any idea on what I wanted to do . It doesn't happen all the time! xD Needless to say, I can't wait to have it colored EDIT: as for the slots.. I really can't promise anything atm @fumiddition thank you fumi, ..you make really adorable chibis @noxeric Yus! Let's see how this one turns out :3c
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    This is something I drew for a couple of friends' wedding. A rare sunny day wedding ceremony in Lutie. Hopefully you guys will like it. IGN: Celetille Kailya
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    I've hit the 2mb limit IGN still Kurai Shonin or [Kurai] my model was BlueFreya
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    Aw so do I! I love looking at all the RO art here, they're all amazing~ I've also added you and will contact you when I'm ready! Finished commissions for @Mei Magnolia and @Orchestra! Full size has been given through PM~
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    Our Battlegrounds Refresh continues progress with the release of our closed beta signup process! For Talonians with Battlegrounds experience and PvP / BG equipment at the ready, we would love your assistance in helping to test the latest release of Battlegrounds before its live unveiling to the broader community! Read on below for how to sign up, plus updates to our upcoming live BG event unveiling! Our upcoming Battlegrounds Refresh continues on - and we're looking for experienced PvP and BG players to assist in a special closed beta testing of our latest BG version. In light of this testing, we're also modifying the date of our live BG event - all to ensure that our latest version has undergone community testing and is ready for primetime! Read below for the details on requirements and how to participate in the closed beta: Gameplay Changes Our Battlegrounds Refresh now includes a special closed beta testing period. For those interested in testing out these latest changes, please note the following: Requirements: please be an experienced Battlegrounds participant - meaning that you are familiar with how Battlegrounds works / operates, how to form teams, modes of gameplay, etc. Please also have PvP and/or Battlegrounds equipment at the ready on your character to ensure proper participation. To sign up: please visit our TalonRO Battlegrounds Closed Beta page and follow the instructions by indicating your interest in the beta process. During the week of May 21st, TalonRO will send out email invitations to selected closed beta participants. Instructions and time of the test will be included in the email if you are selected for the beta test. As a result of the closed beta test, our live Battlegrounds Refresh event will be held on June 4th, 2017. Details on this event will be forthcoming, following our closed beta test! Thank you as always for your patience, interest, and participation! We hope that you'll sign up for our beta test if eligible. Thanks as always - and happy gaming!
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    Hello!~ I'm Ryokumi in TalonRO but Kukuro-Kun everywhere. xD It's my first time playing tRO but I used to play Ragnarok Online from a different private server years ago. Idk how many years it has been since I last played one but yeah.... I'll just be dropping my artworks for now and might probably selling these soon. For now, I need some tips on pricing suggestion. How much are you willing to pay if I were to sell my work? Seems like there's something wrong with my post that I can't seem to edit it. I hope it gets fixed. If you want to see my full gallery, you can check out my DeviantART. http://kukuro-kun.deviantart.com/ I'll just be starting to post some recently made artworks here soon. c:
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    Aaaand to celebrate one month of being on tRO and opening the art shop, I'd like to fill a nifty 1920x1080 canvas with a bunch of chibis. If you're interested in having your character be a part of this wallpaper, please reply with screenshots of your character, as well as one word that best describes your character! You're free to post as many characters as you'd like, but please note that, unless interest is low, I'll probably only be able to fit in one of your characters. D: If you're part of a group or guild and would like to be placed near your friends, please let me know. Here's my lonely High Priest to start things off: Things might be resized along the way, hehe. Edit: Just to clarify, chibis for the wallpaper are 100% free. :>
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    Art assignment champions!
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    Hi guys. This is the second day of mine in this server, and i found the art contest is going to end! So i make a quick run in the last minutes Hope you guys like it. Thanks
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    GREETINGS. Call me ArtJerbs. [A promotional of some sort, showing off my flexibility] I have been contemplating on whether or not I should set up an art shop here on the forums, but I'm finally here, posting in the Art Corner. So let's get to the main point. I'm providing art services in exchange for Talon Coins or Zeny. I have not done any RO related artworks yet, but I'm positive I can deliver the good stuff to you, hehe. I've provided a promotional, but if you want to see more works, I'll provide a link to my Facebook album. MY IGNs: Celina Emelie | Eimear Iona My new tumblr (will be updated when commissions start coming): https://artjerbs.tumblr.com/ WHAT I'LL NEED FROM YOU Your soul Your IGN (Mail me ingame) You can also post here with your IGN. UPDATED: Your email (inbox me for privacy) so I can send you the high quality file/s. Your character sprite's details. Your trust. LEGEND My works are mostly digital, but if you want a traditional setup (e.g ink, watercolor), let's talk. Works are done in 300dpi (digital), so even if it's just a small portrait, it's high quality. The go-to art style for commissions here is the typical anime. Zeny can also be used, not just TC. Delivery ranges from 3-7 days, depends on how hard the request is. UPDATED: I'll send the HQ quality file over when the payment is handed over. RATES 1 TC -> 1.2m Portrait/Headshot [800x800px]: B&W - 15 TC || Colored - 20 TC Half Bodyshot [900x1200px] - B&W - 30 TC || Colored - 35 TC Full Bodyshot [1000x1500px] - B&W - 45 TC || Colored - 55 TC Group Shot - COMING SOON Custom Shot - Starts as low as 10 TC ARTJERBS SPECIALTY (https://www.facebook.com/edowadokaba/media_set?set=a.157339184771714.1073741832.100014869007607&type=3) If you know of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, I can JoJo-fy your character. Provided below is a JoJo-fied version of myself, as sample. Click the link above to see more samples. Portrait/Headshot [1000x1000px] - B&W - 20 TC || Colored - 25 TC Well, that's about all the information I can post here! Hopefully I can be of service to your aesthetic desires. CUSTOMERS GET A SPECIAL MENTION! My first customer, @Nefertina ♥! Thank you very much! CURRENTLY WORKING ON: Full bodyshot: Nefertina (8-10 days)
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    Final version for @Mei Magnolia: Background done by @Mistreil!
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    You're welcome! Glad to have you aboard! Finished commissions for @ilya ☆! Full sizes have been given through PM~
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    More finished commissioned artwork for @Arya I was really excited to draw them when I got the reference pictures for these two amazing-looking characters!
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    Finished commission for @GM Luna! Full size has been given through PM~
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    Finished commission for @Orchestra! Full size has been given through PM~ Been trying to do the extra hairstyles quest today, but I gave up at the third attempt and went back to art haha Part lazy part god-my-hunter-is-weak-as-heck RIP
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    Finished commission for @GM Cherri! Full size has been given through PM~
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    Dumping more stuff here! Headshot commission for hazelae `w`)9 Aaand made stickers of @Arcelle's high priest Espi:
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    The Guild Directory has just received an exciting new feature - guild recruitment! Guilds are an essential cornerstone of Midgard - whether you're getting together under the common cause to claim your own castle in War of Emperium (WoE), banding a group together to take on entry-level or end-game challenges, or forming a group of close friends to stay social, the guild experience is an essential part of the community. Today we're pleased to expand the wonderful feature of the Guild Directory with a feature that is sure to delight guild leaders and prospective members alike. Introducing guild recruitment: now you can apply, review, accept, and finalize the guild recruitment process by leveraging the new Guild Directory! This exciting update will make guild management easy, centralized, and accessible even if you or your delegates aren't in-game at the moment. Read on below for all of the features on this fantastic expansion. Lastly - a quick update to our Item Wishlist feature: we've now added an option to toggle notification emails on or off, depending on your preference! The addition of the guild recruitment sections of the Guild Directory allow players to apply to guilds which are openly recruiting, and for guild leaders to manage their applications. As a player, you'll enjoy the convenience of being able to apply to an open guild with your character. Simply apply with the character that you would like to be eligible, review the guild's criteria if applicable for fit, type of gameplay, etc., then complete an application - all from within the guild recruitment section! Simply visit any guild's page in the directory, and click on the "Apply Now" button if they are openly recruiting! This is where the guild leader takes over! For guild leaders, a new special section exists to manage your pending applications from prospective applicants. Review their materials for your guild and consider the application. If you feel as though this would be a good member for your guild, feel welcome to approve their application - all right from the Guild Management section! This would just be like inviting someone to your guild in-game - but you can do this from the convenience of the Directory. Lastly for players, once the guild leader has approved your application, speak with any Kafra Agent to accept the position! You'll be able to visit any Kafra across Midgard and speak with them about your guild application. From there, the Agent will allow you to accept the approved invite - so you won't need to try and find that guild leader or their delegates online, allowing you to join in the fun and community of your new guild right away! Guild Applications & Approvals You may now add up to two (2) Co-Leaders to your guild page. Co-Leaders can edit all the guild page settings the same way the Guild Leader is able to. This is, of course, not required. The guild recruitment feature of the Guild Directory is now active! Prospective applicants / players to a guild can now enjoy the following, all right from the directory: Click on any guild which is openly recruiting to be taken to their guild page. Click on the "Apply Now" button under the recruiting heading to be taken to an application form. Fill out the application form for the guild which you're hoping to join and be sure to make your application fun, authentic, and personable! If approved by the guild leader, you can accept the invitation by speaking with any Kafra Agent in Midgard. Join your new guild immediately and be part of their great community! Guild leaders now have access to expanded application management and approval functions. Review all new pending applications in the management section of the Guild Directory. Approve or decline applications based on the information available and their application form. Once you approve a new member, they will be able to join right away by speaking with any Kafra Agent! Guild leaders can now drag and drop images into the editor when filling out their guild's description! This new support in the text editor will allow you to drop your photos into the editor directly, where they will be automatically uploaded to Imgur. You can even crop your photos directly now as well! Item Wishlist Notification emails may now be turned on or off in the Item Wishlist, depending on the item you are entering. Simply visit the Item Wishlist and toggle "On" or "Off" when entering an item into your personal wishlist. This will allow you greater control over which items for you would like to receive a notification email, and those which you would not. We hope that you enjoy this new feature and expanded offerings to make guild application and management seamless and easy! This new feature will allow you to spend less time on management, and more time playing the game you love with your new friends. Thanks as always for your support - and happy gaming! It is our great pleasure and privilege to proudly feature artwork from the TalonRO community as part of our Official News posts! Artwork featured in this news post includes work from Arcelle and GM Spica!
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    @Fabianne Keira Your character is really cool Sorry it took so long!
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    Hello! The name's Nox and I'm new to TalonRO! I'm also here to share my art and gather the courage to open up this little art shop. This is my first attempt at selling my art for zeny / TC, so I hope everything goes well and that I didn't screw up any information in this post.In all honesty, I'd really love to buy myself better gears...! So for now, I'll only be offering half-body artworks for 20 mil / 20 TC per art. It'll be a single character without background like these two samples below: I will require full payment upfront once I've accepted your commission. Please mail your payment to my IGN Nox Levon and I will work on your commission right away! If you're interested, please reply with the following form: Your IGN (to keep track of payment) Character sprite or art reference Hair colour Eye colour Brief personality Other detail (anything at all that will help) Slots: Wise (completed) Kisuka* (completed) Jessu (completed) Arya (completed) Arya (completed) [OPEN] [OPEN] Here are commissions which I have completed: Most of my stuff can be seen at noxism @ tumblr and noxism @ deviantart If you have any questions at all, just ask away! Thank you for your time and I hope to enjoy exploring this server!
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    Happy birthday to @Mr. Little Lamb! Thanks to @Aspartame for commissioning me. @Lizz Your chibis are next if you'd still like them! Sorry for the long wait.
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    Thank you so much for the warm welcome, Arya!! I love looking at all the RO art here - the variety of characters makes me happy! Finished commission for @Kisuka*! Full size has been given through PM~
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    Psst. You can now also add up to 2 co-leaders to your guild directory page. These two members will have the same editing rights as the leader. Spread the word ~
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    Is not all games in life all my friends. Enjoy while you playing, farming is just the part where you struggle but later you will enjoy with the zenys you have. Don't sit too long in front of PC, spend sometimes on family & friends. If you are like me without friends then go for a workout. That's what i do, you sure have your own things to do. Please don't shoot me, just an advice from a old man. Peace y'all.
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    Here is my rendition of Pinguicula in Vector Style to represent Spring. IGN: Please Forgive Me
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    IGN: Schein Saifell Inspired by Yuuki Tatsuya's Biolab fanart
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    POSEIDON "Think this can be you? Catch us in Izlude." - - Recruitment is: OPEN Discord is mandatory for all prospective applicants who want to rock it with us. Official Application: Click Here
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    For @Mei Magnolia: Mistreil will be making a simple background for this later, oooooooooh.
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    My first RO related artwork, @Nefertina ♥'s High Priest! Thank you again!
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    First of All, I haven't playing any Ragnarok Online for almost 3 years, but I've returned mainly because I love to experience the game which has really good plot, story-line, hard worker farmer, etc etc. I made this guide because I've study so many newbie guide but when actually read it, its not for newbie people at all, its more likely for who have known the game for more like 1 week ~2 months playing or have friends to tell how or what to do etc. they are good but for newbie its hard to understand and boring, so when I can't really state what it meant or more than my understanding I'll put a link, so others can quickly see the more and most good advance guide there, that's for introduction. What I am written here is for mostly or Completely Beginner Player or who really don't know what to do like farming zeny, where to hunt, base and job leveling, equipment. So, as a title says "Its for New Player Archer". I am not going to go too much fast pace, and only until level 50. This also from my experience so please don't judges me too seriously, I have been playing solo mostly like 8/10 and I am also a noob who doesn't have any friend(s) In this Talon Ragnarok Online, after you enter the game and done tutorial "DON'T SKIP TUTORIAL" just before changing jobs, After that "PLEASE DO JOB QUEST" for changing Job, because you are new to the world, you don't have friends to help you and you really don't have zeny (you got about 10k zeny in the beginning)to buy equipment, buffs, potion etc needed in the game, so do job quest so you can get Copper Coin which can be used later for Rental Items. Job Quest guide can be found here. There you just get Copper Coins for Free. I'll explain where to get equipment, items needed to kill monster, where to get Base and Job Exp Then, You are now mostly Level 21~24 Base and Lv.1 Job, from here on you're gonna to be busy. After getting a job the archer Guild gave you bow and arrow, yes for equip, just double click and it'll equip automatically. After that Go to Payon City, Warp>Cities>Payon, the go south ward then in the left side go to the wooden roof house, ta da.... that's where you are gonna get bow or arrow. P.S. THIS IS FOR ARCHER Based HUNTER Firstly, I really recommend you buy silver arrow which cost 2z get it about 1000 at least, and buy 1~3 Concentration Potion for your attack speed. and go back to the town and warp to Payon Dungeon to kill monsters. As for stats, Archer need fast attack speed/dodge as well as good or best hit rate so i suggest putting to like STR-9 (damage and increase weight limit) VIT - 9 (Hp and Def) AGI- 26 and DEX - 20. Go to Payon Dungeon and equip silver arrow, drink concentration potion, now start killing Skeleton for Exp. it'll be 100% hit with Skeleton and will need 2~5 hit to die, also beware of Zombie and Familiars which are aggressive don't let them surround you. Archer got ranged advantages so, you can pick them from afar, one by one. Now, after killing monsters you get Skill Stats/Points which you need to add. I recommend to add Owl's Eye (add Dex)and Vulture's Eye (HIT and Ranged) to max at first and then Add Attention Concentration (% to AGI/DEX) then Double Strafing skill to kill monster, as it name implies it attack double with 1 arrow and used SP and finally AOE attack Arrow Shower with remaining skill points. Altogether 49 points. Platinum skills can be learned at Prontera near Hunting Quests Board Making Arrow (It's a skill which you can make an arrow from materials detail can be found here) and Charge Arrow Where to Level with some basic detailed Level 21~30 Payon Dungeon 00(Silver Arrow) [Skeleton, Zombie, Familiars and Poporing] and Prontera Culvert, to go to Culvert you need access so here is how to do LINK [Thief Bug, Familiars, Tarou, Thief Bug Egg, Female Thief Bug, Spore] By the Way, keep everything drops. Level 31~40 Payon field 09 (Fire Arrow) [Smokie, Bigfoot and Poporing] Level 37~45 Bibilian Dungeon 01/02 [Plankton, Vadon, Marina, Kukre and Hydra (Immovable)] (Wind Arrow) Level 41~50 A. Payon field 02 [Wolf, Snake, Poporing, Spore (for spore don't use fire)] B. Orc Dungeon 01 [Orc Zombie, Orc Skeleton, Drainliars (Silver Arrow)(They are Aggressive) Steel Chonchon (Stone Arrow or Neutral)] C. Einbroch Field 02 [Geographer (Aggressive and Immovable) Holden Metaling](Fire Arrow) As for other leveling guide and other most useful guides which I found very good and much more please see below with links A. Talon Wiki Leveling Guide here B. A Great guide made by Kimchii for farming and leveling can be found here C. A Class overview made by kkroto01 here D. Mercenary guide by Goodboy here As for others I'll update when available Now Equipment Guide and Strategy For this, its very hard to make a guide because, you start out with your first character which is an archer, so, i'll try to keep up the necessary materials/ equipment but low cost as possible. Firstly, after changing your job as an archer what you get is a bow, i suggest you used it all the way until you get 25~40k zeny to buy new Bow. You can get the following Bows at NPC Vendors Composite Bow[3] 2,500z Great Bow[2] 10,000z Crossbow[2] 17,000z Gakkung[1] 42,000z Arbalest [1] which gives +2 DEX 48,000z As for others if you can find Pantie and Undershirt MDEF+1 which is a combo set which gives AGI+5 and Flee Rate +10, it is best if not forget it, As for Armor or Head gear Use Magnifier (can be buy in NPC Vendors )to Identify the drop equipment and equip, common items which are normally drops are Ribbon +3 MDEF, Hood, Cotton Shirt, Sandals, Skull Ring, Gold Ring. Equip as desire. Most of them gave DEF. Also, you can upgrade it with an Ore, which will give decent DEF and ATK for Weapons, depend the Level of Equipment Ore are Differentiate. I'll try to update as fast when I'm done some investigation regarding guide. Thank you. Btw, I really am not playing or logging my account anymore, wish this help, also got a friend who is completely a newbie who wants to play and ofcourse we can't play at a same time, so with that as based I'am making this guide.
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    Hey guys! I didn't see a forum post about this, but I wanted to make a topic about old art and progress! Sometimes, as artists, we get a bit fogged and hit that art block and feel like we haven't progressed in a few months or..ever in extreme cases. So I thought of this forum and I wanted this to be a fun showcase of really really REALLY old art and comparing it to how you draw now! I think this would be fun and inspiring for everyone! This will be a POSITIVE FORUM ONLY! No negative nellys please and also no kicking yourself down! This is to help bring you up! I guess I'll start with mine *sweats* I'm a bit embarrassed tbh PLEASE ADD YOUR OWN PROGRESS! IT'LL BE MORE FUN (and less awkward for me) THAT WAY! ~*Old*~ (2006-ish?) ~*New*~ (2017) If I can dig up more old work, I'll showcase that (and scream internally even more because looking back at it is very cringey) because I have a huge year gap with this one. *edit* As an added challenge for everyone, it would be amazing to see a recreation of a past drawing in your current style!
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    Hello, guildie! Haha I've placed you in - I'll let you know once I'll be needing your references~ Thank you for your interest, Reira! I've added you in! I'll quote or PM you once I'm ready to accept! Finished commissions for @Arya! Full sizes have been given through PM~ I got to draw a guy!! You have no idea how I've been waiting for this haha I love pretty 2D boys LOL~
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    I started experimenting with MS Paint for fun last year and discovered that I really enjoy the process of digitally painting something. These are the first ones (in order - left to right) I did. The first two didn't really took much of my time and was yet to find the joy of MS Painting something, the other three kinda got me wanting to keep going with it, especially because I realized that there was nothing stopping me to try things more elaborated - there was (and will always have) so much to learn! Then I started doing pokemanz! I really like these creatures and used my passion for the franchise as fuel for my art! xD Lastly, this is the piece I'm proudest of, as I tried to use everything learnt from the others. I know that these aren't really that old, but they really help me keeping track of my progress. On a side note... It is really nice to have something like the Art Corner around here, and that its community is so active! I'm always speechless with all the artworks and interaction. You people are awesome!
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    Thanks to all the kind comments (which... I'm not going to tag because Arcelle already did, hehe...)! Aaaand... I decided to put up sticker-like-thingies for sale -- they're pretty simple but I like emojis and stickers, so... `w`)9 (In hindsight, my soul linker may not have been the best choice for these because her mouth is hidden behind her mask, heh...) Price for 1 sticker is 15 TC, and each additional expression (for the same base sticker; expressions can be anything you'd like) is 2TC (so the above 4 would be 15 + 2 * 3 = 21 TC). Linearting things is suffering.
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    Thank you everyone who has entered this contest, I am overwhelmed with such talent and trust me when I say this will be extremely hard to judge. This event has now come to an end and we will announce the winners in a new post
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    Spring in Malangdo with the Cats Meow ~ model : Kumakichi & Elucidator- IGN : Kumacy
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    For @Orchestra !! @Aspartame I'll start with your picture soon 8) Not sure how long it's gonna take tho, hope that's ok
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    Let me post my progress here too From my first ever digital art to recent ones. 2016 2017
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    Whelps. Gonna switch to a new bot token (the current bot you have will be useless), cause disrespectful people keep spreading the invite link without asking for permission and I keep seeing new guilds popping out of nowhere. The only way to get the bot later is to invite me into your channel and make me an admin for 2 mins. If you don't trust me enough to do this, then that sucks. Spent hours coding, and even paying for the server, and people can't even be bothered to drop a pm to ask for permission ¯\_(ツ)_/¯