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    where I will dump my RO arts and stuff~ if you want a commission, feel free to post here or PM me! each character doodle is gonna be like 6 mil, nothing fancy. Examples below. I may charge more for group pics tho in general if the amount of details is high. I also accept payment via cute aesthetics or gear for a poor acolyte lol ;w; please be aware i post the final product here - if you don't want me to be sure to let me know! ALSO please do not send me money until I approve!!! ign: chiyoki current (potential) commissions in no particular order: - yuren - wolpu - deliciousgreenapple - naght - vivi - kisuka - emi - clareon - cassidy More refined version, head only, 8-10 mil depending on complexity:
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    It's our great pleasure to continue to improve your time on TalonRO! In this month's latest updates, we've pulled out a tremendous series of updates to our Nightmare Pyramids monsters, improved upon a wide range of Eden Group experiences, and enhanced a variety of gameplay conditions - all while squashing a few bugs, updating our latest Tam Tam's Gift Region, and added in a fresh compliment of costume headgears in our Monthly Costume Box. We hope that you enjoy these latest updates to TalonRO - and as always, happy gaming! This year, Easter has returned to Midgard with a special Golden Easter Egg Hunt! You've no doubt been enjoying the daily Easter Egg Hunt challenges in the forums - but now, the action comes to Midgard in a fun springtime event! Collect a variety of items from all over the world to compose your very own Golden Easter Egg. What you'll find inside this year might be something truly special! Begin your journey by visiting this year's Official Event topic to learn more about the Golden Easter Egg Hunt. To begin the event in-game right away, visit with the Easter warper NPC in Prontera and start on your very own challenge! We've recently implemented all-new Nightmare Pyramid Monster Cards - offering an entire new range of possibilities for exciting builds and bonuses. All cards are available as drops from their respective Nightmare Pyramids mobs, while the Nightmare Amon Ra card can additionally be obtained via the Reward Guru NPC in Prontera as well. Nightmare Amon Ra Increases resistance to the Freeze status by 50%. Increase magic damage against Shadow and Undead element monsters by 7%. Increase magic damage against Demon and Undead race monsters by 7%. Compound on : Armor Nightmare Arclouze Reduces damage taken from Brute and Undead monsters by 20%. [+ Nightmare Mimic Card] Reduces damage taken from Brute and Undead monsters by an additional 5%. Ignore 20% magic defense of Brute and Undead monsters. [+ Nightmare Minorous Card] Reduces damage taken from Brute and Undead monsters by an additional 5%. Ignore 30% physical defense of Brute and Undead monsters. Compound on : Shield Nightmare Mimic Increase magical damage against Brute and Undead monsters by 5%. [+ Nightmare Arclouze Card] Reduces damage taken from Brute and Undead monsters by 5%. Ignore 20% magic defense of Brute and Undead monsters. Compound on : Weapon Nightmare Minorous Increases physical damage inflicted on Brute and Undead monsters by 10%. [+ Nightmare Arclouze Card] Reduces damage taken from Brute and Undead monsters by 5%. Ignore 30% physical defense of Brute and Undead monsters. Compound on : Weapon Nightmare Mummy Add a 20% resistance against Sleep. When receiving physical attacks, add a 3% chance to cause Sleep to your target. [+ Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card] Add an additional 10% resistance against Sleep. Increases resistance against Neutral element attacks by 5%. Increase the probability of causing Sleep by an additional 2%. Compound on : Footgear Nightmare Ancient Mummy Reduces damage taken from Neutral property by 15%. Every 3 refines of garment increase magical Fire damage by 4%. [+ Nightmare Mummy Card] Increases resistance against Neutral element attacks by 5%. Increase the probability of causing Sleep by an additional 2%. Compound on : Garment Nightmare Verit Increases MaxHP and MaxSP by 4%. Increases magical damage by 3%. When using magic attacks, there is a 2% chance to recover 40 HP and 20 SP every 2 seconds for a total of 8 seconds. For every 2 refines, increases the HP/SP recovery chance by an additional 1%. [Refine Rate 5-10] Increases magical damage by an additional 1%. [Refine Rate 7-10] Increases magical damage by an additional 1%. Compound on : Footgear The Eden Group continues to provide a whole new way to explore and adventure - and we're constantly at the ready to bring you the best experience possible from your time on boundless quests! We hope that the following small changes to the Eden Group will be welcome additions to an already exciting adventure. @GM Phoenix has written a very elaborate guide on the Eden Group. Go check it out here! You won't want to miss it! The Eden Group now features both a repairman and doctor NPC! We've added a weight check to the Eden Board Quests. This will now alert you if you should have too many items in your inventory to receive new/additional items! The Eden Group Mark can no longer be used in PvP maps. You can now re-obtain Eden Gears in the event that you have accidentally sold them to an NPC. The Advanced Safety Ring[1] from Eden's Reno NPC has been updated with the following: Greatly reduced the ingredients required to make it. Players will only need the following to craft the item: 1 Safety Ring 1 Necklace[1] 2 Armor Charms 100 Purified Energy Crystals The effect of the item has also been enhanced! It now additionally gives +1 VIT, +3 MDEF, and no longer reduces MDEF based on your current VIT. Killstealing (KS) warnings will no longer be present when using the gym at the Eden Group. This should prevent KS warnings from appearing when attacking various soccer balls. Vending is now allowed at the Eden Group! After entering, enter to the room on the right. You will then find a vending officer who will allow you to vend as well as use autotrade! Beyond both Nightmare Pyramids and Eden Group updates, we've also taken the time to introduce even more helpful updates to make your gameplay experience fun and dynamic. We hope that you'll enjoy the following update in this month's patch: The command "!noask" is now available to all players and is no longer part of the Bonus Bundle. This command rejects all trades, invitations, and requests when applied. Simply use again to undo the command. We've added in two new commands as well: !purchasejump / !pj -and- !petinfo. !purchasejump / !pj allows you to jump to a specifically desired buying store. This command works in an indentical fashion to the !shopjump command. !petinfo allows you to view details on your pet's hunger and intimacy levels. Note: this command is presently available only through the use of the Bonus Bundle. All global chats now will work directly from chatboxes. Global chats include !main, !market, !recruit, and !map. This addition allows you to both send and read global chats now while in a chat room. When equipping either arrows or bullets, your chatbox will now display which specific item is equipped. Previously, this would just display as a general "Arrow has been equipped" message. When marrying another character, you will now receive named rings! Previously, normal wedding rings were received as marriage items. The Mage Coat[1] item can now be enchanted! The Wave Challenge game account cooldown has been removed. This minigame will now only feature a single Master Account cooldown which resets at midnight. We've also updated both the Wave Challenge Box and GMC Box with two new costumes each. These two costumes rotate monthly. The Wave Challenge Box now features the following two new costumes: Baby Penguin Costume Heavenly Dark Flame Costume The GMC Box now features the following two new costumes: Hunting Cap of Gust Costume Taboo Curse Scroll Costume Both costumes were previously available exclusively in the Monthly Costume Box. Adding these costumes will not reduce the odds of obtaining the rarest costume(s) from the Wave Challenge Box. These are rotating costumes and will be replaced by two new costumes the next month. We've added a weight check to the GMC Reward Room as well. This will now alert you if you should have too many items in your inventory to receive new/additional items! As with all of our regular updates, there's always a great opportunity to squash a few bugs and make a few needed edits to gameplay elements in order for them to work best for you! Below are a few bug fixes and edits: Fixed a variety of questlog issues, which were generating errors throughout various official quests. Minigame Happy Hour has been repaired, as previous this was generating several issues during play. The Prontera Mall has had several several vending lanes removed. This fix should address all issues that appeared with overlapping vending shops. Both the Mailbox and Grandma Boxter NPC at the Eden Group have been repaired and are now working as intended. This month's update to Tam Tam's Gift Region is a fun one - not only are there new Champion monsters in a new region, but Tam Tam himself has also received a slight update in the prizes that he drops when found on a particular map! Tam Tam will arrive ready to hand out some wonderful prizes - we hope that you'll be able to find him in your adventures! This month's Tam Tam's Gift Region is the Al de Baran Clock Tower! Enjoy a nostalgic-laden trip through this special dungeon, and fight against this month's Champion Monsters to earn yourself valuable coins, additional experience, and much more! This month's Champion monsters are: Rideword, Arclouze, Drainliar, Clock, and Alarm. Tam Tam's arrival on a Gift Region map has also been updated! Be on the lookout for him to drop a new assortment of great prizes. Finally, this month's latest Costume Box includes a variety of enjoyable new and rare costumes - the Rainbow Sigrun's remain the extra rare get, but new additions such as the Walking White Cat Costume, Lolita Two Side Up Costume, and the Feather Fedora (*tips Costume*)! Other additions to this month's box make it one worth obtaining - and be sure to do so, as each month a new box with new contents will take its place! April's costume box is currently available in the Reward Guru - and we hope that you get something fun to show off to the world of Midgard! This month's April Costume Box include the following items: Rainbow Sigrun Wings Costume Walking White Cat Costume Lolita Two Side Up Costume Feather Fedora Costume Baby Leopard Cat Costume Choker Costume Goggle Hat Costume Duneyrr Helm Costume Pagdayaw Costume Shark Hat Costume Sea-Otter Hat Costume
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    Our exciting lineup of PvM content resumes with a series of exclusive dynamic instances revolving around Nightmare's Rift. Throughout the forthcoming weeks, players will form parties to enter the realms of the void and challenge each individual nightmare MVP on their turf; a timed labyrinth filled with puzzles, search and rescue missions and sweltering boss fights versus some of the toughest mobs unique to the instance. We're thrilled to kick things off with Nightmare's Rift: A Jester's Smile, part 1 of 7 instances and a dungeon not to be reckoned with! A max party limit of 12 is mandatory to be eligible for this event, mainly due to its difficulty. As there are limited slots available, we will only book places on a first come, first serve basis (If you weren't able to signup due to limited spaces, do not fret, as we aim to host these dynamic PvM instances on a regular shift). Please ensure you read the guidelines before opting in: Guidelines: 1. A limit of three resurrections will be permitted in case of a party wipe during the instance 2. There are numerous puzzle solving segments throughout the instance which require players to work together, please ensure your party is able to communicate and deliberate with one another effectively (random party invites to fill up a slot is not advised, as one player can cost the completion of a run) 3. You will have 60 minutes to complete the instance, prizes will only be awarded if an instance is finished without failure (failing occurs by either not being able to solve a puzzle, not completing the instance on time or running out of resurrections) 4. Dual clienting is allowed, but not advised given the nature of how these dynamic instances are run. 5. If multiple teams successfully complete the instance, each team will still be rewarded based on the prize list given. Slots: Slot 1 Calibre Team - 1pm Server Time Slot 2 Dewata Failbox Team - 2:30pm Server Time Slot 3 SpankySpanky Team - 4pm Server time Prizes: 6 Talon Coins TalonRO Cake 3x Rainbow's Pot of Gold 350 Eden Merit Badges PvM Specific Reward Box Future Planned Nightmare's Rift Content: 1. A Jester's Smile (24/03/2018) 2. Tales of the Sword Maiden (TBA) 3. Road to Triumph (TBA) 4. Tower of Entropy (TBA) 5. Battle of Legends (TBA) 6. Ataxia (TBA) 7. The Crown (TBA)
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    Hey everyone! So while I haven't personally been involved in Nightmare's Rift yet due to my own schedule, I wanted to jump in and cover a few things. First of all, thank you to all of you who have left feedback - voicing things like this is crucial in polishing what we do and how we do things, so we do not want you to think that we do not hear you - we appreciate it, and your notes (as well as any past hiccups) will be taken into careful consideration in order to avoid the same problems in the future. Second of all, I ask for a little patience on behalf of the team - Nightmare's Rift is an ambitious and large-scale event and ensuring it's smooth running start-to-finish can involve a bit of a learning curve (especially when you consider that most of our events are designed to be run solo or in very small groups). That being said, I wanted to summarise your feedback so that we can make this a better experience next time. So as far as I can see, these are your concerns (and possible solutions) are as follows: ensuring the correct rewards are handed out in a timely manner (as Lance mentioned, Eden badges permissions have now been modified, so there should be no problems there) sticking to proposed time slots as well as running times of the events, and ensuring each team has equal opportunity/length of time to complete the instance (perhaps designating one team member specifically to the task of time-keeping/pacing of the event would be beneficial?) correct sequencing of MVPs (this one's indeed rather simple to fix, distributing the list should help) We will try our best to make this event a wonderful experience, both conceptually and technically, but I ask for patience with any problems that may be outside of our control. When you leave feedback (which I completely encourage - either via Discord, forums, Suggestions, etc) I only ask that you do so with the understanding that we too want to make this event the best that we can for you. Thanks everyone, and looking forward to this Saturday!
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    Here i go again with a new entry ^^ -In-Game Name : Lyranis, Kimina, *Nutella* or other~~ The GM Venus Challenge : +1 Shape Shifter : Create a headgear inspired by animals (e.g Fox's ears, Tiger's mouth, Racoon's tail, etc) This time, i decided to make a snake/scarf ! To explain, his tongue will go out and in as an animation ^^ (I hope you understand what i mean XD) And of COURSE ! You can change the color of it !! The quest will be similar to the winter scarf i guess =) ! •Upper / Lower headgear : Here a view of what it looks like to wear it =D : I really hope you will like it =D !!!!
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    ahaha i couldn't resist after seeing your icon... hello!
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    INGAME NAME: Chichiri~ Guild : Optimism FIRST OF ALL, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THE T-RO TEAM FOR GIVING US (PLAYERS) A CHANCE TO EXPRESS AND SHARE OUR TALENTS. I REALLY THINK Y'ALL GUYS ARE DOIN REALLY REALLY GREAT JOB! I AM NO "PRO" WHEN IT COMES TO THIS BUT I LOVE ART<3 IN ANY FORM OF IT! SO YEEAH! ILL GIVE IT A TRY (ALSO ID LIKE TO ADD, THE PROCESS ON HOW I MADE THIS) ------------------------------------------------------------------------SECOND ENTREE----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GM CHALLENGE: The GM Phoenix Challenge: +2 Mythical Hat : Create a headgear that's based on Norse Mythology, or another real world mythology of your choosing. The GM Mimi Challenge: +1 Vision Impairment Is A Chance For Fashion : Create a headgear that covers the eyes!
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    Eden Gym By entering the blue door and heading toward the portal on the left side, you will find yourself in the Eden Gym. The Eden Gym is primarily targeted toward beginner players and will offer a variety of strategies and tips toward their classes. Alternatively you can come here to test damage against the variety of Soccer Balls that are setup in the gym. Each soccer ball represents a different element in the game. If at any point a soccer balls run out of HP, another immediately takes its place. The stats of the soccer balls are as follows: HP: 999,999,999 Element level 3 Formless Race Boss Property Level 98 If you decide to come to the Eden Gym in order to learn more about your class, or in the event you are a 1st class or a Novice, you may instead come here to be convinced as to why you should be a specific class and will gain a lead on the official job quest and how to start it, you can be notified of which NPC to talk to two different ways. You can choose to interact with Zoey, the Eden Gym manager, which can point you toward the class NPC of your choice on your mini map by marking their location. Alternatively you may simply explore the Eden Gym, and if a “ ! “ appears above an NPC(s) head, those are the NPCs you should talk to for your class. Facts learned from the NPCs can include information about skills that is otherwise overlooked or hard to notice without a wiki, or it can include weapon strategies / general class strategies. These include things such as The Super Novice Chant, Star Gladiator Feeling Reset (official way), hidden buffs in certain skills, clarifications on certain skills, etc. Tutorial NPCs On the second floor of the Eden Group HQ there are a variety of tutorial NPCs available to players. These are targeted toward inexperienced RO players and experienced RO players won’t really get much out of participating in these tutorials. Nonetheless, they are available to everyone. Tutorial Instructor The first tutorial you can partake in is the Tutorial Instructor’s line of quests. His quests are pretty straight forward, they will teach you about some of the basic UI both in-game as well as on our website’s control panel. Talk to the Tutorial Instructor and he will talk to you about how he has discovered enchantments and how he can make a really awesome enchantment for you. He will tell you that he will trust you more if you get a Mercenary. Make your way to Prontera at the north west and hire a spear mercenary (it can be any level). After coming back with the mercenary he will tell you to gather some items, but you will miss what he told you. This is a tutorial on how to use our questlog. Open up your questlog using Alt + U to discover what he asked you to get, return to him once you find out what he wanted. Type the name of the item he requested and how many. This is case sensitive! After confirming the items he requested, he will tell you it would be no easy task to get the items. He recommends you to try the @whosell and @whobuy commands, as well as testing out our selling and buying features on our control panel. He recommends you Grape Juice and Immortal Hearts (but really it can be anything) as possible examples for the lesson. He will allow you 2 minutes of grace time to test out these features. Come back to him in 2 minutes. After testing the above features he will go over ways to make item shopping even easier. He recommends you to try the @shopjump and @shopfilter commands. He suggests Prontera and Archer Village (the map before payon dungeon, again, these can really be anywhere you want) as possible examples for making @shopfilter work well. Once again he will give you 2 minutes of grace time to try these features out. Come back to him in 2 minutes. Finally he will be ready to demonstrate his enchanting powers to you. He expects you to now find 10 Jellopy after going over all the shopping methods. Return to the Tutorial Instructor with 10 Jellopy. After giving him 10 Jellopy he will create three armors and throw them into your inventory. One will have nothing in it, one will have a slot, and one will have a +3 Str enchantment built into it. These armors can’t be equipped, traded, stored, thrown into a cart, dropped, or sold. You MUST give him back the armors in order to proceed beyond this point! After giving back the armors the tutorial will be completed and it will enter a cooldown. This quest is repeatable as a demo for how repeatable quests work. This is a 15 Minute cooldown. You are welcome to come back to this NPC to do this quest again in the future. Tutorial Goal Questline Talk to Tutorial Goal on the second floor of the Eden Group HQ. She will doubt your intelligence and will challenge you to pass the tests of 4 experts, she will reward you if you do. Talk to the WoE Expert and listen to his explanation of WoE. Afterwards he will test you on everything he just talked about. Get 3 of 3 questions right and you can move on to the Party Recruiting Expert. Talk to the Party Recruiting Expert and listen to his explanation of making and participating in parties. Afterwards he will test you on everything he just talked about. Get 3 of 3 questions right and you can move on to the Instance Expert. Talk to the Instance Expert and listen to his explanation of Instance Dungeons. Afterwards he will test you on everything he just talked about. Get 3 of 3 questions right and you can move on to the final expert NPC, the Database Expert. Talk to the Database Expert and listen to his explanation of our TalonRO databases that players can access from the website/control panel. Afterwards he will test you on everything he just talked about. Get 3 of 3 questions right and now you can return to the Tutorial Goal. After successfully passing all the Expert’s tests the Tutorial Goal NPC will proclaim you as an expert yourself, and she will reward you with the following items: 5 Blue Herbs 5 Green Herbs 5 White Potions 1 Yggdrasil Seed Captain Arquien As mentioned in the Secretary Lime Evenor section, he will occasionally recommend you to Captain Arquien’s office after every 25 applicable jobs you do for the Eden Group. You will then receive a quest in your questlog telling you to see Captain Arquien. To find Captain Arquien you must make your way to the second floor of the Eden Group, and then her office will be the leftmost room near the north. As mentioned earlier, the applicable jobs that will qualify toward Captain Arquien’s recommendation are the following: Mission Boards (only hunting, not item). Gramps. Dieshin Corporation Delivery Quests. Bounty Board. She will unlock a different service for you every 25 jobs, these services are as follows: 25 Jobs = Bounty Board 50 Jobs = Grandma Boxter 75 Jobs = Dally Quen Every 25 jobs past 75: 5 Copper Coins If in the event, for example, you do 50 jobs without going to Captain Arquien first, and then return to her when you should be unlocking Grandma Boxter, you will also get the Bounty Board access at the same time. This same logic does not occur however with the Copper Coins reward. Meaning if you go to 100 jobs without claiming any rewards, for example, then go to Arquien. You will gain all 3 services at once but no copper coins. Copper Coin rewards also will not overlap this way, meaning you can only ever get 5 at once. Bounty Board Returning from her role as the old Monster Board and now going under the name Betty Bounty, a familiar NPC will now be managing an Eden job at the Eden Group HQ. Her missions are called the Bounty Board, and they are specifically focused on killing MvPs for additional rewards. In order to participate in the Bounty Board you must first be approved by Captain Arquien by doing at least 25 applicable jobs for the Eden Group to earn reputation. After you get approved, Betty Bounty will offer you to take on today’s bounty. Should you accept, you will be assigned a random MvP. This random MvP is different for each individual player in order to prevent too many players from camping the same MvP. The catch to the Bounty Board is that you must complete the bounty within 24 hours. Should you not kill the MvP within these 24 hours you will no longer gain rewards for completing the bounty, and you will have to start over. If at any point you drop a Bounty Board quest you must wait another 23 hours in order to pick up a new one. If you complete a job for the Bounty Board you will gain a different amount of Bronze Coins or Eden Merit Badges depending on the MvP. The below spoiler is a list of possible MvPs Betty Bounty can pick: Grandma Boxter Grandma Boxter has a recycling system that you must first unlock access to by doing at least 50 jobs for the Eden Group and getting approved by Captain Arquien respectively. Once you are, Grandma Boxter will allow you to recycle various gears as well as misc items into a new type of currency known as Brownie Point. To find Grandma Boxter you must go to the second floor of the Eden Group HQ, and once you are, enter the center room at the north end, you will find her sitting on a couch near the entrance. For a full list of Gears and Misc items applicable for the feature you can ask Grandma Boxter what she will take in-game, as the list is too big to list here in this guide. All gears and all misc items have fixed Brownie Point values. Per account you can only obtain 5000 Brownie Points per week! The Brownie Point methods are as follows: Gear = 200 Brownie Points each. Misc = 1 Brownie Point each. After accumulating enough Brownie Points you can trade them in for quality of life items and even services. As it currently stands these are as follows: Dally Quen After completing at least 75 Eden jobs and being approved by Captain Arquien, she will point you to Dally Quen as he has personal matters to attend to that he only wants the most trustworthy and hardworking of individuals to help him with. Start by talking to Dally Quen after you qualify for his task. He will tell you his story about how he hasn’t seen his girlfriend in a long time and wants to notify her of what he has been up to. He gives you a letter and tells you to find his girlfriend at the Prontera Library. Outside of the Prontera Library you will find Dally Quen’s Girlfriend. Speak to her and listen to what she has to say, after a history lesson of their relationship and hearing her feelings for him, she will write up a response letter and include Dally Quen’s pen that he left her a as momento. Go back to Dally Quen. After giving Dally Quen the letter he will tell you how thankful he is for your time and he will now offer you a daily freebie service similar to the Slot Machine. The freebie service can be accessed once every 24 hours. The way it works is that he will roll 2 dice and they will be of different values. The first die will roll anywhere between 1~80, and the second die will roll anywhere between 1~30. Each time the player runs the daily freebie, 1 will be added to the first die until the player gets a grand prize, then it goes back to being 80 max. The first die’s number dictates the category you will get for the prize, while the second die determines what prize you will actually get in the long run. The below spoiler is a full list of prizes that Dally Quen can give you: Merry Badger & Barker For players that have gathered a lot of Eden Merit Badges by participating in the Eden Group program, they may visit Merry Badger and Merry Barker which hang out on one of the couches on the first floor of the Eden Group HQ, you can find them on the left hand side. Talking to Merry Barker lets you spend Eden Merit Badges to get the following:
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    NOW HAPPENING: 8 ROUNDS (I THINK) OF WEREWOLF We tried out 2 formats of werewolf. Traditional and one with a vampire team! Our expert game master Bitten Nugget Daze introduced it to us. Over here is proof that Joa kept talking and typing even when he was dead. @Joa~, dead people don't talk, OK Also, this is the only round where @Artorius died, the true MVP of the werewolf game Leftovers has a new rule. Rule #61: When in doubt, kill Joa D:< Watch out for the next full moon~
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    Hello my dears! Excuse my delays~ Here are our winners and runners up!! Top 3: @A Random Person @Ketniss @Tamaki_Senpai Runners Up: @Ashadia @luu1 I'll be sure to send you all some goodies as soon as I can! Also all valid entries will receive a little something as well
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    Easter officially visits Midgard this year with the Great Golden Easter Egg Hunt! Perhaps you've been enjoying this year's daily Easter Egg Hunt challenges in the forums - but now, the action comes to Midgard in a special springtime event! Collect a variety of items from all over the world to compose your very own Golden Easter Egg. What you'll find inside this year might be something truly special! The Golden Easter Egg hunt is back! To begin, speak with the warper NPC in Prontera and start on your very own Easter egg hunt! The goal of the Easter Event is to make a Golden Easter Egg. Opening these eggs may give you some wonderful items if you're lucky this year! While the items inside are good and better than previous years (new costumes!), they do take a while to obtain and you'll have to put in some effort this season. To do this, you'll need to complete the three pieces of the putting together a Golden Easter Egg: Collect Easter Eggs. Find as many eggs as you can within five minutes at the Easter Egg minigame. This challenge is tough, as you won't actually be able to see these Easter eggs! You will occasionally instead see/hear a blinking effect. If you run over an egg, you will get it in your inventory! T There is no Golden Egg for the one who has most eggs. However, the one who finds more than half of the eggs (only for exceptional, rare contestants) on the map will be rewarded with a Golden Egg. There are two waiting rooms for the event so that more people can enjoy it at the same time as well. You'll need five people to play with you on this minigame as well. Obtain Easter Ribbons and Easter Paint. This year, you'll be on the lookout for two special new mobs across the world: Happy Eggs and Strange Eggs. These eggs will spawn randomly all over the world of Midgard. Simply kill these monsters when you find them, and you'll be able to obtain Easter Ribbons or Easter Paints! There's also a chance to win some other fun and assorted goodies from these monsters as well - so bring some room in your inventory for some additional loot! Combine all the items together to make your own Golden Easter Egg! We've also added in new costumes and pets to this year's Golden Easter Egg. We hope that you enjoy these items - and that you'll get something wonderfully worthwhile as well! Throughout this year's Easter celebrations, we have a few fun Easter Invasions coming to a town near you as well! Be on the lookout for the following special challenge: Every few hours, the Easter Peco will invade a random town! This powerful MVP is certainly not easy to defeat, but its rewards are well worth it. Several other monsters will invade the town as well. Defeat the monsters and there will be lots of Porings on the entire map that might just drop some nice loot! We hope that you are enjoying the Spring season and that you have an enjoyable Easter on TalonRO! Best of luck in this year's Easter event - and as always, Happy Gaming! The Easter Event will be ending on April 8th
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    Hey all, hope it's not too late. GM Elixia - Pixel Art GM Phoenix - Norse Myth GM Venus - Shape Shifter On bodies, just for fun: Thanks for pointing me to the new template Blue-chan!
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    I would like to thank everyone who attend the wedding ~ here are some group pics. If you guys have some screenshots feel free to comment.post~ thank you also @GM Seiren, @GM Phoenix, @GM Saen, @GM Mikzie, @GM Lance for celebrating with us
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    Oh, Hello! I haven't played on TalonRO, but recently returned to the server :)) On, on art my hunter Evil Snake Lord and brazen the thief :)) The picture is called: "Delicious ice cream?"
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    Player feedback on the Eden Group has been amazing and we keep updating this new addition accordingly! This maintenance we have fixed a few bugs and improved the overall QoL on the Eden Group. Eden Soccer Balls are now Level 1 instead of 98, which solves players not being able to hit them sometimes. Added a cap of 750 Eden Merit Badges per forum account per week to prevent players from exploiting it. Strongly increased the Eden Merit Badges given out by completing Gramps missions and Bounty Board missions. Reduced Eden Merit Badge requirements when purchasing items from the Merry Barker shop. Dally Quen now shows your cooldown after getting your daily freebie. Board Quest NPCs now have a separate menu option for Item Collection quests. This way you don't accidentally give away items you don't want to give. Just like Eden Group, we also keep on updating the general game from time to time. This update will balance out the playing field a little bit more and make the game more fun and fair to everyone! Greatly increased the Special Bonbon droprate when using loyal Evolved pets. MVP spawntimes have been changed for almost every MVP. They have become a lot more random than they used to be. In general, the lower end of the spawn time has been reduced more than the higher end of the spawn time, so they can spawn more quickly than they did before. On average, regular MVPs now have a spawn time random range of 30 minutes which used to be 10 minutes. Major MVPs like Beelzebub, Ifrit, etc. have a bigger random range. Changed egg and taming item descriptions from Red Deleter into Earth Deleter, to better fit the actual pet name. As with all of our regular updates, there's always a great opportunity to squash a few bugs and make a few needed edits to gameplay elements in order for them to work best for you! Below are a few bug fixes and edits: Fixed one of the Eden quests to kill Venomous. It now has the correct kill amount. Fixed item description in Byeollungum. Said it added a 5% increase in damage against Boss types. This was fixed into 50%. The item script remains the same. Thank you all for your continued support for our server! As always, much more is coming. Also be sure to check out the Battlegrounds Beta Test on the main server later today!
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    ▶ 2018 CONTEST WINNERS! ◀︎ ✿ ✿ ✿ Happy Day, Talonians! ✿ ✿ ✿ Out of tens and tons of entries, these final 3 rose to the top! On behalf of me and the rest of the GM team, we would like to say thanks to everyone for their submissions and amazing support! All participants should be extremely proud of themselves for creating such great artwork – seriously (and like always!) – this contest gave the GMs a really REALLY hard time picking the winning lot! There was just so much good stuff that we hope the pixel fairy godmothers answer our prayers to turn everyone's submission into actual awesome in-game armory! You are all winners in our book! But of course (for most ), what you're interested in are the kind of winners who get to take home the PRIZES! So without further ado, we're pleased to announce the following winners....*drumrolls* ✿ ✿ ✿ ▶ THE WINNERS ◀︎ FIRST PRIZE — @agilazo 1 Exclusive Pet "Moonlight" | 1 MARCH Costume Box | 15 Talon Coins | 500 Eden Merit Badges The GM Mikzie Challenge: +1 Mermaid Melody : Create a headgear inspired by the ocean! SECOND PRIZE — @jassietea "Teddy Tales" There once was an especially gifted sorceress named Aeria who gave birth to a baby girl named Lissa. Her daughter was the apple of her eye and her joy and pride. However, her happiness was cut short and her world was shattered to pieces when the kingdom's most well-respected fortune teller delivered her grave news. The mystic warned her that her baby wouldn't live beyond the age of three due to ominous forces that wanted to claim the child's precious life. Aeria took matters into her own hands and cast protective spells all around their home that repelled dark energy. She also hand-stitched a small teddy bear and bewitched it with a powerful incantation that meant it would guard her daughter from any evil. 1 MARCH Costume Box | 10 Talon Coins | 250 Eden Merit Badges The GM Venus Challenge: +1 Shape Shifter : Create a headgear inspired by animals. The GM Spica Challenge: +1 Pink Madness : Create a headgear that has pink in it! THIRD PRIZE — @Chirii 1 MARCH Costume Box | 5 Talon Coins | 100 Eden Merit Badges CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! The prizes will be given out in the days to come, once again we would like to thank all participants! Until next time!
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    The Eden Group - Resource & Guide Table of Contents Secretary Lime Evenor Main Eden Quests Instructor Boya Administrator Michael Instructor Ur Blacksmith Thorn Weapons Expert BK Mission Boards Dieshin Corporation Gramps Bonus Bundle Missions Crystal Synthesis Crystal Synthesis Equipment Eden Gym Tutorial NPCs Tutorial Instructor Tutorial Goal Questline Captain Arquien Bounty Board Grandma Boxter Dally Quen Merry Badger & Barker Secretary Lime Evenor This is the first place people should find themselves at. Talk to him and he will get you set up at the Eden Group with the Eden Group Mark which you can then start doing the many Eden Features with. The Eden Group Mark itself will allow you to teleport back to the Eden Group instantly from anywhere in the world. It has a 15 minute cooldown and a 1 second startup animation when used. If you die during the startup animation, you will not be warped back! Secretary Lime Evenor will also find you after every 25 jobs you complete for the Eden Group and recommend you to the Eden Group Captain, Arquien. The applicable jobs that count toward this feature are the following: Mission Boards (only hunting, not item). Gramps. Dieshin Corporation Delivery Quests. Bounty Board. You can find more information about Captain Arquien and what she rewards you at the Captain Arquien Bonuses section. Main Eden Quests Instructor Boya You can start the main eden quests by first talking to Instructor Boya. In order to participate you must first be at least base level 12. If you aren’t, then you can always do the first Mission Board (1-11) and take on some of those missions until you are. If you are within level range she will recommend you a different mission depending on what level you are. These are as follows: Level 12+ Boya Missions Level 26+ Boya Missions Level 40+ Boya Missions / ! \ / ! \ Note / ! \ / ! \ Starting at a later level will get you the highest equipment for your level. This means, for example, if you start at level 60+, you will get the Weapon II, Uniform III, Boots III, Manteau I, and Hat I all in 1 go, skipping everything before that point. * Click the below spoiler for a list of possible Eden Group Weapons I & II based on class Administrator Michael Should you complete any of Boya’s Quests, you can visit Administrator Michael in the Eden Group Member exclusive area (behind the blue door). He will give you eden equipment according to the quest you completed. If you complete the third step of the training (the base level 40+ missions) he will also give you the ability to upgrade the Eden Hat with a stat enchantment. The Eden Hat can have the following enhancements: +2 Str +2 Agi +2 Vit +2 Int +2 Luk +1 Dex After you pick the enchantment you will not be able to change it later for this particular hat so pick wisely! You can only get this enchantment again if you recover a new Eden Group Hat I and previously unlocked this enchanting feature. Note : This service is only available for the Eden Group Hat I and not the Eden Group Hat II [1] you get later from Instructor Ur’s Missions! Eden Equipment Recovery I Should you lose your Eden Equipment earned from Instructor Boya either by NPCing it or getting rid of it by any other means, you can return to Administrator Michael and request replacement gears. He will be able to recover any of the following: Eden Group Weapon I ~ II Eden Group Uniform I ~ III Eden Group Boots I ~ III Eden Group Hat I Eden Group Manteau I Note : He will only recover equipment tiers that you already earned by completing enough of Instructor Boya’s Quests! You will not receive duplicates of Eden Equipment you already have in your inventory as well. Depending on how early or how late the requested eden equipment is normally obtained Administrator Michael will assign you a different hunting quest that you must complete before he can replace your gear. These are as follows: Rewarded Equipment Hunting Mission Hat I, Manteau I, Boots I, Uniform I Hunt 20 Zombies Boots II, Uniform II, Weapon I Hunt 20 Orc Zombies Boots III, Uniform III, Weapon II Hunt 20 Siromas Instructor Ur After you complete Boya’s third step of training you can start doing Instructor Ur’s training. In order to participate in his training you need to be base level 60 or above. Should you not be within this level range yet you can always use the Mission Boards to get to that point. Instructor Ur’s missions are similar to Boya’s missions in that you need to complete three steps of training. Like Boya’s missions you can also skip ahead to later missions should you be a high enough level to do so. The reward for completing Ur’s training is that you will gain a new set of Eden equipment that is far stronger than the original, which can also be enchanted later on by visiting Weapons Expert BK and Blacksmith Thorn respectively. Something that differs from Instructor Ur’s missions that aren’t present in Boya’s missions is that no matter what mission you complete you will only receive one set of equipment. Unlike before where you had multiple tiers of gear, it’s now about the amount of enchantments you can place in your Eden Group Weapon III instead. Each step of the training lets you place 1 more enchant into the weapon after initially getting the final tier of eden equipment, up to three total. Level 60+ Instructor Ur Mission Level 70+ Instructor Ur Mission Level 80+ Instructor Ur Mission Level 90+ Instructor Ur Mission Level 99 Instructor Ur Mission Blacksmith Thorn After completing any of Instructor Ur’s training missions for the first time he will direct you to Blacksmith Thorn which you can find in the same area as Administrator Michael. Blacksmith Thorn will give you a tier 3 Eden Group Weapon for your class, an Eden Group Uniform IV, Eden Group Boots IV, Eden Group Hat II [1], and Eden Group Manteau II. You may notice that this time around that some classes have new weapon choices (such as Huuma Shuriken for Ninja, Spear for Swordsmen classes, Instrument/Whip for Bard/Dancer, etc). After you receive the equipment, you can now do a mini repeatable quest for Blacksmith Thorn every 23 hours. He will ask you to collect a handful of materials which include the following: 1 Hammer of Blacksmith 20 Live Coal 20 Used Iron Plate Returning to him with the above items allows you to enchant the Eden Armor IV, Eden Manteau II, or the Eden Boots IV with 2 random enchantments. You can repeat this job every 23 hours. These two random enchantments can be any of the following: Available in both the 1st and 2nd enchantment: + 1~2 Stat (not including Dex) + 1~3 MDEF + 2 Flee Only available in the 2nd enchantment: + 4 MDEF + 3~4 Flee + 1~4 Crit + 1 Dex Click the below spoiler for a list of possible Eden Group Weapons I & II based on class Eden Equipment Recovery II Should you lose your Eden Equipment earned from Instructor Ur either by NPCing it or getting rid of it by any other means, you can return to Blacksmith Thorn and request replacement gears. He will be able to recover any of the following: Eden Group Weapon III Or I, if it's a special weapon like Huuma, Spear, Two-Handed Axe, Guitar/Whip, Katar, etc. Eden Group Boots IV Eden Group Uniform IV Eden Group Hat II Eden Group Manteau II Note : He will only recover equipment if you completed at least 1 of Instructor Ur’s quests and already received equipment from Blacksmith Thorn! You will not receive duplicates of Eden Equipment you already have in your inventory as well. Blacksmith Thorn always has the same hunting mission for you to complete. However you must complete it twice should you need both the weapon and the armor set as he can only do 1 at a time. Rewarded Equipment Hunting Mission Hat II, Manteau II, Boots IV, Uniform IV OR Weapon III Hunt 20 Snowiers Weapons Expert BK After you obtain your level 3 eden weapon and complete another one of Instructor Ur’s missions, you can visit Weapons Expert BK and you will receive one enchantment to your weapon. If you complete later missions earlier you can skip ahead and gain many enchants at the same time though. Note: Your level 3 eden weapon must be equipped before he can start enchanting! Choose your enchantments wisely, as you will not be able to reset them after you pick! If you are a Taekwon (not a Star Gladiator, as they get a Book) nothing happens at this NPC and you can simply ignore this entire section. Enchantment 1: The first enchantment is straightforward, pick 2% Atk or 2% Matk. The choice you make here will influence the second enchantment later. Enchantment 2: Depending on the choice you made earlier (Atk or Matk) he will offer you a Race damage boost. It’s the same effect as the Race% card such as with Goblin, Peco Peco Egg, Vadon, etc. If you picked Atk% he will give you a 10% Atk boost against any race of your choice. If you picked Matk% he will give you a 5% Matk boost against any race of your choice. Enchantment 3: This enchantment is pretty straight forward. You can choose to double the value of either enchantment 1 (Atk% or Matk%) or enchantment 2 (race% boost). Recovered Eden Weapon III Enchantments Should you receive a new Eden Weapon III from Blacksmith Thorn, you can return to Weapons Expert BK and request enchantments for the new Eden Weapon III you recieved. Note : He will only give you as many enchantments that are possible according to the amount of missions you completed for Instructor Ur! Weapons Expert BK always has the same mission for you to complete. Unlike the other recovery missions his is an item collection. For as many enchantments that you qualify for, he will request a specific amount of Solid Peaches from you before he starts the enchanting process. Rewarded Enchantments Item Mission 1 Enchantment Collect 30 Solid Peaches 2 Enchantments Collect 60 Solid Peaches 3 Enchantments Collect 90 Solid Peaches
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    Ign: Blake Upper Middle Lower Pixel art (Complete set) Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draugr
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    Dewata Failbox would like to take the 2.30 pm slot.
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    Yippee - another competition! I love how unique this challenge is! My Character IGN: Maybelline Entry #1, inspired by my profound love of llamas. Entry made in watercolour paint. Potentially applicable to: The GM Venus Challenge: +1 Shape Shifter : Create a headgear inspired by animals (e.g Fox's ears, Tiger's mouth, Racoon's tail, etc Background - Llama Lore: Lucifer the Llama knew he was different to all the other llamas for as long as he can remember. His parents explained to him that he had a rare condition called 'Dworphism' or 'Dwerfism', Quite frankly, he cannot remember the exact term anymore because whether he liked it or not, he was a bona fide micro llama. Nevertheless, for what he lacked in stature, he more than made up for with his big personality. His great ambition is to be a Battle Commando - poised on the top of his foot soldier, he is well-positioned to lead the ranks and shout commands, guiding his squad towards victory. Entry #2 as I've been in the mood to create something fairytale-themed. This one is also a watercolour painting. Fitting this under: The GM Venus Challenge: +1 Shape Shifter : Create a headgear inspired by animals (e.g Fox's ears, Tiger's mouth, Racoon's tail, etc The GM Phoenix Challenge: +2 Mythical Hat : Create a headgear that's based on Norse Mythology, or another real world mythology of your choosing. (based on the Frog Prince fairy tale best known by the Brothers Grimm) Background - Froggy Fable: Tedward the Fifth was only a boy when he was crowned His Majesty, successor to King Chedward the Third. Disinterested in the life of politics and his royal duties, he was much more distracted by his mischievous pursuits to satisfy his curiosities while exploring the castle and its many rooms. His favourite pastime was visiting the old biochemist's laboratory when Murfinkel the tinkerer wasn't around. One afternoon, he silently crept in while the old spook was out collecting mushrooms from a nearby forest. The sights, sounds and smells of the laboratory always overwhelmed his senses and he was mesmerised while watching the plumes of colourful smoke waft lazily out of cauldrons of all sizes. On this visit, he was drawn to a suspended test tube of a brilliantly coloured liquid that kept indecisively changing from pink to blue to green. Upon inspection, the liquid in the test tube smelled like watermelon and strawberries. He was feeling particularly bold and so drew it to his lips and took a sip. Without warning, his eyes grew blurry and he watched the room grow bigger and bigger - wait no, he was shrinking! Before he knew it, he had morphed into a small rosy-cheeked frog. On the wooden floor lay the tube, the inscription on its side reading: "Antidote: True Love's Kiss". Entry #3 All my entries have been animal-themed so far - can you tell I love adorable things... Painted with watercolour. The GM Venus Challenge: +1 Shape Shifter : Create a headgear inspired by animals (e.g Fox's ears, Tiger's mouth, Racoon's tail, etc) The GM Spica Challenge: +1 Pink Madness : Create a headgear that has pink in it! Background - Teddy Tales: There once was an especially gifted sorceress named Aeria who gave birth to a baby girl named Lissa. Her daughter was the apple of her eye and her joy and pride. However, her happiness was cut short and her world was shattered to pieces when the kingdom's most well-respected fortune teller delivered her grave news. The mystic warned her that her baby wouldn't live beyond the age of three due to ominous forces that wanted to claim the child's precious life. Aeria took matters into her own hands and cast protective spells all around their home that repelled dark energy. She also hand-stitched a small teddy bear and bewitched it with a powerful incantation that meant it would guard her daughter from any evil. Entry #4 Inspired by Scandinavian mythology about the Kraken, an octopus or squid with a body so large, it can be mistaken for an island! The GM Phoenix Challenge: +2 Mythical Hat : Create a headgear that's based on Norse Mythology, or another real world mythology of your choosing. The GM Mikzie Challenge: +1 Mermaid Melody : Create a headgear inspired by the ocean! The GM Venus Challenge: +1 Shape Shifter : Create a headgear inspired by animals (e.g Fox's ears, Tiger's mouth, Racoon's tail, etc) Background - Finn's Final Memory: Leaning against the balustrade, Finn felt the cool sea breeze and the warm sun on his face as he closed his eyes and thought about his wife whom he'd kissed goodbye before he set sail three months ago. It was a bright and sunny day, the skies were clear, the sea was calm and the wind was strong enough to keep the ship moving steadily forward. His cargo ship was delivering crabs and he was due back home in a week's time. "Not long before I'm home sweet home," he thought wistfully. The huge old ship gently swayed as the waves lapped at its sides. Finn was a responsible young man and the breadwinner of his family who depended on his work at sea to afford a modest living. Finn's thoughts of home evaporated as he was suddenly aware that the ship had ground to a complete halt. Eerily, the wind was still blowing strong and yet the ship stood still. So very still. Not even the waves seemed to gently rock the ship any longer. Finn opened his eyes and looked down at the water to work out what might have ceased their movement. The rest of the crew were indoors, probably having a mid-afternoon siesta as it was much too hot to stand outside on the wooden deck. It was as if their ship had landed ashore given its stillness, and yet they were in the middle of the deep blue sea. All of a sudden, the front bow of the ship violently jolted downwards and Finn tumbled headfirst over the balcony. He hung over the side of the ship with one hand, desperately clinging on for dear life as the drop below him to the sea was a distance of 20 feet. The ship maintained its bizarre position as the front half appeared to have been tugged down low by an invisible force, causing the rear end of the ship to tilt sharply upwards. Finn's fingers couldn't hold his body weight anymore and he fell to the sea, cold water shocking his system as he was submerged beneath. He swam up to get his head above water and catch his breath, and as soon as he broke the surface, he heard his crew's screams of terror. Turning his head back towards the ship, he saw an impossibly large beast with many tentacles wrapped around the ship dragging it downwards. Back view: Entry #5 Because Spring is here at last and the clocks move forward tonight, why not! The GM Haru Challenge: +1 Flower Forever : Create a headgear inspired by spring and stylise it with flowers! The GM Venus Challenge: +1 Shape Shifter : Create a headgear inspired by animals (e.g Fox's ears, Tiger's mouth, Racoon's tail, etc) Background - Forest Forgetfulness: The Goddess of Spring had a lot on her mind this morning as she tiptoed through the misty forest, trying to stay as inconspicuous as possible. The God of Winter was giving her a hard time - he refused to fall asleep and let her have her reign of the land! It was her turn but his frosty stubbornness was unmoving. If he were to catch her crossing over into his territory... she didn't even want to think about what could happen next. She didn't like confrontation. "Ouch!" In her deep troubled thoughts she'd absent-mindedly forgotten to look where she was stepping. With her bare foot she'd accidentally stepped right onto a thorny vine and she could see it had pricked her skin. She took off her floral hairband and rested it on a few branches as she sat down on a small tree stump to pick the thorn out of her foot. To view my paintings in a larger size, please visit my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artbyjassietea/
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    Just random clips from 2 hours worth of BG open beta test.
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    Well, this thread hasn't been very active unfortunately... Anyway, I finally finished working on @SamaraJusticar's ninja: You guys can post your character references here since I won't be posting mine...
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    Here my final and 3rd entry XD ! -In-Game Name : Lyranis, Kimina, *Nutella* or other~~ The GM Radius Challenge : +3 Undivided Tri-Forte : Create a three-piece headgear set consisting upper, middle and lower headgear ! The GM Mimi Challenge : +1 Vision Impairment Is A Chance For Fashion : Create a headgear that covers the eyes ! This time, it's a vampire concept =) ! I hope you will like it ^^ ! -Upper : -Middle : -Lower : And as always, here an expemple of how it can be weared ^^ !
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    Hey, pj and Lucifel, here's a copy of the PNG template so that you could get started (sadly I don't have the PSD version). Have fun!
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    Mistakes and inconveniences happen but these guarantee learning and improvement as long as people are willing. As a participant of the recent Nightmare Rift I sincerely do appreciate the event in its entirety (I thank my friends for guilttripping me and ignoring my endless plea that I'm resisting RO due to my academics). Nonetheless, in behalf of my team we do thank you for the opportunity as the event allowed us to play and spend time together again, and have fun. Although honestly on a personal note I think (perhaps!) a proper avenue for feedback amongst hosts and participants would be helpful in order to make room for improvement and make way for better communication and understanding for both the GM team and the participants. Anyways, inbefore the 1pm slot gets taken, I volunteer Calibre as tribute--I mean-- I would like to signup Calibre party for the 1pm server timeslot.
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    I AM EMBARRASSED BUT HERE YOU GO! "TAG! YOU'RE IT!" https://www.twitch.tv/videos/240767949
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    Took a while, but I'm finally ready to post my first set of headgear designs! In-Game Name: Leiferis Disclaimer: I'm not much of an artist (more of a writer), so my apologies in advance for the low quality of the designs! I'll mostly be attempting at recolouring pixel templates made with picture manipulation (my idea of creating pixel art ) to get my ideas across. Also, most of these headgear designs should have animations, but because I lack the skills to animate them myself I'll be referring to existing TalonRO / RO sprites or just describe them. I hope these will spark your imagination like they did with mine. Note: I'm using Courier New font size 18pt, as 8pt looks rather small in the provided PNG template – do let me know if this is all right. Headgear Series: Avatar of the Four Gods Animation: All their aura move like burning fire like this -> Back Story / Headgear Questline: Inspiration Source: GM Prize to the Skies Challenges: Headgear Series: Cat Communicator Hat Animation: The tail bobs up and down like this -> Animation: The ears twitch occasionally like Whikebine's Black Cat Ears -> Back Story / Headgear Quest: Inspiration Source: GM Prize to the Skies Challenges: Headgear Series: Poring-Like Bunny? (Those who know where this bunny is from without referring get a cookie!) Back Story / Headgear Quest: Inspiration Source: GM Prize to the Skies Challenges: Headgear Series: Verantus Mane Veils Animation: The veil / mane floats gently as if supported by wind, a little similar to the hair and celestial robe here -> Original Creature Back Story: More Back Story / Headgear Quest: Inspiration Source: GM Prize to the Skies Challenges: 3-Piece Headgear Set: Phantom Thief (White and Black Variants) Animation: The cape flares something like this but more permanently -> Animation: The doves fly like this -> Animation: The sparkles blink like stars! (Note: These headgears can be interchanged among each other and still get the set bonus, i.e. black hat, white mask and black mantle.) Back Story / Headgear Quest: Inspiration Source: GM Prize to the Skies Challenges: 3-Piece Headgear Set: Sweet Hallucinations Animation: The desserts float like this (maybe a bit slower?) -> Animation: The sparkles blink like stars! Back Story / Headgear Quest: Inspiration Source: GM Prize to the Skies Challenges: Standalone Headgear: Magical Girl Backpack Back Story / Headgear Quest: Inspiration Source: GM Prize to the Skies Challenges: GM Prize to the Skies Challenges Checklist That's all from me, folks! Hope you like these designs of mine; I had fun designing them! Good luck to all headgear designers here!
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    Thank you so much! This is probably one of the best chibis that i have so far haha!
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    We're pleased to announce that Battlegrounds will be available for open beta testing this Sunday, April 15th, beginning at 3:00pm server time. Thanks to two successful rounds of testing with a dedicated group of players in our testing server, we have gone and made several changes and improvements to the experience. All players are welcome to participate in this open beta test - and we're looking forward to your participation in bringing this new and improved form of Battlegrounds to TalonRO! As this is an open round of testing, beta testers should expect that this implementation will have built from the previous experience, and will initially lack all of intended customs in order to test through a number of critical scenarios. We anticipate testing to last several hours - enough time to run through all modes and features as needed. Kindly, we would ask for your full participation during this time! In the event that an element of testing yields a critical bug or error, we may have to end testing early if it's not something which can be repaired on the fly - however, we anticipate a complete and refined beta testing with your help before full implementation! Furthermore, players will be provided with a set of baseline, basic supplies for Battlegrounds testing. These items will only work within Battlegrounds, but will relieve some of the opportunity cost associated with participating! When testing is ready on April 15 at 3:00pm Midgard (server) time, speak with our Battlegrounds NPC in Prontera will be available for players to enter the test. We kindly ask all participating players to be ready and pay close attention to any GM-led instructions and requests to help us test this open beta of Battlegrounds! All normal TalonRO server rules will apply during BG Beta testing. Violations of server rules during this test will result from your immediate removal from the test, along with corresponding action taken against to your regular game account if deemed necessary. We are looking forward to seeing you in-game for our live, open beta test of Battlegrounds! Gear up, get ready, and we'll see you for a real rumble! Thanks as always, and happy gaming!
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    I look up the files in my offline Ragnarok and see some interesting codes, though Im not really that good at interpreting them I think I kinda get the gist of it. *this are all based on my understanding on the codes* Rate determines the chance of the Skill ‘Steal’ to work I assume that SD is the player and MD is the monster, with that in mind… 1) rate = (playerDEX – monsterDEX)/2 + (LVLsteal*6 + 4) <- this is the normal scaling of steal right? 2) Rate+ bonuses, Then add some bonuses from equips or items. I don’t think there is any item that increase the chance of steal. 3) if the result is less than 1, steal will fail. Obliviously if the value become negative or zero. If steal works the next step is to Select what item will be stolen The (for) loop will run based on the set number of items that can be steal. This is set by the GMs(perhaps) (if) condition 1) Is the Monster Drop Slot NOT empty ? 2) Is the Item NOT steal protected ? 3) Is the item to be stolen exist in the Item Database? 4) Is [Random Generated Number modulus] less than the Drop rate of item *multiply by the Rate/100 * The greater your Rate and drop rate is the higher the chance Condition #4 will be true, thus getting the item at that slot. If ALL condition is true then that item will be stolen ! If not we will move on to the next item slot… Lastly if we reach the max number of slot possible to be stolen, 'Steal’ will fail >_< EXAMPLE: 28 dex Rate rate = (28 - 89)/2 + 64 RATE = 33.5 Not lower than Zero we pass the First trial! Item selection we follow the condition #4 Yellow Herb: 30*33.5/100 = 10.05% if we fail to get this we move on to Blue Herb Blue Herb: 45*33.5/100 = 15.075% if we fail to get this we move on to Singing Flower Singing Flower: 9*33.5/100 = 3.015% if we fail to get this we move on to Singing Plant Singing Plant: 0.09*33.5/100 = 0.03015% if we fail to get this we move on to Illusion Flower Illusion Flower: 1.5*33.5/100 = 0.5025% if we fail to get this we move on to Crystal Mirror Crystal Mirror: 30*33.5/100 = 10.05% if we fail to get this we move on to Witherless Rose Witherless Rose: 6*33.5/100 = 2.01% if we fail to get this we move on to ‘Steal’ will fail ! *if you believe that the number of slots possible to be stolen is more than 7 (as I think so too )feel free to add Principle of Magic The Computation AdjustedDropRatio = DropRatio*(DEX + 3*Skill level - MonsterDEX + 10)/100 and this one I saw on my files are pretty much the same but this somewhat able to explain what happened when you got a negative value because of -monsterDEX.
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    Here's something silly inspired by in-game text!: “Hm… I do not believe I am entirely convinced…” “I don’t have a fetish, dammit! I didn’t say any of that! That’s definitely not me!” “Perhaps we should swing by the Prontera Parish. I think you may need to go to confession. …Oh! On second thought, there’s a fair number of high priests around in the church. Tsk, tsk. We can’t have you around those…” “I DIDN’T GODDAMN SAY IT, YOU BLOCKHEAD!!” [ TFW… you’re talking to a guildmate OOC about your favorite classes and… realize afterward that what you said on the character you were currently on could be taking quite hilariously out of context. : ) RIP, Farona. Yune is fully aware that she’d never say such a thing, but… as if that would stop him from teasing/flustering her! ] I had a lot of fun with this~ Enjoy!
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    Hi, Im Doodle! (also known as Fabianne Keira, but I go by the name Doodle now :, ) ) I'm an old RO player, and I haven't played in a while, but I thought I would share some of my art here! Most of it currently is JSE fanart, but Im trying to create more of my own fantasies! Thank you for checking it out <3 Finished pieces: Here are a few WIPs: And three speed paints I did: I hope you guys like them! I'll try to update on my drawings as often as possible :,D ~Doodle
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    That’s it everyone! Thank you for participating and for all your outstanding, amazing entries! We all can't wait to get the judging started! Winners will be announced soon, so please keep yourself posted!
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    Mission Boards Eden offers a variety of mission boards which have a regular rotation. The way the rotation works is that it has 10 mobs it can choose for a particular range, and 5 are randomly chosen which is what players will have to work with for that period. This rotation occurs every week on Sunday, server time. Successfully completing a monster hunting mission rewards the player with Base and Job Experience according to what the monster was. In addition you will also receive an amount of Bronze Coins based on the level range and you may also gain an additional reward as well with the Bronze Coins depending on the level range done. Item missions however follow different rules and will only reward you with Base Experience, which is 50% of what the monster hunting quest related to the item otherwise would reward you. Finally, transcendent classes receive twice as much experience from all the level ranges. All players have the same 5 missions on all the level ranges making it very easy to find someone to party up with. Additionally, transcendent classes get their own board, but they are also allowed to go back and do Astrid’s 91-99 board should they want to! Hunting missions have a 30 Minute Cooldown each and Item missions have a 1 Hour Cooldown each. This spoiler is a list of all the possible missions from each level range: Dieshin Corporation Delivery Quests Dieshin Delivery Quests are a custom feature specifically for TalonRO’s Eden Group! They are a great alternative for people looking to specifically get Job Experience and want to take a break from combat. You will also gain additional rewards for completing these missions though which can include level 10 Blessing / Increase Agility Scrolls, Eden Merit Badges, Bronze Coins, and even some very special scrolls! To find the Dieshin Corporation you must make your way to the second floor of the Eden Group HQ. Once there you will find 3 rooms at the north side, the Dieshin Corporation is located in the rightmost room. A typical Dieshin Corporation Delivery Mission goes as follows: Talk to Dieshin Man and tell him you’re looking for work. You must be at least Base Level 12 to start his jobs. If necessary you can ask him what the details of the work are, this will detail job specifics and rewards. You can choose 3 different jobs. The jobs you get are dependent on your base level and it uses the same level ranges as the Mission Boards. All jobs have a 1 Hour Cooldown each. Depending on your base level the offered jobs will get progressively more complicated and will require much more effort to complete them. If at any point you forgot where you need to go, use your questlog by pressing Alt + U! The specifics are as follows: Base Level 40 or lower: The jobs are pretty straight forward. Dieshin Man will just give you a box and he expects you to deliver it to the client. After giving the box to the client successfully, return to Dieshin Man and claim your rewards. Base Levels 41 - 70: Now the Dieshin Man will constantly tell you he’s out of the supplies the client requested. He will ask you to bring him a couple different items. After you bring the Dieshin Man the requested items he will then package it up into the delivery box. Like the lower level quests you will then bring it to your client successfully, come back to Dieshin Man, and claim your rewards. Base Level 71+: Everything from the 41 - 70 jobs, except now the item quantities for the box packaging may increase. Also when you get to the client you are also expected to help them with their task when you arrive, and in some cases, may even be required to kill some mobs in the area. The minigame part requires you to successfully complete a mini game which can range from starting fire, fishing, or mining to name a few examples. You will have 20 attempts to complete the task. You can run out of supplies, and if you do, you must go back to the Dieshin Man with more supplies to create a new box. Then return to the client and keep doing the task until you are successful. When you are successful and help the client with everything they asked you to do, they will then sign for the package as usual and then you can go back to Dieshin Man and claim your rewards. Completing Dieshin Quests will reward players with the following: Job Experience The amount of job experience is fixed and will always be the following values no matter the rates (if non-trans, the listed amount is divided by 3): 12-25: 25,000 26-40: 130,000 41-55: 320,000 56-70: 640,000 71-90: 2,200,000 91-99: 3,500,000 If Base Level 90 or lower 5 Bronze Coins A chance to get a Blessing or Increase Agility Scroll level 10. If Base Level 91+ 10 Bronze Coins Eden Merit Badge 5 if base level 98 or lower. 10 if base level 99. A chance to get one of these scrolls (all max level): Increase Agility Scroll Blessing Scroll Storm Gust Scroll Meteor Storm Scroll Lord of Vermillion Scroll Wind Walk Scroll Quagmire Scroll Assumptio Scroll Lex Aterna Scroll Magnificat Scroll Mystical Amplification Scroll ** Rare ** Party Assumptio Scroll Party Blessing Scroll Party Increase Agility Scroll The spoiler below is a resource of all the required items for each Delivery Mission: Gramps Once you reach at least Base Level 79 you can start participating in the Gramps hunting missions. These missions offer the most Base Exp, Job Exp, and Bronze Coins at a single time out of all the other Eden Group options, but they are much easier to complete when you work together in parties in order to complete really difficult maps to get the most of it, otherwise, you can choose easier maps for less rewards. The Gramps missions, like the Mission Boards, also operate on a rotation system. For Gramps it works differently however. Gramps will instead randomly pick two maps, 1 Normal Mode map and 1 Intense Mode map. Normal Mode consists of easier end maps such as Glast Heim, Turtle Island, Bibilan Dungeon 5, etc. and Intense Mode consisting of some of the hardest maps in the game such as LH3/LH4, DG, and Thors Volcano to name a few. Then depending on the map it picks, will pick 2 random monsters inside of that map randomly. To get rewards from Gramps, you must first complete at least two of his missions before saying Reward Me. You can’t complete 1 of 2 and expect to get rewards, both must be completed first. If Normal Mode quests are taken 200 kills of the chosen mob is required, otherwise for Intense, it’s 100 kills. Then after getting the rewards you will go on cooldown for the rest of that day. This cooldown will reset when the server clock hits exactly 00:00. Rewards consist of the following: Per Normal Mode Quest: Base Experience: 7,500,000 Job Experience: 4,000,000 Bronze Coins: 25 (if base level 99, 30) Eden Merit Badge: 10 Per Intense Mode Quest: Base Experience: 25,000,000 Job Experience: 16,000,000 Bronze Coins: 50 (if base level 99, 60) Eden Merit Badge: 20 Quests Base Exp Job Exp Bronze Coins Eden Merit Badges 2 Normal 15,000,000 8,000,000 50 (60 if 99) 20 2 Intense 50,000,000 32,000,000 100 (120 if 99) 40 1 of each 32,500,000 20,000,000 75 (90 if 99) 30 The spoiler below is a list of all the possible Maps and Monsters Gramps can pick: Bonus Bundle Missions Should you at any point have the Bonus Bundle activated, you can participate in a series of extra missions to gain experience through the Eden’s Chef in the Eden Kitchen. He will tell you about how he's busy in the kitchen and he can’t complete his assignments from the eden group. If you accept, the bonus missions will now begin. These missions have the same exact rules as the Mission Boards. If you are already familiar with how the Mission Boards work, you will know how these work. The only differences are that the kill count is always 50 no matter the level and the cooldown for these are 1 Hour as opposed the the 30 Minutes of the regular Mission Boards. Unlike the Mission Boards where you will receive Eden Merit Badges, Bronze Coins, etc. These missions are unique in that they will reward you with Base Exp, Job Exp, and a Professional Cooking Kit instead every time a mission is completed. The spoiler below is a list of possible Bonus Bundle Missions: Crystal Synthesis By talking to Reno on the second floor of the Eden Group, you can partake in the crystal synthesis content in the Eden Group HQ. Reno will offer you a variety of features as well as new equipment that is exclusively available only by interacting with him. Obtaining Energy Crystals In order to obtain the many gears that Reno can offer you, you must be aware of the energy crystals and the different ways on how to obtain them. They come in three categories: Rough Energy Crystal, Purified Energy Crystal, and High Energy Crystal. Different grades of crystals will allow you to create different types of equipment and receive different types of buffs. Method 1: Take on Reno’s Hunting Missions in order to obtain an amount of Crystals every day. To start these missions you must first be at least Base Level 60. Then, you can take on each range once every single day. Like the Mission Boards, these missions will rotate on a regular basis, taking 5 random mobs out of 10 for each level range. No matter what range you take, the kill count will always be 100. Rewards are as follows: Level 60+ 10 Rough Energy Crystals. Level 80+ 10 Purified Energy Crystals. Level 90+ 5 High Energy Crystals. Level 99 * 10 High Energy Crystals. * As soon as you reach base level 99, the Level 99 range can also be done in addition to the 90+ range, containing a higher High Energy Crystal reward and different mobs. The below spoiler is a list of Possible Crystal Synthesis Missions: Method 2 Participate in receiving a Crystal Synthesis related buff from Reno. There are three different buffs he can give you, they are as follows: Rough Energy: Atk/Matk + 3 Purified Energy: Atk/Matk + 6 High Energy: Atk/Matk + 6 You can take each of the above buffs once every day, and they last 3 hours each. At no point can you have more than 1 buff activated at the same time though. After the 3 hours is up, come back to Reno, and he will extract anywhere between 2 ~ 4 energy crystals from your body depending on the category you chose. If at any point you forgot how long it has been since you got one of the buffs, check your questlog by pressing Alt + U and review the time given. Method 3 Compress energy crystals into different grades of energy crystals. You may choose to compress Rough Energy Crystals into Purified Energy Crystals, or Purified Energy Crystals into High Energy Crystals. The conversion rates are as follows: 10 Rough Energy Crystals -> 2 Purified Energy Crystal. 10 Purified Energy Crystals -> 2 High Energy Crystal. Method 4 Simply buy them from a vender if anybody is selling them. While you can vend Rough Energy Crystals and Purified Energy Crystals, you can’t vend High Energy Crystals as they are account bound. Crystal Synthesis Equipment Reno will offer you a variety of brand new equipment, all of which are upgrades of existing items in the game that are substantially better than their original counterparts. These gears are also vendable as well! There are two different methods of obtaining them. Method 1 Offer Reno the required items to create the exact one you please. It will require the original gear and an amount of energy crystals depending on the gear. For more information on obtainable gears and the requirements for obtaining them, make sure to check out Reno’s “See Equipment List” option for a full listing of item effects and the item requirements to create said items. Method 2 Give Reno a set amount of energy crystals and he will give you a random item depending on the type of crystal you gave him. You can choose to gamble 200 Rough Energy Crystals, 300 Purified Energy Crystals, or 400 High Energy Crystals. For more information on what gears you can obtain through this method, you can talk to Reno by selecting the first option after selecting “Random Gear for Crystals”. The below spoiler is a list of possible Crystal Synthesis Equipment:
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    IGN : ***DON*** THIS IS MY ENTRY!! this is upper head gear: The GM Luna Challenge: +1 Starfire : Create a headgear inspired by the moon & stars!
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    For @jessu Just a small update, I'm getting back into art again. I don't actively play on the server, so I don't see much use in collecting zeny. I never posted this from oct 2016...haha. I believe it was for Inktober? Boy did I fail in completing that challenge.
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    The Bunny Sister's Corner: Nightmare's Rift : A Jester's Smile Premieres starting now on forum widget or tune in to https://www.twitch.tv/gmmikzie Missed watching your favorite team? Click here to view specific teams: Calibre Team Dewata Failbox Team SpankySpanky Team
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    Thank you all for participating in today's Rift instance! We hope you had a blast. As always, we're always open to feedback so don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any suggestions/comments for today's run. We'll be returning soon with even more PvM content in the coming months!
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    @Shendel @Thorhall Without IS SBK : 16 681 to 17 834 Without IS MA : 5 131 to 6088 With IS SBK : 17 174 to 19 940 With IS MA : 6 245 to 6720
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    and if you want to talk directly to me, you can use PM - there is no point in posting unrelated texts... btw - it has been positive reaction - again - give it some time and you will understand.. btw2 - you are wrong: - 4 months old thread - thats digging old thread - you dont know, yet you go "lol you dunno..." - you were wrong the first time, I pointed it out for you - of course you dont know, you were not here - thats why I told you it was something very different - (from your initial post, it seems that you are suggesting that I laugh at people for not knowing something) - I do enjoy my stay here - and I believe, that there are others who also enjoy my stay - however, I do not enjoy people who cant read and who think that all the others are oblidged to answer all the questions straight away - I think that it is superwrong - that they should use the forums - that they should read, taht they should search, that they should appreciate the help and work that others on forum prepared for all the new people.. - this is not only for you - this is for all the other newcommers, who feel that they have to protect these innocent new guys that are getting these aggressive answers from some ill-tempered old guy - they are not poor innocent newcommers - they are people who failed to do their part of work or who dont know, how forums work - I try to explain how it works - I refuse to spoonfeed them, because I dont want to see another pasana carded lucius, I dont want to see "why cant I hit kasa with Artemis and fire arrow?" I want to see server with people who know what they are doing - and I will not stop..
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    I feel like i'm fighting in a nuclear war with only my fists! Why are you guys so good? As I said...I'm not an artist, I'm just someone with ideas Here we go: IGN: Cueio Entry 1: The Paper mask (middle and lower headgear) -------- Entry 2: Wireless Speaker (Upper Headgear) -------- Entry 3: Fake Tongue(Lower Headgear) -------- Entry 4: Lunar Lunatic (Upper Headgear) -------- Entry 5: Skull of Archer (Upper Headgear) --- AoA parody -------- Entry 6: Strange Bard Hat (upper headgear) ---
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    Registering as "Dewata Failbox".
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    Hello, GMs and players, I'd like to first say that I've recently had the chance to join a few GM-hosted minigames such as Sink or Swim, Hide and Seek and a couple more, and I've had loads of fun, so thanks to the GMs for taking the effort to host these events to make TalonRO more fun! I'd like to suggest a GM-hosted minigame that I used to play in a non-RO private server (it was so long ago that I can't even remember the server's name anymore ) and I think it's easily doable in TalonRO. I'm not sure if there's already such a minigame being hosted, but I'm posting this just in case it isn't. It's called The Colour Game, and how it works is this: Players enter the minigame room with a bunch of headgears (or costumes). The minigame lasts several rounds; each round, the GM provides a phrase or question where the answer is a colour (or several colours); for example: Phrase / Question: "The sky is beautiful today!" Correct Colour(s): Blue Wrong Colour(s): None Phrase / Question: "I love watermelon but hate bananas!" Correct Colour(s): Green and/or red Wrong Colour(s): Yellow Players will have 5 - 10 seconds to put on headgears / costumes with the appropriate colours: Those with the correctly coloured headgears (in this case, green and/or red) survive to join the next round. Those with the incorrectly coloured headgears (in this case, yellow) are eliminated. Those with headgears that are neither correct nor incorrect colours, and those without any headgear, are also eliminated. The rounds will continue until there are only 3 - 5 players left as the winners! I think it's a simple enough game that will make a lot of not-usually-used headgears relevant (and costume collectors happy!), but the problem I foresee is that not everyone have lots of headgears or costumes (especially newbies). Based on my personal experience in that non-RO server though, I did look forward to the minigame and found an extra purpose in collecting costumes! Hope it's interesting (and practical) enough to be implemented.
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    I think they mean the new nightmare monster cards. The databases don't have them yet, but the item numbers are still there and can be searched with the selling database. They start from nightmare amon ra at 4652 to nightmare verit at 4658. A nightmare verit is selling for 5.9m, but who knows what the price will be when people figure out how to find them.
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    IT'S A FULL MOON TONIGHT (it's not but I need to add drama) AND THE WEREWOLVES ARE OUT TO KILL. We'll be having a round of the Werewolf game on voice chat today, 15:00 server time. Play with us or tune in on the fun and bloodlust.
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    The link is no more available. I had to save the PNG file of your post: is that ok? Anyway, please find here one of my ideas =3 IGN : Lucie Logos For the next one, I respected the following rule: The GM Copal Challenge: +1 Disguise Yourself : Create a headgear that covers your face. The following item can be usefull, even in real life =) However, I hope you don't need that in your daily life... be happy, peace! I have other ideas, but I don't think I'll have the time to draw it. Can it be extra entry?? Last but not least, thank you Blue-chan for your help =]
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    Added 3-Piece Headgear Sets: Phantom Thief (White and Black Variants) and Sweet Hallucinations! Yep, I've been busy. I like that cap! The thing in the middle reminds me of the Monkey King's circlet (from Chinese mythology), and the cloud wind thingy reminds me of those on the game Okami (based on Japanese mythology). Haha, don't worry, you're not the only one! I'm not much of an artist myself, and I'm also an ideas person. I think as long as we're having fun designing these headgears and putting our ideas on (digital) paper, we're all good. And the Lunar Lunatic one is pretty fun! Like Nyan Cat but a Lunatic bunny on the moon.
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    Just a minor suggestion I use the mailbox system a lot (especially when delivering loots and equips), but sometimes I get paranoid if the item will reach the person or not (I just ask for a confirmation reply, but some people don't send one), and I feel exposed when I forget to take a screenshot of the message (as a countermeasure, if the item didn't reach because of bug or the recipient might lie). Is it possible to add a new tab that will contain a copy of the messages sent via mailbox. I think this is a good evidence if people will complain about lost item via mailbox or lessen the possibility of scamming since you can track the name of the recipient. I also think this is a good way to promote the mailbox system (very convenient if you ask me, but most people dont trust it). Thanks for reading.