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    Winter is here once again, and with it the Winter Scarf Quest returns to TalonRO! This immensely popular event lets you have the opportunity to make your own fashionable scarf for the winter months. The great roaming master tailor, Von Claude, has been gaining inspiration for his next designs. Once again he has settled in the city of Hugel. He has been particularly inspired by the newest animated fashions and also vibrant varieties of costumes that are cropping up lately. "2018's fashion forward crowd will really love what I have in store this season" Von Claude was recently heard sharing with a team of Kafra Agents. Coveted all over Rune-Midgard, the designs of Von Claude are unequaled in their elegance and functionality. His friend, Olgov, has been working on creating fields of inspirations for Von Claude's next winter collection. As his scarves are in high demand, Von Claude requires only the finest ingredients for his masterful creations. However, the work is worth it - the new Winter Collection from Von Claude is without equal. His new collection of scarves include the return of the Traditional Striped Scarf - a classic Midgardian favorite - and Straight Scarves, which were in popular demand! Von Claude x Olgov designs have brought back the 2016 smash hit, the Waving Long Scarf. However, 2018's latest creation is something entirely different. Introducing the Nekomimi Cape. A cute cape that will surely keep you warm, available in three colors! Featured in distinct, fashion-forward choices, these scarves will turn the average novice into a haute couture wonder! Because of the demand for these high-quality items, the newly-added costumes will not be easy to make. After all, Von Claude x Olgov wouldn't want to skimp on the quality, right? Fortunately, by popular demand, the quest is now repeatable. You no longer need to use different characters in order to make more scarves! Just like winter itself, this quest won't last long! This quest will be available through the winter months. We hope that you enjoy the Winter Scarf Quest this year! The Winter Quest ends on Sunday, March 20th! Be sure to make your scarves and find the look that's right for you! Happy gaming and good luck!
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    Ho Ho Ho! Christmas time is the best time in the year, gifts and smiles, everything good in such a happy time! For this occasion I've prepared some carol for our community! Behold! The carol starts now! IGN: Edwado Challenges: Welp, since there is only one (sometimes I wonder how blind Im) I will pick sing it challenge! Tho... It sounds rather like beast that is slaughtered.... And I got picture before I noticed that it needs to be landscape T_T (Edit. But now it's fixed!) Original carol: We Three Kings My lyrics: My "Professional" vocal... Sometimes I wonder why i sound like that xD Warning! This audio may destroy your ears! XD Merry Christmas everyone! I would like to wish you wonderful Christmas filled with happiness and joy. The time spent with family is the most precious in whole life, so may you spend this very special time with your family and friends. Once again, Merry Christmas! P.S Special thanks to my friend B l a n k i e t a <3 He's the best when it comes to art!
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    It's a new year on TalonRO! We're looking forward to another great year of action-packed fun and excitement together in our adventures throughout Midgard. As always, we're pleased to offer this month's latest Tam Tam's Gift Region and newest Monthly Costume Boxes for your enjoyment - but we also want you to start the new year off on the right foot! Let's help get you into fighting shape with a special EXP rate increase in this first week of January! Join up with a new party, make friends in a new guild, or participate in one of TalonRO's many exciting team adventures - all while earning some additional EXP to give yourself a boost in 2018! We hope that you enjoy these new additions, as well as all of the fun running throughout Midgard in TalonRO's eleventh year of gameplay! Let's start the New Year the right way with a 10x EXP week! To celebrate 2018, we're offering a special 10x EXP rate week now through Wednesday, January 10. Enjoy the added bonus experience as an opportunity to go on an adventure with a new party, explore a dungeon that you've never tried before, or conquer that difficult instance you've been meaning to take on! With 10x EXP this week, your effort will be maximized to its fullest! You won't want to miss out on this special opportunity to get your character into fighting shape for all of 2018's upcoming wonders! 10x EXP Week Enjoy 10x EXP rates this week to celebrate the start of 2018! Our EXP rate bonus week will end on Wednesday, January 10, so be sure to still vote for higher rates when the bonus week ends. This month's Tam Tam's Gift region takes us throughout the wondrous classical fields of Geffen! Journey through the original lands of magic and explore this beloved area with a fresh sense of wonder and renewed adventure - and fight against this month's Champion Monsters to earn yourself valuable coins, additional experience, and much more! Tam Tam's Gift Region January's region includes the Geffen Fields and Dungeon maps! Champion monsters for this month include the following: Kobold, Poring, Fabre, Orc Warrior, and Poporing. Finally, no monthly patch would be complete without our latest monthly costume box! Rainbow Sigrun continues to take top billing to our monthly costume box, and this month's box brings about a special series of great additions such as the new Volume Low Twin Costume, the fantastic Neev Barrette Costume, and the Cat Mouth Costume, among others! Other additions to this month's box make it one worth obtaining - and be sure to do so, as each month a new box with new contents will take its place! January's costume box is currently available in the Reward Guru - and we hope that you get something fun to show off to the world of Midgard! January 2018 Monthly Costume Box This month's costume items include the following Rainbow Sigrun Volume Low Twin Costume Neev Barrette Costume Open Air Headset Costume Cat Mouth Costume Gods Helm Costume Dog Officer Costume Ten Gallon Flame Hat Costume Hoplite Helmet Costume Traveler Hat Costume Owl Duke Top Hat Costume Note Headphones Costume We hope that you enjoy this month's latest updates - and, as always, happy gaming from all of us on TalonRO! It is our great pleasure and privilege to proudly feature artwork from the TalonRO community as part of our monthly patch update series! Artwork featured in this month's update includes work from PhantomPuppeteer, Orchestra, Yoshimi, Elza, Antei Kun, Marly, and GM Spica!
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    The holidays are upon Midgard: Christmas is here! After creating a wonderful countdown calendar constructed by Santa's Helpers in Lutie, the holiday elves have relocated their Christmas operations to the special Enchanted Village to ring in Christmas throughout all of Midgard! Santa Claus is bringing holiday joy to boys and girls of all ages - and with no threats in sight from the Popogrinch, Jack Frost, or other evildoers, he's free to celebrate the true spirit of the season with fun and delights for all! We hope that you'll enjoy this special time as much as ever in this year's return to familiar fun with new prizes, great twists, and enjoyable memories. This year, the fun starts once more with our special warp assistant in Prontera, who will take you right to the Enchanted Village. Once there, you'll be able to help Santa spread the magic of Christmas across the world by assisting with special tasks being part of sharing the magic of the season with friends. Embark on various games and earn wonderful Christmas Giftboxes by collecting Giftbox Pieces. You can also enjoy some of this year's seasonal highlights, such as letter writing, Antonia's Caroling, stocking hanging, and much more (with full details below!). We hope that you'll explore around the Enchanted Village this year and enjoy all that the season has to offer! Enjoy the Magic of the Enchanted Village Begin your adventure to the Enchanted Village by speaking with the Christmas NPC in Prontera. Once in the Enchanted Village, embark on a series of games and holiday delights! Start in on collecting Giftbox Pieces, or enjoy other aspects of seasonal fun. You'll be able to enter the Enchanted Village anytime that the Christmas Event is active! This year, Santa Claus is asking for your help in spreading Christmas cheer and magic throughout Midgard by enjoying all that his elven team has to offer! This year, you'll be able to participate in this Christmas fun through games, such as collecting giftboxes pieces, stockings, quests, and more! As Santa's elves were putting together this year's gifts and games for all of Midgard, a number of important pieces were lost in their transition from Santa's workshop in Lutie to the Enchanted Village. However, you can help recover these special Red and Green Giftbox Pieces in order to construct your very own Christmas Giftbox! This year's Giftboxes will grant some new and wonderful items - and you can make your own through a variety of games and challenges. Moreover, all minigames this year may grant you special Snowflake Coins in addition to the Giftbox Pieces, as well as special Marbles. These snowflakes can be used at the vending machine in the Enchanted Village to purchase special rental weapons as well as a lovely variety of new costumes and classic holiday pets. Marbles are used for the special minigame Santa's Marbles, which is explained in greater detail in the Christmas Events section below. Moreover, you'll need to use these special items to fill your stockings - but you'll be able to earn these through a number of methods - making it possible to collect wonderful items in a great combination of ways! Finally, you'll only be able to obtain certain kinds of Giftbox Pieces through specific games. These Giftbox Pieces are account bound, so you'll need to earn them all individually. Once you do however, you'll be able to give them to Santa, who will reward your hard work with some very special prizes this year. On top of that, you'll be able to earn and do lots more in the Enchanted Village, such as letter writing, caroling, and so much more! How to Participate in This Year's Event Collect Red and Green Giftbox Pieces in order to trade them in and craft your own Christmas Giftboxes! Earn Giftbox Pieces by participating in various minigames and events throughout the Enchanted Village. Each Christmas Giftbox will grant wonderful new items this year! Giftbox Pieces are account bound, so be certain to earn them within a single account to maximize your Christmas Giftbox collection! Most items that come out of the box however, are not bound. Minigames may also grant both Snowflake Coins and Marbles this year as well. Snowflake Coins can be used at the vending machine NPC in the Enchanted Village. You will be able to trade these in for special rental weapons, costumes, and pets! Both Snowflake Coins and Marbles have different purposes: Use Snowflake Coins at both the vending machine NPC in the Enchanted Village, as well as within the Stocking Hanging event in Santa's House. Use Marbles to participate in the Santa's Marbles events, also located inside of Santa's House. You can also earn great prizes this year through other fun methods, which are listed below in greater detail. These methods include: Antonia's Caroling - where you can earn Snowflake Coins and other useful goodies. Stocking Hanging - fill up your stockings this year in Santa's House in the Enchanted Village and earn something wonderful the very next day. Santa's Marbles - spell out special holiday sayings with various Marble letters to earn some extraordinary prizes! Santa has a wonderful variety of games available for all of Midgard's boys and girls this year - including some classic delights and new twists in store! Four main events will provide you with an opportunity to earn Giftbox Pieces in order to construct your very own Christmas Giftbox. These events include the return of Blackjack / Guess the Number, Holiday Riddle Quest, Snowman Building, and the Christmas Time Trial! Each of these games will drop a combination of either Red or Green Giftboxes pieces. Collect both kinds of pieces to trade them in within the Enchanted Village for your very own Christmas Giftboxes this year! You'll also be able to earn prizes through other events as well. Stocking Hanging, located at Santa's House in the Enchanted Village, will allow you to receive something wonderful. Simply collect the required items for your stocking and wait a day - then check back in over the stockings by the fireplace to receive a special prize! This year also features a special new addition of Santa's Marbles. There will be a holiday-themed word that you can attempt to spell out by collecting Marbles across various minigames. Each Marble will have a letter printed on it. If you can spell out the holiday word of the day with Marbles in your inventory, you'll receive something incredible! You can participate in this minigame in Santa's House in the Enchanted Village as well. We hope that you'll give all of this year's events and minigames inside of the Enchanted Village a try - and that you'll earn some wonderful holiday presents along the way! Explore All that Christmas Has to Offer Blackjack & Guess the Number returns to Christmas! Play special party-based rounds of Blackjack rotating alongside a holiday-themed Guess the Number minigame. Strike it rich for your opportunity to win Red Giftbox Pieces! Snowman Building gives you an opportunity to assemble your own special snowman. The magical snowmen of the holiday season are starting to fall apart as the magic of Christmas dwindles - and they will need your help in putting them back together again! Find the Snowman Builder in the Enchanted Village to learn more. You'll need five (5) people in total to start building. Once you have your group together, head out and start rebuilding those snowmen! If you're successful with your efforts, you'll be rewarded with some Red Giftbox Pieces. Time Trials inside of Antonio's Toy Factory returns to the Enchanted Village! Back in the day, Antonio used to do research in his evil toy factory. However now the toy factory is open for all! Anyone can enter now to enjoy the challenge. This is also a team minigame requiring three (3) participants: all 3 members can only stay inside for 10 minutes. If you all are unable to get out after 10 minutes, the team must abandon the mission! It may take some time to learn the best ways of completing this but don't give up! Cooperate with your partners (through !map chat for instance), and complete all the tasks in the allotted time to find a way to retrieve some Green Giftbox Pieces! Frozen Boy Riddles throughout the Enchanted Village will put your brain through its paces! Follow the Frozen Boy through a series of riddles to try and locate things to help bring Christmas to life in Midgard. These riddles may be pretty tricky, and they'll certainly require thinking through a number of aspects before figuring them out. Finishing this series of riddles will win you some Green Giftbox Pieces as well! Minigames may reward you with additional Snowflake Coins and/or Marbles, as well! Stocking Hanging is a special holiday tradition, where you are earn fantastic prizes! Located in Santa's House in the Enchanted Village, your very own stocking will be hanging over Santa's fireplace. Simply fill your stocking with a number of requested items, along with five (5) Snowflake Coins and let the magic set in! Check back in with your stocking one day later to see what's inside! Your items and coins will have transformed into something exquisite, including usable items, OPB and OBBs, hats, stat foods, and even a small chance to earn pet eggs or costumes! Note: stocking hanging contains a master account daily limit, allowing you to only create 3 stockings per day. Santa's Marbles is one of this year's most challenging, and rewarding, special minigames! Collect Marbles throughout this year's events - each Marble will be inscribed with a letter upon it. A new holiday-themed word will be listed for you to try and complete with Marbles from your inventory. If you can spell out the word of the day with your Marbles, you'll be able to trade them in for some truly incredible prizes! Once a player gets a prize, the word will change to something new! Note: Marbles are all account-bound and cannot be traded - so you'll have to play a lot of minigames this year to ensure that you have a wide range of available letters to spell out the word of the day! Marbles may be obtained from any of the following minigames: The Elvish Riddles minigame may reward you with any Marble, from A through Z. Snowman Building may reward you with Marbles from letters N through Z. Time Trials may reward you with Marbles from letters A through M. Blackjack & Guess the Number will not furnish a chance to win any Marbles. In addition to all kinds of minigames and events throughout the Enchanted Village, this year's holiday treats include some additional features and festivities! Moving about towns and cities this year is the Caroling Antonia, who will move and sing holiday tunes - all while dropping items and even Snowflake Coins! However, be careful that her halls aren't too decked - or she'll deck you by exploding! Caroling Antonia has racked up quite the body count over the years, and she isn't about to break her killing streak any time soon. Moreover, there's a chance that even more mayhem will follow Antonia this year as an encore act, the MVP Krampus, will have a chance to spawn in the town which Antonia has just appeared! If you're following Antonia, be prepared for a real fight! Krampus may also drop some wonderful items, so this MVP hunt could be well worth your while! You'll also be able to send friends, guildmates, and even secret admirers special Holiday Greeting Cards this year through Lizzie in the Enchanted Village. Simply write your own message to your recipient, finalize your message with a reasonable Zeny fee, and if approved you'll hear your special holiday message broadcast all across Midgard! Finally, we're debuting a much-awaited feature for account-bound items this year: you'll now be able to claim account-bound items from this year's Christmas Event on any of your game accounts within your master account once you've "unlocked" the item! Once you've obtained a special Christmas account bound item, such as a costume for example, visit with the Vending Machine NPC in Lutie while using another one of your game accounts that is associated with your master account. You'll then be able to claim a "copy" of that account bound item on your different account - allowing you access to all of this year's items no matter which of your game accounts you're using to participate! We hope that you'll enjoy these special holiday features as you spread laughter and seasonal cheer! Plus Special Features and Games Enjoy Caroling Antonia this year as part of Santa's holiday fun! She'll be exploring throughout various towns and cities in Midgard - be on the lookout for a global announcement when she is around next! As she sings and moves around town, she'll drop items - and even Snowflake Coins! - around her. Follow her to try and collect these special and festive drops. However, be careful not to stay too close for long, as Caroling Antonia may blow up at any time and knock you out! Once Antonia has blown up, there is a chance that the MVP Krampus will follow in her stead! Krampus may invade the same town/city, and defeating him may reward you with some excellent loot! Lizzie is also back to send out special Christmas Cards to your friends, guildmates, and even secret admirers! Simply speak with Lizzie in the Enchanted Village, fill out the To: and From: sections of your announcement, along with a few lines of text that you'd like her to send. Christmas Cards this year cost 50000 Zeny to send, and must be approved by a Gamemaster before they can be sent. Once approved, speak with Lizzie again to confirm the card (when you're ready, of course!) and she will read it aloud as a special global broadcast to all of Midgard! Because these are global announcements, please ensure that your messages are appropriate and conform to TalonRO's rules before writing them, otherwise they may be declined by a Gamemaster. Finally, account bound items from this year's Christmas Event can also be claimed on any of your other game accounts which are associated with your master account! To claim a Christmas account bound item on one of your other game accounts, simply speak with the Vending Machine NPC in Lutie. Once a Christmas account bound item has been obtained, this item will be added to a list of available items at the Vending Machine NPC, allowing you to obtain a "copy" of that item that will be account bound to that new account. For example, say you had received a special Christmas costume from this year's event which is account bound. Simply log into one of your other game accounts if desired, speak with the NPC in Lutie, and you can get a copy of that item! These items will always be account bound, but will allow you to have another version unique to your account as well - allowing you to enjoy your earnings on any of your characters & accounts! Items which are eligible for this special vending machine option include costumes and pets from the Snowflake Coin machine in the Enchanted Village, as well as potential items coming from the Christmas Giftboxes this year. This new feature is also being tested for other potential use cases, and will only work with this year's Christmas items as mentioned above. However, the intent for this NPC is to be used in the future for other event-driven account bound items - as such, we hope to make this NPC a permanent fixture in the same location for reliable purposes! This year's Christmas prizes are truly special - and you'll be able to earn a variety of amazing and wonderful gifts through a number of minigames, features, and fun. This year's Christmas Giftboxes contain a new assortment of special selections, ranging from new items and costumes, as well as extra special MVP cards at a rare drop rate! Trading in Snowflake Coins will also earn you an assortment of special rental weapons, which you can use to give your character an extra boost of ho-ho-horribly good bonuses! Snowflake Coins may also allow for you to earn a variety of other prizes, new and older costumes, pet eggs and much more! Stocking Hanging can also yield some additionally wonderful items as well this year, including special items, useful consumables, and even a small chance to earn even more costumes and/or pet eggs! Santa's Marbles may feature some of this year's most special items - including a variety of rare, useful, and premium items - like useful cards, Bloody Branches, extra-special pets, and even ultra-rare Saiyan Hair or other amazing costumes. Although spelling out the word of the day with Santa's Marbles will be very challenging, the rewards may certainly pay off big time! Finally, you can earn prizes and other small gifts all along the way in this year's Christmas event - making it a fun and worthwhile event for all to enjoy! Earn Prizes from This Year's Offerings Collect prizes through a variety of ways in this year's Christmas Event! Christmas Giftboxes will provide you with a wonderful potential assortment of prizes, including costumes, pet eggs, or even MVP cards if you're lucky! Snowflake Coins will provide you with a chance to purchase seasonal rental weapons, or costumes and other great items. Stocking Hanging can grant you special consumable items and other useful treasures, along with costumes, pets, and other gifts. Santa's Marbles will provide you an opportunity to win some of this year's best prizes - though this is one of the more challenging minigames provided this year! We hope that you'll enjoy all that the season has to offer as we celebrate 2017 coming to an end with our holiday event! To make sure that you have the most fun you can have, please be mindful of several important rules and features with this year's Christmas celebration. Important Rules, Dates, and Notes To begin this year's Christmas Event, speak with the NPC in Prontera, who will take you to the Enchanted Village. All Christmas Event minigames and events will take place within the Enchanted Village and its related areas and NPCs. Items such as Giftbox Pieces, Marbles, and Snowflake Coins are account bound in this year's event. Some of this year's prizes are account-bound as well, The only way to obtain these exclusive events is to participate, allowing everyone the chance to earn wonderful prizes no matter your zeny status! Finally, this year's Christmas celebration will conclude on January 6, 2018 - allowing for you to enjoy the holiday fun throughout the remainder of the season! We sincerely hope that you enjoy the magic, snow, and wonder of this year's Christmas celebration - which is our delight to offer to you as we close another wonderful year, marking TalonRO's tenth anniversary! We're looking forward to another year full of even more fun, enjoyment, and even more offerings that will make 2018 a year to really remember. Thank you as always for your support of TalonRO, and as always, happy gaming!
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    I take no credit on this guide. Just copy-paste / updating Iela's old guide. All credit goes to her and all that she mentions there And also, thanks to Main peeps (Blank*SN and BoneVoyage) for answering few of my doubts xD. Not to forget all Olgov searcher, and our MVP of this year "Skarpetka" who first share Olgov location in Main. Based on the old guide: Quest Instructions Step 1 Talk to Von Claude in Hugel (127 , 162) He’ll ask you to go find his buddy, Olgov. Step 2 (2018 location) Find Olgov outside Rachel Temple, from Warp Girl >> cities >> Rachel. Take north portal, go to coords (ra_temple 185,145) and talk to him. He’ll ask you to bring him a Hairstyle Note. Bring him one. Yes HIM! And not that Anne NPC. Just take North portal from Rachel City like u are going to the church. Olgov is hiding under the trees around coord 185, 145. use /where to determine your current location Step 3 Return to Von Claude. He’ll ask you to kill 100 (or 50) monsters corresponding to your scarf of choice. Go kill said monsters. Step 4 Talk to Von Claude with all the required ingredients, he’ll make you the scarf. Wait 30 minutes for him to knit ‘em. Talk to him again after 30 minutes to receive the scarf. 2018 Nekomimi Cape 25 Soft Feather Cornus, Owl Duke, Owl Baron, Skeggiold 75 Folding fan of cat ghost (item ID # 7262) Mao Guai @ Louyang Dungeon 03 50 Fluff (Umbala Meat Quest) 150 Black cat doll (item ID # 7206) Loli Ruri @1 map west Nilfheim City 1 Wool Scarf [1] Banshee @ Nameless Isle 1 Manteau [1] from Wraith, Gargoyle, Dullahan 1 Muffler [1] Sohee @ payon cave Red Nekomimi Cape Costume (ID #20771) - 100 x Hunter Fly ~ 3 Scarlet Dyestuff (Item ID #975) Black Nekomimi Cape Costume (ID #20440) - 100 x Magmaring ~ 3 Black Dyestuff (Item ID #983) Blue Nekomimi Cape Costume (ID #20946*) - 100 x Petite ~ 3 Cobaltblue Dyestuff (Item ID #978) Note: From this point onward, is 100% copy paste from 2017 guide (again, credit to Iela <3). From what I understand, there are no changes for the ingredients. Although, please let me know if this isn't true. 2017 Straight / Striped Scarves Ingredients 25 Soft Feather 40 Soft Silk 50 Fluff 5 Powdered Ice 1 Wool Scarf [1] Straight Gold Scarf - 100 Drops (ra_fild11/ra_fild12) - 3 Lemon Dyestuffs Straight Indigo Scarf - 50 Jejeling (ma_fild01) - 3 Violet Dyestuffs Straight Jetblack Scarf - 100 Magmaring (ve_fild03) - 3 Black dyestuffs Straight Lilac Scarf - 100 Hunter Fly (gef_dun00) - 3 Violet Dyestuffs Straight Mocha Scarf - 100 Stapo (ra_fild08) - 3 Orange Dyestuffs Straight Rainforest Scarf - 100 Green Petite (hu_fild07) - 3 Darkgreen Dyestuffs Striped Gold Scarf - 100 Drops (ra_fild11/ra_fild12) - 3 Lemon Dyestuffs Striped Green Scarf - 100 Green Petite (hu_fild07) - 3 Darkgreen Dyestuffs Striped Indigo Scarf - 100 Blue Petite (mjolnir_03) - 3 Violet Dyestuffs Striped Mocha Scarf - 100 Stapo (ra_fild08) - 3 Orange Dyestuffs Striped Rose Scarf - 50 Jejeling (ma_fild01) - 3 Violet Dyestuffs Waving Long Scarves Ingredients 25 Soft Feather 50 Fluff 15 Beautiful Flower 7 Elegant Flower 5 Mysterious Flower 1 Wool Scarf [1] 1 Manteau [1] Red Waving Long Scarf - 100 Hunter Fly (gef_dun00) - 3 Scarlet Dyestuffs Blue Waving Long Scarf - 100 Blue Petite (mjolnir_03) - 3 Cobaltblue Dyestuffs Black Waving Long Scarf - 100 Magmaring (ve_fild03) - 3 Black dyestuffs Green Waving Long Scarf - 100 Green Petite (hu_fild07) - 3 Darkgreen Dyestuffs Purple Waving Long Scarf - 100 Bathory (alde_dun04) - 3 Violet Dyestuffs Pink Waving Long Scarf - 50 Jejeling (ma_fild01) - 3 Violet Dyestuffs White Waving Long Scarf - 100 Siroma (ice_dun01) - 3 White Dyestuffs Straight Winter Scarves Ingredients 25 Soft Feather 40 Soft Silk 50 Fluff 5 Powdered Ice 1 Wool Scarf [1] Straight White Scarf - 100 Siroma (ice_dun01) - 3 White Dyestuffs Straight Blue Scarf - 100 Blue Petite (mjolnir_03) - 3 Cobaltblue Dyestuffs Straight Red Scarf - 100 Hunter Fly (gef_dun00) - 3 Scarlet Dyestuffs Straight Pink Scarf - 100 Bathory (alde_dun04) - 3 Violet Dyestuffs Straight Striped Scarf - 100 Alligator (cmd_fild01) - 3 White Dyestuffs Straight Green Scarf - 100 Green Petite (hu_fild07) - 3 Darkgreen Dyestuffs Winter Scarves Ingredients 25 Soft Feather 25 Tattered Clothes 50 Fluff 10 Holy Water 1 Manteau [1] Red Scarf - 100 Poring (prt_fild05) - 3 Scarlet Dyestuffs Pink Scarf - 100 Magmaring (ve_fild03) - 3 Violet Dyestuffs Soft Pink Scarf - 50 Jejeling (ma_fild01) - 3 Violet Dyestuffs Yellow Scarf - 100 Drops (ra_fild11/ra_fild12) - 3 Lemon Dyestuffs Brown Scarf - 100 Stapo (ra_fild08) - 3 Orange Dyestuffs Green Scarf - 100 Poporing (yuno_fild03) - 3 Darkgreen Dyestuffs Blue Scarf - 100 Marin (xmas_fild01) - 3 Cobaltblue Dyestuffs Purple Scarf - 100 Metaling (lhz_fild01) - 3 Violet Dyestuffs Black Scarf - 100 Magmaring (ve_fild03) - 3 Black dyestuffs FAQ: What’s a scarf? A scarf is a lower costume and has no stats and no weight. It’s only used for the looks, and you can unequip it by going to Alt+Q (Equipment Window), click on the Styles tab, and Double-Click on the scarf equipped. How many scarves can I make per character? U can repeat the quest on same char as many times as u like (unlike previous years). Do I have to kill the monsters myself or can party members help? Yup, party members can help as long as you have the monsters being murdered in the same screen as the character doing the quest (just like the Hunting Board Quests). If I did the quest on my character last year, will I be able to reuse them this year? Yes, they were reset. Can I use refined/+carded Wool Scarf [1] or Muffler [1] to make the scarves? No. Only unrefined and clean ones. Where can i get Powdered Ice @ Ice Piece? This is item drop from Sedora and King Dramoh which you can find in Bibilan Dungeon F6 (Iz_Dun05). However, if you are not well geared, will be a bit tough to farm. I'm suggesting newbies to form a party with at least 1 healer before going there.
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    The issue of Frozen Boy (158: 143) Pattern ① Original Vife colks fo riha tath rea balaez yam fere sthi yob. Analysis Five locks of hair that are ablaze may free this boy. Answer Pass 5 Burning Hair. Pattern ② Original text Uyo umts ollccet vefi seton rthase tath eahv enbe ste aemafl hwit gamic. Analysis You must collect five stone hearts that have been set aflame with magic. Answer Pass 5 Burning Hearts. Pattern ③ Original text Teerh si a masfou ihydalo amalmm wthi a cdreool oesn. Ti swsearn ot hwta lful naem? It is a famous holiday mammal with a colored nose. It answers to what full name? Answer Enter Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. Pattern ④ Original text Tlel eth yob: yuor rhoetm kwosn steb, tbu uyo ustm epeart ti ot ihm dckaawbsr. Analysis tell the boy: your mother knows best, but you must repeat it to him backwards. Enter answer tseb swonk rehtom ruoy. Pattern ⑤ Original text Hte etrrcco epsrsoen ot stih adl's noigpucm uotsiqen si: Orstyf eht Asonmwn. Analysis The correct response to this lad's upcoming question is: Frosty the Snowman. Answer Enter Frosty the Snowman. After clearing the issue of Frozen Boy, an anagram showing the location of the next NPC will be displayed. It is randomly selected from four places of Moscovia, Rahel, Manuk, Amatsu I can hear it only once, but even if I miss it, I will be able to manage 4 people in total. Pattern ① Original Srca Eyxasla het Tirdh sah na sttanaiss iwth oprmntait iooitrfnnam ofr uyo ni theri oowtmenh. Analysis Csar Aleksay the Third has an assistant with important information for you in their hometown. Destination Moscovia NPC (Moscovia 248: 184) Pattern ② Original text A cnmieuoavcmit tucreear etatansicpi ouyr suqsoneit ta a eulisogir icyt. Analysis A communicative creature anticipates your questions at a religious city. Destination Laher's NPC (Rachel 95: 168) Pattern ③ Original text A amn mofr a reac thta savril hte Slapnei dewlsl weehr ouy dolshu rutenev texn. Analysis A man from a race that rivals the Alpines dwells where you should venture next. Destination Manuk's NPC (Manuk 237: 204) Pattern ④ Original text Eethr si a smdkea mna aagtiniw uryo varialr yb an iletrnoa tlaces sduneordru yb wreat. Analysis There is a masked man awaiting your arrival by an oriental castle surrounded by water. Destination NPC of Amatsu (Amatsu 119: 227) After clearing the task of each NPC, it is randomly chosen from the above anagram. It is the purpose to clear the task of 3 out of 4 people. Issues of Moscovia NPC (Moscovia 248: 184) Pattern ① Original text Girbn eon odl fael ahtt acn eb edus sa a kkombora ro ot dimrne tsi renwo fo etgmonschi oitprtmna. Analysis Bring one old leaf that can be used as a bookmark or to remind that owner of something important. Answer Pass one Memory bookmark. Pattern ② Original text Eocn oyu eahv gdireuf hits tou, uyo lhuods eahgrt eifv orwn uot agsep orf ihts ygu! Analysis Once you have figured this out, you should gather five worn out pages for this guy! Answer Pass 5 Worn-out pages. Pattern ③ Original text Eht lyola sasttains si gnnniru tou fo nki nda dense efiv suqdi kni. Analysis The loyal assistant is running out of ink and needs five squid ink. Answer Pass 5 Squid inks. Pattern ④ Original text Uoy aveh evif drnehud enptress dan i teka etwnty xsi. Woh nmya od uoy evha telf? Analysis You have five hundred presents and i take twenty six. How many do you have left? Enter answer 474. Pattern ⑤ Original Vyeer gouyn mna esreesvd a cskan eabkr! Itsh oen siereds oufr cdayn acnes! Analysis Every young man deserves a snack break! This one resides four candy canes! Answer Pass 4 Candy cane. The task of Rachel NPC (Rachel 95: 168) Pattern ① Original text Ym nrtsies aaoidlcbli uncios's ewseansk si wtah yportepr? Analysis My sinister diabolical cousin's weakness is what property? Enter answer Holy. Pattern ② Original Ether si gineomths ccriural no hte Kghnit of Nsritdmwo's stoun. Twah loocr si ti? Analysis There is something circular on the Knight of Windstorm's snout. What color is it? Answer Enter Red. Pattern ③ Original text Tanas Nigrpo acrd rsopd fomr woh yamn nteosrms? Analysis Santa Poring card drops from how many monsters? Enter answer 2. Pattern ④ Original text Erd, ongear, lwyleo, grnee ... npstere ifev fo hte dsonec loorc ot em ni tifur fmor! Analysis Red, orange, yellow, green, present five of the second color to me in fruit form! Answer Pass 5 Orange. Pattern ⑤ Original entcnese si whihc ni petaedre dowr rdwo tecenens? Tsih Cwhhi tnostih otn ni si. Analysis Sentence is which repeated word word Sentence? This Which Hints to not in is. Enter answer repeated. The issue of Manuk NPC (Manuk 237: 204) Pattern ① Original Reehw od Aants Sucla dna hsi eslve akte rdeinsece? Analysis Where do Santa Claus and his elves take residence? Answer Enter North Pole. Pattern ② Original text Wtah gtiamn teim stmu oen sue ot atpru a Hmastcirs Igolbn? W tha eods ti tea? Analysis What taming item must one use to capture a Christmas Goblin? What does it eat? Answer Enter Sweet Candy Cane. Then type Scell. Pattern ③ Original text Waht od trwei shtee gsemlnyie biedhcneirpale dwrso itno? Analysis What do write these seemingly indecipherable words into? Answer Enter snow. Pattern ④ Original text I iuqreer oen neslgi bdega atth yptrloamier ieessma emyeotnm Analysis I require one single Badge that temporarily increases movement speed. Answer Pass one authoritative badge. Pattern ⑤ Original text Elmat nrtiartsse whhci era olas istiendfrei fo seienmteprx. Rhete slepea. Analysis Metal restraints which are also identifiers of experiments. Three please. Answer Pass 3 handcuffs. The task of Amatsu NPC (Amatsu 119: 227) Pattern ① Original text Serdah Drcean Nprecar Vinxe Pduic Rndeno Izenltb Ldurfo. Hwo si nabtes? Analysis Dasher Dancer Prancer Vixen Cupid Donner Blitzen Rudolf. Who is absent? Answer Enter Comet. Pattern ② Original text Owh yanm ctednetnsrna, onn-anwerle slscaes rae ehter? How many transcendent, non-renewal classes are there? Enter answer 13. Pattern ③ Original Revey andivliiud lucmosunuh ash owh nyam slilsk. Analysis Every individual homunculus has how many skills. Enter answer 4. Pattern ④ Original text Orf eht imungcpo diayoslh I iwll ireuerq etehr tmeis eon isveftal msksa. Analysis For the upcoming holidays I will require three times one festival masks. Answer Pass 3 Festival Masks. Pattern ⑤ Original text Ehewr odse oru peilasc lystist ndse su newh ew dytaeeerpl tspeu rhe? Analysis Where dose our special stylist send us when we repeatedly setup her? Enter answer gl_sew02. After completing the four tasks, speak to Mother (Lutie 123: 166). Finally, check out the Christmas tree in the northwest of the Christmas map
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    My Entry: IGN: Mobius Frostheart No Challenge.. I end up remix the song instead just replacing the lyris.
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    Event Update: Greetings Talonians! We have collected the entries and they have been beautiful! With the volume of submissions, we are still in the process of judging your entries. I am moving the announcements of winners to January 15. Stay tuned for more announcements and updates! -GM Venus
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    Hi guys! It's been awhile since we had a guide for the event, so here goes~ Xmas Antonio Event Guide Based from the Time Trial Event last 2015 The idea is basically the same as the one from 2015. A group of 3 people (doesnt have to be in the same party, but those 3 people at the top of the waiting room, pretty much like seals queueing) will need to clear 10 tasks from 10 invisible NPCs. The tasks and NPC locations are: 1-4. Treasure Boxes will be spawned randomly in the map. Killing a Treasure Box will drop a Card Album, which you need to return to the NPC that corresponds it (Ayothaya Card Album->Ayothaya NPC) 5. Evil Myst Case will be spawned randomly in the map.. Kill it. 6. Evil Cruiser will be spawned randomly in the map. Kill it. 7-8. Quiz. Answer it correctly. 9. Frosty NPC will be spawned randomly in the map. Click him around 100 times to clear it. Just keep on clicking. 10. Antonio (Ghost property) will be spawned randomly in the map. He's quite strong. Kill it. New NPC Locations: Quizzes Questions and Answers: EDIT: Upon checking the old post, most questions are the same from last year, feel free to base on that too~ I haven't encountered all questions and havent got the answers for all of them so far, do comment on additional questions and answers that isnt in the guide yet Much thanks to: Kuraido#1739 | Keigo #2347 | RemDot Originally posted at Crimson TRO Discord
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    Okay so this might be the best event to have ever happened. To see you guys coming up with the most creative and funny lyrics, and even some of you singing? This is absolutely amazing. I'm deeply impressed with you all. @GM Venus did so good coming up with this ;o;
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    As 2018 comes to a close, our community has many wonderful things to celebrate - but there are also opportunities where we're looking forward to doing better. One of these areas is a renewed focus on our PvP-related content on TalonRO, which we're kicking off today. Although we are proud of all that 2017 has brought in our tenth anniversary, we know that our work in PvP, Battlegrounds, and WoE has a lot of catching up to do, and that our development and energy around PvP has not caught up in the same way. Achieving a high-quality experience in PvP, BG, and WoE takes effort, expertise, and a strong desire to get it right. Moreover, we want to take an honest reflection and simply say this: we're committed to building out a better PvP experience, and have listened to your feedback with the aim of making our PvP content as rich, robust, and dynamic as every other aspect of gameplay. Behind the scenes, we've been working to build muscle in PvP gameplay, hiring a new and expert round of Gamemasters who will lead the Battle Initiative - a collaborative, comprehensive effort dedicated to bringing a holistic PvP offering we know many in the community have been waiting to experience. PvP, WoE, and Battlegrounds are indeed special aspects of the RO experience - offering some of the most fun, action-packed, and dynamic challenges which this beloved game has to offer. We also know this is a journey that we can't do without you - and your feedback will be invaluable going forward. Our goal is to build an experience which is worthy of being part of TalonRO - and it's our pleasure to highlight some of the areas we've been working on, and what we're looking forward to bringing you in early 2018! Battlegrounds has been in high demand from the community - and we're committed to bringing it back and doing it right! This new experience starts with our new Battlegrounds Beta: a community-driven test of our newest Battlegrounds experience. Moreover, we're inviting you to help shape the experience directly - with a closed beta test of our new Battlegrounds! If you've been waiting for BG to return to TalonRO, now is your time to help us test drive our latest innovations and solutions. Your feedback and participation will be essential to unveiling a wonderful new BG mode of gameplay! Battlegrounds Closed Beta Join us for a beta test of our newest Battlegrounds innovations! Your feedback and participation will help shape TalonRO's Battlegrounds in a hands-on, direct way! Sign up at our Battlegrounds Closed Beta area, where your skills and experiences will influence BG on TalonRO! Please be an experienced Battlegrounds participant - meaning that you are familiar with how Battlegrounds works / operates, how to form teams, modes of gameplay, etc. Please also have PvP and/or Battlegrounds equipment at the ready on your character to ensure proper participation. Once enough players have signed up, our Closed BG Beta will be ready in mid-January 2018. Official details will come in January for those participants, making a release of Battlegrounds among our top priorities. If you're looking forward to BG's return, we need your help in testing! Volunteer and we'll send instructions in January 2018! Events on TalonRO are ready to get a proper PvP treatment as well - and our Event team is coordinating with our experts in the Battle side of the house to offer some fun, new additions to our live in-game event lineup! One of our first offerings is the new Rumble Madness event: a free-for-all PvP event where the last player standing will emerge victorious. This event is already in our Event lineup, and we're looking forward to bringing you even more PvP-oriented events in 2018, mixing the action up with our other event offerings in-game for all to enjoy! PvP In-Game Events Join us in-game for the new Rumble Madness event! This free-for-all PvP event pits players against one another, where the last player standing will win! Our offering for this event occurs weekly on different days at a variety of timezone offerings to accommodate many different players. Our Battle GMs have already been hosting this event live in-game - and we hope that you'll enjoy a round or two sometime! Anyone is welcome to participate - though possessing both proper gear and knowledge are a helpful plus! Both Vanilla and Unrestricted modes are offered on this event, as well as 2v2 modes in final rounds of event gameplay. Be on the lookout for this event through in-game announcements, as well as announcements on our TalonRO Discord channel! More live in-game events are scheduled and being planned in 2018 as a collaborative effort between our Event and Battle Gamemasters. We'd also love to hear your input and suggestions for these teams on fun ideas that you'd like to see offered for PvP events as well! Talon Trials is our upcoming new 1v1 PvP tournament, and we're excited to be bringing this out of development and into a live offering in early 2018! Current plans for this special event include live streaming and commentating, along with challenging twists and precise rules aimed at drawing out only some of the most elite and promising PvP players among the community! Moreover with the introduction of Talon Trials, we're pleased to unveil the development of new, precise PvP-oriented maps - designed to optimize battle and improve the PvP experience! We're looking forward to improving current layouts and providing new, intricate, and more challenging layouts for all skill levels of PvP. Talon Trials Be on the lookout for the new Talon Trials 1v1 event! This new tournament offering is in development, and will present a variety of planned features, such as: Live streaming and commentating of matches Exciting prizes (as always!) New, custom maps designed to provide intricate and challenging layouts for match play - such as a sample of the map for match play below! War of Emperium on TalonRO has been undergoing months of careful planning, feedback, and development - and the Battle Initiative team is putting the icing on this enormous cake with a variety of enhancements to the War of Emperium framework. Plans in this space go well beyond castle rotations and different modes of WoE: new plans include making the performance of guilds count in the WoE ecosystem, rankings, social and tangible impacts inside of WoE - regardless of whether or not a guild manages to keep a castle, and much more. This offering is one of our most advance undertakings yet, and represents the start of a journey to make War of Emperium shine. We'll need your help to get this right, but expect that these developments will represent a major part of our behind the scenes efforts in the upcoming year. War of Emperium We're adding a variety of enhancements to the WoE framework, including making guild performance matter - both socially and tangibly. Be on the lookout for beta testing of this new WoE offering to come as soon as February or March, with full implementation of the new WoE system planned for Spring of 2018! These additions will accompany a whole new ecosystem of changes, including in-game frameworks and related touchpoints all throughout TalonRO's many offerings. Finally, we recognize that PvP thrives on robust conversation and competition, as well as knowledge sharing to help get players who are new to this mode of gameplay interested and up to speed on how to participate! We know that not everyone on TalonRO knows how to participate in PvP, and so the addition of our new PvP subforum is designed to harness the best that PvP has to offer - including spaces for guides, questions, recruitment, video sharing, discussion, feedback, and much more! We know that there's no better indicator of success than community involvement and participation - and we're pleased to offer this new space that's already up and running! We hope that you'll participate to help create the PvP experience we've all been waiting for! PvP Discussion Join the battle in TalonRO's new PvP subforum! This exciting new section features space for discussion, guide creation, recruitment, videos, and much more. This subforum is alive and well and waiting for you! Get started by visiting the subforum feature at the link below: We know these additions are just the start - and that they have been a long time coming! We also know that we're far from done, but that these efforts represent the start of a renewed focus to make PvP content every bit as robust and dynamic as all of TalonRO can be. We're looking forward to shaping the experience we all know PvP can be together - and we're grateful for your support, encouragement, suggestions, and energy. As always, and with sincere excitement - happy gaming!
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    I would like to suggest changing two of the existing pvp maps (1 vanilla and 1 unres) by disabling HP recovery consumables (all) and disabling dual clients (like was done before for Battlegrounds?). The map sprite doesn't really matter so the change could simply be made to the 2 least used PvP maps (one vanilla, one unres). The current state of pvp is, generally, the person who is most willing to spend money on slims or most willing to prebuff with bragi wins and the rest die. This is really disheartening to many different groups of players (players that are saving up for better gear, players who enjoy playing support classes, players who only have a single account, and players who realize that fights come down to whoever can carry more potions) so it wouldn't hurt to have a map (or two) that cater to those groups. Since we have 6 total pvp maps, I figured it might be nice to change one map from each mode. Reasons- 1. So those who cannot afford to buy an abundance of Condensed White Potions/Cake have a place to pvp on a playing field that is closer to even. Pot spam means that players can have incredible survival without sacrificing any offense stats/gear/skills. In general, if two (equally geared) players fight each other, the player that pots will win. If players aren't equally geared, the player that is willing to spam pots generally has money to afford that which means they already have a decent amount of gear (sqi or items of similar value) while a player that isn't willing probably owns less gear. This means the the player spamming potions (usually) already has gear advantage and is making the gap between players that much larger with the constant potion use. 2. So people are less likely to be able to dual client a clown, linker, hp, or bio to prebuff themselves. Currently, the best way to fight against potion spam is to bring in a HP client to assumptio yourself and bring in a clown client to bragi yourself. This way you can attempt to dish out damage quickly enough that it overwhelms your enemy's pot spamming. This is why Unres PvP is currently filled with SoulBreaker spamming bragi'd SinX. Linked clowns spamming tarot cards, and bragi'd pressure spamming paladins seem popular as well. One of the first things I have to do when I enter pvp is scout the walls for cloaked bards/clowns/linkers/high priests. It's pretty obvious they're dual clients by the fact that they have no gear on and most active PvPers are now aware which dual client belongs to which player. 3. So support and healing classes have a place in the pvp room besides being relegated to a buff slave dual client. Most healing/buffing skills are cast by dual clients. SPP/PP/Heal/Sanctuary/Bless/AgiUp/Assumptio/FCP/Bragi/Link/Kaite/Kaupe/Kaizel are all skills that seem to get used more often by a dual client rather than the main character a player is pvp'ing on at the time. These are core class skills for these classes but you won't see them (the classes) PvP'ing actively because people just pot and prebuff. Making these PvP maps will help players who want to PvP but don't want to simply lose due to the enemy's ability to afford healing items or client multiple characters at the same time. Possible arguments against? 1. PvP should be Free for All. This suggestion only changes 2 out of 6 PvP rooms so there will still be 4 maps that are FFA 2. People won't use the new PvP mode Considering the amount of people are are outspoken in pvp about the pot spammers and dual clienters, I doubt that. I'm sure a few players will try to avoid it for a bit but, the generally state of pvp right now is that people join the active map. If three people decide they want to enter the new pvp mode, then it is already worth the effort to make it. If people see that there are three on the map, they are likely to join it. 3. You mentioned HP recovery item removal but not SP Recovery. Grape juice is extremely easy to make, inexpensive to buy, and so ingrained in the minds of players that SP items should be allowed. Even in the most ridiculous dueling scenarios (where one side states limitations such as "no breakers, no aspd pots, no statusing") SP recovery is allowed by all. If the map were to limit SP item use as well, nobody would use it. 4. This is unfair to classes that don't have a heal skill I can agree with this to an extent but I don't believe it's completely unfair. Most classes that have healing skills are more supportive in nature to begin with. Bio has 2 hp recovery skills but they are extremely limiting and the bio gets so much more out of simply spamming ranked slims compared to using PP or SPP due to their "learning potion" passive and the natural skill delay. Champions are the one class that seems strongest with the heal skill but they are S-Tier anyway. If a champion (in the current pvp mode) opted to spam slims instead of heal, they'd be that much more destructive. Even without a passive like "learning potion", using a healing skill and spamming a healing item are completely. TalonRO's skill delay is something around .33 per skill cast meaning you can cast 3 heals per second (IF you have high enough aspd and aftercast delay). A single class, using the heal skill, probably heals around 2,600 HP per cast. Without bragi, you'd be lucky to get 2 casts per second but (from experience) I'd say it's actually a little less than that (maybe closer to 1.5 heals per second). 2 heals per second would mean you are healing 5,200 HP every second. It also means that you cannot cast any OTHER skills (or perform many actions in general) during that time. Spamming pots is different. A ranked condensed white potion heals 487.5 to 607.5 per use (without factoring in VIT and passives) and it is pretty realistic to spam at least 4 a second. Once you factor in VIT and passives, it is SO much quicker to recover HP through potions than through healing. You can also actively cast other skills so you are healing WHILE ATTACKING. Comparing the recovery heal healing skills to the recovery of good healing items isn't realistic.
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    Hello!! I'm new in this game! And so I will be needing some money to start up. I played Ragnarok ages ago and I remember I was never really the moneymaker so I never had good gear. Thank god I discovered I can sell my art for zennys~ ================== AUCTION ================== I'll put up a chibi for auction! Mainly because I'm still not familiar with the economy of this server and I don't want to over/under prize, so I'll trust you will offer me a fair deal! Other Examples: (Mostly from another online game) Instructions n Rules: Comment with your bid in your 1st line and everything else afterwards (comments, suggestions, questions, etc). Bidding will end on January 12 (23:59 PST). Please make sure to have some sort of reference (or patience for me to get your character right). Art will be handed no later than a week after agreeing on a character an receiving half payment in advance. You may buy this for someone else's character. I send the one without the huge watermark via PM. I won't allow last second steals! In case two or more people keep bidding the bidding will end an hour after the last bidder's post. I do accept Talon Coins. You may PM me your bid if you wish to stay anon but I highly recommend you comment instead~ ~ Winner Bid: ~ > 26m < by Mefiliae ================== SKETCHES ================== Wow! Thanks for the interest! I got a handful of comms to work on now so please be patient till I'm done with those~ !! Hey! I'm dying poor in game so I'll be selling these quick sketches. Keep in mind my character is a priest and I have zero accessories so she looks fairly simple. Yes, I can do couples too~ ------> Price: 10m per character<------ ------------ SLOTS FULL ------------ 1. Amissapanda [done] 2. Mefiliae [done] 3. Yuren 4. Clareon 5. Anon Requirements PM me: Some sort of reference (a screenshot of your character at least) A list of visible accessories (hats, ears, face, etc) Class of the character(s) and desired eye color Reference for hairstyle if any outside of ROs styles (to match correct personality) Preferred pose and/or expression if any Payment in advance I send the one without watermark via PM! Sketch Gallery: (finished comms)
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    Just to clarify: we will send the rewards this weekend most likely. If you forgot to put your name then do not panic, you will be contacted.
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    Merry Christmas TalonRO! (Shot taken after the event)
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    Just something that I drew 3 years ago That should be "sage" I think? It still confuses me till now how the outfits differ:))
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    Finished commission for @amii.! Full size has been given through PM~
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    Here's an artwork for everybody who has been a great part of my 2017! An early HAPPY NEW YEAR from Penny! Cheers to 2018!!! Year of the Dog yoh!!! Art ref: http://ibb.co/i2LpPw
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    How are we going to pick ONLY 3 winners @GM Venus! They're all sooo good!
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    Hahaha - oh no! Well, I can certainly confirm that there is not a secret Advent Calendar NPC lurking about awaiting this little code! Rest assured that this year's Advent gifts are now over, and the real holiday festivities are over in the Enchanted Village - but we hope that you enjoyed all 24 days of Advent Calendar daily prizes and goodies. From all of us at TalonRO, we hope that you're having a wonderful Christmas!
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    Happy yuletide everyone! Here's a wintery ice dungeon picture that i made last summer. Dark pinguicula card is my favourite *spams demonstration everywhere*
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    Good luck guys and may the best composer win! *U* Giving ya'll my support! (I'm not not entering any contest, I was just inspired). Merry Christmas everybody! <3
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    IGN: Lore Mistress Original Song: Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge: Composer Challenge [Original Lyrics- shortened] [Modified Lyrics, shortened] On the Twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me, TWELVE Bloody Branches ELEVEN Hand-made Chocolate TEN thousand Grape Juice NINE Meats for healing EIGHT slotted Earring SEVEN Bards a-singing SIX Sleips for fleeing FIIIIIIVE Poodle Riiiiiings[1] FOUR GM Box THREE Bris Stings TWO Megingjards and a tri-TG carded Artyyyy Will try to add images once I figure out how to XD
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    IGN: BoneVoyage Challenge: The Composer Challenge Here Comes Stormy Knight (Original: "Here Comes Santa Claus") Here comes Stormy Knight, here comes Stormy Knight, Right down Stormy Knight Lane! Hammer, flail, all his goblins Smashing out your brains! Angelus ringing, nooblets singing All is cake and bright! Buff your farmers and say a prayer Cause Stormy Knight dies tonight! Here comes Stormy Knight, here comes Stormy Knight, Right down Stormy Knight Lane! He's got a sword that's made of ice For those bored of life! Hear those farmers complain in main "SK 3 o'clock." Jump on your champ, buy some juice Because Stormy Knight dies tonight! Here comes Stormy Knight, here comes Stormy Knight, Right down Stormy Knight Lane! He doesn't care if you're noob or pro He'll hurt you all the same! Stormy knows that we're Odin's children Who kill everything in sight! Grab your gears with Christmas cheer Cause Stormy Knight dies tonight! Here comes Stormy Knight, here comes Stormy Knight, Right down Stormy Knight Lane! He'll come around in one hour It's Christmas morn again! Peace on Midgard will come to all If we just asura strike! Let's give thanks to Odin above Cause Stormy Knight dies tonight! Cause Stormy Knight dies tonight!
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    Season's Greetings, Talonians! Apologies for all the delays. Our judges, the GM team, had a challenging time selecting the winners due to the amazing entries you have produced. That said I would like to give a huge commemoration and applause to all our 'Prepare Me a Song' entrants! I am delighted to announce the following winners: Honorable Mentions Each of you will receive: 1x Taming Gift set 1x Game Master (GM) Box of your choosing 2x Christmas Giftbox 5x Santa Bag 5x Christmas Music Box Talon Coins from your taken challenges @Auvic @driz04 @lonepaladin @My Wife for Hire @amnesiacycle ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○● WINNERS ○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○● Each of you will receive: 1x Snow Bunny Pet 1x Game Master (GM) Box of your choosing 3x Christmas Giftbox 5x Santa Bag 5x Christmas Music Box Talon Coins from your taken challenges @bchan03 @frutselflob @TheStranger Consolation Prize All of the qualified entries will receive a Christmas Giftbox as a token of participation. Winners and honorable mentions, please comment down your IGN and your desired GM box. Congratulations to all of you and please give us a few days to process and send out your prizes!
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    Finished 2 commissions for @Restless! Full sizes have been given through PM~
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    Why hello there, here goes Amissapanda's commision. Hope you like it!
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    Thanks to your generous and incredible efforts this holiday season, we're pleased to announce the closing of our annual Holiday Charity Fundraiser with a record-breaking total of $5,680 raised to benefit the Save the Children organization! The generous and caring spirit of Talonians everywhere shone brightly this holiday, allowing us to collectively raise such an extraordinary amount to allow Save the Children to continue their important work helping children around the world live happy and healthy lives. We're proud and pleased to let you know that not only did this amount exceed our posted goal this year, but as always 100% of these proceeds are going directly to support Save the Children's work in 120 countries around the world to give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. For those players who donated to this year's holiday fundraiser, claiming your gift item(s) is an easy process! Read below for the full details on how to obtain your item(s) this year. From all of us at TalonRO, thank you for showing how wonderful, genuine, and extraordinary this special community is through your generosity in helping children around the world live happy and healthy lives. We could not be more proud of the Talonian community - and as always, happy gaming! Players who donated to this year's holiday fundraiser will have their item(s) sent directly through in-game mail to the character name specified at the time of donation through Crowdrise. Claiming your item(s) this year is as easy as checking your in-game mail through any of the town mailbox NPCs. Once you access your in-game mail, you will see your item(s) from TalonRO's holiday fundraiser! You may need to relog on your account should your character have been online when the items were sent, as you might not otherwise see the in-game mail right away. As a reminder, this year's items are all account-bound, and the items for each of the donation gift categories this year were as follows: $10 USD Donors will receive one (1) special Surprise Box, which will contain some wonderful and enjoyable goodies inside! $25 USD Donors will receive one (1) exclusive Magic Books Costume! Donors at this level will also receive one (1) Surprise Box as well! $50 USD Donors will receive one (1) charity event exclusive Eira Pet Egg! This magical pet and companion when loyal will grant an increase of effectiveness of your Heal, Sanctuary and Potion Pitcher skills by 5%, along with a 2% chance of gaining 5% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack. Donors at this level will also receive both the Surprise Box and Magic Books Costume as well. For any player who seems to be missing their item(s) from this year's holiday fundraiser, please send in a Support Ticket. We will work with you to verify your donation in the Crowdrise system through our system and ensure that your item(s) will make it to you successfully. Thank you again for your generosity in helping to raise money for such a noble cause. We hope that you enjoy your thank you gift(s) from our annual fundraiser, and look forward to all of the continued joy we share in together as a community!
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    CRIMSON 2017 CHRISTMAS EVENT 1) Secret Santa Gift Exchange in Santa House, Lutie 2) Guild End Year Photoshoot 3) Bloody Dead-Branch & Dead-Branch Party Then back to our current savespot.. secluded Midgard Camp city Although its late HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018
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    You cant really compare tamtam with sleepers for profit because theres too many factors. Tamtam is fun because it opens up a lot of possibilities and you might even discover some cool places. Sleeper is boring and makes you sleepy.
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    As an active pvp player I don't like this suggestion because, as Boreas mentioned, REGULAR pvp rooms should be free for all. If the GM's were to change every room to limit slim consumption, there would be plenty of people who would be upset. I understand where you are coming from @Emperor Cha but this suggestion would create more issues than it solves. What I would suggest is modifying one of the pvp rooms (I'll type up a full suggestion later in a new topic). There are currently 6 pvp maps (3 vanilla and 3 unres) which is great for a change of pace but people will generally flood into whichever one is populated. I'd suggest disabling HP recovery items in 2 of the maps (1 vanilla and 1 unres. This will completely solve the issue of potion spam (if you don't like it, swap to another map and people who are like minded can do the same. I'll elaborate more (about the reasoning and the issues it solves) once I make the actual suggestion topic.
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    Absolutely incredible!! When we initially listed a goal of $5,000 to raise for Save the Children, it was certainly a stretch goal. To learn that the generosity, spirit, and awesomeness of the TalonRO community remains more outstanding than ever is a true testament to the incredible people who are here. Although there are still a few days left in the year (and in the fundraiser!), it is amazing news to know that you all have helped raise such a serious, meaningful amount for charity. Meeting this goal truly warms the heart and affirms how special of a community we all have in our shared experience of this wonderful game. I'm hard pressed to think of a better, more meaningful way to end the year together as a community than to reflect on the generosity of Talonians coming together for those in need. There is no better reflection of how wonderful everyone is than to see such an incredible outpouring of support for this noble cause. Bravo, everyone!
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    The entire TalonRO staff sincerely wishes you a joyous holiday season - and extends our sincerest thanks for an incredible year in 2017. Our wonderful community population has grown again this year, we've celebrated together with numerous events and with tons of new content both throughout the year and on a monthly basis, delivered new Guild expanded features, great new permanent features in-game and in the forums, and countless other additions, events, and much more - all while providing back-end support, regular maintenance, updates, and many other behind-the-scenes items to keep TalonRO running strong! We're sincerely looking forward to all that 2018 has to bring, and we know that none of it would be possible without you! Thank you for making 2017 another amazing year of TalonRO. And so, in honor of the Christmas holiday and so our TalonRO staff may spend time with their families, we wish to let you know that we will be in a period of limited support from December 24th through January 2nd. Normal Support Ticket service will resume on January 2nd (server time), and we as for your patience during this holiday season - and that you'll be enjoying our upcoming Christmas seasonal event during that time! Tickets involving emergency situations only may be sent in during this time, such as the following: Valid Emergency / Critical Tickets Include: Account hacking / compromised credentials. Scamming cases. Gameplay exploits. Non-Emergency Tickets Include: Account recovery, account management, etc. Technical troubleshooting issues. Ban appeals. Item recovery, item tracking, etc. NOTE: Please do not send in a ticket during this time unless it is for a critical issue. Any abuses of this notice, including sending in non-emergency tickets disguised as emergency situations, may lead to action against your account, up to and including a temporary ban. For all non-critical problems, we recommend the following helpful links and information centers during the limited support time period: General Troubleshooting Guide: a guide containing helpful links to solving the most common technical issues on TalonRO. TalonRO Wiki: a helpful community-run repository of helpful quest guides, general server information, and much more. General Support Subforum: a place to post technical issues with TalonRO as well as review other posts with similar issues. General Reports Subforum: for all other general rule-breaking infractions, reports may be posted in this subforum and will be dealt with after the Christmas holiday. Thank you for your understanding - we hope that you're having a wonderful holiday and enjoyable time on TalonRO. Normal Support Ticket service will resume on January 2nd. Happy holidays and enjoy the season!
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    Hi long time I play talon RO with my husband (you can find me on payon selling meat and juice XD) and I decide to enter on this contest , I love to draw I'm illustrator my name is Fruitsrabbit here is my entry IGN: chiisita The artist Challenge Original song So this is Christmas So this is Christmas And what have you done? Another year over And a new one just begun And so this is Christmas I hope you have fun The near and the dear one The old and the young A very merry Christmas And a happy New Year Let's hope it's a good one Without any fear Modified Song Warm Christmas So this is Christmas And what quest have you done? Another year over And still not rebirth And so this is Christmas Porings hope you have fun The Angelic and the Ghostering The King and Lunatics they wish you a warm Christmas And a happy New Year Let's hope it's a good one full of grape and meat
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    IGN: Nynaeve the Healer Original Song: Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire Original Lyrics: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire Jack Frost nipping at your nose Yuletide carols being sung by a choir And folks dressed up like Eskimos Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe Help to make the season bright Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow Will find it hard to sleep tonight They know that Santa's on his way He's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh And every mother's child is gonna spy To see if reindeer really know how to fly So I'm offering this simple phrase To kids from one to ninety-two Although it's been said many times, many ways Merry Christmas to you So I'm offering this simple phrase To kids from one to ninety-two Although it's been said many times, many ways Merry Christmas to you Variation Lyrics: Chonchons roasted by a mage's fire Jakk Pumpkin poking at my toes Clowns and bards singing songs through the fight And girls played by guys in cute clothes GMs know some talons and a costume box Are sure to make the season rock Little porings splattered all along the road Even sleepers find it hard to sleep tonight They know that adventurers are on their way With dreams of glory on each glowing face The quests are many, but when prices soar They return to farming with stalkers once more And so I am offering my merchant's goods To Talonians from one to ninety-nine If I don't get a sale, then I'll go drink some ale. And Merry Christmas to you! Singing Challenge: I will add a recording of me singing this, maybe when there are no neighbors around to throw things at me. =) Okay, finished recording. I am working in Seoul over the holidays, so I recorded this in a stairwell in a public building. Hard to get a clear recording without someone sneezing or slamming a door, but got it. Merry Christmas~! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_q74muUjJYtDbyhkoVdBf8gD3GtldSSi
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    IGN: Sniper Don Original Song: Jingle Bells Challenge: The Composer Challenge **Original Song** [Chorus]Jingle bells, jingle bellsJingle all the wayOh what fun it is to rideIn a one-horse open sleigh, heyJingle bells, jingle bellsJingle all the wayOh what fun it is to rideIn a one-horse open sleigh [Verse]Dashing through the snowIn a one-horse open sleighO'er the fields we goLaughing all the wayBells on bobtails ringMaking spirits brightWhat fun it is to ride and singA sleighing song tonight **Changed Lyrics** [Chorus] TRO, TRO it's fun and enjoyable come now, invite your friends and play the game all day, hey! TRO, TRO Christmas is in the air TalonRO a day, makes your boredom away [Verse] GMs are so friendly and they're very sexy When you play game you will laugh all day they are also nice provides with good advise give you some rewards can help you all day
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    IGN: Gen Tan ○ The Singer Challenge: Sing it! - +5 Record yourself while singing the lyrics of your entry. Original Song (The first Noel) The First Noel the angel did say Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay; In fields as they lay, keeping their sheep, On a cold winter's night that was so deep. Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel, Born is the King of Israel. They looked up and saw a star Shining in the east beyond them far, And to the earth it gave great light, And so it continued both day and night. My First ET (Endless Tower run) My First Attempt of ET was fun when the party's all set in misty island The first 80 floors was so easy for me well it changed when I saw Ifrit and we all got wiped No way No way No way No way I will never join ET again No way No way No way No way Goodbye my friends and lets call it a day The song! ENJOY!!!!! Merry Christmas GMs and Pleyahs! Just for fun!
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    Hi everyone!!! I have to say you guys are the Best server I ever played. I'm coming back to rag after 10+ years of inactivity. I almost cryed when I listened to prontera music after that. Solid forum and helpfull people, almost everyone that I talked was nice and gave me some tips like where to make money and lv. I'm glad you guys mantain such a good server with nice GM activity, rewards and all we need to just play and be happy. Thank you
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    might or might not - he failed to provide these basic information.. thats why everyone suggest something different.. garm may also be best...
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    I've missed talking to you too! I hope we get to bump into each other more in game >u< It's been a while haha so much in game stuff to catch up on~ I do love drawing them boysss LOL although I'm glad I've been liking drawing girls as well now (it used to just be boysboysboys) Would loveee to see more art from you as well, Manda Finished commission for @M a s h i` Desu! Full size has been given through PM~
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    Let's showcase our characters!!
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    All runs and activities will resume on January 3, 2019. We hoped that everyone had a great holiday, Rest, and farming. See you all !! . * Juperos runs * MVP runs * Abbey / Odin runs * Other instances runs * Abbyss / Geffenia runs * Time wave runs * Mini events * Others
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    O Talon Coin, o Talon Coin How lovely is your imprint O Talon Coin, o Talon Coin How lovely is your imprint Your worth so high when votes are in Stays just as high when votes are out O Talon coin, o Talon coin How lovely is your imprint Let us all gather round While market fixing for our betterment With our family and friends and guild mates Feel the joy of finding this server The mirth in our chat and play, delightful O Talon Coin, o Talon Coin How lovely is, is your imprint O Talon Coin, o Talon Coin How lovely is, how lovely is your imprint Our pockets all lined happily Our trust in almighty zeny O Talon Coin, o Talon Coin How love-lovely is your imprint Some zeny in my hand buys me a talon coin. Based on the below version of "O Christmas Tree" as masterfully sung by the Goddess Aretha Franklin: IGN: Joshua Or Doing the Composer Challenge. Also not sure how to make a spoiler tag, or I would put the video behind a button. Let me know. Thanks.
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    The ART CHALLENGE [Original lyric] Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, snow is glistening A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight Walking in a winter wonderland [Modified lyric] Chepet sings, are you listening? In the lane, porings glistening A beautiful sight, this Lutie party Gathering in a winter wonderland IGN: Katly
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    IGN:BlurRon Original Song:12 days of Christmas The Composer Challenge: Compose it! - +2 Change the lyrics of one whole Christmas song. On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me: A squirrel in a pine tree On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me: two Talon Coins and a Squirrel in a Pine Tree On the third day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Three Mistress Two Talon Coins and a Squirrel in a Pine Tree On the Fourth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Four Talon Coins Three Mistress Two Talon Coins and a Squirrel in a Pine Tree On the fifth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Five Boreas bans Four Talon Coins Three Mistress Two Talon Coins and a Squirrel in a Pine Tree On the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Six Cheery Hugs Five Ban by Boreas~ Four Talon Coins Three Mistress Two Talon Coins and a Squirrel in a Pine Tree On the seventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me: A Seven Boreas kisses A Six Cheery hugs Five Ban by Boreas~ Four Talon coins Three Mistress Two Talon Coins and a Squirrel in a Pine Tree On the eighth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Eight baby Seiren A Seven boreas kisses Six Cheery hugs Five Ban by Boreas~ Four Talon Coins Three Mistress Two Talon Coins and a Squirrel in a Pine Tree on the ninth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Nine Sushi Dancing Eight baby Seiren a Seven Boreas kisses Six Cherry Hugs Five ban by Boreas~ Four Talon Coins Three Mistress Two Talon coins and a Squirrel in a Pine Tree On the tenth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Ten Howl Sleeping Nine Sushi Dancing Eight Baby Seiren A Seven Boreas kisses Six Cherry hugs, Five Ban by Boreas~ Four Talon Coins Three Mistress Two Turtle Doves and a Squirrel in a Pine Tree ON the eleventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Eleven people dancing Ten Howl Sleeping Nine Sushi Dancing Eight Baby Seiren a Seven Boreas kisses Six Cherry Hugs Five ban by Boreas~ Four Talon Coins Three Mistress Two Talon Coins and a Squirrel in a Pine Tree On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: 12 Drummers Drumming Eleven People dancing Ten Howl Sleeping Nine Sushi Dancing Eight Baby Seiren a Seven Boreas kisses Six Cherry Hugs Five ban by Boreas~ Four talon Coins three Mistress two talon coins and a Squirrel in a Pine Tree~ Rata=Squirrel Merry Christmas Everyone Hehehehe XD *i will post it later * The Singer Challenge: Sing it! - +5 Record yourself while singing the lyrics of your entry. Last Christmas, i give you my days But the very next days i starting to school This year,to saving from tears,i giving someone special. Last Christmas,i give you my heart But the very next days i starting to school This year,to save my equip,i giving someone special. Once bitten and a twice shy I keep my distance, but you still catch my eye tell me Talon do u recognize me? Well its been a year it doesn't surprise me (TalonRo)I wrapped it up and I sent it With a note saying I miss you (love Talon) and i meant it Now, I know what a fool I've been But if you kissed me now I know you'd love me again Last Christmas. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/384892873176252426/394546381806895106/Dec_25_1.29_AM.mp3
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    Santa Claus is Coming to Town O! You better watch out! You better not cry Better not pout I'm telling you why Santa Claus is coming to town Santa Claus is coming to town Baphomet is Coming to Town O! You better tank him You better not die Better not quit I'm telling you why Baphomet will kill your team Baphomet will kill your team IGN: AngarLight