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    a huge couple commission for @Vanellea which was absolutely fun to do even if it took me forever (thank you for your patience!!) also slipping in a notice that my prices have been updated in the first post ww thank you for dropping by!
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    ✩ may I take your order? ✩ .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. About Hi there, I'm Katja aka eggyplastics. I'm an illustrator from Florida and I like drawing cute girls and using bright colors. I wanted to make a little corner on the forums for my RO-related art and also open some commission slots to earn some extra zeny on the side, for now I'm opening three slots. IGNs: Arienelle, Soft-Boiled Eggy, Eggy Noob I have like a dozen chars but those are the ones I'm usually on. .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. Updates 10/12/19: I'm leaving to go to Disney World next Monday! I'll be back the Friday the 19th! ❤️ 10/1/19: After my current workload, I probably won't open commissions again until November. Thank you for understanding! 9/27/19: WOW THANKS EVERYONE @ MY STREAM Slots full already, I'll bump when I open up more. ❤️ ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ Commissions I only have a handful of RO-related examples, I have more art on my website. If you would like to order, please reply to this thread! ☆ Chibi - 25 Talon Coins / 25m zeny ☆ ☆ Half-Body - 30 Talon Coins / 30m zeny ☆ 2 chars - 60 Talon Coins / 60m zeny ☆ Full Body - Starting at 50 Talon Coins / 50m zeny ☆ 2 chars - Starting at 100 Talon Coins / 100m zeny Full Body price will vary based on details. Want something else that isn't featured here? Let me know and I can work with you. I am comfortable with drawing animals, armor, and masculine men. I'm not particularly picky. But I generally favor cute/sexy girls because it works with ~muh aesthetique~. ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ NSFW Info If you are interested in an NSFW commission, please DM me instead of replying. I do not have recent/finished examples because I do not draw it very often, but I'm offering it as an option for those who would be interested. I don't usually offer NSFW comms because Paypal doesn't allow it BUT SINCE I'M NOT USING PAYPAL,, Price will vary based on what you would like. All chars must be 18+. I'm open-minded but if it's *weird-weird* I'ma have to say no, chief. ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ Terms ☆ 50% payment up front, then 50% upon approving the sketch. Please send the payments to Eggy Noob, my Super Novice. ☆ Turn-around time is around 2-4 weeks, depending on my commission queue. ☆ I reserve the right to turn down a commission for any reason. ☆ All commissions are subject to being streamed on my Twitch channel. Unless NSFW lol. ☆ I generally follow the game's designs, but details might be simplified/omitted. Please feel free to let me know exactly what you would like and if you need any changes made. ☆ All commissions include either a flat color background or a simple patterned background. Please specify a color/theme if you have one in mind, or if you would like it transparent. ☆ You may not cancel a commission after I have started on your art. If for whatever reason I cannot complete your commission after receiving payment, I will provide a full refund. ☆ You may display your commission where you like and use it for personal use only. You may not claim that you drew it. ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ Slots - FULL 1. Sniper Sensei (100%) 2. GM Mikzie (100%) 3. GM Creed (Pending) Commissions Queue @ Trello (This link also includes my non-TRO workload, but gives you an idea what I'm working on.) ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ Thanks so much for checking out my thread, this post will be edited as time goes on. If you need to contact me, DM me here or drop me a message me on discord @ katja#0690. I'll see you guys around!
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    Hey there, I have a couple new RO-related pieces to post! First is another chibi of my super novice, Eggy Noob! If you don't follow my streams, she's on a quest to defeat 10k porings. When she got the taming item Orange Juice, she used it to tame a Drops and named him The Chosen One. He is now her hostage faithful companion on her quest. Second is a commission I just finished for @zhud! His sniper, Sniper Sensei. Ahh Shiro, you're too kind! I'm happy you like it, thank you again for commissioning me!
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    Enable following items to be turned into brownie points at Grandma Boxter: Golden Tiara (5179), rare mining drop - 5 tc Silver Tiara (5149), rare mining drop - 5 tc Frog King Hat [1] (5528), 2.10% droprate from Toad - 10 tc Mask of Ifrit (5429), 10% droprate from Ifrit - 6tc All these items have barely any value due to being either not known to the average player/newcomer, or are easily outclassed.
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    You are amazing artist, Fumi chan! Keep up the awesome work
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    Finished 4 commissions for @Mei Magnolia for @Amissapanda and for @~Izleen They were all interesting characters and fun to draw! One slot is still opened if anyone is interested!
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    Wah nice~ @~Izleen Hai! It's nice to know that you're Malaysian too
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    Payon Manja Tower of Mischief 2019-10-17
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    aw hello and welcome back emi! <33 i've added you in with this, all waitlist slots are now claimed! tysm for everyone who was interested i won't be accepting any more while go through them for now, but if you have any costumes or gears you think i'd be interested in you're free to hit me up for bribes negotiations lol! in the meantime here are some finished cheebs for @Seuta! thank you for commissioning me
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    added you in, thank you for your interest! as for anyone else who wish to get a comm, i'll take up to 2 last waitlist slots! also i feel like i haven't really been posting much art recently lol sorry about that! so here are some cheebs comm'd by @~Izleen
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    Dark Randgris with @EVlL's party
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    GM Boreas is working on it and since old ETA was not met, he changed the new ETA to"unknown" . To be very honest I think the GM Team is working a lot on various things. It's probably best if we do our part and be patient.
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    Hello, welcome to tRO. I hope you enjoy your stay here! Whether you are new to RO in general or not, don't hesitate to ask main in game if you have questions to ask regarding some things in game. Pretty sure that people in our community will help you if you're in need of guidance. 🙂
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    Salutations Saifuddeen, Welcome to TalonRO! Tell us something about yourself. Have you played Ragnarok before? 😃
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    As long as it takes basically. We are currently working on a server migration as such the databases have no priority. I promise that I will get to them as soon as time allows. I apologize that I didn't meet my previous eta, as such the new eta is as follows: unknown.
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    Hello all, I haven't played RO since 2007 and now I find this server seems to be really nice. Hope to get new friends here as well. Thanks for having me here and nice to meet you all Cheers 👍
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    yeah maybe! ada gak intai2 facebook community tu tapi banyak iklan la plak hehe tegur je! kadang2 tengah lukis je kadang2 tu afk makan huhu nak mintak tips tunjuk ajar ET ngan GMC curious lak aw thank you so much xing!! i've been trying to save up since forever to support other artists too except that i always fall victim to the shopping bug ;__; but i understand the feeling 100%!
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    WELCOME! While waiting for the control panel to be up, I would suggest to read up on this forum and the wiki, as this is not your typical pre-renewal server! We hope you enjoy!
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    We have plans regarding GMC already. You will see
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    I have been okay with responses and everything so far from GMs with regards to the delay in recreating the databases for TalonRO but after non stop questions and people asking I think I finally need to make a request. We know that server has priorities for next DEV points and your preferred order in providing new 'content' however it appears that the server, as a whole, would like to have a say on one thing. The constant discussion and queries in main, forums, discord, etc. is when will our databases be back. The best part about TalonRO is just how well tailored it is to ensure such balance and inclusion for the user base. What this does mean though is that the standard (non tRO) data sources (RMS, iROI WIki, etc.) are out of sync and are incorrect based on the current Iduna build. My Suggestion is simple - could we ask the player community what they believe the priority should be in this instance? The databases are what everyone were used to counting on. Cheers and G'Day from Aus! Edit: Had to add this for all of those who can't read or missed it. This is POST GM Boreas response to other thread. Given it is number one question asked in #main over and over I decided to post the query - should the databases not be reprioritised over something like BG? BG is played by a VERY small percentage of server, in fact most players don't know what it is. The Databases are there for everyone. For those of you that don't know me I don't NEED about the databases - I have everything I need given my background. I was simply posting this for the general community.
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    Welcome ❤️ Looking forward to see you in game
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    @Graytea hope you'll like it <: and my thief with his chonky dolor~
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    Hello! I'd like to make some change to the calculator to add some of the new content. I forked the repo, took a look at the code, and did some changes to add the Malaya MVP cards, which seem to be working fine when testing locally. Can anyone grant me the proper permissions to the Git project? When I'll submit a pull request, is there anyone who can check that I didn't screw up anything? Thanks!
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    Omg yesssss COSPLAYYYYY!!!! Doing great buddy! Can't wait to see the full thing!
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    Hello ❤️ Welcome to our family ❤️ I hope to see you in game ^^ there's so many fun things to do
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    wow the arts are super good but you're closed..
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    Well BB has hands down best dps. It has a freaking 1000% damage modifier and it splash, its hard to beat that. But if you prefer auto attack its fine too. RO has pretty cool auto attack mechanics to work with. Its just that if we dont know what OP wants to play we cant really help him build cause its like playing 2 different class when it comes to gear and stat build.
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    Is it possible to make the summer event suit a permanent costume even if its account bound? :'( Thanks alot!
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    Omg another @~Izleen wolf artsuuuu
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    Hi GM Lance, For the moment, its necessary to reserve its date for events "Valk" so that you teleports us. Is it just for the beta or 1 NPC will be implanted so we have more flexibility? What are the prerequisites to unlock the Bazaar NPC?
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    ahh i'm really sorry for somehow having missed this!! let me know if you want to be added to the waitlist! sorry for the late reply! i've added you both in~ i'll be going to through the taken slots first but i'll send a message when i'm ready to take them up also adding in for others who may be interested, but after some deliberation i've decided to accept 2-3 last waitlist slots before closing indefinitely again! my backlog for other art has been piling up so i'd like to start on them too before it gets too long ^^;; ww i'll also be away around the end of november so i'll be unable to work on any art during that time. thank you all for understanding!
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    Changed Status to Implemented
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    Its crazy how even after 17 years of this games release that players can still discover new elements of the game that challenge and break down conventional wisdom. This finding is completely opposite of what players have believed and reverberated in the guides for ages. The class discussion guide forum is riddles with recommendation of slotting Samurai card only on weapons you want to exclusively improve the Atk damage of and going as far to say that Turtle General is superior to Samurai at end game because its %damage increase is global; now we can see the exact opposite is true. After doing some comparisons on the TCalc, its obvious that Samurai is superior to Turtle general for Dual Wield Sinx. It also answers the age old question that Main Gauge[4] is superior to Mes[3] because even though Mes has 120 Atk and MG only has 43 ( a 77 Atk point difference), the extra Samurai (65 Atk) adds damage to BOTH daggers, this is also verifiable by input into the TCalc. In fact you can conclude that the best Dual Wield Sinx setup (not considering specialized daggers such as Ice pick, Excalibur, and Cesears sword) is 2x Main Gauge[4] with DDDP & SSST. After 3x Samurai Cards, ONE TG can provide a marginally better DPS improvement over another S even though its only improving the Main hands damage (because the 3x S has increased the main hands Atk to a significant amount that 20% more increase outpaces 65atk on both hands but only by a very small amount). Adding more than 1 TG (example- DDPT-SSST) greatly diminishes any further return over adding another S (DDPS-SSST). DDDP MG - SSS MES - DPS - 4295 DDDP MG - SSSS MG DPS - 4725 DDDP MG - TTTT MG DPS - 3877
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    Hey ya~ Sometimes I prefer a much more simpler style too And regarding your inquiry, I've sent you a pm~
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    aw thank you so much ;__;!! there's just so much life in ro and i really love it here ww i hope you stick around for a long time as well no worries! i understand zeny is tough! i tell myself this a lot too but alas i get.. really hooked onto buying costumes.. and thus get very broke every day cries i need to be nicer to my zeny..!
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    Panel > Password recovery
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    wah i haven't snuck a comment in here but welcome to the art corner brisha! your style is super lovely ww i especially like how well you portray poses and the lighting on your colours! all these pieces are turning out stunning and even your wips are nice to look at keep it up!! (and all the best with kuma's contest! which i do hope to see you join!)
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    Welcome back to Ragnarok Online @Raktasil! Please enjoy your stay here and we will be having soon our halloween event so there will be a lot of new things to try on!
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    So fantastic! You look really good
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    Now thats a TK ranker to fear! Very nicely done Maze. Have fun tomorrow. Until then.. .. Hyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!!
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    UPDATE (As of October 1st, 2019): EDIT: I'm sorry. It seems Mirai isn't working but the Thotai one works well with the new client. I have updated this AI. It will work with the new client now. You can download the AI here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/o7g7wxqlcgsdy2e/AI.rar/file Just download, extract the AI folder, and place it in your TRO folder (delete the default AI folder in your TRO folder). Note: This AI is by default geared toward Vanilmirths but it works with Filirs and Lifs. Also: Now, to let your Homun memorize the allied players (Thotai lets you memorize players that are on your screen as allies, so be careful not to include foes on the screen XD), just sit down ( with your Homun on) and press ALT + T 4 times. You won't get any pop ups or anything to confirm the AI memorized the players on the screen as allies, but you can see if it worked when you see your homun ignoring your allies and not hitting them. XD If you have any questions, don't ask me. I am too lazy to answer them since I don't even play anymore. lol .. I just updated the AI so others can use it again. END OF UPDATE. Greetings, TRO players! I just wanted to share to every tRO Alch/Creo class players this AI that I just did some tweak on. It's actually a Mirai + Zenai combined (for PVM) and with Thotai (for PVP). It's NOT my AI, I never created it. I just did some tweaks on it so credit goes to the makers of Mirai, Zenai and Thotai for this. Note: Thotai has good support for Mercenaries/Mercenary too :3 Just activate the basic AI for Mercenary (type /merai and make sure Basic AI for Mercenary is loaded) So here are the tweaks that I made. Tweaks: 1. (On Mirai platform). Homuns can now "dance attack" with the Mirai platform thanks to a Mod from Zenai. Your homun will do that "kungfu" moves whenever it does physical attacks. XD It improves your Homun's ASPD a bit by bypassing the attack delay through "dance attack." Note: Thotai is built with dance attack too. But it is a "centralized" dance attack meaning it won't move around like that of Mirai. It is more focused attacking on one point/cell but bypasses the attack animation while doing so. 2. (On Mirai platform). Lif can now auto cast Touch of Heal (assuming you have the skill and one red slim pot) whenever there are no mobs around. The trigger HP is at 80% so whenever your HP goes down below 80%, and there no mobs around, Lif will cast Touch of Heal on you. (Thanks to Sleepy senpai for suggesting). 3. (On Mirai platform).Removed Lif auto casting Emergency Avoid. This is to avoid the cool down conflicts when you want to use Touch of Heal in a life threatening situation. (Thanks to Sleepy senpai for the suggestion). 4. (On Mirai platform).Vanilmith can now use Chaotic Benediction. It will start to heal you whenever there are no mobs around. 6. (On Mirai platform). Reduced the level of Filir's Moonlight to level 2 to save SP consumption, Fleet and Overspeed to level 1 for cooldown. (Thanks to Sleepy senpai for the suggestion). 7. (On Mirai platform). Amistr's minimum SP for casting Defense is set to 150. (Thanks to Sleepy senpai for the suggestion). 8. (On Mirai platform). It is sensitive to mobs attacking other players so yes, it won't KS. XD. 8. Mirai's Friend's list is good for use thanks to a Mod I found on Zenai. How to install: 1. Backup your AI folder (Just in case something messed up). Your AI folder is located on your tRO folder. Just copy the folder and paste it somewhere... safe. My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, anywhere you can think of I guess xD. 2. Download the AI here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/fvdyrkr3yhsuzwb/AI_newclient.rar/file 3. Once your download is done (it's a RAR file so make sure you have Winzip or Winrar installed to open it), extract it. a. Just Right Click on the file, then select Extract Files: b. If you are using Winrar, you will see something like this. Just press okay. The file will be extracted on the same folder where you downloaded the thing. 4. Open the folder till you see these things: What you will do is just copy them all and paste them on your AI folder on the tRO folder. 5. Now, log on to tRO and type /hoai. You should see something like the one on the image below. Then change map or relog, or REST + CALL out your Homun to get the AI script running. Okay, so which is which. There are 2 AIs on the folder as I mentioned earlier. The "basic" one is for PVP. Homunculus has been activated with the basic AI. - Activate this AI (Thotai) if you plan on PvPing. Though it is good for PVM as well, it's more focused on PVP. Now, to let your Homun memorize the allied players (Thotai lets you memorize players that are on your screen as allies, so be careful not to include foes on the screen XD), just sit down ( with your Homun on) and press ALT + T 4 times. You won't get any pop ups or anything to confirm the AI memorized the players on the screen as allies, but you can see if it worked when you see your homun ignoring your allies and not hitting them. XD The "customized" one is for PVM. Homunculus has been customized. - Activate this AI for PVM (Mirai+Zenai). The tweaks I mentioned before are on this AI. The friend's list is working well. Make your friend sit, then press ALT + left click on the front cell or anywhere near your friend. If your Homun encircles your friend, it means you have successfully added your friend to the Homun's database. Your Homun can help your friend with killing mobs and stuff. To delete your friend from the friend's list, do the same procedure. If your Homun runs back and forth on your friend, it means you have successfully deleted him from your list. This is still Mirai with added tweaks and mods from Zenai. So which means you can still use the control panel for Mirai for this one. Tio made a great guide on how to use the control panel. Tio's Guide: Spoiler https://forum.talonro.com/index.php?topic=43114.0 You don't need to actually tweak anything on the control panel (just the preferred level of skills you would like to use and stuff). All you need to tweak is probably the Tact list where you can add mobs that you want your Homun to prioritize and stuff. Tip: You can put /hoai on your ALT + M to switch over the two AI's and just REST + CALL to activate the selected script Okay, I hope you all will enjoy the tweaked AI. If you found any errors/bugs, please post them here and I will check. Oh, if you do get errors like gazillions of them, try moving your tRO folder to the drive root like C:/ or D:/ and not on the Program Files. Thank you very much for trying this one out :3 and sorry for the long post. XD Tags: AI, MirAI, ZenAI, ThotAI, Beaver, Merchant, Alchemist, Creator, EverythingIsAwesome, Everything Is Awesome, Beaver Kaho, CookiesPlease, Homunculus, Vanilmirth, Jelly, Slug, Filir, Amistr, Lif, /hoai, Customized, User AI, USER_AI, Mercenary, /merai, Dance Attack, Tweak
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    Hello there! Please come in! Welcome to my humble shop. Well, what do you know? Yes, I also have an artistic side in me 😊. While my talent goes to traditional art IRL issues don’t allow me to sit and do my artwork unnoticeable, hence, I’m opting to express myself in making you guys guild emblems. Why the sudden endeavour? Family and work demands restrict me in playing for long hours like I did before. However, that doesn’t mean I will no longer play or do other tRO stuff. I see emblems in-game that is either poorly executed or were just copied from other sites. Anyway, since emblems are made in small pixels, it is easily understood that not everyone can make them or at least in a more sophisticated way. This made me thought of helping the community in producing new and innovative emblems. This way I’d still feel I’m contributing positively to tRO. I always try to make emblems to a high quality and to the best they possibly can. What’s cool about this art is that you can actually use the finish product in-game which may be a solid representation either of yourself or the guild. At the time being, why don’t you take a glance at my pre-made emblems and when you like one PM me here in the Forums. I’ll send them to you right away. Once the emblem is received, please send the payment through mail to my Super Baby (IGN: Baby Ghaspy) My pre-made emblems are priced to just your typical hourly farm rate which is 3m (or 3TC) and 5m (or 5TC) depending on the quality. F E A T U R E D All featured guild emblems were made just for my own pleasure and the respective guilds herein do not own these emblems, unless requested. So if you like to have these emblems, fee free to PM me and I'll send them to you. 😊 These are priced the same as the 200 Series above. Did you like the quality of my emblems but would like have yourself more than what is offered above, and wanted me to design an emblem specifically for you or your guild? G U I D E L I N E S Follow these steps: 1. Concept Tell me the Concept: a) What is the Subject? b) What is the Background? (if any) 2. Preparation I will prepare the requested emblem and if there is any specific change, please do tell and I will do it. Only when a customer is fully satisfied will I send the final product. If in case the requested concept cannot be reproduced to a 24x24 pixel emblem, we will make adjustments accordingly. 3. Payment Commissions will be charged 7m (or 7TC). Why not 6m? 2m additional to the already-available emblems will surely add encouragement and enthusiasm for me. 😃 Once the emblem is sent, please send the payment to my Super Baby (IGN: Baby Ghaspy) D O N E C O M M I S S I O N S Updates... For the time being, I'd be taking only 5 slots due to my hectic work schedule. I hope you understand. Slots Name Number of Requests Slot no. 1 -------------------------------------- Slot no. 2 -------------------------------------- Slot no. 3 -------------------------------------- Slot no. 4 -------------------------------------- Slot no. 5 -------------------------------------- Note: I don’t work on Fridays. Please give me this day for my family time. Thanks. I received the emblem, what happens next? G U I D E L I N E S Follow these steps: 1. Locate your TalonRO Main Folder and open it. 2. Inside this main folder, you should see a folder named “Emblem.” Open this and paste the emblem inside. 3. Log in your character who is the Guild Master of the guild. Press Alt+G to open up the Guild Window, and from there you can edit/change the emblem of your choice. All emblems available in step no. 2 above will appear as a selection choice. 4. That's it! Congratulations! You're good to go. 😊 Thank you for your time hopping in. I will keep adding pre-made emblems from time to time and will keep posting updates that hopefully you guys will enjoy. Don’t want to miss my updates? Just hit Follow button to keep you updated. If you like the content of this shop, a thumbs up would be nice. Cheers!
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    Uhm, there is no 24 hour cooldown. The cooldown resets daily at midnight server time.
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    Hello guys, I present you a mini guide for these who want to farm some maps with their SinX. My stats (will depend on the equipment) : Frus and Skegul Maps : odin_tem02 / Odin Temple F2 Items : Awakening Potion , Meats , Fly Wings Equipment : Upper Headgear : Holy Marching Hat [Bloody Knight or nothing] < switch after Aspersio > Lord Kaho's Horn Mid Headgear : Mid STR/AGI +1 [Stormy knight or Bloody Knight] Low Headgear : Pirate dagger or Chewing Bubblegum or Pussy cat bell Weapons : Mes [Doppelganger/ Turtle General x2] and Main Gauche[Doppelganger/Queen Scaraba/Incantation Samurai x2] Armor : Dragon Vest [Gloom Under Night] [DEX+3] Garment : Dragon Manteau [ Devilling] Shoes : Sandals[Mysteltainn] or Sleipnir [Mysteltainn] Accessories : Cursed Hand x2 [ Hell Poodle] or Brisingamen x2 [Hell Poodle] Care to Frus who use Strip Armor (don't forgot to re-equip your armor). For counter this skill you can ask to a Bio a Full Chemical Protection or Chemical Protection Armor Black or Blue Skeggiold : Maps : odin_tem03 / Odin Temple F3 Items : Awakening Potion , Meats , Fly Wings, Guarana Candy , Curse Water Equipment : Upper Headgear : Lord Kaho's Horn Mid Headgear : Mid STR/AGI +1 [Stormy knight or Bloody Knight] Low Headgear : Pirate dagger or Chewing Bubblegum or Pussy cat bell Weapons : Mes [Doppelganger/ Turtle General x2] and Main Gauche[Doppelganger/Queen Scaraba/Incantation Samurai x2] Armor : Dragon Vest [Gloom Under Night] [DEX+3] Garment : Dragon Manteau [ Devilling] Shoes : Sandals[Mysteltainn] or Sleipnir [Mysteltainn] Accessories : Cursed Hand x2 [ Hell Poodle] or Brisingamen x2 [Hell Poodle] Advices : Use Guarana Candy for suppress decrease agility from Skeggiold. Use Cursed Water (shadow element) for a high DPS on Skeggiold, contrariwise you will not be able to touch Frus and Skogul. Other tip, when the Skeggiolds have'nt detected you yet, look at the one walking in front, this will be your target if you do not want to waste time. Do not take two packs at the same time One Horned Scaraba / Two Horned Scaraba Maps : dic_dun01 / Scaraba Hole 01, Kamidal Tunnel Items : Awakening Potion , Meats , Fly Wings Buff : Flame Launcher Lv5 Equipment : Upper Headgear : Lord Kaho's Horn • Mid Headgear : Mid STR/AGI +1 [Bloody Knight] • Low Headgear : Pirate dagger or Chewing Bubblegum or Pussy cat bell • Weapons : Mes [Doppelganger/ Incantation Samurai x2] and Main Gauche[Doppelganger/Baphomet /Sniper x2] • Armor : Dragon Vest [Porcelio] [ASPD +3%] • Garment : Dragon Manteau [Devilling] • Shoes : Sandals [Mysteltainn] or Sleipnir [Mysteltainn] • Accessories : Cursed Hand x2 [Hell Poodle] or Brisingamen x2 [Hell Poodle] Advices : Pack 7-8 mobs but becareful because mobs can cast skill Stop lv 1. Your worst enemy will be your positioning (and lag ^^). If you have a pack of 1/2 mobs who cast succesfully Stop lv 1 it's better to use Fly wing. Edit Iduna : Scaraba F1 monsters are boss type now. You can't stun them with Rybio card so i advice Porcelio card for armor. Sedora / Sropho / King Dramoh / Pot Doffle: Maps : iz_dun05 / Undersea Tunnel F6 Items : Awakening Potion , Meats , Fly Wings Buff : Lightning Loader Lv5 Equipment : Basic Upper Headgear : Lord Kaho's Horn Mid Headgear : Mid STR/AGI +1 [Stormy knight or Bloody Knight] Low Headgear : Pirate dagger or Chewing Bubblegum or Pussy cat bell Weapons : Mes [Doppelganger/ Incantation Samurai x2] and Main Gauche[Doppelganger/Baphomet /Sniper x2] Armor : Aebecee's Raging Typhoon Armor [RSX] Garment : Valkyria Manteau [ Devilling] Shoes : Sandals[Mysteltainn] or Sleipnir [Mysteltainn] Accessories : Cursed Hand x2 [ Hell Poodle] or Brisingamen x2 [Hell Poodle] Equipment : Aegir set Upper Headgear : Aegir Helm [King Dramoh or Stormy knight or Bloody Knight] Mid Headgear : Mid STR/AGI +1 [Stormy knight or Bloody Knight] Low Headgear : Pirate dagger or Chewing Bubblegum or Pussy cat bell Weapons : Mes [Doppelganger/ Incantation Samurai x2] and Main Gauche[Doppelganger/Baphomet /Sniper x2] Armor : Aegir Armor [RSX] Garment : Aegir Cloak [ Devilling] Shoes : Aegir Shoes [Mysteltainn] or [Amon Ra] Accessories : Cursed Hand x2 [ Hell Poodle] or Brisingamen x2 [Hell Poodle] Advices : You can pack 7-8 mobs but don't take more 2 King Dramoh if you don't want climb 6 floors Others farms possible: Galion (bapho weapon + earth endow) Hillslion (mono dps + fire endow) Malaya hospital (Bapho weapon, bathory armor, holy marching hat) Bathory Geffenia Juperos F1 Edit : For extra stat you can bring jaguar hat and make your str divisible by 10 and dex by 5 Edit2 : refresh icon with iduna Cya !
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    Welcome to the tRO, @d3frag! Looking forward to watching your streams one of these days
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    This is a long term stable server. Would recommend it simply for that, I've played on multiple before I ended up here... and when I went back after taking a small break... they pretty much all disappeared. The only thing that might be more stable would be the official server itself. So do you want a chance to actually make some huge ultra strong builds and have fun. Then come here, With the daily participation quest for Cash Shop Betty, You can over time get an MVP card every 100 days without doing any intensive playing, and any playing you do can speed that up. Means you have goals and options to work towards that you can actually make a dent into. On the flip side, if the only thing you care about is WoE. The only server I have ever seen to have such a thing actually working and going on would be the official (though that was years and years ago, so they might be down to the same boat as all private servers) We do have WoE here, just limited castles as limited guilds participate.
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    Finished 2 commissions for @Arya! Full sizes have been given through PM~ Uni semester is starting again, so I might be a little busy with my writing, but I'm definitely going to finish every one in my wait list! Pardon my slowness~
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    Those are some really nice chibi and damn dat 3d perspective feel is a nice touch. *Throws moniez on screen but nothing is happening* Gib chibi artsu plz Dr Fumi
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