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    It's back to TalonRO in September! As Fall rolls into Midgard, TalonRO is pleased bring you our latest monthly patch of updates, content, and much more! We hope that you'll enjoy all of the latest additions - plus, don't forget to enjoy the Amazing Summer Race, which continues on now through September 21. Enjoy a new monthly Costume Box and a new Tam Tam's Gift region this month as well - as always! We hope that these changes make your time on TalonRO enjoyable, fresh, and fun. Please take a moment to review all of our latest changes below - and as always, happy gaming! Our latest gameplay changes are designed to address essential needs to make your gaming experience on TalonRO the best that it can be! The GM Staff is always assessing the state of gameplay and working to make things dynamic, challenging, and - most of all - fun! Read below for our latest gameplay changes: Gameplay Changes New recoloring options are available with the Analyze Eye Costume within the Wave Challenge! Turn a regular (green) Analyze Eye costume into either a red or purple version for a cost of 15,000 Wave Points. Additional recolored versions of this costume are planned for the future as well, allowing you to customize your future-forward look! Current red & purple versions are also available via the Dressing Coach in Prontera as well. A new Twitch Stream announcer has been added in-game! For our Twitch streamers, announce that you are broadcasting out into Midgard through a NPC, located in Payon! To become one of TalonRO's verified Twitch Streamers, visit our registration topic, or contact a Gamemaster for more details. Chiqita's Jewelry Box has been updated with various new non-slotted mid-headgears. Some new additions are common while others are very rare! Old Orange Box is no longer Account Bound. Reminder: it also drops from Nightmare Amon Ra now. New costume previews are available in the Dressing Coach, located in Prontera. Announcement time of the Lottery winner has been changed from 8pm to 8:15pm to prevent announcement overlapping. Our latest bug fixes are also part of our ongoing effort to ensure that TalonRO runs smoothly, and that your experience is running at full capacity! TalonRO always takes the opportunity with our monthly updates to address any lingering issues through player-based bug reports or those brought to our attention - all with the hope of making your gaming time great. Read below for this month's latest bug fixes: Bug Fixes The item sprite for Tears (a mid-headgear) as been fixed. Previously, this used the Teardrop sprite. If you have a Tears[0] or Tears[1] that you want to convert to a Teardrop[0]/[1], please send in a support ticket and we will exchange it for you. Gamemaster Challenge (GMC) cooldowns can now be verified, even when GMC is not presently active. Small spoiler: we are planning a significant GMC update for (most likely) next maintenance. Stay tuned! This month's Tam Tam's Gift region takes us back into some of the original dungeons within Midgard: the Pyramids / Nightmare Pyramid! Journey through the depths of Morroc's original challenge, including the more challenging Nightmare version of the Morroc Pyramids - and fight against this month's Champion Monsters to earn yourself valuable coins, additional experience, and much more! Tam Tam's Gift Region September's region includes the Pyramids & Nightmare Pyramid maps! Champion monsters for this month include the following: Mummy, Mimic, Verit, Drainliar, and Isis. Finally, no monthly patch would be complete without our latest monthly costume box! Rainbow Sigrun continues to take top billing to our monthly costume box, and this month's box brings about a special series of great additions such as the Heavenly Dark Flame, Stall of Angel Costume, and the Ghost Holiday Costume, among others! Other additions to this month's box make it one worth obtaining - and be sure to do so, as each month a new box with new contents will take its place! September's costume box is currently available in the Reward Guru - and we hope that you get something fun to show off to the world of Midgard! September 2017 Monthly Costume Box This month's costume items include the following Rainbow Sigrun Heavenly Dark Flame Stall of Angel Costume Ghost Holiday Costume Gryphon Hairband Costume Black Magenta Ribbon Costume Wonderful Beast Ear Costume Ignis Cap Costume Duneyrr Helm Costume Aqua Balloon Hat Costume Straw Hat Costume We hope that you enjoy this month's latest updates - and, as always, happy gaming from all of us on TalonRO! It is our great pleasure and privilege to proudly feature artwork from the TalonRO community as part of our monthly patch update series! Artwork featured in this month's update includes work from PhantomPuppeteer, Orchestra, Yoshimi, Elza, Antei Kun, Marly, and GM Spica!
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    Pom Pom Yggdrasil Berry w/ Mango Coulis by Fritzeen Ingredients 4 whole Yggdrasil Berries (Zucchini Flowers) 1 whole Juicy Mango (Ripened Mango) 1 tspn of Nitrogen Acid (Flaked salt) 1 cup Flour 1 tspn Cloud Crumb (Yeast) 1 tspn Spicy Sauce (Chili / Red Bell Pepper) 1 cup Holy Water (Water) 3 small wheels of Cheese (Ricotta, Cream Cheese, Cheddar) 4 cup of Cooking Oil 4 Oil Paper Cooking Method Pom Pom Yggdrasil Berry Make a mixture of Flour and Cloud Crumb. Use sifter if necessary to mix it well Combined the mixture into Holy Water while whisking to avoid clumping till you reach the consistency of glue or thick cream Put a pinch of Nitrogen Acid for power and flavour Leave the mixture for 1-2 hours till the Cloud Crumb activate. You will end up with fluffier mixture which means it’s ready to be used While waiting for the Flour and Cloud Crumb mixture, mix the 3 kinds of Cheese. (Cheddar is hard cheese so you will need shaven, grated or powdered version) Clean the Yggdrasil Berries and stuff the cheese mixture inside. You need to lock it by twisting the petal. This will keep the cheese stuffing inside Heat up the Cooking Oil in deep fried pan with high heat Dip the flower part of Yggdrasil Berries into the fluffy Flour mixture and deep fried it Wait until the colour is golden brown before taking it off the oil Leave the deep fried Yggdrasil Berries on Oil Paper to absorb Mango Coulis Blend the Juicy Mango with blender, do not forget to take the seed out Mix Spicy Sauce in the blender depends on level of spiciness required Do not forget to add a pinch of Nitrogen Acid to bring out the flavour Presentation Finally you can present them on a flat plate or cheese board with the Mango Coulis on the side as dip. You can spread a pinch of Nitrogen Acid for added decoration. Challenges GM Luna Challenge GM Mimi Challenge
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    fun thread! wanted to draw @GM Saen heres my smithie
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    TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide Updated: 8/28/17 Due to the popular demand of 1-3 individuals, this guide will be for those who are starting out on TalonRO as a hunter/sniper. This guide is a progression guide that will pull from my own experience only. Many other players have their opinions about my item choices and I will edit accordingly. Basic hunter/sniper strategy is implied. Recommended: Sage Endow Slave and Acolyte/Priest Slave Tier 1 Your goal should be focused on getting to Sniper as soon as possible. Farming for loot and rare drops will be many times easier with Sharp Shoot. Regular leveling up to 79+. Join Odin's Parties or Anubis Parties and power level to 99 so you can Transcend to Sniper. Note; no god items here. Nothing in this set of gear is worth more than 5Talon Coins. Gear Reference/build: Headgear: Apple of Archer+ Binoculars Ship Captain Hat [1]+ Binoculars Weapon: Hunter Bow+ Hunting Arrow Burning Bow [1]+ Fire Arrow Earthen Bow [1]+ Stone Arrow Freezing Bow [1]+ Crystal Arrow Gale Bow [1]+ Arrow of Wind Rental Ballista Armor: Tights Pantie Garment: Muffler[1]+Dragon Tail Card / Whisper Card Undershirt Feet: Refresh Shoes Accessory: Glove[1]+Sting Card Glove[1]+Zerom Card Bow Thimble ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal possible builds: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal step-by-step: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tier 2 You should finally be a Sniper and farming is going to become your primary goal. Competing for end-game content will come soon enough. Snipers are naturally powerful farmers and the opportunities are endless. Prioritization in obtaining General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC). Note; no god items here. Nothing in this set of gear is worth more than 12Talon Coins. Gear Reference/build: Headgear: Ship Captain Hat [1]+ Binoculars / Robo Eye Pirate Dagger Weapon: Elven Bow[1]+ Elven Arrow Rental Ballista Armor: Tights [1]+Porcellio Card Dragon Vest [1]+Porcellio Card Bathory Card Swordfish Card Pasana Card Marc Card Garment: Muffler[1]+Dragon Tail Card / Whisper Card Dragon Manteau [1]+Dragon Tail Card / Whisper Card Feet: Refresh Shoes Sandals[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Shoes[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Bunny Slipper[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Accessory: Glove[1]+Sting Card Bow Thimble ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal possible builds: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal step-by-step: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tier 3 As a 90+ Sniper, making zeny should be a pretty easy task. You hunt for rare items, or hunt high value loot targets. You should be part of a major guild who does organized runs, joing end-game raids as back-up DPS. Dual gear sets will come into play and become important You will begin working on your sharpshoot/critical and double strafe sets. Critical set indicated by Blue Text, damage set indicated by Purple Text. Note; no complete god items here. Nothing in this set of gear is worth more than 20Talon Coins. Gear Reference/build: Headgear: Reforged Lord Kaho's Horns+ Binoculars / Robo Eye Ship Captain Hat [1]+ Binoculars / Robo Eye +1 AGI/STR* Slotted Mid+ Bloody Knight Card +1 AGI Slotted Mid+ Gryphon Card Pirate Dagger Weapon: Elven Bow[1]+ Archer Skeleton Card+ Elven Arrow +7Elven Bow[1]+ Turtle General Card + Elven Arrow Flame Elemental Converter Frost Elemental Converter Lightning Elemental Converter Seismic Elemental Converter Rental Ballista Armor: Sniping Suit [1]+ Gloom Under Night Card Sniping Suit [1]+ Porcellio Card Bathory Card Swordfish Card Pasana Card Marc Card Garment: Dragon Manteau [1]+Dragon Tail Card / Whisper Card +9 Hood [1]+ Chung E Card Feet: Sandals[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Shoes[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Bunny Slipper[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Accessory: Glove[1]+Sting Card Orlean's Gloves+Sting Card Itemization here is specifically for hunter/sniper ONLY, think very carefully about following these accessories Accessory: Bow Thimble [1]+ Ifrit Card Bow Thimble [1]+ Sting Card * - The reason I have a +1STR slotted Mid with Bloody Knight Card is because other classes can utilize the item. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal possible builds: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal step-by-step: Damage Comparison prior to Tier 4 A lot of folks wonder if they can compete in end-game MVPing with a sniper build that does not have god items like Artemis Bow [3]. I would personally say YES, but you have to use endow consumables to compete. Here is a comparison against VR: 43.3k DPS with SQI and 38.9k DPS without SQI. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Under Construction! Follow the thread for updates
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    Chicken Hat Quest (gone awry, became teriyaki) After speaking to Eloise and Jake, I’ve been sent to Byalan Island to continue this quest I’ve decided to take. Traveling all over Veins and Morroc, I thought to myself “Finally! I can get out of the desert. I feel as dry as a rock”. Searching through the island where one could find Kraken, I never I was hungry until I met the Juicy Chicken. I travelled to Louyang to meet Leonard, and instead of letting him cook the dish for Eloise, I cooked it myself and shared it to my guildies (Leftovers) Ingredients: -1x Chicken meat from Juicy Chicken of Byalan Island -1x Sesame Bag from Old Purple Box -1x Honey from Creamy -3x Red Chile from Kraben -1x Soft Blade of Grass (chopped) from Angra Mantis -1x Brown Root (minced) from Dryad -1x Cooking oil from Chef Assistant in Einbroch -1x Savory Sauce from Chef Assistant in Louyang (Optional:) -1x Witched Starsand from Bathory -1x Moth Dust from Dustiness You will also need: -Level 1 Cookbook -Home Cooking Kit -Soft Apron -Chef Hat Instructions: 1. Marinade the Chicken with Savory Sauce and use Sesame Seeds taken from the Sesame Bag. Bring it to High Priest Zhed in Rachel Santuary to bless and let it sit for 30 minutes. 2. Go to Leonard in Louyang restaurant. Heat the Cooking Oil in a pan, use Horong for medium heat. 3. Add the Chicken. Cook for 7-10 minutes (or until Leonard approves it’s burnt enough.) 4. Remove Chicken from the pan. Let it cool, then bring it to the Muscular Woman outside the restaurant to slice the Chicken. 5. Return to Leonard. On the same pan, still using Horong, add the Brown Root. Sauté for 20 seconds. 6. Add the sliced Chicken and Red Chile. Stir and cook for another 1-3 minutes. 7. Turn up the heat by replacing Horong with Blazer. Add the Honey and Savory Sauce. 8. At this point, use Fire Imp and let it boil, all the while mixing the ingredients for even coating. 9. It’s done cooking when the sauce forms into a glaze as thick as Lava Golem’s. 10. Season with Witched Starsand and Moth Dust to taste (again, this is optional) 11. Remove pan from the Waste Stove and transfer contents to a plate. 12. Arrange the mixture in the serving plate. Top with chopped Soft Blade of Grass. **Optional: Pair with rice. But for me, this is mandatory ** **For dessert, cool off with some Ube ice cream** Bring to hungry guildies in Amatsu to share and...Enjoy! <3 I would like to thank the sacrifices of the following monsters. Without them, this dish would not be possible Connection to TalonRO: This is the only server that serves Juicy Chicken via the Chicken Hat Quest GM Challenges accepted: (I had more than 3 but decided not to post the rest) The GM Cherri Challenge: Avid Gamer - +3 Include a fake in-game step by step version of your recipe using your imagination and knowledge of the RO world. The GM Kuma Challenge: Bear with me - +2 Include honey in the dish. The GM Luna Challenge: Hawt - +2 Add some fire to your food by adding a hot sauce or chilli's. IGN: *Henna Guild: Leftovers (P.S. - My apologies if the pics are a bit dark. I planned to make this during daytime but I got the munchies at 3 in the morning for some chicken )
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    "Moral Support Menu" Apologies for the late edit I was very busy with my thesis but here is my TalonRO story now *tada!*. The Moral Support Menu There was once a noob chef aspiring to do something unique, something passionate and not just making zeny. She always thought that, that wasn't her way of life. She knew that she was made for something bigger. And then while going to her favorite place... she saw someone. A guy with blonde hair and lonely blue eyes. She was struck... why could someone so beautiful be so lonely? The Noob Chef: Uhm... so this... awkward. Unknown Man: Not at all... please sit with me. *sits* So why are you here? The Noob Chef: I was thinking about doing something else here in Amatsu. I feel lost. Unknown Man: Same... I feel lost. So what are you upto? The Noob Chef: Hmmmm. I love cooking. Unknown Man: Oh you do? Well you can go to Pront Castle and try to learn new skills there. I heard they are also having a competition. The Noob Chef: They do!? And after hours and hours of conversation... they were left, wordless. They cannot utter a word... while they look into each other's eyes. The Noob Chef: Wow... uhm. I-- I think your eyes are... Unknown Man: *smiles* I think you are very lovely. Cherri blossoms suddenly fell slowly, dropping into their hands... Time stopped. As if they were finally complete, The Noob Chef: My other... half- I mean! I should go. *stands up and swiftly walks away leaving the unknown man speechless* The embarassed Noob Chef went as soon as possible and applied there. Hoping that she will find her way and her life with utensils in her hands. The Noob Chef: I want to join! Madeleine Chu: Woah- careful there tiger. You must have the right skills. The Noob Chef: I am up for it! Charles Orleans: Oh my! my! Such enthusiasm. I love that but I love my glorious self more. But! You noob chef is what I like to see cook! Show me your enthusiasm because we are having a cooking competition and whoever wins shall be Tamtam's Personal Chef. The Noob Chef: So what do I need? Madeleine Chu: You need to have the skills, guts, and most especially a menu with the right ingredients with a huge dose of PASSION! The Noob Chef: I am a noob but I shall do my best! And so the Noob Chef trained and trained and TRAINED!!! But she was still looking for the right inspiration, an inspiration that she will not doubt and will trust. Days passed, she haven't found the right inspiration yet until Starlight Soiree arrived, the unexpected happened. Unknown Man: Hi. The Noob Chef: Oh gosh! I never expected to see you here. Unknown Man: Well... expected the unexpected tada! The Noob Chef: Well yeah. So I am doing the competition now. I've been training really high and low killing Obeaunes and looking for the perfect slice and such. Unknown Man: Nothing less than expected. And so, they chatted again for hours like it was never ending until Starlight Soiree was almost over. Unknown Man: silence he.. he.. he.. Oh well... uhm, uhmm... The Noob Chef: uhmmm... Unknown Man: I know you don't know me... not even my name. But I really can't forget the day at Amatsu. And I- I- want to ask if... you want to go out? blush The Noob Chef: Well that was fast... Unknown Man: uhm-- I'm sorry... walks away The Noob Chef: Hey! Where are you going!? I haven't answered your question yet... silence I would love to go out with you. blush Expected the unexpected they say... and so they went out and eventually they went out too much. It felt like they've been beside each other for years. Is this her inspiration? Is he her inspiration? Her mind was full of memories of the unknown man but she tried to focus. focus. focus. Days passed the Noob Chef kept cooking and training to pass the standards of Tamtam and be the masterchef she really is. Also, along her masterchef journey is her journey with the unknown man. Teehee The Noob Chef: I NEED TO FOCUS!! Gahhhhhh. bumps head into chopping board Suddenly one day to her demise, she knew a secret that she should've known sooner. The Unknown Man was the head chef of Prontrera, Gordon Ramsay. The Noob Chef: Why did you tell me sooner!? That you are the Gordon Ramsay! I can't do it like this. We can't be together. Gordon Ramsay: Please be with me... stay with me. The Noob Chef: I can't... I have to go. I can't stay by your side like this. I don't deserve to be yours... Please wait for me until I am worthy to stay by your side. And so the Noob Chef left. Days passed and the Tamtam Personal Chef Cooking Competition day arrived. After killing so much Obeaunes, stealing mangoes, and talking to npcs for herbs and honey. She finally created her dishes inspired by.... inspired by the one she loves, Gordon Ramsay. She cooks while having him on her mind. This banquet called "The Moral Support Menu" was made for him for unending love and support. Till dark and good times, he was there. He was there for the noob chef. The Crystal Spirit Bruschetta was named after her journey with him to Nidhoggur. They picked the crystal spirit at the same time looking at each other eyes. This appetizer was made from eyes that don't lie. Eyes that are just for one another. The Lemon Glazed Obeaune Tail with Edible Green Dyestuff symbolized her hardship as a novice. How she hunted for those obeaunes to get the perfect slice and the edible green dyestuff was inspired by how evergreen their love is. And finally, the dessert "Starlight Panna Cotta", the symbol of a new start. The symbol of hope. A passionate summer just them, only them. How he asked her that night, it was perfect even though it was simple, to Noob Chef it was the most perfect time for her to actually realize that she was already in love. After hours of prepping and cooking, of sweat, blood and tears, the moment has finally arrived! The Noob Chef won the competition! It was surprisingly remarkable and Gordon Ramsay saw the whole event. GM Boreas: I chose her because her dish isn't banned-able. Remarkable! GM Howl: flex Good source of protein! GM Seiren: coughs coughs No comment... And so... The Not So Noob Chef became Tamtam's personal chef afterwards but she felt a sudden chill. She was incomplete. There was something missing in her life ad she thought by winning this competition she'll be whole, she won't be lost, and .... she won't be sad. In her days off, The Not So Noob Chef waited at Amatsu hoping for her love, Gordon Ramsay to come back. 1... 2... days. 23... 24... days and on the day she hadn't counted. Gordon Ramsay: .... oh. The Not So Noob Chef: I thought you wouldn't come back anymore. Gordon Ramsay: Why wouldn't I? If I won't, I won't be happy anymore. The Not So Noob Chef: I am sorry if I left you. Gordon Ramsay: I apologize too for lying who I really am but what matters is that we're here together again from where we started, right? The Not So Noob Chef: I promise I won't leave again. I don't want to be lost anymore. I have found you. You complete me. Thank you for reading. I named this menu moral support menu because of my friends' and family's trust and faith that I can accomplish this. Also, this menu is inspired by their favorite dishes. lol. I would also like to thank my guild, Friends4Lyfe and special participation of HelloMellow and Tainaka Ritsu.
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    Starlight Soiree: Behind the scenes!
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    Who does this? If your answer is "people with alts", then they usually hang out with their friends in their own save spots. Most newbies don't stay in one town. They go out there to get stuff done, and ask questions when they hit a wall. Take one good look at the forums. Rarely a newbie asks "how to get Whisper Tall Hat" and instead repeats the same question many others before him have already asked. "Where to level?" "How to make BB stalker?" "Is my Homun stat ok?" "Best class here?" Really, if anything is discouraging to a newbie, it is the same set of gears every other guy answers to the same question (LKH, GEC, Ice Pick, etc.) without bothering to stop and think "hey these things are expensive to a complete newbie maybe I should suggest something else and think like a newbie for once". Your analogy is false. Your claim of experience is unfounded. Your reasoning is a thinly veiled attempt to justify what you really feel about seeing all these costumes that everyone else has, and the fact that you suggested this during an event that makes it rain costumes everywhere is just making it all the more obvious. Gift Box.
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    Comodo Carnival Coming Soon...
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    ingame name: asuraggle (After hearing a strange broadcast in the sky promising “special gifts”, two beautiful idiots, asuraggle and cynischism, went wandering into the dense forests of Geffen fields in search of Tamtam.) “Shouldn’t we wait for these summer event costumes to wear off first?” cyn wondered. “Yolo,” I replied. Cyn nodded knowingly. “Yolo.” (Walking slow as heck, the duo stumbled into a strange clearing in the woods after trying to escape from some oddly vicious orc babies. There were hundreds of tiny tracks in the soil, yet they couldn’t see any other signs of life for hundreds of cells in any direction. Suddenly, the two felt a sharp pain in the back of their heads, and everything went black.) (When asuraggle awoke, it was to a heavy headache, his gear gone and his wrists shackled in handcuffs. Beside him, he heard cyn trying to bargain for their freedom with free, dank art.) “Well, well. This story has gone on long enough, so let me get to the point and end this wall of text!” a high pitched, raspy voice mused from across the room. It was the Goblin Leader, sitting upon a throne of bloody branches. “These goblins are dreadful cooks, and the Orcs to the north are even worse! Cook me a feast fit for a king, and I’ll set you free.” I looked at cyn questioningly, which she responded to with a shrug. “Got nothin’ better to do.” I shot the Goblin Leader a pair of finger guns, which unfortunately went unseen due to the handcuffs, and then we followed one of the goblin henchmen to a makeshift kitchen. After 12 hours of sweat, tears, and a couple of energy drinks, I finally finished creating the goblin feast. The Goblin Feast! Comprised of Masked Potatoes, Immortal Gravy and Rice, Kabob Staves of Leader, and Red Velvet Cape Challenges: GM Zelda: Sweet Tooth (include a dessert) +2 GM Radius: Meatlover (Feature 3 or more types of meat) +2 GM Elixia: ‘That time of the month’ Cure (include nutella) +2 Warning: This feast takes a crap ton of time and ingredients. Proceed with caution. RECIPES I. Masked Potatoes II. Immortal Gravy and Rice Balls III. Kabob Staves of Leader IV. Red Velvet Cape Conclusion: The Goblin Leader marveled at the display of food. He waved his meaty hand, and a small goblin shuffled forward and dropped their stolen gear at their feet. “My cape! My mask! I love it. it’s almost… too good to eat...” The Goblin Leader pondered for a moment. “It is too good to eat! Make me something else!” By then, the costumes had long worn off. Why asuraggle and cynischism had stayed til the end instead of fighting their way out, they couldn’t explain. Without hesitating, they both scooped up their gear and teleported out to their home city of Gonryun. However, scorning the Goblin Leader could have unforeseen consequences… Concept art Honorable mentions: Challenges completed as well, but not counted: Taters, Hawt, Pretty Face, & Dip It! Shout out to GM Lance for putting up with me while the grill was hot. <3 Cyn for the free, dank art. ily
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    Muka's Playground Summer race is back again and once again many kill missions with people dread. However 100 mukas is actually not to bad. This little meal was inspired by mukas teasing me as I rush to finish the mission. IGN: Cherrios Ingredient List STUFFED MUKA (Stuffed Zucchini) BASE OF MUKA'S PLAYGROUND (Couscous with Zucchini) Final Product
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    awesome job @cynischism! @SkyeReed thanks for the portait! I also wanted to draw your char @GM Saen i don't stream but I do sometimes post process stuff on my instagram!
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    Hey, fellow Talonians! Do guys wanna know what Saraman does on his free time? You know, when he's not trying to make us collect camel dungs. He cooks! Yes yes, I know what you’re thinking... but it's not as gross as you think! Also, make sure to check out the SQIs (Surprise Quest Items) after this quest. Here's how to obtain his specialty: Saraman's Special Camdungs and Taters Quest First, talk to our ever-reliable Talon Warp Girl and go to Veins. Find Saraman south of the city. Talk to him and tell him how hungry you are. He will offer to make you his specialty if you get him the items on his list. Walk back to the Warp Girl and go to Prontera Mall if you want convenience. But if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can just hunt for the ingredients yourself. Geffen Field is a great place to hunt for Savages… not to mention the Copper Coins! Once you've gathered all the ingredients, go back to Saraman and hand him everything. To make the stimulant for the camels: 1. Pour the milk over the breadcrumbs and set aside. 2. In a large skillet, melt the butter. Add the chopped onions and a pinch of salt and saute for about 5 minutes or until the onions become translucent. Remove from the heat and let it cool. 3. In a large bowl, mix together the ground Minorous, ground Savage, cooked onions, dried Sohee tears, black pepper, chili flakes, garlic powder, nutmeg, allspice, breadcrumb mixture, and a Peco Peco egg. 4. Form the stimulant mixture into golf ball-sized Camdungs. 5. Using the same skillet you cooked your onions in, add some vegetable oil and start cooking the Camdungs. Once done, set it aside. Warp back to Veins and walk to Saraman. He will take the cooked Camdungs and ask you for the ingredients of his special sauce. 6. Remove all the excess oil from the skillet but leave some of the meat crumbs because this will flavor your sauce. Start melting the butter. 7. Whisk in the flour, stirring constantly to ensure no lumps form. Cook for about a minute until light brown in color. 8. Very slowly stir in the Minorous Sweat in stages so the sauce won't clump up. Simmer for about 3-5 minutes. 9. Add the cream and season with salt and pepper to your taste. 10. Carefully add the Camdungs back in (you don’t want hot cream splashing all over you!) and then the baby potatoes. Let it simmer until the sauce is slightly thick in consistency or until the potatoes have cooked through. Sauce will continue to thicken once cooled. 10. Finish off your dish with chopped parsley. Serve over a bed of fluffy rice. Enjoy! Walk back to the Warp Girl and go to Gonryun. You will find Jing Wen Zhen near the entrance of Gonryun Dungeon. SQI (Surprise Quest Item) # 1 Cheesecake with Solid Peaches : A Gonryun Delicacy SQI (Surprise Quest Item) # 2 TamTam's Surprise Loaf Cake ▼▲▼ Challenges ▲▼▲ ▲ The GM Zelda Challenge: Sweet tooth - +2 Include a dessert to finish up your meal. ▲ The GM Cherri Challenge: Avid Gamer - +3 Include a fake in-game step by step version of your recipe using your imagination and knowledge of the RO world. ▲ The GM Luna Challenge: Hawt - +2 Add some fire to your food by adding a hot sauce or chilli's. ▼▲▼ ▲▼▲▼▲▼ ▲▼▲▼▲▼ ▲▼▲ Aaaahhh I wanted to include GM Seiren's Taters Challenge but I'd go over the max allowed. Anyway, pardon me for the extra long post. Just wanna say that I really had fun making these dishes - especially TamTam's Surprise! My tummy thanks the GMs so kindly for coming up with this event lolol. Good luck, everyone! IGN: Madame Lestrange
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    Okay everybody, that's a wrap on this event! Thank you so much for sharing with us your amazing recipes, it has been a blast. The winners will be announced in the next couple of days, stay tuned~
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    The stage is set, and your compère awaits; a mystery GM will be your buoyant host for the ceremony!Carnival: Let the games begin. Sunday (10th) - 8am server time
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    Thank you for an incredible Starlight Soiree everyone!
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    Hello Talonians! Do take a few moments and support our server, Kafra and TamTam will tell you how! Big thanks to @GM Lance for the amazing visual edits!
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    twitter tumblr insta hihi my bf rly wants an eleanor wig, so (buffer voice) iiiiit's tiiiiime to do some comms! (also p: hit us up if you wanna sell one) offering painted chibis like the one above, as well as sketch painted busts. chibi can be both genders, but busts are currently female only. submit a form first; this is not first come, first serve. i will tell you if i accept your comm, and i will react with "thanks" if i'm not interested. when i accept, i will work on the comm and then send a watermarked version when i'm done. do not send payment until i send you the watermarked version. once payment is received, i'll send the completed, unmarked version. price*: chibi 40m (includes a very simple 2 tone bg like above) +5m per pet bust 45m *if your character has heavily detailed headgear, +5m. form: ingame name: chibi or bust: references: eye color/details: short personality description: bg idea (chibi only): slots/status: 1. Cam - done 2. Zelda - flat colors 20% 3. Orchestra completed: 1. GM Saen 2. Orchestra 3. GM Lance (1/2; 2/2)
  20. 8 points
    YO !! So this is the first time for me selling through RO but I am familiar with the general gist of things! I'm offering up some sketchy chibis and thigh highs! Please use this form if you're interested in getting some art! Please excuse my non RO samples!! if you'd like to see more samples or my other stuff you can find it all on my Twitter ! Chibis 15 TC | 16 MIL Thigh Highs SALE~!! 15 TC || 10 MIL
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    Tam Tam's Summer Gift: Kokomo Spicy Curry Meanwhile in Alberta... Announcement: TamTam has arrived to the Comodo region! Find TamTam on cmd_fld02 and receive special gifts while in the area! Naevys: TamTam is at Kokomo Beach, wanna look for him? We might get lucky and get his gift! Karrthus: Ok, let’s do it. After looking around for sometime… Karrthus: We’ve been looking everywhere but we can’t find him. Naevys: He’s still here, the announcement is still up. We gotta find him! While searching the beach, a wild gang of Mobsters suddenly appeared! Naevys: Oh no, Mobsters! Karrthus: I’ll handle this! Naevys: Beside them is TamTam! Karrthus: Gotta go fast then! Finally after defeating the Mobsters... Naevys: Yey! We got here first! Karrthus: Now, what’s our gift? You have received 1x Spicy Kokomo Curry SPICY KOKOMO CURRY All stats +10 for 30 mins Spicy curry made from the likeness of a very special raccoon. ~END~ GM Challenge Accepted: The GM Seiren Challenge: Taters The GM Luna Challenge: Hawt The GM Lance Challenge: Pretty Face
  22. 8 points
    For Cynischism spooky cute vibes character Thank you so much again Cynischism!!! <3 damn I'm having fun dong this semi-realistic style:)) I included the pic where I was starting to do it so people would maybe try it too and learn.. but gotta rest for now ahahaha too much photoshop in a day, gotta go and play ahahaha see yah in game guys! For the next artist, my Priest PennyWhite
  23. 8 points
    @SkyeReed aaaand i'm posting my new ME priestess p: eyes can be whatever looks good (id like spooky cute vibes) and if drawn, for the ribbon/bow around the waist to be black
  24. 7 points
    Finished 2 commissions for @Kisuka*! Full sizes have been given through PM~
  25. 7 points
    finished 1/2 for GM Lance !
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    Devo Paladin - Building your way up from scratch! Hello “Mr Paladin”, please take a sit and let me guide you through your ET/GMC/whatever-else-you-need-devo journey. This guide is intended for newcomers with a tight budget and old players with money to spare. I’ll present you my progression as Paladin and try giving you some advice on what to do on your runs. First of, let’s start with the skill discussion. The strong swordsman I’m just a Crusader, please take me to ET Now I’m finally “Mr Paladin” Once you have your fat Peco and long cape, you’ll now start to have more choices. Remember, as long as you have Devotion at max level, you’re set to go on any run. Everything else is a plus. Get Defender to max as second skill. Option 1: All about defense. Option 2: I’m here to help! Got all my skills ready, now what about stats? Well, it’s pretty simple. Get 99 VIT, enough STR to carry all your equips and approx 1.5k Meat as well as other supplies you need. Put the rest into DEX. I normally end up with 99 VIT, 92 DEX and 42 STR. But why DEX? The higher the DEX the faster you cast Devotion. There are situations where you have to re-cast Devotion, or the target uses the skill “Slow Cast”. Got it. But, who needs Devo? Well, during a classic ET/GMC run, your Devo should be reserved for the SB Champ (tanker). There are a few cases that you should be using Devo on other party members. The ones I can think of now are: 1- When against LKs, Bow/Sword Guardian, Kasa or Salamander, cast Devo on your HW. If your HW dies, there is a big chance your whole party will also die. 2- Naght Seiger (Floor 101 on ET). Use Devo on the HP that is taking the front position. If he dies, you die, all your party die. Plain and simple. 3 -GMC: when team splits up into 2 groups, you go with a High Defense HP, and cast Devo on him. He’s doing the SB Champ job. Remember, you need to keep the person with Devo on your screen. If the player takes damage while not on your screen, the Devo will break. So, I just Devo and use meat? Well, technically, yes. But if you wanna be more than a meat spammer there are a few things you can do. Get meat on 2 of your shortcut slots. I myself use Q and D, for faster spamming. Having it on 2 slots let’s you use meat a lot faster. Always carry Ygg Leaf. Your resurrection on the front HP can save an ET run. You should use Cure whenever someone is silenced (if you follow my advice). You should use your Shield Charge to take mobs away from your party. If you went for the Gospel build, you can use it too. Just remember to tell your party, since it can be quite challenging to coordinate with your snipers. Remember to use Providence on SB champ. If you have a second set of gear, you can also off-tank. Alright, got all sorted out, time to gear up 1st Tier - Can I join your ET? This is the minimum you need to be part of an ET run. 2nd Tier - I’m enjoying this, but I want more HP At this point, you’re good to go on any ET/GMC. 3rd Tier - I want positive defense!!! 4th Tier - But if I wanna take it further? Sorry no pictures Above and beyond After this, there’s really nowhere to go. Just getting more refined gears. Honorable Mention Healing Paladin Tips and Tricks. Weapon Summary I feel like this is more like a personal choice. Here are a few options you can try once you're on the 4th tier of gears. Armor Summary A few more options to consider once you hit the 4th tier. These are for specific scenarios. Final Statement If you managed to read it all, congratulations. I probably wouldn’t have made it. This guide is my first and it was based solely on my experience with ET and GMC on tRO. Feel free to criticise and add any feedback. After all, we are here to learn. If you want to contact me in-game, please PM/send a mail to s4w- which is my main Paladin. Since I decided to skip the skill descriptions, you can find them here: http://irowiki.org/classic/Crusader#Skills http://irowiki.org/classic/Paladin#Skills For more details on ET/GMC: https://wiki.talonro.com/Endless_Tower_(ET) https://wiki.talonro.com/Endless_Tower_MVP_Guide_(Floor_80_and_above) https://wiki.talonro.com/Gamemaster_Challenge_(GMC) Special thanks to @Mosjoandy
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    @*Jin* - *poke* hope you like her.... i really happy on how the little Galapago turned out My reference:
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    first commission done! c: Orchestra's sinx
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    Ahhhh drat! So, I got to doodling before Jin's reply, I hadn't realised I ought to "reserve" who I'm drawing so to speak. Hope it's alright I'm jumping in! I'll know better in the future :< @Hell0_Viki -
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    Hello I'm part of the new GM team! and I'm 100% Pinoy! Kung may mga katanungan kayo, queries, problems etc.. Don't hesitate to ask me. Hindi po ako nangangagat. I'm also looking forward seeing you guys in-game.
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    Hiya guys~ Sorry for the wait~ Anyway, I will be offering headshots here for 25m/TC each. (+5m/TC for complicated gears) I'll be opening for 2 slots for now. Feel free to post refs here or via pm. It'll be great if you can tell me the personality of you character also. Please see below for sample. Thanks very much for looking ;D
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    Finished 2 commissions for @Kisuka*! Full sizes have been given through PM~
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    Ehem!! Hi!! So I'm kinda new here in Talon. I just want to say that I'm having A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of fun xD. As I started playing I was thinking that this will be hard since I dont know anything about the server I just went and register and play like a newb =3= . Well, I started on July and man this SERVER is VERRRRYY NICE GOOD AWESOME FANTASTIC Etc (run out of ideas and dont want to prolong it you know how awesome the server is) . Never knew that all players here are NICE xD some are not but still nice ahahahha.. i Just wanted to make a shout out to Isamu95 who helped me out when i was starting and gave me some tips which was very helpful and Haname Uryu Aesey too who helped me level and all other things this two gurls helpped me outt when i was a little newbbiiee, tips advises and they are always there to help. SO i just want to say THANK YOU GURLS xD you made me a happy camper xD. Now for my Family The Ambush Pack guild maaaan this guilds the BESTTT!!! they treat every single one as a family. they are always there to help you when in need and not only that they always communicate with you if theres any problems. well i have more to say but i dont want to type anymore my hands hurt. xDD but all i can say is AWESOME!!! xD
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    I think putting requirements on costumes kinda misses the purpose of costumes. After all its less of a gear or equipment needed for leveling/partying/raids, but a mean to express your own style; seperated from said job/lvl requirement. People that play a wide number of characters sometimes can only be recognized by style if not by name, because some style choices apart from colour makes a person recognizable by others. Putting requirements on costumes might mean that whatever person cant wear "their" style on some chars anymore. On the other hand I like the idea of newbies actually being able to wear something that seems to be pro. As someone who used to give away costumes that I didnt need to random newbies to encourage I know how much joy that could give.
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    Thank you all for making my first Starlight Soiree event a memorable one
  36. 6 points
    Haha its fine @GM Saen! Since you went and posted first you can post you're reference if you want someone to draw you ! I really love you're illustration of her ! . Here's a headshot piece of @Hell0_Viki's Margareta HP ! I'm not really happy the way i drew her , i could had done better but unlucky me i was sick that day . I'm really sorry if i didn't color her properly If Saen passes it to me for the reference picture then i would like to pass it to someone who wants it . Perhaps i might join again soon to draw more and try out different styles .
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    #GiveUpthePriesthood ...I was enabled by several people to do this. Farona is pretty OOC, they insisted I make her thirsty and this is tamer than anything they came up with, but it was fun as heck to do anyway. Hahahaha. Yune pulls off a suit pretty well~
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    Here is my entry for the Summer Cook Off Challenge. My meal consists of a main course, a dessert and a cooler. Enjoy! Thyme-less Honey Marinated Savage Babe This dish is really simple. Just marinade the meat using honey, vinegar, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and olive oil. Like so: Leave it overnight for a more tasty flavor. Melt some butter in a pan. Put the meat, some rosemary leaves, shallots (quartered), and red bell pepper. Let it cook for 5 minutes then turn to the other side. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with the color of your meat. (I prefer mine nest to burnt) Serve and Enjoy! Rolled Toast We'll continue immediately to dessert. This one is even more simpler than the main course. Cut the corners of the loaf of bread, flatten it with a rolling pin, and spread Nutella over each slice (not too much though, as it may "leak" while we cook it) Roll each slice and secure it with a toothpick (only if your bread is stubborn) Whisk some egg and milk Melt some butter in a pan. Dip the bread in the egg/milk mixture and then put it in the pan. Cook over low heat. Turn over if desired browness of the roll is achieved. Once done, roll it over sugar and sprinkle some sesame seeds. It doesn't look appetizing but it is actually tasty. I enjoyed it. Unmixed Juice Well, what can I say. Just use a blender and add sugar at your discretion. Perfect for a sunny day. Enjoy! Sorry GMs, I actually forgot to put my IGN on the photo. I just remembered it after i was done eating. Good thing i haven't washed the plates yet. Hope this still counts. Now it's time for the RO part of the challenge. wasewu was asked by Madeleine Chu, chef at the Prontera Castle, to help her in the kitchen. This is their story. "She asks for Honey, well boy am I lucky. There are lots of Creamy just south of Prontera and they do drop Honey, though not all the time. See what i mean, this one dropped a Creamy card instead of Honey. " "I would have picked it but I got loads of fly wing. So no use for it now." After loads of Creamy and 5 more Creamy card that wasewu didn't pick up, he finally found the Honey. "Hurray. Gotta give this to Madeleine now." "This time she wants meat. I believe there are loads of Savage Babe just southwest of Prontera. This should be a cinch. I've slaughtered beasts more ferocious than this one." "See. It's done." "Wait. Is that . . ." With a heavy heart, wasewu picked up the carcass of the slaughtered animal and gloomily walks until he reaches Hollgrehenn. Carrying a bucket that is not enough to contain the heaviness in his heart, wasewu traverses the dangerous land of Midgard, towards Geffen. There he found the magical cow who supplies Midgard with milk. After obtaining enough milk, wasewu continued his journey towards Izlude. There he found the churning machine needed to make butter. After obtaining butter, he then made his way to Madeleine. wasewu kept his promise and never put a hand on an animal again("and High Orcs, don't forget the High Orcs"). he still remained auraless, thanks to that. THE END
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    Hiya hehe long time no post >///< finally I got to finish an art again.. so sorry busy w/ job. Anyway teeheee GM Elixia's the feature of the day! I hope you'll like it guys Back to photoshop again..doing GM Venus ;D
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    Back after 3 years... Need to re-establish my inventory and make new charaters... looking forward to new adventures..
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    ign: cynischism Baked Pecopeco Tenders Challenges: GM Kuma Challenge: Bear with me - +2 Include honey in the dish. GM Mimi Challenge: Dip it! - +1 Add a dipping sauce of any kind. The GM Luna Challenge: Hawt - +2 Add some fire to your food by adding a hot sauce or chilli's. Recipes: Peco Tenders Sauces
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    Summer Time! Hot Day! Sit down relax with some foods and cold drinks Deep fried Savage Babe ribs in Karakasa Bamboo This dish mainly inspired by Fried Stat foods. PART A Ingredients Method PART B With Chili Sauce Ingredients Method Both together! Summer Lemon Tea Inspired from Autumn Red Tea, INT+2 Stat Ingredients Method All Together! Best Serve with Rice! Fake In-Game step by step version All monster MUST DIE for FOODS! Run or Die! Kill~ 3 Challenges GM Cherri Challenge: Avid Gamer -Include a fake in-game step by step version of your recipe using your imagination and knowledge of the RO world. GM Luna Challenge: Hawt -Add some fire to your food by adding a hot sauce or chilli's. GM Mimi Challenge: Dip it! -Add a dipping sauce of any kind. IGN: Scott Aki Chan
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    Hi all, I've spent way too much time thinking about RO recipes that would be great to try after all, who wouldn't want to try Steamed Tongue or Heavenly Fruit Juice? In the end I thought I'd make you a Special Toast Sandwich with a side of Quinoa-Wild Rice croquettes and Upside-down Peach Cake. (Dex food ;D) Special 3-Meat (better than dex) sandwich Rice Minions (aka... Quinoa-Wild Rice croquettes) Poring in my Upside-Down Peach Cake Final product! Challenges Completed: My apologies to GM Luna... I was going to accept your challenge and make the rice minions super spicy... but I went crazy with the glitter gel faces on the dessert. #IblameSpica Thanks very much for your consideration! ~jenn
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    Finished 2 commissions for @Arya! Full sizes have been given through PM~ Uni semester is starting again, so I might be a little busy with my writing, but I'm definitely going to finish every one in my wait list! Pardon my slowness~
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    Hi Everyone! I haven't play RO since the beta, but i really want to enjoy the game again! Look forward to this
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    DeePee (DeepCuts) aka GM Seiren was one of the best SinX of the server we used to be in a guild called Renaissance which later on became Vestige~. I mainly played Sniper and Soul Linker but I also had a SinX which i made as soon as I was able to get my Twin Fangs. We had alot of fun and we usually had hardcore battles versus alot of other guilds for trans and non trans castles. Ah the memories....
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    Please indicate in this original post where you stated "some newbies". On the other hand, you just crushed your own one justification for making this suggestion worthy of consideration. If it was "a lot of newbies" then it would definitely be an issue. But no. You now claim that you said "some", which can be as little as one and further defined as "someone I know". Why bother with levels if I'll just be maxed out? You know who are also low level players? Newbies. You're basically saying low level players are denied the opportunity to wear any costume they fancy, and would have to face the grueling grind looking plain at worst. They already have limited stats, gears, and know-how, and you want to prevent them from getting costumes. What was the point again? Oh yeah. To not discourage new players. Not related to this suggestion, but totally related to your own RMS review with your gift box fiasco. If you wanted not to discourage new players, maybe you would have, oh I dunno, not given the server a negative rating?
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    Congrats to us guys! Presenting~ "The Winners of Nilfheim!"
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    Brasilis Power Bowl Have you been feeling run down and exhausted? Do you need that extra burst of energy before you tackle a dungeon? Venture to the town of Brasilis where tropical fruits are aplenty, bursting with vitamins, minerals and energy! The city of Brasilis exclusively sells acai fruit to travellers and adventurers. Enjoy this refreshing, nutritious and sweet bowl of goodness. Challenges accepted: The GM Spica Challenge - Shine On The GM Kuma Challenge- Bear with me The GM Lance Challenge- Pretty Face (Technically I have multiple toppings and I tried putting the flowers in the bowl but I was afraid of the pollen falling into the mixture)
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    TalonRO Wizard/High Wizard DEX Gear Progression Guide Updated: 8/10/2017 Welcome to TalonRO! The journey in hunting your gears lies ahead of you. This guide will provide suggestions on where to gain experience and hunt for +DEX gears. The following 4 tiers will start at a beginners pace and move into end-game content. Basic Mage/Wizard strategy is implied. 150 DEX is INSTANT CAST Tier 1 Some sets of gear will be ideal for resale to buy higher tier gears. Some gears will also have multiple uses. Note; no god items here. Nothing in this set of gear is worth more than 10 Talon Coin. Hunting of items is in order. (But obviously you don't have to follow it, follow your heart) DEX Gear Reference/build: Headgear: +3 DEX, +4 DEX Apple of Archer Tucano Hat[1] Rental Apple of Archer Dark Randgris Helm[1] Weapon: +2 DEX, +4 DEX Survivor's Rod[0] Rental Survivor's Rod Survivor's Rod[1]+Drops Card Garment: +5 DEX Muffler[1]+Stem Worm Card Hood[1]+Stem Worm Card Feet: +5 DEX Sandals[1]+Gargoyle Card Shoes[1]+Gargoyle Card Bunny Slipper[1]+Gargoyle Card Accessory:+8 DEX, +9 DEX, +10 DEX Glove[1]+Sting Card Glove[1]+Zerom Card Rosary[1]+Sting Card ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal possible builds: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal step-by-step: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tier 2 Assumed High Wizard rebirth. Probably in a guild with other players and completion of most dungeon access quests. Note; no (complete) god items here. Nothing in this set of gear is worth more than 20 Talon Coin. DEX Gear Reference/build: Headgear: +4 DEX, +5 DEX, +6 DEX Reforged Lord Kaho's Horns+ Robo Eye orGossip Raven Tucano Hat[1]+ Robo Eye orGossip Raven Dark Randgris Helm[1] Armor: +1 DEX, +2 DEX, +3 DEX Enchantable slotted armor+ Accuracy Enchantment (DEX) Weapon: +3 DEX, +4 DEX, +5/6 DEX Survivor's Rod[1]+Drops Card Lich's Bone Wand+Drops Card+Drops Card Dark Thorn Staff+ Malangdo Enchantment+ Malangdo Enchantment Garment: +5 DEX Muffler[1]+Stem Worm Card Hood[1]+Stem Worm Card Feet: +5 DEX Sandals[1]+Moonlight Flower Card Shoes[1]+Moonlight Flower Card Bunny Slipper[1]+Moonlight Flower Card Accessory: +10 DEX, +12 DEX Glove[1]+Sting Card Orlean's Gloves+Sting Card Orlean's Gloves+Zerom Card ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal possible build: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal step-by-step: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tier 3 High Wizard looking to compete in end-game content. Participates in guild hosted raids. Note; complete god items here. The final tier where gear progression is focused on DEX. Further itemization reduces DEX in favor of INT. DEX Gear Reference/build: Headgear: +20 DEX, +21 DEX Lord Kaho's Horn Robo Eye Armor: +1 DEX, +2 DEX, +3 DEX Enchantable slotted armor+ Accuracy Enchantment (DEX) Enchantable elemental slotted armor+ Accuracy Enchantment (DEX) Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano [1] Aebecee's Raging Typhoon Armor [1] Saphien's Armor of Ocean [1] Claytos Cracking Earth Armor [1] Weapon: +3 DEX, +4 DEX, +5 DEX Lich's Bone Wand+Drops Card+Drops Card Dark Thorn Staff+ Malangdo Enchantment+ Malangdo Enchantment Garment: +5 DEX (Keep in inventory) Muffler[1]+Stem Worm Card Hood[1]+Stem Worm Card Feet: +5 DEX (Keep in inventory) Sandals[1]+Moonlight Flower Card Shoes[1]+Moonlight Flower Card Bunny Slipper[1]+Moonlight Flower Card Accessory: +10 DEX, +12 DEX Celebration Ring Glove[1]+Sting Card Orlean's Gloves+Sting Card Orlean's Gloves+Zerom Card ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal possible build: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal step-by-step: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What now? You should now be a competent High Wizard, participating in end-game content. Your itemization should shift from DEX to INT to prioritize obtaining higher mATK. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tier 4 High Wizard completing end-game content on a consistent basis. Hosts raids and is knowledgeable in most content available pertaining to Ragnarok Online. Note; complete god items here. Itemization shifting from prioritizing DEX to INT in order to obtain higher mATK. Emphasis on utility and gear swap. In-Game footage: Endless Tower High Wizard INT/DEX Gear Reference/build: Headgear: +21 INT, +20 DEX, +20% ignore mDEF normal/boss Lord Kaho's Horn +1 INT Slotted Mid+ High Wizard Card / Vesper Card +1 INT Slotted Mid+ Mistress Card Armor: +5% mATK, +3 DEX/+3 INT Diablos Robe[1]+ Accuracy Enchantment (DEX)+ Agav Card Enchantable slotted armor+ Accuracy Enchantment (DEX)+ Agav Card Enchantable elemental slotted armor+ Accuracy Enchantment (DEX)+ Agav Card Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano [1] Aebecee's Raging Typhoon Armor [1] Saphien's Armor of Ocean [1] Claytos Cracking Earth Armor [1] Weapon: +5 INT/+5 DEX, +8 INT/+5 DEX, --SQI Bonus-- +8 INT/+10,15,20 DEX Staff of Magi[3]+ Doppelganger Card x3 Staff of Magi[3]+ Necromancer Card x3 Shield: +2 INT Book of Charms Vol. 1[1]+ Golden Thief Bug Card / Alice Card / Hodremlin Card Round Buckler[1] Silver Guard[1] Garment: +6 INT, +1% mATK Beach Manteau[1]+ Leak Card Naght Seiger Flame Manteau[1]+ Deviling Card Feet: +X% mATK Sleipnir[1]+ Lady Tanee Card Sleipnir[1]+ Eddga Card Accessory: +10 INT/+10 DEX, +12 INT/+14 DEX Celebration Ring Brisingamen[1]+Sting Card ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal possible build: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal step-by-step: End-game builds vary by preference. Please give this guide a like and leave a post letting me know what I can improve or tweak, or if you just want to praise/bump me. Thanks for reading. The TalonRO forum and wiki are loaded with more guides. Definitely check them out. Solo HW with massive mATK (190 INT build) General HW Guide by Fea End Game High Wizard by Payongg