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    S > Rolled Piamette Costume - 180m Sold (ignore the differece height plz xd) > Large ribbon scarf costume - 120m > Hunting Cap of Gust Costume - 40m > Sorcerer Hood Costume - 90m > Poporing Mascot Hat Costume - 5m > White and Black Temptaion Costume - 8m Amor: - +9 Novice Manteau (devil) - 45m - Holy Robe(0) - 3m Weapon: - Som (NNN) - 120m SOLD - Ice pick (dex+1) - 17m Cards: (offer) - Wraith Card - Plankton Card - Picky egg card - Wolf Card - Megalodon card - Brilight Card - Necromancer Card - Nightmare Verit Card - Zombie Slaughter Card - Zombie Prisioner Card - Goat Card msg me here plz xd, or mail me in game : laciiel, Vermillions, laciiel vermillion ☆⌒(*^ -^)v THX!!
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    Not really related to the client. Already is possible. See Artemis Bow. Not sure if this command exists officially. Yes.
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    Very well said bro. Think every build have their own pros and cons we all have different taste and satisfaction, we cant please each other. I gave you the idea, its really just up to you guys to know which is the best build for you. But for me, Mjol DBK + kaahi works well for me. High regen, high damage, instant resu and fast killing. But really im interesting about Mjol DBSn+kaahi
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    Some equips have misleading descriptions. Also check the scripts.
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    Not a fan of this, because it would dilute the costume market even more. I am generally not sure if its wise to try to motivate people by making it profitable, since imho, thats not the reason why you engage into end game content - by making something profitable you will give rise to potential abuse. Edit: I could see Glory Coins being a good incentive, in that they motivate you to try to win, instead of just motivating participation. Still, if costumes are considered, I'd rather see unique ones instead of recycling all the ones whe have, in just one more additional box - making them vendable is another story, since while Glory Coins promote winning, making it profitable may give rise to very cheesy playstyles, to maximize "farming".
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    Coming back to the game made my depression worse 😫😭
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    These items have been disabled last maintenance. Not only were they annoying if accidentally clicked on, they actually allowed people to abuse an exploit. They could go back to town, repair their stuff or restock, then relog and go back to the return room. That's now fixed.
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