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    It is Halloween and the entrance to Melodia, the home to Melodia Academy has been opened! Magicians, musicians and all sorts of adventurers gather here every year to celebrate the annual Haunted Festival as part of the Halloween tradition. Quests, games and competitions aplenty can be enjoyed throughout the Haunted Festival at Melodia. Be sure to read on to learn more about this year's Halloween event. Every year, the residents of Melodia prepares a variety of activities for the students of the academy - an opportunity for everyone to play together, compete against each other, run errands, unravel mysteries and of course - win fantastic prizes along the way! As Melodia opens its doors to adventurers and explorers alike, there is only one way to enter the magical town. Talk to the Ferryman NPC in Prontera and he will usher and ferry you to Melodia Academy. House Windsor led by Remy House Guile led by Faa House Sorin led by Sola House Emure led by Sydo Remy, Faa, Sola and Sydo - house leaders of the Melodia Academy - are proud to invite everyone to join the Melodia Academy, which prides itself with its four noble houses - House Windsor, House Guile, House Sorin and House Emure. In order to join a house, simply speak to the Monny NPC at the academy to get sorted into one of the four houses. While your preferences will be weighed in, Monny is ultimately responsible for sorting you into a house, and will pick for you based on what it believes your capabilities can offer. Note that your house assignment will apply to all characters within your master account. We highly recommend consolidating your individual participation to one character - so you can maximize your earned points and prizes more effectively! After you have been sorted into a house, the Ferryman NPC will be authorized to provide you access to various location within the town of Melodia directly from Prontera. Complimenting the services of the Ferryman would be a fellow student from House Sorin, Eileen. She will be happy to send you to various locations around the town as well if you give her a Lucky Candy. In addition, you will receive an achievement and a title upon joining a house! To equip the title once you earn the achievement for joining your house, do the following: If your status menu (aka icons) is not already open, do so by clicking the tiny down arrow right under the Status UI. Go to the bottom left and select the Achievement Challenges Trophy Icon. While in the Achievements UI, select the Adventure tab. Navigate to the Achievement you just earned, go to the bottom right, and click the Collect button. If not already opened, access your Equipment Window by pressing [ALT + Q], and make your way to the right most tab at the top, "Title". You will see the name of the house you just got sorted to here (Windsor, Guile, Sorin, Emure). Equip it by double clicking it, and that's that! - In the past - In the previous years, students of the Melodia Academy unraveled the mysteries of unpleasant happenings around the town and the academy, occurrences that may even chill the bravest of bravest to its core. It was found that the grandmaster of the academy, Saberoth was possessed and had his body and soul taken over by the lord of the nether realm, who was summoned unintentionally by the founders of Melodia Academy centuries ago - the one true terror now forgotten, which Melodians of the olden days remembered as the Night King. After a long battle lasting several days, Melodians emerged victorious and the Night King was sealed within an ancient artifact known as the Monkey's Paw. Peace returned to Melodia for a short while, until the rise of a foe with unparalleled powers, whom very existence is a taboo. The students of Melodia Academy joined forces in investigating the acts of terror that has befallen upon Melodia, to which they discovered the new foe was none other than Lucia, the first born of Algo, one of Melodia Academy's founder. Lucia was born with incomprehensible levels of magical power, proven by his vitality over the centuries. The defeat and imprisonment of the Night King provided Lucia with the opportunity to seize the age-old power for himself - to become the ultimate being that reigns both the living realm and the nether realm by siphoning the Night King's power into himself. Despite obtaining the Night King's power successfully, Lucia was forced to flee and retreat from Melodia under the pressure of the students and town folks. Now with plenty of time to master his new powers over the year, Lucia began to re-invade Melodia with the sole intention of claiming his birthright - one that was never given by his father. - At the present - Once enrolled into the Melodia Academy, speak to your house leader and embark on the quest to challenge and defeat Lucia, probably once and for all, in this year's episode of Halloween: Parade of Melody! Upon completion of the Halloween quest, you will be able to initiate a one-of-a-kind MVP Instance. Gather your comrades, put on your best armors and weapons, and unleash every ounce of power you have in the hardest challenge of this year's Halloween MVP Instance. You can participate in the instance even without completing the main quest, as long as your party leader has completed the main quest and is able to initiate the MVP instance. - On the sidelines - A mysterious entity who goes by the alias Geomancer requires some aid in gathering resources to bolster its strength in necromancy. In return, the entity will reward the hard work of whomever that has provided help. Meanwhile, a helpless Deviruchiling Fanatic is in dire need of help somewhere in the town of Melodia. Without the neccessary food ingredients, he is unable to feed his Deviruchiling fledglings! In exchange for adventurer's aid, the fanatic might giveaway a Deviruchiling pet as a reward. As dark as the fate of Melodia can be, the joyous celebration of the Haunted Festival is not forgotten. Competitions have always been the heart of every year's festival, this year's included. Melodia offers a huge variety of competitive activities to pit all four houses against each other with mini games that are designed to test your skills, proficiency and perhaps luck as well. Be certain to try out all of them to experience everything Melodia has to offer you, and also earn points for your house and tickets for yourself. Visit the Melodia Manor at the southeastern side of the town and discover multiple rooms of mini games available. Melodia Academy has partnered with the lord of the manor to host competitive games here. Take note though, the butler will always be watching you. Blackjack & Guess the Number The Melodia Haunted Casino is open for business! Play special party-based rounds of Blackjack rotating alongside a haunted Guess the Number mini game. Strike it rich for your opportunity to win tickets! This micro event will be available during the festival, and recommended for when you're waiting in between hourly rounds of other events! MVP Defense Guard your MVP and find treasure chests when in defensive mode, or go on the hunt to fight the opposing team's MVP in offensive mode. The longer your MVP stays alive, the more points your house will earn. Team functions switch when an MVP is killed, meaning that the old defensive team will become the new offense in the next round, and so on! Both teams will be given unique team costumes that matches the color of the team's MVP. The teams are randomized. Halloween Challenge Even the students of Melodia Academy recall this classic Halloween game involving candy - a favorite! Fight through traps and snares and pitfalls as you work your way to collect Candy Bags. Find as many as you can for a higher reward! The Labyrinth Once open, the Labyrinth is the home of some truly foul magic and energy, and it will be up to you and your friends to follow Kirkena's suggestions as you navigate through the challenge. The goal of the Labyrinth is to guide your party of four through the maze as fast as possible successfully! Amazing Ragna-Race Participate with a group of players in a race up the spiraling hill. There will be Horong Booster to increase your speed when ran into temporarily, but watch out for those random Ankle Snares as well! You will find Item Boxes along the race track - these will greatly aid you by giving a boost or slowing everybody else down. If you're lucky, you might even swap position with another racer ahead of you or slow everybody else down! The fastest three racers to cross the finishing line on the bridge at the hilltop will be crowned as winners. Winning 1st place will earn points for your house! This is definitely not a casual stroll up a hill. [Update] The game now features a variety of new effects when grabbing an Item Box, including Skid Traps, Blinding, Confusion, Status Immunity and more! Shadow Tag In this team based game, all 4 houses in a free for all setting be assigned to kill a Doom Trooper named after their house. However, not every Doom Trooper is fond of being attacked. They can retaliate by disrupting your attacks. First person to take down his/her team's Doom Trooper will win some house points and all members of the winning house participating in the game can walk away with some Halloween tickets and bragging rights. If on rotation still and a Doom Troop is defeated. There is a short cooldown before they spawn again and another round begins. If the time runs out before any Doom Trooper has been taken down, the team with the lowest Doom Trooper health will be declared the winning team. [Update] Shadow Tag this year has two major new additions that will severely impact the dynamics of the event: Magic Balls Every now and then a Magic Ball will be spawned in the middle of the map. Depending on the objective that's announced, push the ball into either your own or another house's square and get a nice bonus! Damage your own Doom Troop, heal the opponent's and gain Doom Points! Haunting You can now gather Doom Points through Magic Balls objectives and simply as time passes. Doom Points can be used to Haunt an opponent's house! Haunting a house can result in some of the following effects: Heal their Doom Troop. Scatter their team all around the map. Strip half of their team. Make their Doom Troop temporarily invulnerable to Magic or Ranged attacks. And much more! Whack-A-Ghostring A squadron of Ghostrings will appear in this mini game for you to whack. Whacking the correct Ghostring will earn you some points but be cautious though, whacking the wrong one will cost you points. Keep an eye out on the emoticons used by the Ghostrings! Whack your way to victory by becoming the person who belts the most Ghostring correctly in 5 minutes. Outside the manor, you can find town games being hosted by Melodia residents as well. Poring Seek Mischievous Porionettes roam around the town when this mini game begins - can you be the one to kill the most within five minutes? You'll race against the clock and one another to see who will win the round, plus the house with the most wins will win additional team-wide points! Simon Says Copy the movements exactly as ordered - or else, you're out! Be sure to follow the instructions carefully in this minigame which is harder than it looks. If you win, points and tickets await - plus the house with the most wins will win additional team-wide points! Simon Sequence You've obeyed Simon, but can you find all the Simons in this meta-Simon experience?! If so, follow the sequence closely and run around the Festival for a chance to earn points for you and your house. At the west side of Melodia, Zarevok guards the entrance to the Racas Forest. Speak to him to gain access and venture into the woods surrounding the town of Melodia. Hunting Grounds Hunting Grounds are open all the time. However, tickets only drop during Happy Hour. Embark on an exploration into the Racas Forest by choosing one of the three difficulties available that best suits what you can handle! [Easy] Relatively approachable for just about anybody. There is no MvP monster in this map! However, it has the lowest ticket rate and experience rates. [Intermediate] A step up from Easy, meant for the middle of the road adventurer. An MvP will spawn here! The ticket rate, experience, and drops here are very suitable for the intended skill level. [Nightmare] Meant for the most hardcore of adventurers. The experience, drops, and ticket rates are all excellent here and are definitely worth the time and effort. However, the monsters are very difficult and the MvP is especially difficult. If you can, try to bring a party here, preferably with fellow house members! The Happy Hour Mechanic gets enabled while Black Jack and Guess The Number are down. During this happy hour, monsters have a chance to drop tickets when killed. Depending on the chosen difficulty, you can get the Racas Forest monsters to drop a set amount of tickets per happy hour session: [Easy] 20 Tickets [Intermediate] 25 Tickets [Nightmare] 30 Tickets While the Happy Hour is enabled, monster kills will grant you points. These points will be tallied at the end of the Happy Hour. The House with the most earned points will win that Happy Hour and earn points toward the final score for their house this year! The way points are distributed are as follows. The amount varies depending on difficulty: 1 point for every five (5) normal monster killed on Easy map. 1 point for every three (3) normal monster killed on Intermediate and Nightmare maps. Killing an MvP rewards a massive amount of points. All three difficulties are purely PvM orientated. House Points will determine which of the four houses will emerge as victorious this year. House points can be earned by anyone for their team through participating in the Halloween mini games. The Melodia Academy registrar will be keeping a record of the scores hidden until the end of the Halloween festival, when the winning house and runner-up house will be announced! A special prize will also go to all students who are affiliated with the winning house this year! Be sure to gather as many points as you can for your house! Halloween Tickets can be accumulated and traded in for a wide array of wonderful prizes this year! This is surely one thing that you'll want to collect! Earn these tickets throughout multiple activities in the Melodia, and trade them with the Halloween Prize NPC, located just above the docks in Melodia, for a variety of wonderful and magical prizes. What magical prizes await you this year? Surely, there is only one way to find out! Trade in your Halloween Tickets at the Halloween Prize NPC in the for any of the following amazing prizes: Trade a single (1) Halloween Ticket for a Dead Branch. Trade six (6) Halloween Tickets for a Trick or Treat Box! [Note] We reduced the odds of bad rewards, increased the odds of good rewards and added a variety of new costumes, pets, consumables and even cards! Trade fifty (50) Halloween Tickets for a chance at winning one of six exclusive costumes in a raffle style! On top of that you can choose to go for last year's costumes, too! [Note] Two brand new costumes have been added to the raffle list! [Note] These costumes are account-bound. [Note] If you have any existing costumes in the list, ensure that you have them in your inventory to prevent getting doubles! Trade ninety (90) Halloween Tickets in for a Bloody Branch! Halloween Tickets are character-bound, so you are strongly encouraged to earn those tickets using a single character. Special Honorary Degrees will be awarded to the thirteen (13) most intrepid adventurers who have helped to settle this year's tie. Individual prizes will be handed out to winners of various mini games who have demonstrated that their skills are on par with the best-in-class students of each house! Those individuals with the most points at the end of the entire Halloween festival will be announced and receive a special, exclusive prize! Note that top-performance is character driven - so to compete in this area, we recommend participating in the Haunted Festival using a single character of your choice, as points are not tallied across all characters in your master account. Overall, thirteen (13) players will win for top performance in each of the following categories: The top-three (3) Town-Wide minigame / Limited Capacity minigame winners by accumulated points. Performance will be based on the number of points accumulated on your character for: Halloween Challenge, Whack-A-Ghostring, Poring Seek, Simon Says, and Simon Sequence. Points accumulated through Blackjack will NOT count toward this individual performance total. The top-three (3) Hunting minigame killers by accumulated points: Performance is based on the number of monsters killed. This score is cumulative across all three difficulties, so you are highly recommended to play in all modes to earn the maximum amount of points in this category! The top-three (3) MVP Defense Treasure Chest breakers, Amazing Ragna Race winners and Shadow Tag winners. Performance in MVP Defense is based on the number of Treasure Chests opened while you are playing on defense (remember that opening Treasure Chests while on offense will cause you to *lose* points!). Keeping the MVP alive while on defense will contribute points toward your house score, while opening Treasure Chests will contribute points toward your individual performance scores in the Degree awards. In the Amazing Ragna Race, the Top 3 will gain points towards this competition. Of course, the better you do, the higher your score! For Shadow Tag, every time you kill your MVP, you will gain points for the competition! The single fastest party of four (4) in the Labyrinth when this mini game is made available. Be on the lookout for the Labyrinth mini game during the Haunted Festival. You'll be able to form parties of four (4) players for this mini game. The party of four (4) with the fastest completion time in the Labyrinth will win a Degree Award this year as well! In recognition of outstanding efforts, each of this year's thirteen Degree recipients will receive two special prizes: Blue Moon Loli Ruri Pet (not account-bound!) - considerably rare, this pet is sure to let everyone know that you're a powerful student of Melodia! Your choice of 1x MVP Card! Cards eligible for this prize are those currently available from the Talon Shop. Maya Purple is furthermore excluded from this list. In addition to competition prizes, there are also various rewards to be obtained throughout the Halloween event. Kill some monsters, talk to some NPCs, complete some quests and you might find yourself possessing some (or all) of these seasonal event rewards. Upon completion of the Halloween quest, the MVP Instance will be unlocked. We recommend partying up with other players in order to defeat the MVP. The instance will feature the Halloween festival's most unique rewards - so it is not to be missed, even though it will be challenging! May your goodie bags be filled and may your spirits be hallowed! The musical town of Melodia is packed with many exciting features and challenging mini games. We can't wait to see you plunging into the festival, but we also want to give you a quick highlight of the important rules, guidelines and dates that are in place - so you can make the most out of your Halloween adventure. Be sure to review the list below so that you're well prepared for the Parade of Melody! The use of multiple Master Accounts during this event, or possession of such multiple accounts at anytime on TalonRO, is forbidden and is a ban-worthy offense per TalonRO's server rules. A status bulletin board is available in both Melodia and Melodia Academy to remind you of your house affiliation, as well as a readout of what the current hourly mini game will be (or the next one, if one is currently not in progress). The colors of the game type correspond to color-themed map markers, available on your mini map. The board also features some fun news and weather across Melodia (just pack accordingly if you see any dangerous activity!) This year's episode of Halloween: Parade of Melody will end on Sunday, November 15th evening time, and within a few days after that, the winning house will be announced, along with this year's house prizes and Degree Award recipients! We hope that you enjoy what Melodia has to offer this year and we hope that you'll emerge as one of this year's Honorary Degree Award winners! We also hope that this will be a memorable and fun autumn season for you as we look forward to the months ahead of us. As always, thank you for supporting TalonRO and happy gaming! Musica est vita!
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    It's mid-November and it's time for the Halloween Event to end! We're happy to announce the winners of all the competitions below. For the time being, you can use our NPC in Prontera to exchange any leftover Halloween Tickets and participate in the Halloween Instance! Other than that, not much happening this maintenance apart from a couple of tweaks and fixes here and there. We are working really hard on finalizing the SQI revamp which is nearly, nearly done now, so definitely look forward to that! Regular updates Added a mapwarp to the Thanatos Boss Floor when a new party is opening the portal, to ensure nobody is left behind. Fixed Song/Dance status icon durations from displaying the wrong time. Halloween It's time for the Halloween Event to end! We hope you all enjoyed this year's event! The competition was fierce as usual, with Emure really dropping the ball this year and Sorin making a recovery near the end. Guile was ahead by a lot during the middle of the event but slowed down significantly after that. In the end, they still pulled through, though! So without further ado, these are our winning houses this year: Guile House wins 1st place with 438,942 points Sorin House wins 2nd place with 437,388 points Please find Monny in Prontera to claim your prize! While they are account-bound and cannot be claimed from the Lutie Vending Machine, you can claim the prize on every account that you played the event with! The following houses did not win any prize this year, but we'd like to commend them for their efforts, nevertheless! Windsor House with 429,610 points Emure House with 346,132 points To illustrate the progression of House Points, we have made a nice graphs for you: Now for the individual competitions! The winners are as follows: Fastest Labyrinth party "Not a Laby Raid Parteh" party. Cleared in 4 minutes and 9 seconds. Members: Myra Collenstoff Rato* Elymas R A Y N The top-three Town-Wide minigame / Limited Capacity minigame winners: Easterious Heroine C ChampAres Wannabe Gertie The top-three Racas Forest winners: momzy [SN]Pride O n e e - c h a n The top-three MVP Defense Treasure Chest breakers, Amazing Ragna Race winners and Shadow Tag winners: Unit ONOE Viotto StormChaserLight Every one of you wins a non-bound Blue Moon Loli Ruri Egg as well as an MVP Card of choice (only those available in the Talon Shop). Please PM @GM Seiren your choice as well as the character you wish to receive the items on.
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    With Fall in full swing, we didn't want to leave you all empty-handed until the Christmas festivities! Hereby we'd like to once again introduce the Thanksgiving & Black Friday Event of 2020! See below for more details. Black Friday The Black Friday special event costumes and pets are not short this year, with plenty of surprises to discover on your expedition in finding the Magical Merchant NPC! There will be a a Magical Merchant NPC appearing across certain towns, including Alberta, Ayothaya, Einbroch, Izlude, Malangdo, Malaya, Pyramids, Eclage and Lutie. He will only be in ONE town at a time between hourly intervals. Every hour, he will sell ONE account-bound costume, pet or something else that is no longer available through normal means. The item can be purchased with Zeny ONLY and is available for that hour in a limited amount. So be sure to have your itchy trigger fingers at the ready! When purchasing an account-bound costume or pet, it will be available on your entire forum account, using the Lutie vending machine to acquire them. The Black Friday event will last for 48 hours, that means 48 deals! With old favorites returning as well as some surprises along the way; so keep checking back to make sure you don't miss out on our costume extravaganza! Happy gaming! Deals will start at Friday, midnight server time! Thanksgiving The Jefferys Family has decided to take it upon themselves to host a Thanksgiving Event for all the adventurers who have kept the world safe from harm. Granny Grace can be found in Hugel twice and will warp 5 players into a special event map for a duration of 5 minutes. As said, you will find two Granny Grace's, so two groups of people can join at a time! Movement speed is locked for everyone, so don't even try to use special buffs for extra walking speed! In those 5 minutes, it is your job to hunt various monsters and get their drops. Found some drops? Great! Now what? You will find 3 children and grandchildren of Grace spread out on the map. Each of them can make a special Thanksgiving Dish which has some pretty neat bonuses when you consume it. However, plan ahead on which dish you are going to hunt for. Time is short and you may not always be lucky when it comes to drops. Each mob drops specific ingredients, so find out which you have to hunt! Not to mention, when you start the game, all ingredients from previous rounds will be erased! This event will last until December 3rd, evening server time. There are 3 types of dishes, which are not bound: Thanksgiving Turkey Restores 50% HP&SP, improves HP/SP Recovery by 200% for 15 minutes. Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie DEX + 10 for 20 minutes, HIT + 40 for 30 minutes. Thanksgiving Ale Increases all stats by 2 and increases your walking speed for 20 minutes. From time to time, the monsters will also drop Thanksgiving Crests. While they are no ingredients for the dishes, they can be used for something entirely different! In Hugel, you will find Abigale. She will be able to make a not-bound Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat if you exchange about 50 of these crests and some zeny. The hat itself is quite useful, but there's more! When you made a hat, talk to Abigale again. At a cost of 10 Crests, she will be able to boost your headgear for a duration of 24 hours. When boosted, you will automatically be buffed with a random useful skill every half a minute or so. If you're lucky, even more often! Once the 24 hours are over, just talk to her again to boost your headgear another time. And then there's the best costume of all, our special Turkey Hat Costume! Put this on to really get into the Thanksgiving spirit! The costume is account-bound, but can be obtained from the vending machine in Lutie once you have purchased it on one of your accounts. It also costs 50 Thanksgiving Crests! This year we've added yet another ah-ma-zing costume for Thanksgiving, the Hunters Dinner Costume! Just like the Turkey Hat Costume, this is account-bound but can be claimed at the Lutie vending machine. It can also be purchased for 50 Thanksgiving Crests.
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    Our Halloween Event, Melodia: Parade of Melody is in full swing! The four Houses are in a fierce battle to find out which House comes out on top this year. Check the event topic for more information! This maintenance does a couple of updates to the Halloween Event and introduces the usual Monthly Maintenance updates such as Monthly Box, TamTam's Odyssey and more! As the event progresses, we are doing some tweaks here and there to improve the events. In the days after the event launch, we already pushed in some fixes here and there, but with this reboot there are a couple of extra updates. Updates with this reboot: As some of you know, we already have House Channels on our Discord server, but with this reboot we now also have House Global Channels in-game! If you are enrolled in a house, the game should automatically put you in your House's global channel. You are not able to join any of the other House channels! The channels are as follows: #windsor #guile #sorin #emure When killing one of the Racas Forest MVPs, the person who got MVP will now get the points. Added reminders every 20 minutes as to what Halloween events are going on at that moment. Increased amount of Doom Points gained over time in Shadow Tag. Started spawning Magic Balls in Shadow Tag more quickly when the round starts. Added a Status Board inside Blackjack/Guess the Number room. Fixed a bug where players could keep playing Blackjack/Guess the Number even after the round ended. Updates from the past days: Added a Kafra to Shadow Tag waiting room. Lowered the HP of Doom Troops in Shadow Tag from 20m to 10m. Fixed being able to get the Magic Ball stuck in a corner in Shadow Tag. Lowered healing of Doom Troops in Shadow Tag. Added ability to leave Shadow Tag room, allowing another character to join. Disabled item consumption in Amazing Ragna Race. After the cliffhanger on the previous chapter of An Unexpected Alliance, we are taking a short break with this event as the Halloween Event takes over for two weeks. Stay tuned for the next episode later this month! As usual, we have our common Monthly Maintenance updates! The November Costume Box is Halloween-themed and contains the following costumes: Whisper Tall Hat Costume [20253] Lolu Ruri Moon Costume [21282] Flying Katashiro Costume [21588] Halloween Cat Long Hair Costume [21280] Halloween Cat Short Hair Costume [21281] Disguise Mantle Costume [21279] Zombie Mask Costume [21327] Gates of Netherworld Costume [21556] Diabolic Lapel Costume [20915] Night Spell Hat Costume [21597] Drooping Cat Crew Costume [21576] Scorpio Diadem Costume [21176] Deviruchi Headphones Costume [20681] Coronet Costume [21584] Our new TamTam's Odyssey region is: Glast Heim. Exceptions: GH Prison, GH Churchyard and the Stings map. GMC Box Rotation: Large Sorcerer Crown Costume [21144] Gorilla Mask Costume [20706] Wave Challenge Box Rotation: Forest Guide Costume [21122] Assassin Skull Mask Costume [21129] Limited Sale item: Two temporary Special Effect costumes will be returning to the Talon Shop for a duration of one week. The [Visual] Whisper's Blessing Costume goes to the Garment Slot and can be purchased for 7500 Talon Cash. Next is the [Visual] Falling Leaves Costume making its return. This is also a Garment Slot costume and can be purchased for 5500 Talon Cash. The sleeping beauty has finally awoken! Layla's Emporium in Valkyrie's Bazaar will be open for business throughout the Halloween period, as well as subsequent holiday themed events thereafter (between very long naps). However, do hurry, as her stocks will only last until the end of November! For more info on how you can gain access to Valkyrie's Bazaar, click here or visit the official Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine website. Along with the monthly and Halloween updates, we have done a couple of small patches this month. The Build Saver NPC zeny cost was reduced from 25,000 zeny to 10,000 zeny. The Bonus Bundle requirement is still there. Fixed a typo in Port Malaya where the text to add a slot to Port Malaya equipment would still mention a +8 requirement rather than +7. Fixed a bug in Ancient Tower where using the Return Room when your team was already finished would put you in a black void. Valkyrie's Bazaar Updates: Bragi Wing Ears now 800 VC (as opposed to 900 VC) Layla's Emporium is now open for a limited time only. The following store items will be purchable until the end of November: Cookie Bag [12130] - 2 VC Dead Branch Box (25) [14234] - 3 VC Black Witch Hat Costume [20163] - 100 VC Dark Randgris Helm Costume [21012] - 100 VC Ear Witch Hat Costume [21120] - 200 VC *account bound* Duneyrr Helm Costume [20863] - 200 VC Hell Poodle Egg [9243] - 250 VC Gothic Skull Ribbon Costume [21256] - 300 VC Black Magenta Ribbon Costume [20843] - 300 VC Lude Egg [9233] - 350 VC Princess Ribbon Crown Costume [21126] - 400 VC *account bound* Celine's Ribbon Costume [20478] - 400 VC Black Cat Hood Costume [20714] - 600 VC Cat Ears Hat Costume [20715] - 600 VC Lovely Fox Ears Costume [20655] - 800 VC Pink Alice Wig Costume [20992] - 1000 VC Ghostring Tall Hat Costume [20697] - 2000 VC *account bound* Loli Ruri Moon Costume [21282] - 2500 VC And that's it for the time being! We sincerely hope you are all enjoying the Halloween festivities and are looking forward to upcoming updates! If you've been enioying all the latest content, please also don't forget to leave us a review on ratemyserver.net -- we appreciate your support!
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    TalonRO is pleased to introduce our PVP: Frost Tournament! Prepare your boxing gloves and your best armors for this end of the year PVP event, as well as some hot chocolate to get ready and heat up as you bring your opponents down to the chilly arena floor. The PVP tournament shall use the following format: The tournament will be hosted in Vanilla Mode. Read here for more information - Vanilla Mode. Each team will have three (3) participating members. Match winners will be decided through best-of-three matches. These are the rules in place for the PVP: Frost Tournament: Branches from the same job first job classes are not allowed; for example: High Priest & Champion Clown & Sniper Lord Knight & Paladin Etc. Stalling matches with excessive Cloaking, Chase Walk or Hiding (for more than 30 seconds) will disqualify participants, resulting in a round forfeit. All forms of resurrection items and skills are not allowed. Only 2 Poison Bottles are allowed for each player per match. Each team must have at least one (1) offensive class. Each participant is only allowed to use Vanilla Mode Consumables. Read here for more information - Vanilla Mode Consumables. PVP-related server rules are strictly enforced; no trash-talking, no discriminatory remarks, etc. Participants cannot join more than one (1) team in the tournament. Here are the registration procedures to sign up for the PVP tournament: An entry fee of five (5) Talon Coins per team is required. Entry fees are to be mailed to GM Blackstar alongside team details; such as team name, participating character and job class. Failure to comply with the application format will forfeit your entry fee; after which you may apply again. Post your team name in this forum thread after in-game registration. Once your registration is done, the staff will issue a confirmation for your team in this forum thread. All confirmed participating teams will be placed in a bracket by the staff. Once confirmed, you check your team's match-ups here - TalonRO PVP Frost Tournament 2020. The Talon Coins collected as part of the registration will be added into the prize pool, alongside Valor and Glory coins. The TalonRO staff will also furnish an additional 100% of the Talon Coins into the prize pool as well. [First place] A variant of Saiyan Hair costume of each player's individual choice. Note: All Saiyan Hair costumes are account-bound. 2000 Valor and Glory coins each player. 5 Elite Siege Supply Box each player. 50% of Talon Coin prize pool for the entire team. [Second place] 1000 Valor and Glory coins each player. 5 Veteran Siege Supply Box each player. 25% of Talon Coin prize pool for the entire team. [Third place] 500 Valor and Glory coins each player. 5 Recruit Siege Supply Box each player. 25% of Talon Coin prize pool for the entire team. Note: Talon Coins will be given to the team leaders of winning participants; it is the responsibility of each team to decide on their own prize pool sharing. The registration ends on December 12, 2020 at 0:00 server time. The tournament begins on December 13, 2020 at 17:00 server time. On behalf of TalonRO staff, we wish all the participating teams best of luck and see you all on the arena!
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    BotN dynamic instances will be on pause until the 3rd December. Mystic Tower will make its return from the 4th, followed by Divide of Divinities & Trickster in Time. Until then! o/
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    We practice safe social distancing standards in AT; everyone brings a flu mask to keep themselves safe in the tower. Featuring Valkyrie Herja, Geiravor Myrkr and the cast: Anelloni NotKhrei MagiNaghtLight Monn White Apple Shannon Hoon~ Unimportant Yaeko Piercing Arrow Pongpoy Kutsu Ministrel Sweety Lydia
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    A Haunted House! A social, horror story telling event where players take part in solving the mystery and identifying spirits based on their own investigations. Join GM Mikzie and I as we go on a paranormal adventure with different stories to tell and various twists! Server Date and Time : TBD
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    Nightmare Mystic Tower Video (link inside)
  12. 3 points
    Payon Manja Dark Randgris Nov. 23, 2020 (link inside)
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    God of Mischief is a brand new PvM challenge instance, and an extension to Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine's lore. Participating parties make their way through numerous difficult stages, facing the nightmares that once brought chaos to Rune Midgard. These battles function similar to Wave Challenge, where players are required to defeat all monsters on a particular floor before reaching the next stage, as well as some puzzle elements. God of Mischief will be available to all players, with a weekly cooldown. A new set of dates will be posted each week so be sure to keep an eye on the thread to ensure you secure your timeslot. See below for the instance guidelines: A minimum party setup of 12 (24 maximum) will be required to participate An assigned party leader must confirm their participation on this thread in advance to be considered for entry Rewards are based per individual upon clearing the instance The instance will commence and end on specified dates. A new set of dates will follow on a bi-weekly basis Players will have 50 minutes to clear the God of Mischief Individuals will only be able to join GoM once a week (6-7 day cooldown). The CD applies to your forum account If we suspect a player abusing cooldowns, we will remove you from all future Valkyrie instances indefinitely There will be NO resurrections granted in case of a party wipe Dual clienting is strictly forbidden Final Stage Clearance 20x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon Coins Challenge Rewards The Purge (clear in under 40 minutes) 10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Ascension (open the portal to the rift without any deaths) 10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Speed Demon (defeat the final boss in 5 minutes or less) 10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin 13th November Slot 1 [ TheStranger's Team ] 2:30am Server time Slot 2 [ Mig's Team ] 2pm Server time Slot 3 [ Naght's Team ] 4pm Server Time 14th November Slot 1 [ Sinshine's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Thalloblub's Team ] 4pm Server Time Slot 3 [ EVIL's Team ] 8pm Server Time 15th November Slot 1 [ Loi's Team ] 2pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Illana's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 3 [ Bongo's Team ] 4pm Server Time 16th November Slot 1 [ Koma's Team ] 2pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Bobito's Team ] 3pm Server Time
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    Sorry guys! To those who were planning to attend Alura's Haunted House tonight I apologize deeply. We have decided to push it back until further notice. In the meantime enjoy Talon's Halloween event! I'll definitely let you all know of all upcoming changes and keep an eye out for the schedule. Thank you! GM Alura
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    🌸🌸🌸 “…At some point Boreas simply started replying “Yea and my dog banned you”…” 🌸🌸🌸 GM Luna: Thank you Seiren for taking the time to sit down with me this fine afternoon. It’s a pleasure to be paired with one of TalonRO legends ~ GM Seiren: Thank you for holding this interview! I’ve enjoyed reading the previous blogs, so I’m excited to see how this one will go. GM Luna: Well, I’ve tried to think of questions a little outside of the box for our session. GM Seiren: Uh oh. Should I be scared? GM Luna: Ahahaha … no no, not at all. No Death Stars in this interview. GM Seiren: Phew! GM Luna: So, tell me, what does your Admin life entail within our world of TalonRO? GM Seiren: I would say that as an Admin, I’m involved in pretty much everything regarding the server. My main job is about content development. I’m responsible for the majority of the new things that you will find in game. Think of a new RO episode, major event like the Amazing Summer Race, keeping all the items and monsters up-to-date, you name it! But the fun doesn’t stop there however. Outside of scripting work, I work closely together with the other Admins on new web-related features such as new website, the forum and upcoming new control panel. Finally there’s a little player interaction of course. None of the Admins spend a day without taking care of multiple support tickets. It’s not the most joyful part of the GM-life but it has to be done. And when I Have time left I like to hop in-game and socialize a bit with our wonderful community GM Luna: Wow! Sounds like you have one full plate. GM Seiren: Haha, it never ends! GM Luna: Have you ever had a moment where you felt, hold on a second, can I really continue doing this? If so what keeps you motivated and going? GM Seiren: If I’m being perfectly honest? Yes and more than once. I have been a GM on TalonRO since early 2008, so that makes for almost 9 years by now, which makes TalonRO a huge part of my life. There is not a day that goes by without having TalonRO in it, in a way it’s a 24/7 job. So even if you were to have plans on a weekend, you always have to be available in case something goes wrong or something requires your immediate attention. That never stops. This is the first part. GM Luna: Such dedication, it’s inspiring. GM Seiren: The second part is about actual work itself. For example, the meiadrir patch from last year is mostly considered as a bad thing by our community. We introduced a few balancing updates which were about 5% of the entire update. What people don’t realise is that this is an update we have worked very hard on, for weeks if not months and were super excited to release. When we finally finished everything and were happy with the result, we decided to release it. Rather than people being excited about the heaps of updates, new feature, new items, people were attacking us over an update that we thought was so minor. Having spent so much time and effort into something then to have is bashed into the ground isn’t the most motivating experience I must say. HOWEVER! After all these years I’m still here first off, what motivate me most the people I get to work with. Through the years I’ve made very good friends on the GM team, some of which I consider close friends. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with them. Secondly, there is always this one person in the community who randomly PMs you and says “thank you for your hard work”. Hearing that from one person absolutely beats 100 people who complain to you. And being able to release something you’ve worked hard on for it to be received in a positive manner by the community is awesome, too ~ GM Luna: Wow! Am sorry that you and the Admin team received such response and yes I completely agree, having that one player PM you and thanking you for all the hard work is worth more than any complaint. Such touching words from you, Seiren. Ok let’s move on before I cry an ocean in our session. GM Seiren: Hahaha! We wouldn’t want that! 😧 GM Luna: As one, who has been here for quite a long time, I would assume you have seen quite a lot of interesting things can you share with us one of your unforgettable moments within TalonRO? I know you said about the meiadrir patch but maybe while you was randomly in town and saw conversation or witnessed a “what the hell” moment. GM Seiren: Ha. Too many to mention really, one of the most amazing things I have experienced has to be the rise of TalonRO. Back in 2008 our population wasn’t doing well at all. It was down to maybe 15-20 people online. Seeing it go up through the years is something that’s really great to see and make me proud of be part of the server. In-game, I think the very first Yule Ball left a pretty good impression. We didn’t know what to expect from out very first internet dance party. In our minds it was great concept, but you never know how it turns out! To see more than 500 people join this event was something none of us expected, I think. This also resulted into some nice traditions such as the GM Seiren Captain Jack march. I have absolutely no clue anymore how this came to be, but it’s a tradition now! And an awesome one at that, haha. I would say most of the interesting things happen outside of the game though. We have collected so many inside jokes through the years. The term “Dogbro” comes to mind, which is a persona that was created by I think Boreas. In many tickets (too many to count really) people blamed their brother, sister, cousin, best friend, you name it, for breaking the rules. Stole someone’s gears? My brother did it. Fraud the voting, sister? Ser, it was my cousin! At some point Boreas simply started replying “Yea and my dog banned you” Eventually that turned out into the “dogbro” character being the person who did all the bad things. Not the players, of course. It was dogbro! We’ve secretly hidden him on various quests and events in-game as well and like to giggle about it be-hide the scenes. GM Luna: It must have been pretty tough times during those early days and having to witness the server grow from what it was to what it is now must be a wonderful feeling. Like when a sweet lover walks into a candy store and sees all the lush chocolates and candy. The tale of the “Dogbro” will forever go down in TalonRO history and what a interesting story, to see that even through the stressful time you can joke and make a situation into a fun one. So on to our next question. If you could swap bodies with another member of the GM team, who would it be and why? GM Seiren: GM Howl, duh. Who wouldn’t want his impeccable abs? 😎 GM Luna: Oh! Someone get me some water … I’ve heard the stories! GM Seiren: His hordes of fangirls are legendary ~ GM Luna: That is no surprise! He has, on many occasions proven why he is popular! Ok moving on ~ Which RO monster would you say your personality relates to? GM Seiren: Fallen Bishop? No, just kidding. Oof, that’s a difficult one. *think* Can I say Tatacho? Sleep is love. Sleep is Life! GM Luna: Oh! That cute fluff ball! All he does is sleep and eat ~ GM Seiren: Who wouldn’t want that?! GM Luna: If only… in an ideal world A Zombie apocalypse happens while you are holding a GM meeting and all 16 members of the GM team are present BUT your safe room can only hold 15 people. What do you do?! GM Seiren: Rick Grimes isn’t a GM is he? GM Luna: ahahah! If only it was that easy ~ GM Seiren: Well frick. Hmm. I heard rumours that GM Luna has quite the armour of weapon to fight off zombie apocalypse. She’d be able to help out for sure! Boreas with his mighty ban hammer will deal with some zombies no double as well.Howl will just wall of text the zombie to death. Other than that, the people closest to me of course and then whoever brings the most food! GM Luna: Ahahaha! If only they knew *cough* GM Seiren: They wouldn’t because they’d be dead. GM Luna: And just hypothetically speaking … how would they tell? Your supposed to get rid of the bodies, a good assassin know this ~ Hahahah! Well that’s a warp! Thank you again Seiren. GM Seiren: you’re very welcome! Thank you for having me!
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    Yay! I'm baaaaack!! ♥
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    *Take a pause, chill out and say cheese before going to Aegir's Beach Party* - Flower Growing - Nanasemaru - MurkyWater - Twilight Sparkle03 - GagalFokus - Fauvel Vernet - Sniper Seyrin - ~* Edelweiss *~ - Swarez - Echo Sierra - V e m i n i s c e n t - Chia Pudding
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    Payon Manja God of Mischief Nov. 16, 2020 (link inside)
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    TalonRO is thrilled to bring you our December PVP: Frost Tournament! Prepare your boxing gloves and armaments for this end of year PVP extravaganza. Hot chocolates at the ready, as we heat up the arena for a chilling PVP showdown! The PVP tournament shall use the following format: The tournament will be hosted in Vanilla Mode. Read here for more information - Vanilla Mode. Each team will have three (3) participating members. Match winners will be decided through best-of-three matches. Basic rules will be as followed: An entry fee of 5x Talon Coins per team will be required to enter All entry fees are to be mailed to GM Blackstar including your team name for the event, as well as the characters/classes your team will be using (check the event thread on how to fill out your form) Once your entry form is sent please await confirmation on whether your team will be eligible for the tournament All confirmed participants will be placed in a bracket detailing who they will battle For more information on how you can participate, as well as PVP guidelines click on the official event thread here.
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    Hiiii can I exchange 3 GM boxes for dead branch and bloody branches please? IGN: sturdy kitty discord: kitty #6956 Thanks!
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    With the advent of our recent GM Prize Boxes falling into events circulation, we are thrilled to unveil an exciting new reward feature! Introducing TamTam's Exchange, where players can trade in GM boxes for a prize crate of their choice (subject to the amount of unique GM boxes obtained). The required amount of boxes as well as rewards available will fall into four distinct categories; Store Trader, Tier 1 (6 unique GM boxes), Tier 2 (12 unique GM boxes) and Tier 3 (18 unique GM boxes). For more information, along with ways to attain GM Prize Boxes, please refer to the guidelines section. You can also browse through our rewards breakdown for each tier (listed below). We hope that TamTam's Exchange will take your TalonRO expeditions to a whole new level! All the best and happy hunting! GM Boxes can only be acquired via GM Hosted Events | Valkyrie's Bazaar | Forum Events | Elysian Garden MVP Drops Once a player has enough bespoke boxes to claim a prize with, they can submit their IGN followed by the crate of their choice Our events team will then schedule a time and date (please ensure you have your boxes ready to trade in) to make the exchange Please note that we will ONLY accept unopened boxes. Boxes also need to be unique when making a claim (e.g. we won't accept 6 Radius' Blue Box in exchange for a Tier 1 Crate) Nightmare MVPs will spawn on various maps across Rune Midgard. A global broadcast will be announced in-game to indicate their spawn time / location. Nightmare MVPs can also be located in our new dungeon instance: Elysian Garden TamTam's Exchange has no end-date and will remain ongoing until further notice All TamTam crate costumes/pets are random and contain a mixture of account bound and non-bound items (see list) Boxes are subject to change. If you have a GM box that isn't currently listed below, you will still be eligible for a prize exchange All current GM Boxes available to claim:
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    Hi, would like to get Tier 3 Crate, thank you. IGN: Vampire Mallet Discord: HYNVRS#9584
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    New Beginner Series episode: Guide to Zeny! Check it out for you new players!
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    Conglats Pride. Finally, u got the personal prize for the forest. Share the ToT results to us. hahaha
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    Talon Ro's i-Spot Pinoy Episode 010 is already out!
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    With the threat of the Nightmare's Rift eradicated by the Valkyrie, one perished to the scorching plague emitted by the shroud. Valkyrie Randgris has been afflicted with the disease that once spread across Rune Midgard, having fallen victim to pestilence during Elysian Garden's conflict. Despite her sister's efforts, Randgris has succumbed to darkness and has taken refuge beyond Odin's Temple. The Valkyries have enlisted the best to aid them in vanquishing the shroud infesting Randgris, believing that remnants of her former self still exists. Your expeditions will pit you at the root, attacking Dark Randgris head-on with the support of the Valkyries, in an attempt to cleanse her from the plague. Please note that this will be a timed event challenge with repercussions that will change Elysian Garden as well as its future content. A minimum party setup of 12 (24 maximum) will be required to participate Players during the run will have 40 minutes to complete the instance An assigned party leader must confirm their participation on this thread ahead of said instance Should a party fail (or complete) the instance, a 7 day cooldown will be in effect A maximum of one resurrection will be granted in case of a party wipe You will be given a choice of summoning one of six Valkyrie to aid you in the final battle Dual clienting is strictly forbidden Prizes 20x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Challenge Rewards Zenith (defeat Verthandi, Pulse Sieger, Dark Dragon & Gold Dreki)10x Valkyrie Coins Nightmare's Champion (clear in under 30 minutes) 10x Valkyrie Coins Black Hood (find and defeat the optional super boss)10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon CoinLionheart (defeat Dark Randgris MVP in under 10 minutes)10x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon Coins 20th November Slot 1 [ TheStranger's Team ] 2:30am Server Time Slot 1 [ Mig's Team ] 2pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Thalloblub's Team ] 4pm Server time Slot 3 [ Bongo's Team ] 6pm Server Time 21st November Slot 1 [ Sinshine's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 2 [ EVIL's Team ] 8pm Server Time 22nd November Slot 1 [ Xyn's Team ] 2pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Lieca's Team ] 3pm Server time Slot 3 [ Naght's Team ] 4pm Server Time Slot 4 [ Hatfun's Team ] 5pm Server Time 23rd November Slot 1 [ Koma's Team ] 2pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Bobito's Team ] 3pm Server Time
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    Hi, can I get a tier 4 crate please IGN: Joe T
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    Hi Lance, Tier 3 box please IGN : Lodia Discord : Lodia#4009
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    Tier 4 plz IGN: Kremlin Dusk Discord: larpidoodles#4122
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    omg this looks exciting ❤️
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    Short talk: It is amazing how our Halloween has evolved and developed over the years. Many thanks to @GM Phoenix for co-developing this with me throughout the years. You can also read about the history of Melodia in the library of Melodia Academy. Melodia is the one of (if not the) greatest creation we have ever created in TalonRO. Let me start telling this journey from the mid 2010's. After the Krispen saga, which was before my time, we started the Bio-lab (we don't have an official name for this) saga with Flamel. Then we had Trentini and Celia, etc. that continued the storyline for a few years causing trouble in Verus. By 2017, we sort of ran out of ideas for Halloween so I went back to the drawing board (aka my random idea generator) to see if we can have something different for Halloween 2017. It just so happened that I came across two similar NPC sprites that led to the beginning of the Melodia saga: Azviar Bryjar I used a random name generator and came up with two names that almost rhyme with each other. Azz-veer and Brai-yar. At that point, I referred them as NPC A and NPC B; totally intended. The next thing I knew, my RQG (random quest generator) produced a long quest about the search for an ancient artifact. I figured that a monkey would be a witch doctor's pet so I decided to name the artifact as the Monkey's Paw. There wasn't much creativity at work during this point except turning whatever my RQG produced into reality. My mind was upon turning Halloween into a friendly competition. Closing in on Halloween 2017, we were honored to have @GM Howl renaming Team Azviar and Team Bryjar into two schools of magic - Azviar would lead the Spirit Channelers and Bryjar would lead the Necromancers. And thus began, a new Halloween saga. Then came 2018. I remembered having a long discussion session with Phoenix on how we could progress from 2017 into 2018. We had decided to end the Bio-lab saga and we had started a new saga - all that remained was to continue and expand on it. One of the things that worked for us in 2017 was the team-based competition throughout the entire Halloween event. We got ambitious. We decided to expand that into four teams because more teams meant more fun. Also because we love Harry Potter series. The question was - how do we turn two headmasters into four team leaders? Again, I went back to my RQG. Amazingly, it gave us a solution and an idea to what Melodia is today. The very first thing was, we needed a proper Halloween town map; Verus will not see the light in a long run, nor do we want to use Niflheim as an event map. Phoenix worked on the map while I worked on the names. It wasn't easy to come up with a name for a town and all of its people. I ultimately chose Melodia as the town name, inspired by one of the earliest anime that I watched during my younger otaku days. I also personally like the name. Probably would name my daughter that in the future too. Town name, Melodia - done deal. Next, team leaders' name. I shamelessly went back to the same inspiration and decided that their names would be Remy, Faa, Sola and Sydo - which sounds like the major notes in the octave scale. If you catch the punny idea here, you would probably understand why Algo (Azviar renamed) that leads Spirit Channelers uses life magic named Rhythm (Loga) while Muse (Bryjar renamed) that leads Necromancers uses death magic with a sickle. @GM Mikzie suggested that the houses be named after the family names of Lighthalzen monsters since they have some sort of lineage to it. And there we have Windsor, Guile, Sorin and Emure. They are ghostly beings and should play an influence in the post-Biolab saga as well. How did Monny the Grand Monemus come about? We thought about having a house-sorting option, which also takes your preference into consideration. Instead of putting a hat on your head, we thought it would be a good idea to let it be something to sit on - a rock or something. Please don't sit on Monny. So how did Azviar/Bryjar turn into Algo/Muse? A possible transition Phoenix and I thought about was how two powerful wizards of their time, established a school that teaches its students about magic. So Halloween 2018 revealed that Algo and Muse were nothing but lingering spirits in the living realm that took on the disguise of two wanderer twins, overseeing their descendants and also keeping their most powerful enemy - the Night King in watch. Why the Night King? Well, every story needs a villain and Night King was the villain for 2018. Remember that Monkey's Paw that Azviar and Bryjar wanted to search for? It was used to seal the Night King at the end of Halloween 2018. The end. Or not. 2019 is our most ambitious year so far. We took a step up - Phoenix and @GM Zelda designed the town of Melodia - truly our first staff-designed custom map. I helped with idea inputs as well, so you're welcome. I won't talk about how the story unfolds in 2019. That's a story for another time. The journey of designing and brainstorming for new content isn't always a smooth ride. There is always mental blocks and burnouts. I daresay we have always tried to find new things to add and improve the quality of the things we already have. You will notice a lot more improvement for 2020, I'm sure.
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    Finally 22 box hahah Can I have Tier 4 please? IGN: Karen Shougun Thank you! ❤️
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    Today we launched a real quick patch while we're working on finishing the Halloween Event as well as more sporadically quirkly interesting updates. The Build Saver has finally made its way into the live server and we can't wait for you to try it out! In the previous chapter of An Unexpected Alliance you helped the group get some missing tools from Hiel's hometown, Eclage. Rin could not find any of them in Hiel's "organized" mess, so you had to get the items yourself. As the completion of the Dimensional Device gets closer and closer, the strange divine energy it's emitting gets stronger. Will the group be able to find out what's causing this energy? Find out in the next episode of An Unexpected Alliance! After a lot of internal testing, we have finally completed the Build Saver NPC! With this NPC you can save complete stat and skill builds for your character. The builds are forum-bound so you can use them on various characters of the same class among your accounts. You can find it inside the stat reset building in Prontera. A few notes: The Build Saver NPC can only be used if you have the Bonus Bundle active. Saving and managing builds is free, however applying a build has a zeny fee of 25,000 zeny. Builds can only be applied to the exact class that saved them. Builds can only be applied if your level is equal to or higher than the one you saved it as. The NPC uses internal skill names, which at the moment are mostly similar to what you see on the client, but a couple of skills might have a different name than you are used to. We are working on this problem. As always, please let us know if there are any problems with the NPC. We hope you enjoy! Fixed a warp coordinates bug in a Port Malaya NPC. Daily Cash Betty now has item links for its daily quest. Numerous Valkyrie's Bazaar price adjustments. Added 'Bragi Wing Ears' Costume to the Bazaar Added 'Elysian Herb Box' to the Bazaar Valhallan MVP Shards (Elysian Garden) are now tradable Reduced level requirement for Advanced Angelic set pieces from 99 to 80.
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    Just when I thought I'm alone again in the dungeon, look who I came across to and THIS <<< forum post was way back 2 years ago. time flies really fast, bro @Jailbroken. too bad @~Lunoxisn't here.
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    Irony is when you've obtained 5 Frus Cards and only 1 Earring [1]
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