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    I love playing Champ on this server, or rather... Its what i play 98% of the time I'm here, so for the theme of this event, I wanna do a homage to my fellow champs' favorite punching bag. IGN: Bowasho ORIGINAL | TRO VERSION | HERE ARE THE BOXES: ORIGINAL | TRO VERSION |
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    Welcome to July on TalonRO! Our latest monthly patch brings about some fun, action-packed changes to gameplay, including five brand new cards, extended and upgraded features for the Port Malaya instances, a wide range of bug fixes, various updates, and so much more. Enjoy a new monthly Costume Box and a new Tam Tam's Gift region this month as well - as always! We hope that these changes make your time on TalonRO enjoyable, fresh, and fun. Please take a moment to review all of our latest changes below - and as always, happy gaming! Our latest gameplay changes are designed to address essential needs to make your gaming experience on TalonRO the best that it can be! The GM Staff is always assessing the state of gameplay and working to make things dynamic, challenging, and - most of all - fun! Read below for our latest gameplay changes: Gameplay Changes The guild alliance system in WoE has been disabled. The primary reasoning behind this decision is that its main use was to effectively bypass the player cap for guilds participating in WoE. In addition, the current WoE space lacks the number of participating guilds that would make the addition of an alliance system essential or otherwise interesting. The !dropannounce command now plays a small sound when an item drops. Keep your sound effects on and hear an audible chime when an item you're looking for has dropped on your !dropannounce preferences. !dropannounce is a command within the Bonus Bundle, available via the Reward Guru will be 50 Copper Coins. Port Malaya's two dungeon instances have been upgraded for your enjoyment! Both the Bangungot Hospital and Bakonawa Lake instance cooldowns have been shortened to just 3-days. Previous, this was a 7-day cooldown for these instances. The Spirit Piece item, as dropped via MVPs in Port Malaya, has had its drop rate increased. The following new boosted effects have been implemented for the Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo item: ATK + 5%, ASPD + 5%. Previously, this was ATK + 3%, ASPD + 5%. The following new boosted effects have been implemented for the Buwaya Agimat Tattoo item: MATK + 7%, Cast Time - 8%. Previously, this was MATK + 7%, Cast Time - 5%. The Old Orange Box item now contains both Male Hairstyle Notes and Female Hairstyle Notes among its contents. The Nightmare Amon Ra will now drop Old Orange Box. With this, the Gold Jewel Cutter is now also available again. Current droprate for this item from the MVP is: 13.5%. Casting time of the Halter Lead item has been reduced from 2 to 1 second. You no longer need to be a Gunslinger in order to make Ammo Boxes or Bullets. Any class can do this now. Slightly updated the rates on the Wave Challenge Box. On top of that, Mad Hatter Costume has been replaced by two brand new costumes. The Wave Challenge Unlimited Mode will now begin at a higher level of difficulty than in previous iterations in order to skip some of the easier floors. This was previously equal to level 15 in the previous iteration. As an example: Level 1 will have the same difficulty as Level 15 in the previous iteration Level 10 will be equivalent to the old Level 25, and so forth. The Gamemaster Challenge (GMC) lobby will now be available to enter when a GMC is not running. Previously, the lobby of this minigame was only available during GMC hours. Nine new cards have been added to gameplay. More cards will be added in the near future! These new cards are available both as: Mob drops from their respective monsters, Via the Reward Guru for 10 Talon Coins each. These nine cards may also be used in Vanilla mode, and include the following: Miming Card Type: Accessory Card Reduce Casting Time of Lightning Bolt by 25%; inflict 25% more damage with Lightning Bolt. Dropped by: Miming Little Fatum Card Type: Weapon Card When dealing magic damage there is a 1.5% chance to silence the enemy. Dropped by: Little Fatum Parus Card Type: Headgear Card Increases effectiveness of Heal skills by +3%. Acolyte Class only: Every 2 refine adds 1% heal effectiveness. Dropped by: Parus Angra Mantis Card Type: Headgear Card Critical damage + 2%. Thief Class only: Every 2 refine adds 1% critical damage. Dropped by: Angra Mantis Pom Spider Card Type: Weapon Card Increases damage against Undead race monsters by 20%. Dropped by: Pom Spider Siorava Card Type: Headgear Card LUK +2 [Merchant and Merchant Upper Classes] Every 3 refine on the compounded item adds LUK +1. Dropped by: Siorava Red Eruma Card Type: Weapon Card When dealing magic damage there's a 1.5% chance to cause curse status. Dropped by: Red Eruma Wild Rider Card Type: Footgear Card AGI + 1. When dealing physical or magic damage there is a 5% chance to cast Level 1 Increase Agility on yourself. Dropped by: Wild Rider Mini Octopus Card Type: Weapon Card When dealing magic damage there's a 1.5% chance to cause blind status. Dropped by: Mini Octopus Mobs from various locations series have had their HP reduced slightly, and their item drop rates increased! This should allow for these mobs to be more valuable, while also slightly reducing their overall difficulty. Nightmare Pyramids All mobs now give twice the amount of EXP as their previous amounts. Malangdo Dungeon Mob Changes Octopus Cave Instance Mob Changes Malangdo Culvert Instance Mob Changes Our latest bug fixes are also part of our ongoing effort to ensure that TalonRO runs smoothly, and that your experience is running at full capacity! TalonRO always takes the opportunity with our monthly updates to address any lingering issues through player-based bug reports or those brought to our attention - all with the hope of making your gaming time great. Read below for this month's latest bug fixes: Bug Fixes Fixed Alchemy Glove not triggering Fire Bolt when using Magic attacks. Items which are account-bound from either events or the Daily Slot Machine have been reclassified in our database. This is to avoid interference with the !whosell command to ensure searches are limited to available items. The Vanilla mode mapflag has been removed from all Rental maps. All Rental maps are now unrestricted and available for immediate use. New headgear sprites have been enabled for viewing through the Dressing Coach NPC in Prontera. The Plagiarism Skill NPC will now properly exit if the skill level entered is "0" when prompted. This month's Tam Tam's Gift region takes us into the industrial center of Midgard: the Einbroch fields and Einbech Dungeon! Brave through the smog and fight your way through this industrial offering - and fight against this month's Champion Monsters to earn yourself valuable coins, additional experience, and much more! Tam Tam's Gift Region July's region includes the Einbroch fields and Einbech Dungeon maps! Champion monsters for this month include the following: Metaling, Porcellio, Demon Pungus, Mineral, Obsidian Finally, no monthly patch would be complete without our latest monthly costume box! The Rainbow Sigrun makes its reappearance to our monthly costume box, and this month's box brings about a special animal-based flair with additions such as the Walking Black Cat Costume, Warm Cat Muffler, and the Hopping Rabbit Costume, among others! Other additions to this month's box make it one worth obtaining - and be sure to do so, as each month a new box with new contents will take its place! July's costume box is currently available in the Reward Guru - and we hope that you get something fun to show off to the world of Midgard! July 2017 Monthly Costume Box This month's costume items include the following Rainbow Sigrun Walking Black Cat Costume Clock Casket Costume Warm Cat Muffler Costume Hopping Rabbit Costume Wolf Masquerade Costume Dog Officer Costume Angelic Guidance Costume Rose Casquette Costume Bone Head Costume Shark Hat Costume Drooping Perimeter Costume We hope that you enjoy this month's latest updates - and, as always, happy gaming from all of us on TalonRO! It is our great pleasure and privilege to proudly feature artwork from the TalonRO community as part of our monthly patch update series! Artwork featured in this month's update includes work from PhantomPuppeteer, Yoshimi, Elza, Antei Kun, Marly, and GM Spica!
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    Introducing a new forum theme for your TalonRO community experience! By request, we heard from a large number of players that a darker "night" mode for the forums would be a helpful addition. Whether you're scrolling through forum topics during the wee hours of the night, or just prefer to have a more brooding, dark theme when you browse TalonRO's forums - this new customized theme has you covered! Simply scroll to the bottom of the forums on your preferred device and find the "Theme" drop-down menu in the bottom-center of your screen. Select between the current light "default" mode, or the new night "dark" mode! We hope that you'll enjoy this new thematic change as requested by popular demand - as most of all, we hope that you're enjoying your time on TalonRO! Whether you prefer the light or thrive in the dark, everyone's part of the TalonRO community. Thanks and happy gaming!
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    IGN: PennyLights .... "SHOOKT" starring GM Boreas, GM Lance, GM Radius, GM Saen and GM Spica. P.S. Please don't kikban me GM Boreas :'D
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    IGN: ChaosGenerator used some official RO images original:
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    Hello! I'd like to submit an entry I'm fairly new to the server so I thought I'd introduce my noobies as well, ahahah! Lookin forward to seeing you guys in game! IGN: Squaffle (Bigger ver.)
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    IGN: Aurielle Entry1: Summer Aesthetic 🌻 Entry2: Sunset Breeze 🌾
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    Nightmare's Rift Invasion SUNDAY 9th July - 2pm Server Time (GMT+1) TalonRO further expands its July 2017 updates with an exciting add-on from the events forefront. Continuing the trend in creating memorable gameplay experiences, we are delighted to announce Nightmare's Rift - an Events hallmark boasting 18 new MvPs brandished as the 'GMs' sinister alter egos. The 18 (coined as nightmares) MvPs will fall into immediate circulation for all future events including; The Entropy Tower (our exclusive PvM event dungeon run), MvP vs MvP, Town Invasions, Hellfire and MvP Survivor to name a few, along with future content updates that will tie in narratives and instances of our nightmares and fulfilling this magnificent feature extravaganza. To kick things off, we are excited to debut Nightmare's Rift as part of our narration lead Invasion scripted over the past Month and will aim to provide a unique event experience like no other. Join us this Sunday (9th July) at 2pm server time (GMT+1) and prepare to be dazzled by the biggest Invasion lead to date! With a surge of new MvPs, nightmares to conquer, town invasions to liberate, we know that Nightmare's Rift will take your TalonRO expeditions to a whole new level! Nightmares Trailer Coming Soon...
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    Anne The Stylist Dye's IGN: D r i n
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    IGN: Elvo Am i the only one who has a gloomy summer without beach
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    Should I draw sexy male GMs or the ladies this time? I shall think about it in the meantime... PS: Does it have to be in Landscape mode or could it be in Portrait as well? Thanks! ------------------------------------------------ I'm gonna put my submission here XD IGN: Graytea And I have to apologize beforehand to the GM ladies cause.... I found out that we have the awesome @GM Rainbow And another drawing featuring one of the GM again [try to guess who the person is!] Also, Summer won't be complete without fireworks~
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    "BleaLeech: for fresh, newly-created alts" IGN: Gorby
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    IGN: PennyLights ..to show my love for GM Radius!
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    Need to improve paint skills XD IGN: NutellaBrownie
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    Wanna try. IGN: Blake Original Edited Credit to @132 for the official tamtam image @GM Cherri thank you for the clarification
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    "Piece of Cake" IGN: ~ Sugar Roxford ~ This is my work, and I think I'm happy with it. But I know someone has better work, just kidding, but yeah I'm amateur in editing. BEFORE AFTER
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    Hi Talonians! We hope you're having the most wonderful summer yet! The time has come for us to host a ~you guessed it!~ calendar art contest! For those who missed it last year - this means that we will be featuring our talented community's artwork on our website for 31 whole days in August. As you open each day's artwork you will get a code to type in game for daily prizes! To participate in this art contest we need your creative mind to draw a postcard and post it here. We look forward to seeing many participants this year! Submission Deadline All entries must be submitted by the 28th of July 22:00 server time Rules Entries must be 450px wide by 300px tall. Entries must use original artwork and cannot be copied from someone else's work. Entries may be a hand-drawn image, digital image, pixel/sprite based, or photography. Entries should be summer holiday and TalonRO/RO-themed. Images may be doodles or quick sketches, given the short time frame. You are allowed to submit multiple artwork entries for this contest. Example frame Prizes All winning submissions will receive 10 Talon Coins as a reward. If you submit multiple entries, you also will receive an additional prize of 5 Talon Coins for each subsequent entry selected! In addition, all qualifying entries will receive a special treat as a thank you for participation. Good luck everyone!
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    Every other week is a time where the GM's bask in some grand grocery shopping... Salmon for Kuma Hammer polish for Boreas Kitty litter for Mimi Skittles for Rainbow Lighter fluid for Luna Sparkles for Spica Of course, we can't just buy anything~ All of our shopping is done on the streets of Prontera, or in the grocery store in Lighthalzen! But sadly, the product range is WoEful... So we want you to design some new ones! The task at hand is easy, take an every day item, it can be anything, and make the packaging RO themed! How you go about this is up to you. Feel free to redraw it from scratch, Photoshop the original, even glue pictures over the top of some real packaging, just make sure to be as creative as possible, whilst it still being recognisable. Rules and Guidelines: Include your In Game Name in your post. Include a photo both of your creation, and the original packaging Try to add as many details as possible (this is what we'll be looking for!) You can of course use arts from other sources for your piece, but credit the creators where possible Be sure to keep your entry forum appropriate, use some common sense here~ Here's what a valid entry should look like! Rewards: The 3 best entries will all receive the following; 1 x Elvira Pet 1 x July Monthly Costume Box 2 x Old Orange Box Entries Close: 22nd July at midnight, server time Each account may submit one entry, any form of cheating, such as using multiple forum accounts, is against the rules and can not only get you disqualified from this event but also banned from the server. GMs reserve the right to pick fewer than 3 winners if no suitable entries are submitted.
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    IGN : CoffeeLatte btw, when is the last entry? since some one said event will be closed earlier Floating in the sea ~
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    How do you even draw backgrounds hahahaha IGN: Starbucks Lovers Entry 1: Entry 2: Entry 3:
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    ▶ 2017 CONTEST WINNERS! ◀︎ ✿ ✿ ✿ Happy Day, Talonians! ✿ ✿ ✿ Out of tens and tons of entries, these final 9 rose to the top! On behalf of me and the rest of the GM team, we would like to say thanks to everyone for their submissions and amazing support! All participants should be extremely proud of themselves for creating such great artwork – seriously – this contest gave the GMs a really REALLY hard time picking the winning lot! You are all winners in our book! But of course (for most ), what you're interested in are the kind of winners who get to take home the PRIZES! So without further ado, we're pleased to announce the following winners....*drumrolls* ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ▶ THE WINNERS ◀︎ FIRST PRIZE 1 Exclusive Pet "Casual Pope" 1 JUNE Costume Box 15 Talon Coins Featured on TalonRO's Social Media Account @Zeon +1 GM Mimi @KanashiHikari +1 GM Zelda @SK2 Sakaray Skylee SECOND PRIZE 1 JUNE Costume Box 10 Talon Coins Featured on TalonRO's Social Media Account @BurgerSteak @Nheki @Cherrios THIRD PRIZE 1 JUNE Costume Box Featured on TalonRO's Social Media Account @micahsongco +1 GM Zelda / +1 GM Mimi @Dregs @hopyamanipopcrn CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! The prizes will be given out in the days to come, once again we would like to thank all participants! Until next time!
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    Here is my entry, "The Big Three" IGN: *-*Nowa*-* Before after
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    :T IGN : Moments Of Oblivion
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    another postcard IGN : CoffeLatte Cat Attack!
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    Ahhh omg oh well here I go *gulp* I HOPE THIS EVENT DIDN'T CLOSE EARLY Oh and I have a DeviantArt (shameless plug lolol) IGN : Chinelie
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    The boreas melon entry gave me the best laugh Here's my Entry ! '' Enjoying the Summer Beach '' Featuring my 3 RO character [one is drowning] I don't know what pose to use for Jin so yeah... IGN : *Jin* Hope its the correct size .
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    1st try , hope nobody laugh at it IGN: Leon Liu
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    IGN:Yumiko Yukio ORIGINAL: EDITED:
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    Welp... let's try it. IGN: Cueio Entry: Original:
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    An order of Midgard's Famous Prontera Fried Peco Peco - Finger Licking Good, and it heals you too!!! IGN: Anjelo-XV
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    Finished pixeling another set of characters. Yoshimi's Tenohira and (Mendics) Primaire, Mefiliae's Mefiliae and Lenneth Liangzhou, and Wormi's Lacrimosella. Also the bonus animation for Lacrimosella in original and double size. This leaves the remaining requests at: ■ Waiting for info ■ Paid in advance ■ In development ■ Paid in advance & in development SLOT 1: Jessu SLOT 2: GM Spica SLOT 3: Vivikuri QUEUE 1: Mefiliae QUEUE 2: Mashi' Desu QUEUE 3: Novalolly QUEUE 4: Yoshimi QUEUE 5: Restless QUEUE 6: Kisuka QUEUE 7: Lela Again, any current applications for a queue can't be entertained right now as I want to clear this current lineup first so please sit tight and just enjoy the pixel sprites that'll follow for now.
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    Garm has spawned in the fields outside of Lutie town Half a minute passes.. Drawing and animation made by me, credits to Kruro for the creation of the meme. No actual Garms were harmed, but happily respawned in the making of this blog post.
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    Hi everyone! I've just joined TalonRO last April 2017 and this is the first time I've known of this art side of the forum. I was amazed of how great everyone here draws and I've thought why not try it too! haha! Actually I've been waiting for drawing contests at Talon and this Postcard Art Contest opened the door for me to showcase my talent. Many liked my art so I got really excited about it. I'm clueless about the rules and how you pay for the art, so maybe you could help me how we can solve our little problems and how to price reasonably I will accept Talon Coins, Zenny, Headgears, Cards, Shoes and Weapons. I am so NOOB about this so help me guys.. I m also a Painter so if you want a realistic art style, I could do it for you ;D How about we start at 8-15TC for a character half body - whole body:) Some might say it's cheap but I just really enjoy knowing that my drawings makes you happy too ^___^ If you are interested on my art, just comment here your character's picture (good resolution enough for my poor eyes to see), poses you want (headshot/half body/full body), color of the eyes, facial expressions and some details about your beloved character (like if he's funny or cute and lovable). Oh and of course, I will only draw TalonRO themed characters and pets<3 Here are some of my works:) Thank you all!
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    I wanna thank the people behind this event of this server! Y'all guys are awesome!!! I LOVE IT!! IGN:Hanz0 Hattori
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    IGN: Mini Cherrios Entry #1 - no peeking Entry #2 - Squid friend not food Entry #3 - WARNING SEDORA
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    In-Game Name : Kaska Yearsley Repacked - M&M Limited Edition (Ragnarok Online Collaboration/Promotional) Original Packaging: Credits: Notes:
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    THA AMBUSH PACK Move as one, keep the family safe, and DON'T RESS RAY Who we are Welcome to Tha Ambush Pack, we're a small family oriented guild established on May 19, 2017. We aim to help out the community, form new bonds, and ofc, stomp out any and all PVM raids Based in Gonryun, this rag tag team is REALLY talkative and hates their Guild lead is amazing (That's me idk why they hate me I only target them when breaking dbs psh) We hold events as frequently as possible ranging from novice deathruns to DB break parties to even random trivia to be honest. We recruit any and all, ranging from fresh off the download page to "I can solo thor and run ET by myself as a novice" Our Goal Our goal is to end the stigma that "noobs" are annoying or that someone doesn't belong. TalonRO is a safe haven for people all across the world and a precious memory to most. As guild lead, I make it my priority to help out as many people possible when online whether it be a game solution or just a funny moment. Charlie Chaplin once said "A day without laughter is a day wasted." so I make it my goal to give the guild nice moments where they can just laugh and enjoy the world that is TalonRO. Family The Pack is more than just a guild, we're a family. There's not one person in the guild who will tell you otherwise. If you're a family member in need we're always here. Ask us to jump we ask how high, ask us to climb ET to res a downed party we ask if the spawn is clear. I'll tell you guys a little story on why we are how we are. Growing up, I know I had a more given childhood but it didn't defeat the fact that I was abused by the people I called my family. I turned to gaming tbh to fill that void I felt was empty (super nerdy right) My father didn't accept me because I didn't grow up to his standards and my cousins tormented me for any flaw I had exposed. After I grew older, I learned that 1. Dont ever fall asleep at your cousin's house XD and 2. That you can choose your family. I still love my blood family but I also want to supply peeps who turn to RO to escape with a home away from home there was another quote by Chaplin that said "My pain may be the reason for somebody's laugh. But my laugh must never be the reason for somebody's pain." Dude this guild is not full of psychopaths! How do I join? Head over to Gonryun and look to the right of the statue, after that you just yell out one of the names I'm gonna tell you~ Our officers who can greet you are: Achuy, Danir, Tragic Point, Kokubun or Spiritrock Co leads who are happy to help are: Sunni, Lanaise or Sho Or just find me! I'm always on: xKauai/Ray
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    (I barely manage to make a banner with my abysmal photoshop skills) So I have been pondering for a while on what I can contribute to this community. And since there is no existing guide for this, I decided to make one. Welcome to my guide my fellow SinX players. This guide will focus on Twin Fang Critical Build for Thor 1. I know some of you have doubts but rest assured that this is not a THORoll guide as I have been testing this for 6 days a while now and so far it was giving me critgasm and the fun that was taken away from me since Geffenia. (OK I know my Thor pun is lame..) Source Image: Ragnarok Online Mobile Guardian of Eternal Love We know SinX are cool, badass, and sexy but can they really fight their way to Thor 1? The greatest bane of SinX in Thor 1 is the fact that half of the mobs there has the skill called Reflect Shield. To those who do not know what this skill does,it reflects a portion of melee damage done back to the attacker. A few solutions has been suggested on other threads like using Soul Breaker(which is a range skill) but has a problem with After Cast Delay. Another one which the guide will focus on is by using Twin Fang carded with Valkyrie Randgris card to remove Reflect Shield. The card from this beautiful but deadly lady grants a weapon the ability to deal 10% more damage to any target and has a 4% chance to cast Lvl.1 Dispell on normal attack. Oh that's nice! Wait something is wrong.. You wont be able to dispell the Reflect Shield right away so you will still take some damage. And the monster will not just stand idle as you try to dispell them. So how shall we deal with this? By having a Soul Linker buff you with Kaahi. (OH MY GOD ITS SO UNIQUE NEW META) But these flying roasted chickens cast skills a lot. Kaahi only triggers on normal attacks.. The key here are knowledge and self-control. You are obviously going to wear an armor enchanted with fire to resist fire damage and you just don't mindlessly hit them. You will stop for a while once your HP reach below 25% and wait for them to attack you to trigger Kaahi. Another trick is by letting a Magmaring attack you so that the Kaahi will still trigger even when the Kasa is casting. But once Reflect Shield is removed by Dispell, its your turn to be braindead. OK before you make this a TL;DR guide can you please just provide the things we need? I do not plan to make this guide too long but I want to elaborate all the things that I will share on this guide so please bear with me. First Ill enumerate the Pros and Cons. Pros You are able to kill all the monsters on Thor 1 (even Sword Guardian, Byrouge and Salamander) As long as you have the proper preparations, its not that hard to pull off Flee build lets you dodge most physical attacks. Even Kasa's Firebreath skill will miss. Dood SinX doesn't normally go on Thor. The feeling of being the lone SinX while everyone are Snipers and High Wizards is already an unique feeling Cons Gears are very expensive Exp per minute is lower than Snipers and High Wizards (OMG Who the Hell cares?) Surviving heavily relies on Buffs and RNG (Dispell procs, Dodging Spiral Pierce, and not getting stunned) Alright. But how will I know If I am ready for this? From my experience these are the things you need in order to perform well at Thor 1. Character Requirement Able to deal at least 1.3k crit damage(main hand katar strike) on fire monsters with water endow Able to survive from Kasa's Spiral Pierce at full HP (roughly around 11k+ HP w/o Assumptio but with Deviling garment) Able to survive when stunned at full HP ASPD of 187 or more Flee of 300 or more 105 to 113 Crit (53 to 57 Critical on your status window) Buff Requirement Increase AGI, Blessing and Assumptio (High Priest) Frost Weapon (Sage) Kaahi (Soul Linker) Item Requirement Awakening Potion Crystal Blue(Sage's Frost Weapon catalyst) Grape Juice(For Kaahi) Venom Knife(Throw Venow Knife) Fly Wing or Creamy Accessory Butterfly Wing or Bonus Bundle return command Player Requirement Optional Luxuries Foods(AGI, STR, LUK & VIT) Jaguar Hat(Loud Exclamation) Full Chemical Protection (Creator) Berserk Pitcher (Creator) Wind Walk (Sniper) Weapon Perfection (Blacksmith) Overthrust (Blacksmith) *only use this when you have Full Chemical Protection So does this mean I can pull this off as long as I meet the requirement regardless of my level? I myself made my Assassin all the way from 92 to 99 this way. At Trans 75, I was already able to kill things there(I still get one shotted by Kasa's Spiral Pierce dat time tho). Aren't the monsters there too strong? Of course they are strong. However remember that they are just monsters. They are pretty static while we players grow. You just need to know when are you able to dominate them with ease. Below are the Thor 1 monsters separated by tier. If you do not meet the flee requirement I suggest that you avoid them. To those who doesn't know about FLEE mechanics you can follow the link here (Not a weird site I promise lol). EZPZ Magmaring Flee Requirement : 175 100% Critical: 103 Notable Skills: Looting? The easiest one to kill. You are going to use this poor guy to proc Kaahi heals whenever you can. Normal Fire Imp Flee Requirement : 250 100% Critical: 102 Notable Skills: Strip Armor (kyaaa~) Still an easy kill but be wary of Strip Armor. Always prioritise to kill this first whenever you got mobbed or just teleport. Bow Master/Bow Guardian Flee Requirement : 320 100% Critical: 111 Notable Skills: Stun Attack They do not hit as hard as Sword Guardian and has also no Reflect but they have stun to ignore your flee if they manage to slip it and fast attack speed. Hard Moltres Kasa Flee Requirement : 300 100% Critical: 106 Notable Skills: Reflect Shield, Meteor Storm, Fire Breath and Spiral Pierce Now this is where things gets a bit nasty. You have to pay attention on your HP if Reflect is still not dispelled. Meteor Storm has a chance to stun you and Spiral Pierce hurts a lot. But should be manageable as long as you dont get hit so hard. Byorgue Flee Requirement : 350 100% Critical: 102 Notable Skills: Defense disregard attack, Stun Attack, Sonic Blow and Soul Breaker His Flee requirement is actually 231 but he always comes with Bow Guardian and Sword Guardian which decays your flee by 10%. Good thing his HP is not that high. GOD Sword Master/Sword Guardian Flee Requirement : 286 100% Critical: 113 Notable Skills: Spear Boomerang, Stun Attack, Shield Charge, Reflect Shield and Two-Hand Quicken His reflect hurts more than Kasa and is more dangerous than Bow Guardian. It also takes a while before he goes down. Salamander Flee Requirement : 346 100% Critical: 105 Notable Skills: Reflect Shield, Defense disregard attack, Sonic Blow and Two-Hand Quicken This freaking burning lizard has reflect and will be the hardest one to kill. Not because he takes a while to kill but because he has Defense disregard attack(Critical Hit) that ignores flee. Only engage it when alone and never fight it without Assumptio. What are your stats, skills and gears then? Skills to invest on are Double Attack, Improved Dodge, Katar Mastery and Advance Katar Mastery. For the gears and stats... [SAMPLE BUILD] SinX 99/70 With HP buffs and Water Endow This build is here to just give you a rough idea. But one thing for sure is you will need... Twin Fang carded with Doppelganger and Valkyrie Randgris (the remaining 2 slots is up to you) also ATK, FLEE, and CRIT Bonus Deviling Garment preferably in Skin of Ventoss for bonus FLEE Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano with RSX 0806 card coz being tossed around is not good.. Other optimal choices are.. Brisingamen with Ifrit Card Sleipnir with Mysteltainn Card Orc Hero carded Mid Headgear (AGI or STR) Specialty Jur instead of Twin Fang? One reason why I emphasize the use of Twin Fang on this guide is because of the 30 FLEE, 15 CRIT and the ATK Bonus it gives when you upgrade it which the Specialty Jur lacks. I wont suggest using it unless you are able to cover the Specialty Jur's shortcoming. Lord Kaho's Horn or Valkyrie Helm? For sure its Valkyrie Helm. AGI and LUK are crucial stats for Crit SinX. VIT increases your survival ability and resistance to stun. A slot for another Gryphon or Stormy Knight and it also gives 10% resistance against demi-human which is good for Byorgue, Bow Guardian and Sword Guardian. But if your budget is too tight, Kaho is not a bad alternative. You will need Gryphon Mid if you are going the Kaho Path though. Example video on how you do it? Gears and Stats used on Video above A few tips from me Use Throw Venom Knife to get Magmaring's aggro for Kaahi procs You can fight up to 3 monsters at a time given that your FLEE is still high enough to dodge the incoming attacks after the FLEE decay. As much as possible keep your HP near 100% and SP near 60% Be prepared to tap the teleport button when things are too unbearable Use the pillars(not Fire Pillar) and other obstructions to your advantage Don't fret if you always die. Thor's Volcano is a high end dungeon so dying is normal. (unless something is wrong with your gears..) A short message to my fellow SinX players Special Thanks I want to thank the following individuals for making this guide possible.. @Atonal - I know you do not visit the forum very often but you still have my thanks for letting me borrow your Old Valkyrie Helm and helping me on gathering some ingredients for the SQI Upgrade. Also Cats > Dogs 4ever @Mikae - You might be wondering why the heck you are included here when you are not even active in-game. I will not be able to progress this fast if not for your leecher. Thanks for granting me the access. I already sold your gears to NPC though.. ( Just kidding, praise the Blue Eyes Loli Dragon) Everyone from Ad Infinitum - Our Dewata Failbox has finally paid off guys. To those who are inactive I miss you all. Aisha-sama - No Waifu No Laifu Change Log Feel free to point out any mistakes or give comments in this guide. Thanks for reading everyone! -Fin-
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    Hello my pretties, how are you all doing? I hope everybody is enjoying a little time in the sun and having the most amazing time in their summer vacation! (while I just freeze and sniffle because it's winter for me /sob). Summer is also a time where you have that extra time to dedicate to your favourite hobby. And we all can agree that our favourite is TalonRO right?! So how about some amazing art from our oustanding artists~ Starting off with @ciliadesu from Cilia's art stuff. Such flowy and expressive poses! And would you look at that falcon, WEW! You can find more about Cilia on Instagram. Next up we have @Kurai Shónin from Dark Merchant that hosts the most entertaining streams! Oh, did I mention Kurai is one of our Loading Screen contest winners? Fancy! You can find more about Kurai on Picarto, DeviantArt, Tumblr, Tapas and Instagram. Last but not least, we have @Cherrios from ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ Bobbing Around. It's such a cute, delicate and flowy art style! I'm pretty sure even an Orc Lady would look absolutely adorable if drawed by Cherrios! You can find more about Cherrios on Oh and let's not forget about last month's challenge! @Hell0_Viki was our shiny participant with a very appetizing slice of pizza! Thank you so much for joining! And to wrap things up, I'll propose a new challenge for this month! Draw your character enjoying summer vacation, in any way you see fit. To be featured in the next Spotlight, just post it anywhere and tag me. Until next month!
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    Well... here goes! This is my first attempt at photoshop and editing. c: IGN: Biochemist Zero "Arunafeltz Delights: Classic Pope Cookies" I used the Rachel art from Ragnarok Wikia. The "Love" cookie on bottom right is from Official Pope art! Original: I hope you enjoy my first attempt! I put a white outline on the Pope to signify her holy powers
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    Another round of sprites. This time is @Kisuka*'s Etherious, and @GM Spicaand @GM Luna's GM characters. Animated versions Updated the queue list in the front page.
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    Update with the completed bonus animation for @Yoshimi's High Wizard, Tenohira And here's the static version of the sprite along with the one for her friend's custom design High Wizard, Primaire.