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    Alright back to RO.
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    Hi Guys, Just thought I would post some info, as the dancer/gypsy class is usually shunned in most high-end parties. This isnt a guide, sort of a short info/refresher for everyone. My name is Ayman and I main a Gypsy (Sexy No Jutsu). I am no expert, but I love this class. I took the pics in comodo the home of dancers. A couple of cool guys from the !Main helped too hehe: (first batch was corrupted screenshots so not everyone showed up second time) Thank you oOAngelOo, SipNayan, Frizzy Hair. Not many people know how awesome and beneficial these songs are to your party. Maybe it will help you invite us in your party next time. Dancers/Gypsies have 3 core songs (the 4th song is almost never used). They can flash all 3 songs in less than 5 seconds and the effects last for up to 20 seconds after. Skill 1: Fortune's Kiss This is an amazing song which gives a minumum of +20% to crit rate (10% from skill and 10% from maxing dance lessons). This is further increased by the dancers luck stat. Imagine the fun your snipers or assassins can have in your party Skill 2: Service for You Another awesome song which gives + 35% Maximum SP AND 60% Less SP Usage (25/50% from skill and 10% from maxing dance lessons). Someone laugned at me and said "GJ juice bro". But imagine if you didnt have to spend Zenny or weight on GJ instead. Skill 3: Please Don't Forget Me This song affects monsters only in PVM, not players. It makes them have -30% Move SPD & -35% Attack SPD (20/30% from skill and 10/5% from maxing dance lessons). This is awesome in Abbey/odin3 and ET. It slows down all the monsters move and attack speed. Skill 3: Wink of Charm An under used skill, this skill charms a monster causing them not to attack you for 10 seconds (also sends them a sexy wink). This skill works on DemiHuman, Angel and Demon. Dosent work on Bosses, and GMs hehe So with this skill, its spammable and works on banshees in Abbey, Bio3/4 and Odin 3 (Skogul and Frus). No more worrying about them anymore. They also have duets which are amazing but will leave that it here for now and if there is positive feedback, I am more than happy Adding them in. Peace
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    thanks, Neza Yesterday, when i went to try i was not getting, but today worked.. hugs
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    Sell / Trade; SOLD Nidhogg Wig Costume (Purple, ID: 20730) Open price in 220m. Can you can offer to trade other costume, just said what you costume 😁 Sprite can klik: Nidhogg Spirite Trade; My Evlen Ears [Gryphon] AGI to Your Mid [Gryphon] INT Thanks you :3 More info; Discord: rubyaraa#9917 IGN: Handmade by Lydia (If you didnt see im online, you can mail)
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    I don't think there is an open statistics with such information. But you can monitor the number of players manually via the control panel (upper right corner).
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    Believe me, you'll really end up creating all characters. 😁 May the server bring upon bliss that your ambitions become limitless and never satiated. Welcome to TalonRO! 😉
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    Hey there! Well.. I'm a newbie here but I decided to post some of my (old T_T) arts here anyway! We joined the server not so long time ago, so maybe I'll draw some more? Hopefully?! x'D Anyways!
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    Some W.I.P. shots for a contest entry I joined about a month ago or so during my breaks at work
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    I still believe that the mode should still be there even if it’s for a niche audience. With all due respect the mode was there in the past so it doesn’t seem like a difficult task to put it back in.