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    I wanted to add a forum bound ignore system anyway, rather than the client built in /ex. !main will be part of that. To counter the effects that some people worried about I will simply limit the amount of people you can ignore this way.
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    The current /ex feature only ignores whispers from individuals; it would be nice to be able to ignore individuals from main. I like to ask and answer questions when I can, and main is perfect for that. However, main gets filled with a lot of trolly stuff from the same set of individuals, and it would be nice to be able to use main without having to read through that.
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    Sapuri got her Southern Cross and its cute. I dont offer this but I explored a watercolor-y rendering style
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    I'm laughing haaard haha! i hope this stays! (but ofcourse its just a joke! I wanna play! haha!)
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    Ohh i see now, here in TalonRO they have some unique changes different from other server. My advice is to check or ask first other players before investing gears. I guess that is one reason why i keep playing this server. It challenge me.
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    According to my logs you have used up your free namechange before. " Pink Nipples changed name to Fleia eon Ziegfred "
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    wow Super Novice so cool