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    Massive thanks to @Helia for this lovely piece <3 Winter is here! Everyone is wrapping up in scarves, casting fire walls and crimson formations, and huddling in close to their loved ones! What's more a feast is always going on at Prontera church. Problem is, they've kinda run out of ideas this year and the whole thing is a bit dull... Here's where you guys come in; you need to come up with a recipe that you want to eat on a cold Winter day! Buuuuuuuut it also has to be a recipe that you feel is RO related. How you make it related to the game is up to you! Now, some ground rules: You MUST have a full recipe (ingredients and instructions) You MUST include a name for your creation You MUST include a photo of the finished product, WITH your Character Name hand written in it somewhere Finished product MUST be made by you. Also include your Characters Name in the typed portion of the entry You are allowed to use cocktail recipes, but if you do you need to include a non-alcoholic version The link to RO needs to be clear You are allowed to use recipes you've found on the net as your base, make sure to find a way to connect them to RO~ You can use either C or F for temperature, but include a conversion! (Google will tell you~) Measurements can be listed however you please, and we'll have a converter here! You can enter with a drink+plate of food/side if you wish, BUT it will still only count as ONE entry and you'll only have ONE chance to win. Here's an example Now you're thinking "But what do we get from this?" simple! At the end of the contest all entrants will receive a "Lv10 Food Bundle" and the top chef will receive the Cook Off exclusive costume, Petite Chef Hat! On top of this, the top three chefs will get.... Petite Chef Hat Costume, Level 10 Cook Book and 20TC Level 10 Cook Book and 20TC Level 10 Cook Book and 15TC So, if you think you have what it takes to be the top chef, show off your mad skills and get your entry in! Competition closes: 19th of February 2016 Any form of cheating, such as using multiple forum accounts will not only get you disqualified but also can get you BANNED from tRO.
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    Oh boi. Just noticed them prizes. Level 10 cookbook and that lovely costume *puts on apron* And also, I'd love to try that GM Apple recipe. Thanks for sharing Cherri
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    Thank you so much @ssjVegeta :3 it's a recipe I'm quite proud of!
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    OMG those apples look so damn good!
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    We already have the winner, its GM Cherri May I ask how the winner gonna determined, via popular vote among GMs or players? Because of that costume, I need my inspiration now.. EDITED: I don't want to spam so I'll just add here A. MAIN DISH B. DRINKS C. SNACKS IGN: Blake p/s: I'm not so good in English, please bear with me
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    Just for the Boreas + Cherri host picture, I'll gladly throw myself to the kitchen and come up with something
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