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    Bruh, suno dibs on almost all sqi, and they do it just for the lulz. Scouter? Dibs. Djinn? Dibs. Mjoll? Dibs. Evang? Dibs. SoM? Dibs. BoA? Dibs. Sleips? Dibs. Bris? Dibs. Headgears (LKH and Valk Helm even)? Dibs. Most level 4 weapons? Dibs. +10 to all stats? Handicap: No death because yolo. Deviling gives you 50% neutral redux? Add 10% more neutral redux cuz why not. Valk shield gives you +20% resist on 4 elements? Dibs on +20% resist on all elements. IC without LKH? Ezpz. +50 crit just by being religious (And talkative)? Hungry? Dibs on cooking with insane Dex stat. Can't touch thief classes? Suno is a slippery target. Champs have steel body? Plz suno has dem stil bodiz. Second laifu (infinite laifu*)? Look no further. ...the list goes on and on
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    A +7 Aegis is 10, on average. There are people that got more zeny than that. +10 pauldron? ! pauldron is 1M, the average chances to get a +10 one are slim (2500) but not impossible. It's more common to reach to +9 one (you need 250 average). The hat is way harder to consider, but same. You need a lot of luck and zeny with you to do so. I know some filthy rich guys that got nothing better to do with their zeny than overupping stuff, because they already own 2-3 copies of each SQI, roughly. Fake? Well, bring something to prove that claim. Unless the images are fake, and you'd need some precise photoshop skills to put that +10 instead of a +7. It isn't just swapping the numbers, you need to move stuff too. You can't expect us to believe your claim that something is fake if you don't bring some proof about it. And if you can't, I'd stop what you're doing, because I'm not sure how mods will handle people lying about others without proof. Libel and that, remember.
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    If you are going to ask me. I think it is the gunslinger class who needs more gear options(Weapons to be specific). :c
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    Welp. The Bear Series: One <3 @Bear~ I'll send you original image link later im hungry QQ
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    My take for 520px x 100px 120px x 60px 468px x 60px
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    Hello Everyone, When researching in order to determine a way to make plant farming more efficient (see here), I went through the item db and compiled a list of all equipment and cards that cause monsters to drop items. This thus is not really a conventional guide, it's more of a list to aid people who are researching equips and farming methods. The information here can readily be obtained from the itemdb as well but this table is more accessible. Contents 1. Equipment that procs the dropping of items 2. Equipment that allows to usage of a skill ----- 1. Equipment that procs the dropping of items Scope: This table covers all the obtainable equipment which gives a chance of making monsters drop a particular item, the items that they drop and the chances. These were directly taken from the item scripts. Purpose: To provide a list of what was described above in order to make it easier for people to do research, raise awareness of potential farming gear and possibly the creation of new builds. Other: There is now a list of each of the items categorized by the slot that the item fits in. Please change spreadsheets to see this (choose the "By equipment type" tab). Preview Link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YVElclO4MfcK-RbXKUvTNNe295-r3w0uJXI1GarKukY/edit?usp=sharing Notes If you see IG_"something", you can usually determine what items are given by using google. The format of some cells may be a little confusing, especially when multiple items/races are involved. You should be able sort each column alphabetically to pinpoint various conditions (eg stuff that will drop from brute monsters). ----- 2. Equipment that allows to usage of a skill Scope: This is a list of equipment that has the effect of allowing a skill to be used. It also includes the skill level and some other information. Link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u-1ssIAEelWrx0_rAUSDp0ftS1rJzQNKJxLWwmrJX9w/edit?usp=sharing Well that should be everything. Hopefully someone finds this somewhat useful.
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    I am very very bored at work. So i came up with a list of Solo grinding spots that earn some decent money (you may or may not get the amount i get, but this is on average) the Bold sized is in zeny per hourly rate. Section I covers pure zeny place--selling loots to NPC/ getting pure zeny from players. Section II covers places with decent drops--relies on selling loots to players to earn zeny. Note: the item price listed are as of the time i posted the section, all item price can go up or down based on supply and demand. (i will update the pricing a little here and there but dont flame me for any matter of this sort) Note: Class suggestions are only based on my observation and which i felt that particular class can do it better than others, you can use whatever class you feel like for the spot that was mention, no 1 will stop your love and passion from using a particular class. Note: the average zeny pure hour does not include the selling time you spend finding your loots in storage etc. Note: mobs pictures are now clickable and relinked to talon's mob database. Map pictures are now clickable as well and relinked to RMS ==============Section I (Pure zeny)============== 4mil-8mil pure zeny package deal usually -- Thor Leech for low levels 24-84, 24-75 If you are fully geared with Arty bow, Ktull +3 dex fire armor, etc, you can easily make a Sniper level 50 and sell leech to players for package deal. Easy leveling at Thor01. (I like this cuz no quest and you dont need any fancy set up and you can always look out for your leecher whenever you enter the map after rebuff) kasa use fireball all the time, watch out for firebreath, DS from afar. ===Suggested Class—Sniper,hwiz=== 4-5mil pure zeny -- odins3 Leech not much to say, just grind/ leech all day. need 90-100 mil prior investment for decent gears though. ===Suggested Class—Star Glad=== 4-5mil pure zeny -- Morroc Leech D.Manteau--18mil to 20mil, D.Ring 1.25-1.5mil Warning: this requires heavy investment in order to leech like a pro, we talking about at least eversong Graves, 2x Megs etc. ===Suggested Class—Star Glad=== 2.5mil pure zeny Abbey03 Leech There are many approach to selling Abbey Leech, from the traditional Instant cast HP using ME, to KA linked Stalker/hwiz, to Sniper DS. Easy leech money (with a bathory card on armor, you are pretty much a god in abbey) ===Suggested Class—HP, Hwiz, Stalker, Sniper=== 0.8mil-1.35mil pure zeny Niff_01 Half of the loots are SQI/ Halloween ingredients, if you vend them, you will make a little more, I suggest only level/ earn money solo, instead of leeching, as there isn't any safe spot to leech. ===Suggested Class—HP, Hwiz, Vamp Smith=== 2.5mil-3.8mil pure zeny Geffenia Gold Ring 15%, Silver Ring 15%, Diamond Ring 4.5%, Blue pot 30%, Mastela Fruit 45% Cards, Soul Staff, Crystal Pump Not much to say about this map, grind all day, sell rings, Mastela, blue pots to NPC, sell the crystal pump, soul staff, Cards to Players. ===Suggested class—Stalker,SinX=== 1.5mil-2.5mil pure zeny Mavka Witherless Rose 6%, Crystal Mirror 30%, illusion flower-1.5%, Singing plant-0.09% Grind this place at your own risk, I personally don’t like it, cuz too many players on the map, and many KS occurs and frustration. ===Suggeted Class—Stalker, SinX, LK, Sniper=== 1.5mil-2.5mil pure zeny Sleeper Great Nature 75% After all the grinding, you have to go Umbala to break down Great Nature or Sell the Great Nature as is to players. I personally don’t like it. ===Suggested Class—Stalker, Sniper, LK=== 0.8-1.3mil pure zeny Mobster/Seal sapphire-75%, ring[1]-0.03%, pineapple, melon you can NPC most the loots to NPC, save Pineapple and Melon for tRO official events like summer race. ===Suggested Class—, Sniper, SinX=== ==============Section II (Drops Reliant)============== 3mil-4mil-- Draco Dragon Vest (0.15%) chance. On average, you probably get at least 1 Vest per hour, best to hunt there during monster of the week for free steel chance/ copper coin chance, additional 800,000 to 1mil to the 3mil an hour. ===Suggested class-- Hunter/Sniper== 1.5mil-4mil Bathory star sand 1000z each, star crumb, Bathory card not much to say, grind all day ===Suggested class --Sniper,Stalker, SinX=== 1.2-1.8mil Goat sell blue herb and Antelope Skin to players (SQI and other random quest) not much to say, grind all day ===Suggested class --Sniper or Bolter=== 1.2mil-4.5mil Penomena Coral Reef--sell to players for SQI and quest, Penomena card Ranged class suggested, kill them before they touch you, Need 268+ flee to dodge 95% of their attacks. ===Suggested class --Ranged class=== 1.8mil-2.5mil Venatu, Dimik Prof cooking Kits, Steel, Plates juperos_01, I highly suggest Sniper/ SinX/ LK farming here, mob about 10-30 and use AoE skills-- sharp shooting, Brandishing Spear, Grimtooth-- just use netural element, since all 4 elements co-exist in the same map. (you will need very high hit to get venatu @100%, the water version needs 182 hit to 100% on hit) ===Suggested class --Sniper—Sharp shooting, LK--Brandishing Spear, SinX, Grimtooth with perfect dodge equips=== 1.25mil-2.5mil Ninetail/Dragon Tail OBB 3%, Dead Bracnh 3%, Royal Jelly 7.5%, Dargon Tail Card 0.03%, Ninetail’s Tail/ Dragon Tail’s wings (used for cooking) This place is a bit tricky, after you mob up the whole map and kill all of the dragon tail/ninetails, you need to wait about 3 mins for them to respawn since they are not instantly spawned. So in other words, you can only kill all of the monsters on the map 10 times / hour (considering mobbing /killing time is 3 mins, respawn time 3 mins = 6 mins) In the mean time, you can go watch anime/ use another character to do something else etc. ===Suggested class --Sniper—Sharp shooting=== 2mil-5mil Verit Immortal Heart 2k+ , Verit Card-0.03% Not much to say, grind all day. Immortal Heart-2.5k each, Verit card-3-4mil ===Suggested Class—any class=== 0.7mil-4mil Vanberk, Isilla, Hodremlin VanBerk Card-0.03%, Ring[0]-0.03%, hodremlin Card-0.03% Depending on your luck, Vanberk card is 1-2mil, Ring[0] is 4.5-6mil, Hodremlin Card is around 9mil. as long you have a class that can AoE, Claymore trap, Storm Gust, Sharp Shooting, Grimtooth etc. ===Suggested Class—Super novice, Hwiz, Stalker, Sniper, SinX=== 0.5mil-4.5mil Anolian Royal Jelly-0.15%, Oridecon-4.02%, Carga Mace-0.03%, Brooch[1]-0.03% Grind all day for Brooch, decent exp/ drops, Brooch[1] 9mil on avg. ===Suggested Class—Sniper's SS/ SinX Grimtooth=== 0.5mil-4.5mil Frus (Odins02) Earring[1]-0.09% Depending on your luck, you might need 1-3 hour to get 1 earring[1] but odins02 is good for non trans leeching. and the darkness runes are useful for quest and Shadow Arrows. ===Suggested Class—Sniper, High Priest=== 2mil-5mil Sting,Gargoyle Sting card 0.03%, Glove[1] 0.03%, Gargoyle Card 0.03%, Elven bow 0.06% This place is awesome, you are pretty much having 2 good drop with 0.03 chance on 1 single monster. Unless you are super unlucky, the rate dont apply at all xD ===Suggested class --Super novice with high magic attack--Fire bolt or archer class=== 1mil-2.5mil Magma dun02 Infil[0]-1 - 1.5mil, Brooch[0] Rosary[1], Flame heart, Random loots this place is best with Vamp smith, Sniper, Hwiz Aoe and kill everything. most loots can be used for quest/cooking. ===Suggested Class—Vamp Smith, Sniper, Hwiz=== ===============Will add more later===============
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    Grüß euch Talonianer, Wir sind die Ingame-Gilde ,,Prime" und wir suchen nach Gildenmitgliedern die sowohl aktiv sind, als auch Spaß am Spiel an sich haben. Da unsere Gilde immer mehr an Größe gewinnt, zumindest was die Mitgliederzahl betrifft, verfügen wir auch über TS3 und empfehlen jeden "Neuling" es sich zu holen. Wie ich schon in den Tags schrieb, sind wir eine aktive, deutschsprachige und sowohl PvE als auch WoE orientierte Gilde. Betonen solllte ich, das es egal ist, was für ein Level ihr seid und welche Klasse ihr spielt weil wir immer gesagt bekommen:,,Hi ich bin (Hier Name einfügen) und ich bin (Hier Level und Klasse einfügen) habt ihr Verwendung für mich?". Wenn ihr Interesse habt sendet eine Mail, Message oder whipser an Greifenstein oder Thorstein zwischen 15:00Uhr - 23:30 Uhr. Bis dahin, viel Spaß und wir "sehen" uns später.
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    Not so very detailed guide for a Paladin Tanker These days, 99 def paladin has became very popular. As some knows, 99 def paladin is a better tanker when it comes high-end MVP's. A good paladin tanker can even tank a whole ET, some GMC, or even just some random runs. Just don't rush on mobbing. The many mobs attacking you, the lower your defense will become (in short you will die fast even with that badass 99 Hard Defense) Here are some possible gears combination to reach 99 hard defense. Just play with the refines. The Common: The Average: The "Odin Combo Sucks": The "CantBreakThis": Last is "Laughin' at Yo Knock Back"
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    There's your problem. Did you know that there's another Sleeper map? it's in Veins Field 05, one map south of Thors Volcano Entrance. No one's there. You're welcome. Geared doesn't mean "stronger". Strength doesn't necessarily come from gears. What is being said is that you find ways to adapt to the situation and not ram through it using brute force.
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    I don't see any problem using (or other people call it as trolling) DB on any map. But the real issue (from what i see) is some people use it to attempt a PK on players. PK attempts are definitely reportable (and anybody who breaks the rules will be subjected to punishment sooner or later) , but the thing is such cases are isolated and doesn't represent all players that enjoy DB parties on a normal map (without the intention of PK). If you completely disable DB on PvM environment, wouldn't that be unfair for those people who actually do it not to PK but for excitement? This is coming from me, somebody who saves at Pyramids (you can DB and Abra here) and uses a char that will lose something upon death (+10 bonus of SuNo). I even dare to AFK in the map, and I dont blame anybody if i die while being AFK because i know the risks. Pyra people often do DB, BB and Abra parties there. Emphasis on intentional DB, BB and Abra spamming for enjoyment and not to PK. Anyway my point is, if you experience an attempted PK against you in any form (whether through DB, mobdropping or any form), please file a report instead because it's an isolated case for now (the server's general populace arent murderers tbh). If the GM will disable DB on PvM environment it's up to their discretion and probably if many people use DB to attempt a PK. TL;DR Blaming the gun for gunshot casualties doesnt make any sense. PS Pardon my essay. Lol.
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    "Just when i forgot to bring my raincoat, it's pouring :/." "I can see that horse having a nightmare right now."
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    unless like Waifu said...ur not getting any stronger which i dont want to believe.
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    You cannot Charge Arrow boss monsters, so that's not an option for Kasas (only for Imps). The bow I always used is the Rental Ballista...I did the regular Job-quests (Novice->Archer and Archer->Hunter) and 2 HTBs to get the Rental Ballista and 2 Rental Broochs for better ASPD. Added LKH, GEC Shoes and Fire Armor [Ktullanux] and it worked pretty good with HP&Blacksmith Buffs. Then you can add +1 AGI [BK] middle HG and Muffler [Dragon Tail]. I wouldn't recommend Deviling Garment, because you eat fire-property DMG most of the time (Fire Ball/Wall/Bolt) and no regular attacks...unless you have the pleasure to meet a Bow/Sword Guardian...but then even the Deviling Card won't help you
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    Nope. I got strong enough to kill whatever it is that is being summoned. Yes, as a non-champion class. Instead of raging that these guys stop (because spending a lot of time trying to get evidence on them for a chance that they actually stop isn't fun), I just adapted to the situation. There's really nothing much I can do, and the alternative of having to drive these trolls out is such a draining option that it's hard to even consider it a valid option if all I wanted to do was to have fun. Therefore, I got stronger. And now these things are no longer a bother to me.
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    Download fraps free version or OBS, record as you are farming, if monsters start spawning ON you (which is the only time it's illegal to dead branch) even if you can't see the spawner, quickly use the @time command so the current server time is shown and submit the video to high GMs. Boreas has already said they can check logs of who spawned even if the person is hidden, and if you do all that you have proof as well as an accurate time for GMs to look into. Bonus advantage being you never need to worry about being to slow to catch KSers with screen shots
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    well, even if there is a DB mob outbreak i find it fun coz its nice to see some new monster sometimes and well i will still kill them whatever mob that is.
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    It is called real life luck and effort I suppose haters gonna hate, hate, hate
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    lol u must be havent seen +10 kaho / valk helm[1] live yet, in this server *nothing imposibru~
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    On the front of ninja, I don't see that this is needed, I've level'd and played ninjas lots and honestly I think gear wise they're good. Some builds I think are a bit eh, but I don't see that as a fault of the gear, rather a fault of the skills (yes I mean you Throw Huuma) Most of what stops versatility in classes is peoples unwillingness to try those builds is, difficulty finding gear because it's harder to hunt or more expensive due to lower supply/demand, OR, simply because a lot of people tell them to just use one build and guides for others aren't currently available. One final note, keep in mind that these classes are not really meant to compete on par with say, a sniper (assuming gear level is equal) they're just not a trans class and that is frustrating for those of us who love the extendeds/SNs, but it's also life.
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    I'm a newbie but I want to give this a shot xD My Entry for 468x60
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    my entry for 520 x 100 I can't (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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    My entry for TalonRO Banner 2016 120x60 edited: Was lacking a third key term to meet the minimum.
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    Banner 2016 520x100 IGN : Eli~
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    While Afk-ing with you-know-who XD This what i'm talking about : Toradora XD
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    That'd crash our economy. Please note that you can get all of these items by voting, playing minigames and joining the weekly bonuses. Most people on TalonRO never donate a single penny, yet own multiple SQIs even.
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    Thank you for taking the time to review TalonRO on RateMyServer.net! RateMyServer is one of the biggest ways that new players find TalonRO, and it is also one of the best ways to help the server grow and say thanks. Writing a review is an easy process and takes less then five minutes. We'll show you how! Begin by going over to RateMyServer.net and selecting to Register an Account on the right-hand side menu. From there, you'll be registering a Server Player account. From here, you will be taken to a registration page. All reviews on RMS require you to have a review account. You will need to create an account using a valid email address (to receive your account confirmation), a user name, and a password. Fill in the fields with your information: Once you've registered an account, check your email for your confirmation from RMS. The email you'll receive should look like this: Finally, go back to RateMyServer.net and select to Login: After entering in your information for the first time, you'll need to confirm your registration. Using the number given to you from RMS' email (e.g.: 1234567), put that number in and finish logging in. Once confirmed, you will have set up your very own RMS server player account! Now that you have an RMS account, click here to be taken to the TalonRO listing. You can also find us on the main RMS page under Server Listing, Low Rate, TalonRO. Once there, this is where you can leave TalonRO a review! Be sure to review us honestly and give your impressions of TalonRO as you've experienced them. Make sure to also leave real feedback in the comments section, as spam comments will cause the review to be deleted. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! As with all reviews, the only thing we can give is our sincerest thanks. Your reviews help TalonRO's population grow! Thank you for taking the time to review and happy gaming!