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    Welp. The Bear Series: One <3 @Bear~ I'll send you original image link later im hungry QQ
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    My take for 520px x 100px 120px x 60px 468px x 60px
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    Hello Everyone, When researching in order to determine a way to make plant farming more efficient (see here), I went through the item db and compiled a list of all equipment and cards that cause monsters to drop items. This thus is not really a conventional guide, it's more of a list to aid people who are researching equips and farming methods. The information here can readily be obtained from the itemdb as well but this table is more accessible. Contents 1. Equipment that procs the dropping of items 2. Equipment that allows to usage of a skill ----- 1. Equipment that procs the dropping of items Scope: This table covers all the obtainable equipment which gives a chance of making monsters drop a particular item, the items that they drop and the chances. These were directly taken from the item scripts. Purpose: To provide a list of what was described above in order to make it easier for people to do research, raise awareness of potential farming gear and possibly the creation of new builds. Other: There is now a list of each of the items categorized by the slot that the item fits in. Please change spreadsheets to see this (choose the "By equipment type" tab). Preview Link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YVElclO4MfcK-RbXKUvTNNe295-r3w0uJXI1GarKukY/edit?usp=sharing Notes If you see IG_"something", you can usually determine what items are given by using google. The format of some cells may be a little confusing, especially when multiple items/races are involved. You should be able sort each column alphabetically to pinpoint various conditions (eg stuff that will drop from brute monsters). ----- 2. Equipment that allows to usage of a skill Scope: This is a list of equipment that has the effect of allowing a skill to be used. It also includes the skill level and some other information. Link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u-1ssIAEelWrx0_rAUSDp0ftS1rJzQNKJxLWwmrJX9w/edit?usp=sharing Well that should be everything. Hopefully someone finds this somewhat useful.
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    Not so very detailed guide for a Paladin Tanker These days, 99 def paladin has became very popular. As some knows, 99 def paladin is a better tanker when it comes high-end MVP's. A good paladin tanker can even tank a whole ET, some GMC, or even just some random runs. Just don't rush on mobbing. The many mobs attacking you, the lower your defense will become (in short you will die fast even with that badass 99 Hard Defense) Here are some possible gears combination to reach 99 hard defense. Just play with the refines. The Common: The Average: The "Odin Combo Sucks": The "CantBreakThis": Last is "Laughin' at Yo Knock Back"
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    "Just when i forgot to bring my raincoat, it's pouring :/." "I can see that horse having a nightmare right now."
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    Download fraps free version or OBS, record as you are farming, if monsters start spawning ON you (which is the only time it's illegal to dead branch) even if you can't see the spawner, quickly use the @time command so the current server time is shown and submit the video to high GMs. Boreas has already said they can check logs of who spawned even if the person is hidden, and if you do all that you have proof as well as an accurate time for GMs to look into. Bonus advantage being you never need to worry about being to slow to catch KSers with screen shots
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    It is called real life luck and effort I suppose haters gonna hate, hate, hate
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    lol u must be havent seen +10 kaho / valk helm[1] live yet, in this server *nothing imposibru~
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    I'm a newbie but I want to give this a shot xD My Entry for 468x60
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    my entry for 520 x 100 I can't (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻