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    The TalonRO GM staff is here to make your gaming experience as extraordinary as it can be! Representing a diverse set of talented individuals overseeing multiple aspects of game life, our personnel are here to ensure that events are robust, support needs are met quickly, technical expertise is delivered behind the scenes, and that your time as part of the community is fun and wonderful! As our staff works hard to deliver a consistent, quality experience, we'd like to share recent news with regard to changes in our staff personnel. Please join us in welcoming, celebrating, and wishing well the following changes to our GM staff. New Hires We're pleased to bring on five extraordinary new GMs into the roster - some of whom may be familiar faces! Please join us in welcoming the following staff members to TalonRO's active GM team: GM Zelda. Zelda returns from our alumni roster back to provide great support and assistance to all. GM Naus. Naus also returns to our staff, bringing a wonderful imagination and enthusiasm for every Talonian. GM Phoenix. Phoenix rises forth from our alumni roster to provide excellent assistance in development and behind-the-scenes assistance. GM Lance. Lance joins the staff on our Event Squad to furnish expertly crafted and bespoke events for all players. GM Luna. Luna also joins us as a new staff member, ready to bring energy and excitement every day in Midgard. Promotions We're delighted to also announce the following well-deserved promotion from within the existing GM staff: GM Saen. TalonRO's own GM Saen has risen to the rank of High Gamemaster. Saen's expertise and incredible work ethic will undoubtedly touch every Talonian. We're delighted to announce this promotion, and please join us in congratulations when you see GM Saen next! Departures Finally, it is with a fond farewell and all best wishes that we announce the formal departure of GM Gemini, GM Azul, GM Locke, and GM Chronos. Their efforts over the months and years have no doubt made a tremendous impact in the life of the game we all love - and we're confident they will enjoy great success in their next endeavors. A deep and sincere thanks from all of us for their dedication and time spent helping to craft TalonRO into the incredible community it is today! We hope to continue to serve you to our highest abilities in the time ahead, especially as we come together to celebrate TalonRO's tenth anniversary in 2017! It is our privilege and pleasure to serve this extraordinary community of players, and we hope to make your time in Midgard the very best that it can be. Cheers, many thanks, and happy gaming!
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    Yay finally done! I wish i am be able to finish and submit my 2nd entry
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    Hi again everyone IGN : High Priest Yogie Bear Final Version (1st Entry) Sketch Version (1st Entry) :
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    Visit TalonRO's New Control Panel HERE! Today, we're happy to unveil a feature that has been brewing behind the scenes for a long time - and the effort has been worth the wait! We're proud to introduce the upgraded new Player Control Panel - designed to put your TalonRO experience into overdrive with incredible new features, total account security and control, powerful database search features, on-demand support, and all wrapped around a refreshed and responsive design to compliment TalonRO's main website. We know that the Player Control Panel will become the web-based home for your TalonRO experience - and we can hardly wait for you to dive in and explore all that it has to offer. The new Player Control Panel experience starts at the main page, with real-time updates for the latest in TalonRO's news, events, special announcements, and much more. You'll be able to stay in touch with TalonRO no matter where you are! Furthermore, the panel features a completely redesigned Support Center experience. Browse through troubleshooting questions and FAQs by searching your general problem, or simply look through available topics. Still need assistance? The Support Ticket tracking pane keeps track of any tickets you have in for administrative staff - all in one convenient view. View TalonRO's rules, FAQs, and other topics easily and conveniently. Finally, we've redesigned the Panel from the ground-up with enhanced security measures across all areas of service - most especially your account! You'll now be able to turn on two-factor authentication to protect your account to the maximum! New Control Center Visit the panel to instantly view the latest TalonRO news, announcements, events, and much more - all right when you start! Two-factor authentication is now available to protect your account! When enabled, your account's information will be protected when you try and access it in the Player Control Panel - keeping your information extra secure. To enable this feature, follow these steps: Visit the Account Security section of the forums, or simply go to your profile name in the upper-right corner, click on account settings, and visit account security. You'll also need to download the Google Authenticator App on your Android or iOS device. This will generate the two-factor authentication code on your behalf. Simply enable the feature and successfully verify the app code and you'll be ready to go! Now when accessing sensitive account information, you can use the Authenticator app to generate a new code. These features are optional, but recommended for anyone wanting to add extra security to their account. Newly added additional security features are in place throughout to keep account activity safe and reliable for all players! View your account's information, reset your password, view punishments, and other account assets with ease and speed. The new self-service Support Center allows you to find an answer to many frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips. Join Tam Tam as he helps you through the process - or simply use one of the pre-defined support categories on the left-hand navigation to find an answer! Your Support Tickets are also easily tracked on the bottom of the Support Center as well - allowing for clear, transparent viewing of tickets in for administrative-level assistance when needed. You can even upload screenshots with drag-and-drop features right into the attachment window! The Player Control Panel has a new redesign that is meant to compliment the modern and forward design of TalonRO's main website - allowing for a seamless web experience! We've remade the Panel with incredible responsive design interfaces - meaning that you can access the Panel on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile) and TalonRO's Player Control Panel will scale appropriately for you. The new Panel is also intensely fast, with quicker loading and pagination - all without having to reload any pages. With visually pleasing tables, monster images which come to life right on your phone, and flexible power in the Panel - the goal is to create a smooth, seamless experience for you! You can even hover over map coordinates in the Selling and Buying Shops and see exactly where an item is being sold! Explore the Panel and enjoy all that it has to offer. Finally, speed has been woven throughout the experience - ensuring fast load times for the Panel's pages! Modern, Responsive, Clean Design New responsive design can scale to any device - meaning you can enjoy a rich Player Panel experience wherever you are! Fast loading and seamless pagination mean a smooth Panel experience, all without having to reload pages throughout. Monster images, rich features, and interactive minimaps are all at your fingertips. Click, hover, drag-and-drop, and swipe your way through new information. Enjoy an easy and visually clean voting page, complete with instructions, cooldown notices, and more. Blazingly fast load time for the Player Control Panel shorten the distance between your questions and the panel's answers. Best of all, the Player Control Panel features some intense new additions which we think will really level-up your gaming experience on TalonRO! We've not only made features far more interactive, but also given you more control over search features and filtering through information - allowing you to locate and isolate the things you need quickly and easily. We've incorporated how the community uses the panel into this new design - ensuring features you use and love are even better than ever. The Buying and Selling databases are enhanced with features such as showing forged gears, dynamic PDF list generation of Buying Shop vends being currently offered and their price ranges - so you know precisely how to help set market conditions for your best vending experience! You can even search for all items being vended on a specific map. Plus, TalonRO's databases allow for finer-grained search results with features so expansive you might not know where to start. TalonRO's goal was to design a Panel experience which was feature-rich, visually-current, and data-driven; we hope that you'll agree this new Panel is all of those things! Powerful New Panel Features Item and monster databases now feature easy hotlinking through just a click of a button! No more copying a random URL to share the information - it's as easy as clicking the link icon. The Selling and Buying Shop databases have received a wonderful set of upgrades and expansions: Selling shops now feature forged gears in their listing. Generate a PDF list of Buying Stores with all items which have been recently purchased and for their purchase price - allowing you to see what's hot in the marketplace! Search for all items being vended on a specific map in the Buying and Selling Shop databases. Hover over the coordinate column of the table to have a minimap pop up along with a marker of the location - so you'll know right where to go! The monster database uses actual, live EXP rates - so you'll always know how much EXP to expect from a monster in real-time! The advanced search features have been expanded in incredible ways, allowing for search features previously unavailable in the older Panel. Experience complete and finely-tuned filtering to locate exactly what you're looking for across all of TalonRO's databases. Access familiar other resources too, such as the custom TalonRO Calculator, castle standings, fame rankings, and character statistics! You've asked for it, now you've got it - introducing Storage Search! Search your storage across all of your game accounts in one place. Your storage list will refresh once every 3 hours, and will tell you item name, quantity, and the account which that item is located. Find all of your items faster and easier than ever before! Search for your items with incredibly fast results as well. Search all of your Kafra storages, on all game accounts, all within your master account! Look across your items and instantly see their market prices! What is that item looking like in the marketplace? What should you sell or buy an item for? Get a quick and instant look at the price offerings right within the panel. Knowing what's in the marketplace and its price has never been easier! We hope that you'll enjoy the new Player Control Panel as part of your regular TalonRO experience! We're delighted to celebrate and continue to push the frontiers of what is possible, even ten years later. Thank you for choosing to be part of the TalonRO community - we hope this makes your time more enjoyable, exciting, and (best of all) fun! Many thanks and, as always, happy gaming! We're proud to feature artwork in these General News postings from the TalonRO community! Seen in the images above are artwork designs from nVALKry, Marly, Orange Tomato, Nagix3, Orchestra, and Aryll (via AkatsukiZakuro) We hope that you enjoy these one-of-a-kind creations from TalonRO's own amazing community of players.
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    Anne The Stylist Dye's IGN: D r i n
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    With fresh snow falling in Lutie and caroling voices lingering, silver bells and visions of sugar plums dance in Talonian's heads. With dreams of gifts sitting underneath the Yggdrasil Tree, the joyous people of Midgard eagerly await Christmas Day! In observing the generous spirit of the holidays, we're pleased to offer a new and innovative way of sharing Christmas cheer with your friends and fellow Talonians with our first-ever Secret Santa Gift Exchange! This year's exchange is simple: visit with the Secret Santa NPC in Lutie, where you'll be allowed to pack up one (1) special gift exchange box with an item from your inventory. Your gift will be given at random to another Talonian who is participating in the gift exchange - which is a wonderful way to make new friends, too! If you give a gift, you'll get a gift. You may only pack a single item type from the pre-approved list below. Each item type carries a minimum quantity - for example, you can choose to pack a minimum of 1 Buckler [1] or 90 Oridecon - but each item has an approximate equivalent Zeny value. You're welcome to give more than the minimum, of course - but you can only give one item type in total, so choose wisely! You must have the item you wish to give in your inventory, so make sure that you have it with you when visiting with the Secret Santa helper! After packing your gift box with your selected gift from your inventory, you can write a gift message inside! You'll be able to write up to four (4) lines of text as a special holiday message. Please note of course: inappropriate messages will not be tolerated and may lead to action taken against your account. When done, your box will be packed and added to the exchange! You can only perform this on one character on your forum account, and all gifts will be distributed at random shortly after Christmas. When Santa's elves have exchanged your gifts after Christmas, be sure to check your in-game mail box on your character, where a special Secret Santa gift and note will be waiting your arrival from a random Talonian. Below are the list and quantities of pre-approved items which are available to pack into your gift exchange box: Quantity Item Name 1 Angel Wing Ears[0] 3 Bearfoot Special [str+8] 1 Bloody Branch 200 Blue Herb 1 Buckler[1] 1 Chef Hat 2 Chiqita's Jewelry Box 75 Crystal Arrow Quiver 100 Crystal Fragment 50 Dead Branch 1 Dragon Breath Cocktail [int+10] 40 Elunium 6 Embryo 1 Evil Wing Ear[0] 1 Expert Ring[1] 1 Formal Suit[1] 60 Glistening Coat 12 Green Salad [dex+5] 1 Guard[1] 1 Handmade Chocolate 2 Hwergelmir's Tonic [dex+10] 7 Immaterial Arrow Quiver 400 Immortal Heart 15 Karvodailnirol 15 Mastela Fruit Wine [int+5] 1 Muffler[1] 15 Old Blue Box 1 Old Card Album 7 Old Purple Box 90 Oridecon 1 Panda Hat 1 Perfect Blue Gem 1 Perfect Green Gem 1 Perfect Red Gem 1 Perfect Yellow Gem 200 Piece of Cake 9 Poison Bottle 3 Royal Family Tea [int+8] 100 Shadow Arrow Quiver 1 Shoes[1] 1 Silver Guard[1] 3 Special Toast [dex+8] 15 Speed Potion 2 Steamed Tongue [str+10] 50 Stone Arrow Quiver 175 Strawberry 1 Talon Coin 1 Teddy Bear Hat 1 Tidal Shoes[1] 35 Wind Arrow Quiver 500 Witch Starsand 1 Wool Scarf[1] 20 Ygg Berry 50 Ygg Seed Lastly - be sure to act fast: our Secret Santa Gift Exchange is running now through noon on Christmas Eve (December 24th) server time! We hope that you'll consider making a new friend this holiday season - and who knows what fun item you'll receive in exchange! There's only one way to find out. Merry Christmas, and Happy Gaming!
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    Thank you @GM Raine for the information about "If you have multiple entries, please make sure they're all in the same post." So i will gather all of my entries in this post IGN : High Priest Yogie Bear 1st Entry : 2nd Entry : 3rd Entry : Because of Post Size Limitations. Just in case if you need the Highest Resolutions and Best Quality of the Pictures, you can download them here : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56741265/Saved/High Priest Yogie Bear.zip Thank you very much!
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    Excited to unveil Project Iduna soon! Been a long time coming.
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    Every other week is a time where the GM's bask in some grand grocery shopping... Salmon for Kuma Hammer polish for Boreas Kitty litter for Mimi Skittles for Rainbow Lighter fluid for Luna Sparkles for Spica Of course, we can't just buy anything~ All of our shopping is done on the streets of Prontera, or in the grocery store in Lighthalzen! But sadly, the product range is WoEful... So we want you to design some new ones! The task at hand is easy, take an every day item, it can be anything, and make the packaging RO themed! How you go about this is up to you. Feel free to redraw it from scratch, Photoshop the original, even glue pictures over the top of some real packaging, just make sure to be as creative as possible, whilst it still being recognisable. Rules and Guidelines: Include your In Game Name in your post. Include a photo both of your creation, and the original packaging Try to add as many details as possible (this is what we'll be looking for!) You can of course use arts from other sources for your piece, but credit the creators where possible Be sure to keep your entry forum appropriate, use some common sense here~ Here's what a valid entry should look like! Rewards: The 3 best entries will all receive the following; 1 x Elvira Pet 1 x July Monthly Costume Box 2 x Old Orange Box Entries Close: 22nd July at midnight, server time Each account may submit one entry, any form of cheating, such as using multiple forum accounts, is against the rules and can not only get you disqualified from this event but also banned from the server. GMs reserve the right to pick fewer than 3 winners if no suitable entries are submitted.
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