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    There comes a time in every endeavour to say goodbye, it is always sad when you have to leave your friends behind but harder when its your family, and TalonRO, to me, is just that. I want to thank every Talonian for your support. You welcomed me as your new GM with open arms a year ago and since then, it has been an amazing experience creating/hosting events for you all, the endless banters and conversations with you guys I will be missing the most. I want to thank the hardest working GM team ever, and my bunny sisters @GM Lance, @GM Spica, and @GM Luna, as well as the great admins who I look up to. I am leaving behind hundreds of great memories, companions of many victories and an incredible community. Although there remains a lot to do, I am tremendously proud and confident that TalonRO will continue to grow and strive with all the players. Thank you to everyone for the amazing memories, all of you will hold a place in my heart forever. Impossible is nothing Farewell from Valhalla, GM Elixia
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    Oh. My. god. This month's costumes! 😱 Save up zeny or risk it?!
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