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    Name: Talonring Appearance: Color: Green Drop: Talon Coin#8900, Harpy Talon#7116, Talon#917, Talon of Griffon#7048 Backstory:Not many players know that porings living in the Umbala fields have talons. IGN: Ultra Greed
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    They told me I could be anything.. so I decided to be a Roast Memory. The best costume available in game. Woops, in-game name: Vecuronium Someone put steps, so might as well put step by step stuff too.
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    Name - Piratering Colour - Yellow with eye patch and ship captain's hat Drops - Ship Captain's Hat ID #5359 Pirate Eye Bandage ID #5804 Pirate Bandana ID #2287 Treasure Box ID #7444 Normal Coin Bag ID #12614 Gold #969 Story - You think normal porings are mischievous little looters? Well, ahoy matey! You haven't met Piratering! Don't underestimate this diabolic little fellow. He has sailed the seas from the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom to the Republic of Schwartzvald searching far and wide for treasure. Piratering's journeys have been quite lucrative. Being the greedy little fellow he is, he carries around his entire treasure hoard at all times! If you happen to stumble across Piratering, I wish you the best of luck in your plundering! IGN: PesoPorcupine
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    I really wanted to go all-out for this competition, since costumes are everything to me in TRO, so I went ahead and made a large sewing project out of two of my favorite costumes in the game: the Wild Poring Rider Costume and the Garden Keeper Rucksack Costume . I've included some "in-progress" photos in hidden content below. Costumes: Wild Poring Rider & Garden Keeper Rucksack IGN: Ashadia Garden Keeper WIP and Walk through: Poring Rider WIP and walk through: Thanks for the great event. I had a lot of fun and discovered a new skill! #CostumesAreLife
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    Happy October Talonians! Halloween is just around the corner and we've prepared a special contest for you! The rules are very simple; you have to submit your real-life hat or item that closely resembles a headgear or costume found in-game. The hat that you will submit to this contest can either be store bought or handmade. The submission itself will be in form of a few photos, a screenshot, and a handwritten note. The deadline will fall on the 29th October 00:00 server time. Best of luck to all participants! ☆‬ Rules ☆‬ - This contest requires you to take images with either a camera or smartphone - Only Top/Mid/Lower headgears/costumes are allowed - You can submit pictures of already existing IRL hats or craft your own! - The items can be either placed somewhere or worn, it's fine to edit and add an emoji to hide your face if needed - Images cannot be stolen from the internet - As a contestant, you have to either hold or place a handwritten paper note with the words "TALON RO 2018 Contest" somewhere in the picture - You may submit as many headgears as you like. You can, however, only win once - Make sure to include your in-game name in your post - Most importantly, have fun! ☆‬ Example ☆‬ In-game name: GM Luna Headgear name: Long Rainbow Octopus Costume ☆‬ Prizes ☆‬ 1st place Bat Rucksack Costume + 25 TC + 1 October Costume Box + 1 GM box 2nd place 15 TC + 1 October Costume Box + 1 GM box 3rd place 10 TC + October Costume Box 4th & 5th place October Costume Box Good luck everyone!
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    Its a winner already, epic chicken bwahaha
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    Congratulations heroes for surviving the Scourge! The King of the Rift has been defeated yet his successors remain to continue his reign, a mistake has been made and its too late for regrets... Are you ready for The Crown? "Bow to your new Queens..."
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    First: The name of the Treasure Poring: Junkring The preferred color of the Treasure poring: Gray with a Flu Mask and a Banana Hat The drops of the Treasure Poring : Tropical Banana ID #634 100% Well-Dried Bone ID #628 100% 200 Grape Juice Box ID #20234 100% 50 Strawberry Box ID #20976 100% 50 Blue Gemstone Box ID #20979 50% Apple of Archer ID #2285 50% Old Card Album ID #616 10% Ancient Card Album ID #20590 3% Story: This poring lives in a dumpster because he liked to collect the items that others throw and put them in boxes, sometimes he is surprised by the things that can come to despise by people, but as the saying goes: the garbage of someone is the treasure of other. Second: The name of the Treasure Poring: Jewelring The preferred color of the Treasure poring: Normal poring with a Jewel Crown The drops of the Treasure Poring: 1carat Diamond ID #730 100% 2carat Diamond ID #731 100% 3carat Diamond ID #732 100% Amethyst ID #719 100% Aquamarine ID #720 100% Pearl ID #722 100% Opal ID #727 100% Jewelry Box ID #12106 3% Brooch ID #2605 3% Earring ID #2602 3% Glove ID #2604 3% Rosary [1] ID #2626 3% Ring [1] ID #2621 3% Necklace [1] ID #2623 3% Story: The day that the Gods created the gems located in the bottom of Midgard, they created mistakenly a small creature that is rumored to be the carrier of the most beautiful gems, but he only decides to deliver his most precious collections to that warrior able to take care of them. IGN: Arbalest Elite
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    Name: Exploring / Doring (from Dora the Explorer) Color: Poring with backpack and a hat Drops: Chiqita's Jewelry Box ID #8901 100% 5 Reward Ticket ID #8807 100% Gift Box ID #644 100% Poring Doll ID #741 75% Poring Egg ID #9001 50% Poring Disguise Scroll ID #8853 25% Jewelry Box ID #12106 15% Old Orange Box ID #8815 0.5% Ancient Card Album ID #20590 0.5% Random GM Box 0.005% --> (No sure about the ID numbers) Story: A run away pet being neglected by its owner, decide to explores the vast land of Rune - Midgard, in search for fortune, fame, and adventure ("Do you see Swiper?"). But deep inside, it only seek a master to care and to cherish with. (sprite for reference only) : https://rathena.org/board/files/file/3785-sppo/ Name: Teleporing Color: (Poring / Lunatic) - Hybrid with antena or fluffy tail Drops: Field Manual ID #12208 100% Drip of Yggdrasil ID #8955 50% Old Dracula's Mix ID #8816 25% Old Purple Box ID #617 15% TalonRO Cake ID #20062 15% Thick Battle Manual ID #12312 5% Random GM Box 0.005% --> (No sure about the ID numbers) Story: a very rare breed of poring covered in fluff and only few have seen one due to its elusive nature, it instantly teleports when threatened or attacked and rarely stays for too long. (Rumors have it that this special poring was once a GM's pet, but no one knows???) (From poring Collection, downloaded somewhere over the net.) Name: Swipering Color: Poring with fox ear and tail Drops: Drops nothing hmmm let the GM decide Story: This poring has mastered art of trickery and deception, it can disguise/transform into other special poring and leave a nasty trail of traps. IGN: Kaska Yearsley
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    This is probably one of my most favorite events the team has come up with yet. Please keep them coming! I'm really inspired to find something around here, where's some creativity when I need it, brain?! @Kurivivi you look so dapper I wanna cry, @Plasmapheresis I'll be seeing you in my nightmares
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