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    A huge commendation to all teams that participated in this week's ghoulish Fright Fight challenge. And now to announce the winners! 1st place (joint victors) Rayssss' Team (31 MVPs defeated) Yuren's Team (31 MVPs defeated) 2nd place Motto Stella's Team (26 MVPs defeated) 3rd place Lamia's Team (25 MVPs defeated) Honourable mentions Khrei's Team (24 MVPs defeated) Rana's Team (24 MVPs defeated) Pookish' Team (22 MVPs defeated) Kurai's Team (19 MVPs defeated) Will the winning party leaders please PM me the IGNs of all players who participated for the challenge, so we can mail out your prizes. Thank you all for attending, and we hope you have a wicked Halloween!
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    Thank you Lance! Being able to kill so many MvPs back to back without any interruptions and outside mobs was a thriller. Get it, get it? Cheers!
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    I would like to take this slot for my party thanks! Party name: Scrubs gonna crash
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    IGN: Edwado Costumes: Wandering Minstrel Hat, Protection Feathers Costume and Protection Cloth Costume
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    Dear TalonTeam, I want to suggest that the creamy card would just directly warp you randomly without the need to hit enter after activating the skill. Similar to fly wings just with sp consumtion. After farming for hours for cards or items, it feels a bit torture to always hit enter. Also, I just have one option to choose anyways after activating the skill, so maybe reducing it by one step would be no issue and a better gaming experience for all users :) Thank you!
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    wow Super Novice so cool
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