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    Thanksgiving Event 2018 With Halloween ending, we didn't want to leave you all empty-handed until the Christmas festivities! Some might remember this event from many years ago, but we thought it'd be fun to bring this one back: the TalonRO Thanksgiving event! How to play? The Jefferys Family has decided to take it upon themselves to host a Thanksgiving Event for all the adventurers who have kept the world safe from harm. Granny Grace can be found in Hugel twice and will warp 5 players into a special event map for a duration of 5 minutes. As said, you will find two Granny Grace's, so two groups of people can join at a time! In those 5 minutes, it is your job to hunt various monsters and get their drops. Found some drops? Great! Now what? You will find 3 children and grandchildren of Grace spread out on the map. Each of them can make a special Thanksgiving Dish which has some pretty neat bonuses when you consume it. However, plan ahead on which dish you are going to hunt for. Time is short and you may not always be lucky when it comes to drops. Each mob drops specific ingredients, so find out which you have to hunt! Not to mention, when you start the game, all ingredients from previous rounds will be erased! There are 3 types of dishes, which are not bound: Thanksgiving Turkey Restores 50% HP&SP, improves HP/SP Recovery by 200% for 15 minutes. Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie DEX + 10 for 20 minutes, HIT + 40 for 30 minutes. Thanksgiving Ale Increases all stats by 2 and increases your walking speed for 20 minutes. Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat From time to time, the monsters will also drop Thanksgiving Crests. While they are no ingredients for the dishes, they can be used for something entirely different! In Hugel, you will find Abigale. She will be able to make a not-bound Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat if you exchange about 50 of these crests and some zeny. The hat itself is quite useful, but there's more! When you made a hat, talk to Abigale again. At a cost of 10 Crests, she will be able to boost your headgear for a duration of 24 hours. When boosted, you will automatically be buffed with a random useful skill every half a minute or so. If you're lucky, even more often! Once the 24 hours are over, just talk to her again to boost your headgear another time. And let's not forget the last thing! Every time you boost your hat at Abigale, there is a chance of obtaining a Teddy Bear Pet! These Pet Food-loving monsters are quite rare, so be sure to spend those crests~ The event will last until November 29th. We hope you all have fun!
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    That's kind of the trick of the event! When you do it more often, you'll learn to find the NPCs by memory in no time~
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