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    Same with TheStranger, had fun making this cause I think I drew my friends very well. IGN: Vecuronium
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    Here's my entry! I spent way more time than the quality would indicate. Hopefully my rendition of TamTam doesn't give anyone nightmares... IGN : BoneVoyage
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    Good questions! You can think of 7 colors as determined by their RGB color code (so 7 unique color codes). Not limited to just rainbow colors so the artist may choose any 7 color combination they'd like. So in that case, no, neutral colors are not counted as 1 color. Would certainly make things easier to declare them
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    Greetings, beloved Talonians. It's that time of the year again, a season full of snowmen, gingerbread men, snow angels, and the spirit of Christmas. Ready those brushes, sharpen those pencils, and prepare to skate across the icy ring to victory! GoodLuck, Artisans. ❄️Rules❄️ *Entries should be TalonRO/ RO related with a Christmas and /or winter theme, they should also be fun and exciting to look at. *The minimum size for the image will be 1280 x 960 pixels. It can be higher, but you must maintain the same aspect ratio (4:3). *You are allowed to submit multiple entries for this contest, but you can only win once, If posting additional entries before the deadline, please edit your first submission post (before the deadline). *All artwork must be 100% original and MUST INCLUDE our mascot TamTam Artwork from other websites and sources are not allowed, but screenshots you have taken on TalonRO can be used to support your main image. You may also use the official TalonRO logo (download tRO logo and tRO logo 2 ). *Entries may be done digitally or traditionally. Sprites and screenshots may be used to support the main image. *You must post your entries in this thread. *You must include your in-game name when submitting your entry. *The GM Team will select the winners and announce them in a separate thread. ⛄Deadline⛄ 20th December 2018 ☃️ Prizes ☃️ * Login Screen Winners (2 winners) 30TC + December monthly box + Red Eruma pet * Loading Screen Winners (4 winners) 30TC + December month box 🌟 GM Challenges 🌟 Want to add an extra cherry on top of that pudding? Take on a GM Challenge and win extra coins. You may pick up to 2 GM Challenges. Only winners may get prizes from challenges Please also include in your post which challenge you have chosen ❄️ GM Seiren - include hot chocolate + 1 ❄️ GM Phoenix - Include a fireplace. + 1 ❄️ GM Spica - include a starry sky. + 1 ❄️ GM Neza - include a clock, a countdown, a calendar, anything that relates to time! + 2 ❄️ GM Haru - include any pastry + 1 ❄️ GM Mikzie - "Candy-coon" - Incorporate the peppermint candy or candy cane pattern on TamTam +1 ❄️ GM Amor - Include a letter or a postcard. + 1 ❄️ GM Radius - Include at least a pair of socks. + 1 ❄️ GM Rainbow - Only use 7 colours. + 2 ❄️ GM Sonder - Include an ugly Christmas sweater. + 1 ❄️ GM Zelda - Light up the night: make things more festive with fairy lights! + 1
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    It means a newly drawn TamTam in the same style as the rest of the artwork basically
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