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    Founded in May 15th 2015, Crimson keeps growing as a Social & PvM Guild forming a home for members of all kinds. Consisting of a bunch of kind-hearted and perverted carefree people, our guild life is filled with daily amusing conversations, group activities and community spirit. With our members spread all over the world, we enjoy and experience the joys of TalonRO together! A community will not work without organized roles, synchronized teamwork and willingness to share, give and contribute. Therefore we introduce you our active cores who make our guild life a place to enjoy many aspects of TalonRO! LEADERSHIP ⭐ DISCORD ADMINISTRATION STAFF ⭐ EVENT ORGANIZATION & RECRUITMENT VETERANS ⚔️ These people are the experienced ones, the first generations and still give a lot of contribution to the guild and members in term of PvM. Natalis | Cassius Clay | Ritsu | Ngards Daily instances, occasional event runs and guild events keep our guild lively and fun for every member! ACTIVE TIME PEAK 13.00 - 18.00 Server Time | 7 PM - 12 AM SEA Time INSTANCES — GM Challenges, Endless Tower OCCASIONAL RUNS — Nightmare Rift, Sealed Shrine, Biolabs 4, TWC OTHER ACTION — MVP Hunting, Occasional Leech for Active-Newbie WAR OF EMPERIUM — NonTrans Vanilla [STATUS: currently inactive] GUILD EVENTS — Check out our forum posts! 💬 REVEAL FOR FORUM AND YOUTUBE LOG 💬 Please contact our Recruiter via the official TalonRO Discord to apply for Crimson! Check out the #party-guild-finder channel for official Crimson Recruitment posts. Let's spread our wings together!
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    beta slot 3, please ^^
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    We'd like our party to switch to Slot 3 on 9th Feb please, now that its free again
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