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    Since RMS is not 100% reliable to TalonRO as reference to what old blue boxes and gift boxes give when opened, I decided to collect 1000 gift boxes and old blue boxes and make it as a good estimated reference for TalonRO players. TalonRO is a customized server and I had some bad experiences in the past since items inside the boxes are intended to be a surprise. I do hope new and current players find this helpful before opening those Lucky boxes. According to RMS, you cannot get AOCE(Arrow of Counter Evil), Young Twig from Gift boxes, Obbs, & OPBs. I did encounter players talking that you can get AOCE & Young Twig in OPB. I dunno if that is a rumor or a fact. I will also update this in the future for opening 1000 Old Purple Box (Old Violet Box). There's a sneek peek in the video on how many OPBs I already have in my storage as I opened these boxes. I might put a Part 2 on opening 1000 Old Blue Boxes in the future because of the amount of possible items that can be obtained in OBB. Collecting 1000 boxes of each kind will take time. UPDATE: 100, 200, and 1,000 Old Purple Boxes Opened!
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    Heya zone how are ya bud😱😎
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    Mirage making a come back in 2019?
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    Time to necro this stuff I finally got to redo my test series. Thinking about how I could make my results more reliable I simplified my test setup. I leveled my test candidate a little higher and got some other equipment to reach 190 ASPD without any buff except for zerk pot. Instead of attacking another char i just went to punch my new best friends: "soccer balls". Also I recorded the whole test run instead of counting on the go so I could concentrate on counting and make the test reviewable. With a much more simple test setup I increased the runtime of the test to 8000s (2 hours 13 minutes 20 seconds) which, at 190 ASPD (5 hits per second), results in a total of 40000 single hits. (@howrah if you still want more hits you have to do it yourself ) The results are clear: 1 Vanberk Card 2 Vanberk Cards 189 procs -> 189 / 40000 * 100 = 0.4725% 360 procs -> 360 / 40000 * 100 = 0.9% Some additional notes I still can't say if autobonus script adds up or procs independently but it's strange the numbers are lower than expected. An interesting observation was when wearing only 1 card I haven't seen a single occurance of +200crit while it was quite frequent when wearing 2 but even with wearing 2 cards there was no +300crit. Makes me wonder if a card can not proc again as long as its bonus is active. That could explain the lowered effective proc rates. Or it might as well just be coincidence / variation. Further studies are needed Final Note I was thinking about doing some more visualization with that data beyond just calculating the proc rate but after spending several hours just for recording and rewatching I decided against it. If someone wants to do something here's my list of counted procs: http://valeria-is.strangled.net/autobonus_proctest.ods Also I wanted to upload the raw recordings to youtube but apparently they don't want ~2 hour vidoes from anonymous accounts. If anyone wants to double check and recount message me and I will send you the videos. It's 2 files of around 400MB.