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    this grape juice is too expensive S> grape juice 1z cheaper than @Nonoko-chan 😝
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    I wouldn't mind having a 2 week or even month long wing, even if it would cost x2/4 times as much, simply because it would be easier to put in work for it, then chill for longer. @AskeinWhat <.>
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    Hello again, we'd like to take Slot 6 instead for our americano members. Also we'll take 2 spots, we'll definitely have more than 12 people in our group. Thanks!
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    Here it is how Iduna seems to be, but it's blurred:
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    In Game Name: Esra Challenges: GM Lance - Love Rival GM Neza - Prologue and Epilogue. Word count: 2499 (according to Open Office).
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    Hello my fellow Talonians and Whitesmith lovers! You got bored and tired of usual crowded farming spots like Geffenia, Brasilis, Bibilan, Niff, Abyss and the famous Magma dungeon? Well, this build will open more possibilities to farm on different maps. This is my first time making guide and im open for your any suggestion. So lets start So this is how it works: Kaahi + Kiel Card + Golden Thiefbug Card Pros: Auto-Heal when hit Auto-Resu when killed Unlimited SP No Magic will hit you Easy when you do it right No buff/ HP need You can solo map like Thanatos, Rachel 04, Bibilan 05 etc. You can farm comfortably keys, feathers, books, wizardry staff etc and even bonbons Cons: Require always SL (dual client) Can be cursed (you need pretty high vit) No Racial/Size reduction will protect you Limitted numbers of mobs when killing (not like Vampy Build ) Gj and other SP healing pots are useless unless you switch shield You have double consumption of SP Zeny/hr will depend on your luck Gears: Headgear: Upper - (depend on your build) Valk Helm - Gryphon/BK Kaho Ulti. Acend Black Dragon Hat (im using it to farm OBB) Hermose Cap - Vanberk Rideword Hat - Vanberk Mid: - (depend on your build) STR- Gryphon/Vanberk Low: PCB for extra def Weapons: Orcish Axe with DBSnKiel- for beginners Mjolnir DBKiel- i prefer this due to its SQI bonus Shield: Any Shied with GTB card Garment: Any with Deviling Card Armor: Any armor with aspd3% carded with garm Naga Scale aspd3% with garm is a good choice coz it has attack procs Def4 MP for extra def P.S. you dont need aspd enchant if you go thorn buffalo combo Foot: Sleipnir Eddga Any Eddga shoes will do Accessories: You can go thorn + buffalo combo or celebs, bris and megs for extra dmge Entering Thanatos Dungeon: First bring atleast 3 chars of you then sign a contract at than_t01 to enter flr04. Just speak to the NPC Guide (Ditze) Then teleport them till you get to flr2 and go near the entrance to flr3 and talk to the Entrance Guide. In this case, when the portal opened you can enter your WS and SL. And close the client on the other char so that when you die you can just log it in Next just teleport and park your SL at Thanatos flr3 upstairs entrance to flr4 and make sure no mobs around. To give you a insight. Here are my loots on 1hr farming. I was lucky i got WIzardry Staff and Mimic Card P.S. Just play with your stat until you reach 190aspd with adrenaline rush+ berserk pots, the higher the refine of your gears the better. You can bring GJ and flywings for emergency and leaf for resuing your SL. You can switch other shield when your SP is out and spam GJ or just hit mobs to replenish SP. Just a little bit of practice and you will be fine and when you get use to it you wont needing GJ anymore. If you got bored you can try to go flr05 Here is the sample video i made.