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    Goodness gracious! Mine exceeds the 2500 word limit count and wouldn't do justice if reduced. I'm in dilemma. Haha!
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    I know people like Seiren x Howl more, but would you welcome a Seiren x Boreas novel too? Also, a yuri novel is fair game, right? EDIT: I guess I couldn't get Seiren's permission... and Boreas will probably kill me again if I asked, so I scrapped the whole thing. Instead, I wrote this thing which is part of a bigger story. I wrote it like a light novel because I misread "love novel" . I tried my best to make it work despite it being part of a larger story, so I hope everyone has as much fun reading it as I did writing it. If for some reason you want to read more of the characters, here's the 8k word draft (mostly unedited) which was basically made with the reader having no knowledge of RO (kinda) in mind. IGN: Cespoirs Synopsis: After a certain incident, students from Seiren Girls' Academy went missing. The amnesiac Miyu Satō (佐藤みゆ Satou Miyu), a third-year from the academy, finds herself in a strange city called "Prontera". Along with her is the second year, Arisa Onoe (尾上有紗 Onoe Arisa). After finding out that they can't return to their original world, the two embark on an ambitious journey in search of wealth and power to make the most of their situation. Genre: Action, Fantasy, Game, Magic, Supernatural, Yuri, Dementia, Romance, Isekai Challenges: GM Neza - Include a prologue and an epilogue. + 3 TC GM Seiren - Include a nemesis. + 3 TC Total Word Count: 2,500
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    Hello my fellow Talonians and Whitesmith lovers! You got bored and tired of usual crowded farming spots like Geffenia, Brasilis, Bibilan, Niff, Abyss and the famous Magma dungeon? Well, this build will open more possibilities to farm on different maps. This is my first time making guide and im open for your any suggestion. So lets start So this is how it works: Kaahi + Kiel Card + Golden Thiefbug Card Pros: Auto-Heal when hit Auto-Resu when killed Unlimited SP No Magic will hit you Easy when you do it right No buff/ HP need You can solo map like Thanatos, Rachel 04, Bibilan 05 etc. You can farm comfortably keys, feathers, books, wizardry staff etc and even bonbons Cons: Require always SL (dual client) Can be cursed (you need pretty high vit) No Racial/Size reduction will protect you Limitted numbers of mobs when killing (not like Vampy Build ) Gj and other SP healing pots are useless unless you switch shield You have double consumption of SP Zeny/hr will depend on your luck Gears: Headgear: Upper - (depend on your build) Valk Helm - Gryphon/BK Kaho Ulti. Acend Black Dragon Hat (im using it to farm OBB) Hermose Cap - Vanberk Rideword Hat - Vanberk Mid: - (depend on your build) STR- Gryphon/Vanberk Low: PCB for extra def Weapons: Orcish Axe with DBSnKiel- for beginners Mjolnir DBKiel- i prefer this due to its SQI bonus Shield: Any Shied with GTB card Garment: Any with Deviling Card Armor: Any armor with aspd3% carded with garm Naga Scale aspd3% with garm is a good choice coz it has attack procs Def4 MP for extra def P.S. you dont need aspd enchant if you go thorn buffalo combo Foot: Sleipnir Eddga Any Eddga shoes will do Accessories: You can go thorn + buffalo combo or celebs, bris and megs for extra dmge Entering Thanatos Dungeon: First bring atleast 3 chars of you then sign a contract at than_t01 to enter flr04. Just speak to the NPC Guide (Ditze) Then teleport them till you get to flr2 and go near the entrance to flr3 and talk to the Entrance Guide. In this case, when the portal opened you can enter your WS and SL. And close the client on the other char so that when you die you can just log it in Next just teleport and park your SL at Thanatos flr3 upstairs entrance to flr4 and make sure no mobs around. To give you a insight. Here are my loots on 1hr farming. I was lucky i got WIzardry Staff and Mimic Card P.S. Just play with your stat until you reach 190aspd with adrenaline rush+ berserk pots, the higher the refine of your gears the better. You can bring GJ and flywings for emergency and leaf for resuing your SL. You can switch other shield when your SP is out and spam GJ or just hit mobs to replenish SP. Just a little bit of practice and you will be fine and when you get use to it you wont needing GJ anymore. If you got bored you can try to go flr05 Here is the sample video i made.
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    this grape juice is too expensive S> grape juice 1z cheaper than @Nonoko-chan 😝
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    I wouldn't mind having a 2 week or even month long wing, even if it would cost x2/4 times as much, simply because it would be easier to put in work for it, then chill for longer. @AskeinWhat <.>
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    Landers'll take the 3pm slot, then
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    Hello again, we'd like to take Slot 6 instead for our americano members. Also we'll take 2 spots, we'll definitely have more than 12 people in our group. Thanks!
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    new client possible add ons: monster HP bar Replay System (built-in video recorder)
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    But what if it isn't a teaser
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    Here it is how Iduna seems to be, but it's blurred:
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    In Game Name: Esra Challenges: GM Lance - Love Rival GM Neza - Prologue and Epilogue. Word count: 2499 (according to Open Office).
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    -SS- Sniper -S- High Priest, Assassin Cross, High Wizard -A- Creator, Paladin, Lord Knight -B- Champion, Whitesmith, Stalker, Gypsy/Clown -C- Star Gladiator, Professor, Super Novice -D- Soul Linker, Gunslinger, Ninja Values and I made this list considering the overall usefulness of each class in PvM with a focus mainly on MVPs, but we also considered their ability to farm maps for good zeny per hour and the cost of gear required. We consider balanced to be around A/B tier, with LK being the center. What do you guys think?
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    My Vanil just evolved today!
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    Hello all! My name is Streep. I'm writing this guide, because I'd love to play the Ninja class. I'm not really into the mainstream classes, so I once gave the Ninja class a try... And here we are... Two years and much knowledge later. Anyway; here is a detailed guide about the Ninja class. Hope you people like it! Any question/remarks can be leaved in the comment section. Table of Contents: Hello all! Table of Contents Ninja Job Bonusses Stats Skills Leveling Farming Gears Attributes Hedging Ninja We've all heard the rumors and maybe you were able to take a glance of them, when you were wandering around the streets of Prontera. They are agile, they are swift and they have trousers that looks like grown man diapers. Yes! It is the unfamous Ninja class of TalonRO! Ninja's are part of the extended classes. We cannot rebirth into something special, but we do get 69 skills points to divide! That means in the end we reach level 99/70. There are three types of Ninja's: Throwing Ninja. This Ninja uses Kunai and Shuriken to inflict his 'damage'. Although damage is a big word here. We won't be bothering this type of Ninja in this guide. Melee Ninja: This fellow hides in the shadows and waits for his opponent to pass by, strikes fast and disappears as fast as he got in. Neither will be discussed in this guide. Magic Ninja: This chap uses a combination of Fire/Ice and Wind skills to inflict his damage. And this is where our story begins... Job bonusses In the table following are the job bonusses that come along with the Ninja Class. As you can see; in the end we get a whooping +5 int and +6 dex, which comes in handy as a Magic Ninja. Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 STR 59 AGI 1 2 12 21 31 41 51 61 VIT 60 INT 20 29 42 50 62 DEX 11 22 32 43 53 63 LUK 30 40 52 64 Stats Well not much to say about this actually... The two most important stats are Int and Dex. Int for moar damage, roarrr! and Dex for faster casting! The leftover points can be used for other stats, which is a personal preference. Depending on your playstyle. Str: Every base point of Str adds your Weight Limit by +20. You can farm more loot and it takes longer to get overweight, which prevents SP recovery. Agi: The more Agi the faster your ASPD. Ninja can spam most of his skills, which result overal in faster killing. Vit: Every Vit points increase your HP by 1%. Since Ninja has a very little HP pool, this can give you some extra HP and also gives you a higher recovery rate from Healing Items. Int: Primary stat Dex: Primary stat Luk: Every 3 points of Luk increase your Matk by +1. You can choose this if you want your damage output maxed. Skills Ok so here we've got this image of the Ninja skill three. Let's study it! General The three most left rows are in sequence: Novice skills, Throwing Skills and Melee Skills. Which I won't be telling you about in this guide. But since Flip Tatami is a pre-requisites for Soul and Cicida Skin Shed, we have to get Flip Tatami at least at level 1. Personally I think Soul and Cicida Skin Shed are two must have skills. Soul/Ninja Aura gives your character +5 str and int for a duration of 90 seconds at the cost of 80 hp and 60 sp. Cicada Skin Shed makes your character jump 7 cells back, when being psychical attacked for 60 seconds or when you've been hit for a total of 3 hits. Flip Tatami; at level 5 it deals 150% psychical damage to opponents in a cross-shape around you and pushes them back 5 cells. When used you are also blocking all psychical range attacks for 3 seconds at the cost of not be able to use skills. So on the right side of the image we can see; Ninpou training. Ninpou training is mandatory for all magic skills. Level 5 is pre-requisites for Soul, but Oh Boy, you'll want this skill maxed till 10 anyhow. It's the Ninja version of SP recovery. It works with the following calculation (Maximum SP/500 + 3) * Skill level every 10 seconds. Also Level 10 is mandatory for the skills Exploding Dragon, Falling Ice Pillar and North Wind. So after Ninpou training we can choose for three different routes, Fire, Ice and Wind. Ofcourse all the damage will be affected by the element! Fire route deals fire damage... etc. You get the point. The first tier skills are like the mage's bolts. They deal slightly less damage, but besides Wind Blade, doesn't have ACD. Meaning they can be spammed. The second tier skills are AoE skills, either support or damage ones. The tier 3 skills are AoE skills, but with much more damage. Let's get a quick breakdown of the skills! Crimson Fire Blossom fires the amount of the 'Skill Level' of fire petals at your opponent, dealing 90% of your magic damage each hit! Crimson Fire Formation* is the tier 2 skill of the fire route and is like the mage version of Fire Wall, but upgraded. It sets flames around you in a 5*5 square. It hits enemies for 5-9 hits for each flame and deals magic damage accordingly, depending on the Skill Level. Dragon Fire Formation* is the final skill. It shoots a 'lazy looking Dragon' from the floor that deals up to 900% fire magic damage. It's calculated as a single hit, but then divided into three seperate hits. Lighting Spear of Ice shoots the amount of 'Skill Level' of ice-spears at your opponent, dealing 90% of water magic damage each hit. Water Escape Technique is the Tier 2 skill of the Ice route. Actually this isn't any damage dealing skill. It creates a puddle of water on the Floor, where the 'Skill Level' determines the area. It reduces Agi and movement speed of all enemies standing in it. Aqua benedicta and Waterball can be used upon this. Therefore people suggest to put atleast a Drake in your weapon. Falling Ice Pillar is the final skill. Some huge block of ice falls from the sky and damage all enemies around you for 350% of water Matk. It also has a 60% chance of Freeze enemies around you. It sounds as a good skill, I have to admit. But since Cicida Skin Shed puts us 7 cells back... I've never found the use for this one actually.🙄 Wind Blade who would have guessed... Deal the amount of the 'Skill Level' of flying green aerials upon your opponent, dealing 90% of wind magic damage each hit! But... It has unlike the other two primary skills an ACD of 1. Which means we can't spam the skill. Lightning Crash is the second in row and has the same complications as Falling Ice Pillar. It deals 390% wind Matk damage in a 9x9 cell around you, but since Cecida Skin Shed pushes you back... I never found the use either. North Wind is the final of the wind Route. It shoots another green Aerial thing at the aisle. It deals 600% of Wind element at a 9 cell range length and 5 range width. Very usefull skill! *Note All Tier 2 and 3 skills consumes 1 Flame/Ice or Wind stone each time you use the skill. Under the Content of Attributes I'll explain where to buy these. I also added a Link which you can use to divide your skill points: https://irowiki.org/~himeyasha/skill4/nnj.html Leveling Wohoow, that was one hell amount of text Streep... I know, I know... But I had no other choice than explaining it like this. So let's quickly move on to the part where you've all been waiting for. Reaching 99/70 as soon as possible! Start the Quest line with Manuela in Prontera. Just fast click all the talking and stuff. (No one bothers anyway, we'll just spam !Main afterwards...) When send back to Manuela after you've went to Gustav be sure to talk to her first, not only you'd get free meats and grape juice, but she rewards you with 5x manual that gives increase in exp! You should be level 19 now and you can change your job to Ninja! Finally! Level 19 You've changed your job and the first thing we'll do is head to anthell. Use one of your five EXP Manuals and start killing Ant eggs till you got reach job level 4 and put your skill points in Crimson Fire Blossom. If you've done it correct, you should have Ninpou training at level 1 (Pre-requisites) and Crimson Fire Blossom at level 3). Head back to Prontera, change your randomly choosen beginning stats to INT only. After that warp yourself back to anthell. Level 20-30 Start killing Deniro, Pierre and Deniro's with Crimson Fire Blossom. This should be a one-hit-kill. (Be sure to keep putting your stats into INT.) Continue doing this till you have enough skill points for level 10 Crimson Fire Blossom. Hotkey level 5 Crimson Fire Blossom and level 10 Crimson Fire Blossom and warp yourself to the City of Einbroch. Level 30-65 One map North of Einbroch; Geographers and Metallings can be found. This is a populair farming place for Magic classes, since the geographers here are immobile and the Metallings aren't cast sensitive. Metallings can be killed with level 5 Crimson Fire Blossom, Geographers takes 2x Level 10 Crimson Fire Blossom. At the time you reach job level 40, head back to Prontera and change your skills. Put your skill points in Cecida Skin Shed(5) and Crimson Fire Formation(10). Head to Amatsu to buy stones. (or use Pinguicula Card/Hira Shurikat.) Level 65-79 Warp to Glast Heim Prison. Cast Cecida Skin Shed. Really important to keep this up in here. Start mobbing on an open place and cast Crimson Fire Formation. Lure them into the fire petals. When you got hit, Cecida Skin Shed should protect you. (My base INT is around 80 at this point, remaining points will go into dex for a faster cast time.) Level 79+ From this point you can go anywhere in the Rune-Midgard Kingdom! Best is to start looking for an Abbey or Odin party, which is the fastest leveling way. Alternative you can level at any other place that does have monsters weak to your Fire/Ice/Wind elements! Farming I won't tell my farming spots... Haha, joking... Ask someone around what is the fastest money-making in TalonRO and they will mostly come up with Geffenia Stalker, Abyss Dungeon Lord Knight or Whitesmith Juperos farming. I can't deny that those place sure bring in a nice hourly income, but we Ninja's have our own spots. And they are good spots, cause... no one is on those maps! Ninja usually farm for rare drops, since we can't handle much weight. I've listed a few of the common farming maps with its most valuable drops. Ofcourse there are a dozen other spots for farming and a dozen other ways to gain money, but I guess you have to make that up for your own. Manuk Fields Centipides: Cold Heart[1], Black Cat, Worm Peeling[SQI]. Nephentes: Nephentes Bow[1], Strong Vine[SQI]. Hillslion: Horn of Hillslion[3], Horn of Hillslion[SQI], Fur[SQI], Soft Feather[SQI]. Tatacho: Luna Kaleet[3], Cello[3], Fur[SQI], Peaked Hat[SQI], Tatacho Card. Bradium Golem: Bradium Shield[1], Refined Bradium [SQI]. Splendide Fields Naga: Armor of Naga[1], Shield of Naga[1]. Pinguicula: Whip of Balance[3], Pinguicula Card. Luciola Vespa: Worm Peeling[SQI], Bee Sting[SQI] El Dicastes Field Dolomedes: Bradium Ring[1] Nidhogg's Dungeon Draco: Dragon Vest[1], Draco Card. Dark Pinguicula: Dark Pinguicula Card. Aqua Elemental: Aqua Elemental Card. Rata: Veteran Hammer[2]. Duneyrr: Veteren Sword[1], Veteran Axe[1], Eye Stone Ring[1], Fur[SQI] Scaraba Dungeon Rake Scaraba: Bone Plate[1] Gears This section is an indication of what you can aim for for your equips. It's hard to tell how much zeny you got, how much zeny you are willing to invest, if you use other characters that you want to share your equips with and I can't spoil my own build for reasons. *Inhales* Besides I only listed the most common Equipment and Cards for Ninja, while there are, depending on the situation, much better combinations. Beginner Upper Headgear: Tucano Hat [1] / Apple o Archer Middle Headgear: Robo Eye Lower Headgear: Four Leaf Clover in Mouth Armor: Formal Suit + Agav Card Weapon: Ashura [2] + Drops Card Garment: Hood [1] + Stem Worm Card Footgear: Sandals [1] + Gargoyle Card / Nightmare Verit Card Accessory: Gloves [1] / Rosary [1] + Sting Card Moderate Upper Headgear: Lord Kaho Horns Middle Headgear: Mid INT [1] + Pinguicula Card / Mid INT [1] + Pharaoh Card Lower Headgear: Four Leaf Clover in Mouth / Rainbow Scarf Armor: Formal Suit+Enchantment [1] + Agav Card Weapon: Ashura [3] / Kris[1] + Drops, Doppelganger or Drake Card Garment: Beach Manteau [1] + Stem Worm Card Footgear: Sandals [1] + General Egnigem Cenia / Moonlight Flower Card Accessory: Celebration Ring Rich Upper Headgear: Lord Kaho Horns. Middle Headgear: Mid INT [1] + Evil Snake Lord Card / Mid INT [1] + High Wizard Card / Mid INT [1] + Vesper Card Lower Headgear: Rainbow Scarf / Four Leaf Clover in Mouth Armor: Formal Suit+3 Int/Dex [1] + Agav Card Weapon: Hira Shurikat* + Drops, Doppelganger or Drake Card Garment: Beach Manteau [1] + Stem Worm Card/Leak Card Footgear: Sleipnir[1] + General Egnigem Cenia / Lady Tanee Card Accessory: Brisingamen [1] + Sting You've might seen the little asterisk (*) up there... Well it's mentioned, cause I mentioned the Hira Shurikat. The Hira Shurikat is the SQI weapon for Ninja's! And actually it's pretty good! It's base stats are: Enchanted With Wind . DEX + 5, DEF + 8. MaxHP/MaxSP + 20%. +20% Resistance to Boss/Non-Boss damage. Negates the need for Ninjitsu Stones. As any other SQI it comes with upgrade bonusses: Increase Throw Shuriken and Kunai damage Reduce cast time 20% demi-human resistance 10% HP/SP 15% Matk Allow Hiding Increase Wind blade damage (Tier 1) 13% ASPD 15 Crit This always comes down on your personal preferences, but I hope we all can agree that 15% Matk is a must have. Attributes So when you don't have enough zeny yet for the Hira Shurikat, you are gonna need stones. There is a Ninja shop in Amatsu. It's a bit hard to find, but you can find the basic Ninja gears here, as well as the stones needed. Warp yourself to Amatsu and head in the East-South-east direction. There will be a house which you can enter by a portal. At first the house looks empty and you're like: What... This Streep is fooling me. But! You can walk through the poster in the North-East corner. Continue and walk down the stairs till you come into a basement. There are several NPC here, aswell as different Vendors! (See attached image whichi I stole from google.) Hedging
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