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    IGN: Ghaspar Word Count: 2,500 GM Challenges: GM Lance GM Seiren GM Haru GM Neza
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    Word Count about 1838 My In-game name is Ryu~Enki I went with the challenges for GMs Amor, Luna, & Neza I hope you enjoy it!
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    IGN : Mallin , Rogueboy word count : 2486 GM Challange : GM Seiren - Include a nemesis. GM Neza - Include a prologue and an epilogue. note: wew, when im done writing the story, its end up with 3891 word in total T-T so I end up cutting the story so much..... btw... how all of you writing so fine and neat here? 😮 can one of you share the knowledge of how neatly write in forum, since im not dat forum person
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    Notes: · Queen of the Night is an actual flower. A kind if desert flower that is said to be beautiful and has a very nice scent. It also blooms once a year at night. · Dark Lords can be of any race. Usually protects the balance of light and dark as champions of darkness. Values order, not chaos. · Cecilia and Apple are actually two of my in-game characters GM Challenges: GM Phoenix - Include a redemption plot point GM Luna - Takes place during the night under the moon and the stars GM Neza - Include a Prologue and an Epilogue Word count: 2434 IGN: DeliciousGreenApple
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    I bet that I share really similar story than most people here in art corner. I use to play RO back in 2006-2010, then I quit, got struck by nostalgia after 8 years and here I am. And I must say it feels good. So far I'm really enjoying this server and I hople to stay for longer. So why I started this thread. Well. I'm doing art for a living and lately I felt a little bit stagnate with my work. And I guess the style of this game and it's creative freedome got me really inspired. So I decided to experiment with more anime/manga style and share with you how I fail in the process. For this first post I took the liberty to show you a little of what I've been doing up until now. And since I don't have any Ragnarok related art yet, I'll post stuff that can feel a little bit random. Hope that's ok. So without further ado here's some of my work. Most of them are personal stuff that i do afterhours for fun. In the future I hope to populate this thread with Ragnarok related stuff. In order to keep myself a steady flow of inspiration I'm gonna be drawing random characters roaming around Prontera. Once I'm done with couple random drawings that I allready started that is. So yeah. I hope you gonna like them. Oh, btw. I'm open for commisions now. So if you want me to draw something for you, shoot me a PM or message me on discord. ramalooke#4085 Have fun!
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    Dear Lovely Talonians! It's that romantic time of the year and we are beyond excited to host our annual Valentine's Day Love Novel Contest! The rules are simple, all participants must come up with their own Valentine's love story from scratch. We will judge the stories based on originality and effort. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate! The event concludes on the 14th of February 2019 at 20:00 server time. ♡ You may only submit one entry ♡ The novel must be written in English ♡ Your entry must include your in-game name ♡ The story must take place in a RO/TalonRO setting ♡ All entries must have a romance theme and be PG-13 ♡ Entries can be posted inside the spoiler tag or as a Pastebin link ♡ Our mascot Tam Tam must make at least one cameo in your novel ♡ The word limit should be a minimum of 1000 and a maximum of 2500 words ♡ Once your story is posted you're only allowed to edit the spelling and/or grammatical errors ♡ The story must be written by you and not have been posted anywhere else on the internet previously ♡ Have fun! These challenges will serve as a bonus for the winners' prizes, a maximum of two will be counted per entry. Write in your post which challenge(s) you took on! GM Spica - Include a twist in your story! + 3 TC GM Lance - Include a love rival to spice up your narrative! + 3 TC GM Mikzie - Sweetheart - "A sweet story that consistently involves candy" + 3 TC GM Phoenix - Include a redemption plot point in your story. + 3 TC GM Amor - Include a unicorn in your story. + 3 TC GM Luna - Story that takes place during the night under the moon and stars. + 3 TC GM Radius - Include a convenience store as part of the setting. + 3 TC GM Rainbow - Make letters or handwritten notes significant to your story. + 3 TC GM Seiren - Include a nemesis. + 3 TC GM Haru - Include a cheesy pickup line in the dialogue. + 3 TC GM Neza - Include a prologue and an epilogue. + 3 TC This event will have 5 winners* 1st place 1 February Monthly Costume Box + 1 Ballooling pet + 1 GM Box of choice + 10 Talon Coins 2nd place 1 February Monthly Costume Box + 1 Ballooling Pet + 10 Talon Coins 3rd place 1 February Monthly Costume Box + 1 Heart chocolate + 5 Talon Coins 4&5th place 5 Talon Coins + 1 Heart chocolate Best of luck and happy writing! ♡ *The GMs reserve the right to pick fewer or no winners should the contest not have enough qualifying entries.
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    Hello, Talonians! The topic of today's post will be how to find and access information about the server and our custom gameplay and bring your attention to some useful links and resources that often go unnoticed. In particular, these will contain answers to questions players often ask me as a GM, and I keep many of these links handy - so I thought some of you guys could benefit from having these compiled into a single post! The older players will likely be familiar with these, but it took me awhile - and some persistent googling - to stumble upon some of these when I first started on Talon, so I hope they may be of help to some of you! auto Server Changelog First and foremost, the Server Changelog wiki page! This is pretty much my holy book when answering !requests. Not only is this a wonderful archive of the server's growth and development over the years, it's also the place to go to seek out information that may be more obscure, read more in depth about some of our custom features, or even just check on the latest updates if you've been away for some time. Highly recommended. Item Table and their Uses Bonus: Alternative Item Table by @Iela Created by @GM Howl, this fantastic tool allows you to search most items that exist on our server and quickly look up their potential uses as crafting or quest ingredients. Need to clean out your storage and not sure what may be worth keeping? This is the place to check. Aside from searching for ingredients, you can also look up questable or craftable items to get a quick overview of what you need to gather and even check out the Market Demand filter! Bear in mind that information may be unavailable for seasonal quest ingredients as these may change year to year. TalonRO Calculator A player-made gear and stat calculator for PvM and PvP (beta) purposes. Great for figuring out, tweaking and saving your builds. Allows you to include buffs in the calculation - skill-based as well as consumable-based ones. Technical Troubleshooting Although this one may be a little bit obvious, we encounter a lot of players who are unfamiliar with this page - which will help you troubleshoot any technical issues you may have with TalonRO. It's the best place to start if you are experiencing crashes, installation or patching issues, and so on. Reporting Guidelines Oftentimes players ask whether something should be reported and how to do it. The Report Guidelines are a fantastic resource that will help you ensure your reports aren't rejected due to lack of proper evidence, which is the most common problem we encounter. You can access these by visiting the General Reports forum, as seen in the image below! How To Look For Information If you're new to Ragnarok, TalonRO, or just haven't played in a long time, make sure to check out this fantastic and very comprehensive article. You will find a huge range of resources here - from general helpful links to TalonRO specific. Bonus: Advanced Item Database Search Our panel offers several databases (found under Panel on the forum menu, and under Databases on the Panel main page) but I would like to focus specifically on the Item Database, give you an overview of how to make the most of it using advanced options and item scripts, as well as offer some tips that may not be immediately obvious. Item ID allows you to search for items based on their ID number. This is required for items with three letters, such as a Mes, as the database requires a minimum of four characters in order to perform search. This field probably comes in more handy when it comes to Buying/Selling databases though, for instance if you're looking to search for a slotted version of an item, et cetera. Item Name is self explanatory - it searches both the item's display name and database name (e.g. "Pantie" vs "G_Strings"). Bear in mind you don't have to use the whole item name as long as you input minimum 4 consecutive characters. You could for instance search for of Assa to bring up Essence of Assassin or ence of to quickly bring up all of the Essences (spaces count as a character, use that to your advantage). Item Description is where you can input a keyword of your interest to find relevant items. You could, for example, type in "recovers" to search our server's HP and SP items. It's a more user friendly but inferior version of item script search. Item Script is a field which allows you to search for partial or complete item scripts to find any item on the database with specified effects. There are too many uses to list here - but I would recommend starting to pay attention to the item script field whenever you're looking any items up on the DB to familiarise yourself with them, or simply use this link to search for a script corresponding to the effect you're looking for! Advanced Options are excellent if you want to run a broader search where you may wish to compare different items that perform the same or similar function. Can be used in combination with all of the above fields. Reward NPC - whether you can purchase this item for TC from the Reward Guru NPC in Prontera. Item Type - filters the items by type (as recognised by the database), which are pretty self-explanatory. Item Class - only applicable if Item Type is set to Weapon or Ammunition. Allows you to narrow down a broader search. Item Location - only applicable is Item Type is set to Armor or Card. Item that affects this Status - self-explanatory. Order By - self explanatory, but note that ordering by name will use the item's display name rather than database name. Slots - how many slots the item has. Equal to, more than or less than the number you input in the second drop-down. Applicable Jobs - you can use this field to ensure that your character will be able to equip a weapon or armor. Note if you were to, for example, choose Assassin, this would display all items an Assassin can equip, not items that only an Assassin can equip. Items that affect this Element - self-explanatory. Items that affect this Race - self-explanatory. Vanilla - searches for items allowed or restricted in Vanilla-mode PvP, BG and WoE. Tips & Tricks If you're looking to quickly find the cheapest vend price for something, try searching for it in the Item Database! The item's cheapest vend price will be displayed. To get a link to an item in the iDB, check the Hotlink field in the item description or simply type http://panel.talonto.com/itemID
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    @DeliciousGreenApple I'd be a selfish Dark Lord, snap my finger turning myself into the figure of her fiance. You know what comes next. Bwahaha! But, nice one.
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    17 March Slot 2 (3pm servertime) pls. Thank you
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    I know people like Seiren x Howl more, but would you welcome a Seiren x Boreas novel too? Also, a yuri novel is fair game, right? EDIT: I guess I couldn't get Seiren's permission... and Boreas will probably kill me again if I asked, so I scrapped the whole thing. Instead, I wrote this thing which is part of a bigger story. I wrote it like a light novel because I misread "love novel" . I tried my best to make it work despite it being part of a larger story, so I hope everyone has as much fun reading it as I did writing it. If for some reason you want to read more of the characters, here's the 8k word draft (mostly unedited) which was basically made with the reader having no knowledge of RO (kinda) in mind. IGN: Cespoirs Synopsis: After a certain incident, students from Seiren Girls' Academy went missing. The amnesiac Miyu Satō (佐藤みゆ Satou Miyu), a third-year from the academy, finds herself in a strange city called "Prontera". Along with her is the second year, Arisa Onoe (尾上有紗 Onoe Arisa). After finding out that they can't return to their original world, the two embark on an ambitious journey in search of wealth and power to make the most of their situation. Genre: Action, Fantasy, Game, Magic, Supernatural, Yuri, Dementia, Romance, Isekai Challenges: GM Neza - Include a prologue and an epilogue. + 3 TC GM Seiren - Include a nemesis. + 3 TC Total Word Count: 2,500
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