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    hi hi~ long time no post but this easter event broke into my house with all the super cute bunny costumes justscreams so i'm opening commissions again~ also i am. super late with posting these sdjkf but in the meantime here's some comms i've done in the past months
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    Heya. Welcome to the server, Alchemist!
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    out of curiosity, is GM Seiren Pinoy? I think he understood my question nun nagtanong ako if kasali pa ba si Venus sa GM team.
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    Hi! I've been a Ragnarok player since it came out in 2003. After a long hiatus from the game (2 years), I decided to come back. If you happen to see me lurking around, feel free to throw me a holler.
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    *throws u a holler Welcome to the server, Asta (?)! Welcome aboard the nostalgia ship!
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    Pareng @sto0g3sz, i'm sure pinagtatawanan n tayo ni @GM Seiren sa harap ng desk or phone nya. Lakas mantrip And, I see @GM Mikzie also chiming in.
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    Wala na si Venus sa GM Team, pinaalis namin sya.
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    YAN ay mananatiling misteryo na babagabag sa ating isipan habang-buhay
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    Hi everyone I'm alchemist, from Colombia, new to RO. It's nice to be here. I am really not very active due to obligations, but anyways i started playing to have fun here. If you happen to see me around feel free to say hi.
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    I’m kinda rusty so sorry for my sloppy drawing. I hope you still like it tho @Graytea! I don’t really play anymore but here is my character if anyone would like to draw her!
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    Hello IGN: Kees Nelis Normal 35m (without background) Chibi 25m
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    A wild chibi commission appears !
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    Name : Summonering Prefered Color : BLACK with red blood aura (idk) Drops : 2 dead branch box (25) ID #14234 1 pcs of bloody branch ID #12103 BackStory : a wicked poring that have a grudge to adventurer and aims for midgard domination as payback, always trying to summon some random mobs and MVP wherever he goes around midgard IGN : lost snail Name : clearing Prefered Color : transparent ?? Drops : 2 pcs Transparent Plate Green ID #7352 2 pcs Transparent Plate Orange ID #7354 2 pcs Transparent Plate Blue ID #7355 2 pcs Transparent Plate Red ID #7353 BackStory : a very rare clear poring that almost see trough that rumoured only appear in legend, clearing always avoiding conflict with human, so they developed themself to appear clear as possible to blend with surounding IGN : lost snail
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