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    hi hi~ long time no post but this easter event broke into my house with all the super cute bunny costumes justscreams so i'm opening commissions again~ also i am. super late with posting these sdjkf but in the meantime here's some comms i've done in the past months
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    Heya. Welcome to the server, Alchemist!
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    out of curiosity, is GM Seiren Pinoy? I think he understood my question nun nagtanong ako if kasali pa ba si Venus sa GM team.
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    *throws u a holler Welcome to the server, Asta (?)! Welcome aboard the nostalgia ship!
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    Pareng @sto0g3sz, i'm sure pinagtatawanan n tayo ni @GM Seiren sa harap ng desk or phone nya. Lakas mantrip And, I see @GM Mikzie also chiming in.
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    Hi everyone I'm alchemist, from Colombia, new to RO. It's nice to be here. I am really not very active due to obligations, but anyways i started playing to have fun here. If you happen to see me around feel free to say hi.
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    I’m kinda rusty so sorry for my sloppy drawing. I hope you still like it tho @Graytea! I don’t really play anymore but here is my character if anyone would like to draw her!
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    Hello IGN: Kees Nelis Normal 35m (without background) Chibi 25m
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