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    You can post informations to the bosses and i will add them. You are not allowed to post this somewhere else. enjoy.
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    Hello guys, apparently I registered here on October of 2012 but I don't think I ever played. Anyways, I played RO growing up both in the Philippines and here in the States. For a while I played a ton of HR Private servers but due to becoming an adult and having responsibilities my playtime declined dramatically until it completely became non-existent. So now I'm back as an adult wanting to play for the sake of fulfillment of my needs to hear the BGM's and to once again feel that nostalgia. It's been a rough few years but now that I'm in a good place I want to dedicate my spare time into a game that I enjoy and will hopefully make friends here (since a lot of my IRL friends are into mostly Esports and console gaming) So few basic facts about me: I work in the Banking Industry here in the States, so feel free to ask me some question in regards of that. Outside of that I run a small IT business focusing on Network Implementation, Network infrastructure deployment and essentially computer and server builds, repair and troubleshooting I spend about 5-8 hours a week on Anime, Manga's and Webtoons, so if you have some suggestions feel free to drop them below. I hope to spend roughly 2-3 hours daily on here {if life permits} Zero Two is best girl, simply stating a Fact. No further opinions are required. Well I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and see you in the game !
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    Thank you Lance for letting us enjoy this custom raid. Here is our run!
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    Geiravor 3rd(final) form has 10m hp i think
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    Ooh good job on this. I believe Lance has future plans for the event, but it's nice that you created a guide for the AT. I'm sure @GM Lance would be impressed to see someone put in work to provide the community with a rough guide of sorts.
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    TalonRO's most anticipated announcement brings new levels of thrills and excitement with Project Iduna. We're finally pleased to unveil our massive operation of switching to rAthena! The largest, most comprehensive elevation in TalonRO's 12 year history - and we're introducing more content than ever before! We are pleased to announce that our transition to rAthena is en-route and we're inviting YOU to help us shape the future of tRO with a beta test in the forthcoming weeks! Rest assured, we will still remain a Pre-renewal Server, but with the new and improved infrastructure rAthena's client brings to immerse players in a more streamlined, user friendly gaming experience. Iduna is all about having more fun, making your in-game expeditions more memorable, and making your time on TalonRO the best that it's ever been. With this explosion of new content, things to do, and achievements to be had, we know that Project Iduna will take your TalonRO escapade to a whole new level! This monumental update is one we hope you will love! If you wish to join the rAthena Beta Test, please sign up using this form. Beta Test slots are limited, so be sure to sign up quickly! First come, first serve. To learn more about what rAthena is, why we haven't done it before and why we're doing it now, be sure to check out our Dev Blog for more information! With so much content to announce, we'll summarise some of the biggest features TalonRO will introduce in the upcoming months:
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    The server has been running since 2007. We don't have millionaires, we've got billionaires. Currently, attempting to breach this limit will get the deal cancelled, forcing the zeny holder to transfer funds somewhere, convert it into something, etc. Is it possible to change this limit? Post Iduna, perhaps? Note: This was asked with sincerity, not showing off.
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    yeah im expecting some changes or expandations. once ive collected some usefull information im going to make real site with it. for now its just a big picture. and credits to @GM Lance, she already helped me a lot. everywhere is written evil in the picture except bottom right.
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    How about make 17 carat diamond convertible back to zeny - if it's not...
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    @Emi for a higher quality image. please refer to this link. https://www.deviantart.com/kinglcr/art/Emi-TalonRO-803152288 Thank you and I hope you like it.
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    Sorry for late reply, took me a lot of time i wanted to get it right. So there you go you can mail 10m+10m peco fee to BigTony thx ❤️
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