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    We have only just had our monthly maintenance and it's already time for another one! This one includes a few things we weren't able to add to the Monthly Reboot. We hope you all enjoy the updates! WoE castles have rotated: All castle ownership and economies have transferred to the respective new castles. Saturday: Vanilla Non-Trans: gefg_cas05 > gefg_cas01 Unrestricted WoE:SE: schg_cas03 > schg_cas05 Vanilla WoE:SE: arug_cas05 > arug_cas02 Wednesday: Vanilla Non-Trans: aldeg_cas05 > aldeg_cas03 Unrestricted: prtg_cas01 > prtg_cas04 Vanilla: payg_cas03 > payg_cas02 The Dressing Coach is available again! He will now take you to a separate room to prevent anyone from any possible crashes caused by people trying on new costumes. It's no longer possible to fail the Sign Quest. Despite warnings on our Wiki guides, some people still chose the wrong options and ended up failing the quest. These options have now been disabled, so you should no longer be able to fail this quest permanently. Poring Catch and Poring Rally now require a Top 2 instead of a Top 3 which should make it easier for smaller groups to participate. Fixed a bug where the final statue in Thanatos Tower wasn't working properly. Fixed a bug where Bingo would not always start a new round. Fixed a bug in Devil's Claw Machine where the wrong winner could be picked. Devil's Claw Machine now has a 2 minute cooldown between rounds instead of 1. As always, more to come!
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