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    We will add an icon. Out of those requests only 2) is possible tho.
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    We are working on the skill delay in general, yes.
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    We will revamp the sqi, yes.
  4. 2 points
    Changed Status to Implemented
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    this is implemented on Iduna now. and u dont lose the bonus stats when u trigger SB. thank god
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    Changed Status to Implemented
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  8. 1 point
    We're actually already looking into solutions for this, will mark this as pending for now.
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    That's currently not possible, I like the idea tho. Maybe in the future, who knows.
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    Oh well, next reboot it is. Why not.
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    Done for next maintenance. Niflheim looks fine the way it is though.
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    That is sadly not possible because cash iss tored in a game account variable. We cannot change that witholut recoding fundamental parts of the server.
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    When you visit the page you see right away that it contains both fixed and open bug reports, I don't think that's a big problem tbh. I wouldn't mind adding an archive, will look into that.
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    I kinda like this. Is it possible to classify aura as buyable costumes? Can be bought with TC.
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    Maybe a headgear card like dark pingu but slightly different . Could allow the effect of using it on full hp targets and allow no gemstones to be used at the cost of more sp
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    If the costume can be acquired already then we will not add a quest method to get it. Not even an account bound version. Sorry.
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    Yes, I can't do more than work on it. Even if you are sad.
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  19. 1 point
    Changed Status to Implemented
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    We will poke the Gepard guy about it.
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    At the top of the page it says What to not suggest and under that it says change of skills. It says that any new topics about these subjects will be closed. I like your idea, but it helps to read before posting. Have a nice day.
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    Hard to tell, right now not even rA has this fixed.
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    please GM Boreas i am playing only sinX on this game for farming and this update took away my fun after cool down delay bug, i play this game for fun and i am really sad after update.
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    As long as it takes. I cannot give you an ETA.
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