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    +1. No zeny cost but the chance should be reduced to 5%.
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    What I do when I AFK is to enable "/am" or automessage and put there. "I am AFK for a moment, can you please give the time you PMed me with the time server, thank you". The only downside is somme would do and would not.
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    Yes, but our client won't allow us to change that.
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    Oooo. I actually like this idea. That being said some are really easy to do so eh, but on the flip side can only do them once per character anyways. If some are too easy can always adjust how many bronze coins they get instead of just getting none
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    This has been suggested before, and would require a client change, so it isn't possible.
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    Hello there, This will require a brand new map flag, I'm setting this as Pending for now, no ETA tho. Thank you for the suggestion ❤️
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    Hi there. Well I don't think we have pvp population for another hour of WoE. Also I'm not sure that "not being to sneaky break" is the reason why people don't join WoE. We are revamping the entire system, so I'm marking this as a decline.
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    Changed Status to Implemented
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