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    Hello Highers GM, Can i suggest for update panel database? Because some costume especially new costume cant find on market panel or storage panel. Why we need it? We hard to selling new costume, because for buyer costume we check base on market panel. Thanks <3 And have a good day :3
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    Context: I use Grandma Boxter to exchange misc items to points which I then use to buy Silvervine Fruit. When talking to the NPC you can choose to recycle each set of items one by one or you can just recycle everything in your inventory. Problem: Since bronze coins are included under the misc category, it will also be recycled once you choose the "recycle all" option. If you dont want your BC to be recycled, you have to do recycle the items one by one by selecting if its a gear or misc, then choosing the right item, then choosing how many things you will recycle. As you can see, this is very inconvenient. Suggestion: By removing bronze coins, we can easily recycle all junk in our inventory without losing the bronze coins and without going into the kafkaesque process i described earlier. This is a great QoL change that allows us to maximize Grandma Boxter.
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    Hello, I have this weird bug where when I get a vending spot from the Vending Officer in prontera and the available spot happens to be in the same screen as the Vending Officer himself, my character will warp to the spot and immediately walk out of it. Then, I can't get back into my spot and the vending officer doesn't give me another one for 15 minutes. I suggest giving the Vending Officer the ability to re-teleport you to your currently reserved spot if your 10 minutes setup time hasn't expired yet. Thanks!
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    Hi GM, I want an rework for "!noks" because champions kill this game. Exemple : http://prntscr.com/nvljng This guy has no fair play and he has spoiled my evening I thank him!
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    In pvp/bg/woe, stalkers, assassins and champs are always left with an option not to have a pet. unless they want to give their location. In pvm, pets occupy cells making safe spot sometimes hard to move on to. Also accidental right click on pet while changing camera angle is annoying.
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    Any views on changing the Champion's names of the Tam Tam champion monsters to something more cool? (my wifey forced me to ask)
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    The Kafra Employee at Splendide spawn is partly hidden behind the Minigame girls chat window. I would suggest moving it a bit up and left (closer to mailbox). End of suggestion. Thanks for reading, considering and many thanks in advance for maybe integrating. Cheers.
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    can we make day and night cycle?? like every 3 hour there will be day and night, we can make night time like when linker do soul link to other job, we can add some small event in day and night time, like every night time, there will be hoarde of zombie appear, or make some monster species become stronger when night time include the double exp gain when kill it.
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