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    can we make day and night cycle?? like every 3 hour there will be day and night, we can make night time like when linker do soul link to other job, we can add some small event in day and night time, like every night time, there will be hoarde of zombie appear, or make some monster species become stronger when night time include the double exp gain when kill it.
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    Hi, as the title says, let SN class wear slotted type Elem Armors too. If Im not mistaken, its the only class that cant wear these atm. Pros of this will be that it will make the class much more versatile overall and have much more resistance to certain elements. And prolly new builds can be made. Im also ok if they can only wear the Non Enchanted Version because the Element is much more important in my opinion. Atm, i cant think of anything that makes them OP just by wearing these which can be the reason for this suggestion to get declined. If there is, pls let me know. tnx *crosses fingers*
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    In the BG mode Rush the idea is that both teams try and take the Emperium first, to later defend it. Now it pretty quickly established to feel out, whether one should take the Emperium or not, depending on the teams composition, because certain team comps are better at defending/taking. However this more than often leads to a stalemate, in that none of the teams feel confident enough to be able to defend after an initial take, so no one takes at all. A last minute break is not viable, since the timer will reset to 5 min, granting more than enough time for the attacking team to retake the Emperium. An option to address this issue could be, to make the timer not reset at all when the Emperium is taken. Taking the Emperium would become always the goal to achieve, instead of both teams idly sitting in the Emp-Room waiting for the other team to take.
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    It would be immensely helpful if there were an option to have timestamps on in game chat.
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    Hola good day sir can you add costumes like format of Time wave challenge need points but this time battleground coins? Example Mechanic Feather Hairband Costume bg valor/glory coins around 2k-4k maybe? Great PVP/WOE/BG lhz
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