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    When doing any monster search on the database, we often get flooded by event monsters, MVP slaves and instance monsters. It would be nice to have an option to only show monsters that have a natural spawn on some map. Sure, there could still be some false-positives, but I'm sure it would make the search a lot more effective most of the time.
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    Create a Vanilla PVP room with gvg mapflag. What is gvg mapflag? It is an option set to a map that turn the mechanics to WoE (War of Emperium) alike - https://irowiki.org/wiki/War_of_Emperium#Mechanics Motivation: The current Vanilla PVP rooms does not have the same penalties that BG (Battlegrounds) and WoE have (20% reduced flee, 50% less damage from skills, 25% less damage from long range normal attacks, etc). In this new room, the players can test their builds before they step in BG and WoE and know if are good enough or need to improve. Examples: How much damage my Double Strafe is dealing against a player using Thara Frog Card? And against a player using Horn Card? Can my paladin tank Asura?
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    The following non-slotted middle headgear would be obtainable from killing certain MVPS (the percentage to drop would be up to you) or by doing certain quest(s). Robot Ear[0] from Kiel D-01 (Kiel is a robot) Bloody Angel Feathers[0] drop from Incarnation of Morroc (Angel) (item description says fallen angel w/c perfectly suits the Angel from DG since they are shadow property) Odin Mask[0] drop from Valkyrie (item name has 'Odin' in it, then the sonic blowing Valkyrie comes into mind) Hairband of Reginleif[0] drop from Valkyrie Randgris (item description says Valkyrie so I thought of the biggest Valkyrie in the server, Randgris) Ifrit Eye[0] drop from Ifrit (item literally has 'Ifrit' in it's name) Ears of Ifrit[0] drop from Ifrit (gee, I wonder if there's an MVP named 'Ifrit') Magical Booster[0] drop from Vesper (item description mentioned Juperos so I thought of Vesper) Mask of Aegir[0] drop from Kraken (Kraken's the only MVP that I can think of that is under the ocean) Angel of Ghost[0] drop from Gloom Under Night (I thought of Evil Snake Lord at first, but he's weaker than Gloom even though they're both Ghost property) Anemos Mask[0] drop from Mistress (item description says wind, thought of Mistress) Mask of Gaia[0] drop from RSX-0806 (item description says earth, thought of RSX since he's a miner mining the Earth) Black Devil's Mask[0] drop from Berzebub (Decided to give this to Bee since Fallen Bishop Hibram already drops [0]) Ice Ear Wing[0] drop from Ktullanux (because Garm is camped too much) Peco-peco ears[0] quest-able just like the Peco-peco hairband quest Imperial Feather[0] quest-able by exchanging like 200 or more Talon of Gryphon Sigrun's Wing[0] (reward included alongside the 200 bronze coins from doing the Traditional Rebirth Quest, thought of this since the item description says "Ear adornments that symbolize rebirth.") These are the idea drops that I had so far. I thought of it because it sucks thinking that most of the middle headgear are only obtainable through the chiqita box (RNG) and Reward Guru (w/c) costs 5 tc. Tears[0] if this suggestion gets declined.
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    It would be immensely helpful if there were an option to have timestamps on in game chat.
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    Pardon me if these were suggested before.... Is it possible for our client to have icons on right for these skills: Steel Body Aura Blade Skills are for LK, Monk Class and Super Novices. So that we dont have to set a manual timer or something. Visual queue when skills run out wont help much when being mobbed and/or clusters of numbers are floating everywhere.
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    2 transcendent woe on Sundays Vanilla FE and Vanilla SE. Only veteran Guilds can play WOE SE , Non veteran guilds or or Non Veteran WOE players don't join WOE SE cause it got Guardian stone and barricades before emperium which means they got 0 chance of winning (Sneak break) that's why they don't participate. Im a woe player my self and base on my Observation on WOE Wednesday (FE) troll guilds or non veteran players participates more and sometimes they become Active guild at WOE time cause they can enjoy pvp or breaking. unlike on (SE) when your enemies behind cades 0 chance. I think when Non Veteran join FE on sunday eventually they plan on Going SE which make Woe on Sundays more interesting. Good WOE Server attracts more players. Cause Veteran RO players Seek Active WOE server, some people Just play for WOE and GVG stuff. And Some RO Players Consider the server if it has Active or intense woe before joining the community cause the final fun of playing RO is WOE itself which can measure your bonds, skill, farm and experience I think adding Trans FE WOE on sundays Can make players more active at sunday
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    Let's get a costume for the lower headgear item Gangster Scarf with different color options. The more we get behind this and other costume pieces with similar options the more likely GMs will make it happen!
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    i was thinking since if u change job the traditional way, u get to earn bronze coins. why not for plat skill quests? also other quests like travelling to a new region via ship. maybe can add bronze coins to those as well?
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    From the game that brought you Potion making and the-pretty-outdated-and-useless-weapon-smithing and the actually very useful jewel crafting, get ready for the next BIG time/zenny sink since SQI's... ARMOR CRAFTTTTINGGGG So, if you look at any other MMORPG you will generally find characters that have professions like "tailoring or armor making" etc that allow a character to farm/hunt/craft components to then craft/farm "clothing/armors" based on that professions level and the availability of a recipe to create said armor. Now, more than likely editing skills wouldn't be possible client side so it can just be NPC based. Example: You talk to NPC Mark (he's gonna be named Mark now) and NPC Mark says would you like to become a talior, yadah, yadah, presto changeo, you've just become novice level tailor able to create D ranked (or whatever you'd like to make it GM's) armors based on ingredients needed. But, wait whats this!!!! I spy with my little eye a new item called cotton spools, silk spools, etc and so on-you-get-the-idea-this-isnt-a-new-concept-just-look-at-any-game-from-the-last-10-years. To make these spools they require dun.dun.dun. you guessed it! Farmed out items (just like SQI's) but, on a semi-mid/lower tier. In addition, to create specific/special armors it could require/need extra items (bijous, runes of darkness, etc and so on, I'm not in charge of the material creation, I'm just giving you all the preliminary idea for armor crafting.) As you create items/spools/armors you gain points and eventually after XXXX points you are no longer a novice and Mark says go talk to another NPC etc, to make C rank, B, A, S etc. and so on you get the point. Anywayyys, tl;dr a new way to create armors/questing. QUESTION AND ANSWER TIME: Rune-midgardian: "Why do we need this? We already have SQI items and you can hunt out armors and gear?" Me, an intellectual: SQI's are high level, end game mechanics and armors, it's also a static list of specific ingredients that haven't changed. This allows more "loots" to become valuable and help the ecomony and low/mid level players. Yes, you can hunt out a Dialoblos Armor, or you can hunt the equivalent ingredients, level armor crafting and create them. Rune-midgardian: "I'm already end-game and probably wouldn't profit or care for another "task" to complete" Me, an intellectual: Sit down, its not all about the end-game. Lol, but, really, a good and thriving middle level always helps fuel the fire for end-game content and low level newbies. Also, if the GM's want they can create end-game armor crafting (new armors) that are just as epic as end game gears. Rune-midgardian: "Could this armor crafting also include valuable costume/seasonally retired items/headgears? Me, an intellectual: *Stares hard at GM's showing them the profitability of this idea* /endrant Thoughts?
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    Greetings, Talonians! I have been playing on our favorite server for a long time and I remember the sad fate of PVP and BG here. At first it was broken for a long time, then we waited for a very long time to open it. But I wanna says "Thanks!" to GMs for its new version - various modes make the game interesting. Recently, however, the situation is not the best way - few people are interested to participate. I communicated with many players and it is sad to see that they are leaving our beloved tRo due to the lack of PVP part. It so happened that the PVP component is separated from the PVE. Also, in addition to those who leave our server, because PVP is dead, there are those who are not ready to spend money on PVP equipment without additional stimulation. Because they have spent a lot on eqip their characters against mobs and are not ready to spend money on PVP. Therefore, I would like to suggest that players become interested in appearing on bg more often - it is possible that the GMs will agree to introduce an additional prize for coins - the BG-box. This BG-box may possibly contain a couple of medium-cost costumes (or rare which can obtained only from that box), a certain amount of supplies for MVP-raids (for example, 2000 grape juice or 100 blue potions - to protect the market and prices, we can make this supplies account-bound), maybe something else. I ask the forum participants to offer their reasonable options, and GMs to consider this possibility. It would be great if we could thus make BG active on the server and attract new players. Thanks for taking the time to read.