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    May has arrrived on TalonRO - and we hope that you are enjoying a lovely spring in Midgard! As always, we’re delighted to add in a few new great features this month as we endeavor to keep your experience fresh and fun. We’re looking forward to continuing our great stream of events, updates, PvP innovations, and much more - but for now, we hope that you’ll enjoy this month's updates! We've decided to run another EXP event as a gesture of goodwill in these challenging times. Please note that the event does not apply to Eden Group. For a duration of two weeks, the Base and Job EXP rates will be 10x instead of the regular 8x! The May Monthly Costume Box is filled with a variety of brand new as well as older costumes. Please check the image above to get an impression and the list below for the ItemIDs to be used on the Dressing Coach (we know you all want to try them on beforehand!): Brown Giant Cat Bag Costume [Garment] [21420] Blue Wavy Long Hair Costume [21375] Mic Stand Costume [21422] Witch Manteau Costume [21326] DJ Kitty Costume [21249] Royal Guard Necklace Costume [21073] Sigrun's Wings Costume [21426] Blue Tinted Blinking Eyes Costume [21367] Taurus Diadem Costume [21017] Bell Ribbon Costume [21425] Pirate's Pride Costume [21431] Blue Mage Hat Costume [21428] Monthly Updates The new TamTam's Odyssey region is Brasilis and Louyang, both fields and dungeon maps. New GMC Box costume rotations: Floating Ball Costume [21040] Runaway Accelerator Costume [21325] New Wave Box costume rotations: Fluffy Angel Cape Costume [20951] Golden Violet Crown Costume [21255] New Limited Edition Costume For a limited time, you can now obtain the [Visual] Magical Feather Costume from the Talon Shop. It's available for a week and in limited amounts for 6000 Talon Cash! This Upper Headgear Costume comes with an adorable hearts effect! General Updates Battlegrounds Updates: Battlegrounds rounds now have a 15 second starting delay after reaching the minimum amount of players. This is done so that the game does not start immediately when the minimum amount of players have joined. More players are able to join in that 15 second delay, which will result in teams being more balanced than before. Assassins now get a Poison Bottle guaranteed when restocking. Added a way to check whether Happy Hour is enabled or disabled within the Battle Recruiter NPC. Fixed not being able to use skills in Team Deathmatch restocking room. Yggdrasil Berries and Yggdrasil Seeds now share a cooldown group, meaning that when either of them is on cooldown, you cannot use the other one either during that cooldown time. Expanded vending spots in Lighthalzen by 50. Comodo Carnival no longer shows up in the Last Warp menu. Reverted Kaahi to pre-Iduna behavior: Kaahi heals after being hit as opposed to before. Kaahi has a 0.5 second timer after healing before it can heal again instead of every single hit. WoE Castle Rotation We have rotated the WoE castles to new interesting ones. As usual, economies have been transferred accordingly. Additionally, for the first time in years, the Schwarzwald and Arunafeltz castles have swapped. The Schwarzwald castle is now the Vanilla map while Arunafeltz is Unrestricted. Nuernberg [aldeg_cas03] -> Neuschwanstein [aldeg_cas01] Repherion [gefg_cas01] -> Mersetzdeitz [gefg_cas05] Skoegul [prtg_cas04] -> Fadhgridh [prtg_cas03] Scarlet Palace [payg_cas02] -> Bamboo Grove Hill [payg_cas05] Skidbladnir [schg_cas05] -> Mardol [arug_cas01] Cyr [arug_cas02] -> Andlangr [schg_cas02] Bug Fixes Fixed a potential castle flag exploit in WoE:FE. Fixed Bug Report where only Whirlwind Kick was procing with multiple Taekwon Kicks enabled. Fixed a bug where copying levels of Water Ball above 5 would not have correct casting range. Fixed Geiravor Partisan pet casting Dark Soul Strike on its owner instead of the enemy. Fixed Enforcer Shoes adding SP cost instead of reducing it. Fixed Enforcer Set adding Aftercast Delay instead of reducing it. Fixed Novice False Eggshell not adding MaxSP + 80 like it's supposed to. Eden Group Hat II now correctly displays that it has 0 weight in-game. Pitch Dark Evil Druid Hat now properly displays that it has a slot in-game. Fixed a variety of smaller issues behind the scenes. Please let us know if anything starts working incorrectly!
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    I'm so proud of this commission! Thank you @GM Lance and @GM Mikzie
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    As we continue working on the brand new Super Quest Items storyline, some server maintenance is still necessary! During this maintenance we mostly updated some of our back-end systems, but we managed to squeeze in a few small updates while we were at it. We hope you enjoy! Bugfixes !dropannounce, !noloot, and !partybuff should now all be cancelled immediately when the Bonus Bundle expires. Fixed a bug in Nidhoggur's Nest instance where the timer would keep running and the party could get teleported even after the MVP was defeated. You can no longer open a shop on a cell that another player is vending on already. Added some additional party checks in the Ancient Tower return room which should hopefully reduce the odds of it warping you back to Prontera instead of inside the instance. Fixed weight of Heartring and 99 Love Balloons incorrectly being 75. They now weigh 0. Fixed Glorious Guitar and Lariat giving the wrong ASPD bonus. Fixed Merchant Card Set not properly disabling Hylozoist Card's monster transforming effect. Eclage Field monsters should now teleport on idle every now and then, which prevents them from getting stuck on top of the Bifrost Tower. General Updates Synchronized the client item display name with the internal server item names. This way there should never be any item name mismatches anymore. Battlegrounds updates: Items are now automatically replenished when respawning. Monk class no longer gets extra Blue Potions. They now get the same as everyone else. Alchemist class now gets 15 extra Bottle Grenades. Fixed getting dispelled in CTF and Rush when warped back into the Return Room after, for instance, a flag was captured. That's all for now. Thank you all for your patience regarding the SQI revamp. We are diligently working on it and are hoping to show something in the near future!
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    Made a new comic! just sharing it here. Hope you guys enjoy /o/
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    Suno vs Baphomet
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    With the introduction of several new GM boxes, we'll be adding a Tier 4 crate to TamTam's Exchange. Click here for more info (ETA: June)
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    With Loki's mysterious absence, the goddess trio have taken command, setting an ambush against the Valkyries with assistance from the darkness that once lurked beyond the nightmare's rift. Divide of Divinities is an exclusive PvM instance, and an extension to Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine's lore. Participating parties make their way through a challenging trial; squaring off against Loki's generals while aiding the Valkyries in a battle of divinities. The instance will be available to all players, with a weekly cooldown. A new set of dates will be posted each week so be sure to keep an eye on the thread to ensure you secure your timeslot. See below for the instance guidelines: A minimum party setup of 12 (24 maximum) will be required to participate An assigned party leader must confirm their participation on this thread in advance to be considered for entry Rewards are based per individual upon clearing the instance The instance will commence and end on specified dates. A new set of dates will follow on a bi-weekly basis Players will have 50 minutes to clear the Divide of Divinities Individuals will only be able to join DoD once a week (7 day cooldown). The cooldown applies to your forum account If we suspect a player abusing cooldowns, we will remove you from all future Valkyrie instances indefinitely There will be NO resurrections granted in case of a party wipe Dual clienting is strictly forbidden Final Stage Clearance 15x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Challenge Rewards The Patron (prevent all four valkyries from defeat during the assault) 10x Valkyrie Coins Blighted (vanquish Bijou before escaping through Herja's portal) 10x Valkyrie Coins Glass Cannon (break all of Aliaska's Mirrors in under 4 minutes) 10x Valkyrie Coins Kill Switch (destroy both switches with an assassin cross or stalker) 15x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Not My Goddess (get MVP on Saga's final form with a melee class*) *excludes champions 20x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin 30th May Slot 1 [ Yiyi's Team ] 2:30am Server Time Slot 2 [ Naght's Team ] 5pm Server Time Slot 3 [ EVIL's Team ] 9:30pm Server Time 31st May Slot 1 [ Sinshine's Team ] 4pm Server Time 1st June Slot 1 [ Red's Team ] 4pm Server Time 6th June Slot 1 [ EVIL's Team ] 8:30pm Server Time 7th June Slot 1 [ Sky's Team ] 11am Server Time Slot 2 [ Saint Clair's Team ] 4pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Naght's Team ] 5pm Server Time 8th June Slot 1 [ Yiyi's Team ] 2:30am Server Time Slot 2 [ Sinshine's Team ] 4pm Server Time Slot 3 [ Bongo's Team ] 8pm Server Time
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    The mini games are now closed. The answers and winners are as follow: Where In TalonRO TamTam was sitting at que_ng, 25/71. Congratulations to Tequila Rose* for claiming the first place! The runner-ups are: Fhqwhgads, Ashura Cespoirs, Fancy Bear, Fey Eria, Beako-Kashira, Baby Eri, Arsenate, Morgentau and lost snail. Super Tough Quiz No quiz is ever just a simple math question, that's for sure. We have a sole winner this time - Hatfun. Let me share Hatfun's answer with all of you: "your total weight" is what GM Ylag received as an answer from Dogbro. We don't know GM Ylag's job, nor skills, so there's no way to calculate exactly the max weight limit of his char. The deal was to type out your total weight. That's what Dogbro did, and a deal is a deal. All your prizes will be mailed to you soon. On the side note, community corner is still open for those who have a message to publish in the next issue.
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    H a p p y E i d ! ! ! To All Muslim Talonians
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    Payon Manja Mystic Tower Beta testing. as @GM Lunafeatured in her instagram post (link inside)
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    In these months of challenging times, we hope to entertain you with Issue #3 of our monthly newsletter. Wherever you're reading the newsletter from, be it on your armchair, gaming chair or even the toilet, we hope you stay safe and keep yourselves socially distanced. (You can still sit next to each other in Prontera though!) Enjoy and have fun reading! The mini games will be closed on Friday, May 8th at 12pm server time. Remember to include your character's name as well as relevant answer(s) in order to stand a chance to win some goodies. You may also use image hosting sites like Imgur, ImgBB or Photobucket to host your images.
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    Another Instance will emerge next week : Piamette the Fire Goddess' Lair! Now that Death has been defeated, a new challenger emerges from the heart of Thor's Volcano! Will the Midgardians defeat this new threat? Find out soon!
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    made cute icons
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    Hi I would like to claim the 4 shards reward. IGNs: "PyroPorcupine", "Mrs Porcupine" and "PowerPorcupine" (sorry they're on 3 different accounts)
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    Both mini games Where In TalonRO and Beary Tough Quiz are now closed. We have lots of entries this month but unfortunately, the majority of these submissions do not meet the mini games' guideline; especially missing character names and typing errors. Where In TalonRO? TamTam was at gef_fild14 77,115. Mariyagi grabs the Sleeping Sheep Costume as the first person to submit the correct location details. Following up, we have Ashura Cespoirs, Kuraido Edlyc, Delvra Primrose, Melian Doniel, Handmade by Lydia, Cueio, Pups, Razel Joker and Sister Apple joining the squad of the first ten winners. Beary Tough Quiz Kuma says: "This is an easy one." Question 1 - What are the chances that both Porings being the same color? Kuma says: "First one is 1 x 1/5. Because the color isn't specified, the first pick is a 100% get." Answer: 20% Question 2 - What are the chances that both Porings are green? Kuma says: "When a color is specified, it's 1/3 x 1/5." Answer: 6.67% Question 3 - What are the chances that both Porings are not pink? Kuma says: "When not including a color, it's 2/3 x 3/5." Answer: 40% Our three quiz winners are Alamo, Pewps and Dea*. Honorable mentions include NattWara, Pasta Professor, tnud, Koi-chan, Miunn, Corsicus and Cueio. Congratulations to the mini game winners. Do ensure you have space in your in-game mail as your prizes will be mailed to you soon. As for the rest of the participants, all your submissions have been well received. We wish you better luck next time.
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    With the advent of our recent GM Prize Boxes falling into events circulation, we are thrilled to unveil an exciting new reward feature! Introducing TamTam's Exchange, where players can trade in GM boxes for a prize crate of their choice (subject to the amount of unique GM boxes obtained). The required amount of boxes as well as rewards available will fall into four distinct categories; Store Trader, Tier 1 (6 unique GM boxes), Tier 2 (12 unique GM boxes) and Tier 3 (18 unique GM boxes). For more information, along with ways to attain GM Prize Boxes, please refer to the guidelines section. You can also browse through our rewards breakdown for each tier (listed below). We hope that TamTam's Exchange will take your TalonRO expeditions to a whole new level! All the best and happy hunting! GM Boxes can only be acquired via GM Hosted Events | Valkyrie's Bazaar | Forum Events | Nightmare MVP Drops Once a player has enough bespoke boxes to claim a prize with, they can submit their IGN followed by the crate of their choice Our events team will then schedule a time and date (please ensure you have your boxes ready to trade in) to make the exchange Please note that we will ONLY accept unopened boxes. Boxes also need to be unique when making a claim (e.g. we won't accept 6 Radius' Blue Box in exchange for a Tier 1 Crate) Nightmare MVPs will spawn on various maps across Rune Midgard. A global broadcast will be announced in-game to indicate their spawn time / location. Nightmare MVPs can also be located in our new dungeon instance: Elysian Garden TamTam's Exchange has no end-date and will remain ongoing until further notice All TamTam crate costumes/pets are random and contain a mixture of account bound and non-bound items (see list) Boxes are subject to change. If you have a GM box that isn't currently listed below, you will still be eligible for a prize exchange All current GM Boxes available for claim:
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    Hi, GM... Finally i can reach 18 box for trade to tier 3. Thank youuu~ I got White Cat 😸
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    Hi, I would like to claim the 10 shard reward 5 times. IGN: "Inotia Champion" (with a capital i)
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    Elysian Garden will retire in June, along with the removal of all Nightmare Insignias and Knight of Lux NPC in order to make room for a new post-game dungeon, which will only be available to players who clear Mystic Tower. For more information, please visit this link.
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