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    Assassins, a fun class. Actually one of the first I wanted to play. Although I got talked out of it and went Priest (was easier apparently!) Anyway, there are very few builds available for the assassin. Venom Splasher is never used. Not amongst Assassins nor SinX. The skill sounds really cool. And I suppose could be quite powerful. Then why is it NEVER used? Well, it has a big delay before doing damage, which I sort of like. It's like a living bomb type thing. I dig it. It's got a cast time, which, I suppose is also quite fair. It's an AoE nuke afterall. Although the damage it does isn't as big as you might think. Not without cards and stuff anyway! There's the gemstone cost. Which means either you'll wear a missy, missing an important headslot card. Or carry red gems. Alright, so the negatives are beginning to mount up. But still, it is different from Grimtooth spam. The final requirement is the mob needs to be at 3/4th of their HP. Now, with all that listed. I hope I didn't miss anything. I would like to propose a change. A very minor one, I feel. But it might just create some more variety. And variety is the spice of life, yes? The change I propose is removing the 3/4th HP requirement. It would make the skill at least a bit more viable, and won't be gamebreaking, I think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on why, or perhaps why not.
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    I'd like a category for WoE teleports to be added to the minigame girl when she gets re-added, time invested into making a dedicated acolyte/priest and being locked into only 3 memo points somewhat gimps the player from just having 1 dedicated warper if they want to engage in every WoE, and forcing the player into a dual client state is never good from a gameplay perspective. It should either be a group effort with a dedicated player as the warper. or in our case with small WoE scene there should be an npc option to bypass the large group aspect (at least until the WoE scene picks up) if WoE gets bigger then by all means remove it from the npc. I don't want to add it to the standard Warp girl, instead add it to the old minigame girl with the old color changed text lines, showing which WoE is active currently for a better quality of life aspect. credit for the idea goes to s4w.
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    Pre-Iduna, the Bonus Bundle has a display icon alongside the skill icons. Post-Iduna, the said display icon is not present. Can we incorporate the display icon again? However, since this is a TalonRO-exclusive feature, can it have the following details: Make it a Captain TamTam-themed icon. I actually made this icon (just in case you want it. for free ofc). or Upon cursor pointing, it displays the expiry details. Double clicking (or Right clicking) it will display all the built-in features, i.e. commands. Maybe adding the Infinite Fly Wing?
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    From char bound to account bound (you can put it in storage) but make it so that you can only use scrolls according to your level. Ex: Level 1 Mercenary Scroll can only be used if your base level is 10 or higher Level 2 if your blvl is 20 or higher .... Level 9 if you are 90 or higher Level 10 if you are 95 or higher With the seemingly intended change in the mercenary loyalty leveling mechanics, getting loyalty points for your merc has become 100x more tedious, difficult, and expensive. If a player have to endure countless hours of micromanaging for merc last hits against 15,000 high level monsters that it can't even 1v1 or spend 300 hours doing nothing but afk in town while also spending millions on scrolls, it shouldn't be unfair if the player could use those hard earned scrolls for all their characters on that same game account (with level limitations as suggested above). Countless quests(and quest reward items) with way easier requirements(and way shorter completion time) are account bound as well so...yeah.
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    It seems like post-Iduna, recruiting a party using the "Party Recruitment" window would ring a bell that's audible to all players. This was really useful in waking up Bingo AFKers so I think it would be a good idea to bring back this feature.
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    I always found many of the original dungeon entrance quests in this game extremely tedious, especially those that have many prerequisites that involve tons of back tracking, hunting down obscure NPC's, loads of dialogues, some levels of rng and collecting tons of junk in far away areas, etc. I like that on TalonRO dungeon entrance quests are account bound once completely cleared, although since alot of players like to Dual Client a support/back-up character, it's annoying to have to go through the hassle to do those quests again. An idea I had is perhaps the Bronze Coins (Or some other form of currency) you earn completing Eden Quests can be used to unlock dungeons in the game, either as a one time payment per entry/rental sort of a deal or one big fat payment to clear the quest for unlimited access, but it's strictly bound to that character. At least having an option to either go slog through quests as intended or just outright buy your way into the dungeon would be nice I think, especially if you look at it as the average entrance quest might take a good half hour to a hour to get completed to gain account wide access which would help someone playing numerous characters on one account, while going out to complete a bunch of Eden Quests that may take a few hours to get access on a single character would really help someone that is focusing on one character, or just simply wants to bring in a support while they play their main that they have already cleared it once with.
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    I'm relatively new to TalonRo and kinda like the server so I thought to myself I could donate like 20 dollar or so. Well I tried and had to see that only credit cards work. I was just thinking that maybe more options should be added since credit cards are out of date and nearly any online store has a wide variety of payment methods. Worldwide the only country which depends on credit cards is the US. In Europe for example its a dying medium. Well just wanted to bring this up and wish you a nice day good reader.
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    I notice that not a lot of people are using this feature because clicking the up arrow to show your previous message will just result in plain text. It would be nice if item referencing is preserved in your chat history so we can maximize this feature.
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    is there something we can do for SinX MA cooldown like before Iduna Update?
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