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    May Lord bless you onthis auspicious day of Easter,May it be a new beginningof greater prosperity,success and happiness.Wish you a Happy Easter! all talon friends and GMs
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    Note to self: I will be one of the strongest, if not the strongest, gunslinger in the server
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    Happy Anniversary Tro! 🦄✨🎂 Thank you!
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    The budding trees, the new flowersand birds that sweetly singwhisper to me that it's EasterHere is wishing a warmth for your soulon Easter and always!
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    Hi Yumiko! Nice to meet you! I am and old member of TalonRO and I am lost T.T maybe we can talk about the new of the server. Thanks!
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    Thank you TRO to all our GMs for the hard work and to all my friends and guildies who joined Project V and Herja! Soooo fun! We love it! 💗✨😇💕 Looking forward for next events and updates! 🍰
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    Coming back to the game made my depression worse 😫😭
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