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    Excited to unveil Project Iduna soon! Been a long time coming.
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    Another Yule Ball spectacle. thank you to all those who attended, we hope to see you again next year!
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    Of my 6 years being here, this is the first time I'm participating in a Forum Event. LoL!
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    Be sure not to be caught with anyone to not spoil your Valentine's Date with her!
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    Thank you my 💓. And thank you Gms and everyone for a wonderful TRo event! 🍻🎉❤
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    These past few days have been enjoyable for me 'cause I got to visit Fukuoka, Japan with my family. It was nothing short of spectacular: the people, sights, sounds, food, etc. I also got to visit a place that I had been looking forward to seeing -- something that wouldn't be possible without @Yamada Potechi's help. Aside from giving me directions, she also recommended other spots for me to visit, like Dazaifu Shrine. Why am I sharing this experience here? Because I want to emphasize that TalonRO helped me create a connection with players even outside of the game. Although the Statue of Prontera herself hasn't reappeared in the game for long, I am very thankful that she keeps in touch. Both she and the people behind TalonRO helped make my personal experience more memorable 😊
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    AOCE Acquired Difficulty: Hard Strategy: Pneuma and Pray Solo Farm || Need Endow/Converter I even got her card before the arrow dropped. The map is quite big and its hard to move around at first but got used to it in a few hours. You can see that I prolly have a bad RNG 'cause of the number of handcuffs (90% drop) I have before I got what I want and I dont know how to do my ritual for rare drop here yet. Conclusion: Highly possible for a Super Novice to farm AOCE but it will be hard. Not advisable for non-hardcore SuNo players to even try doing it. Other classes can still to better. SuNo Love +1 Bio3 done and in the books~ ...ok, time to target another mob.
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    did you miss me? now, I will have to read what I missed - see you in 2 months
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    Liked and subscribed.
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