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    Excited to unveil some upcoming content we have lined up over the next few months. More info to come post-Iduna. Happy gaming!
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    The Bunny Sister's Corner : Hey guys! I had fun playing with you all yesterday and for those who missed out, here's what happened : As promised, more events from your bunny sister on the way. Check this out! Creds to my floof fam GM Lance, I hope to see you guys there~.
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    The Bunny Sister's Corner: Thank you for joining today's event, stay tuned for the next Mad Malice Mayhem! Don't forget to send us your reviews or renew them at RMS, feedbacks, and suggestions are also welcome through the forum or gimme a shout out here if you liked this event!
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    The Bunny Sister's Corner: Hello Talonians, It's been a while since I posted on my wall, I'm here with a bit of news about my videos of you all... I will no longer be able to upload recorded videos at Twitch, but will now use YouTube to archive your awesomeness! I will still be able to live stream through Twitch so I'll still see you there and watch out for more events coming soon! Here are @Bobito and @*~Heartyangel~*'s team our last two participating parties for this month's Valkyrie Ancient Tower!
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    Finding one is hard enough but how about two? On the same map. So lucky
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    The Bunny Sister's Corner : Here we go! Come and play with me, see you soon!
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    Lost. Unto the night the "Search" starts. To the End of this Quest we Charge. To see if we desire to live once more.
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    So Tired. Wish I had the energy to Grind, tonight. Might just go watch some Bleach and sleep.
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