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    While we are approaching the end of August, we could not let you all go without enjoying our annual Summer Event! Due to how busy we've been with the Project Iduna launch, we haven't had as much time to spend on the event development as we usually have. For that reason, the Treasure Hunting part of the event will not be making its return this year. That being said, the event is once again full of new rewards and challenges. Please check it out~ The return of TalonRO's wildly popular Amazing Summer Race brings the action back to Port Malaya for a season of intense team fun! The Amazing Summer Race this year begins once again in Port Malaya at the World Race Center Headquarters. Your journey begins by speaking with one of the World Quest Center staff members to begin the journey of the season. After registration, you'll need to find the person in each region who can start your quest after starting in Port Malaya. From there, this person will be hiding in one of four regions. Once they are located, you'll begin a quick quest. Collect one of each special regional badge by performing these quests that takes place all over Midgard and beyond! Your goal is to eventually successfully complete one of each type of quest, and decide to turn those badges in for a prize or bet them all on a harder quest whose rewards will be even greater! Fast Five For those participating in the Fast 5 NPC finder competition throughout the Amazing Summer Race event, this year's prize is the same as last year as we don't want you all to miss out on this awesome costume. It's the Water Mastery Costume (Bound)! Rules for the Amazing Summer Race USE ONLY ONE MASTER ACCOUNT FOR THE RACE Please remember: it is strictly forbidden to use more than one (1) master account to get badges. Using the master account of a friend or family member to get more badges is forbidden and can lead to a permanent ban! BADGE EXCHANGE All race badges will be account-bound - but if you're too heavy with one kind of badge and need one of a different type, you can exchange that with the Race Staff for three of an existing badge type! Missions and Regions The missions and regions of the Amazing Summer Race are many - so we want to make sure that you have a preview of what you're getting into before you embark upon the race! Regions Kordt Forest: The Kordt Forest is for all quests performed in a forest-type of area. You might find yourself deep within Mt. Mjolnir, or perhaps out roaming the Prontera Fields - just don't get lost in the woods! Sograt Desert: The Sograt Desert areas aptly refer to any area which is primarily desert. Although the Sograt Desert is the largest desert in Midgard, it is by no means the only one. Be sure to bring lots of water on your journey! Kokomo Tropics & Tundra: The Kokomo Tropics & Tundra are any collection of tropical or tundra areas around Midgard. While it might be tempting to bring along the summer suits and sunscreen, keep your eyes open when a quest is in this area! Darmian Dungeons: The Darmian Dungeon region refer to all quests which take place in a dungeon. Don't worry: all of the dungeon quests will be in open-access dungeons...though safety is not guaranteed when venturing in here! Missions Monster Hunting: Monster hunting is a staple of the Amazing Race! On these quests, you'll need to defeat as many of a certain type of monster as you can! Searching: If the regional Amazing Race staff member assigns you to a monster hunting quest, then you had better gear up for a quick run through of those monsters! You'll need to do so before the time is up as well! Item Gathering: In these quests, your searching isn't done yet! You'll have to hunt across Midgard to find a special individual to complete this assignment. The Octopus Instance is making a return! First debuting in Summer 2018, it is a unique high-end instance! Help Captain TamTam sail the seas once again in his ship by defeating an octopus believed to be the legendary Akkorokamui, in an instance available for up to 4~12 players, who is stopping TamTam from leaving the Malaya Docks. Akkorokamui is a new type of MvP that uses mechanics never before seen! Goal In order to defeat Akkorokamui you must defeat all of its legs so it can no longer defend itself. Prior to this, the main boss is completely invincible. All of Akkorokamui’s legs have different functions such as buffing/healing, ranged skills, magic skills, debuffs, status, and even physical attacks. It is up to you to decide which legs to take out in what order to figure out what the best strategy is for your team! If you participated in this instance back in 2018 however, don't expect it to be exactly the same as before. Minor tweaks aside, watch out for his new mechanics such as the devastating Tidal Wave attack during the defensive formation! Joining Not every player can jump into the fight with Akkorokamui. To enter, you must find a Mysterious Key and bring it to Captain TamTam. He will bring you to the evil octopus! Finding the keys will not be easy. You can obtain them by participating in the Amazing Summer Race! Various stages of the event may reward you with this unique key. Too lazy to race around? Not a problem! The keys can be traded and vended. Find one from your local vendor and give it a shot without any of the racing efforts! Rewards Defeating Akkorokamui can occasionally reward you with brand new, never before seen gears on TalonRO, exclusive to this content! He will drop the following exclusive armors to form a gear set, and while not part of the gear set, a unique pair of sandals, all of which dropped in 2018: However, there is also a brand new weapon drop for the 2019 year! If you're lucky when defeating the MvP, you may even get Undine Spear: Don't forget about this year's wonderful Summer Cocktails, either! Event Galapagos will be roaming about in special areas with ingredients to make wonderful summer cocktails - an array of which offer some special stat boosting effects (to say nothing of being refreshing on the beach, right?). This year we have a brand new cocktail for you to enjoy, too! Good luck earning and making some of these wonderful cocktails below: Summer Cocktails Spammers Heaven: Increase ASPD by 10% for 45 minutes. Seductive Bathory: Reduce Cast Time by 10% for 45 minutes. Sting's Slap: 10% resistance to Physical Attacks for 30 minutes. Blossoming Geographer: 10% resistance to Magic Attacks for 30 minutes. Drip of Yggdrasil: 10% EXP Boost for 30 minutes + No EXP loss when dying (30 min.; effect wears off after you die). Venatu's Beep: Increase ATK by 5% for 30 minutes. Myst Case's Surprise: Increase MATK by 5% for 30 minutes. Matyr's Mix: Makes you walk fast for a duration of 45 minutes. Old Dracula's Mix: 15% more Job EXP for 30 minutes. Raydric's Tonic: Receive level 7 Kaahi and level 7 Kaizel upon use. Sour Sidewinder: Receive level 5 Gloria, level 5 Impostio Manus, and level 5 Magnificat upon use. Moscow Headless Mule: For 10 minutes, FLEE + 30 and you regenerate 3% of your Maximum HP every 10 seconds. Can not be used while in Frenzy. Finally, let's not forget about an event that's already been running since the start of the month: TamTam's Tikibar! Thanks to our fun loving and beloved mascot, TamTam, we're serving up summery drinks (and prizes!) throughout the whole month of August. For more information on how to join, please check out our dedicated event topic! Finally, summer's sunset eventually falls upon us - and so the Amazing Summer Race will run through September 21st at the end of the summer season. We hope that you enjoy the wonderful features of this year's Amazing Summer Race - and as always, happy gaming!
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    Today "4 Level 5 Assumpttio Scroll" All list click ⬇️
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    Ev erybody who comes up with "arguments" like "this server is dead" is not wanted in a discussion. Plain and simple. Give constructive feedback or you can go away, indeed. Thanks, I am the coolest. It is a low rate server. Low rate = grinding. High rate = get everything with one hit. What's your point here? Our rates are clearly stated on our website. Yes, and the Cash Betty offers the exact same opportunity. If an item is too hard then let us know and we will review it, the list is not final. Some items from the list can be farmed faster than clicking all votring buttons and completing the captchas. If not then you probably never completed the captchas in the first place. Not really. However, there was nothing to defend the Cash Betty against. You made no argument other than "this server is dead" and "this server is pay2win". Your only point was that the item hunting took too long and I told you that we can just review that again and nix it if that's the case. Again, Cash Betty doesn't take longer than voting and the diea is that anybody on level 70 without much gear can get the items. If an item does not meet that requirement then report it. Your agument is simply not true and it won't become more true by repeating it in your posts. Simple as that. I dare to guess that most new players have no problem with this new system or else you woulld see more posts about it. Don't judge others based on your own perspective please. You can only talk for yourself and you just did that.
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    After several years, I've relapsed and decided to try playing RO again. Searching through RMS I saw this as the top result, thought it sounded familiar and took a look. I'm not surprised I actually have played here before and my last activity shows I was last on in 2013, I was jumping servers like mad trying to find somewhere to play and make friends but burnt myself out as I couldn't just sit still long enough. Anyways, I'm back but also new and no clue where I left off. Installing as I type this stream of consciousness. Getting kinda late and have to be up early for work tomorrow, so will probably start this up after work.
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    First of all, This guide is just my personal preferences and playstyle based on my own experience for safer party gameplay, Dedicated for both of 2 Guild i lead currently and people in it! Crimson Guild & Arkana. Also there are many thing i've learnt from, and figured together with people i've met which i cannot name them all. But some of the are @Mister Clay & Lucio. They deserve the credits! So lets get started, we will just assume that you --- already know the basic or minor thing about this and that as well as having the budget or ready for it. If not, I'd suggest you to read the complete guide created by @Mosjoandy <CLICK HERE> *** 1. Equipments. Item marked with ** are Luxury and/or Optional. - Upper: Lord Kaho Horn -- +20 DEX, INT and STR, doubt you don't know this. **Valkyrie Helm[1] ** - OR - you can find any suitable slotted upper headgear of your choices, cheaper: **[Evil Snake Lord] -- Luxury, Yet helps in some cases, you'll need 2 ESL, one as mid for it to actually work at its best. **[Marduk] -- Optional, Silence Immunity, keep it for top headgear for supporting while Mid headgear slot for Mistress, unless you're crazy preson that put [Mistress] on random 5TC top headgear ____________________________________________________________________________ - Middle: Slotted INT+1. [Vesper] -- Bypass MDEF of Boss-Type monster, Does not need further explaination here. [Mistress] -- Nulify gemstones requirement, mainly for Safety Wall. **[High Wizard] -- Optional. But for me, i'd take [High Wizard] at the last priority. **[Evil Snake Lord] -- See above **[Marduk] -- Similar reason, get it on mid if you want to keep Kaho stat, but you don't need to have own 2 Marduk, seriously! **[Orc Hero] -- My go to mid most of the time, just because its not only grants Stun immunity but also 3 VIT, honestly i swap to this alot, those Meteor Storm, those Whitesmith Hammer Fall, Surprise Sonic Blow from Assassin Cross & stuff - Lower: Pussy Cat Bell (DEF+5) There are many option but i prefer DEF for survival. ____________________________________________________________________________ - Armor: Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano -- Enchant your armor into Fire Property (Reduce 75% Fire Damage, But takes more damage from Water) Aebecee Raging Typhoon -- Enchant your armor into Wind Property ( Reduce 75% Wind Damage, But takes more damage from Earth). Formal Suit or any lightweight [RSX 0806] -- Anti Knockback, it is getting more use due to Iduna change, Ranged monster (except MVP) is now seems to change target when attacked, talk about those Bow Guardian, Sniper Cecil etc and most of them have knockback, it also grants you +3 VIT, best to put inside Fire Armor. [Marc] -- Frozen Immunity, When you're reading this, you probably know whats this for and when to use, Best to put inside Wind, Formal Suit or any lightweight armor [Bathory] -- Enchant your armor into Shadow Property and also protect you from Dark Blessing skills. **[Agav] -- Optional, Gives you 5% MATK boost but sacrifice DEF, Not really fan of it since in higher instances/runs, you are not really the main damage dealer, maybe can use here and there, but i personally find it hard to fit this one in my inventory. Additionaly get enchanted one, because i promise, this is a good investment! something that you will wear for long times and used for many classes until you decide to overups them! ____________________________________________________________________________ - Weapon: Staff of Magi Dark Thorn Staff Lich Bone Wand Any better staff you have. [Doppelganger] -- Faster animation for certain single target and self buff skill. [Necromancer] -- More INT and MDEF Bypass. - Shield: Valkyrja Shield Any shield you can afford - But i'd suggest to avoid Stone Buckler or anything heavy: [Hodremlin] -- Should be your very first shield, Offer you reduction from everything and anything by 15% and sometime pop you with 20% PDodge, No side effect. [Golden Thief Bug] -- Magic/Spell Immunity, try to get this quick. important. [Alice] -- Your last shield, Reduce 40% from Bosses, but you takes more damage from Non-Boss. [Medusa] -- Last priority, Grants you stone immunity and small amount demon reduction. What i use in General: ____________________________________________________________________________ - Garment: There are many but i'd suggest DO NOT take Dragon Manteau because the thing is heavy, try to consider the following. Beach Manteau - Very low DEF, but gives you INT+1, 10% fire reduction, no level and class restricton. (i mean.. you can use it on your Super Novice to save money from buying extras, or whatever NonTrans class you have) Beach Towel -- Very low DEF, unlike the Manteau version, this one offer 4% neutral reduction and universal. Proxy Skin Garment - Great DEF & offer tiny bit elemental resist except neutral. Diablos Manteau - Great DEF & offer tiny bit neutral resist. Naght Seiger Flame Manteau - Medium DEF, Offer tiny bit fire resist & boost tiny % MATK. [Deviling] -- Should be your main garment; Gives 50% neutral resist, but you take more damage from elemental. [Lord of Death] -- I'd say this is my favorite, +10 VIT and still giving 10% reduction from everything, i love having high resistance to VIT based status immunity, not a must but will improve your gameplay in great amount! [Leak] -- Last priority, i don't use this a lot, in fact i never use it unless i'm one of the main damage dealer and not just crowd control. beside, the +5 INT it offer barely noticeable, i only use this to reach confusion immunity rather than for reaching min-max MATK threshold. - Footgear: Sleipnir Any best shoes you have currently [Eddga] -- Grants you active Endure all the time and % boost in HP/SP. [General Egnigem Cenia] -- Yes you need this and please do bring if you have one. it Regen 100HP/SP every 10 secs. Your big SP pool and regen often doesn't enough to keep up. [Lady Tanee] -- If you're fans of MATK boosting.Some people recommend me this. Haven't tried it myself. i don't feel like stressing myself switching between 3 shoes though! [Nightmare Verit] -- Suggested by Clay, claimed to be better than Lady Tanee, Untested by myself but i'm sure does if you're reading this, you already can make your own jdugement and calculation by yourself (will check later). - Accessories: Brisingamen Celebration Ring [Sting] -- Gives you 4 DEX, simple. [Osiris] -- For the Full HP/SP upon ressurected, Most good dedicated HP have their ressurect at low level for instant delay, so you might want this ================================================== 2. Skills 1s Job: You'll mostly use [Safety Wall] with some [Sight] here and there. 2nd Job [Storm Gust] Your main AoE spell, Water element - Max Level Note: not everything is fine to be attacked by Storm Gust, first of all it push the monster around, and second it freeze them (for Non Boss only). Unless they're very very harmful or you are sure that the monster is gonna die before they get frozen by its effect, i'd suggest do not storm gust, this rules applies for party play such as Endless Tower or alike where we have tanks/lurer, It is tempting to Storm gust those horde of mobs thats being lured but no, God please don't!! Example Mob that is not fine to Stormgust: Acidus Gold, High Priest Magaretha (Non Boss), Frus/Skogull: They took very little damage from out Storm Gust due to their element and instead killing them or actually disabling them, your Storm gust will just scatter them, We want the mob stacked together for our sniper to Sharpshoot all at once. If you -really- want to help, Please just use Quagmire or Lord of Vermillion/Heaven Drive, that won't scatter them. To make it simplier; Do not Storm Gust non boss mob that is Shadow, Holy, Wind or even.. Water element itself of course lmao unless you can kill them quick, for more info about elemental: [Jupitel Thunder] Your main single target spell, Max Level. Very powerful single target wind element spell due to its MATK modifier and the spam with higher ASPD, aside being good, it also push back non-boss monster which somewhat good and bad. [Heaven Drive] Your secondary AoE spell, Max Level. Earth Element, damage not so great but it is good to reveal "Hiding" monster from afar, instead of using [Sight] and shorter delay than most other Wizard AoE. [Water Ball] Optional - Max it or don't take at all. The most powerful single target, requires you to stand on a Water/Deluge/Water Escape Technique, useful for certain instances, yet rarely used for most party instances - just have it because its cool!. [Lord of Vermillion] - Your secondary AoE spell, Max Level. It has the widest range out of all AoE, aside being used to damage water element monster, its useful to pull aggro and/or kill weak scattered monster due to its wide range. [Monster Property] - i don't know what to tell here, but please have it. It allow you to see monster info, their HP, elements, there are many skill that triggers during certain level of monster HP and some MVP can change elements, it helps to track those kind of stuff. [Ice Wall] - The name say it, get atleast lvl 7. it will last for about half minute. Often needed for Instances like GMC, to separated and protect party from monster or alike. [Amplify Magic Power] - No reason not to take it, and get it Max! at Max level it boost your MATK by whooping 50%, this skill is what makes the differences between Wizard and High Wizard! ================================================== 3. Stat: I cannot say much about Stat, as its very straight forward with 150 DEX in total, followed by INT and VIT or STR. But here is my current Stat: Other Useful Tips to improve your quality of run gameplay: 1. Always Quagmire, It helps more than you think! - It reduce monster ASPD, Slower attack = lower damage per second your tank will receive, Slowing their Walking speed, in case something bad happen and mob go on the loose you can escape easily, it also debuff increase agi and reduce flee, i will never get bored to shout and yell to my wizard in my party to cast that freakin Quagmire, Seriously! 2. Do not use Energy Coat randomly, the 30% reduction it offer might sound tempting, but it cost your SP in order to reduce the damage, in Crucial moment you want to have spare SP, it drained really-really fast and drain same amount of SP regardless the damage, i suggest to only use it when you are about to face 1 or 2 huge burst of Damage, such as Hell Judgement, Fire Breath and alike, not to reduce rapid attack. 3. Use [Teleport] - then Cancel to instantly remove Ground skill such as Safety Wall, Ice Wall and alike - in map that allow you to Teleport. 4. Adjust yourself and connect with whoever you're playing with because you're one of the core class and the back bone in most party run so makes the best of it. 5. Don't be cheapskate, bring Condensed White Potion! Paying a little more better than failed or stressful run. 6. Learn about the MVP, behaviour, skill and know what you're doing, Playing High Wizard is not as simple as SG all the way or about that AoE! It does and can do more than that! Example: Any suggestion or anything else feel free to drop it.
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    Welcome back to the art corner Skye
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    Hi Guys!!! New player here, i just want to know if there are some dungeons and items that are disabled here like Elemental Sword before I download the game? TIA!!
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    Well, the skill has three levels. I like your idea, we will change it to duration + 60 seconds as proposed.
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    Here's a few (somewhat) newer things of mine! Featuring Yune Hiraze (High Priest) and Farona (Lord Knightress): Yune being a doof. Just keep smiling! Farona being super-embarrassed about wearing a Neko-mimi cape (she probably got duped into it, somehow). And a winter-y Farona, dressed for the cold season! (Because, come on, those little LK skirts are not gonna keep a girl warm!) These are the only RO-related new-ish ones I have for now. I may post some non-RO things if anyone wants to see them.
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    Well we have the backstory in common, Welcome to TalonRO, happy to have you on board
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    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Speechless 😶 and awasome. So pro!
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    ahhh lmao damn im so slow here
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    If it isn't a positive change in every single way for every single person, then it isn't 100% positive. Just because you don't understand how percentages work doesn't mean you can just start lying to everybody about what 100% is. This is like saying there is no negative if somebody else bots, because you are not losing your gear, right? They're just unfairly getting ahead of you. Don't be dense. People who are complaining are doing so because by not logging in, they are falling behind. And to your earlier point that "encouraging people to log in instead of just vote without playing for 2 months is a good thing" -- it isn't. I can't tell you how many times I had to quit the game because (real life happens) but kept voting. I'd have forgotten about tRO for months/years, but voting every day kept it in my mind. After 3-4 months, I'd hit the 1000 voting point limit and need to log in to exchange them. I'd do so at that time, which would give me 20 TC and a new MVP card I'd want to mess around with. Then I'd get back into the game playing every day. As I already said, I'm not personally invested because I'm aware that it's very clear that the new system is not intended to appeal to the same people as the old system, so I don't care. But I'm not going to act like a condescending douche to everyone who has legitimate grievances and say crap like "Oh, it's 100% positive change and there's no negative for you" like they're just idiots for feeling that way.
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    Welcome to the server leinnad! Here's to a pleasant stay.
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    My cake so pruo and talented artist, blobblush ❤️
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    thanks for backup, this week kinda busy
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    My daily dose of Rinny Art
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    I want to join in~ Sorry for the bad quality but I hope you like it~!! And ref for Lake! Bell Ribbon, mischievous fairy, hip ribbon~
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    Welcome back! ❤️ hope to see you in game and please make sure you have all your files organized and updated accordingly.
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    I noticed that most Alchemists/Creators on TalonRO are using MirAI, and this sounds weird to me since MirAI is quite outdated. In fact, remnants of functions banned from the game loooooong time ago can still be found in the GUI settings. So, I decided to post an less outdated (and my favorite) custom AI: AzzyAI, modified to work on private servers. Download (530 KB) MediaFire MEGA I'm not posting any guide to this, cuz this comes with a very extensive and informative documentation. So if you have any questions on how to use it, READ THE PDF. If you still have questions, I'll try to answer them as best as possible... Or not... (Probably not.) Anyway, enjoy.
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    hello and welcome back. did you try to check the iduna troubleshooting it might help since we got a new patch. hence I recommend to fully download the TRO. I am also having difficulties since mine have no bgm. but you can also proceed to report section via tech thread. goodluck
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    Just tested it in-game. It works just fine. Just doesn't display in your status window.
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    Updated the link.
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    Hello guys, I present you a mini guide for these who want to farm some maps with their SinX. My stats (will depend on the equipment) : Frus and Skegul Maps : odin_tem02 / Odin Temple F2 Items : Awakening Potion , Meats , Fly Wings Equipment : Upper Headgear : Holy Marching Hat [Bloody Knight or nothing] < switch after Aspersio > Lord Kaho's Horn Mid Headgear : Mid STR/AGI +1 [Stormy knight or Bloody Knight] Low Headgear : Pirate dagger or Chewing Bubblegum or Pussy cat bell Weapons : Mes [Doppelganger/ Turtle General x2] and Main Gauche[Doppelganger/Queen Scaraba/Incantation Samurai x2] Armor : Dragon Vest [Gloom Under Night] [DEX+3] Garment : Dragon Manteau [ Devilling] Shoes : Sandals[Mysteltainn] or Sleipnir [Mysteltainn] Accessories : Cursed Hand x2 [ Hell Poodle] or Brisingamen x2 [Hell Poodle] Care to Frus who use Strip Armor (don't forgot to re-equip your armor). For counter this skill you can ask to a Bio a Full Chemical Protection or Chemical Protection Armor Black or Blue Skeggiold : Maps : odin_tem03 / Odin Temple F3 Items : Awakening Potion , Meats , Fly Wings, Guarana Candy , Curse Water Equipment : Upper Headgear : Lord Kaho's Horn Mid Headgear : Mid STR/AGI +1 [Stormy knight or Bloody Knight] Low Headgear : Pirate dagger or Chewing Bubblegum or Pussy cat bell Weapons : Mes [Doppelganger/ Turtle General x2] and Main Gauche[Doppelganger/Queen Scaraba/Incantation Samurai x2] Armor : Dragon Vest [Gloom Under Night] [DEX+3] Garment : Dragon Manteau [ Devilling] Shoes : Sandals[Mysteltainn] or Sleipnir [Mysteltainn] Accessories : Cursed Hand x2 [ Hell Poodle] or Brisingamen x2 [Hell Poodle] Advices : Use Guarana Candy for suppress decrease agility from Skeggiold. Use Cursed Water (shadow element) for a high DPS on Skeggiold, contrariwise you will not be able to touch Frus and Skogul. Other tip, when the Skeggiolds have'nt detected you yet, look at the one walking in front, this will be your target if you do not want to waste time. Do not take two packs at the same time One Horned Scaraba / Two Horned Scaraba Maps : dic_dun01 / Scaraba Hole 01, Kamidal Tunnel Items : Awakening Potion , Meats , Fly Wings Buff : Flame Launcher Lv5 Equipment : Upper Headgear : Lord Kaho's Horn • Mid Headgear : Mid STR/AGI +1 [Bloody Knight] • Low Headgear : Pirate dagger or Chewing Bubblegum or Pussy cat bell • Weapons : Mes [Doppelganger/ Incantation Samurai x2] and Main Gauche[Doppelganger/Baphomet /Sniper x2] • Armor : Dragon Vest [Rybio] [ASPD +3%] • Garment : Dragon Manteau [Devilling] • Shoes : Sandals [Mysteltainn] or Sleipnir [Mysteltainn] • Accessories : Cursed Hand x2 [Hell Poodle] or Brisingamen x2 [Hell Poodle] Advices : Pack 7-8 mobs but becareful because mobs can cast skill Stop lv 1. Your worst enemy will be your positioning (and lag ^^). If you have a pack of 1/2 mobs who cast succesfully Stop lv 1 it's better to use Fly wing. Sedora / Sropho / King Dramoh / Pot Doffle: Maps : iz_dun05 / Undersea Tunnel F6 Items : Awakening Potion , Meats , Fly Wings Buff : Lightning Loader Lv5 Equipment : Basic Upper Headgear : Lord Kaho's Horn Mid Headgear : Mid STR/AGI +1 [Stormy knight or Bloody Knight] Low Headgear : Pirate dagger or Chewing Bubblegum or Pussy cat bell Weapons : Mes [Doppelganger/ Incantation Samurai x2] and Main Gauche[Doppelganger/Baphomet /Sniper x2] Armor : Aebecee's Raging Typhoon Armor [RSX] Garment : Valkyria Manteau [ Devilling] Shoes : Sandals[Mysteltainn] or Sleipnir [Mysteltainn] Accessories : Cursed Hand x2 [ Hell Poodle] or Brisingamen x2 [Hell Poodle] Equipment : Aegir set Upper Headgear : Aegir Helm [King Dramoh or Stormy knight or Bloody Knight] Mid Headgear : Mid STR/AGI +1 [Stormy knight or Bloody Knight] Low Headgear : Pirate dagger or Chewing Bubblegum or Pussy cat bell Weapons : Mes [Doppelganger/ Incantation Samurai x2] and Main Gauche[Doppelganger/Baphomet /Sniper x2] Armor : Aegir Armor [RSX] Garment : Aegir Cloak [ Devilling] Shoes : Aegir Shoes [Mysteltainn] or [Amon Ra] Accessories : Cursed Hand x2 [ Hell Poodle] or Brisingamen x2 [Hell Poodle] Advices : You can pack 7-8 mobs but don't take more 2 King Dramoh if you don't want climb 6 floors Others farms possible: Galion (bapho weapon + earth endow) Hillslion (mono dps + fire endow) Malaya hospital (Bapho weapon, bathory armor, holy marching hat) Bathory Geffenia Juperos F1 Edit : For extra stat you can bring jaguar hat and make your str divisible by 10 and dex by 5 Edit2 : refresh icon with iduna Cya !
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    As a lif user, how about lowering the cooldown duration to 360 seconds ? Considering mental change lasts 300 seconds, we add 1 min to that from how long the ‘buff’ duration last.
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    many of my friends have been gone and came back and gone again. i still see some playing occassionally. some guildies are also still around. however, i have to admit that playing would not be the same as it was for i have other responsibilities too. I can no longer reach out and commit. I still play but currently having a different mindset. I don't long for what has been. I play for the sake of materializing end goals, still studying, still learning, and eventually help out and share accumulated knowledge to the community, to a new generation of hungry players. Also, it's still nice to see players of old who have grown mature to the game. I played this server when the only communication platform is through in-game and forums. We now have discord, a great socializing tool which I visit not for the sake of chatting along but for the feeling of satisfaction that the server still is very active with dynamic players. Having that said, I still want to see TaloRO bloom and grow. Expect me to still be around for this to me is a second home.
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    Oh my god it's AMAZING!!! Thank you so much my friend! Awwwww!!! I love it so much! And ahhahahahah about the chess/coffee xD.
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    Thank you @Mosjoandy it worked
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    I had this special HP in my party (12 people, 2 HPs - I supported the whole party myself) and he ran off the whole time to "mob" and perm died because he couldn't handle the mob. (He emphasized how many slim white pots he used for the mobbing too.) He died in every second mob, if he survived he lured the entire mob over the party, the monsters switched target with low HP characters struggling to survive. (You can just heal when the chara is not 1-2 hit dead.) That dude clearly did not know a first thing about mobbing. Additionally he insisted that he knew way better how to go about with that place (I have done 2-5 people parties way before he started on this server) and which way was "better". My favourite moment was, when we returned to the first map and he went "So I go mob the whole map again!" I just snarky responded "Well, try stop dying the whole time." and his response was "I am a pro, I just die when it lags!". I kept my mouth shut, for the parties sake as I couldn't have bothered less than going to Thanatos, and did not respond with a "Well, a pro would not overestimate his skills under current conditions and mob just as much as he can handle.". Was the first and last time I ended up in a party with him, that's for sure. How can someone be so full of themselves.
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    Have you thought about this one? This couple really did it.
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    Hiya! Caturnax here, lets get along! ^^ Quick question, what job should i took as a beginner? ~Cats are magic or so they said....
  33. 1 point
    So much energy!! I love it! welcome :3
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    @Mina-chan Had lot of fun doing this. The cosplaying Swordman grinding her way to be a Paladin!!!!! I'll pass my turn, next person please post your char instead
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    First of all, thank you for all the people who helped me decide what class should i go on, LK or VS. So here I am a Vampsmith. Thanks to @howrah for helping me explain details about items and how to play this VS. Disclaimer: This is just based on my personal experience. I never thought i'll never use any meat in magma 2, niff , geffenia. So with this build, i only use lots of GJ. ITEMS: +4 Rideword Hat [Vanberk] STR+ 1 Mid [Vanberk] Bloodsucker +4 Lucius's Fire Armor [RSX 0806] (enchanted FA will be much much better but also pricier) +7 Orcish Axe [Doppel Baphomet Sniper Sniper] +4 Thorn Shiel [Hodremlin] +4 Diablos Manteau [Deviling] +4 Sleipnir [Eddga] Celebration Ring ( although ofc Bris or Megingjard will be much much more useful ) Horn of the Buffalo [High Priest] ** I almost spent 340m here. Total cost may vary due to market fluctuations and how you negotiate with the seller ** OPTIONAL ITEMS: Holy Marching Hat [Vanberk] for Aspersio Wine Cup for a chance of monster drops a Mastela Fruit Wine Pussy Cat Bell Brisingamen Megingjard I am level 99/66, not yet 70 Stats: STR: 99+21 (w/ Loud Exclamation) AGI: 1+14 VIT: 96+14 INT: 1+11 DEX: 33+16 LUK: 1+12 i didn't use cursed hand bec celeb is better, i checked in calc.talonro i also didn't use hell poodle card, in my opinion, it is not that much needed anymore because you will spam meat either way. (but in this case i dont use meats , just lots of GJuices.) PS: I may sound exaggerating, but it is just based on how my gameplay works and may not be suitable to other people who will try this set up. i wanted to post a video but i dont know how. Thank you for all of your help to me!
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    They need RO headgears! 😆
  38. 1 point
    Haha. Sure thing!
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    1. Date of leech: 26/07/19 2. Name of leecher: Inotia 3. Price and Duration: 5,8m ~1hour 4. Map of Leech: DG 5. Experience Gained: 93-99 NT 5a. Experience Details: x8, exp shoes, NT Please rate the following on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best): 6. Friendliness: 5 7. Professionalism: 5 8. Effectiveness: 5 General Questions: 9. Would you recommend this leecher to others?: Yes! 10. Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: Yes!
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    Thanks for the reply. I also saw some monster database is currently worked at. When the works are predicted to be finished?
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    With the move to rAthena we are also recoding the control panel from scratch. We had one but it'll have to be added again.
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    LYD SISS @Lyderis xD
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    B A G A R R E & C O M P A G N I E Hi everyone ! We are the new french speaking community on TalonRo : Bagarre et Compagnie (litteraly, Brawl & cie) We have a discord, we stay at Ayothaya (frenchiest city in TalonRO if you ask me) and we hire everyone. There is only one prerequisite : you must speak french. --------------------------------------------------- Bonjour tout le monde ! Nous sommes la nouvelle communauté francophone de TalonRO : Bagarre et Compagnie. On a un discord, on squatte à Ayothaya (une ville bien franchouillarde, si vous voulez mon avis) et on recrute tout le monde. Il n'y a qu'un prérequis, vous devez parler français. --------------------------------------------------- Discord : https://discord.gg/mVFvRRh QG : Ayothaya Devise : La Bagarre Motivation : La Bagarre Inspiration : La Bagarre La Bagarre? : Toujours. RENDEZ-VOUS SUR CETTE PAGE POUR NOUS REJOINDRE !
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    I'm a big fan of those little stories! You're really good artist with great sense of humor ❤️
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    I remember back in the day farming Munaks and Bonguns all day just because I wanted their hat so bad, and I couldn't afford to buy their hat that Merchs were selling in town for over a million since making zenny back then was a major slog. I did finally get that Munak Hat drop tho! And it was quite satisfying.
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    Sorry for late reply, took me a lot of time i wanted to get it right. So there you go you can mail 10m+10m peco fee to BigTony thx ❤️
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    ffufufufu glad you like it xD beware though she's a perv *pours holy water on naght's eye*
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