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    Been around TalonRO for a bit now, even though I'm still a Newbie considered by standarts (I'm very new to RO in general and only started last year... And began playing it properly about 2 to 3 months ago). In RO all the characters I play are based on characters I draw... So here. :')
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    It’s been a while Like more than one year xD I feel like a lot of ppl stopped snif Hope to have fun here like before TalonRO ppl are so kind ❤️ I love it heheh mata yoroshiku onegaishimasu (If some active guild still up for et, twc, seals, gmc.. let me know 🙃)
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    depends on the kind of WoE. There is Unrestricted (ppl calling it Unress) where yes, all MVP cards can be used there. Also any God items too are allowed there. And then there is Vanilla WoE. The opposite of Unress. No MVP cards, God Items and yeah no LKH too. The traditional WoE we all know.
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    Also, you upgrading not artemis but character and that bonuses works only with artemis equipped. So as there is no "best to sniper" bonuses, only preferable for your build, gamestyle and farm places. For most used DS and crit builds mostly used bonuses is 15% more damage with Double Strafing, 10% more damage with Critical Hits, 15 LUK, 15% MHP, 20% Magic Resistance (not MDEF, is a reduction) and Enable use of Safety Wall Level 4 (people get first 2 and choose between last 4 from that 6).
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    To upgrade your artemis bow you must have Valhalla access, which you get after completing all four seal quests. After that you are free to pick any of the upgrades available for artemis (list of upgrades and necessary ingredients on the wiki). You can only have 4 active bonus at the same time, though.
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    Do the Eden quests from Boya and Ur. They give you some basic equips that are good up until the mid-levels. Also, take Eden board quests and finish them for you to be rewarded with Bronze coins. These coins can be useful for you to purchase rental items like Weapon, Armors and Accessories. They lasts for one week so make sure to maximize their usage for you to be able to purchase your decent permanent gears
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    Just took a look through your art and it's absolutely stunning, I love your style and characters. They look so great!!
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    Thank you! I will most definitely upload more once I have more to show. I'll check your art out as well. 😄
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    I hate to be one of those silly people but.. it might just be over 9000? @___@? Forgive me..
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    Solo with 6 client.
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