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    Here's my guide to be 100% Anti-Stun 1. Get 97 VIT in total (for Profs, Ganba HW, SPP Bio, Clown, Gypsy, Sniper, High Priest, Champion, Devo Paladin, Stalker, Sinx) 2. Wear Deviruchi Headphones [Stalactic Golem] + any Mid Headgear [Stalactic Golem] + Valkyrie Armor. This set is for Low VIT jobs in WoE (for DD Bio, DD Stalk) 3. Wear Deviruchi Headphones [Stalactic Golem] + any Mid Headgear [Stalactic Golem] + any Shield [Flame Skull] + Tidung [Marc/Evil Druid] + Deviruchi Pet (for High Wizards) 4. Wear any Headgear [Gemini-S58 Card] + any Mid Headgear [Gemini-S58 Card] + Valkyrie Armor (for any job that can get 90 AGI to activate Gemini-S58 Card, such as Pressure Paladin, LK, WS) 5. Wear Deviruchi Headphones [Gemini-S58 Card] + any Mid Headgear [Gemini-S58 Card] + Meteor Plate [Marc/Evil Druid] (same Jobs as number 4, this set is just cheaper) Follow this guide and you'll stop counting stars. Thanks.
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    You need bragi all the time, don't ever fight without bragi.
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    6. HW, Prof, linker: Wear Deviruchi Headphones [Stalactic Golem] + any Mid Headgear [Stalactic Golem] + any Shield [Flame Skull] + BG set (Warlock's Battle Robe +Combat Boots [1] + Commander's Manteau [1] ) = 105% 😻
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    Hey guys, I've played Ragnarok on and off for about 17 years now. I used the same server for forever. I had multiple level 99's and ran one of the top guilds for awhile. I recently tried to log back on, but I lost access to the email I used and the name to the server changed multiple times etc. I absolutely could not even figure out if the server still existed, let alone figure out my login. So here I am! new to this server and need to make some friends! I'm nearly worthless in a party at the moment since I have worthless gear and I'm only level 40, but I would love some people to party with. It would also be AWESOME if anybody could help me out with any gear to get started! I'm finding it absolutely dreadful to start over with NOTHING. I could also use any pointers/explanations about the features unique to this server, like the Eden system and the coin exchange system. If anybody that could help me out or wants to party could send me an in-game message(preferably) or message me on here. The character I'm starting with is named Persephonus (level 42 female thief.) Thanks guys! looking forward to putting some grinding in and getting my first lvl 99 on this server!
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    Just got back 5 days ago! feels good! but i have other accounts and I can't seem to remember my username/password. lol kinda sucked because I had a 99 high Priest. but feels good to be back nonetheless! starts from scratch! welcome back though
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    Вслед за Кулоном добавил свой вариант билда для ванилла-инстансов.
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    Hey everyone! As mentioned, i just made a +7 Enhanced Helm of Angel [1] Stats: AGI+3, LUK+3, MDef +5, ASPD+5%, ASPD+1 (flat) Mail me if Interested, IGN: Oncle Picsou I also have a spare of Pro Summertime Box 2018 if you're interested
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    I want a new login,password and email
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    You cannot change your forum account. Why would you even have to do that? :<