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    January has arrived! And it's once again time for our Monthly Maintenance! With Christmas gone, we say hello to the New Year, as well as some exciting content lined up over the next few weeks. The long awaited SQI Revamp will be scheduled for release this month, along with the annual Yule Ball event gearing up for another spectacular gala! Notable mentions: To start 2021 off right and make it better than 2020 (does not take much, but hey!), we are launching a 12x EXP event for one week! It's scheduled to end on January 8th. Our Annual Charity Event ended up with a whopping $7366 for Doctors Without Borders, when our goal was set to $1000. Thank you so much everyone for your generosity! We'll be adding an NPC soon to claim your prizes! Once again, this is an amazing achievement! Our Christmas Event is still ongoing through till January 7th! The SQI Revamp will be scheduled to launch this month. More info below! Limited Item Sale To celebrate finally getting rid of 2020, we have released a temporary Special Effect costume for a duration of one week. The [Visual] Fireworks Costume goes to the Garment Slot and can be purchased from the Talon Shop. Monthly Updates Our Monthly Maintenance comes with some common updates: A brand new TamTam's Odyssey region: Rachel Fields Ice Dungeon GMC Box rotations: Enchanted Dog Costume [20983] Greater Dracul Horn Costume [20933] Wave Box rotations: Little Garden Costume [21156] Poring Beret Costume [21209] A brand new Monthly Costume Box, available in the Talon Shop: Imperial Glory Costume [21655] Royal Mantle Costume [20935] Calabash Costume [Garment] [21590] Japanese Hair Costume [21587] Neev Barrette Costume [20934] Fluffy Heart Earmuffs Costume [20952] Dog Officer Costume [20805] Alchemist Mask Costume [20988] Dark Randgris Helm Costume [21012] Ignis Cap Costume [20868] Capricorn Diadem Costume [21178] Feather Beret Costume [20953]~ With the likes of 'Baby' Mystic Tower scheduled for January, as well the imminent release of the SQI revamp, what better way than to indulge in some good old fashioned leveling with bonus experience? This week, we’re having a special 12x EXP event, along with an additional +25% EXP for completing Eden Group board quests! The added bonus experience is an opportunity to go on an adventure with a new party, explore a dungeon that you've never tried before, or conquer that difficult instance you've been meaning to take on! With 12x EXP this week, your effort will be maximized to its fullest. We hope that you have a great weekend exploring all that Midgard has to offer. The event with end on January 8th! We are on the brink of releasing the SQI Revamp with only a few things left to do! Most of this concerns balancing the instances and doing detailed test runs to make sure that everything works correctly. Rest assured that our target release date will be this month! All rankings for GM Challenge, Wave Challenge and Ancient Tower have been reset. Due to some of the top scores having been achieved on older or buggy versions of these instances, it was due for a reset to give everyone an equal playing ground. In the near future, we will be adding ranking seasons to these instances where top parties will win a special prize. Christmas Event Slightly boosted the droprates of giftbox pieces in the mob grinding map. Fixed Elf Doctor not healing you properly when you are wearing a GTB carded shield.
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    Heart Shaped Poring Cookies The story behind the Heart Shaped Poring Cookies The Recipe GM Challenge
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    Bababoowee's Roast Beef - TalonRO 2020 Holiday Cooking Contest Storyline: After a few boozy cocktails on Christmas Eve with friends, we decided to go level at a dungeon. After a few hours of leveling, we started to hear our tummies grumbling. We got hangry. We got tired and weaker, I fell and started tumbling. I tumbled into a Majoruros and thought to myself, “He’s looking really yummy”. Maybe the Majoruros can go into my tummy?!?! While I was spacing out, my friends above yelled “BLAHBLAHBLAWOOWEE, INCOMING!” The Majoruros was headed straight to me with his huge hammer ready to strike at me. Without hesitation, I took my wrench from my pocket and I whacked at him. How dare he!? But I also stood there and thought to myself “damn, I just killed a beast” Well, that’s too bad, it’s time for a big feast. Ingredients for Roast Beef 1 Roughly 7-pound prime rib, bone in. This would feed at least 7-8 people. *I asked the butcher to cut off the bones, stuff it with some garlic, and tie the bones back on. I prefer to have the bone in because I find this to be more flavorful and the bone acts like a rack, so it cooks the meat evenly. 2-3 carrots chopped into medium-large chunks. 1 ½ tablespoon flakey sea salt 1 ½ tablespoon freshly ground pepper ½ paprika ½ garlic powder ½ onion powder 3-4 tablespoon of olive oil 1 onion Instructions Step 1: season the prime rib a day beforehand. Mix the salt and pepper and rub it all over the meat. Place in a deep baking dish. Return the beef back to the fridge, uncovered to draw out excess moisture. Step 2: It is important to have your beef at room temperature before cooking it. Since this is a pretty big cut of beef, I would suggest taking it out of the fridge and letting it rest for at least 5 hours. If you don’t do this, the meat will not cook evenly. Step 3: Chop your carrots into medium-large chunks. Not too small that they will burn in the oven. You can also save a few pieces to roast later; along with some veggies. Drizzle some olive oil on and sprinkle some salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and paprika. Mix well. Place these aside. Step 4: After the meat rested for ~5 hours, preheat the oven at 455F. You can put the chopped carrots into the tray with the beef. Step 5: After the oven is ready, place the beef into the middle rack and bake at 455F for 15 minutes to get a nice golden sear. Step 6: After the 15 minutes, reduce the oven temperature down to 325F to cook for around 2 hours. Cooking at a lower temperature guarantees an evenly cooked roast that is sealed with juiciness. My family and friends prefer their beef medium rare. I highly suggest using a cooking thermometer. Step 7: Once you’re done with baking the meat, you can insert the thermometer. I pull it out when it is around 130F because the meat will continue to cook after you remove it from the oven. Step 8: Please remember to allow the meat to rest for at least 20 minutes. Ingredients for Au jus: Drippings from the roast Onions from the roast 1 cup of red wine Salt and pepper to taste 2-3 tablespoons of flour or cornstarch Instructions: Step 1: Pour in the beef stock over medium-high heat. Add in the red wine, drippings, and onions from the roast and boil for 15 minutes. Strain with strainer. Step 2: Add in flour or cornstarch to thicken. Turn off stove and stir. Ingredients for corn: 3 cups of frozen corn 4 tablespoons of butter (can be unsalted or salted) Instructions: Step 1: Put frozen corn in a pan over medium high heat. Step 2: Add in the butter and stir for 5 minutes. Sprinkle some pepper and salt to taste. Serve with the prime rib. Ingredients for Yorkshire pudding ¾ cup of Flour 100ml Almond milk Olive oil Salt and pepper Instructions: Step 1: preheat oven to 425F. Step 2: Pour a teaspoon of olive oil in each muffin tray compartment and place the tray into the oven to heat up. Step 3: Beat eggs, almond milk, flour, and a tiny pinch of salt and pepper. Beat until well combined. Pour mixture into a jar. Step 4: Remove tray with oven mitts carefully and quickly pour in the mixture into the muffin tray. Step 5: Shove muffin tray back into the oven and bake for 13 – 15 minutes. Should look like this when done. Assemble your dish. Final Product: I also forgot to take a picture of my ign the night before. So I had to use leftovers the next morning to take another picture! Hope this is okay! GM Challenges: GM Ktulu – wine au jus GM Blackstar – decorated with corn, carrots, and Yorkshire pudding.
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    The Winter Scarf Quest returns to TalonRO! This immensely popular event gives you the opportunity to make your own fashionable scarf for the winter months. Once again, the great roaming master tailor, Von Claude, has settled in the city of Hugel. He has been particularly inspired by the newest animated fashions and also vibrant varieties of costumes that are cropping up lately. "2021's fashion forward crowd will really love what I have in store this season" Von Claude was recently heard sharing with a team of Kafra Agents. Coveted all over Rune-Midgard, the designs of Von Claude are unequaled in their elegance and functionality. His friend, Olgov, has been working on creating fields of inspirations for Von Claude's next winter collection. As his scarves are in high demand, Von Claude requires only the finest ingredients for his masterful creations. However, the work is worth it - the Winter Collection from Von Claude is without equal. His collection of scarves include the return of the Traditional Striped Scarf - a classic Midgardian favorite - and Straight Scarves, which were in popular demand! Von Claude x Olgov designs have brought back the 2016 smash hit, the Waving Long Scarf. 2021's latest creation follows last year's Nekomimi Cape! While Von Claude has not added any new styles and colours to his collection this year, his existing collection is without compare! Featured in distinct, fashion-forward choices, these scarves will turn the average novice into a haute couture wonder! Because of the demand for these high-quality items, these costumes will not be easy to make. After all, Von Claude x Olgov wouldn't want to skimp on the quality, right? Just like winter itself, this quest won't last long! This quest will be available through the winter months. We hope that you enjoy the Winter Scarf Quest this year! The Winter Quest ends on Wednesday, March 21st! Be sure to make your scarves and find the look that's right for you! Happy gaming and good luck! Rewards for the Annual Charity Event can now be claimed in Prontera! Prizes are available at the Lutie vending machine once claimed. If you made multiple donations on the same character, please ensure that you click the NPC multiple times to claim all of your rewards. Note: the accessory for the pet can be purchased at the Pet Gear shop in Prontera. In addition, if you are unable to claim your rewards, this most likely means that you either filed your donation as Anonymous or you misspelled your IGN. If this is the case, please send us a Support Ticket on the forums, including your donation and IGN details and we'll look into it! Thank you again to everyone for their incredible generosity! We truly appreciate your support. Christmas Event: While the Christmas Event has ended for now, players can still access the Instance and claim Rewards with NPCs placed in Prontera. Valkyrie Bazaar updates: Layla's Emporium makes her sleepy return in Valkyrie's Bazaar. Selling winter themed costumes among other goodies. Be quick, as she will only be around until the end of January! Fixed a bug regarding TamTam not properly announcing the map he's roaming around in.
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    ~Dayrondo's: "Poring's Red Pool" Story Time: How to make the soup and dumplings: GM Challenges:
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    Lunatic Pudding The Story The Recipe PS. I know that pudding is a generic term in English, but I had to use it to let you all understand. The name of this dessert in my language is “mattonella di budino” ^^
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    Powdered Milk Poring Family Freljord Ashe's recipe - TalonRO 2020 Holiday Cooking Contest Story time: Heroes of Umbala The plate/recipe: Powdered Milk Poring Family Ingredients: How to make it: Here are the GM Challenges I picked: GM Zelda Challenge: there is SO MUCH sugar in this recipe, I swear. GM Spica Challenge: a lot of (sweetened condensed) milk too! GM Blackstar Challenge: both the food coloring and the icing pen are merely used as decorative presentation, so that must count! My IGN is Freljord Ashe, but you can also find me at Wrath of Andraste and Shyvana the Dragonborn. Thanks a lot, I hope you all appreciate the effort!
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    TalonRO is pleased to bring back the ninth annual social gala event of the year with the formal Yule Ball! All of the wonderful fun of the Yule Ball is back, such as our formal wear gala, live music as suggested from the community, an ice bar and dance floor, prizes, and much more - set in the grandeur of the exclusive TalonRO Ice Palace. This is one event not to be missed! It's an amazing opportunity to meet new people, party with old friends, or even take that special someone to the party of the year! The ninth annual Yule Ball will take place on Sunday, January 31st from 3:00pm to 5:00pm Midgard (server) time! Like any big gala event, we're prepared to show you a more luxurious side of social events on TalonRO - while breaking out all the stops for a fun and unforgettable memory-making experience! You're invited to take place in this special event - with live music, prizes, formal wear, events, and so much more! Read on below for the details of what this special social event has to offer - no RSVP is needed! Come with a group, your guild, or use it as a wonderful opportunity to meet other Talonians, make new friends, and forge unforgettable memories. This year's Yule Ball will take place on Sunday, January 31st from 3:00pm to 5:00pm Midgard (server) time. As with all Yule Ball social gala events, this year's event will take place in the whimsical Ice Palace. This special palace and area is only open one time a year for this remarkable event! You won't want to miss it! A warp will be available in Payon to take you to the Ice Palace. This warp will be open during the Yule Ball hours on Sunday, Jan. 31st. With formal wear especially crafted for each guest, plus Yule Concierge available to customize your look, formal wear dyes, and much more - you'll start the night off right looking your very best in a special Tuxedo or Evening Gown! Prizes and minigames will be rolling all throughout the evening as well, with a friendly team of Game Masters on hand to party the evening away together while hosting some fantastically fun games! Get to know your fellow Talonians at the Yule Ball this year as well - whether its out on the dance floor busting a move to our live DJ with music chosen by players, social corners with benches, fountains, and more, or up at the Ice Bar enjoying one of this year's custom cocktails! Finally, the end of the night will be complete with the crowning of this year's Yule King and Yule Queen - marking the end of the winter season and ready to welcome spring! Each guest upon arrival will receive their own limited edition Winter Formal Wear - especially made for the Yule Ball. This costume item will disappear at the end of the Yule Ball, but it will allow each guest to wear their holiday best for the evening's gala. Once inside, guests may visit with our team of Yule Stylists - now in a special room off of the Ice Palace - to get ready and dress their best with custom looks and formal wear dyes - to complete your winter ball look. We'll have a special concierge member back in Payon who can help take back your tuxedo or dress and get you back into your regular outfit. Our Yule Ball Concierge will be on hand to take care of our guests and their needs - including allowing you admission into the exclusive Yule Ball grand ballroom itself. Our concierge will also be recording the guest list for the evening - which is important because we'll be giving *random prizes* to guests throughout the night! That's right - just show up and you could win something fun just for coming to the Yule Ball! Once inside, we have a party unlike anything that you've experienced. We'll be DJ'ing this event with a LIVE STREAMING PLAYLIST! Even better, you can request the songs that you would like to hear ahead of time. We'll be broadcasting these songs on our own special TalonRO Radio as well, so you can connect to the radio at the time of the event and get your groove on out on the dance floor. Our wonderful team of Game Masters will be on hand to host live events throughout the evening, including drawing names for prizes given out to lucky random partygoers! Our Ice Palace also features a special social corner with benches, an ice fountain, and places to sit and relax. Warm up by the fire with friends and guildmates, or head up to our ultra deluxe Ice Bar. Our Yule Bartender will be serving up holiday-themed drinks, Hot Cocoa, and some other fun drinks that will surely create some interesting... effects! At the end of the evening, we'll be crowning our Yule Ball King and Queen by using the guest list at the Concierge. Our drawing will be at random - but you could win a deluxe Winter Crown costume set at the end of the night - perfect for the end of the winter season. Don't forget to stick around for our group community photo to commemorate the evening as part of the TalonRO community! The TalonRO Yule Ball streams music through our dedicated TalonRO Radio. You'll need to access TalonRO Radio separately on the night(s) of the Yule Ball to listen into our live streaming playlist. You can access the TalonRO Radio during the event by visiting https://share.talonro.com/radio/ Tune into TalonRO during the event to listen to this year's live playlist at https://share.talonro.com/radio/ Simply visit the link above to be taken to a web player to listen in! Music will only be playing during the Yule Ball hours, so don't be alarmed if you don't hear music before 3pm on Sunday, January 31st! We hope that you can take a break from the grind, hang out with old friends (and maybe make new ones!), get your dance on, and win some prizes as well. The Yule Ball is an event not to be missed on TalonRO! This event attracts hundreds of players from all over TalonRO, and we hope that you can join in the year end festivities! The Yule Ball is one unforgettable evening of fun, festivities, prizes, and celebrations.
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    ~Azey's TalonRO 2020 Holiday Cooking Contest Entry Payon Field Strawberry Tart Story Time: Azey’s Regret Payon Field Strawberry Tart Mommy’s Recipe with an Azey twist Ingredients: Making Topping: Strawberry Runny Jam Making Creamy Filling: Baking Tart Crust: Avengers ASSEMBLE! let's put it all together I hope you enjoy my recipe! ^-^ Here are the GM Challenges I picked: GM Spica – my recipe is def not for lactose intolerants. GM Lance – ok, its a tart not a pie. But its close enough. I gotta Shoot my Shot x_x GM Alisa – In Game instructions: Enjoy! And so I don’t get disqualified, he’s a Pic with the leftovers and my ign on it (yes, I forgot, and I served before posting) Happy Holidays, ~Azey ... and here are some bugged duplicate pictures i couldn't remove: please disregard lmao (first forum post, couldn't figure this out)
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    Happy New Year everyone! I really had a lot of fun this year trying to make a traditional Christmas sweet RO themed. I hope you all enjoy my attempt and know that they tasted super yummy. 🤭 Item: Yule Willow Christmas Cakes Ign: Ashadia GM Challenges Attempted: GM Zelda Belly Ache (Roughly 5 1/2 cups of two types of sugar used or just over 1kg), GM Spica Milk Way Galaxy (lots and lots of heavy cream), and GM Blackstar Show Stopper (cocoa powder, sugar and powdered sugar were use in landscaping ^_^) Here are my little Yule Willow Christmas Cakes: I've always been rather fond of the fact that the map with the most willows on in it, in the game, looks like a willow itself. So, this is my story on how I think that came to be. Story: A Hero Among Willows Recipe for: Yule Willow Christmas Cakes So here is the final product: And it's inspiration:
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    We have an amazing community on TalonRo, and when I think of good times spent with friends here, I’m lucky enough to have a few great memories to choose from. This has been a sad year for a lot of us though, a year of unexpected goodbyes. I just couldn’t find it in myself to make something silly like I usually do. I took the challenge to find something comforting though to heart, and my hope is that as you all continue forward in your own lives this year, you find a plethora of reasons to keep your feet moving forward and reasons to smile. I wrote my story, and chose to create this recipe in honor of my first two friends on Talon. It’s a well wishes of sorts, and also an acknowledgement that we are no longer a daily part of each other's lives. I know this is something most of you have faced, as friendships forged online tend to be transient in nature, with those lucky few hanging around for the long haul. So Remi and Sevi, this one’s for you. I carry you forward in my heart, always. Hugel’s Fish Cake Soup (Ramen with hand made Narutomaki (fish cakes) ) Our Story How to make Hugel's Fish Cake Soup Thank you for your consideration! ^^ The GM Challenge I took on was GM Ktulu Challenge: Alembic as I included Sherry in my fish cakes!
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    Alice’s Whisper of Death Cupcakes Story Time Strawberry Shortcakes (cupcake)
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    TamTam's Chocolate Frozen Cake STORY TIME! INGREDIENTS LIST GETTING THE INGREDIENTS THE COOKING PROCESS HOW IT ALL ENDED GM Challenges and I also have a random picture I couldnt delete, lol. This is me, stalking Santa... Creepy moment, I tell you.
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    Greetings to you all citizens of Midgard! With the cozy chills of the Holiday season, we're pleased to open this year's Holiday Cook Off! What a rough year right? So nothing better to make it happier with a bit of Holiday Cooking. We want to see those recipes that bring a smile to your face and remind you of good times you spend with friends and family during this time of year. We would absolutely love to see some traditional recipes with a TalonRO spin to them! This will test your creativity with both cooking and story telling! 🍪 Create story that does not exceed 1,500 words, let your creativity flow through you! 🥛 The dish will need to be TalonRO / RO related. Not just any dish and giving it a Ragnarok name. There must be a clear TalonRO / RO theme and explanation is a must if the connection is not obvious. 🍪 Make sure to write down and take pictures of all necessary steps that you have done as well as the ingredients that you have used to achieve your award winning dish! 🥛 If you are baking, make sure to include the Celsius or Farenheit 🍪 Make sure to include your IGN somewhere in the photograph of your dish so that we'll confirm that you made it. 🥛 Name your creation! 🍪 You must absolutely include a final picture. 🥛 Last and not least, make sure YOU HANDCRAFT your recipe. Online recipes or choices can inspire you, but make sure you post the entire recipe you've used and make it RO-themed somehow. January 20th 2021 00:01 Server time Luna's Angeling Beef & Onion Pie with mash potatoes and mixed vegetables May the blessing of the Divine Poring king be with you, young adventurers, you who wish to reach the summit may this pie bring you warmth and strength needed for your journey. Story Time Hide contents On the outskirts of Kamidal Mountain, the snowfall is harsh, and the howling winds will cut through the strongest of steel, those who venture into the unknown unprepared will meet an unforgivable fate. *** It has been three years since that encounter, unforgettable day, Sakura and I were rescued from a cluster Dolomedes. We decided one day to adventure into the mountains around El Dicastes, we heard stories of beautiful gems found upon the mountains and with Christmas closing in we thought that these would make lovely gifts. We didn't expect the storm would rage this much, and then we felt it, vibrations coming from the ground, something ... something was coming towards us, but we couldn't see through the blizzard, in the distance we could see glowing light moving against the white snow. Sakura: " Captain, run!" Captain: "No, I won't leave you behind." At that moment, I thought that it couldn't end like this; they are waiting for us, our family, and our friends. Then I saw it this fiery light dancing in the distance, and something told me to run towards it. Run. Run. RUN I told myself, get up and RUN. "Sakura, give me your hand." We ran toward that warm light, and there she stood, a young girl with silver hair and what I could see a fiery scarf around her neck, what was a young girl doing out in the middle of nowhere and by herself and why was she starring at the sky like that and the storm didn't affect her. I shouted out "Can you help us, please, they are coming for us". Our eyes met, blood-red eyes looking right through my soul, she pointed at the sky, and a giant fiery bird appeared from the sky and hovered above us, it spread its wings, and the snow melted behind the mountain cliff, and a hut appeared and there stood another young girl who looked like a Valkyrie. At this moment the monsters caught up to us, but they dare not move any further, baring their fangs at us. "Seasons greetings, Adventures. Do not fear. They dare not come any closer. You look hungry, why don't I show you how to make my Angeling Pie?" How to make Angeling Pie Hide contents Preparing the pastry – shortcrust pastry If you have the time you can prepare the pastry the night before. If you are short on time you will need to make the pastry 1hr before cooking and let it set in the fridge. I will be making two batches of pastry one for the bottom of and one for the top & decorations. The below measure reflects this. Plain flour 440g Unsalted Butter 300g 4-6 tsp of cold water or milk 2 teaspoons of Salt · Shift 220g plain flour & 150g unsalted butter into mixing bowl and rub together with the tips of your fingers until it resembles breadcrumb texture. It is important not to mix it with your hands as we do not want the butter to melt quickly. Note: If you have a food processor you can use this as well but when mixing everything together make sure you pulse (short bursts) the mix and not a continuous mix. Once the mixture has turned into fine breadcrumbs first add 1tsp of water or milk and mix, then add another teaspoon. Normally 2 tsp will be enough. but if you feel your mixture is little dry then add another teaspoon. Sprinkle some flour on surface and wrap your pastry in cling film and place into fridge. 15min before cooking take your pastry out of the fridge. Beef and Onion filling 1 beef stockpot 1 veg stockpot 2 tablespoons of Worchester Sauce 1 tablespoon of Virgin olive oil 1 large onion 2 teaspoons of pepper 2 teaspoons of salt 100g beef 500ml hot water 1 egg · (Personal preferences) put the beef pieces in a strainer and hold it under cold water to get rid of any excess blood from the packaging and then place in a bowl. Turn the stove on medium heat and add olive oil into a pot. While waiting for the oil to heat go ahead and start chopping your onion. Once the pot is heated add the onion in, stir for a bit until soft but not brown then add in the beef. Add in salt and pepper Cook until the beef is little brown on the outside, turn them once in while so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. While the beef is cooking you can make your stock. In a measuring glass add the beef and veg stock and then add 500ml of hot water and stir. Once the beef has browned add in the stock and let it simmer for few mins. Then transfer into slow cooker and cook for two hours, if you do not have a slower cooker you can leave on the stove on a low heat. This is to help tenderise the beef and bring the flavours together. 2 hours later Prepare the Mash Potatoes Peel and cut the potatoes then place in a bowl of cold water so they do not dry out. Cut into piece so they do not take too long to soften. Blind Baking the pastry We do this so the bottom of the pie is not wet and the sauce doesn’t soak through. Coat your baking dish with butter and take one half of the pastry and place into your baking dish, with a glass or spoon carefully mold the pastry to the shape of the dish. Place some cling film in the pastry bowl and fill with 1 or 2 small cups of rice or clay beans then seal the top of the cling film. Place in the oven at 190c for 10 minutes and then take the rice bag out of the dish, return to oven, and leave for another 5mintues for the bottom of the pastry to turn brown. Once done take out of the oven and place to one side. Making mash potatoes In a pot add hot water and bring to boil. Drain away the cold water from the potatoes and add to the hot water. Wait 15 to 20 minutes and poke a potato piece to see if it is soft. (while waiting you can start preparing the top part of the pie) Once soft drain away water and add in 2 tablespoons of butter and a pinch of salt and mix. Note: you can use milk or cream as well. With a potato masher (or a fork) mash potatoes pieces until they become fluffy, I personally like my mash potatoes to have small potatoes bits inside. Top part of the pie & the filling (this can be done while you are waiting for the potatoes to boil) Roll out the second part of your pastry on to a flat surface dusted with some flour and cut in half, one part will be used for the top layer and the other will be used to decorate the pie. Place to one side. Add the beef and onion to the pie dish add a little bit of the stock so the pie is not dry on the instead. Break the egg into a small bowl and beat with a pastry brush line the outer part of the dish with egg and then place the flat pastry on top and with a small knife cut any excess pastry away. With a fork gently press the sides down to steal the bottom and top together. Coat the top part of with some egg. With the left-over pastry start to create your decoration, use a small knife to help shape each piece. Note: The oven dish I used is 17cm, the decoration on top ended up being little big so I needed to cut a lot away to get it to fit on top of the pie. Coat the top of the pie with egg and it is ready to go into the oven for 25 – 30min at 220c Do not forget to make a few slits on the pie so it can breathe while cooking. Once the potatoes are done you can go ahead and boil the veg, which takes 3min Then plate up and serve, this dish feed 2 people but you could probably feed 3 depending on the portions Then serve everything on to a plate Few notes after taking my first bite: I made the decoration pastry little too thick, make sure decoration at the top is thin. Also, felt I could have chopped the beef in half again to get more meat with each bite. My sauce didn’t end up being as thick as I wanted it to be, if you want a thicker sauce before placing the diced beef into the pot coat them in some flour mixed with salt and pepper. 🍪 Top three winners Loyal BonusWhen summoned,Increases duration of Stat foods by 50%. 🍪 20 Talon Coins 🥛 1 Monthly Costume Box 🍪 1 Lv. 10 Cookbook 🥛 1 Fantastic Cooking Kit 🍪 4th place: 🥛 20 Talon Coins 🍪 1 Monthly Costume Box 🍪 5th place: 🥛 15 Talon Coins 🍪 1 Monthly Costume Box 🍪 Participation Prize 🥛 1 Lv. 10 Food Bundle. Yes, you heard me right! You get a prize just for submitting a valid entry. Some food porn for us, some food help for you. Win-win! How about some extra prizes? You can include up to three of our Challenges in your whole meal! If you are chosen as one of the 5 winners, only then will these TC prizes will be added to your main prize. Non-winners will not be eligible for the extra TC's. Do make sure to let us know which challenges you chose, by indicating them on your post. GM Zelda Challenge: Belly Ache - Show us a recipe that uses at least half a kilogram of sugar and include a bellyache from eating too much of it in your story. - 2TC GM Spica Challenge: Milky Way Galaxy - Your recipe must include milk or cream. - 2TC GM Radius Challenge: Santa had a little lamb - Include two types of meat in your dish, one of them needs to be mutton. - 2TC GM Blackstar Challenge: Show Stopper! use 2-5 of your ingredients used in your recipe as decorative presentation for your dish. - 2TC GM Lance Challenge: I Have Fillings For You! make a sweet or savory pie as part of your festive dish. - 2TC GM Ktulu Challenge: Alembic - Incorporate any alcohol to strengthen the savor like a chef ! - 2TC GM Luna Challenge: Heart warming dish - Make a fiery creation, include some chilies to your dish! - 2TC GM Alisa Challenge: Avid Gamer - Include a fake in-game step by step version of your recipe using your imagination and knowledge of the RO world. - 3TC GM Xing Challenge: Nightmare before Christmas - Use any red ingredient as Blood or, Powdered Sugar as Snow in your story. Make a horror holiday story which have a kid as the protagonist. - 2TC The GM team reserve the right to disqualify any entries without further explanation.
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    Deadline is Jan 19th. I also had fun doing it. I also worked hard on it. please don't put me down
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    Thank you everyone who joined in with this event, what lovely creations everyone has made! Wishing you all the best of luck
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    Hahaha yeah, I'm Brazilian! You and @rangelaaz know it! Best way to find a Brazilian: see if they use condensed milk everywhere, AMIRITE? @vievie those are suuuuper cute, I'm in love /lb
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    The quite unexplored WhiteSmith Class needs more love. 😔
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    Mystic Tower: Baby Edition is a spin-off instance streamlined for baby classes. Participating parties fight their way through 30 stages, with a special boss encounter every 5th stage. These battles function similar to ET, with players being required to defeat mobs on each floor before the door to the next can open. Upon clearing the instance, players will be rewarded with Valkyrie Coins and special Valkyrie Tokens which can be used in the Valkyrie's Bazaar, players can then exchange these for special costumes, items, armaments and consumables! Mystic Tower: Baby Edition will be available to all players, with a weekly cooldown. A new set of dates will be posted each week so be sure to keep an eye on the thread to ensure you secure a timeslot. For more information on BotN, you can visit the website by clicking here. Art credit: @Conporings This instance will be similar to ET / Wave Challenge, but with Valkyrie themed mobs and MVPs An assigned party leader must confirm their participation on this thread Baby Classes only with a minimum party setup of (12) and a max of up to (24) Players will have 60 minutes to clear the gauntlet challenge Upon clearing Mystic Tower, players will acquire an Elysian Key giving you access to a post-game dungeon (Elysian Garden) The instance will commence and end on specified dates. A new set of dates will follow on a weekly basis Individuals will only be able to join MT once a week (6-7 day cooldown). The cooldown applies to your forum account Dual clienting is strictly forbidden when participating in any Mystic Tower instances If we suspect a player abusing cooldowns, we will remove you from all future Valkyrie instances indefinitely A maximum of one resurrection will be granted in case of a party wipe Stage 15 Clearance 5x Valkyrie Coins Stage 20 Clearance 10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Stage 25 Clearance 15x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Stage 30 Clearance 20x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin + Elysian Key (character bound) Challenge Rewards Pacifier Power (leave no one behind when entering Hildr's fortress) 10x Valkyrie Coins Resting Poop Face (clear the instance without a single party wipe) 10x Valkyrie Coins I Tot Not (defeat Valkyrie ????? before 'Valkyrie's Call' is activated) 10x Valkyrie Coins Mad Bab (recruit at least 6 of the same job class into your party) 10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Baby Got Back (complete Mystic Tower: BE in under 50 minutes) 20x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon Coins 8th January Slot 1 [ Bobito's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Null ] 9th January Slot 1 [ TheStranger's Team ] 2:30am Server Time Slot 2 [ Sinshine's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 3 [ Thalloblub's Team ] 4pm Server Time 10th January Slot 1 [ Mig's Team ] 1pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Vievie's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 3 [ Naght's Team ] 4pm Server Time
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    Payon Manja Mausoleum (baby chars!) - link inside
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    I regret visiting this thread again, you all did an amazing job with all these recipes/challenges so hungry...
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    Payon Manja Mystic Tower Baby Edition (late upload - no internet since jan 9th) - link inside
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    @GM Zelda I knew it! Nice to have a brazilian friend around. Also, we sure use condensed milk EVERYWHERE haha @rangelaaz Thanks a lot, my recipe was supposed to be for kids, indeed, but... I kinda ate it all. Not sorry though! Also, I love your Strawberry Tart, and you have always been nice the times we met in game, so I hope we both win this! ^^
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    You people are making such delish foods! Keep up the good work!
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    GM Zelda BR confirmed Holy shit @Freljord Ashe thats made with no heat whatsoever? wow never knew.. seems great to do with kids good job! @Bababoowee Yours look so tasty! im hungry @_@ Thanks for joining! ~Azey
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    @Bababoowee hahaha I love that story, it's so funny! Also the MEEEEAT *drools* @Freljord Ashe bringing in the sugar! Have to say, I eat that too often for my own good, but it's so delicious. Try adding some Nescau, makes it amazing!
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    TalonRO is pleased to partner once more with GoFundMe Charity this holiday season in our annual fundraiser to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Best known for its projects in conflict zones and in countries affected by endemic diseases, Doctors Without Borders is active in 70 countries with over 35,000 personnel mostly local doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, logistical experts, water and sanitation engineers and administrators. Doctors Without Borders provides medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare. Their teams are made up of tens of thousands of health professionals, logistic and administrative staff - most of them hired locally. Doctors Without Borders' actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of impartiality, independence and neutrality. 100% of all proceeds go directly to Doctors Without Borders through the GoFundMe Charity partnership. From now until December 31st, 2020 - TalonRO will thank those who have donated to the Doctors Without Borders TalonRO Fundraiser with a unique in-game gift. Keep in mind that these donations do -not- give you any Talon Cash like a donation to TalonRO would. Donations made after December 31st will not receive the rewards listed below. Make your charitable donation to Doctors Without Borders with TalonRO in three simple steps: Visit TalonRO's GoFundMe Charity page for Doctors Without Borders Donate any amount to support Doctors Without Borders, though the minimum amount is $10 USD. Include your in-game character name when donating on GoFundMe Charity. This is so we can match your donation to your character and deliver your thank-you reward! Receive your special thank you gift! All thank-you items will be distributed in January at the conclusion of the fundraiser. All items received will be account-bound, but you can use the Vending Machine NPC in Lutie to claim the Costume and Pet on as many characters as you like. Thank-you items will be distributed through an NPC in early January. Gifts will not be distributed until after the fundraiser is over, but we will ensure that all who made an eligible donation will receive their thank-you gift. No Talon Cash will be given out for donations made through the GoFundMe Charity campaign, and all proceeds will directly benefit Doctors Without Borders. Donating at higher levels will grant you the gifts in the levels below as well. For example, donating $50 to Doctors Without Borders will earn you all three thank-you gifts! $10 USD Donors will receive one (1) special Surprise Box, which will contain some wonderful and enjoyable goodies inside! This year, the Surprise Box has been updated with many new rare costumes from past Monthly Boxes, too! $25 USD Donors will receive one (1) exclusive Wings of Love Costume (Garment)! Donors at this level will also receive one (1) Surprise Box as well! $50 USD Donors will receive one (1) charity event exclusive Child Admin Beta Egg! This magical pet and companion when loyal will grant an increase of effectiveness of your Heal, Sanctuary and Potion Pitcher skills by 5%, along with INT+2, AGI+2, and DEX+1. This pet egg will also come with the pet's accessory! Donors at this level will also receive both the Surprise Box and Wings of Love Costume as well. We hope that you'll join TalonRO in making a contribution toward this worthwhile cause and help bring the magic of the holidays to the incredible work of Doctors Without Borders. Our goal this year is to raise $1,000 for charity - and we hope to be able to do that with your help! Thank you for your generosity and for being a wonderful part of the TalonRO community of players. Thanks, Happy Holidays, and Happy Gaming!
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    After the untimely and unfortunate demise of Thor, the noble Valkyrie marked Rune Midgardians for death thanks to the Trickster God's deceitful game plan. Kara, Sigrun, Olrun together with Loki have taken siege in one of Prontera's most esteemed castles, devising their own hellish landscape for those accused; should they dare enter. Unbeknownst to Loki, however, the Midgardians haven't come alone. With the aid of six other Valkyrie, a civil war breaks out between Deities and Normans. Embark on a heroic expedition with Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine (episodes 7-9) - a unique PvM experience, and part of an exciting lineup of brand new content for 2020. Valkyrie: BotN will be available to all players, with a bi-weekly schedule to ensure as many parties can experience the new instance, along with announcements of planned future content. Release dates for 'War of Valkyrja' will be posted some time in February (TBC). Players will have 80 minutes to complete the instance as part of a new story arc following the events of Nightmare's Rift A minimum of 12-24 players will be required to participate (difficulty will scale accordingly) A maximum of two resurrections will be granted in case of a party wipe Individuals will only be able to join WoV once a week (7 day cooldown). This applies to your forum account The instance will commence (February) and end on a specified date. A new set of dates will follow on a bi-weekly basis Dual clienting is forbidden (bypassing this will result in a ban from all future BotN content) Assigned party leaders must confirm their participation on this thread * 1x Valkyrie's Amulet, 1x Valkyrie's Scroll or 1x Valkyrie's Squall 1x Talon Coin 10x Valkyrie Coins * Only 1x token will be provided depending on the path you take in the World of Distortions [ General Challenges ] Trip the Light (complete all prologue dance prompt challenges in 60 seconds) 5x Valkyrie Coins Command & Conquer (get to the emp room in less than 15 minutes) 5x Valkyrie Coins Emp Smash (break the emperium within 30 seconds of contact using a SinX) 10x Valkyrie Coins Valkyrie Kara Challenges Valkyrie Sigrun Challenges Valkyrie Olrun Challenges TBC
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    Mystic Tower is an increasingly difficult gauntlet challenge themed around Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine (episodes 4-6). Participating parties fight their way through 30 stages, with a special boss encounter every 5th stage. These battles function similar to ET, with players being required to defeat mobs on each floor before the door to the next can open. Upon clearing the instance, players will be rewarded with Valkyrie Coins and special Valkyrie Tokens which can be used in the Valkyrie's Bazaar, where players can exchange them for special costumes, items, armaments and prizes! Valkyrie: MT will be available to all players, with a weekly cooldown. A new set of dates will be posted each week so be sure to keep an eye on the thread to ensure you secure a timeslot. For more information on BotN, you can visit the website by clicking here. This instance will be similar to Endless Tower / Wave Challenge, but with Valkyrie themed mobs and MVPs An assigned party leader must confirm their participation on this thread Minimum party setup is (12) with a max of up to (24). Rewards are based per individual upon completing stage 10 and above Players will have 60 minutes to clear the gauntlet challenge Upon clearing Mystic Tower, players will acquire an Elysian Key giving you access to a post-game dungeon (Elysian Garden) The instance will commence and end on specified dates. A new set of dates will follow on a weekly basis Individuals will only be able to join MT once a week (6-7 day cooldown). The cooldown applies to your forum account Dual clienting is strictly forbidden If we suspect a player abusing cooldowns, we will remove you from all future Valkyrie instances indefinitely A maximum of one resurrection will be granted in case of a party wipe Stage 15 Clearance 5x Valkyrie Coins Stage 20 Clearance 10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Stage 25 Clearance 15x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Stage 30 Clearance 30x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin + Elysian Key (character bound) Challenge Rewards Braver (bring four classes from the following list: SG/TK/LK/Ninja/SinX/Stalker) 5x Valkyrie Coins Unspun (do not web any of the Valkyrie on stages 10, 15, 20 & 30) 5x Valkyrie Coins Seraphic (find the portal in stage 11 & defeat Brynhildr/Geiravor/Herja) 5x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Hollow (traverse into Reginleif's hollow on stage 16 & confront her*) *defeating Reginleif via this method removes her from the final stage 5x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Adversary (get MVP on stage 25: 'Phase IV' Loki using a melee class*) *magic builds are excluded - MVP will drop at 5m HP 10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Holy Gospel (finish the Mystic Tower instance in under 45 minutes) 20x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin The Prestige (complete all of the above challenges with flying colors) TheStranger's Team - 44:12:34 (23/01/2021) **LIMITED AVAILABILITY** 22nd January Slot 1 [ Mig's Team ] 2pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Koma's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Thalloblub's Team ] 4pm Server Time Slot 3 [ Bongo's Team ] 6pm Server Time 23rd January Slot 1 [ TheStranger's Team ] 1:30am Server Time Slot 2 [ Sinshine's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 3 [ EVIL's Team ] 8pm Server Time 24th January Slot 1 [ Bobito's Team ] 2pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Vievie's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 3 [ Naght's Team ] 4pm Server Time
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    @rangelaaz That pie looks amazing! I love the puns, and the story broke my little heart
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    ahhhhh man, reminds me of a couple of years ago I was going to enter with Poring veg LOL, but I forgot to enter, hope I get time to enter this year, awesome event GM Luna note: this is not my 2021 entry lol
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    So... definitely not a kid shaped bungeoppang or maybe mochi, filled with red beans and 'eviscerated' to show the filling, covered in red syrup, laying 'dead' on a powdered sugar field of bloodied snow.
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    It's been 1 year and 5 months. Downloading the game later 😎
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    To start off, this year's event will largely be similar to the one we've hosted last year due to the time we have to spend on the SQI Revamp. The storyline about missing Santa Claus and the loss of Christmas Spirit is identical to last year. That said, we did fix a large variety of bugs, made improvements and introduced new quests and rewards! It's that time of the year again! This year, our special Christmas Warper isn't warping anyone to the Enchanted Village! It turns out she has lost her Christmas Spirit due to Santa Claus having gone missing! However, help may be nearby! Once inside, embark on a new quest by talking to Scrooge! As usual, you can enjoy the various games and earn wonderful Christmas Giftboxes by collecting Red and Green Giftbox Pieces. The Christmas Giftboxes have been updated with some wonderful rewards to check out! You can also enjoy some of the annual highlights, such as letter writing, Antonia's Caroling, stocking hanging, and much more (with full details below!). We hope that you'll explore around the Enchanted Village this year and enjoy all that the season has to offer! This year in the Enchanted Village, as mentioned earlier, Santa has undergone a curse by none other than Antonio himself utilizing his, while fake, powerful Heart of Ymir. It's up to you and the rest of the server to build up Christmas of Spirit points by playing the various activities and content available to you to help free Santa of the curse. You can start this year's main quest by first talking to Scrooge. This year's Giftboxes will grant wonderful items - and you can make your own through a variety of games and challenges. Just like last year, minigames may grant you Snowflake Coins in addition to the Giftbox Pieces, as well as special Marbles. These snowflakes can be used at the vending machine in the Enchanted Village to purchase special rental weapons as well as a lovely variety of costumes and classic holiday pets. Marbles are used for the special minigame Santa's Marbles, which is explained in greater detail in the Christmas Events section below. Moreover, you'll need to use these special items to fill your stockings - but you'll be able to earn these through a number of methods - making it possible to collect wonderful items in a great combination of ways! Finally, you'll only be able to obtain certain kinds of Giftbox Pieces through specific games. These Giftbox Pieces are account bound, so you'll need to earn them all individually. Once you do however, you'll be able to give them to Santa, who will reward your hard work with some very special prizes this year. On top of that, you'll be able to earn and do lots more in the Enchanted Village, such as letter writing, caroling, and so much more! How to Participate in This Year's Event Collect Red and Green Giftbox Pieces in order to trade them in and craft your own Christmas Giftboxes! Earn Giftbox Pieces by participating in various minigames, farming and events throughout the Enchanted Village. Each Christmas Giftbox will grant wonderful new items this year! Giftbox Pieces are account bound, so be certain to earn them within a single account to maximize your Christmas Giftbox collection! Most items that come out of the box however, are not bound. Minigames may also grant both Snowflake Coins and Marbles this year as well. Snowflake Coins can be used at the vending machine NPC in the Enchanted Village. You will be able to trade these in for special rental weapons, costumes, and pets! Both Snowflake Coins and Marbles have different purposes: Use Snowflake Coins at both the vending machine NPC in the Enchanted Village, as well as within the Stocking Hanging event in Santa's House. Snowflake coins can be earned both through minigames and also in special Christmas monster maps tied to this year's event. They can also be used in a variety of new quests! Use Marbles to participate in the Santa's Marbles event, by talking to Santa in the Enchanted Village once he has returned. Marbles come from minigames at a low percentage chance. You can also earn great prizes this year through other fun methods, which are listed below in greater detail. These methods include: Antonia's Caroling - where you can earn Snowflake Coins and other useful goodies. Stocking Hanging - fill up your stockings this year in Santa's House in the Enchanted Village and earn something wonderful the very next day. Santa's Marbles - spell out special holiday sayings with various Marble letters to earn some extraordinary prizes! Some minigames will drop Marbles with letters ranging from A-M, while others will grant letters N-Z. Spell out one of Santa's Christmas sayings with these Marbles to earn something really special! Headgear and Pet Quests: Gemma's Quest Enchantress Quest Elf Quest Are you ready to confront Antonio once more? The Christmas Instance Dungeon is returning as part of this year's event! If you were unable to claim the incredible items obtainable from this instance in 2019, this is your second chance to do so! It is still one massive challenge you will not want to miss! Santa has a wonderful variety of games available for all of Midgard's boys and girls this year - including some classic delights and new twists in store! Four main events will provide you with an opportunity to earn Giftbox Pieces in order to construct your very own Christmas Giftbox. These events include the return of Blackjack / Guess the Number, Snowman Building, Amazing Ragna Race and the Christmas Time Trial! Each of these games will drop a combination of either Red or Green Giftbox Pieces. Collect both kinds of pieces to trade them in within the Enchanted Village for your very own Christmas Giftboxes this year! You'll also be able to earn prizes through other events as well. Stocking Hanging, located at Santa's House in the Enchanted Village, will allow you to receive something wonderful. Simply collect the required items for your stocking and wait a day - then check back in over the stockings by the fireplace to receive a special prize! We have also added back the farming maps on the east side of the Enchanted Village! As with the Halloween event, there are three difficulties. The harder the map, the better the loot, including Giftbox Pieces! This year also features the return of Santa's Marbles. There will be a holiday-themed word that you can attempt to spell out by collecting Marbles across various minigames. Each Marble will have a letter printed on it. If you can spell out the holiday word of the day with Marbles in your inventory, you'll receive something incredible! You can participate in this minigame by talking to Santa Claus in the Enchanted Village as well. We hope that you'll give all of this year's events and minigames inside of the Enchanted Village a try - and that you'll earn some wonderful holiday presents along the way! Explore All that Christmas Has to Offer General The Spirit of Christmas System This year due to Santa being cursed by Antonio, The Enchanted Village needs everybody in the Talon Community to help build Christmas Spirit! Every time any activity is completed, you will build up Christmas Spirit! Santa will appear again once a certain target has been reached! General World Flavor During your traveling and grinding sessions you may be greeted by some temporary Christmas mobs that do not normally spawn in the world! These monsters will drop various ingredients that are useful in the Christmas quests! These include the following monsters: Christmas Orc Christmas Jakk Christmas Goblin Santa Poring You will find several of these mobs in world locations that the normal counterparts would spawn at! Christmas Orcs will spawn in all locations Orc Warriors normally spawn at except for the High Orcs map. Christmas Jakks will spawn in all locations Jakks normally spawn at. Christmas Goblins will spawn in all locations Goblins normally spawn at. Santa Porings will spawn in all locations Porings normally spawn at. Christmas Minigames Note: All Minigames apart from Blackjack/GTN may reward you with additional Snowflake Coins and/or Marbles! Blackjack & Guess the Number returns to Christmas! Play special party-based rounds of Blackjack (now more often than before!) rotating alongside a holiday-themed Guess the Number minigame. Strike it rich for your opportunity to win Red Giftbox Pieces! Snowman Building gives you an opportunity to assemble your own special snowman. The magical snowmen of the holiday season are starting to fall apart as the magic of Christmas dwindles - and they will need your help in putting them back together again! Find the Snowman Builder in the Enchanted Village to learn more. You'll need five (5) people in total to start building. Once you have your group together, head out and start rebuilding those snowmen! If you're successful with your efforts, you'll be rewarded with some Red Giftbox Pieces as well as a chance to get Marbles marked N to Z and perhaps even something else! Xmas Time Trials inside of Antonio's Toy Factory returns to the Enchanted Village! Back in the day, Antonio used to do research in his evil toy factory. However now the toy factory is open for all! Anyone can enter now to enjoy the challenge. This is also a team minigame requiring three (3) participants: all 3 members can only stay inside for 10 minutes. If you all are unable to get out after 10 minutes, the team must abandon the mission! It may take some time to learn the best ways of completing this but don't give up! Cooperate with your partners (through #map chat for instance), and complete all the tasks in the allotted time to find a way to retrieve some Green Giftbox Pieces as well as a chance to get Marbles marked A to M and perhaps even something else! The Amazing Ragna Race Returning from Halloween, join Boone Peaches as he hosts The Amazing Ragna Race once more in his homeland, The Enchanted Village! Participate with a group of players in a race up the spiraling hill. There will be Horong Boosters to increase your speed when ran into temporarily, but watch out for those random Ankle Snares as well! You will find Item Boxes along the race track - these will greatly aid you by giving a boost or slowing everybody else down. If you're lucky, you might even swap position with another racer ahead of you or slow everybody else down! The fastest three racers to cross the finishing line on the bridge at the hilltop will be crowned as winners. This time prizes will be different in comparison to Halloween: 1st Place : 6 Green Giftbox Pieces, rare chance to gain a Factory Skeleton Key. 2nd Place: 4 Green Giftbox Pieces. 3rd Place: 2 Green Giftbox Pieces. Consolation Prize (for every participant): Random chance for Snowflake Coins, as long as you participated in the race and made enough progress! When a race ends, there will be a 5 Minute Cooldown before another race can begin. Features and Other Activities [NEW] Enchantress Quest where you help the Enchantress Lucrecia save her brother, the Geomancer, from chaos and despair. Transform your existing Stall of Angel/Dominion/Shadow Costume, your Royal Mantle/Royal Mantle Black Costume or your Protection Cloth/Protection Cloth Black Costume into festive winter themed costumes! [NEW] Elf Quest where you help two elves gather ingredients for pajamas! Gather ingredients and get a chance to obtain either some consumables or perhaps even a rare new pet and costume! Stocking Hanging is a special holiday tradition, where you are earn fantastic prizes! Located in Santa's House in the Enchanted Village, your very own stocking will be hanging over Santa's fireplace. Simply fill your stocking with a number of requested items, along with five (5) Snowflake Coins and let the magic set in! Check back in with your stocking one day later to see what's inside! Your items and coins will have transformed into something exquisite, including usable items, OPB and OBBs, hats, stat foods, and even a small chance to earn pet eggs or costumes! Note: stocking hanging contains a master account daily limit, allowing you to only create 3 stockings per day. Santa's Marbles is one of this year's most challenging, and rewarding, special minigames! This will become available to everybody once enough Christmas Spirit is built up by participating in other activities to free Santa from his curse! Collect Marbles throughout this year's events - each Marble will be inscribed with a letter upon it. A new holiday-themed word will be listed for you to try and complete with Marbles from your inventory. If you can spell out the word of the day with your Marbles, you'll be able to trade them in for some truly incredible prizes! Once a player gets a prize, the word will change to something new! Note: Marbles are all account-bound and cannot be traded - so you'll have to play a lot of minigames this year to ensure that you have a wide range of available letters to spell out the word of the day! Marbles may be obtained from any of the following minigames: Snowman Building may reward you with Marbles from letters N through Z. Time Trials may reward you with Marbles from letters A through M. Hanging your Stockings may reward you with any kind of Marble. Blackjack & Guess the Number will not furnish a chance to win any Marbles. Craft Unique Christmas Food Items You can speak to Harvey in The Enchanted Village in order to craft some unique consumables as follows: Chocolate Tart Recovers a small amount of HP. Cast Level 5 Angelus. Strawberry Chocolate Recovers a small amount of SP. Cast Level 5 Blessing. Spicy Winter Tonic Heals your HP and SP by 20%. AGI + 3, INT + 3 for 2 Minutes. Warm Heart Chocolate Heals your HP by 20%. STR + 3, VIT + 3 for 1 Minute. Enchanted Mushroom Soup Heals your HP and SP by 70%. Casts level 3 Assumptio and level 3 Impositio Manus on yourself. In order to craft the above items, you will need a select list of ingredients (more information on this by speaking to Harvey). Most of which include unique Miscellaneous Ingredients that are only obtained by Santa's Factory mobs in Intermediate and Nightmare Difficulties (further explained below). Santa's Factory All new and improved grind map for this year's Christmas borrowing a many elements from this year's popular Halloween grind map! You can access Santa's Factory after getting far enough in this year's Christmas Main Quest. If enough Christmas Spirit has been earned to free Santa, newcomers to this years event don't need to do the quest! You can expect the following 3 difficulties to choose from: Easy : Relatively approachable for just about anybody. This difficulty does not have an MvP monster roaming inside it! However, it has the lowest experience/drop rates. Ingredients for Food Items will not drop here! Intermediate : A step up from Easy, meant for the middle of the road adventurer. An MvP will spawn here! The experience and drops here are very suitable for the intended skill level. Ingredients for Food Items will drop! Nightmare : Meant for the most hardcore of adventurers. The experience and drops are excellent here and are definitely worth the time and effort. However, the monsters are very difficult and the MvP here is especially difficult. If you can, try to bring a party here! Ingredients for Food Items here are significantly higher than Intermediate! Every single day you can come here to earn up to 30 Green Giftbox Pieces! This limit will be reset the next day. The rates are significantly improved the higher you go up in difficulty for Santa's Factory, so choose the difficulty that best suits you! MvP Kills in Santa's Factory contribute a large portion of Christmas Spirit Points toward the server wide goal! Instance Dungeon Provides some incredible challenges just as it did last year, combined with some unbelievable prizes. Prepare to take on this winter's most exciting challenge yet, and to swear revenge on Antonio for what he did to Santa! Enter this year's Instance Dungeon by obtaining a Factory Skeleton Key - obtainable throughout various methods in the course of the event. Rarely by participating in minigames. Every time you kill an MvP in Santa's Factory. Other "mysterious" methods. To begin the quest for access to this year's dungeon and instance, speak with Scrooge. He will be able to tell you more about the methods needed! If enough Christmas Spirit has been earned to free Santa, newcomers to this years event don't need to do the quest! By defeating Antonio, you have a chance at earning the following unique gears, all of which contribute toward a set: In addition to all kinds of minigames and events throughout the Enchanted Village, this year's holiday treats include some additional features and festivities! Enjoy Caroling Antonia this year as part of Santa's holiday fun! She'll be exploring throughout various towns and cities in Midgard - be on the lookout for a global announcement when she is around next! As she sings and moves around town, she'll drop items - and even Snowflake Coins! - around her. Follow her to try and collect these special and festive drops. However, be careful not to stay too close for long, as Caroling Antonia may blow up at any time and knock you out! Once Antonia has blown up, there is a chance that the MVP Krampus will follow in her stead! Krampus may invade the same town/city, and defeating him may reward you with some excellent loot! Lizzie is also back to send out special Christmas Cards to your friends, guildmates, and even secret admirers! Simply speak with Lizzie in the Enchanted Village, fill out the To: and From: sections of your announcement, along with a few lines of text that you'd like her to send. Christmas Cards this year cost 50,000 Zeny to send, and must be approved by a Gamemaster before they can be sent. Once approved, speak with Lizzie again to confirm the card (when you're ready, of course!) and she will read it aloud as a special global broadcast to all of Midgard! Because these are global announcements, please ensure that your messages are appropriate and conform to TalonRO's rules before writing them, otherwise they may be declined by a Gamemaster. Finally, account bound items from this year's Christmas Event can also be claimed on any of your other game accounts which are associated with your master account! To claim a Christmas account bound item on one of your other game accounts, simply speak with the Vending Machine NPC in Lutie. Once a Christmas account bound item has been obtained, this item will be added to a list of available items at the Vending Machine NPC, allowing you to obtain a "copy" of that item that will be account bound to that new account. For example, say you had received a special Christmas costume from this year's event which is account bound. Simply log into one of your other game accounts if desired, speak with the NPC in Lutie, and you can get a copy of that item! These items will always be account bound, but will allow you to have another version unique to your account as well - allowing you to enjoy your earnings on any of your characters & accounts! Items which are eligible for this special vending machine option include costumes and pets from the Snowflake Coin machine in the Enchanted Village, as well as potential items coming from the Christmas Giftboxes this year. This year's Christmas prizes are truly special - and you'll be able to earn a variety of amazing and wonderful gifts through a number of minigames, features, and fun. This year's Christmas Giftboxes contain a new assortment of special selections, ranging from new items and costumes, as well as extra special MVP cards at a rare drop rate! Trading in Snowflake Coins will also earn you an assortment of special rental weapons, which you can use to give your character an extra boost of ho-ho-horribly good bonuses! Snowflake Coins may also allow for you to earn a variety of other prizes, new and older costumes, pet eggs and much more! Stocking Hanging can also yield some additionally wonderful items as well this year, including special items, useful consumables, and even a small chance to earn even more costumes and/or pet eggs! Santa's Marbles may feature some of this year's most special items - including a variety of rare, useful, and premium items - like useful cards, Bloody Branches, extra-special pets, or other amazing costumes. Although spelling out the word of the day with Santa's Marbles will be very challenging, the rewards may certainly pay off big time! Finally, you can earn prizes and other small gifts all along the way in this year's Christmas event - making it a fun and worthwhile event for all to enjoy! Earn Prizes from This Year's Offerings Collect prizes through a variety of ways in this year's Christmas Event! Christmas Giftboxes will provide you with a wonderful potential assortment of prizes, including costumes, pet eggs, or even MVP cards if you're lucky! Snowflake Coins will provide you with a chance to purchase seasonal rental weapons, or costumes and other great items. Stocking Hanging can grant you special consumable items and other useful treasures, along with costumes, pets, and other gifts. Santa's Marbles will provide you an opportunity to win some of this year's best prizes - though this is one of the more challenging minigames provided this year! We hope that you'll enjoy all that the season has to offer as we celebrate 2020 coming to an end with our holiday event! To make sure that you have the most fun you can have, please be mindful of several important rules and features with this year's Christmas celebration. Important Rules, Dates, and Notes To begin this year's Christmas Event, speak with a certain NPC in Prontera, who will take you to the Enchanted Village. All Christmas Event minigames and events will take place within the Enchanted Village and its related areas and NPCs. Items such as Giftbox Pieces, Marbles, Christmas Consumables & Food Ingredients, and Snowflake Coins are account bound in this year's event. Some of this year's prizes are account-bound as well, The only way to obtain these exclusive events is to participate, allowing everyone the chance to earn wonderful prizes no matter your zeny status! Finally, this year's Christmas celebration will conclude on January 7th, 2021 - allowing for you to enjoy the holiday fun throughout the remainder of the season! We sincerely hope that you enjoy the magic, snow, and wonder of this year's Christmas celebration - which is our delight to offer to you as we close another wonderful year! We're looking forward to another year full of even more fun, enjoyment, and even more offerings that will make 2020 a year to really remember. Thank you as always for your support of TalonRO, and as always, happy gaming!
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    Hello, I hope you enjoy this entry! I had a lot of fun making this mess. IGN: Ribbet My recipe: Teh Story: A couple more photos
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    Hello everyone! I had a ton of fun putting this together. I hope its alright if I separate my story from my recipe, since the recipe is quite long and a little tedious. Item: A Chiqita Cookie Box IGN: Ashadia Story: The Tale of the Animated Presents and the Christmas That Almost Wasn't Recipe for: Chiqita Cookie Box Here is my final product: And it's inspiration:
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    I am so done! ughhhhhh.... Christmas present! IGN: Lyrical-
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    to my beloved brother, R.I.P. 01/14/2021. for the first time i am not reacting in violent rage, but am immobile, baffled and confused in mind. he was my life support. God took my best piece off the chess board. Cheers brother, may the Gods enjoy your company as I have.
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    So I need a red ingredient (that resembles blood) or powdered sugar (used as "snow"), and have the blood or snow present in my holiday horror story, featuring a kid?
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    It's already 2021, why bother to post now, not in 2020. I really don't understand!!
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