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    Excited to unveil Project Iduna soon! Been a long time coming.
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    Another Yule Ball spectacle. thank you to all those who attended, we hope to see you again next year!
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    These past few days have been enjoyable for me 'cause I got to visit Fukuoka, Japan with my family. It was nothing short of spectacular: the people, sights, sounds, food, etc. I also got to visit a place that I had been looking forward to seeing -- something that wouldn't be possible without @Yamada Potechi's help. Aside from giving me directions, she also recommended other spots for me to visit, like Dazaifu Shrine. Why am I sharing this experience here? Because I want to emphasize that TalonRO helped me create a connection with players even outside of the game. Although the Statue of Prontera herself hasn't reappeared in the game for long, I am very thankful that she keeps in touch. Both she and the people behind TalonRO helped make my personal experience more memorable 😊
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    AOCE Acquired Difficulty: Hard Strategy: Pneuma and Pray Solo Farm || Need Endow/Converter I even got her card before the arrow dropped. The map is quite big and its hard to move around at first but got used to it in a few hours. You can see that I prolly have a bad RNG 'cause of the number of handcuffs (90% drop) I have before I got what I want and I dont know how to do my ritual for rare drop here yet. Conclusion: Highly possible for a Super Novice to farm AOCE but it will be hard. Not advisable for non-hardcore SuNo players to even try doing it. Other classes can still to better. SuNo Love +1 Bio3 done and in the books~ ...ok, time to target another mob.
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    Liked and subscribed.
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    Вслед за Кулоном добавил свой вариант билда для ванилла-инстансов.
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    Hi there. Well I don't think we have pvp population for another hour of WoE. Also I'm not sure that "not being to sneaky break" is the reason why people don't join WoE. We are revamping the entire system, so I'm marking this as a decline.
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    Hey everyone! As mentioned, i just made a +7 Enhanced Helm of Angel [1] Stats: AGI+3, LUK+3, MDef +5, ASPD+5%, ASPD+1 (flat) Mail me if Interested, IGN: Oncle Picsou I also have a spare of Pro Summertime Box 2018 if you're interested
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    I want a new login,password and email
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    You cannot change your forum account. Why would you even have to do that? :<