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    February is here! As we roll into the new month, we're thrilled to announce some new updates and releases, including the World Hunters quest! In addition this month's TamTam's Odyssey traverses into the floating city of Yuno and Kiel Robot Factory. A new Monthly Costume Box is also upon us, as well as general updates and bugfixes! New TamTam's Odyssey Region: Yuno Fields, excluding yuno_fild06 and yuno_fild11 Kiel Robot Factory GMC Box rotations: Heavenly Dark Flame Costume Hanging Dog Ears Costume Wave Box rotations: Hunting Cap of Gust Costume Sun Visor Costume With the event season settling down, it's time to get back on track with regular updates. To start off, we'll be fixing and returning some features from pre-Iduna that we're sure you'll like! Main Updates Rewards for the Annual Charity Event can now be claimed in Prontera! Top 20 Blacksmith and Alchemist Ranks has returned. Updated UI Top 10 and Top 11~20 now displays the bonus it provides in /alchemist and /blacksmith itself. Large numbers are now formatted with commas. For those unfamiliar with the Top 20 System: Top 11~20 Alchemists have a 25% Potion Boost instead of 50%. Top 11~20 Blacksmiths have +5 Passive Attack instead of +10. The TalonRO Lottery has returned. Rather than twice a week, the jackpot is now given out once a week at Friday 8:15pm server time. The Morocc Plagiarism NPC has returned. You can find her at the Morocc spawn. Unlike before, the Bonus Bundle is now a requirement for all skill copies. Fixed the Eggring Pet loyalty bonus. The +50% Stat Food duration boost now properly works. Eden's Bounty Board now resets its cooldown at midnight server time instead of a flat 23 hours after the bounty. Mercenary Loyalty Points through monster kills and the contract ending are now added to all three guilds instead of just the summoned mercenary's guild. Equipped Ammo will now display its name like it did before in pre-iduna as opposed to it always being "Arrow has been equipped". Bugfixes Fixed BG Consumables working in Guild Dungeons when they should not work there. February Monthly Costume Box Costume ID: 20776 // Rainbow_Star_Costume Costume ID: 21217 // Fluffy_Semi_Long_Hair_Costume Costume ID: 21289 // Durumagi_Costume Costume ID: 21325 // Runaway_Accelerator_Costume Costume ID: 21064 // Cat_Ear_Ribbon_Costume Costume ID: 21072 // Roast_Memory_Costume Costume ID: 20460 // Ten-gallon_Flame_Hat_Costume Costume ID: 20994 // Yellow_Cherry_Blossom_Hat_Costume Costume ID: 20510 // Pagdayaw_Costume Costume ID: 21350 // Aquarius_Crown_Costume Costume ID: 20796 // Rose_Casquette_Costume Costume ID: 20786 // Ashura_Fairy_Hat_Costume
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    Hi everyone! Recently, some players reported a case that someone pretended to be a GM, with malicious intent in mind... I'm guessing to get the account usernames/passwords from the gullible players, by baiting them into becoming a GM. I know this has already been said multiple times on Discord, but I think an extra post on the forum won't hurt to raise awareness about this scam, especially for those who don't read too much on Discord. Let's start by reminding everyone: And it turned out that yesterday, someone tried to do the same thing to me This was an interesting experience, so I'd like to share how he tried to scam me. It all started when I was sitting in Prontera, enjoying a break after my farming session... He PM'ed me in game, like any novice player, asking for help for a random problem. "Hi! I'm lagging a lot! Where can I get some help?" IGN is irrelevant, he can use any stolen account/new account for this scam. "Is there any Discord server?" Obviously you'll point him to the Discord server of TalonRO. He then commented about whatever I wrote on Discord across all channels in the past. "so you like helping people", "oh, you make your own bread", ... While this looks a bit creepy already, I think he actually wants to have my exact Discord ID, and make sure I'm the right person to scam on Discord. "I'll send a private message to a GM for my problem. Have you already sent a private message to a GM before?" I think by asking this, he wants to make sure that there's no GM in my Discord contact list... Obviously, the scam would fail right away otherwise. He then DM'ed me on Discord, impersonated as Seiren (same name, same profile picture). He starts by sending some interesting pictures, because he wants to prove that he's a real GM after all I know... the "GM" doesn't look like Seiren at all... At first, I thought it was a (good) photoshopped picture. But the more I think about it, the more it makes more sense if he just has a modified client with his novice sprite replaced by GM sprites. Same thing for the right click menu. This way he just has to take a screenshot, and it looks real. For some reason, he also hides the top left of the screen with the shortcut bars... Then the conversation went like this: That's funny how you can guess that it's a scam right away, just by the spelling and the words used. He then started to ask me to become a GM, and not to tell anyone, blah blah blah... At that point, I've had enough of his lies, so I stopped toying with him... That's all! I hope no one will fall for this. At least, you now have an idea on how those people might try to trick you. Again, keep in mind that GMs will NOT randomly ask you to become a GM. They will NOT ask you to randomly add them to Discord. They will NOT ask you to download some file or program. They will NOT ask you to send them money or giftcards or Bitcoin.
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    I suggested this before, and yeah i did went overboard with it. But now I saw this good pre-made script which is what I like to suggest for. I would like to suggest for test dummy with dps message, test dummy of woe/battlegrounds monsters(barricade, emp, stone guardian and probably a mobster). Also would be nice to place them in a pvp area(or where glorious items can work), since my last suggestion about glorious being usable outside pvp has been declined . spoiler contains video of how the script works
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    Be sure to crank the quality and go fullscreen so you can read the text boxes Enjoy everyone~ -Hitch Raw URL Link in case it won't load.
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    That screenshot is an insult to Seiren's flawless grammar. 1/10 poor impersonator!
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    Oh yes. It's really a counterpart of the Gloom Card. But it's in an armor slot, and I only cited Gloom above for comparison and the issues that may arise. What I am really proposing here is for Garment and I hope they could add the Garment Cards proposed above in the future
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    I guess you could say in hindsight an improvement to the test dummy mob system in the Eden Gym has already been on my agenda for quite some time now. It'll probably be a part of an Eden focused update. I wouldn't mind adding something like the above example to the new system. For now, pending.
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    Weekend piece! Took me way longer than I first expected. But totally worth spending the time.
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    Out of curiosity, I did count the slots for the major vending spots (the ones that you can !autotrade). Assuming every slot is taken (which is not the case now obviously because every vending towns except payon is not filled entirely) checked 9:45am servertime today (if you need the breakdown message me) GRAND TOTAL 698 slots So you'll probably get an idea now. Personally it doesnt matter to me for as long as i enjoy the game. AGAIN, NOT EVERY VENDING SPOT IS FILLED
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    This once happened to me on another server. I went a little further to see how they do it. *They started talking that they needed another GM and that they got an eye on me for a while. Since I was so social and helping other people. *Than he started to 'verify' my accounts by naming al my characters to proof that he he is a real GM, cause his access to such data. Till this day I never found out how he got them, must've been hacked or something. *Than he send me all kind of 'GM stuff' with rules and commands to make it even more real. Telling about the whole 'team' * Than he asked me for a donation by Western Union. The story went like this: Our top donator who wants to be a GM for a long time already donated $2600 in total. So when we make you GM, and you haven't donated a thing, we'll get a lot of hassle. So we want you to transfer money to us, that we will send back in a couple of days, only so that the registerlogs shows that you have donated as well and we can show this to other people to have proof. At that time I was really suspicious and I started asking for more questions. He was really into it. I didn't trust shit, was really suspicious how he got my data. So I Killswitched my PC and internet and never been back to that server. Lol
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    Hi i am Vigoss , I enjoy recording WoE scene I mainly do NonTran WoE I just came back and joined Crimson guild last Sat I will keep updating WoE videos here Sat February 1st 2020 Priest with Crimson https://youtu.be/CSenWcratVc Sat February 8th 2020 Knight with Tomyum https://youtu.be/VeFmEymaJw0 Sat February 15th 2020 Hunter/Knight Tomyum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhlD4iNm7Og Sat February 22nd 2020 Knight Tomyum https://youtu.be/k2IJ_E-zwus
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    It drops an accessory! . . . . . . . . . . . . . , crap.
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    Garment you'd typically go for +9 Hood (Chung E card). For armor, people tend to have various Sniping Suits for different situations (Gloom/Marc/Bathory cards being the most common). I'd recommend looking into getting Gryphon card in a slotted mid headgear. A bit further down the road, you'll want Ifrit cards in your accessories. Valk Helm is pretty expensive, in the meantime if you want to upgrade your headgear, I'd strongly recommend getting LKH. It'll be useful for many other classes in the long run, so definitely worth the 52m-ish investment.
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    Cat captain at the middle ship on the upper deck
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    My 1 and a half hour study. "Hi there!" Bonus: valentine piece I did yesterday.
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    sshdjhfdf broke af i know this so well too sobs i keep spending on costumes i'm so bad at saving up really i wish you all the zennies! there's just so much to buy it will never end haha the longest journey ever ww aw thank you! i'm slow as heck but i gotta do my berry best for the cute costumes here
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    Today was more intense NT WoE ❤️
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    You're welcome! Awe, and thank you as well, hehe. I do enjoy making them even tho I'm a huuuge lazy ass
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    Just make sure you get universal equipment on those mvp carded for other characters since you are just priest right now, later on you want to get better equipment with those same mvp cards after rebirth and getting richer. Saw teddy bear with fair price at this moment, I think? I haven't played recently. If that 120 mil is one time thing in your situation right now (you still don't have steady farming), generally avoid those stat enchantment stuffs because those are minor improvements with much higher cost. Combo has much higher impact with your current budget right now (I think I saw SR ~2.5 mil, Sting card ~1.25 mil, rosary[1] ~1.5 mil, DC ~200k), you will need to spend way more zeny to get better equipment for ME than combo set. Yes, it should be fine at Abbey.
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    I don't think any party can handle being mobbed by a bunch of LKs and a bunch of guardians (and sallies) who have 200++ ASPD because 2hq works weirdly now. lol
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    Hi Can u guys add this armor to calculator please. Here the detail : Prisoner Uniform [1] [ID : 21136] Every prisoner wears this stripe unfirorm. Adds 20% resistance against Stone Curse. MaxHp + 5%, Flee + 5 [For every refine] Hit + 1. [+ Thief Handcuff] Atk + 1 for every refine of Prison Uniform. [+ Thief Handcuff & Shackles & Bloodied Shackle Ball] 10% more EXP gained from Undead and Demon race monsters. 10% resistance against Shadow, Undead and Ghost property attacks. MaxHP + 5%, Flee + 5, Dex + 5. Casting can't be interrupted Thief Handcuff [1] [ID : 21137] These are handcuffs used only on special occasions to hold the strongest troublemakers when held or transferred from one location to another. Atk + 5 [+ Prison Uniform] Atk + 1 for every refine of Prison Uniform. [+ Bloodied Shacked Ball] STR + 5 [+ Shackles] MaxSP + 1% for every refined of the Shackles. [+ Thief Handcuff & Shackles & Bloodied Shackle Ball]\ 10% more EXP gained from Undead and Demon race monsters. 10% resistance against Shadow, Undead and Ghost property attacks. MaxHP + 5%, Flee + 5, Dex + 5. Casting can't be interrupted
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    I like the new implement of new monsters; With "Verthandi", and "Orme" being so extremely awesome, I'm really looking forward to this. Kind of curious to get some info or if the Information of the stats of these monsters and the portal entrances that will be available for them thanks
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    Thank you for replies! And big thanks to Lee for tips! I'm already in discord group so I guess I could ask some things there too.
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    Welcome to the server Shiny_Myo! Yes, Lee is right! You're off to a good start, I hope you enjoy your stay with us!
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    Finished tier A commission for the lovely Izleen~ Thanks for ordering UwU
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    Welcome aboard @L e e Good to see that you've warmed to our wonderful community!
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    The new official euRO (1 year old orso) has already less people online than talonRO, with a lot of them being bots. If you are a private server with more active people than the only official EU server youre still doing pretty good Id say, esp if the EU server is a year old and the private server 12.
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    Just practicing how to draw. A place to put the things I manage to make.
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    SerKalt, the Stalker, admiring a Great Nature instead of farming more of them. He is very inefficient.
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    ✩ may I take your order? ✩ .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. About Hi there, I'm Katja aka eggyplastics. I'm an illustrator from Florida and I like drawing cute girls and using bright colors. I wanted to make a little corner on the forums for my RO-related art and also open some commission slots to earn some extra zeny on the side, for now I'm opening three slots. IGNs: Arienelle, Soft-Boiled Eggy, Eggy Noob I have like a dozen chars but those are the ones I'm usually on. .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. Updates 10/12/19: I'm leaving to go to Disney World next Monday! I'll be back the Friday the 19th! ❤️ 10/1/19: After my current workload, I probably won't open commissions again until November. Thank you for understanding! 9/27/19: WOW THANKS EVERYONE @ MY STREAM Slots full already, I'll bump when I open up more. ❤️ ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ Commissions I only have a handful of RO-related examples, I have more art on my website. If you would like to order, please reply to this thread! ☆ Chibi - 25 Talon Coins / 25m zeny ☆ ☆ Half-Body - 30 Talon Coins / 30m zeny ☆ 2 chars - 60 Talon Coins / 60m zeny ☆ Full Body - Starting at 50 Talon Coins / 50m zeny ☆ 2 chars - Starting at 100 Talon Coins / 100m zeny Full Body price will vary based on details. Want something else that isn't featured here? Let me know and I can work with you. I am comfortable with drawing animals, armor, and masculine men. I'm not particularly picky. But I generally favor cute/sexy girls because it works with ~muh aesthetique~. ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ NSFW Info If you are interested in an NSFW commission, please DM me instead of replying. I do not have recent/finished examples because I do not draw it very often, but I'm offering it as an option for those who would be interested. I don't usually offer NSFW comms because Paypal doesn't allow it BUT SINCE I'M NOT USING PAYPAL,, Price will vary based on what you would like. All chars must be 18+. I'm open-minded but if it's *weird-weird* I'ma have to say no, chief. ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ Terms ☆ 50% payment up front, then 50% upon approving the sketch. Please send the payments to Eggy Noob, my Super Novice. ☆ Turn-around time is around 2-4 weeks, depending on my commission queue. ☆ I reserve the right to turn down a commission for any reason. ☆ All commissions are subject to being streamed on my Twitch channel. Unless NSFW lol. ☆ I generally follow the game's designs, but details might be simplified/omitted. Please feel free to let me know exactly what you would like and if you need any changes made. ☆ All commissions include either a flat color background or a simple patterned background. Please specify a color/theme if you have one in mind, or if you would like it transparent. ☆ You may not cancel a commission after I have started on your art. If for whatever reason I cannot complete your commission after receiving payment, I will provide a full refund. ☆ You may display your commission where you like and use it for personal use only. You may not claim that you drew it. ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ Slots - FULL 1. Sniper Sensei (100%) 2. GM Mikzie (100%) 3. GM Creed (Pending) Commissions Queue @ Trello (This link also includes my non-TRO workload, but gives you an idea what I'm working on.) ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ Thanks so much for checking out my thread, this post will be edited as time goes on. If you need to contact me, DM me here or drop me a message me on discord @ katja#0690. I'll see you guys around!
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    firewall zombie prisoner is still the easiest and fastest.... looking at barely any gears... doing other non zombie works..... but takes longer..... first you put a firewall..... then you cast them firebolt....... then you cast firewall again..... and then derp another bolt..... oh god.... when you can easily cast a few firewalls on the floor and zombies can eat them all up within 2 seconds....
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    I'll just leave this here: So you can look at my smug face
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    the script is now the same as the other ones, so it should also work. It seems that +atk items are now using script, where it is added to the already mentioned "stat derived atk" basically it means, that these skills got nice boost Thank you again for bringing this up to my attention! conclusion -> +atk cards will work, but you still have to check if that +atk is more than +%
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    IP effect is the thing that IP does.. IP stands for Ice Pick - the higher def of target the better dmg it does - it shows, that these are very different skills, so it will work in a different way - so you can not talk about both at same time.. Read the whole discussion - % cards are good for SC while +atk cards should not work with SC at all - you can test it ingame.. check here if you want to know more - http://irowiki.org/classic/Rapid_Smiting now - about +atk and %dmg in general (in situation where both work) -> +atk gives flat bonus, while %dmg adds % - if you think about it, you will realise, that up to some value, adding flat bonus will be more, but at certain point, the %gain will be more than the flat rate - to make it very easy, I will make an example with numbers: - you have your atk/dmg = 100 -> if you add +atk card (65) it will be 165 - if you add %card instead, it will be 120.. - so +atk works better - you have your atk/dmg = 500 -> add +atk and it will be 565 - add %card instead and it will be 600 - so %card works better
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    Yea those blank costumes are a great thing if you can keep doing HBQ and/or farm the TamTam region at a decent pace. If you plan to use a Kaho and/or Pussy Cat Bell later on, there's also blank versions of those as a more permanent solution.
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    But they did't kill thousands horse for let people buy cars
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    That should be people choice honestly ^^ If we want to stick in 3 maps, let us be. Some of us already go to other place already. Why you need to change the server and force the people move if they don't want to? If they like the things the way they are?
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    Frankly speaking, all I see in this update are NERFs. Yes, there are some buff to other minor stuff like waves/bg etc but I won't call them exactly a boost to game play. I am kinda agree with Lezark here. He is actually telling u that those nerf are not justify for the old players and GM team seems too protective about those and try to defend the hard way. As far as I like the hardwork of GM team to bring changes, there are something I really can't understand. Basically, GM want customer/player to donate for stuff as their major goal, which is understood as server cant stand on its own. So nerfing things can bring more player to donate to alleviate the grinding. However, keep in mind, your stakeholder are still players. First, when you nerf thing too hard, many old supportive players like Lezark will be gone, which mean less voting and less good rating on the ratemyserver and thus less new blood will see your presence. Furthermore, the ingame community will become lesser and lesser due to blindly nerfed content and there are no pro people/kind people to guide those new blood around. Eventually, the whole community you have up to 9 years will just disintegrate. You know what makes us feel home here? The GM? The content? No, it is the community! Without the community, how long can a solo player go for? Without community, how many do u think will donate to catch up with their admired friends? So, my suggestion is, instead of bringing nerfs, bring new content like party instances with potentially better rewards and strong bosses. Or better, increase the drop rate by A lot when people party play. This will encourage team play instead of just nerfing things blindly and hope for the best.
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    One of the first equipment pieces you should get here is a General Egnigem Cenia (GEC) Card for your Footgear https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/4352/ It can be obtained pretty fast when you vote every day and save up your Copper/Talon Coins and Zeny for it. With that card your SP-problems will be gone on almost every class (at least for the beginning).
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    You can checkout our wiki for a list of pets: Pet Guide & System As for myself, I'll go for stat (STR, DEX, etc.) increasing pets. Those that increase ATK and ASPD are also nice. Maybe a Gold Acidus Pet (5 TC)? /heh
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    Start at payon dungeon 1 loot anything that monsters drop for starting zennies. Max int and heal when you became a crusader. Then heal bomb at glast heim prison. Level there until you have enough int and dex to use grand cross.
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    I haven't seen people using much AGI with Devo Saders/Pallies. In my case, I never used it. Build was around VIT/DEX/STR, the STR to carry meats/pots/supplies. As pally, I traded STR for INT to get some heals and that. As for Providence, you can't cast it on yourself, only works on others (plus not enough points as Sader). A few tips from my experience devoing (make a test based on this, I'm telling them at random order): - Devo isn't to protect weak characters (in most cases), but characters that can take their share of damage; mainly tanks but can be extended to full geared people that can take their stuff. - The devo guy should be fairly protected too (depends on spot, party and that), some area spells will insta kill you as you get damage from 2+ sources of damage. - Don't devo too many people, it hurts a lot. - Keep the distance, you're a lowly blood bag, not a tank. Leave tanking for the guy that you're devoing. - Autoguard, Reflect and Defender get passed to the other player when devoing. People don't always need those (mainly Defender and Autoguard) as they have their drawbacks, such as Defender slowing or Autoguard stopping you. An Asura Champ will hate you a lot if he gest stopped by the Autoguard just when he was going to slap that MVP with a few millions damage. - No matter what your party says, don't ever ever ever tank that Wizard with no gears (and no Bathory in Abbey), you will die with him. - Always make sure that you get a Priest/HP only for you. 2 if possible, the damage will be overwhelming. - Tell that guy to spam Assumptio and Safety Wall on the tank (if he can, of course) and Sanctuary under you. Always. Tank gets priority on defensive buffs, you get priority on heals. - Always carry Ygdrassil Leaves with you, and some Meats/Slim Whites/whatever. Remember that you can trade with other people when dead, so it's good for you to have the needed stuff. - Ride on a peco, healers will have it easier to target you. - You can target people using the Party window (Alt + Z) and selecting their character. - Get a Phen Card, Bloody Butterfly Card or an Orlean's Uniform ASAP, your Devo won't be interrupted in the worst moments. - Osiris Card is great. Sure, Aegis SQI bonus with full HP/SP when resed too. - Sometimes carrying a Tao Gunka means that you will get a slow and painful death, moreover if you're walking with a Deviling around. Tao and Devi aren't the best friends in many cases, LoD is better in those cases. - That thingy that just wiped your party, you first probably, it's called Earthquake. Magic attack (stoppable by GTB), Neutral property and hurts a lot; this is when you want to have a Deviling and Alice Card with you (or if you can "see" it, swap to GTB). It took me a while to realize what was killing me from afar. - Make sure that you won't lose too much exp, you will die. - A lot.
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    Thanks. Uh... Please read properly.
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    Deeply saddened by the loss. 😥 He's been a great inspiration and will surely be missed!
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