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    Visit TalonRO's Holiday Advent Calendar Here! The month of December is here, and our countdown to Christmas has arrived to usher in the spirit of the holiday season. We're thankful for every member of the TalonRO community, and this year we're pleased to present our special Advent Calendar giveaway as a countdown to Christmas! If you're unfamiliar with this concept, Advent Calendars are special calendars which mark each day from now through Christmas Eve. Behind each day on the calendar is often something nice - a small gift in celebration of the big day coming on December 25th! On TalonRO, we're thanking our entire community with special small items that can be obtained each day. Here's how our Advent Calendar works: All Advent Calendar Gifts are account-bound and will only be available on the day they are offered - meaning that you can't log-in and collect prizes from later dates. To receive all 24 gifts, you'll need to visit the Advent Calendar and the NPC in Lutie each day from now through Christmas Eve. We hope this fun and wonderful countdown will help ring in the holiday season on TalonRO with lots of cheer and bright wishes. We hope that each of you have a wonderful holiday and thank you as always for your support! Happy Gaming! P.S.: Special thanks to all of our Talonian artists who helped make this year's Advent Calendar so special and unique! We'll announce all of the winners in a few days, but for now we hope that you enjoy the Advent Calendar - we hope that you'll see your own creation in one of the presents, too!
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    The TalonRO GM staff is here to make your gaming experience as extraordinary as it can be! Representing a diverse set of talented individuals overseeing multiple aspects of game life, our personnel are here to ensure that events are robust, support needs are met quickly, technical expertise is delivered behind the scenes, and that your time as part of the community is fun and wonderful! As our staff works hard to deliver a consistent, quality experience, we'd like to share recent news with regard to changes in our staff personnel. Please join us in welcoming, celebrating, and wishing well the following changes to our GM staff. New Hires We're pleased to bring on five extraordinary new GMs into the roster - some of whom may be familiar faces! Please join us in welcoming the following staff members to TalonRO's active GM team: GM Zelda. Zelda returns from our alumni roster back to provide great support and assistance to all. GM Naus. Naus also returns to our staff, bringing a wonderful imagination and enthusiasm for every Talonian. GM Phoenix. Phoenix rises forth from our alumni roster to provide excellent assistance in development and behind-the-scenes assistance. GM Lance. Lance joins the staff on our Event Squad to furnish expertly crafted and bespoke events for all players. GM Luna. Luna also joins us as a new staff member, ready to bring energy and excitement every day in Midgard. Promotions We're delighted to also announce the following well-deserved promotion from within the existing GM staff: GM Saen. TalonRO's own GM Saen has risen to the rank of High Gamemaster. Saen's expertise and incredible work ethic will undoubtedly touch every Talonian. We're delighted to announce this promotion, and please join us in congratulations when you see GM Saen next! Departures Finally, it is with a fond farewell and all best wishes that we announce the formal departure of GM Gemini, GM Azul, GM Locke, and GM Chronos. Their efforts over the months and years have no doubt made a tremendous impact in the life of the game we all love - and we're confident they will enjoy great success in their next endeavors. A deep and sincere thanks from all of us for their dedication and time spent helping to craft TalonRO into the incredible community it is today! We hope to continue to serve you to our highest abilities in the time ahead, especially as we come together to celebrate TalonRO's tenth anniversary in 2017! It is our privilege and pleasure to serve this extraordinary community of players, and we hope to make your time in Midgard the very best that it can be. Cheers, many thanks, and happy gaming!
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    Original Size: 3840 x 2880 IGN: Primaire Finally.... This is the most complicated piece i have ever done. Whatever happens, I love TRO for giving me the push of making this piece, without the contest... I would have never thought of doing this. Lots of new things I've never learned before i tried out here. This is for my lovely artsu peeps and the loveable community of Tro, hope you guys continue on doing your best to make this the best server evar.
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    Whoa this is my first post on the forum Here's my entry and hope you like it! IGN: Rina*
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    Dear Talonians, A number of recent attempts have been made in-game to impersonate Game Master staff aimed at scamming players through fraud. These attempts may include: receiving PMs from GM impersonators, fraudulent Skype names, and chat rooms where a player structures a chat room to make it look as though a GM is in the chat as well. To protect yourself against these actions, we would like to remind all players of the following important account safety notifications: GMs will never, at any time, ask you for your password or other sensitive account information in-game. The only secure transmission with GM staff is through a Support Ticket, TalonRO's forum and related media, and in-game using !request. GMs will never, at any time, ask you to pay money to be on the GM staff nor will they contact you on official business through outside media unaffiliated with TalonRO, such as Skype or other non-TalonRO chat programs. Chat rooms always list the players who are inside; no one can ever be "invisible" inside of a chat room. GMs always have several layers of key identifying features to validate their staff identify: GMs have the characters "GM" in front of their names (e.g.: GM Boreas; GM Howl) GMs wear official Game Master staff clothing in-game, which is easily identifiable. GMs have their character names shown in yellow text, and speak in orange text when seeing them in-game. GMs are all able to respond to the !request command; when in doubt, use !request to send a message to all online GMs. GMs are all part of the "Tech_Assist" guild and will never appear in-game without being in this guild. Furthermore, we highly recommend that all players follow the below account safety precautions at all times: Never give out your account details to anyone for any reason. We highly discourage account sharing, as this opens your account to lots of potential vulnerabilities. This includes sharing in-game logins and forum account logins. If you suspect any player of impersonating a GM, please contact the Game Master staff immediately through a Support Ticket, a report filed into our General Reports subforum, or to any online GMs using !request. Any attempts by players to impersonate GM staff at any time for any reason will be sanctioned with a full ban from TalonRO. We consistently monitor the safety and security of your account at all times - and together we can keep the community safe and your gaming experience great. Thank you for your time and, as always, Happy Gaming.
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    My entry guys! Took me more than 30 hours . This contest got me super excited! IGN: Blood Orchid
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    Thank you to my dearest friend, Autumn, for the awesome art! Welcome again to the TalonRO Comic Event! I, the Fantastic Mr. Bear, will be your guide into this wild world. In this event, we are challenging you to create a short comic following a given theme. The THREE (3) most creative, original and engaging comics will be awarded Talon Coins! You can keep your comic simple-- no need to create an elaborate graphic novel. Rules for this event: Entries must be original, not taken from the work of others. Comic size restriction: all entries must not exceed 6 scenes/cells in length. Entries must not be offensive or written with the intent of insulting another person. Please keep all entries age-appropriate. Entries follow the month's theme. Include your in-game name with your entry. Entries must be set in TalonRO, not another server or game. Please use image hosting websites to post your entry. Prizes will be as follows: 1st place: 15TC. 2nd place: 10TC. 3rd place: 5TC. GMs reserve the right to pick fewer than three winners if no/not enough entries are suitable. You are free to use a variety of mediums to create your comic. Note that it must be original, and if you wish to use images from other artist(s) you must acknowledge them and/or be free to use. Yes, you can use your tRO screenshots, but the screenshots must be resized to be read as a comic for it to count as an entry. If you don't know how to post images on the forum here are some image hosting websites: imgur, photobucket, imageshack and tinypic. Good luck everyone! This month's theme is: Spring Break Vacation! Entries must somehow reference vacationing for spring break. Think exotic locales, sandy beaches, palm trees... the works! This could be your character's vacation, or perhaps something more outlandish-- how might the monsters of Midgard spend their spring break, for example? Good luck, all! Entries close: Saturday, April 9, at 17:00 server time Each forum account may only submit one entry each round! WARNING: Any form of cheating, such as using multiple forum accounts, is against the rules and can not only get you disqualified from this event but also banned from the server.
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    With fresh snow falling in Lutie and caroling voices lingering, silver bells and visions of sugar plums dance in Talonian's heads. With dreams of gifts sitting underneath the Yggdrasil Tree, the joyous people of Midgard eagerly await Christmas Day! In observing the generous spirit of the holidays, we're pleased to offer a new and innovative way of sharing Christmas cheer with your friends and fellow Talonians with our first-ever Secret Santa Gift Exchange! This year's exchange is simple: visit with the Secret Santa NPC in Lutie, where you'll be allowed to pack up one (1) special gift exchange box with an item from your inventory. Your gift will be given at random to another Talonian who is participating in the gift exchange - which is a wonderful way to make new friends, too! If you give a gift, you'll get a gift. You may only pack a single item type from the pre-approved list below. Each item type carries a minimum quantity - for example, you can choose to pack a minimum of 1 Buckler [1] or 90 Oridecon - but each item has an approximate equivalent Zeny value. You're welcome to give more than the minimum, of course - but you can only give one item type in total, so choose wisely! You must have the item you wish to give in your inventory, so make sure that you have it with you when visiting with the Secret Santa helper! After packing your gift box with your selected gift from your inventory, you can write a gift message inside! You'll be able to write up to four (4) lines of text as a special holiday message. Please note of course: inappropriate messages will not be tolerated and may lead to action taken against your account. When done, your box will be packed and added to the exchange! You can only perform this on one character on your forum account, and all gifts will be distributed at random shortly after Christmas. When Santa's elves have exchanged your gifts after Christmas, be sure to check your in-game mail box on your character, where a special Secret Santa gift and note will be waiting your arrival from a random Talonian. Below are the list and quantities of pre-approved items which are available to pack into your gift exchange box: Quantity Item Name 1 Angel Wing Ears[0] 3 Bearfoot Special [str+8] 1 Bloody Branch 200 Blue Herb 1 Buckler[1] 1 Chef Hat 2 Chiqita's Jewelry Box 75 Crystal Arrow Quiver 100 Crystal Fragment 50 Dead Branch 1 Dragon Breath Cocktail [int+10] 40 Elunium 6 Embryo 1 Evil Wing Ear[0] 1 Expert Ring[1] 1 Formal Suit[1] 60 Glistening Coat 12 Green Salad [dex+5] 1 Guard[1] 1 Handmade Chocolate 2 Hwergelmir's Tonic [dex+10] 7 Immaterial Arrow Quiver 400 Immortal Heart 15 Karvodailnirol 15 Mastela Fruit Wine [int+5] 1 Muffler[1] 15 Old Blue Box 1 Old Card Album 7 Old Purple Box 90 Oridecon 1 Panda Hat 1 Perfect Blue Gem 1 Perfect Green Gem 1 Perfect Red Gem 1 Perfect Yellow Gem 200 Piece of Cake 9 Poison Bottle 3 Royal Family Tea [int+8] 100 Shadow Arrow Quiver 1 Shoes[1] 1 Silver Guard[1] 3 Special Toast [dex+8] 15 Speed Potion 2 Steamed Tongue [str+10] 50 Stone Arrow Quiver 175 Strawberry 1 Talon Coin 1 Teddy Bear Hat 1 Tidal Shoes[1] 35 Wind Arrow Quiver 500 Witch Starsand 1 Wool Scarf[1] 20 Ygg Berry 50 Ygg Seed Lastly - be sure to act fast: our Secret Santa Gift Exchange is running now through noon on Christmas Eve (December 24th) server time! We hope that you'll consider making a new friend this holiday season - and who knows what fun item you'll receive in exchange! There's only one way to find out. Merry Christmas, and Happy Gaming!
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    The holidays have arrived to Midgard! After creating a wonderful countdown calendar constructed by Santa's Helpers in Lutie, the holiday elves have relocated their Christmas operations to the special Enchanted Village to ring in Christmas throughout all of Midgard! Jack Frost has departed far away on a new adventure, leaving Santa Claus to bring this year's happiness to boys and girls of all ages. This year, the fun starts once more with our special warp assistant in Prontera, who will take you right to the Enchanted Village. Once there, you'll be able to help Santa spread the magic of Christmas across the world by assisting with special tasks and keeping those would harm Christmas away! Learn all about the Magic of Christmas on our special event site: TalonRO's Magic of Christmas Event Though the magic of the season will be here through the end of the year, it won't stay around forever! This special holiday event ends on January 3rd, 2016. We hope that you enjoy it, Happy Gaming, and Merry Christmas!
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