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    These are some of the worst takes I've ever read on this website. It's 2019, and we have an accurate, working stat calculator. Here, I'll even do the work for you. Theoretical 2 Megs TF sinx w/FS HP buffs (add 60 STR and 4 DEF in the Manual Edits section below). Actual crit TF sinx w/FS HP buffs Now look at the TTK on Howard, or any Biolabs 3/4 monster for that matter. tHaT's sOmE rIdIcUlOuS oNe sHoT dAmAgE It's pretty clear to any veteran who's played a sinx for a significant amount of time on this server that: No one levels or farms with EDP, ever (this isn't RO Mobile) "SB sinx" isn't an actual PvM build when reaching 190 ASPD is easy Letting us equip 2 Megs is the furthest thing from game-breaking there is 2 Ifrit Bris > 2 Megs for all-round stats, but niche situations exist in which latter would shine So yeah, tell me more about how 2 Megs would... actually, don't. This is a DD sinx v.s. crit sinx thread. @howrah I know nothing about DD builds. What would you say is the generic equivalent of Twin Fang for general PvM farming? IP[1]+??? Does the second weapon have to be a dagger?
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    Thanks for the guide. Just made my first step into mavka with Bolter SuNo.
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    Honestly one of the most dumbfounding threads I've read in a long time. As a Chemist main, which I know few ( if any ) of you are, it's offensive to see being afk with a Hom called "playing". You are not playing if you're afk, end of story. You're an insult to Chemists if you're just standing there or only picking up loot. You could be farming WAY more efficiently by actually killing monsters yourself, or alongside your Homunculus. You have a variety of weapons and skills that can be used to make that kill time far shorter than 20 seconds or whatever slow-ass BS is being spouted. And to the original Chemist being talked about, @Coxwain - if your internet and computer is good enough for 6 simultaneous clients, there is NO reason you can't actually be playing on one and alongside your Hom for much higher efficiency. Stop trying to use that as an excuse for your lack of skill and/or knowledge, and/or your laziness. There's TONS of information out there on Chemist builds of all kinds - magic, melee, combination, etc. Sadly, there's no cure for laziness, so I hope that's not your "reason". People talking like it's some super difficult thing to level a Hom when literally the only work the majority of afk-ers do is feed them. Bitch please. They make their Hom usually by buying Embryos, then just follow the same few maps where the damn thing can level easily without dying, and then afk-repeat. It's only a sidestep from botting imo, and shouldn't be allowed at all. Sadly, hardly anyone bothers to learn about Chemists besides being afkers until they can use Acid Demo as a Bio. ... And then they have the gall to say that Chemist is hard, or that it's helpless, or whatever other ignorance-based BS spews out. The number of characters controlled by 1 person being greater than 1 doesn't mean that it counts as more than 1 person doing the 'mobbing', especially being an afk-er. Spreading multiple chars across the map means you're effectively taking up 6 large areas ( Hom range ), compared to each other person on the map with their 1 area at a time. That, and taking up anywhere from 12-30 Sleepers ( 2-5 each ), or up to 43 goddamn % of the spawn is completely unreasonable. You, individually, are not 43% of the players there unless there is only 1 other player there ( obviously making you 50%, but we're not dealing with fractional players, duh ), and that's never the case. It clearly breaks the rules and should never be allowed on any map. Coxwain again - Your low amount of GNs farmed per hour means that you're taking much longer to kill them than anyone else, meaning the Sleepers you have mobbed around your chars are taking a much longer time to spawn. That's as bad as someone walking around the map mobbing a ton of them and then taking a long time to kill them. Not only is that inefficient, it goes against the rules in that way as well. People can be slow and shitty at killing something all they like, but YOU are doing it times 6 and with an average of 30% of the mobs on the map. Homunculus really were the worst fucking addition to Ragnarok. I knew it back when they were first implemented, and this kind of garbage is exactly why.
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    Hi guys. I submit late rip, but here I am. I make my one of my Dream Costume in tro, cat ears hat costume. IGN: Rinny12 Costume name: Cat Ears Hat Costume Happy gaming everyone.
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    I guess this is the time when I might share some of my methods since Me and Vesper no longer are the only ones who find this place our humble abode. A tip from yours truly - my HP and SL are cloaked forever in this dungeon never to show themselves again except only when I demand their buffs. I have given these buff slaves Frilldoras (for cloaking) and GECs (for infinite cloaking) so that I'll never worry again if they have been killed, stress free it really is. Thank me later.
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    With bg just released and fairly active, I figured now would be a good time to release some guides on some fun vanilla builds I enjoy playing there. If there is any interest in this guide, I'll continue making more. This build is something that works for me but might not work well for somebody else. I hope this helps players find ideas that work for them. (I'm still in the process of formatting this but I don't want to lose what I have so far so this may be a bit incomplete). Stats 99 base DEX- more dex more ranged damage and attack speed. Snipers use various buffs and different items that change your dex throughout the game so I don't really attempt to hit a perfect breakpoint of 10's since there will be times when you are higher or lower. 99 base AGI- more agi more aspd. Auto attacks, double strafing, and sharpshooting are all reliant on attack speed so the more the better. Gemini-s58 card also grants 30% stun resist as long as your base agi is equal to or greater than 90. Tidung, gemini-s58 carded midgear(Agility), gemini-s58 carded deviruchi headphones, and a deviruchi pet put you at 90% to 95% stun resist (depending on whether your pet is loyal or not) and pets dont lose any intimacy when you die in BG so it is one of the best times to use them. 25 base LUK- additional crit for when you sharpshoot. Gear Upper Headgear Body Armor Weapons Accessories Playstyle Sniper is a class that basically requires the use of battlemode in pvp to play the class to its fullest Try to put as much distance is you can between yourself and your enemy. Snipers DS range is screen wide so make sure to take advantage of this because the class is extremely squishy up close. Double strafe when you are trying to kill an enemy without a clown on your team Sharpshoot when you are trying to kill enemies and you have a clown supporting you Arrow shower with a status bow when enemies are grouped up under pneuma. Sharpshoot spreads status too but requires you to get much closer Ankle snare around you to prevent enemies from closing in on you. Spring trap when you are dealing with an enemy sniper's traps unless there are no enemies nearby. Spring trap destroys traps from a distance so it is safer than remove trap which is melee range. Remove trap is better for removing traps you personally placed since it gives you back 1 trap. Traps Ankle Snare and Sandman are the traps you should be using in BG. Any class without int as a primary stat is prone to sleep and ankle snares are useful all around. Use level 3 Ankle snare if you want the traps you place down to remain in place for a longer duration. Ankle snare level 5 has a longer root after activation but the trap won't remain on the ground as long (prior to activation) so you will need to replace them more often. WoE modes such as Rush or Conquest are good modes to use level 3 traps so that you are less likely to need to go replace traps before enemies enter the emp room or the area you are defending. PvP modes such as Team Deathmatch or Triple Inferno are good modes to use level 5 snares so that whoever you trap is rooted for longer. Sleeps traps are good for dealing with low int enemies. You can place a sleep trap on the ground and walk over it to sleep enemies near you without affecting your character Arrows Silver/Holy arrows are the primary type you want to use when damaging enemies. These do bonus damage to any enemy wearing Evil Druid and they also bypass most usual garment cards ( the 20% neutral reduction from raydric or the 10% neutral reduction from noxious). Holy element isn't reduced by Valk shield either. Status arrows proc even if the enemy is under pneuma so you can use this to proc status' that you would normally immediately break enemies out of if you hit them again (sleep/stonecurse/frozen). Status' do stack so you can have an enemy stunned, cursed, and silenced all at the same time. Stun arrows are the most effective arrows against targets that don't run vit since many players prefer to run damage boosting or demi reducing headgear. Curse arrows are good to use against low vit enemies since it is one of the status' that BG green pots cannot cure. The Valorous Battle Crossbow has a 5% chance to curse enemies so you can wield this bow with a different type of status arrow for better effect. Mute arrows are good to use againt low vit enemies as well but remember that everybody is given at least 10 BG green potions so you will constantly have to reapply this status. Sleep arrows are great when attacking an enemy under pneuma or using arrow shower to spread status. Using sleep arrow when double strafing or auto attacking is a bad idea because you are likely to knock the enemy out of the status before you even recognize that they have been status'd. Earth arrows are good in combination with an Earthen bow for the stone curse effect. Treat stone curse similar to the sleep status