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    A huge commendation to all the teams that participated in this week's Snowdown: Battle Arena! And now, onto the results: 1st place Rayssss' Team (30 MVPs defeated) 2nd place Nyphie's Team (29 MVPs defeated) 3rd place Goyu's Team (28 MVPs defeated) Honourable mentions Pookish' Team (26 MVPs defeated) Sinshine's Team (23 MVPs defeated) Will the party leaders for each team please PM me the IGNs of all the players who attended, prizes will be mailed out soon after. Thank you all for attending, and we hope you have a whimsical festive period!
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    It dies to 9 cells (or 3 casts) of fire wall. I'll share more wacky ideas as I progress.
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    So, as a pass-time, I run around this little world all day, looking for unique individuals who are just doing things their way, because they don't know any better. I specifically look for these types of people because they are the ones who will likely log back in the following day. After thousands of encounters with different individuals, I've noticed that the more they know about the "meta" this server provides, the less interested they are to pursue it. I quickly learned to simply teach them the very basics so they feel underwhelmed by it all. It got to a point where I got tired of seeing people disappear, that I created my own guild to keep them unified, let them grow together. It was a stunning success for my experience as a guild leader and it made me question what other guilds were doing at the time. So, I set out to find out. Every guild I met seemed to be an "afk" guild, or inactive. Only one person seemed to have a hand in this community, visibly. Za. She was far ahead of me but did her part as anyone should. Help the community grow, actively. Even today I can still see her walking around and helping strangers. She's a great addition, but what about the rest? people log in for 5 things and log out. Sometimes they stay on main and help with questions, but most just spout none sense while people log out with unanswered questions or requests. I rarely see anyone who is not sitting. Dungeons are lonely places, fields are abandoned (aside from the zenny making ones) and no one really travels out of the norm at all. Last night, I turned on recruit just to get an idea of how dull things have become and luckily, I found someone who was asking for help. Apparently, he's been asking for days and no one really offered help until I came along. That confuses me. I see plenty of available people just walking in a circle without a thought in the world, and this man was out there for DAYS, being patient with the community. Call me old fashioned, but what good are all those items if you're not going to use them? the whole purpose of this game is to share your time with others, but it's become a bingo hall and event hub. Most of you have billions saved from years ago, but you wait and sit on it. Go out there and do something for someone who has nothing and actually feel a purpose to that value. You're "BORED!" because your end game ended with you, but there's hundreds of people who would appreciate some of that experienced time. Just simple company, so people don't feel like they're alone. If you don't want to leave your friends, persuade them to go with you. I dragged almost 12 people with me, to do a simple eden quest for Kiola. It was one of the most satisfying feelings for them ALL, and they wanted MORE. If you're a guild, just doing nothing all day, think about your time here. It can be wasted or invested. There's no better way than to personally mob a person with a group and make them feel welcome. They will remember you for it, and come back to see you again. That's something we can all appreciate as a whole. Thank you for reading.
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    https://irowiki.org/wiki/Summon_Flora Maybe this will help
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    Well done lol..proof of Life 😀💀
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    Список петов и того, что они дают при лояле: https://wiki.talonro.com/Pet_System
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    Thankyouuuu ❤️ i lovee ittt ;-; @fumiddition
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    I can't imagine the oldies still playing this. It's insane how far back this game goes.. What up Brian & Dan