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    Jumping in with a trio of orc zombies and their critter friends πŸ’œ IGN Meow Meow
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    Here's another one! Orc Lord just being Orc Village dad IGN Meow Meow Orc Archer
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    It's already mid-September and the Summer Event is coming to an end very soon. Rest assured that we have many new events and updates on their way which will keep you occupied for quite a long time! For now we have some smaller updates, mostly fixes and quality of life updates. Enjoy! In the previous chapter of An Unexpected Alliance you continued your journey with Hiel and his Dimensional Device. In this next chapter he finally called for Chief Balrog to assist him in the construction of the device. Chief Balrog has an idea of his own though. As much as Hiel does not want anyone else to help him, the Chief has some interesting contacts that would be willing to help in this endeavor. Find out more by continuing this quest in the city of Morocc! For players who have not yet completed the previous chapter, that quest is still available for you to complete, so hurry up before it's gone! Eden Group missions, such as Gramps, now no longer rotate when a reboot happens but only on their designated time. Fixes to mailbox/RODex: Fixed items weighing less than 1 not contributing towards maximum mail weight. Fixed adding multiple items not all adding towards the maximum mail weight. Note: visually, adding items weighing less than 1 will -not- increase the weight in the UI, but it is counted properly internally. Fixed Poring Catch and Poring Rally sometimes not properly resetting their IP cooldown. Fixed entrance NPC for Poring Catch, Poring Rally and Devil's Claw not properly checking for rental mounts. Added a new shortcut: !tc which is the same as !taloncash. When using Remove Trap or when traps expire in Battlegrounds, it now returns the proper BG Trap rather than a non-BG Trap. Fixed Jewelcrafting sometimes failing even when you have a Jewel Cutter in your inventory. Beer Hat can now also be worn by (Super) Novices. Fixed Lost Child Quest not working in Quest Check Board. Fixed Eden Merit Badge typos in Gramps NPC. Fixed Odin Mask[0] increasing damage to Boss monsters rather than reducing it. Removed the dummy Reward Guru at the Prontera fountain. The Rental Master and TamTam NPCs have moved locations accordingly. While not fully completed yet, we would already like to announce an upcoming new feature: the Build Saver. This has been requested a lot of times throughout the years and we've always put it off due to its complexity and the risk of unexpected bugs. We've finally decided to move forward with this feature and you can expect it to be implemented soonβ„’!
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    Orc Zombie IGN: Weakling *Re-uploaded as I realized the "cute & funny" criteria of entries at the last minute T_T,. Probably the best i can do right now. (Superseeded Version) Orc Lord IGN: Weakling *Re-uploaded as I realized the "cute & funny" criteria of entries at the last minute T_T,. Probably the best i can do right now. (Warmer tone) (Cooler Tone) (Superseeded Version)
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    Dear Talonian Snipers, this is how your SQI Bow is made CARD DESIGN : Orc Archer IGN : Kumacy
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    Despite his look, Orc Lord is cute His heart is soft as a cake.... But if you kill a geographer, expect the earthquake IGN Grotono
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    ORC ARCHER entry ign: San Benito
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    In game name: KiloBytes Here's my entries: Orc Zombie Orc Archer Orc Lord
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    IGN: IceDryst Orc Archer Changelog: - 2020-08-26: warmer tone. Fix helmet and pant. Older Version(s):
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    IGN: petb Orc Zombie Zombie Orc home is infested by AFKemists and their homunculi. I want those AFKemists to learn, when a card eventually drops after they massacre thousand of orc zombies, the pain of an Orc Zombie's existence. Orc Lord This is a reference to that scene in Full Metal Alchemist. I wanted to make a meme template out of Orc Lord and Orc Hero, but we're not doing Orc Hero anyway, and I got very busy and tired recently. πŸ™ Here's a meme I made please enjoy!
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    IGN: Maybelline Let's be real, Orc Lord is a snacc, and all the Orc Ladies know it. His beefy physique and super strength have all the Orc Ladies chasing after him. I like to think that he's a lot less sure about how to handle the ladies throwing themselves at him than his confidence on the battlefield. πŸ™‚ My portrayal of Orc Archer - he might look like a tough guy but he's a softie at heart as he pauses to find beauty in the little things.
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    Hey. Tier 3 crate pls. thanks. IGN: [SN]Pride Discord: SN-Pride#1459
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    With the advent of our recent GM Prize Boxes falling into events circulation, we are thrilled to unveil an exciting new reward feature! Introducing TamTam's Exchange, where players can trade in GM boxes for a prize crate of their choice (subject to the amount of unique GM boxes obtained). The required amount of boxes as well as rewards available will fall into four distinct categories; Store Trader, Tier 1 (6 unique GM boxes), Tier 2 (12 unique GM boxes) and Tier 3 (18 unique GM boxes). For more information, along with ways to attain GM Prize Boxes, please refer to the guidelines section. You can also browse through our rewards breakdown for each tier (listed below). We hope that TamTam's Exchange will take your TalonRO expeditions to a whole new level! ο»ΏAll the best and happy hunting! GM Boxes can only be acquired via GM Hosted Events | Valkyrie's Bazaar | Forum Events | Elysian Garden MVP Drops Once a player has enough bespoke boxes to claim a prize with, they can submit their IGN followed by the crate of their choice Our events team will then schedule a time and date (please ensure you have your boxes ready to trade in) to make the exchange Please note that we will ONLY accept unopened boxes. Boxes also need to be unique when making a claim (e.g. we won't accept 6 Radius' Blue Box in exchange for a Tier 1 Crate) Nightmare MVPs will spawn on various maps across Rune Midgard. A global broadcast will be announced in-game to indicate their spawn time / location. Nightmare MVPs can also be located in our new dungeon instance: Elysian Garden TamTam's Exchange has no end-date and will remain ongoing until further notice All TamTam crate costumes/pets are random and contain a mixture of account bound and non-bound items (see list) Boxes are subject to change. If you have a GM box that isn't currently listed below, you will still be eligible for a prize exchange All current GM Boxes available to claim:
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    Tier 3 crate pleaseIGN: Mini BobitaDiscord: bobito#1821
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    Artisan TamTam by tRO beloved star - @GM Spica Greetings beloved Demi-Gods of TalonRO! We hope you are all enjoying the summer fun so far. With that being said, who is up for more fun? That’s right! The staff has arranged another Art Contest and anyone can join!! We have a whole bunch of cards that needs a new design and we need your help in doing so! This event will take place once or twice a year and will feature different cards that require a makeover. Below you will find the details and rules, please read them carefully and as always if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Artisans, we wish you all the best of luck and may goddess of fortune shine in your favour. 🌟 To redesign the following cards to fit the tRO aesthetic of cute and funny. 🌟 Entries must be original, never used before artwork, and cannot be copies from someone else's work. 🌟 Entries may be hand-drawn image or digital art. 🌟 Please reply to this post with your in game name. 🌟 Entries must be in a PNG file with a 1200(W) x 1600(H) size. 🌟 Please do not add a frame as this will be added by the GM team. 🌟 You may enter multiple times but note that you will only win once for each card. For example if you enter with three orc zombie card designs this will only count as one entry. IMPORTANT NOTE: For each card (orc zombie, orc lord and orc archer) the GM team will vote for the top three winners BUT only the artist who is voted first place will have their design featured in game. 🌟 First place winner 🌟 Your design will be used in game. 15TC Gift of Panagia Costume - #21322 (Designed by the amazing @GM Haziel) High orc baby pet. Loyal Bonus when summoned - Receive 15% less damage from Small size monster. 🌟Second place winner 🌟 10TC September Monthly box 🌟Third place winner September Monthly box 🌟 Honorable Mentions 5TC 17th September 2020 at 01:00am The GM team reserve the right to disqualify any entries without further explanation.
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    Mystic Tower is an increasingly difficult gauntlet challenge themed around Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine (episodes 4-6). Participating parties fight their way through 30 stages, with a special boss encounter every 5th stage. These battles function similar to ET, with players being required to defeat mobs on each floor before the door to the next can open. Upon clearing the instance, players will be rewarded with Valkyrie Coins and special Valkyrie Tokens which can be used in the Valkyrie's Bazaar, where players can exchange them for special costumes, items, armaments and prizes! Valkyrie: MT will be available to all players, with a weekly cooldown. A new set of dates will be posted each week so be sure to keep an eye on the thread to ensure you secure a timeslot. For more information on BotN, you can visit the website by clicking here. This instance will be similar to Endless Tower / Wave Challenge, but with Valkyrie themed mobs and MVPs An assigned party leader must confirm their participation on this thread Minimum party setup is (12) with a max of up to (24). Rewards are based per individual upon completing stage 10 and above Players will have 60 minutes to clear the gauntlet challenge Upon clearing Mystic Tower, players will acquire an Elysian Key giving you access to a post-game dungeon (Elysian Garden) The instance will commence and end on specified dates. A new set of dates will follow on a weekly basis Individuals will only be able to join MT once a week (6-7 day cooldown). The cooldown applies to your forum account Dual clienting is strictly forbidden If we suspect a player abusing cooldowns, we will remove you from all future Valkyrie instances indefinitely A maximum of one resurrection will be granted in case of a party wipe Stage 15 Clearance 5x Valkyrie Coins Stage 20 Clearance 10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Stage 25 Clearance 15x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Stage 30 Clearance 20x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin + Elysian Key (character bound) Challenge Rewards Divergent (bring three classes from the following lineup: WS/LK/SinX/Stalker/Ninja) 10x Valkyrie Coins Great Gospel (finish the instance in under 50 minutes) 10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin The Duelist (get MVP on all four jitterbug dolls using a melee class*) *magic builds are excluded 10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Fallen Angel (find and challenge the hidden valkyrie in stage ???) 10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Severance (defeat all three valkyries on the final stage within 5 minutes) 20x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Divine Gospel (finish the instance in under 45 minutes) 20x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin 19th September Slot 1 [ TheStranger's Team ] 2:30am Server Time Slot 1 [ Reserved ] 5pm Server Time Slot 2 [ EVIL's Team ] 8:30pm Server Time 20th September Slot 1 [ Sinshine's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Xyn's Team ] 4pm Server Time 21st September Slot 1 [ Reserved ] 5pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Bongo's Team ] 6:20pm Server Time 25th September Slot 1 [ Mig's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Bobito's Team ] 4pm Server Time 26th September Slot 1 [ Naght's Team ] 5pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Krakenzz' Team ] 6pm Server Time 27th September Slot 1 [ Sinshine's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Ashikerazu's Team ] 4pm Server Time
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    Embark on a heroic expedition with episode 6.5 Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine - a unique PvM experience, and part of an exciting lineup of brand new content for 2020. Valkyrie: BotN will be available to all players, with a bi-weekly schedule to ensure as many parties can experience the new instance, along with announcements of planned future content. A brief recap on Reginleif's story can be viewed here. Alternatively you can read more on the BotN lore by visiting this link along with other information related to the story instances. Release dates for Reginleif's Reprisal will be posted in the coming weeks. Players will have 50 minutes to complete the instance as part of a new story arc following the events of Nightmare's Rift A minimum of 12-24 players will be required to participate A maximum of one resurrection will be granted in case of a party wipe Individuals will only be able to join Reginleif once a week (7 day cooldown). The cooldown applies to your forum account The instance will commence (October) and end on a specified date. A new set of dates will follow on a bi-weekly basis Assigned party leaders must confirm their participation on this thread Dual clienting is strictly forbidden * 1x Valkyrie's Lucent (part of a new reward system currency) 1x Talon Coin 20x Valkyrie Coins * Prizes to be distributed to each individual winning party member Challenge Rewards Malfunction (get MVP on L0K1-PROTOTYPE without using the following classes: sniper/biochemist) 10x Valkyrie Coins Event Connosieur (complete Sylvi's event challenges in under 15 minutes) 10x Valkyrie Coins Fashionista (win all four events to claim Reginleif's best attire) 10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin Marry Me Instead? (have one propose to Reginleif using a 'gold ring' after infiltrating Loki's Keep) 10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin 4th October Slot 1 [ TheStranger's Team ] 2:30am Server Time Slot 2 [ Mig's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 3 [ Naght's Team ] 4pm Server Time 5th October Slot 1 [ Open ] -- Slot 2 [ Open ] -- 9th October Slot 1 [ Xyn's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Sinshine's Team ] 4pm Server Time 10th October Slot 1 [ Thalloblub's Team ] 4:30pm Server Time Slot 2 [ EVIL's Team ] 8pm Server Time 11th October Slot 1 [ Koriko's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Bobito's Team ] 4pm Server Time
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    26th September 1800 server time please. Sorry and thank you Lance!
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    Wow you're on a roll, IceDryst! I'm loving each and every one of your entries!
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    It's hard to believe that it's already September - and as Fall begins to roll through Midgard, we're ready to mark the end of Summer and look forward to upcoming seasonal events including the annual Starlight Soiree scheduled for 5th September, as well as additional new content to keep things as crisp as autumn air! Although our Amazing Summer Race will soon be coming to a close, we're already looking forward to autumn on TalonRO. We are thrilled to announce this month's latest features and changes. Given that the latest maintenance introduced a lot of suggestion implementations and bug fixes, this monthly maintenance will keep things simple for now as we are working on larger matters. An Unexpected Alliance - Continuation During the first episode of An Unexpected Alliance you met Hiel as he worked together with Rin, Chief Balrog and you the player to close the crater in the city of Morocc. As that event came to a close, the Reconstruction of Morocc has been underway and the citizens of Morocc are working hard on restoring the city. While this major effort is still ongoing, our new friend Hiel has been working hard on the Dimensional Device he promised to construct. During the construction he has noticed a strange energy coming from the device and is eager to finish it. Help him out and get a nice reward for your assistance. You can find Hiel at the Morocc city spawn point. What does all of this mean?! Find out more as we continue this dimensional journey! New TamTam's Odyssey region: Aldebaran Clock Tower Note: excludes alde_dun04 (Bathory map) Wave Box Rotation: Feather Fedora Costume [20984] White Bird Rose Costume [20937] GMC Box Rotation: Floating Ball Costume [21040] Siroma Fur Hat Costume [21057] Our latest Monthly Costume Box is available at the Talon Shop right now, with the following costumes: Angel Ribbon Wing Costume [garment] [21541] Fancy Blue Hair Costume [21489] Seraph's Circlet Blue Costume [21542] Jioia Costume [21068] Sinister Horn Costume [21548] Frantic Look Costume [21547] Sun Visor Costume [20717] Wonderful Beast Ear Costume [20812] Aqua Quartz Crown Costume [20508] Virgo Diadem Costume [21109] Wind Milestone Costume [20519] Note Headphones Costume [20662] General The Goblin Leader Card now includes the following Goblin types in its bonus damage: Rotar Zairo Steam Goblin Panzer Goblin Christmas Goblin Updated the Bounty Board Cooldown again: If you fail to defeat the assigned MvP within 23 Hours, you are no longer given a cooldown and you can start another bounty right away. If you drop a bounty mission you will only be given the cooldown if you drop the quest on the same day it was picked up on. Otherwise, you can start a new mission right away after dropping it every day after that. Bug Fixes Fixed some atcommands not properly ending when the Bonus Bundle ends. Fixed the "/lv" emote displaying the wrong emote in-game. Fixed an item weight check in Valkyrie Coin exchanger. Fixed Deporte Doll Hat [1] not mentioning the STR+2 bonus in its item description. Fixed Book of Charms Vol. 1 [1] job requirement. It can now be worn by non-trans classes as well as Soul Linkers.
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    Hi GM, I wanna request for trade my 22 GM Boxes to Tamtam Tier VI. Thank youu~ Inside my Tamtam Tier VI Box's; Walking Snow Fox
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    Tier 3 crate please IGN: Mini Bob Discord: bobito#1821
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    Requesting permission to trade for another Tier 3 crate. Thanks as always! IGN: Hanami Schyntilia Discord: Kuraido#1739
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    Hi, GM... Finally i can reach 18 box for trade to tier 3. Thank youuu~ I got White Cat 😸
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    Tier 3 crate please. Thank you! IGN: Pain ~ Discord: Meek#6564
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