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    While we are approaching the end of August, we could not let you all go without enjoying our annual Summer Event! Due to how busy we've been with the Project Iduna launch, we haven't had as much time to spend on the event development as we usually have. For that reason, the Treasure Hunting part of the event will not be making its return this year. That being said, the event is once again full of new rewards and challenges. Please check it out~ The return of TalonRO's wildly popular Amazing Summer Race brings the action back to Port Malaya for a season of intense team fun! The Amazing Summer Race this year begins once again in Port Malaya at the World Race Center Headquarters. Your journey begins by speaking with one of the World Quest Center staff members to begin the journey of the season. After registration, you'll need to find the person in each region who can start your quest after starting in Port Malaya. From there, this person will be hiding in one of four regions. Once they are located, you'll begin a quick quest. Collect one of each special regional badge by performing these quests that takes place all over Midgard and beyond! Your goal is to eventually successfully complete one of each type of quest, and decide to turn those badges in for a prize or bet them all on a harder quest whose rewards will be even greater! Fast Five For those participating in the Fast 5 NPC finder competition throughout the Amazing Summer Race event, this year's prize is the same as last year as we don't want you all to miss out on this awesome costume. It's the Water Mastery Costume (Bound)! Rules for the Amazing Summer Race USE ONLY ONE MASTER ACCOUNT FOR THE RACE Please remember: it is strictly forbidden to use more than one (1) master account to get badges. Using the master account of a friend or family member to get more badges is forbidden and can lead to a permanent ban! BADGE EXCHANGE All race badges will be account-bound - but if you're too heavy with one kind of badge and need one of a different type, you can exchange that with the Race Staff for three of an existing badge type! Missions and Regions The missions and regions of the Amazing Summer Race are many - so we want to make sure that you have a preview of what you're getting into before you embark upon the race! Regions Kordt Forest: The Kordt Forest is for all quests performed in a forest-type of area. You might find yourself deep within Mt. Mjolnir, or perhaps out roaming the Prontera Fields - just don't get lost in the woods! Sograt Desert: The Sograt Desert areas aptly refer to any area which is primarily desert. Although the Sograt Desert is the largest desert in Midgard, it is by no means the only one. Be sure to bring lots of water on your journey! Kokomo Tropics & Tundra: The Kokomo Tropics & Tundra are any collection of tropical or tundra areas around Midgard. While it might be tempting to bring along the summer suits and sunscreen, keep your eyes open when a quest is in this area! Darmian Dungeons: The Darmian Dungeon region refer to all quests which take place in a dungeon. Don't worry: all of the dungeon quests will be in open-access dungeons...though safety is not guaranteed when venturing in here! Missions Monster Hunting: Monster hunting is a staple of the Amazing Race! On these quests, you'll need to defeat as many of a certain type of monster as you can! Searching: If the regional Amazing Race staff member assigns you to a monster hunting quest, then you had better gear up for a quick run through of those monsters! You'll need to do so before the time is up as well! Item Gathering: In these quests, your searching isn't done yet! You'll have to hunt across Midgard to find a special individual to complete this assignment. The Octopus Instance is making a return! First debuting in Summer 2018, it is a unique high-end instance! Help Captain TamTam sail the seas once again in his ship by defeating an octopus believed to be the legendary Akkorokamui, in an instance available for up to 4~12 players, who is stopping TamTam from leaving the Malaya Docks. Akkorokamui is a new type of MvP that uses mechanics never before seen! Goal In order to defeat Akkorokamui you must defeat all of its legs so it can no longer defend itself. Prior to this, the main boss is completely invincible. All of Akkorokamui’s legs have different functions such as buffing/healing, ranged skills, magic skills, debuffs, status, and even physical attacks. It is up to you to decide which legs to take out in what order to figure out what the best strategy is for your team! If you participated in this instance back in 2018 however, don't expect it to be exactly the same as before. Minor tweaks aside, watch out for his new mechanics such as the devastating Tidal Wave attack during the defensive formation! Joining Not every player can jump into the fight with Akkorokamui. To enter, you must find a Mysterious Key and bring it to Captain TamTam. He will bring you to the evil octopus! Finding the keys will not be easy. You can obtain them by participating in the Amazing Summer Race! Various stages of the event may reward you with this unique key. Too lazy to race around? Not a problem! The keys can be traded and vended. Find one from your local vendor and give it a shot without any of the racing efforts! Rewards Defeating Akkorokamui can occasionally reward you with brand new, never before seen gears on TalonRO, exclusive to this content! He will drop the following exclusive armors to form a gear set, and while not part of the gear set, a unique pair of sandals, all of which dropped in 2018: However, there is also a brand new weapon drop for the 2019 year! If you're lucky when defeating the MvP, you may even get Undine Spear: Don't forget about this year's wonderful Summer Cocktails, either! Event Galapagos will be roaming about in special areas with ingredients to make wonderful summer cocktails - an array of which offer some special stat boosting effects (to say nothing of being refreshing on the beach, right?). This year we have a brand new cocktail for you to enjoy, too! Good luck earning and making some of these wonderful cocktails below: Summer Cocktails Spammers Heaven: Increase ASPD by 10% for 45 minutes. Seductive Bathory: Reduce Cast Time by 10% for 45 minutes. Sting's Slap: 10% resistance to Physical Attacks for 30 minutes. Blossoming Geographer: 10% resistance to Magic Attacks for 30 minutes. Drip of Yggdrasil: 10% EXP Boost for 30 minutes + No EXP loss when dying (30 min.; effect wears off after you die). Venatu's Beep: Increase ATK by 5% for 30 minutes. Myst Case's Surprise: Increase MATK by 5% for 30 minutes. Matyr's Mix: Makes you walk fast for a duration of 45 minutes. Old Dracula's Mix: 15% more Job EXP for 30 minutes. Raydric's Tonic: Receive level 7 Kaahi and level 7 Kaizel upon use. Sour Sidewinder: Receive level 5 Gloria, level 5 Impostio Manus, and level 5 Magnificat upon use. Moscow Headless Mule: For 10 minutes, FLEE + 30 and you regenerate 3% of your Maximum HP every 10 seconds. Can not be used while in Frenzy. Finally, let's not forget about an event that's already been running since the start of the month: TamTam's Tikibar! Thanks to our fun loving and beloved mascot, TamTam, we're serving up summery drinks (and prizes!) throughout the whole month of August. For more information on how to join, please check out our dedicated event topic! Finally, summer's sunset eventually falls upon us - and so the Amazing Summer Race will run through September 21st at the end of the summer season. We hope that you enjoy the wonderful features of this year's Amazing Summer Race - and as always, happy gaming!
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    While we are approaching the end of August, we could not let you all go without enjoying our annual Summer Event! Due to how busy we've been with the Project Iduna launch, we haven't had as much time to spend on the event development as we usually have. For that reason, the Treasure Hunting part of the event will not be making its return this year. That being said, the event is once again full of new rewards and challenges. Please check it out in our dedicated Summer Race Event Topic! Furthermore, we have made a bunch of other changes and bugfixes: Added new atcommand @taloncash. This displays your current Talon Cash amount. Removed some difficult items from Daily Cash Betty and added some easier ones. Fixed incorrect Joint Beat damage scaling, which should also fix Lord Knight Card's auto-cast from missing every single time. Fixed Ganbantein not consuming gemstones with Mistress Effect, since it should never do this officially. Removed Impossible/Inaccessible/Unreasonable missions from Taekwon Mission. Changed the location of some Eden Group Officers so that they don't block other NPCs. Guild Castle treasures now spawn at 1am server time instead of midnight. This is done to ensure they don't despawn when we reboot around our usual midnight schedule. We hope you enjoy the updates. As always, there's more to come!
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    We will add an icon. Out of those requests only 2) is possible tho.
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    Hi Guys, Read many good recommendations about this server. Hope to have fun here even though Im quite busy on work and family. See ya!
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    "Wedding is truly the bond of two souls" Especially when you 're a Soul Linker
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    Excited to announce the release of Valkyrie's Bazaar. Click here for more info! From now on, Valkyrie's Divine will be referred to as Valkyrie Coins. (The items in your storage now also reflect the above changes)
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    Here's the other recent Yune thing I did. Guest featuring my friend's cute bunny girl character! He's very good at being creepy persuasive.
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    What if you (Server addministration) adopt solving captcha for some third party website. I know that there are websites paying for solving captcha. Pretty much the same as we did before. But at this time this simple action will be monetized for your (TalonRO) benefits ~ small but consistent profit. There is no need to hide that talonRO get paid by community efforts. Me and I belive other will gladly do it for server flourishing and ofc for talon cash, hehe)
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    August 13 update. Few more bugfixes done: Fixed not being able to change guild member position. Fixed boss monsters (not MVPs) dropping equipment items at a 1x rate instead of 3x. Fixed monsters in Wave Challenge sometimes spawning in walls. Fixed Nidhoggur's Nest instance not warping players properly during certain parts of the instance. This also fixes several other instances like Octopus Cave. Original topic: Now that most bugs (but not all of them yet!) have been solved, we are able to dedicate some time to actually returning some beloved features to our server. It has taken a little longer than we had initially hoped, but we're on the right track now. Thank you once again for your patience during this transitional phase! So, without further ado~ GM Challenge and Wave Challenge As the instancing system on rAthena has changed quite a bit, these scripts required a significant amount of recoding. Our initial idea of implementation unfortunately did not work out, so we had to go back to the drawing board. That being said, both are now fully implemented and should have full functionality as you are used to. The process of signing up for the instances has slightly changed. After the party leader generates the instance, each member has to separately enter the room. You will end up in a second (instanced) lobby where the party leader will be able to warp everybody in and start the instance. We have also slightly altered the way Return Lobbies work. In both GM Challenge and Wave Challenge, players can no longer disconnect for more than 15 minutes and then return to the game. If this happens, they will simply be warped back to Prontera. Another change was done to GM Challenge alone. We no longer use the Return Ticket system. Players can now return to the GM Challenge as often as they want, however you can now only warp back inside if at least one of your party members is still alive. If your entire party is dead, you can no longer use the Return Lobby. Voting system replacement First off, we have now enabled the Voting Points Converter NPC in the Reward Guru building. You will be able to claim your voting points as Talon Cash there right away. Now, you are likely aware of the Voting System no longer being utilized by TalonRO. Most of the topsites are full of Ads and many times even serve malware. Topsites in general are a thing from the past and based on our statistics, they don't actually result in many new players at all. For that reason, we decided to get rid of them and replace them with something new. The idea behind implementing the new system is that it should take a very small amount of time to get a reward. After all, voting didn't take more than a minute and you could get 40 Talon Cash every day if you kept track of the timings. After some digging, we found that people's Kafra Storages are absolutely full of Misc items that serve almost no purpose. So with the new system, we will be making use of that. You will now find an NPC called Daily Cash Betty in the same room as the Reward Guru. Every day, you can talk to that NPC (once per person) and get a very quick Item Collection quest. The amounts will range from 10 to 20 items. Complete the quest and you will be given 40 Talon Cash. This is the same amount you would get if you would vote on all voting sites twice per day. The items required for this quest are extremely easy and can be farmed on low-end monsters. We hope this new idea is a fair compromise after losing the Vote for Points system. Please let us know what you think~ New Donation System Another major change we've done this reboot is the Donation System. One complaint we've heard a lot in the past is the inability to donate with methods other than Credit Cards. With the method we used in the past, adding other options unfortunately was not viable. This has now changed. We are now utilizing the Commerce plugin on our forum software. As a result, the Donation page now links to our Store here on the forums, where the donation process will take place. This brings forth a few changes: Instead of being able to donate any custom amount, we now offer fixed packages. The great advantage of this new system is that we can now offer Bonus Talon Cash for people who make a larger donation. This was something that players have suggested for years now and we are finally able to offer this. The packages are as follow: $5.00 -> 500 Talon Cash (no bonus) $10.00 -> 1080 Talon Cash (8% bonus) $25.00 -> 2750 Talon Cash (10% bonus) $50.00 -> 5625 Talon Cash (12.5% bonus) $75.00 -> 8625 Talon Cash (15% bonus) $100.00 -> 11750 Talon Cash (17.5% bonus) $200.00 -> 24000 Talon Cash (20% bonus) $500.00 -> 62500 Talon Cash (25% bonus) Next to the usual payment through Cards, we now offer Google Pay as well. Google Pay is a new payment method that allows you to easily pay through either your browser or (preferably) through your mobile phone. A big advantage of this is that Google Pay offers support for PayPal. This should open up the donation system to people who were not able to do so before due to the lack of a Credit Card. While Google Pay is not available yet for all countries, it's quite wide-spread now and continues to become available to more countries. Donations are now directly tied to the new Support system. If you have any questions about a donation you made, you can directly send a support ticket through the payment. Bugfixes and improvements And lastly, we have of course fixed various bugs and made several improvements again: Lif's Mental Change skill now has a shorter cooldown to accommodate not being able to reset the cooldown by recalling the Homunculus: Level 1: 10 minutes to 2 minutes Level 2: 15 minutes to 4 minutes Level 3: 20 minutes to 6 minutes Fixed Rainbowrings never opening the portal to the Ginnunggap. Bragi Cast Reduction portion no longer adds together with items/cards and now multiplies like it used to. Cart Termination now properly goes through Cicada Skin Shedding and Auto Guard as officially intended and how it worked before. Fixed an exploit where you could change the Guild Leader by right clicking in the Guild Window and thus bypassing the Reward Guru. Thank you to the people who have reported this and shame on those who have been exploiting this the past days. In order to make it harder for scammers to trick players into believing they are talking to a GM, you can no longer join a player chatroom if your job level is lower than 50. This system was already in place for creating a chatroom, but not yet for joining. While we understand that it's a mild annoyance to the legit players, it's done in an effort to keep everyone safe. Like before, transcendent classes do not have this level requirement.
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    I Need Food's Canvas Introduction Hi, my IGN is I Need Food. You can find me sitting in Eden or Splendide. I started drawing 2-3 years ago I think, it changed my life ever since. My weakness is I'm very impatient, which lead to messy drawing. (I hate doing lineart) Price Tag Close for now, I'm currently under a lot of IRL work pressure Contact Discord: IceDryst#5214 In-game Mailbox : I Need Food TalonRO forum Inbox is great too. Arts "Soul Bond" Older stuffs
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    Your drawings are amazing, if u ever wanted to sell ur drawing let me know!
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    Changed Status to Implemented
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    Warning: This guide is still a work in progress, you can still view some of the videos at the bottom. Don't blame me though if you don't like the build since this guide is still incomplete. I'll try to update this as much as I can, I still need to run a lot of different tests for multiple maps. Also, this guide is more focused for the farmer type Lord Knight or for people who enjoy playing the Lord Knight job. Note: My builds are currently only suited for PVM. All drop chance are updated according to the server's drop rate. I will update the icons and links once the database is up again. Questions are colored with Dark Violet. Acronyms: LKH stands for Lord Kaho's Horn. MHP stands for Maximum Hit Points. MSP stands for Maximum Spell Points. STATS DISTRIBUTION STR - Aim for a total of 140 or 150. VIT - Aim for a total of 100. With 100 VIT you'll gain 100% resistance to the following: Poison, Stun, Curse, Bleeding, and Silence. DEX - The rest here. EQUIPMENT Headgear ************************************************************************************************* Armor Armor Cards ************************************************************************************************* Weapon Weapon Cards ************************************************************************************************* Shield Shield Cards ************************************************************************************************* Garment Garment Cards ************************************************************************************************* Footgear Footgear Cards ************************************************************************************************* Accessory Accessory Cards ************************************************************************************************* Pets ************************************************************************************************* EXPLORING RUNE MIDGARD Abbey Dungeon - Floor 1 (abbey01) Abbey Dungeon - Floor 2 (abbey02) Abyss Lake Dungeon - Floor 1 (abyss_01) Abyss Lake Dungeon - Floor 2 (abyss_02) Abyss Lake Dungeon - Floor 3 (abyss_03) Aldebaran Dungeon - Floor 4 (alde_dun04) Amatsu Dungeon - Floor 2 (ama_dun02) Ayothaya Dungeon - Floor 2 (ayo_dun02) Brasilis Dungeon - Floor 1 (bra_dun01) Brasilis Dungeon - Floor 2 (bra_dun02) Byalan Dungeon - Floor 3 (iz_dun03) Byalan Dungeon - Floor 5 (iz_dun05) Clock Tower - Floor 4 (c_tower4) Comodo Dungeon - West (beach_dun) Dewata Dungeon 1 - Krakatoa Volcano (dew_dun01) Dewata Dungeon 2 - Tina Grace Cave (dew_dun02) Einbroch Dungeon - Floor 1 (ein_dun01) Einbroch Dungeon - Floor 2 (ein_dun02) Geffen Dungeon - Floor 2 (gef_dun01) Geffen Dungeon - Floor 3 (gef_dun02) Geffenia - Floor 1 (gefenia01) Geffenia - Floor 2 (gefenia02) Geffenia - Floor 3 (gefenia03) Glast Heim Chivalry - Floor 1 (gl_knt01) Glast Heim Chivalry - Floor 2 (gl_knt02) Glast Heim Churchyard (gl_chyard) Glast Heim Dungeon - Floor 2 (gl_dun02) Glast Heim Prison (gh_prison) Juperos Ruins - Floor 1 (juperos_01) Juperos Ruins - Floor 2 (juperos_02) Juperos Ruins - Floor 3 (jupe_core) Lou Yang Dungeon - Floor 3 (lou_dun03) Magma Dungeon - Floor 1 (mag_dun01) Magma Dungeon - Floor 2 (mag_dun02) Moscovia Dungeon - Floor 3 (mosk_dun03) Niflheim Field 1 - Skellington (nif_fild01) Niflheim Field 2 - Valley of Gyoll (nif_fild02) Nightmare Pyramid - Floor 1 (moc_prydn1) Nightmare Pyramid - Floor 2 (moc_prydn2) Sphinx - Floor 3 (in_sphinx03) Sphinx - Floor 5 (in_sphinx05) Thanatos Tower - Floor 2 (tha_t02) Thanatos Tower - Floor 3 (tha_t03) Thanatos Tower - Floor 4 (tha_t04) Thanatos Tower - Floor 5 (tha_t05) Turtle Island - Floor 1 (tur_dun01) Turtle Island - Floor 2 (tur_dun02) Turtle Island - Floor 3 (tur_dun03) Turtle Island - Floor 4 (tur_dun04) * Dungeon Content format - copy & paste * Changelog: [01 Aug, 2019] Created this post. [02 Aug. 2019] Added map entry for Skellington (nif_fild01)
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    Just got an egg from pro box. Observation egg
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    @NattWara I haven't tried 1 SN card yet, before I modify my current katana build I'm still running tests with different maps (it currently works on geffenia with no problem). When it comes to Violet Fear I think that 1 SN would be viable due to the high DPS (I still need to test it though), if it doesn't work maybe you can combo it with blood sucker (lower headgear) and/or Succubus Pet (5% chance to life steal) or Sprouting Pet (3% chance to lifesteal). I don't use Holy Marching Hat because you need to auto-attack to proc the 90 second aspersio buff. If it's okay with you to wait for the aspersio buff to proc then that would also be okay since you'll deal double the damage to nightmare terrors. If you're talking about the horse in magma 2 yes you can still use the RSX for no knockback. About the Kiel card, the reason I equipped it is because I'm lazy when it comes to bringing grape juice (even though they are light). If it's okay with you bringing grape juice, you can replace the Kiel with sword guardian or turtle general or another sniper card. If I get enough funds in the future I'll be able to try more builds and I'll update this guide.
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    If it isn't a positive change in every single way for every single person, then it isn't 100% positive. Just because you don't understand how percentages work doesn't mean you can just start lying to everybody about what 100% is. This is like saying there is no negative if somebody else bots, because you are not losing your gear, right? They're just unfairly getting ahead of you. Don't be dense. People who are complaining are doing so because by not logging in, they are falling behind. And to your earlier point that "encouraging people to log in instead of just vote without playing for 2 months is a good thing" -- it isn't. I can't tell you how many times I had to quit the game because (real life happens) but kept voting. I'd have forgotten about tRO for months/years, but voting every day kept it in my mind. After 3-4 months, I'd hit the 1000 voting point limit and need to log in to exchange them. I'd do so at that time, which would give me 20 TC and a new MVP card I'd want to mess around with. Then I'd get back into the game playing every day. As I already said, I'm not personally invested because I'm aware that it's very clear that the new system is not intended to appeal to the same people as the old system, so I don't care. But I'm not going to act like a condescending douche to everyone who has legitimate grievances and say crap like "Oh, it's 100% positive change and there's no negative for you" like they're just idiots for feeling that way.
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    @*~Heartyangel~* awwww thank you hearty xD ahahah yeah i think i did not promote my forum on discord that's why not everyone know i have one xD Btw thank you again hearty
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    Pre-Iduna, the Bonus Bundle has a display icon alongside the skill icons. Post-Iduna, the said display icon is not present. Can we incorporate the display icon again? However, since this is a TalonRO-exclusive feature, can it have the following details: Make it a Captain TamTam-themed icon. I actually made this icon (just in case you want it. for free ofc). or Upon cursor pointing, it displays the expiry details. Double clicking (or Right clicking) it will display all the built-in features, i.e. commands. Maybe adding the Infinite Fly Wing?
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    Welcome!! Hope to see you in our amazing events!! we are a huge community with lots of nice people ❤️
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    Welcome to the server leinnad! Here's to a pleasant stay.
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    I got it to work and didn't lose my Lif.. thanks a lot!!
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    updated slot availability and examples ^^
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    I could be wrong, but I think also: Layanne at Malangdo Field 1 Erica at Rachel Field 13 I could be wrong though - I just write them down when people say things on main. Ahahaha *swt*
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    Whooaaa sooo coolll ❤❤
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    I will ask Seiren to clarify the process on the checkout page, including the name of our payment processor as well as a link to their site.
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    THIS IS SERIOUS !! PvM - Warfare 08-17-19 (Team Aqua)
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    That's currently not possible, I like the idea tho. Maybe in the future, who knows.
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    My cake so pruo and talented artist, blobblush ❤️
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    Team Aqua - PVM Warfare GM Event August 2019
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    Gonna drop a @Rinny Rin HW here And me
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    A backlog of a maximum of 3 days might be a good idea, I think.
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    Ev erybody who comes up with "arguments" like "this server is dead" is not wanted in a discussion. Plain and simple. Give constructive feedback or you can go away, indeed. Thanks, I am the coolest. It is a low rate server. Low rate = grinding. High rate = get everything with one hit. What's your point here? Our rates are clearly stated on our website. Yes, and the Cash Betty offers the exact same opportunity. If an item is too hard then let us know and we will review it, the list is not final. Some items from the list can be farmed faster than clicking all votring buttons and completing the captchas. If not then you probably never completed the captchas in the first place. Not really. However, there was nothing to defend the Cash Betty against. You made no argument other than "this server is dead" and "this server is pay2win". Your only point was that the item hunting took too long and I told you that we can just review that again and nix it if that's the case. Again, Cash Betty doesn't take longer than voting and the diea is that anybody on level 70 without much gear can get the items. If an item does not meet that requirement then report it. Your agument is simply not true and it won't become more true by repeating it in your posts. Simple as that. I dare to guess that most new players have no problem with this new system or else you woulld see more posts about it. Don't judge others based on your own perspective please. You can only talk for yourself and you just did that.
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    @Natalis *High pitched voice calling for Natalis* CATTTTTTTTTTT ASSSUMPPPPPP !!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    Your presence here is even better than the Red’s high pitched voice in that video
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    With the threat of the Nightmare's Rift eradicated by the Valkyries, some fell by the scorching plague emitted by the shroud. Valkyrie Randgris has been afflicted with the disease that once spread across Rune Midgard, having fallen victim to pestilence during Elysian Garden's conflict. Despite her sister's efforts, Randgris has succumbed to darkness and has taken refuge beyond Odin's Temple. The Valkyries have enlisted the best to aid them in vanquishing the shroud infesting Randgris, believing that remnants of her former self still exists. Your expeditions will pit you at the root, attacking Dark Randgris head-on with the support of the Valkyries, in an attempt to cleanse her from the plague. Please note that this will be a timed event challenge with repercussions that will change Elysian Garden as well as its future content. Dark Randgris is an invite-only instance, available to party leaders who have cleared Tower of Mischief. Party leaders are able to invite players who have NOT cleared Tower of Mischief, but at their own discretion. If you wish to gain access to Dark Randgris, click here to schedule a ToM slot or subscribe for notifications on available dates (updated bi-weekly). A minimum party setup of 12 (24 maximum) will be required to participate Prestige Reward is a one-time prize offering, awarded to the first party that clears Dark Randgris within the time limit Players during the run will have 50 minutes to complete the instance The assigned party leader must confirm their participation on this thread, along with the party name ahead of the instance Should a party fail (or complete) the instance, a 2 week cooldown will be in effect before re-admittance Party leaders will have complete freedom to set their own time and date once Dark Randgris is released (subject to availability) A maximum of one resurrection will be granted in case of a party wipe You will be given a choice of summoning one of six Valkyries to aid you in the final battle (one-time use) Dual clienting is strictly forbidden Prestige Reward (first party to clear Dark Randgris) 250x Valkyrie Coins + 10x Talon Coins + TamTam's Crate Tier I + Lv10 Food Bundle Prizes 75x Valkyrie Coins + 8x Talon Coins + Valkyrie Trinkets + Key to Valhalla (account bound) Challenge Rewards Nightmare's Champion (clear in under 45 minutes) 50x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon CoinsZenith (defeat Verthandi, Pulse Sieger, Dark Dragon & Gold Dreki)75x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon CoinsLionheart (defeat Dark Randgris MVP in under 10 minutes)100x Valkyrie Coins + 4x Talon Coins Release Date: TBC (September) Slot 1 [ Goyu's Team ] Slot 2 [ EVIL's Team ] Slot 3 [ Red's Team ] Slot 4 [ Dihu's Team ]
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    Hmm... if you’re going with a party i guess stemworm garment is okay. Accessories i would suggest anything that grants either Int / dex for now then work on Celebration Rings Earning money as a brewer is possible but to recouperate for the cost of investment is going to take a while. Players only buy ranked Condensed Yellow / White Pots as they heal more than unranked. With reset npc available, i don’t see why its not possible to change stats
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    Today "4 Level 5 Assumpttio Scroll" All list click ⬇️
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    I finally got the chance to properly draw my Sniper Hope you guys like it ><
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    I'm bored so lemme ask a weird question. Who is your favorite TalonRO player? And why? They might be someone who you are close with. Someone who's always your companion while leveling, farming, PvM or PvP. Someone you admire because of their charisma. Someone that always makes you happy. Or whatever the reason why you like this certain player. For me it has to be the Maestro of Abbey. The Female Priest Magnet. The guy that always help people in either leveling or some other things... DON! DON is just an all around fun person. Very helpful to both newbies and pros. I really respect that guy. Though sometimes, he's like Nevil from SovietWomble's vids. But I still like him.
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    For me its gotta be @Tusketo, very enjoyable to be around on voice comms, always keeps me company on stream and has a wonderfully kind heart. If we're talking about people that i've had wonderfull encounters with, i gotta show props to @Mosjoandy, @Triggeres GreatBluePriest from moscovia, helped me out when i was just getting started during some key times that made a world of difference, nothin but love for them.
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    I've seen more people ask about this recently, so please make use of it.
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    those are really nice pencils. keep them coming
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    Hey everyone! I'm Wez. _______________________________________________________________________ I'm new in TalonRO and I'm hoping that selling artworks could be my easy way out of farming. I'm very new to a low rate server and it's been awhile since I last played this game. Additionally, I think there are lots of cute costumes in-game. ergo, the start of this commission shop for zenies. Any additional samples can be requested from me. just leave a comment or pm me. DISCLAIMER : NSFW COMMISSIONS WONT BE POSTED IN THIS THREAD!!! _______________________________________________________________________ GUIDELINES IGN: SPRITE REFERENCE w/ COSTUME REFERENCE: Hair Color: Eye Color: Preferred Expression: Misc. details (ea. mole, scar, hairstyle): *Body type: Thicc, Korean-thin, Muscular *Body age: Young, Young Adult, Adult (I can do NSFW artworks but it won't be posted in this thread, do include "NSFW" if u want it to be that type of artwork) _______________________________________________________________________ PRICES Sketch : 1 Mil Anime Head-to-Upperchest (No bust) : 8 Mil Anime Half Body : 13 Mil Anime Full Body : 20 Mil INKED artworks : 25m _______________________________________________________________________ SLOTS (ARTWORKS WILL BE SUBMITTED PER BATCH) SLOT 1 : @Emi [artwork finished - fully paid] SLOT 2 : @Hi im L [artwork progress 40%] SLOT 3 : SLOT 4 : SLOT 5 : _______________________________________________________________________
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    Thank you Lance for letting us enjoy this custom raid. Here is our run!
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    Your art is stunning, I saw the Valkyrie on Instagram, they look so gooood. Love these fully rendered pieces.
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    We would like to once more warn everyone that real money trading with any currency (such as PHP) is not allowed and will result in a ban when you are caught. Our methods of tracing people doing this improve all the time and we ban dozens of people for it every week. So again: real money trading is forbidden and results in a permanent ban on all your accounts. Thank you for your attention.
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