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    There’s nothing better than a great weekend with friends on TalonRO! Whether you’re exploring through the new Eden Group quests and offerings, taking on one of Midgard’s challenging deep dungeons, gearing up for a riveting GMC, or adventuring your way through in classic style - a weekend on TalonRO is always fun and exciting! But it’s even better when there’s an EXP event! This weekend, we’re having a special 12x EXP weekend, along with an additional +25% EXP for completing Eden Group board quests! Enjoy this special weekend of additional adventuring with friends starting this Friday, April 20 just after midnight through Sunday, April 22 ending at 11:59pm. The added bonus experience is an opportunity to go on an adventure with a new party, explore a dungeon that you've never tried before, or conquer that difficult instance you've been meaning to take on! With 12x EXP this week, your effort will be maximized to its fullest. We hope that you have a great weekend exploring all that Midgard has to offer. Enjoy 12x Base and Job EXP rates this weekend as special thanks for being part of the TalonRO community! Our EXP rate bonus week will begin at one minute after midnight on Friday, April 20th and end at 11:59pm on Sunday, April 22. The voting goal will be temporarily paused during this time to ensure the EXP remains in effect. Be sure to still vote for higher rates when the bonus week ends - your votes will still count during this time for when the EXP event ends! You’ll also receive an additional +25% EXP on all Eden Group board quests, making it a great time to start or complete some of these great new adventures! This bonus also carries over to the Item Turn Ins - so try them out for additional amazing experience!
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    Player feedback on the Eden Group has been amazing and we keep updating this new addition accordingly! This maintenance we have fixed a few bugs and improved the overall QoL on the Eden Group. Eden Soccer Balls are now Level 1 instead of 98, which solves players not being able to hit them sometimes. Added a cap of 750 Eden Merit Badges per forum account per week to prevent players from exploiting it. Strongly increased the Eden Merit Badges given out by completing Gramps missions and Bounty Board missions. Reduced Eden Merit Badge requirements when purchasing items from the Merry Barker shop. Dally Quen now shows your cooldown after getting your daily freebie. Board Quest NPCs now have a separate menu option for Item Collection quests. This way you don't accidentally give away items you don't want to give. Just like Eden Group, we also keep on updating the general game from time to time. This update will balance out the playing field a little bit more and make the game more fun and fair to everyone! Greatly increased the Special Bonbon droprate when using loyal Evolved pets. MVP spawntimes have been changed for almost every MVP. They have become a lot more random than they used to be. In general, the lower end of the spawn time has been reduced more than the higher end of the spawn time, so they can spawn more quickly than they did before. On average, regular MVPs now have a spawn time random range of 30 minutes which used to be 10 minutes. Major MVPs like Beelzebub, Ifrit, etc. have a bigger random range. Changed egg and taming item descriptions from Red Deleter into Earth Deleter, to better fit the actual pet name. As with all of our regular updates, there's always a great opportunity to squash a few bugs and make a few needed edits to gameplay elements in order for them to work best for you! Below are a few bug fixes and edits: Fixed one of the Eden quests to kill Venomous. It now has the correct kill amount. Fixed item description in Byeollungum. Said it added a 5% increase in damage against Boss types. This was fixed into 50%. The item script remains the same. Thank you all for your continued support for our server! As always, much more is coming. Also be sure to check out the Battlegrounds Beta Test on the main server later today!
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    Just random clips from 2 hours worth of BG open beta test.
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    Oh, Hello! I haven't played on TalonRO, but recently returned to the server :)) On, on art my hunter Evil Snake Lord and brazen the thief :)) The picture is called: "Delicious ice cream?"
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    where I will dump my RO arts and stuff~ if you want a commission, feel free to post here or PM me! each character doodle is gonna be like 6 mil, nothing fancy. Examples below. I may charge more for group pics tho in general if the amount of details is high. I also accept payment via cute aesthetics or gear for priest hehe ;w; please be aware i post the final product here - if you don't want me to be sure to let me know! ALSO please do not send me money until I approve!!! ign: chiyoki current (potential) commissions in no particular order: - yuren - wolpu - deliciousgreenapple - naght - vivi - kisuka - emi - clareon - cassidy - kanom More refined version, head only, 8-10 mil depending on complexity: I might do icons too, haven't decided on pricing tho.
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    finally made it to high priest. shoutout to all the zombie prisoners i heal bombed today you guys are the real mvp
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    On the panel once I update the database. I have it on my list already.
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    haha! The way I see it, if I share the stuff, it would mean more miners, meaning more gems, meaning lower gem prices, so I still win anyway
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    if there's anything i learned from doing art commissions on this server, it's that talonians really, really love their scarves.
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    When I got GEC, it turned my head upside down on everything I knew about RO. I always played the cheap-o player, never using consumables. GEC changed my life.
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    I first noticed this by the weird looking fonts too. But after some "investigation" I found that grid of lines going through the whole image and it all made sense. The reason why it's not visible in the screenshot is because the image is rendered correctly by the client internally. So when you tell the client to make a screenshot of the rendered image you won't see anything. The distortion happens when drawing the rendered image into the window. Which makes it only visible by grabing the whole drawn screen.
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    It's no news that Rifles, Gatlings, and Grenade Launchers are, to not say useless, not as strong as Pistols and Shotguns, so I've spent a few hours messing around in the calculator and on a offline server to try to come with good suggestions to bring those weapons to at least a "it's playable but not meta" state without changing skills. -THE AIM HERE IS NOT TO CHANGE THE CURRENT META, BUT TO MAKE OTHER CHOICES AT LEAST VIABLE BY CHANGING WEAPONS- All those numbers are from the TalonRO pvp calculator, 99 gunslinger with berserk potion, no cards and no equips other than the weapon, against a knight 99. Here is some data: The blue "20 sec dmg" is with Madness Canceller and Increase Accuracy, accounting the 10s time to get all coins, and in case of skills, the 5s global cooldown, the "+buff" are also with MC and IA, no blessing or agi was used here. Basic Attack Basic Attack from all weapons, Gatling can get a pretty decent dmg with Gatling Fever and buffs, but if you try to compete against, the pistol equivalent (Rapid Shower) it can't even reach the weakest pistol's dmg Rapid Shower VS Gatling Fever So, for Gatlings my suggestion is to Increase base attack and slots, currently we only have 2 options, Butcher and Drifter, both have a [1] version, increasing the number of slots would make it possible to: use Gatlings with status card, taking advantage of it's achievable 190 aspd or using +attack or +% cards to increase it's dmg to the 10k range. Another interesting possibility would to give Gatlings an effect similar to "Gold Lux", reducing it's down time with "Flip Coin", increasing it's DPS Here is a video showing a Butcher with the same bonus as a Gold Lux Now for Rifles: Tracking Tracking is a weird skill, usable with both rifles and pistol I guess gravity intended it as a sidegrade of Full Buster, both are very similar, but Tracking got the bad end of the stick, with it's 3 seconds not reduced by dex cast, no cooldown and 10 cell range, it is pretty much useless compared to the instacast 3 sec cooldown and full screen range from Full Buster, and to put the nail in the coffin Tracking dmg is also lower Tracking VS Full Buster There is just no way to make Tracking competitive against Full Buster, but well, we not changing skills here, so here are a few suggestions to make it at least useful: Decrease Tracking cast for all Rifle weapons by 50%, or follow the "Long Barrel" and add a Tracking Auto-cast. Here is a video of Long Barrel with it's autocast chance increased to 10% Grenade Launchers Grenade Launchers might be the weirdest weapon type of the game, with only 2 options available and only one skill that needs one to use I honestly don't understand why they are even a thing, but well, one build that some may try is to use is "Triple Action", a similar skill to "Finger Offensive" that hit 3 times. Best damage per weapon type, considering Desperado as 3.6hits (the skill is random 0~10) Increasing Grenade Launcher dmg with Triple Action could lead to a viable build, but honestly, I don't really know, last time I suggested giving GL an AoE Basic Attack like Shotguns, but was declined due to some server modifications to AoE hit iirc, so well... if anyone have an idea to make GL better without messing with skills, please tell me Other Stuff Giving Greatest General Card Acolyte bonus to Gunslingers (coins and spirits are the same thing) would definitely decrease the down time Here is a video of 2 greatest general card and a Gatling with the same effect as a "Gold Lux" Gatlings could give DEF (Like a Gate Keeper-DD) to help the fact that the gunslinger can not move and have a -50% flee while using Gatlings (Madness Canceller and Gatling Fever). Equips that add "Double Attack" according to max level could also add "Chain Action", like baby chick. Well, that's basically it, here are some other videos and my full data. Thanks for reading and I hope we can open some build possibilities for Gunslinger : ^) EDIT: Proposed changes and their numbers: Butcher [HHSWSW] (Basic Attack) VS Western Outlaw [HH] (Rapid Shower), 10 sec downtime for Butcher and 15 sec downtime for Western Outlaw Even with 4 slots, the Butcher still lacks DPS compared to a Western Outlaw, and have a way lower burst dmg, things change a lot if you reduce the Flip Coin downtime (assuming the Gold Lux bonus). Downtime reduced to 0 (Butcher) and 5 seconds (Western Outlaw) It's obvious that 4 slots and a Gold Lux bonus would be way too strong together, my suggestion is to give 4 slots to the Drifter and the Gold Lux bonus to the Butcher. Tracking vs Full Buster, vanilla vs proposed -50% cast and maximum possible dmg With -50% cast (1.5 seconds) and taking advantage of the 2 slots, Tracking can get a sightly higher burst dmg while still being avoidable, and a higher dps (since Full Buster have a 3 sec cooldown). This does not change the fact that Tracking still easy to avoid and leave the Gunslinger open for 1.5 seconds, but make it useful for 2v2 or more (WoE and BG) scenarios, where the Enemy may be distracted or not able to hide. PS: please correct spelling mistakes or tell me if anything isn't clear, english is not my first language, also, videos may take a while to load, but they will, eventually.
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    more like "hey girl, i see u have bigger bewbs than me :smirk: " OvO
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    And be mindless like everyone else...
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    be careful with sharing - it is supposed to be kind of secret - if you reveal it, someone may want to change it to keep it secret
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    Hi Talonians, im here to share my strategy for agility/crit knight. I want to make this because i remembered when Ragnarok came out at the first time in Indonesia, i made this knight. Cons: Dont make a Knight for your 1st character, this is my 7th characters that i made. this is not for those who want to level up fast and make a lot of money. My 85 knight lose in terms of making money compared to my 86 stalker. This is not an efficient build because its taking a lot of time level. For those who want to level up fast, you should make wizard, hunter or a priest (using magnus exorcimus). Pros: Riding a peco-peco! High aspd, my aspd reached 189 (see picture below at the equipment section). Access to Bowling Bash / Bash. ------------------------------------------------------------ Before starting, i strongly suggest for you to make an acolyte or a priest. For a free increase agi and blessing. Make sure to double clienting and make your buffer to following you. Now Lets Start! Novice to swordman : just do the standard job change manually, easy bronze coins for you. Swordman 20-30 : You can do quest 12-25 missions or go to payon dungeon. Swordman 30-40 : You can do quest 26-40 missions or go to orc dungeon Swordman 40-50: You can do quest 41-55missions. I think im still here at orc dungeon. Swordman 50-60 :You can do quest 56-70 missions. Forgot where i farmed For sure i stayed at payon dungeon 2 and then proceed to payon dungeon 3 killing those munak and bongun until 62 (where i changed to knight with job level 41) Swordman to Knight : Change the job manually, do the quest. Extra Bronze coins for you. Knight 60-70 : You can do quest 56-70 missions. I did those minorous missions every time i could. I went to amatsu dungeon to level up (change your leveling spot if youre bored) Becareful with those shinobi, because it gave me a hard time. Minorous, Verit, Mummy all those inside sphinx 3. Knight 70-80 : i leveled up at alarm (because of the mission quest and TamTam region) Knight 80-85 (where im at now) : Im doing Raydric quests. Make sure to check gramps and the 71-90 missions. Who knows you can do both quest in single area. im waiting the cooldown when its done ill do the quests again. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Equipment For starters equips Weapon :Two-Handed Sword you can buy it at the npc store or buy the Elemental Claymores. i used my bronze coins when i changed my job to knight when i was 80 i used it to get a rental muramasa. I keep holding on those bronze coins. before 80, i used a vvs claymore and a two handed sword. Headgears : Helm/ Hermose cap/ LKH Garment Armor combo = Pantie undershirt combo Shoes : whatever shoes you want Acc : whatever you want (you can use mantis clip, kukre clip) Since i have the luck of having Lord Kaho horn, Falcon muffler, Fricco's Shoes, and Odin's blessing agi+3 wildcat. it is easier for me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stats Distribution i still havent used the resest npc for stats or skills. Str 9 Agi 9 Dex 9 ( i keep it at 9 because i have Lord Kaho Horn) its harder for you if you dont have a LKH make 40 agi, then make your str 20, then aim full 99 agi. After that i went to make my str 40 then build my luck stat 30. now im pumping it at STR. with two hand quicken,berserk pot, increase agi, and blessing. i reached 189 ------------------------------------ Ok thats it for me! let me know if it helps you or not. all in all i think this knight is more fun to play than my stalker.
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    The Bunny Sister's Corner: If you've missed todays BG pen beta testing, here's a playback of todays triumphs! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/250637528 Your bunny sister, Mikzie
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    1) I have personally observed a variable reset time of 30-40 mins, similar to MVP spawn times. My methodology was to sit in an isolated place and camp 3 rocks I new just respawned because I mined the area myself. Some of them cooled down at 35, some need more time. 2) Just go to the enchanting NPC in pront near the armor upgrader, the grouping is a little weird but most armors can be enchanted. If you want to find out without going to the NPC, you can simply search the talonro control panel and search the selling shops for that armor. If that armor is enchantable, chances are, there are people selling enchanted versions of it. But, the only way to be 100% sure is to scour the NPC mentioned. 3) Yes, enchanting armors break fairly regularly. As with overupping stuff, if you aren't prepared to lose it, don't enchant it.
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    thank you, manda! i honestly hope it heals too because i want to avoid doing surgery wails lays down in all the good vibes
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    Just a minor suggestion I use the mailbox system a lot (especially when delivering loots and equips), but sometimes I get paranoid if the item will reach the person or not (I just ask for a confirmation reply, but some people don't send one), and I feel exposed when I forget to take a screenshot of the message (as a countermeasure, if the item didn't reach because of bug or the recipient might lie). Is it possible to add a new tab that will contain a copy of the messages sent via mailbox. I think this is a good evidence if people will complain about lost item via mailbox or lessen the possibility of scamming since you can track the name of the recipient. I also think this is a good way to promote the mailbox system (very convenient if you ask me, but most people dont trust it). Thanks for reading.
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    TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide Updated: 12/25/17 Due to the popular demand of 1-3 individuals, this guide will be for those who are starting out on TalonRO as a hunter/sniper. This guide is a progression guide that will pull from my own experience only. Many other players have their opinions about my item choices and I will edit accordingly. Basic hunter/sniper strategy is implied. Recommended: Sage Endow Slave and Acolyte/Priest Slave Tier 1 Your goal should be focused on getting to Sniper as soon as possible. Farming for loot and rare drops will be many times easier with Sharp Shoot. Regular leveling up to 79+. Join Odin's Parties or Anubis Parties and power level to 99 so you can Transcend to Sniper. Note; no god items here. Nothing in this set of gear is worth more than 5Talon Coins. Gear Reference/build: Headgear: Apple of Archer+ Binoculars Ship Captain Hat [1]+ Binoculars Weapon: Hunter Bow+ Hunting Arrow Burning Bow [1]+ Fire Arrow Earthen Bow [1]+ Stone Arrow Freezing Bow [1]+ Crystal Arrow Gale Bow [1]+ Arrow of Wind Rental Ballista Armor: Tights Pantie Garment: Muffler[1]+Dragon Tail Card / Whisper Card Undershirt Feet: Refresh Shoes Accessory: Glove[1]+Sting Card Glove[1]+Zerom Card Bow Thimble ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal possible builds: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal step-by-step: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tier 2 You should finally be a Sniper and farming is going to become your primary goal. Competing for end-game content will come soon enough. Snipers are naturally powerful farmers and the opportunities are endless. Prioritization in obtaining General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC). Note; no god items here. Nothing in this set of gear is worth more than 12Talon Coins. Gear Reference/build: Headgear: Ship Captain Hat [1]+ Binoculars / Robo Eye Pirate Dagger Weapon: Elven Bow[1]+ Elven Arrow Rental Ballista Armor: Tights [1]+Porcellio Card Dragon Vest [1]+Porcellio Card Bathory Card Swordfish Card Pasana Card Marc Card Garment: Muffler[1]+Dragon Tail Card / Whisper Card Skin of Ventoss [1]+Dragon Tail Card / Whisper Card Dragon Manteau [1]+Dragon Tail Card / Whisper Card Feet: Refresh Shoes Sandals[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Shoes[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Bunny Slipper[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Accessory: Glove[1]+Sting Card Bow Thimble ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal possible builds: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal step-by-step: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tier 3 As a 90+ Sniper, making zeny should be a pretty easy task. You hunt for rare items, or hunt high value loot targets. You should be part of a major guild who does organized runs, joining end-game raids as back-up DPS. Dual gear sets will come into play and become important You will begin working on your sharpshoot/critical and double strafe sets. Critical set indicated by Blue Text, damage set indicated by Purple Text. Note; no complete god items here. Nothing in this set of gear is worth more than 20Talon Coins. Gear Reference/build: Headgear: Reforged Lord Kaho's Horns+ Binoculars / Robo Eye Ship Captain Hat [1]+ Binoculars / Robo Eye +1 AGI/STR* Slotted Mid+ Bloody Knight Card +1 AGI Slotted Mid+ Gryphon Card Pirate Dagger Weapon: Elven Bow[1]+ Archer Skeleton Card+ Elven Arrow +7Elven Bow[1]+ Turtle General Card + Elven Arrow Flame Elemental Converter Frost Elemental Converter Lightning Elemental Converter Seismic Elemental Converter Rental Ballista Armor: Sniping Suit [1]+ Gloom Under Night Card Sniping Suit [1]+ Porcellio Card Bathory Card Swordfish Card Pasana Card Marc Card Garment: Dragon Manteau [1]+Dragon Tail Card / Whisper Card Skin of Ventoss [1]+Dragon Tail Card / Whisper Card +9 Hood [1]+ Chung E Card Feet: Sandals[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Shoes[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Bunny Slipper[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Accessory: Glove[1]+Sting Card Orlean's Gloves+Sting Card Itemization here is specifically for hunter/sniper ONLY, think very carefully about following these accessories Accessory: Bow Thimble [1]+ Ifrit Card Bow Thimble [1]+ Sting Card * - The reason I have a +1STR slotted Mid with Bloody Knight Card is because other classes can utilize the item. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal possible builds: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal step-by-step: Damage Comparison prior to Tier 4 A lot of folks wonder if they can compete in end-game MVPing with a sniper build that does not have god items like Artemis Bow [3]. I would personally say YES, but you have to use endow consumables to compete. Here is a comparison against VR: 43.3k DPS with SQI and 38.9k DPS without SQI. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tier 3.5 Meant as a stop-gap for the large zeny jump from tier 3 to 4, 3.5 will give you a better direction in the most efficient gear acquisition prior to SQIs. Note; introduction of complete god items here. Gear Reference/build: Headgear: Lord Kaho's Horns +1 AGI/STR* Slotted Mid+ Bloody Knight Card +1 AGI Slotted Mid+ Gryphon Card Pirate Dagger / Vajra Weapon: +7Elven Bow[1]+ Turtle General Card + Elven Arrow +7Elven Bow[1]+ Abysmal Knight Card + Elven Arrow Flame Elemental Converter Frost Elemental Converter Lightning Elemental Converter Seismic Elemental Converter Rental Ballista Armor: Sniping Suit [1]+ Gloom Under Night Card Sniping Suit [1]+ Porcellio Card Bathory Card Swordfish Card Pasana Card Marc Card Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano [1]+ Ktullanux Card Garment: Dragon Manteau [1]+Dragon Tail Card Skin of Ventoss [1]+Dragon Tail Card +9 Hood [1]+ Chung E Card Feet: Sandals[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Shoes[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Bunny Slipper[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Bunny Slipper[1]+Mysteltainn Card Accessory: Glove[1]+Sting Card Orlean's Gloves+Sting Card Celebration Ring Bow Thimble [1]+ Ifrit Card ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal step-by-step: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tier 4 You are 99/70 and you've been going on multiple runs with your guild/group of friends. Your earning potential is up, or have other sources of income steady income. This tier has the largest jump in zeny requirement. Order of item acquisition should be highly considered in this tier. Critical set indicated by Blue Text, damage set indicated by Purple Text. Note; complete god items here. Gear Reference/build: Headgear: Damage Set Lord Kaho's Horns +1 AGI/STR* Slotted Mid+ Bloody Knight Card Pirate Dagger / Vajra Critical Set Valkyrie Helm [1]+ Gryphon Card +1 AGI Slotted Mid+ Gryphon Card Pirate Dagger / Vajra Weapon: Artemis Bow [3]+ Turtle General Card x3 Armor: Sniping Suit [1]+ Gloom Under Night Card Sniping Suit [1]+ Porcellio Card Bathory Card Swordfish Card Marc Card Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano [1]+ Ktullanux Card Garment: Damage Set Dragon Manteau [1]+Dragon Tail Card Naght Seiger Flame Manteau [1]+Dragon Tail Card Critical Set +9 Hood [1]+ Chung E Card Feet: Bunny Slipper[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Bunny Slipper[1]+Mysteltainn Card If you were able to make your Bow Thimble [1]+ Ifrit Card, they will carry your Sniper till Brisingamen [1]+ Ifrit Card / Sting Card Accessory: Damage Set Bow Thimble [1]+ Ifrit Card Celebration Ring Orlean's Gloves+Sting Card Critical Set Bow Thimble [1]+ Ifrit Card * - The reason I have a +1STR slotted Mid with Bloody Knight Card is because other classes can utilize the item. The +1 AGI doesn't really affect reaching 190 ASPD or the 3 skill/sec bottleneck. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal possible builds: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal step-by-step: I recommend going about obtaining these items in this order. This is simply a tool to help guide you, but you should always follow your heart. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Under Construction! Follow this topic for updates. Tier 5 to follow.
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    Yeah, I get it. Lol Still have it on my list, but not for the next couple of days.
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    Not a prob! Getting to Sniper hooked me, and just bought a GEC card to put in my slippers so I'm on my way to the promised land.
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    Some people just don't realize that other timezones are the majority
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    @BunnyNinja83Hey man, thank you for the kind words! Keep the grind up and you'll get there. I remember stumbling upon that super cheap stem worm card, really hooked me into playing my wizard. It's always that first solid item you get that gets you going on this server.
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    No, this is a scaling issue of the drawing surface inside the window. I've seen this too. What happens is the area the graphics are drawn to is reduced by a few pixels making the window borders appear larger and creating several horizontal and vertical lines where pixels are ommitted to scale the rendered image to the available window size. You can see the grid of lines pretty clearly when slowly rotating the camera. I am not sure what exactly causes this but I have not seen it happen for months with my current dgvoodoo configuration.
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    Hello to all people from TalonRO. I'm 27 years old from Brunei Darussalam. I'm new here and been searching for awhile for a good RO online server, and I have found it today. TalonRO will be my new home. Thank you for all TalonRO staffs and GMs for making a great RO game and community.
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    Hi yudastik! Welcome home then, my good ser! Hehe age does not matter when having some gaming fun! Glad you are here. Happy Adventuring!
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    Welcome PrideFries!! I like your name already haha, I hope you are enjoying your stay here with us so far and you can also use the guild directory to find your ideal group! Happy Adventuring!
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    It's great to see you again and good to have you back!
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    3m easily with sinx, 4m+ for stalker with sherwood bow
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    The server is hosted in the US because that's the best compromise for all continents distance wise. We are, however, not an US server. As such we just pick our peak times for such tests, rather than aiming for one geological area. If you ask me then 6am sounds feasible on a Sunday, could be worse.
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    Try using SL buff. Kaahi will save you a lot more than flee does. Just bring a lot of gj. But it's still worth the investment. And that it's passive so instead of healing you can be utilizing your time doing something other than waiting on ACD. walking through 10-20 of those red/black little demons will be easy. I don't mob but still encounter situation where I am unintentionally mobbed because the monsters was already there. My aim is for 3-4m minimum, optimal goal at 4.5-5m on specific time when gef is less crowded. (See the other post about gef by Yumiko Yukio) Otherwise I switch to WS and go to magma for 2-3m unless you like the class, as in having fun. Then it's fine.
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    I just thought about this idea while browsing an online shopping store. Since we can't directly buy stuff in the control panel, might be a good idea to have a button there to add something to the wishlist instantaneously (open to a new tab/window). May also exist in the Item Database. This may also help in reducing web server load since it is usually the case that a User will re-search the Item ID for each Item they desire to add to the wishlist.
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    There are more than just those 2 places . The reason most people pick those is based on its good exp and loot . Changes to alarms and high orcs and such would make no difference in the grand scheme of things because they do not have the loot side . It’s also because these places are places that priests can damage mobs too with ME . as for a 3rd alternative I like to think nightmare pyramids has become that 3rd popular hotspot . There’s more places than you think you just gotta go explore and try places out .
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    Welcome to Talon RO, @Arktonyel!! We're hoping you're liking the server thus far!
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    Because of the double login protection, i couldn't play bg together with my bf today, because we share the same internet connection Would be very nice if you can find a solution for this.
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    Is it boss type? Are you playing many chars? Try 1 mobber 1 crowd control 1 hitter. mobber can be anything to your liking. LK/SB champ/HP/WS/... and so on For crowd control you can try use the HP to cast basilica when the mobber is coming close, then have the mobber walk inside basilica with mob trailing behind him. You should now have a tightly packed mob in a tiny space. the hitter can be sniper and use sharp shooting. Or HW meteor/hd/lov or ninja spaming north wind. Depending on the element of whatever you're farming. I didn't mentioned SG for this tactic since it bumped mob all over the place and some will be frozen. You could keep doing the SG butit take time unless someone break the ice for you. And it have long delay and some mob that is not affected can come through. (Like juperos farming) Or if the mob isn't that huge and dangerous, might as well use SB champ be bait.
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    I am 99% sure it would be implementable as it would just replace the sprite file in the client, which a patch could do. That being said, even if they aren't, contest could be fun, or possibly make a separate mini installer that would just replace the sprite files with the talon RO custom art would allow everyone the choice for new art or old art. That being said, they don't have to be implemented, and would be a fun fanart contest idea anyways, either specific monster, or doing a set (say monsters or all monsters from pyramids), Could link some winners into item DB on website even if not put into game.
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    oki :> pls make sure to PM me details~~
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    Hm, I haven't actually posted in here before, but... if it's okay to post a character ref, here's mine! https://imgur.com/a/BMUhi Namely the high priest (Yune), but if the lady LK is preferred, that's fine too! They're both my precious babies.
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    doesen't moscovia series of monsters not have any cards in official? idk if youd be up for adding cards in moscovia or not but could have an event for that series of card portraits
  48. 1 point
    Well, this thread hasn't been very active unfortunately... Anyway, I finally finished working on @SamaraJusticar's ninja: You guys can post your character references here since I won't be posting mine...
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    We're pleased to announce that Battlegrounds will be available for open beta testing this Sunday, April 15th, beginning at 3:00pm server time. Thanks to two successful rounds of testing with a dedicated group of players in our testing server, we have gone and made several changes and improvements to the experience. All players are welcome to participate in this open beta test - and we're looking forward to your participation in bringing this new and improved form of Battlegrounds to TalonRO! As this is an open round of testing, beta testers should expect that this implementation will have built from the previous experience, and will initially lack all of intended customs in order to test through a number of critical scenarios. We anticipate testing to last several hours - enough time to run through all modes and features as needed. Kindly, we would ask for your full participation during this time! In the event that an element of testing yields a critical bug or error, we may have to end testing early if it's not something which can be repaired on the fly - however, we anticipate a complete and refined beta testing with your help before full implementation! Furthermore, players will be provided with a set of baseline, basic supplies for Battlegrounds testing. These items will only work within Battlegrounds, but will relieve some of the opportunity cost associated with participating! When testing is ready on April 15 at 3:00pm Midgard (server) time, speak with our Battlegrounds NPC in Prontera will be available for players to enter the test. We kindly ask all participating players to be ready and pay close attention to any GM-led instructions and requests to help us test this open beta of Battlegrounds! All normal TalonRO server rules will apply during BG Beta testing. Violations of server rules during this test will result from your immediate removal from the test, along with corresponding action taken against to your regular game account if deemed necessary. We are looking forward to seeing you in-game for our live, open beta test of Battlegrounds! Gear up, get ready, and we'll see you for a real rumble! Thanks as always, and happy gaming!
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    im just gonna leave this here, my Bolter-Melee-Full Equipped SN. Dates - 2015~2017(Present)