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    With Fall in full swing, we didn't want to leave you all empty-handed until the Christmas festivities! Hereby we'd like to once again introduce the Thanksgiving & Black Friday Event of 2020! See below for more details. Black Friday The Black Friday special event costumes and pets are not short this year, with plenty of surprises to discover on your expedition in finding the Magical Merchant NPC! There will be a a Magical Merchant NPC appearing across certain towns, including Alberta, Ayothaya, Einbroch, Izlude, Malangdo, Malaya, Pyramids, Eclage and Lutie. He will only be in ONE town at a time between hourly intervals. Every hour, he will sell ONE account-bound costume, pet or something else that is no longer available through normal means. The item can be purchased with Zeny ONLY and is available for that hour in a limited amount. So be sure to have your itchy trigger fingers at the ready! When purchasing an account-bound costume or pet, it will be available on your entire forum account, using the Lutie vending machine to acquire them. The Black Friday event will last for 48 hours, that means 48 deals! With old favorites returning as well as some surprises along the way; so keep checking back to make sure you don't miss out on our costume extravaganza! Happy gaming! Deals will start at Friday, midnight server time! Thanksgiving The Jefferys Family has decided to take it upon themselves to host a Thanksgiving Event for all the adventurers who have kept the world safe from harm. Granny Grace can be found in Hugel twice and will warp 5 players into a special event map for a duration of 5 minutes. As said, you will find two Granny Grace's, so two groups of people can join at a time! Movement speed is locked for everyone, so don't even try to use special buffs for extra walking speed! In those 5 minutes, it is your job to hunt various monsters and get their drops. Found some drops? Great! Now what? You will find 3 children and grandchildren of Grace spread out on the map. Each of them can make a special Thanksgiving Dish which has some pretty neat bonuses when you consume it. However, plan ahead on which dish you are going to hunt for. Time is short and you may not always be lucky when it comes to drops. Each mob drops specific ingredients, so find out which you have to hunt! Not to mention, when you start the game, all ingredients from previous rounds will be erased! This event will last until December 3rd, evening server time. There are 3 types of dishes, which are not bound: Thanksgiving Turkey Restores 50% HP&SP, improves HP/SP Recovery by 200% for 15 minutes. Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie DEX + 10 for 20 minutes, HIT + 40 for 30 minutes. Thanksgiving Ale Increases all stats by 2 and increases your walking speed for 20 minutes. From time to time, the monsters will also drop Thanksgiving Crests. While they are no ingredients for the dishes, they can be used for something entirely different! In Hugel, you will find Abigale. She will be able to make a not-bound Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat if you exchange about 50 of these crests and some zeny. The hat itself is quite useful, but there's more! When you made a hat, talk to Abigale again. At a cost of 10 Crests, she will be able to boost your headgear for a duration of 24 hours. When boosted, you will automatically be buffed with a random useful skill every half a minute or so. If you're lucky, even more often! Once the 24 hours are over, just talk to her again to boost your headgear another time. And then there's the best costume of all, our special Turkey Hat Costume! Put this on to really get into the Thanksgiving spirit! The costume is account-bound, but can be obtained from the vending machine in Lutie once you have purchased it on one of your accounts. It also costs 50 Thanksgiving Crests! This year we've added yet another ah-ma-zing costume for Thanksgiving, the Hunters Dinner Costume! Just like the Turkey Hat Costume, this is account-bound but can be claimed at the Lutie vending machine. It can also be purchased for 50 Thanksgiving Crests.
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    TalonRO is pleased to introduce our PVP: Frost Tournament! Prepare your boxing gloves and your best armors for this end of the year PVP event, as well as some hot chocolate to get ready and heat up as you bring your opponents down to the chilly arena floor. The PVP tournament shall use the following format: The tournament will be hosted in Vanilla Mode. Read here for more information - Vanilla Mode. Each team will have three (3) participating members. Match winners will be decided through best-of-three matches. These are the rules in place for the PVP: Frost Tournament: Branches from the same job first job classes are not allowed; for example: High Priest & Champion Clown & Sniper Lord Knight & Paladin Etc. Stalling matches with excessive Cloaking, Chase Walk or Hiding (for more than 30 seconds) will disqualify participants, resulting in a round forfeit. All forms of resurrection items and skills are not allowed. Only 2 Poison Bottles are allowed for each player per match. Each team must have at least one (1) offensive class. Each participant is only allowed to use Vanilla Mode Consumables. Read here for more information - Vanilla Mode Consumables. PVP-related server rules are strictly enforced; no trash-talking, no discriminatory remarks, etc. Participants cannot join more than one (1) team in the tournament. Here are the registration procedures to sign up for the PVP tournament: An entry fee of five (5) Talon Coins per team is required. Entry fees are to be mailed to GM Blackstar alongside team details; such as team name, participating character and job class. Failure to comply with the application format will forfeit your entry fee; after which you may apply again. Post your team name in this forum thread after in-game registration. Once your registration is done, the staff will issue a confirmation for your team in this forum thread. All confirmed participating teams will be placed in a bracket by the staff. Once confirmed, you check your team's match-ups here - TalonRO PVP Frost Tournament 2020. The Talon Coins collected as part of the registration will be added into the prize pool, alongside Valor and Glory coins. The TalonRO staff will also furnish an additional 100% of the Talon Coins into the prize pool as well. [First place] A variant of Saiyan Hair costume of each player's individual choice. Note: All Saiyan Hair costumes are account-bound. 2000 Valor and Glory coins each player. 5 Elite Siege Supply Box each player. 50% of Talon Coin prize pool for the entire team. [Second place] 1000 Valor and Glory coins each player. 5 Veteran Siege Supply Box each player. 25% of Talon Coin prize pool for the entire team. [Third place] 500 Valor and Glory coins each player. 5 Recruit Siege Supply Box each player. 25% of Talon Coin prize pool for the entire team. Note: Talon Coins will be given to the team leaders of winning participants; it is the responsibility of each team to decide on their own prize pool sharing. The registration ends on December 12, 2020 at 0:00 server time. The tournament begins on December 13, 2020 at 17:00 server time. On behalf of TalonRO staff, we wish all the participating teams best of luck and see you all on the arena!
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    BotN dynamic instances will be on pause until the 3rd December. Mystic Tower will make its return from the 4th, followed by Divide of Divinities & Trickster in Time. Until then! o/
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    We practice safe social distancing standards in AT; everyone brings a flu mask to keep themselves safe in the tower. Featuring Valkyrie Herja, Geiravor Myrkr and the cast: Anelloni NotKhrei MagiNaghtLight Monn White Apple Shannon Hoon~ Unimportant Yaeko Piercing Arrow Pongpoy Kutsu Ministrel Sweety Lydia
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    Payon Manja Dark Randgris Nov. 23, 2020 (link inside)
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    Yay! I'm baaaaack!! ♥
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    *Take a pause, chill out and say cheese before going to Aegir's Beach Party* - Flower Growing - Nanasemaru - MurkyWater - Twilight Sparkle03 - GagalFokus - Fauvel Vernet - Sniper Seyrin - ~* Edelweiss *~ - Swarez - Echo Sierra - V e m i n i s c e n t - Chia Pudding
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    Payon Manja God of Mischief Nov. 16, 2020 (link inside)
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    TalonRO is thrilled to bring you our December PVP: Frost Tournament! Prepare your boxing gloves and armaments for this end of year PVP extravaganza. Hot chocolates at the ready, as we heat up the arena for a chilling PVP showdown! The PVP tournament shall use the following format: The tournament will be hosted in Vanilla Mode. Read here for more information - Vanilla Mode. Each team will have three (3) participating members. Match winners will be decided through best-of-three matches. Basic rules will be as followed: An entry fee of 5x Talon Coins per team will be required to enter All entry fees are to be mailed to GM Blackstar including your team name for the event, as well as the characters/classes your team will be using (check the event thread on how to fill out your form) Once your entry form is sent please await confirmation on whether your team will be eligible for the tournament All confirmed participants will be placed in a bracket detailing who they will battle For more information on how you can participate, as well as PVP guidelines click on the official event thread here.
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    Hiiii can I exchange 3 GM boxes for dead branch and bloody branches please? IGN: sturdy kitty discord: kitty #6956 Thanks!
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    Hi, would like to get Tier 3 Crate, thank you. IGN: Vampire Mallet Discord: HYNVRS#9584
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    A Haunted House! A social, horror story telling event where players take part in solving the mystery and identifying spirits based on their own investigations. Join GM Mikzie and I as we go on a paranormal adventure with different stories to tell and various twists! Server Date and Time : TBD
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    Just when I thought I'm alone again in the dungeon, look who I came across to and THIS <<< forum post was way back 2 years ago. time flies really fast, bro @Jailbroken. too bad @~Lunoxisn't here.
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    Irony is when you've obtained 5 Frus Cards and only 1 Earring [1]
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