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    Hi, I created this explanation to help a user and decided to share it for all! This guide is in terms of Microsoft paint but if you know your way around your program you can of course do this with anything. More advanced programs = more effects available but I find that most of the time it is not necessary since the final result is so small and easy to modify directly. To get started, the image canvas needs to be 24x24 pixels, saved as .bmp: For areas of the emblem that you want to show up as transparent, use #FF00FF (hex color). This image shows where to find the correct color in MS paint - click Edit colors, then choose this pink, one down from the top right corner: Example of the transparent pixels: The above gives this result when loaded into game: Now, to actually create the design, there are a few ways. I will explain the methods from most difficult to easiest. Method 1 - I draw the emblem myself, and look at a pic of the character so I can remember how it's supposed to look. Method 2 - find a picture, shrink it down, and modify it so it looks good as a small version. Method 3 - for some of my emblems, I just use an existing sprite from a game - it will already be small enough to fit as an emblem. Like this: Once again, you should save emblems in .bmp format, 24x24 pixels exactly. You'll want to save this file inside your TalonRO\emblem folder. You may have to create the folder yourself if you've never added any emblems before. Here is what my emblem folder looks like inside, with all my emblems saved: Hope this is helpful and any questions or comments are welcome !
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    Any recommendations with my current build? Any improvements that i need to implement? how do I improve this further? whats my next item target?
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    It's just a table - we can do it for any amount...
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    Oh great thanks for pointing that out! That's actually my little bro's account. I used his mobile phone to login to update this thread. He actually "temporarily" quit as he is busy (new work) May I also apologize for the semi confusion. This is me, the real Pyona/Raybrig and the one who is really active EDIT: Thanks Nattwara for the update on the wiki. I was about to ask how to update this one.
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    Sorry, I am too lazy to experiment it personally. I just put it up here for some ideas... Melee route: Notable weapon beside novice main gauche, and mvp carded daggers/sqi for leveling: Cat Club[3], Eden weapons, BG weapons (obtained from other chars), Rental Malangdo Weapons (though cost like 1 mil per week or hourly rate?). Leveling Build: 1. double (auto) attack, this should be easy to explain? Could wear baby chick for other weapons 2. bash spamming, extra HIT bonus makes low dex build easier 3. magnum break, provoke is one of the options to mob, notable maps for this skill: payon dungeon, ant hell, wolf, outside orc dungeon, poison spore, GH prison/churchyard (need to be geared), moscovia dungeon 1 (Les, wood goblin, the quest entrance could be finished with other char, also good with bash build), niffleheim skellington? mi gao? Get novice breastplate asap from yuno vendor for more hp upgrade. Try to get increase agility early after max-ing first offensive skill build (except magnum break build) to speed up the process. Hill wind also good for variation mid-range leveling. Fire Wall + Fire Ball + Fire Bolt combo mi gao, pinguicula? Will edit more if I have more ideas, or I am just lazy.
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    Well, I just came back after 4 years. Finally got a new laptop!
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    You can obtain them either as a reward for Malangdo quests or through Silvervine fruit exchange. You can buy Silvervine fruits from Reward Guru and then change them to Malangdo Coins. The exchange machine can be found in Malangdo (a little bit right from Kafra).
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    that's all i have for right now. will return later to add more. please leave feedback in the meantime, as i'm sure i missed something.