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    We are excited to reveal the next episodic release of Nightmare's Rift: Tales of the Sword Maidens. Stay tuned for further updates!
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    Hi :) It has been several months that I joined TalonRO and I finally decided to introduce myself to the community. I'm usually shy and not very talkative but I like the community of TalonRO. I feel very happy when priests and monks I cross while playing, who boost me although we don't know each other. I have two main characters which are RikaAkiba, my wizard who recently became High Wizard and oOAngelOo, my priest. I like helping players I cross, especially the beginners, that's why I heal and boost nearly everybody I meet. Nice to meet you :)
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    Welcome Rika we hope you enjoy your time playing this server has a very nice and friendly community you should try and joining some social/pvm guild this server has a lot to offer in terms of those -neko
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    Especially the one near DeliciousGreenApple
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    Mostly I play video game music and anime music or compose my own stuff.. But sometimes I play classically.. I will totally play whatever you want for TC.
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    Hello guys in art corner ^o^ i ish back \o/
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    nerf SG?
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    Another NPC for completing the quest or woe stuff like that and yes for the castles. Good Rewards more player will go to WOE. Boosting the regular woe yah i like this
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    RagnarOne Champion from Lighthazen