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    Hi Brother @Phanman & @DoucheEnrique! Formula for Off Hand Elemental Property Multiplier has been updated: Off Hand (Level 1 to Level 4) Screenshots (Level 5 already done in the guide above) Observations: Off Hand (Level 1) Mastered only 40% ATK Double Attack Damage Output = 563 Off Hand (Level 2) Mastered only 50% ATK Double Attack Damage Output = 603 Off Hand (Level 3) Mastered only 60% ATK Double Attack Damage Output = 643 Off Hand (Level 4) Mastered only 70% ATK Double Attack Damage Output = 683 Off Hand (Level 5) Mastered only 80% ATK Double Attack Damage Output = 722 Equipping the Elemental Weapon in the Off Hand is still beneficial, carrying the Element multiplier over to the overall damage output. However, since you have not mastered that side of your hand (which you never will, given 80% even at max), the innately-endowed Element Property of that weapon will suffer a certain factor of: 0.29-0.07*Off Hand Skill Level. The Revised Formula when Elemental Weapon is equipped in the Off Hand then is: Damage Output = (MC+1*MH+OHP*OH)*EP*[OHP+(0.29-0.07*Off Hand Skill Level)] Note: Guide has been edited accordingly.
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    May Lord bless you onthis auspicious day of Easter,May it be a new beginningof greater prosperity,success and happiness.Wish you a Happy Easter! all talon friends and GMs
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    1 y/o here now still dirt poor
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    This is how Engineers make a Guide good job @Ghaspar , greeting engineer
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    I would assume you want alchemist as main char, and you want to explore everywhere using it, ignoring what meta (players commonly) said or suggest... What I really meant was just keep resetting build depend on where you want to farm. So in general, easy to moderate places you want agi, since flee build is usually cheaper, and for harder places, you want vit (also for status immunity). Also, you probably want to focus on zeny more than level. Level will come along with the grind. For starter, you could look up buying shop at panel.talonro.com and find easy materials like bee sting, immortal heart. You can check what monster (info, level) drops it, and the location at the panel too, combined with ratemyserver.net for map navigation. Type !pj to go that buying shop. However, they always underprice the item, so you can either 1. wait for better deal 2. autovending it after check price !ws or ask people and wait for a while 3. rush. If you have less than 10 mil right now, I suggest to rush it, when you find reasonable enough price tag. Then you could buy moderate gears that are worth around 10 mil or less, like elemental armor (bathory carded) for better survival on shadow and undead monsters area, pantie + undie, etc. Doing dungeon entrance quests (probably moscovia, abbey, new world for dragon mant, and the sign quest), may also help, but some of them are not easy for first timer. On merchant/alchemist (not creator) build, I prefer high str build (80 - 90 ish, keep it in multiple of 10 total like 83+17 because of the huge atk bonus) since most skills (demonstration, cart revo) rely on physical attacks. With this build, I spam mammonite (yes, this silly skill) on good-ish earning zeny place. Using elemental buff from sage (second game account) or elemental weapon crafted by blacksmith, I one-shot mammonite (could use less than level 10, depend on gear + build + buff) hill wind (drops 1.4 k zeny worth of raw loots), for example. Though with your current level, you can just auto-attack slow killing them. Dark pinguicula card probably cheap on market? Oh and also voting! another edit: The leveling spots that should be easy for you, tamtam for this april, brasilis dungeon 1 (get the entrance quest) has lots of piranhas + iaras give good base exp, and get yourself wind (buff / crafted) weapon, otherwise migaos at louyang field.
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    Not really related to the client. Already is possible. See Artemis Bow. Not sure if this command exists officially. Yes.
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    Very well said bro. Think every build have their own pros and cons we all have different taste and satisfaction, we cant please each other. I gave you the idea, its really just up to you guys to know which is the best build for you. But for me, Mjol DBK + kaahi works well for me. High regen, high damage, instant resu and fast killing. But really im interesting about Mjol DBSn+kaahi
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    Very fast and efficient leecher Highly recommend 🍏
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