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  1. IGN: Kitasinx, lv98 Assassin Cross "Death. It’s something so far from you, something you wouldn’t think of, something that doesn’t relate with you or your friends or your family. Something that will happen, but in a very distant future. Something that suddenly hits people around you in ways you can’t understand and won’t accept. It takes away everyone, it grabs out your friends one by one and takes your entire family leaving you alone, an empty man filled with pain and sorrow. An empty soul with no more reason to live. How can you go on? I’ve tried. I’ve tried so hard. I’ve searched for a meaning in all this, left alone and lost in the darkest side of my life, wandering around dead bodies and demons, slaughtering whatever crossed my way. There was only blood and despair in my eyes, my heart was empty and so was my soul, I thought I was lost forever. Then I saw her. She came to me. She found me in all of this madness, she found me covered in blood and pain surrounded by dead bodies. She wasn’t afraid of me, she didn’t run away, she held out her hand to me. That was the moment I realized there was still a path for me, there was a way out from the hell I was living for years. I was not alone anymore, I knew she could help me, I saw hope in her eyes and a warm feeling pervaded me. She was Death and I’ve embraced her." Original screenshot:
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  2. Hello! IGN: Professor Scholar, Lv99 Professor. 150 grams. “That’s close to five times the weight of a human one”, I remember mumbling to myself while watching them dissolve in the acidic concoction in front of me. “Beauty really is in the eye of the Beholder. Too bad it’s such a pain to take them out without spoiling everything.” Fifteen hours. Can you imagine? I’m not even into cooking that much! But if course it’d be fifteen hours… Oh, the things I do for you, Umbra… Umbra. It’s been quite a while without you now. I can still hear your whispers when I’m near these books. The sweet memories of how you were gentle to me, making sure I was always on the right path. The gentle, soft touch of your skin on my head. I could never keep my hair straight! Haha. We did try a few times before. Albeit a tad more of… gruesome sightings. Can’t blame us, it was very experimental. It’s like gastronomy, right? Someone had to try if the vessels would work with just human flesh. They didn’t. I savor this bittersweet memory with a heavy heart. We were so close to ending it all. To having you back to my side. To mentor me again. It was real lonely without you there, you know? The darkness was… empty. We both knew the consequences of what we did, but I don’t regret it. Sacrifices are to be made. And from hard times we foster beautiful futures. Umbra. We are bound. Bound forever. Bound to venture once again. To cater to the knowledge of the Arts! I won’t give up. No, I won’t. You were the only to ever understand my… passions. Together, we could do anything. It’s not fair that you were taken from me, imprisoned from this world. I will make it just. Umbra. I am coming for you. *bubbles pop from the gorey emulsion in the cauldron* Ah, yes. Where were we? Decayed nails… ¼ cup… Immortal hearts… 5 pounds… Original screenshot: EDIT: a lot of people told me they didn't quite get the story, so in this small "lore", Umbra was the mentor of this professor in the dark arts, and also the owner of the hand and the small face he wears as costumes. She messes with his mind, and making him prepare this concoction to try and ressurect her. They have tried this in the past in other ways and it didn't work out, so this is the description of his memory in one of these attempts... In the story, he's talking to himself while thinking about the preparation and also about memories past he had with Umbra. Thank you!!
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  3. Watch my video material girl parody ragnarok version 🤭
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  4. 🕸. It's the most spoopiest time of the year! .🕸 An earie and ominous feeling kicks in as October nights arrive. Scary stories, horror movies, killer costumes start appearing every where you go. Cobwebs and pumpkins around every corner! Halloween is almost here! Let's start celebrating it with our very own screenshot contest. All you have to do is dress up in your most ghoulish and frightening costumes, go to the darkest and sinister place and take a screenshot! The event will end on - October 31st 23:00 server time. 🎃. You can have others in the screenshot. However, ONLY the person submitting will be entering the contest. 🎃. Use THIS polaroid template to submit your screenshot. Simply add the image inside it! 🎃. You may edit the polaroid as you wish. However, the screenshot can ONLY be cropped to fit the template. 🎃. Include your IGN/LVL/Class in your submission post. 🎃. Write a scary story of 250 - 500 word max for your menacing screenshot on your submission post. 🎃. Include the original screenshot in your post. 🎃. ONE entry per person. 👻.Entries will be judged based on the storyline, clothing, environment and overall creativity.👻 1st place x 1 Walking Black Cat Costume 2nd place x 1 Durumagi Costume | 3rd place x 1 Gothic Pumpkin Head Costume 🕷️. Credits to @GM Spica for the wonderful banners and template .🕷️
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  5. Reward is really good for one game. I will try to gather one team. Hope that you prepare something spicy! Team name: Red rock hawk
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  6. Good games. Was fun exploring what comp works and what doesn't in a new fresh setting. Some kinks to work out for sure. Especially regarding communication and the format. Interested to see how the rule set will look in November!
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  7. Congratulations to @snowrinz team for winning our very first Warfare Tournament! All teams did an amazing job and super proud of all those who participated and made it all possible! Next tournament will begin in November, sign ups will be on a first come first serve basis. Remember, first 8 teams to sign up will be drafted in. Good luck!
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