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    Hello! I'd like to submit an entry I'm fairly new to the server so I thought I'd introduce my noobies as well, ahahah! Lookin forward to seeing you guys in game! IGN: Squaffle (Bigger ver.)
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    IGN: Elvo Am i the only one who has a gloomy summer without beach
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    IGN: Aurielle Entry1: Summer Aesthetic 🌻 Entry2: Sunset Breeze 🌾
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    IGN : CoffeeLatte btw, when is the last entry? since some one said event will be closed earlier Floating in the sea ~
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    another postcard IGN : CoffeLatte Cat Attack!
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    Ahhh omg oh well here I go *gulp* I HOPE THIS EVENT DIDN'T CLOSE EARLY Oh and I have a DeviantArt (shameless plug lolol) IGN : Chinelie
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    Garm has spawned in the fields outside of Lutie town Half a minute passes.. Drawing and animation made by me, credits to Kruro for the creation of the meme. No actual Garms were harmed, but happily respawned in the making of this blog post.
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    I wanna thank the people behind this event of this server! Y'all guys are awesome!!! I LOVE IT!! IGN:Hanz0 Hattori
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    THA AMBUSH PACK Move as one, keep the family safe, and DON'T RESS RAY Who we are Welcome to Tha Ambush Pack, we're a small family oriented guild established on May 19, 2017. We aim to help out the community, form new bonds, and ofc, stomp out any and all PVM raids Based in Gonryun, this rag tag team is REALLY talkative and hates their Guild lead is amazing (That's me idk why they hate me I only target them when breaking dbs psh) We hold events as frequently as possible ranging from novice deathruns to DB break parties to even random trivia to be honest. We recruit any and all, ranging from fresh off the download page to "I can solo thor and run ET by myself as a novice" Our Goal Our goal is to end the stigma that "noobs" are annoying or that someone doesn't belong. TalonRO is a safe haven for people all across the world and a precious memory to most. As guild lead, I make it my priority to help out as many people possible when online whether it be a game solution or just a funny moment. Charlie Chaplin once said "A day without laughter is a day wasted." so I make it my goal to give the guild nice moments where they can just laugh and enjoy the world that is TalonRO. Family The Pack is more than just a guild, we're a family. There's not one person in the guild who will tell you otherwise. If you're a family member in need we're always here. Ask us to jump we ask how high, ask us to climb ET to res a downed party we ask if the spawn is clear. I'll tell you guys a little story on why we are how we are. Growing up, I know I had a more given childhood but it didn't defeat the fact that I was abused by the people I called my family. I turned to gaming tbh to fill that void I felt was empty (super nerdy right) My father didn't accept me because I didn't grow up to his standards and my cousins tormented me for any flaw I had exposed. After I grew older, I learned that 1. Dont ever fall asleep at your cousin's house XD and 2. That you can choose your family. I still love my blood family but I also want to supply peeps who turn to RO to escape with a home away from home there was another quote by Chaplin that said "My pain may be the reason for somebody's laugh. But my laugh must never be the reason for somebody's pain." Dude this guild is not full of psychopaths! How do I join? Head over to Gonryun and look to the right of the statue, after that you just yell out one of the names I'm gonna tell you~ Our officers who can greet you are: Achuy, Danir, Tragic Point, Kokubun or Spiritrock Co leads who are happy to help are: Sunni, Lanaise or Sho Or just find me! I'm always on: xKauai/Ray
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    Hello my pretties, how are you all doing? I hope everybody is enjoying a little time in the sun and having the most amazing time in their summer vacation! (while I just freeze and sniffle because it's winter for me /sob). Summer is also a time where you have that extra time to dedicate to your favourite hobby. And we all can agree that our favourite is TalonRO right?! So how about some amazing art from our oustanding artists~ Starting off with @ciliadesu from Cilia's art stuff. Such flowy and expressive poses! And would you look at that falcon, WEW! You can find more about Cilia on Instagram. Next up we have @Kurai Shónin from Dark Merchant that hosts the most entertaining streams! Oh, did I mention Kurai is one of our Loading Screen contest winners? Fancy! You can find more about Kurai on Picarto, DeviantArt, Tumblr, Tapas and Instagram. Last but not least, we have @Cherrios from ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ Bobbing Around. It's such a cute, delicate and flowy art style! I'm pretty sure even an Orc Lady would look absolutely adorable if drawed by Cherrios! You can find more about Cherrios on Oh and let's not forget about last month's challenge! @Hell0_Viki was our shiny participant with a very appetizing slice of pizza! Thank you so much for joining! And to wrap things up, I'll propose a new challenge for this month! Draw your character enjoying summer vacation, in any way you see fit. To be featured in the next Spotlight, just post it anywhere and tag me. Until next month!
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    Hello! I'm toneru and I'm a full time freelance artist (and hopefully a comic artist soon)! I just wanted to have a place where I can show my art to my fellow TRO players so here I am! At the moment I do not offer commissions as I do not have the time to do them. However, this place will also serve as my art shop thing once I do decide to offer my skills in exchange for TRO currency. My posts might be a bit image heavy so I've decided to put them in spoilers. Find my other art here! Tumblr ✦ Facebook ✦ Twitter ✦ Instagram ✦ Youtube ✦ deviantArt Now for the actual art~ I'm currently really into My Hero Academia so I've been drawing each character these days. But today I drew my best boy, Tokoyami! I kinda regret not drawing Dark Shadow. Thanks for checking out my stuff!
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    @agilazo, here you go : ) Thanks for letting me draw him! I had fun! (Oh and here's a ref of my character pretending to be friends with an Aldebaran guard ahahah... if anyone wants to have a go ;v;/ ) (Also Birdie's drawing is so cool! really fluffyyy)
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    This will be my last artsu for now. I probably won't be making anything soon. Thank you art corner for everything i've experienced so far here. This is a commission from dale about the art peeps :> You guys are the best! Oh i also wanted to submit this on the spring event before lol, but due to the detail and effort needed for it, I didnt.
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    IGN: Zeiniru Manara featuring Shellfish in Comodo field me and @L .. happy with floating mastering at the beach i try to color it but....
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    Me and you both.. lol. But I did try something and at least it's not stick figure.. IGN: Aya Endower
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    Feel free to draw on paper and scan or take a photography of the artwork. It doesn't necessarily have to be drawn digitally.
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    The boreas melon entry gave me the best laugh Here's my Entry ! '' Enjoying the Summer Beach '' Featuring my 3 RO character [one is drowning] I don't know what pose to use for Jin so yeah... IGN : *Jin* Hope its the correct size .
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    IGN: PennyLights .... "SHOOKT" starring GM Boreas, GM Lance, GM Radius, GM Saen and GM Spica. P.S. Please don't kikban me GM Boreas :'D
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    i drew myself. (testing the power of autism, took me a few minutes) I'm a HSP though. (highly sensitive person) Edit: (I haven't drawn anything for ages, just some random sketches) (If these are my trees they are going to get worked to perfection... if there's such a thing. at least, they can take it unsurprisingly, even if I keep cutting them back.)
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    IGN: Mini Cherrios Entry #1 - no peeking Entry #2 - Squid friend not food Entry #3 - WARNING SEDORA
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    Should I draw sexy male GMs or the ladies this time? I shall think about it in the meantime... PS: Does it have to be in Landscape mode or could it be in Portrait as well? Thanks! ------------------------------------------------ I'm gonna put my submission here XD IGN: Graytea And I have to apologize beforehand to the GM ladies cause.... I found out that we have the awesome @GM Rainbow And another drawing featuring one of the GM again [try to guess who the person is!] Also, Summer won't be complete without fireworks~
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    Hmmm, Well, We were actually setting up at 7 oclock, nobody intend or want to kill it where people pass by as it might interupt lol, it was very very stressing to kill the flies, Trust me and its freaking annoying to resetup everytime, again No one want to setup in high spawn area in the first place. No one, not just us. But here the chronology.! After several tele-ed!! Even the tele caused by random people leveling there by doing SG from afar and run outta screen, yeah.. i was like "what the.. screw this", so we decide to kill on spot rather than luring it back again and again, and get people died on the way to setup spot, yeah people also get killed on the way when we lured him back. Wish i can open a portal to another dimension right and bring it there, nobody will dies except us! ╮(╯▽╰)╭ But anyway.. Sorry for the troubles, atleast no flies will screw other lvling party untill the next 12 hours and, Thanks for the feedback, owe you alot!
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    Updated my arts collection gallery, now everyone can look at how amazing they are, just like I do all day :'D
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    Wonderful entries so far! How will we ever pick a winner
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    Apologies to anyone waiting for their pixel sprite commissions to be finished, I had to take care of some stuff (health and other work) but I'll be getting back to finishing the remainder of the commissions next week, so stay tuned! As an aside, I'll share one of the things that kept me busy recently which is designing and painting this game environment...
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    The new art corner spotlight is up! Make sure to check this month's great artists and participate on my challenge.
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    How do you even draw backgrounds hahahaha IGN: Starbucks Lovers Entry 1: Entry 2: Entry 3:
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    Hi Talonians! We hope you're having the most wonderful summer yet! The time has come for us to host a ~you guessed it!~ calendar art contest! For those who missed it last year - this means that we will be featuring our talented community's artwork on our website for 31 whole days in August. As you open each day's artwork you will get a code to type in game for daily prizes! To participate in this art contest we need your creative mind to draw a postcard and post it here. We look forward to seeing many participants this year! Submission Deadline All entries must be submitted by the 28th of July 22:00 server time Rules Entries must be 450px wide by 300px tall. Entries must use original artwork and cannot be copied from someone else's work. Entries may be a hand-drawn image, digital image, pixel/sprite based, or photography. Entries should be summer holiday and TalonRO/RO-themed. Images may be doodles or quick sketches, given the short time frame. You are allowed to submit multiple artwork entries for this contest. Example frame Prizes All winning submissions will receive 10 Talon Coins as a reward. If you submit multiple entries, you also will receive an additional prize of 5 Talon Coins for each subsequent entry selected! In addition, all qualifying entries will receive a special treat as a thank you for participation. Good luck everyone!
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    Just for you. For the next person: http://imgur.com/a/HK3d3
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    Hi everyone! I've just joined TalonRO last April 2017 and this is the first time I've known of this art side of the forum. I was amazed of how great everyone here draws and I've thought why not try it too! haha! Actually I've been waiting for drawing contests at Talon and this Postcard Art Contest opened the door for me to showcase my talent. Many liked my art so I got really excited about it. I'm clueless about the rules and how you pay for the art, so maybe you could help me how we can solve our little problems and how to price reasonably I will accept Talon Coins, Zenny, Headgears, Cards, Shoes and Weapons. I am so NOOB about this so help me guys.. I m also a Painter so if you want a realistic art style, I could do it for you ;D How about we start at 8-15TC for a character half body - whole body:) Some might say it's cheap but I just really enjoy knowing that my drawings makes you happy too ^___^ If you are interested on my art, just comment here your character's picture (good resolution enough for my poor eyes to see), poses you want (headshot/half body/full body), color of the eyes, facial expressions and some details about your beloved character (like if he's funny or cute and lovable). Oh and of course, I will only draw TalonRO themed characters and pets<3 Here are some of my works:) Thank you all!
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    Beloved Talonians have you seen this? New GMC - Lance & Saen - Don't forget to turn up the volume, such epic music
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    this stale cold life is now tinted with elation sands of euphoria fills up my hourglass don't want to cut loose from this vivid obsession strong and wild ...flowing lucid like jazz a doze of you finds me a tantamount of heaven my soul like eagles, glide the stratosphere in a blackhole of forever, you're my light that glisten in a pitch of silence, it's your voice that I hear i'm completely overdriven, raging like fire you're so irrisistable, like blood to a vampire a zenith of bliss exudes when we hug Patrisha i'm addicted, you're my perfect drug
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    Gaudium Magnificentia Caeleste GMC Saen | GMC Lance Coming soon...
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    ugh... its take 5 hour to make it i cant make fire, so its crop from some mvp card GloomUnderLuna appear !! D: call Firefighter!
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    Hi! This is my version of the repackaging contest. >:) The anime/cartoon was made by me and others are taken from the internet (credits to Google for Phen). I used Lay's Smoked Salmon Dijonnaise chips pack for Salmon, GM Kuma's challenge. "Phen-phen-de-SARAP-phen" IGN: Everdeen~
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    KRAKCLES - made out of dried Kraken Legsu ( Tentacles ) IGN : - Cassidy - ORIGINAL PACK : REPACKING :
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    Heres my entry, for this event; since i saw none of us posting technology product, IGN: Sempakmu or PemicuBirahi Here's my talon ro product entry;
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    Ahem... Was wondering... If you mind drawing pirates?
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    Hoooboy! So many wonderful entries!
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    1st try , hope nobody laugh at it IGN: Leon Liu
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    Sublime entries thus far! For those of you still wondering, the contest will remain open until the 28th of July so there is plenty of time left (in other words, keep them coming pls k tenks).
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