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    First and foremost I would like to thank you all who participated in our 2019 Winter Baking Contest, as always it was not easy to judge and we wish we could crown you all number one, but there must be a winner so here are your top three 2019 Winter Baking Contest winners Entries were judged on story, baking instructions and final piece. Our First place winner @Ashadia As first place winner you receive: 🌟 Wool Hat Costume You can pick either the white version or peachy version. This headgear is not account bound 🌟 15TC 🌟 Fantastic cooking set 🌟 Level 10 cooking book Second & Third Place Winners: @silitlecet & @Ribbet As second & third place winners you will receive: 🌟 Wool hat costume - can pick either the white version or peachy version. This headgear is not account bound . 🌟 10TC 🌟 Fantastic cooking set 🌟Honorable Mentions🌟 @kERoball & @NijiBemani 🌟Chef Hat
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    TalonRO is pleased to bring back the eighth annual social gala event of the year with the formal Yule Ball! All of the wonderful fun of the Yule Ball is back, such as our formal wear gala, live music as suggested from the community, an ice bar and dance floor, prizes, and much more - set in the grandeur of the exclusive TalonRO Ice Palace. This is one event not to be missed! It's an amazing opportunity to meet new people, party with old friends, or even take that special someone to the party of the year! The eighth annual Yule Ball will take place on Saturday, January 25th from 3:00pm to 5:00pm Midgard (server) time! Like any big gala event, we're prepared to show you a more luxurious side of social events on TalonRO - while breaking out all the stops for a fun and unforgettable memory-making experience! You're invited to take place in this special event - with live music, prizes, formal wear, events, and so much more! Read on below for the details of what this special social event has to offer - no RSVP is needed! Come with a group, your guild, or use it as a wonderful opportunity to meet other Talonians, make new friends, and forge unforgettable memories. This year's Yule Ball will take place on Saturday, January 25th from 3:00pm to 5:00pm Midgard (server) time. As with all Yule Ball social gala events, this year's event will take place in the whimsical Ice Palace. This special palace and area is only open one time a year for this remarkable event! You won't want to miss it! A warp will be available in Payon to take you to the Ice Palace. This warp will be open during the Yule Ball hours on Saturday, Feb. 25th. With formal wear especially crafted for each guest, plus Yule Concierge available to customize your look, formal wear dyes, and much more - you'll start the night off right looking your very best in a special Tuxedo or Evening Gown! Prizes and minigames will be rolling all throughout the evening as well, with a friendly team of Game Masters on hand to party the evening away together while hosting some fantastically fun games! Get to know your fellow Talonians at the Yule Ball this year as well - whether its out on the dance floor busting a move to our live DJ with music chosen by players, social corners with benches, fountains, and more, or up at the Ice Bar enjoying one of this year's custom cocktails! Finally, the end of the night will be complete with the crowning of this year's Yule King and Yule Queen - marking the end of the winter season and ready to welcome spring! Each guest upon arrival will receive their own limited edition Winter Formal Wear - especially made for the Yule Ball. This costume item will disappear at the end of the Yule Ball, but it will allow each guest to wear their holiday best for the evening's gala. Once inside, guests may visit with our team of Yule Stylists - now in a special room off of the Ice Palace - to get ready and dress their best with custom looks and formal wear dyes - to complete your winter ball look. We'll have a special concierge member back in Payon who can help take back your tuxedo or dress and get you back into your regular outfit. Our Yule Ball Concierge will be on hand to take care of our guests and their needs - including allowing you admission into the exclusive Yule Ball grand ballroom itself. Our concierge will also be recording the guest list for the evening - which is important because we'll be giving *random prizes* to guests throughout the night! That's right - just show up and you could win something fun just for coming to the Yule Ball! Once inside, we have a party unlike anything that you've experienced. We'll be DJ'ing this event with a LIVE STREAMING PLAYLIST! Even better, you can request the songs that you would like to hear ahead of time. We'll be broadcasting these songs on our own special TalonRO Radio as well, so you can connect to the radio at the time of the event and get your groove on out on the dance floor. Our wonderful team of Game Masters will be on hand to host live events throughout the evening, including drawing names for prizes given out to lucky random partygoers! Our Ice Palace also features a special social corner with benches, an ice fountain, and places to sit and relax. Warm up by the fire with friends and guildmates, or head up to our ultra deluxe Ice Bar. Our Yule Bartender will be serving up holiday-themed drinks, Hot Cocoa, and some other fun drinks that will surely create some interesting... effects! At the end of the evening, we'll be crowning our Yule Ball King and Queen by using the guest list at the Concierge. Our drawing will be at random - but you could win a deluxe Winter Crown costume set at the end of the night - perfect for the end of the winter season. Don't forget to stick around for our group community photo to commemorate the evening as part of the TalonRO community! The TalonRO Yule Ball streams music through our dedicated TalonRO Radio. You'll need to access TalonRO Radio separately on the night(s) of the Yule Ball to listen into our live streaming playlist. You can access the TalonRO Radio during the event by visiting https://share.talonro.com/radio/ Tune into TalonRO during the event to listen to this year's live playlist at https://share.talonro.com/radio/ Simply visit the link above to be taken to a web player to listen in! Music will only be playing during the Yule Ball hours, so don't be alarmed if you don't hear music before 3pm on Saturday, January 25th! We hope that you can take a break from the grind, hang out with old friends (and maybe make new ones!), get your dance on, and win some prizes as well. The Yule Ball is an event not to be missed on TalonRO! This event attracts hundreds of players from all over TalonRO, and we hope that you can join in the year end festivities! The Yule Ball is one unforgettable evening of fun, festivities, prizes, and celebrations.
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    Hello everyone! Complete newbie here, never played RO before, so I am super excited to give it a go and experience this really interesting game for the first time. Was looking low rates server so I could experience most that game have to offer without too fast lvl ups, and this one has the most positive reviews and apparently super friendly community. I'm reading a lot of guides and am starting with archer class probably hunter/sniper even though bard/clown sounds really interesting too, but since I like bows I'll probably stay with hunter for that reason and also it is, from what I've read so far, really newbie friendly class so that makes me super happy too. Newbie tips are appreciated, but I'm reading both forum and Wiki page for tips and information so I won't bother anyone too much with explaining basic stuff to me. Also if I may ask a quick opinion on Gunslinger and Soul Linker on this server, probably I missed topics about them. I find them really interesting too and probably going for one or both of them when I learn stuff and get a bit bored of my hunter. Looking forward to exploring this game and maybe meeting some of you people in game.
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    Hello everyone, popping in to give some updates~ apologies for the wall of text sfjksgskj First: Accepting slots for regular (full colored + flats) comms! This time these will not be FCFS; due to several reasons I'd like to pick what to work on for now, but you're welcome to provide multiple options to choose from! If you'd like to pay with something else other than zeny, feel free to let me know as well since at the moment I am more likely to draw in exchange for items I might be interested in (they don't have to be from the wishlist, but it does increase my chances of accepting lol) Please include your refs and what kind of comm you'd like when you message! Will leave this open for a few days before I decide. Thanks for your understanding! ;v; And second! I've been meaning to try out something different and more relaxing?? a while now so~ These will be pay what you want sketches! I realize I'm always at a loss over proper?? pricing so I'm trying this approach to not stress over numbers much ;v; and maybe to get an idea of what it's worth too?? Just a few guidelines for this! - No WIPs since these are meant to be simpler and more casual - Single chara only, will be in B/W by default. Include a theme color if you'd like! - Regular comms and other art obligations will be prioritized over this if have a queue; I will work on these in between those and in my free time - This is PWYW but please note the minimum fee of 3m zeny, since I still do want to make even a little bit off this aha ;v; They'll more or less look like the ones below! Will take 3 slots for for this type for now, FCFS. If anything else is unclear just ask~ Thanks again!
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    Welcome to the server Shiny_Myo! Yes, Lee is right! You're off to a good start, I hope you enjoy your stay with us!
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    Hi there Myo, welcome to TalonRO. you've bumped to a wonderful server ! hope you'll be having a good and great time playing with us. Archer is one of the best starter classes and you made the right choice taking that path. well for gears, the server provides free basic starter gears under Eden group. those gears are good of use till mid-gaming levels or prolly untill you've saved enough for a GEC footgear. GEC btw is one of the most essential gears here since it offers you 100 HP/SP replenishment per 10 secs. perfect for skill spammers like Archer. If you do have some questions regarding the game, don't be shy to ask us at #main ingame or via talonRO discord and rest assured,we will answer as accurate as po ssible Happy grinding and Goodluck out there, see you around Rune-Midgard anytime soon. Best Regards, Lee
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    Winter is here once again, and with it the Winter Scarf Quest returns to TalonRO! This immensely popular event lets you have the opportunity to make your own fashionable scarf for the winter months. The great roaming master tailor, Von Claude, has been gaining inspiration for his next designs. Once again he has settled in the city of Hugel. He has been particularly inspired by the newest animated fashions and also vibrant varieties of costumes that are cropping up lately. "2020's fashion forward crowd will really love what I have in store this season" Von Claude was recently heard sharing with a team of Kafra Agents. Coveted all over Rune-Midgard, the designs of Von Claude are unequaled in their elegance and functionality. His friend, Olgov, has been working on creating fields of inspirations for Von Claude's next winter collection. As his scarves are in high demand, Von Claude requires only the finest ingredients for his masterful creations. However, the work is worth it - the new Winter Collection from Von Claude is without equal. His new collection of scarves include the return of the Traditional Striped Scarf - a classic Midgardian favorite - and Straight Scarves, which were in popular demand! Von Claude x Olgov designs have brought back the 2016 smash hit, the Waving Long Scarf. However, 2020's latest creation is something entirely different. Introducing last year's Nekomimi Cape, now with more colours than ever before! Featured in distinct, fashion-forward choices, these scarves will turn the average novice into a haute couture wonder! Because of the demand for these high-quality items, the newly-added costumes will not be easy to make. After all, Von Claude x Olgov wouldn't want to skimp on the quality, right? Just like winter itself, this quest won't last long! This quest will be available through the winter months. We hope that you enjoy the Winter Scarf Quest this year! The Winter Quest ends on Sunday, March 20th! Be sure to make your scarves and find the look that's right for you! Happy gaming and good luck!
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    Finished tier A commission for the lovely Izleen~ Thanks for ordering UwU
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    We will send them out to you in the upcoming days
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    Waoooo, thank you so much! I really had a lot of fun with this contest. I would also like the white version. Thanks, again. πŸ₯°
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    Congratulations for all participants !! It's the first time I win something here \(^o^)/ , how can I get the Chef Hat ? Should I contact GM Luna in game ? or use !request ?
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    Thank you everyone. Had great time baking Should I pick here or dm the gm? If I may pick here, I'd like the white one please.
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    Congrats the winner πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
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    β˜… Hi and welcome to my lil art thread! Hello art corner! I'm popo! I've only been playing for a while but after 37492 years of not playing I'm having tons of fun again! My love for for RO has been completely rekindled and I've decided to channel that into art because some good friends enabled and well, y not. That being said, I'd like to offer some art as well to help earn some zeny besides the usual farming method because oh god the hats and costumes are too cute there are so many of them and I Have A Need. Aside from that, I may occasionally put up some doodles every now and then ─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── β˜… Commissions β˜… Chibi flats: 10m / 10 TC || couple: 20m / 20 TC Add-ons (homuncs, pets, mounts, etc.) : 1-5m depending on complexity * Lifs and humanoid pets are considered as separate charas. Chibi regular: 25m / 25 TC || couple: 50m / 50 TC Add-ons (homuncs, pets, mounts, etc.) : 5-10m depending on complexity * Lifs and humanoid pets are considered as separate charas. Busts : 30m / 30 TC Sketches: PWYW, minimum 3m * Single chara only, B/W by default. Other: bribe/ask Have something else that you'd like for me to draw? You can send me a PM so we can discuss and work things out! ─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── β˜… Details β˜… If interested, please reply, ping or PM me to reserve a slot! Once confirmed, please send me the following info: β€’ IGN (for payment tracking) β€’ Sprite/Art References: β€’ Headgear/Gear References: β€’ Eye Color: β€’ Brief Personality/Preferred Expression: β€’ Misc. details if any: (skin color, simple color bg, moles, etc.) Preferred method of payment is via mail to IGN Popokatipettle! ─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── β˜… Notes & Guidelinesβ˜… After I get your approval for a sketch, I usually proceed all the way until I finish the piece. I allow for minor edits for the finished commission, but if you would like WIPs for lining or any other part before I finish, please let me know! PWYW sketches are the exception; there will be no WIPs provided for those. Characters with armor or complicated gear, animals, mounts, and non-human pets are challenging for me, so I may take a little longer to finish, I hope you understand! Please keep this in mind if you want to commission charas from the swordie line, sinXes, or including walking costumes, pets and mounts! I may skip turns and work on whatever I think is easiest for me to do. This is so I won't get stuck on a particular comm and possibly delay orders. Payments may be done in a mix of zeny, TC, and items! Discord available! You may ask for it and I will add you there, but note that I might still see things faster via forum. You may use the finished picture however you like, but please do not claim it as your own. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reply here or via PM! I don't bite I'm just a shy bean |ο½₯Ο‰ο½₯ο½€)ο»Ώ ─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── β˜… Wishlist / Art for Items β˜… Alternatively, these are items I'd love to own and would be willing to sell my soul draw art for! If you wish to pay with things that aren't included here, I don't mind! We can try to work it out! Actively looking for || high on wishlist ─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ─── β˜… Slots β˜… 1. Cassidy β˜… Wait list β˜… If you would like to be added here while slots are full, let me know! - (closed) Thank you so much for reading!
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    Oh excellent, an aspiring chef! It is great to meet you Niji! There's always something new to learn in game- isn't that exciting? I hope you are successful in your quest to become a Chef in game. I look forward to being a taste-tester for you.
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    Requesting permission to trade for Tier 3 crate. Thanks! IGN: Hanami Schyntilia Discord: Kuraido#1739
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    β˜† Hello, welcome to my art corner! β˜† (*・ω・)οΎ‰ I'm Scherie, quite a new player (maybe you'll find me lurking in Payon, and Prontera for daily Betty) in TalonRO. I've been playing in this server for almost two months together with my wuvwuv forever game partner, SoraKHK, who's been the one busy with grinding to make living for both of us. And I thought, hey why don't I open an art thread so I can spend all of the money for costume to support both of us! And after the encouragement from him and our friends, I finally made one. β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜… PORTFOLIO: I don't really draw in general, so I don't have a lot of samples ;u; Please refer to this DeviantArt page to see it in better format (I think?): CLICKIES I will also update drawings here for you guys to check out! ❀️ PRICELIST: Chibi Sketch: 5 mil zeny / 5 Talon Coin || Colored: 10 mil zeny / 10 Talon Coin Chibi Couple Sketch: 8 mil zeny / 8 Talon Coin || Colored: 13 mil zeny // 13 Talon Coin Half Body Sketch: 8 mil zeny / 8 Talon Coin || Colored: 15 mil zeny / 15 Talon Coin Half Body Couple Sketch: 10 mil zeny / 10 Talon Coin || Colored: 20 mil zeny / 20 Talon Coin Full Body Sketch: 10 mil zeny / 10 Talon Coin || Colored: 25 mil zeny / 25 Talon Coin Full Body Couple Sketch: 12 mil zeny / 12 Talon Coin || Colored: 30 mil zeny / 30 Talon Coin (P.S: The samples above are the result for sketches. Clean lineart are only for colored pieces) β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜… GUIDELINES & DISCLAIMERS: 1. Hit the reply button, PM me, or chat me through Discord Cheryl#4855 if you're interested with this format: 2. I'm still suck at drawing anatomy, fingers, coloring and male characters (hey that's too much), but I promise I'll do my best ( ; Ο‰ ; ) 3. For colored commission, will send you the rough sketch/draft for approval first, before proceeding the step. 4. If there's anything you're unsatisfied with, I'll gladly make some amendments. 5. I accept both zeny and talon coin (1mil = 1TC). You can mail it to my High Priestess Scheria (with an 'a'), or trade me directly. I mostly online around 7PM (GMT+7) and hang around Payon. 6. Payment is splitted into two phase: DP of minimum 50% after the rough draft sent, and the rest after I finished the art for you! 7. The final artwork will be sent in high-res JPEG and PNG to your Discord or PM. 8. I am not a professional artist, I work quite slow so give me about a week to finish your drawing β™₯ β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜… SLOTS: 1. Mei Magnolia 2. Novalolly 3. Bobito β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜… FINISHED COMMISSIONS: (there's something here already ;D click click!) β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜…γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»γƒ»β˜… β˜† Thank you very much! β˜†
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    Its lame but cant do much about it. Mirror or not half mvp is about who damage first. I think however that making big mvps on a fixed respawn time and a fixed spawn location would lead to fierce and fun competition. For example put a tomb on VR, with exactly 12h respawn, and spawn it on the tomb. Competing for mvps is super fun but no one wants to waste time waiting. I prefer much more loosing mvp cause ive been outplayed than mvping alone without competition cause people have better things to do than checking if mvp is alive for hours.
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    Thank you for replies! And big thanks to Lee for tips! I'm already in discord group so I guess I could ask some things there too.
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    Welcome back to playing RO and welcome to our server! We're glad to have you with us.
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    Hello everyone! So just like everyone here, I've recently started playing Talon RO. I saw all the friendly reviews and thought why not give a go. Right now, I have quite a bit of time on my hands so decided to come back to RO. The server I used to play is pretty much dead so I saw how populated and friendly community Talon is so decided to try it. Hopefully I get to meet a lot of cool people around, I'm pretty shy so yeah any recommendations on how to make friends >//<. Anywayyy! Hopefully I see you all there, I saw you guys have a Discord but again, shy so doubt I'll pop in but who knows! Nice meeting you all :3
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    Yay! One of my favorite streamers UwU Slot confirmed. You can send me details here or in discord Brisha#7394
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    Hello to all! I usually go by the IGN "Teppie" with my RO characters, so you can just call me that. 😁 My RO experience goes back from the original kRO, iRO, and pRO Sakray servers (was a beta tester for pRO) and all the way up to Renewal. I stopped playing around 2016 when I needed to focus on my college graduation and haven't played RO since. Private servers that I've been to (that I can remember) are LuminaRO, NovaRO, among others. I decided to play here at Talon RO to have a bit of nostalgia. I have played other MMORPGs, mostly searching for that "RO experience" but I never really found anything close to the uniqueness that RO presented to me, especially with WoE, Endless Tower, and the other end-game MVPs. I will be playing at a much slower pace than I did years ago since I am currently working full-time, but I enjoy the long grinds. I mostly enjoy playing High Wizard as DPS and High Priest, Professor/Scholar, and Paladin as Support Jobs (yep I'm a support main). See you in-game!
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    Memeing GMC Seiren using Hunter (w/ Talonesia) (Language:Bahasa Indonesia)
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    Hey there, welcome to TalonRO! I'd suggest finding a guild and joining them for guild activities then talking to them and getting to know them! I hope you make lots of friends, and once again, welcome to Talon! Have a wonderful day.
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    hi there Niji, welcome to the server ! hope you'll be having a great time here with us. Feel free to ask us either at #main ingame or at ther server's Discord channel. See you around Prontera! Best Regards, Lee
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    Nice name xCielo Welcome to the server! I hope you will make a lot of friends. Enjoy your journey!
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    Hi there , Welcome to talonRO. you've bumped to a wonderful server filled with friendly and amazing community. Hope to see you around Rune-Midgard anytime soon man. Cheers ! PS : Protect your belongings from those porings !
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    Hello @Raynn, Welcome to TalonRO. If you ever have some questions dont be shy to ask us either on #main ingame or on the Discord Server and we will answer / give you advices as accurate as possible. Glad you made it here on a wonderful server, See you around Rune-Midgard anytime soon !
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    Welcome Hope to see you around.
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    Welcome to TalonRO!
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    Hey, welcome!
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    hmm Porings... Don't let them get the best of you, but oh man... thief poring are the worse! welcome back! looking forward to see you in-game ❀️
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    Nostalgia is pretty much why I'm around too. Have fun and don't get bullied by the Porings!
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    Valkyrie Prima Bobito's Party
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    Join BG and see how this 2 works there, since that is vanilla. A simple change in skill to make a job class viable in end game, may flip things up in vanilla. but GM can still make a 2 version of skills, for vanilla and for pvm, like what happened to bragi. I've seen low rates server players squeeze the very potential of all Job class, and its a good view. Talonro have easy access to MVP cards and SQIs, and i think that's the reason for this issue since it opens up and also closes doors for different things. But we wouldn't wish for MVP and SQIs to be gone, right.
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    A: Yes, I have actually! Q: What are your new years resolutions?
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    Here is my submission, Hope it's ok Berta Wellington IGN: ~~KERO~~
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    YuRaiden, the Sniper. He appears to take Rock, Paper, Scissors very seriously.
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    As I am working through the Dragon Manteau quest, I am realizing that these quests are RIDICULOUSLY annoying in terms of RNG combined with cooldowns. Specifically, gathering Saphas certifications. Since the server is lacking two of the 6 NPC's used for Department Quests, you are forced to also attempt documents quests (if you dont want to wait the 23 Hr cooldown on the Department NPCs). And the Document quests have a chance to give you a 6 hour cooldown when searching the documents (which happened to me on attempt number 1). This coupled with the extreme difficulty of monsters in the region really makes these quests unnecessarily hard, and luck (or lack thereof) based. Is there any chance that at the very least, some of these cooldowns can be shortened? Thanks, Z
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    I think this item will make hunting MVPs and MVP competitions less about finding the MVP first and will shake up the meta. Could be nice to be exchanged for Eden badges, valk coins, or even a rental version would be neat, I guess. https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db&item_id=12214
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    After much talk, we have decided to extend this event to the 12th of Jan! Look forward to seeing more entries
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