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    Summer is here and TalonRO has a lot in stock for it! To start off, we have our usual monthly updates as well as an updated client that will improve your gameplay performance. On top of that, the city of Morocc has progressed into the next stage of reconstruction with a brand new event! Expect more updates in the coming weeks and months. From events such as the Amazing Summer Race to forum and social media events. We are still working hard on the SQI revamp as well, which is progressing nicely. We hope to be able to show you something of that soon! In addition, BotN: Elysian Garden will be officially launching mid-July. In the meantime, you can look for the entrance in preparation for its release. Please note that Elysian Garden can only be accessed when clearing the Mystic Tower instance. Visit this thread for more info on how you can obtain an Elysian Key. Lastly, our annual Summer forum event is now live! Participate in this year's fashion extravangza for your chance to win a variety of rewards, including Talon Coins and GM boxes. The new TamTam's Odyssey region is Morocc Pyramids. This includes the Nightmare maps! Font Items can now be purchased from the Talon Shop. Upon using these items, the font of your chats will change as you type and will be visible to other players as well. They sell for 100 Talon Cash and have a duration of one week. Note: the font only appears on chat that appears over your head and is visible to everyone. It does not appear in the chatlog. GMC Giftboxes have new temporary costumes added to their rotation: Walking Desert Wolf Baby Costume [21216] Greater Dracul Horn Costume [20933] Wave Challenge Giftbox has new temporary costumes added to its rotation: Large Sorcerer Crown Costume [21144] Twin Cannon Costume [21226] A new temporary Special Effect costume has been added to the Talon Shop for a duration of one week. This [Visual] Soul of Meow Costume goes to the Garment Slot and can be purchased for 6500 Talon Cash. The July Monthly Box has been released with a variety of brand new and some classic costumes and contains something for everyone! We hope you all enjoy! Black School Bag Costume [21491] Red School Bag Costume [21492] Straight Long Black Costume [20998] Cat On Head Costume [21497] Cyber Ear Costume [21121] Pink Headphones Costume [21487] Lady's Feather Hat Costume [20268] Gryphon Hairband Costume [20266] Rose Gothic Bonnet Costume [21498] Carmen Miranda's Hat Costume [21429] Cancer Diadem Costume [21019] Bride Mask Costume [20674] Nekoring Hat Costume [20660] We have implemented a new version of our client that improves general performance as well as loading times. As it is the same client we have used for the past month, no new features are added. This is purely an update that improves gameplay performance: This should severely improve performance during WoE and other crowded maps/events where players would otherwise experience serious FPS drops. A major improvement has been made to the game when /effect is disabled. Part of this change means that various skill sound effects will now also be disabled when /effect is off. While it's an unfortunate side-effect, this change is very important for the overall performance improvements. This update also includes several security fixes. This maintenance we have also done several QoL updates as well as bug and exploit fixes: Merged a variety of rAthena updates. As this overhauls various internal files, please let us know if anything is off! Overall you should not notice any changes here though. Improved the is-party-alive check in Ancient Tower to reduce the chance of being forcibly warped back to Prontera in the Return Room. In general, a good thing to do is for the party members not to warp into the next stage of said instance when someone wants to warp back inside. You can no longer use @commands while trading another player. The Mora Tool Dealer now has more items added to it. Fixed an exploit where Spell Breaker could cancel a monster's Metamorphosis skill. Fixed a bug where a monster could Metamorph into a random monster. Fixed White School Hat description incorrectly mentioning Level 1 Weapon Perfection. It now properly displays it as Level 3. Added three new Angel Scarf Costumes (white, blue, pink) to Valkyrie's Bazaar. After the unexpected alliance between Hiel, Rin and Chief Balrog, the Dark Energy emitting from the crater in Morocc has been sealed off! Workers have returned to the city of Morocc to rebuild their once wonderful city and they have made impressive progress! Houses have been restored and the ground has neutralized. This means that the event to help Hiel close the crater in Morocc has now ended. However, the work does not stop here! While a great deal of the city has been restored, there is an ongoing effort to restore the Morocc Castle to its former glory. The Desert City Restoration Committee is recruiting adventurers to help out with the work in the city and they reward everyone helping out with Morocc Merit Certificates to buy wonderful items. So be sure to check out the city of Morocc to see if there's something you can help out with. There is a daily limit of 5 missions you can take per person, so choose wisely as some missions reward you with more certificates than others! In the meantime, Hiel will continue his work on the Dimensional Device now that the dark energy has been sealed off. What could this bring for the future of Midgard..?
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    IGN: Zeiniru Manara Entry #1: @GM Radius poporing need to travel tour Entry #2: @GM Ktulu let's go to school Entry #3: I'm waiting for @GM Seiren to spend summer time indoors Entry #4: @GM Luna Food trip at Dewata Entry #5: @GM Lance USAGYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN Entry #6: CAPTAIN @GM Haru LOOOOOOOOOK! Entry #7: @GM Spica Every Guardian needs vacation too Entry#8: Vein's Tavern is busy during summer time (So many to tagged GM here) Entry #9: @GM Aqua Ocean Diving is the best Entry #10: @GM Alisa's Pinky paradise The makings
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    Here goes nothing~~ Entry 1 #FactsOnly: Women do it better. I thought I looked fierce and fabulous didnt I? Entry 2 Livin' the Pool-side Life during SeaSon of the Sun~ (Just because I don't like beaches). Time to scout the hot men around, but there ain't none~ xD No GM challenges~ xD LOL Its fun to direct screenies but not really when you are trying to get the most out of the summer suits ksksk Good luck to all entrants~~
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    Entry 1 Entry 2 IGN: DeliciousGreenApple Original Screenshots:
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    Artsu by tRO most loved star - GM Spica Greetings Fashionista! Welcome to the TalonRO fashion event! We say goodbye to spring and welcome summer with this event, so dust off those costumes, put on those fancy shoes and get ready to pose! ☀️ Entries must be Summer themed. ☀️ Entries can be a group shot but everyone in the screenshot must be dressed up. ☀️ Multiple entries are allowed, but you will only win once, please edit your original post. ☀️Entries MUST be placed into a Polaroid Frame which we have provided in the spoiler/link below or your own frame that MUST include "TalonRO & TalonRO.com" as shown in below example. Failure to add this will result in your disqualification of the event. ☀️ In the Polaroid frame, the grey area is where your screenshots will need to be. DO NOT remove the tRO watermark. ☀️ Use this link to download the frame above - Fashion Polaroid ☀️ Entries must be completely original, and you can't copy from someone else. ☀️You are NOT allowed to edit your entry by adding sprites. ☀️You are allowed to use any sorts of filters that your screenshot could benefit from. ☀️ Include your IGN along with your entry and the GM Challenge you have decided to take on as this might not be obvious. ☀️Original screenshots should be included in a spoiler. July 22nd 01:00am Server time Up for a challenge? Why not take on a few of these GM Challenges, for the following challenges, you can complete as many as you wish, but you may only earn up to 6 bonus Talon Coins total, and the chosen GM MUST LIKE your entry to win extra rewards. [GM Luna] Summer Fun Get together with at least three other players and take a selfie together on a beach, you must all be wearing a headgear that has the name "summer" in it for example - Summer hat or Summer balloons. [GM Haru] Fired Up Only use the colours yellow, orange, and red in your entry/costumes. [GM Spica] Pink Sands Your entry must be taking place in Comodo City. [GM Aqua] Mermaid Moment Include an aquatic-themed item in your entry. Ex: Starfish Headband, Shark Hat, Octopus Hat, etc. [GM Zelda] Wing it! Include at least three pairs of wings in your outfit. [GM Mikzie] Midgard Valor Strike a pose during battle. [GM Radius] The Pet Decorative Have a pet wearing a pet accessory next to you. [GM Seiren] Summer Indoors Make a summery photo indoors. [GM Blackstar] Assassin's Protocol Have a Stealth theme item in your look. Item examples: assassin mask. Dark blinder. [GM Ktulu] Scientific Experiment Looking (no need to be) smart [GM Gowther] Celestial Powers! Add any costume that looks celestial spark and shiny! [GM Lance] Bunny Couture Join the rabbit cult by including a bunny-themed costume! [GM Alisa] Fae Friends Wear pink or other light pastel colours and have a costume/headgear that is fairy related. There will only be three winners: First place winner ☀️ Interview with GM Luna on what inspired your creation which will be featured on our Instagram page. ☀️GM Box Pick either a Zelda, Luna or Spica. ☀️ July Monthly box ☀️ 10 TC Second place winner ☀️ July Monthly box ☀️ 10 TC Third place winner ☀️ July Monthly Box We wish you all the best of luck The GM team reserve the right to disqualify any entries without further explanation.
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    Because summer trip to Comodo City won't be complete without taking home some souvenirs.. Hunny Bi Bi's Entry No. 1 *Pink Sands* GM Spica. IGN: Hunny Bi Bi *Original Screenshot attached.
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    Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose. Hunny Bi Bi's ENTRY NO.2 Midgard Valor GM Mikzie IGN: Hunny Bi Bi
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    Here's my entry IGN: -- Black Dicky -- @GM Blackstar Assassin's Protocol @GM Gowther Celestial Powers @GM Haru Fried Up @GM Ktulu Scientific Experiment @GM Lance Bunny Couture @GM Spica Pink Sand @GM Zelda Wing It! Original Pic:
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    Follow me on instagram peoples~ @satomishairflip for all the narcissism, cute hat crazyness and of course, BEAUTY. UwU
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    Ahhhhh! Must...wait....to....play....AAAHHH! come on cute garmet costume for the july patch! fingers crossed
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    A moment of thought: The world is governed by the rich and wealthy. Ironically, this has been utterly exposed by the current pandemic crisis. The world immediately has become very concerned when the wealthy is shaken. They invest for the cure, do whatever they can to stop the virus growing exponentially. However, there is a virus called "Hunger," "Famine." The cure is "Food." Sadly, while this is true, the world doesn't bother as much. Because, it doesn't affect the rich.
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    IGN: Ardinda GM Spica Challenge: Add a Christmas cake somewhere in your artwork. + 1 GM Alisa Challenge: 12 Days of Christmas! - Include twelve (12) Christmas gift boxes. +2 GM Creed Challenge: Nobody should be left alone for the holidays. Include Antonio (either being naughty or nice). +2 GM Lance Challenge: Include TamTam in your artwork. +2 GM Gowther Challenge: Incorporate a gingerbread house with a white cat in the door in your artwork. +2 GM Haru Challenge: Include a hot drink in your artwork. +1
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    It is our great pleasure to finally unveil the latest update to TalonRO: Iduna. This is our most anticipated update, as well as massive in scope - one of the most ambitious things that we have ever attempted in our quest to update your experience on TalonRO and to bring the game that you love into an entirely new state of being. The Iduna update represents many months of work, testing, iterations, feedback, technical know-how, and intensive balancing all to bring you an entirely updated experience while preserving the aspects of our beloved game. The Iduna Update is first and foremost a switch to rAthena - a completely comprehensive engine which underpins all of TalonRO’s mechanics and gameplay characteristics. This update is far from trivial - rather, it provides an entirely new platform by which to offer incredible new content, updates, and many more features that preserve the best of your experience while bring it into entirely new frame. We are pleased to announce that this transition is complete, and TalonRO will remain the same wonderful pre-Renewal experience that you have come to love, while bringing the best of the latest innovations to bear and transform your gaming experience into one that is fit to continue our 12 year tradition. The Iduna update is all about allowing you to have more fun, making your in-game expeditions more memorable, intense, and making your time on TalonRO the best to date! The updates that accompany Iduna are almost too memorable to mention individually – rather, this update represents a composite of ne innovations and content that are designed to work synergistically together and take this monumental update into a wonderful new experience for you and your adventures through Midgard. The Iduna update will require you to update TalonRO - but this is easily done by simply running your patcher and downloading the update as normal. To ensure that you are receiving the latest content updates with Iduna, simply start TalonRO through your patcher, and let the update install and commence. In the event that the patcher fails to properly install the latest patch for Iduna, simply manually install the latest download from the TalonRO webpage by accessing our download link here: https://talonro.com/download/ Once downloaded, please reinstall TalonRO and overwrite your files in your TalonRO folder, then proceed to patch as normal. Please note: Homunculus AI will need to be reinstalled manually, as this latest update contains compatibility changes that will presently be incompatible with existing custom AIs. If this situation is applicable to you, please reinstall your homunculus AI manually after the Iduna update has been patched to TalonRO. Important: MirAI will unfortunately no longer work with the new Iduna client. Any other AI, given that you are using their latest version, should work. DLL related issues [MSVCR100.dll], refer to [this download] to get Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86). When first launching TalonRO, you will also be introduced to our new anti-cheating system software – called Gepard Shield. Gepard Shield represents an entirely new level of sophistication in security for your account, as well as allows for all players to participate on equal footing by invoking more comprehensive anti-cheating technology. At first launch, Gepard Shield will likely prompt you with a message warning you about illegal files within your folder - however, please note that this is nothing to be concerned about, as this is a one time error message. Instead, Gepard Shield will automatically move a number of files into a new folder within your TalonRO directory, ensuring an intended fix that allows you to play the game normally. The Iduna update features a number of incredible new additions – many of which are too numerous to almost mention! However, were happy to provide an update and recap of some of our most important highlights - many of which you’ve seen before in our teaser information, but some of which we are happy to share with you as new features that we hope you will find wonderful and entirely welcome: For starters, as with any major release, there's a good chance that bugs will be around. If you find anything that seems wrong or exploitable, please report it in our Bug Report Forum. Currently, the Control Panel is offline. Please bear with us as we re-implement it, likely this weekend still. Read more about that below. Also, along with a few other missing features that will take us a little longer to re-implement, we currently have GM Challenge, Wave Challenge and the Reward Guru disabled. This will take us only a tiny bit of time to fix. They were a bit too major to release straight away with our Iduna launch but will be released very shortly! Now, a small selection of some of Iduna's new features. Numerous new and changed features you will have to find out in-game by exploring! For screenshots, also refer to our Project Iduna announcement topic. First off, check out the Project Iduna announcement topic for screenshots and features A lot of game mechanics fixes. Moving to rAthena means lots of skills or mechanics that worked the wrong way are now fixed. This may give you an advantage but it may also mean gameplay can become slightly more challenging! Poem of Bragi revamp. Check our Dev Blog for more information. Gepard Shield: Our old anti-cheating software has not been updated in many years and is no longer being used. We have replaced it by Gepard Shield which is much more powerful and will make it even harder for botters and other cheaters to get ahead of you! Channel System: rAthena has replaced the !main/!market/!recruit systems You now chat by using #main, #market and #recruit in your whisper box You can also bind a channel to your regular chat so that typing in public will show up in the global chat of your choice. Simply type @channel bindto #channelname You can now also set up your own private channel, available to share with other people. Use @channel for more information about this! New commands: !ping Gathers specific information regarding your ping within 2 minutes after use including average, minimum, and maximum reply time, as well as packets sent, received, and lost. !vsync Enables and Disables the limit of FPS. /navi mapname x/y Draws a path from your current location to the given mapname, x, y. /quake Disables screen shake effects. /cashshop Disables and Re-Enables Cash Shop Icon. [Shift + Click] on Inventory Items Creates an item link in the chat which can be sent to other players. It can be clicked, which produces the same effect as if you right clicked the item. This feature is also present in whosell and whobuy! Many, many more, such as identifying items with a single click, adding items to Kafra Storage with a single click, you name it! New Mechanics/Features: Talon Cash & Cash Shop Replacing Copper Coins, Talon Cash is a new intangible currency which has a value of 2, in comparison to Copper Coins previously having a value of 1. For comparison, this means 100 Talon Cash = 1 Talon Coin. Note: Talon Coins will still be around as a tradeable method for Talon Cash. Replacing a big portion of the Reward Guru, the Cash Shop can be found at the top right of the Client. Here you can purchase Special Items, Weapons, Armors, Hats, Cards, Kahos, and PCBs which was previously done with the Reward Guru. There is a new Search Item feature to quickly find what you're looking for! This can only be used in town maps. MvP Tombstone Replacing !killannounce, a tombstone will now spawn where an MvP previously died. Navigation System Quickly find any NPC or Mob in the game utilizing the Navigation system. Additionally, you can have it draw a path should it be able to find a path to your choice. This system is still a WIP and does not contain absolutely everything as of yet. New Bank System By pressing [Ctrl + b] or clicking the button in your main menu you can access the brand new bank feature built into the client which offers more possibilities than the previous bank system. This can only be used in town maps. Rodex [Mail] System Replacing the mailbox, there is now a built in mail system in the client, accessible through a button in your main menu. You will get a notification at the top right when you receive mail. This can only be used in town maps. Equipment Swapping When opening your equipment window and pressing [Set Item Setting], you can now set a secondary equipment set. Then by pressing [Change], you will automatically switch your gear sets. This feature has a cooldown! Item Comparison When you have items equipped on your character, you you right click items in your inventory, they are now compared side by side. Replay System The replay system is now implemented fully as of this client and can be used properly. You can replay videos by going into the client and clicking Replay in the login window. Favorites Tab A new tab in your inventory below Etc. You can place any item in here, and to do so you simply drag onto the Fav tab. Having items in this tab allows you Lock NPC selling as well as align the items. New Merchant Carts Cart users can now utilize new cart designs by using the Change Cart 2 skill! Character position swapping With a new feature from the Reward Guru, you can now swap character positions within the same account. Updated Mechanics: Quest Log Offers more categories and ways to present quests. By default, all quests will end up in the Act tab. This quest log will later be updated after the initial launch. Party Window Party member entries can now be dragged outside of the party window, placed on the side, and accessed without having to open the party window itself. Guild Window and New Guild Skill Guild members will now have a last logged on date below their member entry. Creating a guild requires an Emperium as an item again, rather than it being completely free. New skill [Guild Storage Expansion]. This skill is needed to expand the storage space of the guild storage and usage of the storage. All existing guilds have received 5 extra levels to make up for the 5 new skill points required. Homunculus/Pets Pets and Homunculi now have a hunger meter to show when you have to feed them. More pets should have their intended dialogue now! Exact Stat Progression is now displayed every time a Homunculus levels up, making it much easier to pinpoint the exact stats you want when training. Game Account Gender Gender is now decided by character as opposed to your account. This means you can have male and female characters on the same account now. Whosell/Whobuy Now supports the new item link feature when making searches. Also has a cleaned up information display and is more accurate than before. Coming Soon: !expcount, Lottery, Card Recycling, Slot Machine, and Plagiarism NPC. For now these features are omitted, but will return shortly after this launch. Achievements System Will be functional at a currently unconfirmed date, built into the client and offers new ways to reward players! Battlegrounds Queing System Will be completed and operational after Battleground's short hiatus. Control Panel Revamp Moreover, the Iduna update also has given our player control panel a completely new look and feel - which is intended to synchronize seamlessly with the new back and changes in rAthena. This new panel is very rudimentary for the time being - owed to the fact that the internal structure of rAthena is completely different, and our player control panel had to be revamped from the ground up! With the revamp of the Control Panel, we have also decided to retire the Vote for Points sytem. Topsites are a relic from an ancient time that don't really benefit the server in any way anymore. On top of that, the system is very prone to abuse. In the coming weeks we will replace this with a new system to get you your free Talon Cash with little effort! This means an opportunity to completely rebuild the clear control panel from scratch, along with redesigning the user experience and interface for a more modern, slick, and lightweight panel experience that will enable and facilitate better usability and design. Additional pages for the control panel will be added back in later weeks as we continue to build out its functionality and form. Thank you for your patience as we continue to get all of the panel components up and running - we know that that will be worth the wait as we bring you a much more streamlined player control panel experience! Finally, the Iduna update is only the tip of the iceberg - as we mentioned, this switch over to rAthena enables us to more readily add in and improve existing features within TalonRO. Some of these changes include edits to classic additions and innovations from TalonRO, which are now made to be compatible and updated within this incredible new change. These changes are as follows: Our many minigame offerings are also undergoing a new revamp as well! Many games within the TalonRO ecosystem will be replaced by our newest innovation: the Comodo Carnival! Details on this latest change will be forthcoming in a subsequent update - and were looking forward to completely renovating the minigame experience to bring you something fresh, innovative, and most of all: fun! This feature will be coming soon, most likely within a week from launch, complete with the old minigames (including long needed improvements and tweaks to these games) and some brand new games added to the roster! So please hang in just a bit longer. It will be worth the wait! We are presently working on a revamp of this feature, meaning that all Seals have been disabled for the time being as we undergo this renovation. Please note that SQI creation and the bonuses area are both still open. We’re looking forward to unveiling our new offering in this space and bring you a refreshed Super Quest Item gameplay experience! We're sorry for this inconvenience, but the wait will be worth it! TamTam’s Gift Region. This much beloved monthly bonus incentive has been changed to reflect the latest evolution in TamTam’s journey – called TamTam’s Odyssey! We are presently halfway through this latest update, with the bonus maps being all set and ready - while champion monsters been removed. These will be replaced at a later date with something entirely new - and we're looking forward to refreshing this monthly update for you to challenge you on an entirely new adventure, with rewards that await you unlike any that you’ve ever seen before! Our BG offering is an intense modification of the existing Battlegrounds experience, and so to ensure proper stability game-wide, we have temporarily disabled the Battlegrounds system as we monitor the stability of these most recent changes. The reason for temporarily disabling this system is to focus on providing a stable gaming experience across all of TalonRO - and due to the intensive nature of the many custom BG changes we made, we will be reintroducing Battlegrounds once we have verified that the systems are stable and ready to accommodate our very custom Battlegrounds offering. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, however, we're positive that it will be better than before! So please hang in a bit longer. Embark on a heroic expedition with Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine. A unique PvM hallmark for TalonRO. Valkyrie: BotN will be part of an expansive adventure filled with brand new content for 2019. Along with fixed instances, Valkyrie will bring a whole new playing field in addition to exclusive rewards, new mobs, MVPs and end-game dungeons. Click here for more info! The Iduna update represents a huge leap forward in our ability to offer both existing changes to your gaming experience, and provide you a platform with which to introduce an entirely new world of future changes never before seen exhalation point the best way to experience all of these changes is to dive right in and learn all about what Iduna has brought - from new changes in interface design, hardware support for graphic drivers and visualizations, a completely redesigned navigation system and in-client features, equipment and replay systems, per-character gender options, and so much more! . We hope that you will enjoy the latest updates and experience just how deep and wide these changes to your gameplay experience go - knowing that it is the TalonRO that you love made completely better! Thank you as always for your continued support - we hope these changes represent our commitment to you to bring you the best gaming experience possible. May your adventures continue on – and as always, happy gaming!
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    Welp i feel this always and become a loner gamer IGN: Zeiniru Manara Bonus:
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