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    The origin of Lethea's Ignis Cap
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    Hello everyone! We are Landers aka people of the land, we are meant to be npcs, native people of the game. But... not like any ordinary ones, we are npcs that derived from the script 😅. Some adventurers might refer to us as npcs with souls. Reference : http://log-horizon.wikia.com/wiki/People_of_the_Land We are a small guild from splendid, either you're new to the game or already had enough of runs you're very welcome. We usually do some of everything. Our runs aren't scheduled, we go whenever members ready No restriction on organizing or joining runs No time Zone since we are all from different places Only 2 rules on discord (to discover when you join) ❤️ Thank you ❤️ Discord: https://discord.gg/C5EsmpN City: Splendid Timezone: N/A Race: Npc
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    Congratulations @Novalolly, Thank you everyone who participated in the raffle! May lady luck be on your side next time~ Raffle Prize~
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    Hello everyone, I used to play Ragnarok when I was younger and now I am starting again as an acolyte. Hit me up if you want to play in a party I speak English and German My ingame name is: Tasuku Just shoot me a pm
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    cart ram waste too much zeny for each attack, might as well go SinX or stalker
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    May I have 11-nov slot 2 please? Thanks
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    thank you, i'll shoot you a pm in discord later
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    I would like a slot please
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    thanks, Neza Yesterday, when i went to try i was not getting, but today worked.. hugs
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    Some W.I.P. shots for a contest entry I joined about a month ago or so during my breaks at work