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    Once again, a huge commendation to all the teams who went toe-to-toe with Loki in his illustrious second coming! Results: 1st place Rays' Team (19:09:39 completion time) 2nd place Goyu's Team (23:21:23 completion time) 3rd place Red's Team (23:24:46 completion time) Will the party leaders for each team please PM me the IGNs of all the players who attended, prizes will be mailed out in due course! All participants will receive a consolation prize. Please liaise with your party leader to receive the rewards. Thank you all for attending; until next time!
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    @agilazo It's basically puzzling around in Photoshop and some own spritings for specific gestures! I mostly use http://ro-character-simulator.ratemyserver.net/ for the .bmp of the body parts of the characters. Anything not available on RMS (such as TalonRO customized hairstyles, hair colors, costumes, etc) you can obtain by extracting TalonROs .grf's and browsing the .spr and .pal with the program Sprite Conview (RIP the time to browse in those huge folders). You can turn those into .bmp to use them in Photoshop. All you need afterwards is your fantasy on how to use them and a lot of love for the atmosphere with some photoshop skills! If you got more interest or questions on a How-To, you can DM me But I'm glad you like it!
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    Have you thought about this one? This couple really did it.
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    Are you sure it's not just one person marrying their own slave linker? LOL jk. Grats to the couple :). The Prontera theme adds a nice touch.
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    I like this show a lot Where are you from? What time do you usually play? Would you like to start new characters together?
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    Welcome back to TalonRO! I know potatoes are strong enough to run tRO so see you in-game! If you, however, forget your login details, don't hesitate to reset it via panel. Let's just hope you remember your email address. If not, send in a Support Ticket. All the best!
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    I'm 99,9% sure of enjoying my time once again here. Given my potato of a PC doesn't go up in flames that is.
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    Sad! 😥😥 Maybe we could party on the weekends. I'll just message you. That ok?
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    1. Date of leech: 06/05/19 2. Name of leecher: kuroky007 3. Price and Duration: 4m - Less than 1 hr 4. Map of Leech: Odinf3 5. Experience Gained: 96-99 NT 6. Friendliness: 5/5 7. Professionalism: 5/5 8. Effectiveness: 5/5  9. Would you recommend this leecher to others?: Professional, very friendly and damn fast leecher! every time again 10. Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: a big YES :D !!
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