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    Crimson trolling WOE Congratulation to @Kono Yakusaku for breaking the castle Notes: we're not focusing on WOE. We're still PVM guild as usual Another successful ET GMC again with extended classes, our forever Ninja Neko and Gunslinger Kono Ninja get MVP why not?
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    interesting question, I wonder if anyone asked this before.. how can I know? maybe by searching?? I am sure that you can find more topics if you try.. we have forum for a long time - the chances are, that someone already asked what you want to know. searching gives you the answer straight away and it keeps the forums clean. We are wizards - the smartest ones - lets prove it! we are not rogues "gimme geffenia build?" nor archers "where do I farm at lvl 70?" <- same questions asked million times - we know how to read and how to search. Other wizards already answered most of the questions - lets use it.. oh, and there is no "best" - it depends on your playstyle..
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    Hello and welcome to my art shop! You can order a painting with your characters in digital/traditional watercolor technique. I'm a newbie on this server, and I've just discovered I don't even have enough zeny for arrows, so I decided to take some art commissions I didn't even know such possibility exists!! I'm super excited about it! ◊Prices◊ ◊Additional info◊ ◊Rules◊: - Payment is required before I start drawing; - If you are willing to make an order, please, PM me; - Deadlines may be different for each painting, depending on various factors; - I will send you progress pictures at each steps, including sketches; - Not exactly a rule, but (if you'd like) I can also paint in a more anime-like art style, since I love it too - If during the process you suddenly want to change something significantly, the price will be higher. - Prices may differ. If you want me to paint your character, just PM me with the following information! Nickname: Eye color: Character reference: (a screenshot from the game, for example) Names of the accessories (headgears): Portrait, half-body or full-body Other useful information: (character's personality, the feeling you want to get from the drawing, what background you'd like me to draw, etc.) --------------------- If you still have any questions - I'm always ready to answer it! >w0
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    Thanks so much! Did that and works fine.. will try donating on the next pay out hahahhaha
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    Hi hello! I've completely forgotten how to play this game, and am super unfamiliar with the server. I look forward to learning all over again with y'all!
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    Took a break from office work to draw a picture of me and my in-game fraternal twin brother. x3 Messed up with some proportions though. :< Ah, the cons of drawing immediately with ink.
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    Thanks! I'll stop by the discord for sure.
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    Wow! Nice DB party you got there.
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    Dead Branch Party somehow we managed to beat those 200 aspd monsters XD good job!
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    Oh boy, it's nearly October! That means Halloween! *-*
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    Haha of course i'll answer to a fellow sinx. However, dont expect me to comment on stalker, i've got no love for them
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    Hi @MrSplashy and welcome to TRO! We do have a friendly community here, you'll meet a lot of new friends along the way.
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    Heyooooo I'm greekmythguy or Griffin, greekmythguy is a username I use on the net. I was recently introduced to this game by a person I know IRL. As it happens i've been thinking about getting started with a RPG game so the chance to start one was very appealing. I'm in class rn so haven't started, but i'll probably get going with this game later today ;p looking forward to it a lot! Anyway, a bit about myself: -games I play rn are Planetside 2 Mount & Blade Warband, and Minecraft *ecks dEE i'm a Mod on a server but kind innactive*would play better stuff but bad computer -i'm super into anime. I'm going to a con in a few weeks -I use discord all day. I joined the talon one a little bit ago, username Griffin#5467 -my waifu is Selesia from Re:Creators which I view as one of the best anime ever -Youtube drama is great, I love the YT community -Kinda go though cycles with music, right now I listen to rock and pop Anyway that's the basics. I'm excited to meet you all and will probably be active here if I get active on the game. Actually on the MC server I work for I'm the most active person on the forums with over 6,000 posts ;p Cya
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    I'll come find you when I can! I'm not quite on your level because I'm so slow tho
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    Thank you! T__T Finally moved in and settling~ It's been exciting but so stressful haha! Now that I've moved in/getting back into the swing of things, I've been able to chip away at commissions again. I just finished @LieO's! Hopefully I'll have another commission done by the end of the week!!
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    Welcome Saretete! my Wizard level 60 needs a companion to level hehehe just PM me anytime when you want to try partying ;D IGN: PennyStrife
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    TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide Updated: 8/28/17 Due to the popular demand of 1-3 individuals, this guide will be for those who are starting out on TalonRO as a hunter/sniper. This guide is a progression guide that will pull from my own experience only. Many other players have their opinions about my item choices and I will edit accordingly. Basic hunter/sniper strategy is implied. Recommended: Sage Endow Slave and Acolyte/Priest Slave Tier 1 Your goal should be focused on getting to Sniper as soon as possible. Farming for loot and rare drops will be many times easier with Sharp Shoot. Regular leveling up to 79+. Join Odin's Parties or Anubis Parties and power level to 99 so you can Transcend to Sniper. Note; no god items here. Nothing in this set of gear is worth more than 5Talon Coins. Gear Reference/build: Headgear: Apple of Archer+ Binoculars Ship Captain Hat [1]+ Binoculars Weapon: Hunter Bow+ Hunting Arrow Burning Bow [1]+ Fire Arrow Earthen Bow [1]+ Stone Arrow Freezing Bow [1]+ Crystal Arrow Gale Bow [1]+ Arrow of Wind Rental Ballista Armor: Tights Pantie Garment: Muffler[1]+Dragon Tail Card / Whisper Card Undershirt Feet: Refresh Shoes Accessory: Glove[1]+Sting Card Glove[1]+Zerom Card Bow Thimble ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal possible builds: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal step-by-step: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tier 2 You should finally be a Sniper and farming is going to become your primary goal. Competing for end-game content will come soon enough. Snipers are naturally powerful farmers and the opportunities are endless. Prioritization in obtaining General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC). Note; no god items here. Nothing in this set of gear is worth more than 12Talon Coins. Gear Reference/build: Headgear: Ship Captain Hat [1]+ Binoculars / Robo Eye Pirate Dagger Weapon: Elven Bow[1]+ Elven Arrow Rental Ballista Armor: Tights [1]+Porcellio Card Dragon Vest [1]+Porcellio Card Bathory Card Swordfish Card Pasana Card Marc Card Garment: Muffler[1]+Dragon Tail Card / Whisper Card Dragon Manteau [1]+Dragon Tail Card / Whisper Card Feet: Refresh Shoes Sandals[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Shoes[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Bunny Slipper[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Accessory: Glove[1]+Sting Card Bow Thimble ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal possible builds: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal step-by-step: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tier 3 As a 90+ Sniper, making zeny should be a pretty easy task. You hunt for rare items, or hunt high value loot targets. You should be part of a major guild who does organized runs, joing end-game raids as back-up DPS. Dual gear sets will come into play and become important You will begin working on your sharpshoot/critical and double strafe sets. Critical set indicated by Blue Text, damage set indicated by Purple Text. Note; no complete god items here. Nothing in this set of gear is worth more than 20Talon Coins. Gear Reference/build: Headgear: Reforged Lord Kaho's Horns+ Binoculars / Robo Eye Ship Captain Hat [1]+ Binoculars / Robo Eye +1 AGI/STR* Slotted Mid+ Bloody Knight Card +1 AGI Slotted Mid+ Gryphon Card Pirate Dagger Weapon: Elven Bow[1]+ Archer Skeleton Card+ Elven Arrow +7Elven Bow[1]+ Turtle General Card + Elven Arrow Flame Elemental Converter Frost Elemental Converter Lightning Elemental Converter Seismic Elemental Converter Rental Ballista Armor: Sniping Suit [1]+ Gloom Under Night Card Sniping Suit [1]+ Porcellio Card Bathory Card Swordfish Card Pasana Card Marc Card Garment: Dragon Manteau [1]+Dragon Tail Card / Whisper Card +9 Hood [1]+ Chung E Card Feet: Sandals[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Shoes[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Bunny Slipper[1]+General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) Accessory: Glove[1]+Sting Card Orlean's Gloves+Sting Card Itemization here is specifically for hunter/sniper ONLY, think very carefully about following these accessories Accessory: Bow Thimble [1]+ Ifrit Card Bow Thimble [1]+ Sting Card * - The reason I have a +1STR slotted Mid with Bloody Knight Card is because other classes can utilize the item. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal possible builds: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click to reveal step-by-step: Damage Comparison prior to Tier 4 A lot of folks wonder if they can compete in end-game MVPing with a sniper build that does not have god items like Artemis Bow [3]. I would personally say YES, but you have to use endow consumables to compete. Here is a comparison against VR: 43.3k DPS with SQI and 38.9k DPS without SQI. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Under Construction! Follow the thread for updates
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    Hello everyone! I played TalonRO like years ago to check the server out. Turns out, I wasn't fond of the low rates back then, so I decided to quit. Now, fast forward a couple of years, here I am again. I started playing last night, and now I'm a level 60 Thief. I hope to get along with everyone and have fun playing the game.
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    I would like number six. .. lucky number one time *Fingers crossed*
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    lets start with a title,i guess that means ill start it,,damn The blue bowl
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    My impression was, if BG was not as buggy and quirky as it was before the closure, many more people would have played BG.
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    If you have stayed in this forum for so many years and saw the same questions wanting the same answers with the same attitude you would understand.
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    All 3 are good man, you just have to know where it matters for what you want to do. I prefer doppels as my first som since they straight up extend what you can do (spamming jt for example makes some big targets a lot more killable, or it gives you more potential for strategy) instead of making you better at what you can already do. Dracs I'd say for support and places where you don't need to use JT or worry about killing faster or doing bigger numbers. NNN for pushing the limits of your damage and saving stat points if you have that priority. Almost self-explanatory really, but you just have to figure it out.
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    And was pulled over by an officer Banana.
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    @fumiddition aaa tytyty i thought i responded to this alreadydfgdfkg your art is so nice too like wao so detailed in the clothing -- finished a comm for Camille <3
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    Sometimes, you want both D:
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    Welcome welcome! Yours is a unique name fit for this game. Don't know how you formulated that tho, but when it comes to learning, we have you covered with the forum guides and infos. Best of course is to go and start the adventure in game. Again, welcome!
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    Welcome to TalonRO! <3 Hope to see you in game soon!
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    Hello, there! I'm here as Keruberosu but you can call me by that name or Kero/K for what it matters haha I am 26yo and I'm from Brazil. I'm totally new to this server but I'm old at playing RO - I played few years ago and when I was a teenager. Sadly I don't remember much right now like skills/stats so if someone would like to help me with these things giving to me some guild and stuff, I would love the help (like I really like fighting MVP so yeah) haha Welp whats more? Some more personal stuff... Well, I like some tv shows like GoT, IASIP, Parks&Rec and Penny Dreadful just to name a few, I really like hero movies (more of a MCU fan) and other type of movies except comedie/romantic/drama movies, really not my thing. Lately I've been watching Naruto since I've never watched and mostly of my male friends they're always talking about it and I get lost in the conversations lmao anyway I think that it's all? So hi to everyone
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    YO !! So this is the first time for me selling through RO but I am familiar with the general gist of things! I'm offering up some sketchy chibis and thigh highs! Please use this form if you're interested in getting some art! Please excuse my non RO samples!! if you'd like to see more samples or my other stuff you can find it all on my Twitter ! Chibis 15 TC | 16 MIL Thigh Highs SALE~!! 15 TC || 10 MIL
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    Hey people i want to get back into RO for the next few months because i got a lot of free time. I used to be part of major guilds back in the days( 2008 and before) on servers like DestinaRO(Seven sins) , couple super woe(Just Us) , played on RebirthRO as well. My knowledge of the game is top notch , PvE skills are insane and im a strong leader for WoE. I used to main Sinx before woe 2.0 came out then moved on to Creator. I can play everything for PvE. Im looking for a guild that will help me progress through the boring leveling phase so i can get back into this quickly. ps. If anyone remember me hit me up
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    Greetings Keruberosu. Great to have you on board, you'll feel right at home i'm sure! Don't forget to check out our guild directory for an extensive list of current guilds in-game, most of whom are actively recruiting.
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    Well it's a place here in the Philippines where bunch of PC stores are located. You can buy different rigs, pc parts, customize-your-own, etc. in very cheap and affordable prices.
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    New goddess of beauty GM? Haven't heard of that news yet.
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    Hi. It's a bit on the wrong place, yes. These usually belong under the Swordsman subforum under Class Discussion, but no worries. I can help out nonetheless. Both options have their own benefits. Thara Frog card reduces all damage types from any Demi-Humans, including yourself. The self-damage portion of Grand Cross will therefore be reduced. It will, however, not reduce the HP cost to cast the spell, so bear this in mind. Khalitzburg card reduces all damage from Demon race monsters. Any attack of any element, so long as it comes from a Demon element mob, will be reduced by 30%. This fits right up your alley when fighting against Demons types. Do take note that Demon race is distinct from Undead, the latter will ignore your Khalitzburg card. From this alone, I would suggest going for Thara Frog card if your Grand Cross can easily dispatch most of these monsters in 1 or 2 casts. You'll rarely take damage from monsters anyway, since Grand Cross has a side effect a lot of players tend to ignore: Blind. A blinded group of monsters increase your survivability, and pairs well with Flee-based Grand Cross build more than the VIT-based variant. A third option is to simply hold on to your zeny for a while, and try the Flee-Grand Cross build. It makes everything easier especially at low-levels and require less investment than the more popular VIT-builds.
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    I thought you're gonna say santa poring card.
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    The lovely GM team managed to track down an old forum account of mine from almost 11 years back when Talon was still called Anime with only a vague recollection of thrown together facts and a guess at a username so I am sure a support ticket would help you wonders. They're always willing to go above and beyond if you work with them. Good luck either way mate and welcome back to the Family.
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    I suggest that you make a list of possible equips first. It's kinda hard to estimate the average cost you'll be needing for your character considering the fact that there's a lot of items out there varying from cheapest one to most expensive gears for niff farming.
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    i might log in and play later. are you having fun? we should find a guild
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    Welcome back saretete! All the best on your wondrous adventures.
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    Hello and welcome back! What's good in the forum is that most if not all guides and info from newbies to returnees are covered. We have discord and a good community as well. Cheers and see you in game!
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    Hello! I believe I started playing on this server in 2010 or 2011? Used to hang around with the guildies and other folks in Ayothaya primarily. Pony Parade was the ridiculous guild I was a part of. Lol. I used to be pretty heavy into Vanilla PvP as well with my Champion that shares my forum name. I wonder of anyone I once knew is still around? I believe I stopped playing some time in 2014. Either way, I've missed it and it's great to be back. Looking forward to meeting all the folks in game and even possibly running into a few familiar faces. I'm happy to see that the server is still around and thriving.
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    So, I was browsing the internet the other day and saw an ad for Ragnarok Online... I am 25 years old right now.. I played RO when I was 12 years old to about 17.. This was my childhood game where I made friends online, WoE, PVP, grind... I miss this game and I am coming back. I am sure so much has changed and I am probably so rusty. Would love to start again with some new people, or if anyone wants to make a new char and play with me! Hope to make some friends!
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    Hiya guys~ Sorry for the wait~ Anyway, I will be offering headshots here for 25m/TC each. (+5m/TC for complicated gears) I'll be opening for 2 slots for now. Feel free to post refs here or via pm. It'll be great if you can tell me the personality of you character also. Please see below for sample. Thanks very much for looking ;D