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  1. The end of Summer is here and it's time to go from a friendly communal feeling to the action of WoE and Battlegrounds! This month is the start of a two-part update that aims to improve WoE and BG by giving out more and better rewards, lowering the barrier of entry and just improving overall gameplay. For the Summer Event, you can still exchange any badges you have, make cocktails and play the instance for the time being! Fast Five Winners For starters, we'd like to congratulate the following players for being in the Fast Five (or in this case Six) list for the Summer Race NPC finders: @Maltez @tentenennen @Cassidy @suage143 @Rayssss @bobito Please send a PM on the forums to @GM Seiren to claim your prize. Please include the IGN you'd like to get your reward on. Thank you all for playing! 10x EXP Event For a duration of two weeks, EXP rates will be boosted to 10x! It will end on our mid-month reboot, so be sure to enjoy it! Monthly Updates First things first, we have our usual Monthly Updates for you to enjoy: New TamTam's Odyssey region: Aldebaran Clock Tower. Excludes Bathories map. GMC Box Rotations: Twin Cannon Costume [21226] Sweet Corone Hair Costume [21374] Wave Challenge Box Rotations: Mic Stand Costume [21422] Enchanted Dog Costume [20983] New Monthly Box: Coat On Back Costume [21693] [Garment] Walking Kishu Inu Costume [21123] [Middle] Walking Shiba Inu Costume [20883] [Middle] Long Fairy Hair Silver Costume [21154] [Lower] War Princess Ribbon Costume [20773] [Upper] One-ear Headset Costume [21841] [Middle] Mask of Cat Costume [21839] [Middle] Rebirth Circlet Costume [21758] [Upper] Parfait Bowl Costume [21838] [Upper] Virgo Crown Costume [21244] [Upper] Soul Wing Costume [20506] [Upper] Shower Cap Costume [20870] [Upper] Campus Festival Hat Costume [21801] [Upper] Limited Edition Costume For a duration of one week, you can now purchase this [Visual] Moon and Stars Costume at the Talon Shop for 5500 Talon Cash! This adorable visual effects costume will surely make you stand out in a crowd! It goes in your Garment slot. Note: even though it's sold for a limited time, it may or may not return in the future to cater towards players from different timezones. Additionally, keep in mind that these visual effects only show up when effects in-game are enabled. Rush now has 4 new castles to play in. Players who joined the initial queue, rather than joining a running match, now earn 30% more rewards. Rewards now do have a hard cap of 50 coins per match, for when the 30% bonus stacks with Happy Hour on high-rewarding modes, for instance. Added a new Happy Hour slot: Friday 04:00 ~ 06:00 server time. Supply updates: You are now given 10 ASPD Potions at the start of a match, rather than 5. Assassins are now given 1 more Poison Bottle at the start of a match. Increased the amount of Traps given out on larger maps. Wizards, Sages, Priests and Super Novices now get BG Gemstones at the start of a match. In addition, once your BG Gemstone supply runs out, you can still use regular store-bought Gemstones! Slightly increased the rewards on various modes: Capture The Flag and Team Deathmatch Winners +2 Losers +2 Ties +2 Stone Control Losers +2 Ties +4 Bossnia Losers +2 Ties +3 Domination and Eye of the Storm Losers +3 Ties +7 Triple Inferno Losers +2 WoE Participation Rewards For starters, we have added the WoE Participation Rewards mechanic. The system revolves around earning rewards by completing various tasks during WoE. This way we as a server can partially compensate guilds, even small ones, for competing in WoE, lowering the barrier to join. This has been something we desired for many years and finally got around to implement: Earn Siege Coins just by participating in WoE The amount of coins you will be rewarded is based on your guild's overall performance in WoE by doing any of the following: Most coins will be earned by winning the War of Emperium. A fixed amount of coins is earned when your guild breaks the Emperium. Additionally, in Second Edition WoE, the coins earned will increase based on the Economy of the castle that is captured. Coins are earned by both building (for the defending guild) and destroying (for the offending guild) structures in Second Edition. This includes Barricades and Guardian Stones. Additionally, bonus coins are given out if either all structures are rebuilt or destroyed. A jackpot based on kills that gets distributed among all participating guilds. This jackpot will be distributed every time an offensive action is performed during WoE, such as breaking Guardian Stones, Barricades or the Emperium, as well as winning the war. During each distribution, 40% of the points will go to the defending guild. 20% of the points will go to the offending guild performing the action. The remaining 40% will be divided among all guilds that contributed at least 10% to the kill count. Reward Guild Members As the Siege Coins are meant to cover a portion of the supplies used during WoE, quick distribution among guild members is important. To do this, the Guild Leader can simply talk to the WoE Rewards NPC at any castle hub to distribute the coins earned during WoE. We made the distribution convenient by using the Guild Title system. Did your guild's Creators spend a lot of potions to heal your guild? Had some Assassins that used a lot of Poison Bottles for EDP? No problem! Just put them in a particular Guild Position and mail them their fair share all at once. It's that easy. Each member of that particular Guild Position will then receive their share of Siege Coins in their RODex, ready to spend on new supplies. Buy Supplies You can talk to the WoE Rewards NPC at any castle hub (in the Warp Girl) to claim your rewards. You can spend your Siege Coins right here on items like WoE Potions, Poison Bottles, Barricade ingredients and much more! It's a great way to stock up on some supplies that you need for the next War of Emperium and should cover at least a portion of what you used during battle. Final Notes We have implemented the scoring mechanisms for the past couple of months and have monitored the points scored during WoEs. We believe the current rewards should be fair compensation for participating in WoE. That said, real-world results may vary, so we will keep monitoring the situation and tweak the scoring or rewards if necessary. More items in the shop are planned as well, so be sure to be on the lookout for that! Morroc SE Castle and Dungeon Introducing a brand new SE Guild Castle! Prepare yourselves for an exciting experience taking over a never before seen castle. Also, if you're lucky enough to win this castle, you will also get to experience the all new Morroc Guild Dungeon! While we are going to keep the information about these mobs disclosed in order to encourage a discovery period, other than them all having 60 VIT across the board (have fun, Creator players!) what we will mention is that every single new mob here has a brand new item associated with it at a card rate (0.03%) chance! New Morroc Guild Dungeon Equipment Every new item you're about to see below can be used in Vanilla, except for the Invective Robe, which is an Unrestricted item. Use the below spoilers to learn more! Apis Axe [4] Iron Shield [1] Invective Robe [1] (NOTE: This item is Unrestricted Only!) Elemental Boots [1] Snake Encyclopedia [3] Consumables and Supplies Reworks The updates you're about to see below are general updates. However, going into these updates as a team, we made all of these decisions with the WoE scene in mind. This is especially true after feedback over a long period of time and careful analysis of the scene: Eden Group now sells a 200 Strawberry Box at 475 Merit Badges. Added weight to Strawberry Boxes, such as the ones obtained from Eden Group. It's made to be a 75% weight reduction over holding the strawberries in your inventory separately. The same applies for the above-mentioned 200 Strawberry Box. Strawberry Boxes can now be put in your cart. Reworked Strawberry Hat (#18589) script to now be a base 3% rate (up from 2.4%) with 0.45% per refine (up from 0.15%). Red Ferus now drops Strawberries at 100% rather than 66%. Additionally, added a secondary drop at 15%. Increased Strawberry droprate on Boa, Wolf, Spore and Coco from 18% to 37.5%. Reduced Red Ferus (#1714) respawn time in Abyss Lake 02 from 5 minutes to 15 seconds. Added an Orange drop at 100% on Green Ferus. Additionally, added a secondary drop at 15%. Increased Orange droprate on Grand Peco from 15% to 75%. Increased Mastela Fruit droprate on Grand Peco from 9% to 15%. Reduced Green Ferus (#1717) respawn time in Abyss Lake 01 from 5 minutes to 15 seconds. Increased Witch Starsand droprate on Punk from 30% to 75%. Added Witch Starsand drop at 100% to Little Fatum and Miming. Additionally, added a secondary drop at 15%. Reduced Blue Potion weight from 15 to 6. Other Moved Repairman NPCs closer to the Castle Hubs. Rotated WoE Castles: Saturday 15:00 - NT Vanilla FE - gefg_cas02 > Unchanged Saturday 16:15 - Vanilla FE - aldeg_cas02 > aldeg_cas03 Saturday 17:30 - Unres FE - prtg_cas05 > prtg_cas01 Sunday 02:45 - NT Vanilla FE - payg_cas03 > payg_cas04 Sunday 04:00 - Vanilla SE - schg_cas01 > mocg_cas01 NEW Sunday 05:15 - Unres SE - arug_cas02 > arug_cas01 General Rankings for Ancient Tower, GMC and Wave Challenge have reset. Improved security on Old SQI Instances as well as Ancient Tower. Old SQI Instances updates: You can now withdraw and deposit Vanaheim Gold at Asmund. All Old SQI Seal instances can now be played 5 times per week rather than once per day. All Old SQI Seal instances now give a combination of Talon Cash and Zeny rather than just Talon Cash. Yuno Seal: Vanaheim Gold reduced from 100 to 75. Talon Cash reduced from 50 to 25. Added 225,000 Zeny reward. Prontera Seal: Talon Cash reduced from 50 to 25. Added 250,000 Zeny reward. Manuk Seal: Talon Cash reduced from 25 to 10. Added 150,000 Zeny reward. Ancient Tower reward changed: Talon Cash reduced from 200 to 150. Added 400,000 Zeny reward. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where skill based item ignore scripts such as Tome of Ymir's free Endow bonus would not function unless at least 1 Catalyst Item was in the user's inventory. Implemented an rAthena Bugfix which fixes Grimtooth not adding Quagmire slowdown for 1 second against non-boss monsters. Fixed Dark Pinguicula Card working outside of PvM. Fixed a potential bug in Battlegrounds where a player who nearly hit their weekly coin limit could reduce the rewards of everyone else joining that same round. Part 2 Plans As we had too many plans for WoE/BG and just not enough time to get it all done, there will be intermittent updates to WoE and BG matters. To give you some ideas of what we have planned: Updated WoE Castle Treasures. Tweaks to WoE game mechanics to improve gameplay. WoE Rental Gears. New and updated BG modes. New and updated BG rewards.
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