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    IGN: Yiyi Song Ragnarok online theme with my pink High Priest costume combo + the pink Mavka from the reward. Also added the element from the anime Violet Evergarden. Only GM Lance challenge was done, which is to show Jawaii's respect to @GM Lances effort to host runs for us GM Challenges: 🌸GM Lance Challenge - Land of the Rising Sun ()🌸
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    Spring is The Beginning of Something New (eventho i live in Asia and doesnt realy know what does spring season look like) New Story, New Adventure, New Build, New Instance, New Costume So the Idea is to Welcome and Enjoying the New Spring Season with Joy, it's Party Time !! Here s Valkyrie Prima and Valkyrie Herja from "Battle of The Nine" and Nightmare Ancient Tower Instance, attending Coachella Party in Malangdo. Why Malangdo? because there lots of Cats in Malangdo, everybody loves cat 🐱 no?! IGN : Kumacy GM Challenges : Thankyou GMs, especialy @GM Zelda for hosting this art event. Goodluck for other contestants too !!
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    IGN: Mayunnaize Challenges: 🌸GM Radius Challenge - The Botanist ()🌸 ---> roses, daisy, camellia, hydrangea, tulips, cosmos, and morning glory 🌸GM Mizkie Challenge - Sleeping Bunnies ()🌸 🌸GM Seiren Challenge - Blossoming ()🌸 🌸GM Blackstar Challenge - Bundle of Love ()🌸 🌸GM Luna Challenge - Millennial ()🌸
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    Here's my entry uwu Evening on Payon Garden IGN: VHJhdW1h GM Challenges
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    A TalonRO spring environment done entirely in pixel art with old-school platform game vibes. IGN: K y a GM Challenges: GM Haziel Challenge - Include MVP or Mini-Boss in your piece. The Eclipse & Lunatic mob by tree. (rip) GM Xing Challenge - Dress your characters as if they're attending Coachella. A few of them are. GM Lance Challenge - Include Cherry Blossom petals. TamTam's flower crown & trees. GM Phoenix Challenge - Include Plant Cultivation usage. Garden. GM Creed Challenge - Include a Star Gladiator. She found the treasure. Plz plz plz click image to view larger Ty
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    Im not really confident about my artsu but i still try my best >< IGN: Rinny12 GM Haziel Challenge - Grind All Night Long () Include MVP or Mini-Boss in your piece. GM Alisa Challenge - Spring is Where the Magic Happens () Include Fairies/Pixies and anything magical in your artwork. GM Seiren Challenge - Blossoming () Include Tulips.
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    IGN: Ardinda GM Kuma Challenge () : Include a pot of honey GM Mikzie Challenge () : Include TamTam wearing a costume GM Radius Challenge () : Include at least 7 pumpkins GM Gowther Challenge () : Include a white cat sleeping on a pumpkin
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    IGN: ~Alessa Gillespie~ https://i.imgur.com/6PW01nv.jpg
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    IGN Thazar ✎ GM Mikzie Challenge Include TamTam wearing a costume ✎ GM Creed Challenge Include Jakk ✎ GM Radius Challenge Include at least 7 pumpkins ✎ GM Azul Challenge Include four skeleton heads -bottom right pumpkin -bone wand -wiz's shoes -skull candy Process:
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    (lies down) pretty sure i met all the basic requirements, but remind me if i didn't IG: Aluria Stille (Priest) challenges:
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    We originally planned this reboot a few days later and it would include a few more features, but due to the server crash earlier, we decided to make it happen earlier. So without further ado, here are the changes of this reboot: @whosell and @whobuy work again, after they were temporarily removed earlier today due to a server crash. GEC and other timer based scripts should now function properly like before. This means using skills like Blessing no longer reset the timer. Monsters should now only aggro targets within 3 cells between the target and monster like before. Frenzy should now calculate HP correctly. Lovers Card via Tarot Card can no longer teleport boss monsters. Item Heal Scripts should now function properly like before. Includes mechanics such as Hell Poodle Card and Ranked Potion Bonus. Skid Traps no longer immobilize targets that are caught inside it. Traps and Ice Walls can now be damaged by monsters again. Unit skills will no longer immediately expire on death. Includes skills such as Ice Wall, Storm Gust, and Magnus Exorcismus. This prevents a skill like Ice Wall from disappearing when you die. Unit damaging skills will no longer deal damage when the user is dead. Includes skills such as such as Storm Gust and Magnus Exorcismus. This is opposed to how we previously fixed it, where the skill would just disappear when you die. Naturally spawned MvPs will now start dropping tickets again: Drop has been updated to Talon Cash Tickets (4 points each). Asura Cooldown has been altered: PvP/BG/WoE: Now 8 seconds (down from 15). @charinfo should now properly display EXP progression for Jewelcrafting and Cooking. Removed Glittering Jacket from arrow crafting table. Endless Tower re-entry from Alberta now costs the right amount of zeny instead of 50,000 at all times. Changed TamTam's Odyssey drops to pre-Iduna values: Pre-Iduna you got 1 Copper Coin (2 Talon Cash) at a certain rate. Post-Iduna you got 1 Talon Cash (0.5 Copper Coin) at a double rate. Now, you get 2 Talon Cash at the same rate as before Iduna. A majority of the major bugs have been fixed now. There's still a few more to go, but we will start diverting some resources to content creation. So be sure to look forward to that!
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    IGN: Thazar Hello~! I also did the pink mavka 🌸 Goodluck to everyone and stay safe! ❤️ Challenges: GM Blackstar Challenge - Bundle of Love GM Lance Challenge - Land of the Rising Sun GM Spica Challenge - Full bloom GM Alisa Challenge - Spring is Where the Magic Happens
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    After a considerable amount of testing and fine tuning, the latest client update is now available to all players! We are thrilled to showcase some of the latest changes/additions to the UI along with several features that will further enhance your experience when playing on TalonRO! We hope you enjoy these new features, along with some exciting future planned content and development updates as we progress into 2020. As always, happy gaming! First off, as always, run your TalonPatch in order to use the new client. If you do not do that, you will be unable to login. If you are unable to patch, please download our latest installer to make your TalonRO installation up-to-date. Here is a list of new features and changes that the new client brings: For starters, the new client requires a minimum resolution of 1024x768. This is an unfortunate side-effect of the new Character Select window. The Character Select window has been completely revamped. You can now see all the characters of your account in one easy window. With the revamp of the Character Select window, the Character Creation window has also been revamped. You can now more easily select your desired hairstyle and hair color. The Quest Log has received a major overhaul: The window is now much more simplified with only three tabs: Active Quests, Disabled Quests and Highlights. Highlights function as a way for us to showcase important content while the other two are more important for your gameplay. The new window now allows us to display a lot more important information such as: Item Rewards, EXP Rewards, NPC locations and Navigation coordinates, sprite display, et cetera. You can disable the on-screen quest display per quest, so that you will only see the quests you are actively working on. Kafra Storage now has a special tab for Costumes. You can now sort your Kafra Storage by Default, Ascending and Descending. More skill buffs now have Status Icons on your screen, such as Bard and Dancer songs! A Tip Box. While this feature is not finished yet, this will offer a variety of new features to help newer players learn the game. Expect updates to this in the near future. This client features various bug fixes which will improve your quality of life in-game. Most notable will be the party window issues such as the icon display as well as on-screen member boxes not being locked in position properly. With this client, a brand new command has been added: @lgp, which stands for Lite Graphics Plugin. This command allows you to display things such as your cast radius, viewing distance as well as simplified effects for certain AoE skills. The major benefit of this is that you can now play without effects on and still be able to see skill casts. We believe this not only benefits PvP gameplay but also regular PvM. It comes with a new file in your tRO folder called plugin.ini. You can use this file to edit a variety of settings for the @lgp command, such as colors and transparency. Start the command by typing @lgp. Keep in mind that currently this command only works from the main chat bar, not in a PM window or with something entered in the whisper box. It will also not work through !lgp, only through @lgp. Use @square on/off/1-14 to enable/disable/change the size of the Square around your character. Use @circle to toggle the circle around your character. Use @aoes to toggle the display of AoE skills such as Storm Gust, Magnus Exorcismus, et cetera. For a full guide on how to use this command, please check out the LGP Guide! An unfortunate downside of the new client is that for unknown reasons, the Player Amount was removed from the server select upon login. We will compensate for this by fixing up the player count in the patcher in the near future. New command: @partybuff Along with the new client, we would also like to introduce a brand new Bonus Bundle command: @partybuff. This command allows you to see the Buff Status of your party members within either the Party Window or the small on-screen display. It works by putting a buff display in front of the player names. The command currently can display the following buffs: Blessing (B) Increase Agility (A) FCP (F) Soul Link (S) Devotion (+) In particular for support classes, this will make it much easier to see which of your party members needs to be rebuffed! We are currently looking into ways to expand this command to support more buffs, but for the time being we hope you enjoy this initial release. New limited edition costume For a limited time, you can purchase the One-winged Feather Costume from the Talon Shop at a cost of 7,500 Talon Cash. This limited edition costume will surely steal the show! All in all, we hope you enjoy all the new features of this client. Please let us know about any issues you might get! Happy Gaming~
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    It is our great pleasure to officially announce the launch date of the many long-awaited updates from Project Iduna! We're putting all of the finishing touches of this suite of comprehensive updates which are all designed to refresh and update your TalonRO experience unlike any other! The official release date will be on July 6th, 2019! Mark your calendars and get ready now - because what awaits you is nothing short of extraordinary. In case you missed it, TalonRO's most anticipated announcement brings new levels of thrills and excitement with Project Iduna. We're finally pleased to unveil our massive operation of switching to rAthena! The largest, most comprehensive elevation in TalonRO's 12 year history - and we're introducing more content than ever before! Rest assured, we will still remain a Pre-Renewal Server, but with the new and improved infrastructure rAthena's client brings to immerse players in a more streamlined, user friendly gaming experience. This switch brings with it some incredible features - which we'll fully unveil on July 6th. For a preview of some of them, visit our Project Iduna Preview post and click around to see just a sampling of what awaits you! We're looking forward to bringing you these features (and much more) on July 6th! Get ready, stock up, dust off your favorite gear, and get ready for an experience unlike any other in TalonRO!
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    March is here, it's once again time for our Monthly Maintenance! With a new monthly costume box and TamTam's Odyssey region, we'll be looking at scheduling a second reboot mid-month to introduce new cards, instanced Ancient Tower and Valkyrie's Bazaar updates. We're also in the process of updating you on our progress regarding future content, so stay tuned for more! For now, enjoy our updates~ New TamTam's Odyssey Region: Hugel Fields Abyss Lake Dungeon General Updates Taekwon Kick skills should now work on Barricades. Bug Fixes Baba Yaga and Uzhas Cards now have their correct item descriptions and names. Bangungot and Bakonawa Cards should now correctly drop at a 0.2% chance. Eggs of pets that ran away should now properly be removed from your inventory. If you have a broken egg in your hatch list, please send us a Support Ticket to get it removed. GMC Box Rotation Enchanted Dog Costume Vesper Headgear Costume Wave Box Rotation Little Garden Costume Fancy Spider Hat Costume Prepare yourselves for more updates this month! There will be at least one more reboot this month following this initial March Patch. Stay tuned for an upcoming wave of new cards! Monthly Box items with IDs 21291 - Giant_Cat_Bag_Costume [garment] 20974 - Walking_White_Cat_Costume 21374 - Sweet_Corone_Hair_Costume 20887 - Chung_E_Shinyon_Cap_Costume 21372 - Red_Wintery_Knit_Hat_Costume 21257 - Jitterbug_Cap_Costume 21373 - Sunglasses_Bear_Cap_Costume 21369 - Frill_Collar_Costume 20794 - Bone_Head_Costume 21351 - Pisces_Crown_Costume 20686 - Skull_Cap_Costume 20955 - Magistrate_Hat_Costume Hey everyone, quick personal note from Seiren here. As not everyone might have noticed, I have been more or less on a hiatus since mid-December until a few days ago. Due to some serious personal circumstances, I unfortunately had to temporarily take a step back from tRO as I shifted my attention to personal matters. Phoenix, Lance and the rest of the entire GM team have done a wonderful job on keeping the server updated and entertaining during this time and I wish to thank them a lot for that. That being said, quite some projects were put on hold due to my absence. The coming weeks and months I hope to be able to slowly shift my focus back to tRO which will also mean we can start introducing more new content than we could have the past month. Thank you everyone for your attention and your patience! -Seiren
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    August 13 update. Few more bugfixes done: Fixed not being able to change guild member position. Fixed boss monsters (not MVPs) dropping equipment items at a 1x rate instead of 3x. Fixed monsters in Wave Challenge sometimes spawning in walls. Fixed Nidhoggur's Nest instance not warping players properly during certain parts of the instance. This also fixes several other instances like Octopus Cave. Original topic: Now that most bugs (but not all of them yet!) have been solved, we are able to dedicate some time to actually returning some beloved features to our server. It has taken a little longer than we had initially hoped, but we're on the right track now. Thank you once again for your patience during this transitional phase! So, without further ado~ GM Challenge and Wave Challenge As the instancing system on rAthena has changed quite a bit, these scripts required a significant amount of recoding. Our initial idea of implementation unfortunately did not work out, so we had to go back to the drawing board. That being said, both are now fully implemented and should have full functionality as you are used to. The process of signing up for the instances has slightly changed. After the party leader generates the instance, each member has to separately enter the room. You will end up in a second (instanced) lobby where the party leader will be able to warp everybody in and start the instance. We have also slightly altered the way Return Lobbies work. In both GM Challenge and Wave Challenge, players can no longer disconnect for more than 15 minutes and then return to the game. If this happens, they will simply be warped back to Prontera. Another change was done to GM Challenge alone. We no longer use the Return Ticket system. Players can now return to the GM Challenge as often as they want, however you can now only warp back inside if at least one of your party members is still alive. If your entire party is dead, you can no longer use the Return Lobby. Voting system replacement First off, we have now enabled the Voting Points Converter NPC in the Reward Guru building. You will be able to claim your voting points as Talon Cash there right away. Now, you are likely aware of the Voting System no longer being utilized by TalonRO. Most of the topsites are full of Ads and many times even serve malware. Topsites in general are a thing from the past and based on our statistics, they don't actually result in many new players at all. For that reason, we decided to get rid of them and replace them with something new. The idea behind implementing the new system is that it should take a very small amount of time to get a reward. After all, voting didn't take more than a minute and you could get 40 Talon Cash every day if you kept track of the timings. After some digging, we found that people's Kafra Storages are absolutely full of Misc items that serve almost no purpose. So with the new system, we will be making use of that. You will now find an NPC called Daily Cash Betty in the same room as the Reward Guru. Every day, you can talk to that NPC (once per person) and get a very quick Item Collection quest. The amounts will range from 10 to 20 items. Complete the quest and you will be given 40 Talon Cash. This is the same amount you would get if you would vote on all voting sites twice per day. The items required for this quest are extremely easy and can be farmed on low-end monsters. We hope this new idea is a fair compromise after losing the Vote for Points system. Please let us know what you think~ New Donation System Another major change we've done this reboot is the Donation System. One complaint we've heard a lot in the past is the inability to donate with methods other than Credit Cards. With the method we used in the past, adding other options unfortunately was not viable. This has now changed. We are now utilizing the Commerce plugin on our forum software. As a result, the Donation page now links to our Store here on the forums, where the donation process will take place. This brings forth a few changes: Instead of being able to donate any custom amount, we now offer fixed packages. The great advantage of this new system is that we can now offer Bonus Talon Cash for people who make a larger donation. This was something that players have suggested for years now and we are finally able to offer this. The packages are as follow: $5.00 -> 500 Talon Cash (no bonus) $10.00 -> 1080 Talon Cash (8% bonus) $25.00 -> 2750 Talon Cash (10% bonus) $50.00 -> 5625 Talon Cash (12.5% bonus) $75.00 -> 8625 Talon Cash (15% bonus) $100.00 -> 11750 Talon Cash (17.5% bonus) $200.00 -> 24000 Talon Cash (20% bonus) $500.00 -> 62500 Talon Cash (25% bonus) Next to the usual payment through Cards, we now offer Google Pay as well. Google Pay is a new payment method that allows you to easily pay through either your browser or (preferably) through your mobile phone. A big advantage of this is that Google Pay offers support for PayPal. This should open up the donation system to people who were not able to do so before due to the lack of a Credit Card. While Google Pay is not available yet for all countries, it's quite wide-spread now and continues to become available to more countries. Donations are now directly tied to the new Support system. If you have any questions about a donation you made, you can directly send a support ticket through the payment. Bugfixes and improvements And lastly, we have of course fixed various bugs and made several improvements again: Lif's Mental Change skill now has a shorter cooldown to accommodate not being able to reset the cooldown by recalling the Homunculus: Level 1: 10 minutes to 2 minutes Level 2: 15 minutes to 4 minutes Level 3: 20 minutes to 6 minutes Fixed Rainbowrings never opening the portal to the Ginnunggap. Bragi Cast Reduction portion no longer adds together with items/cards and now multiplies like it used to. Cart Termination now properly goes through Cicada Skin Shedding and Auto Guard as officially intended and how it worked before. Fixed an exploit where you could change the Guild Leader by right clicking in the Guild Window and thus bypassing the Reward Guru. Thank you to the people who have reported this and shame on those who have been exploiting this the past days. In order to make it harder for scammers to trick players into believing they are talking to a GM, you can no longer join a player chatroom if your job level is lower than 50. This system was already in place for creating a chatroom, but not yet for joining. While we understand that it's a mild annoyance to the legit players, it's done in an effort to keep everyone safe. Like before, transcendent classes do not have this level requirement.
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    Flowers of Midgard~ IGN : Aanwal Flower pots, or, how to bring the gifts of Spring back to your home! (and adorn your room during quarantine) — GM Challenges — GM Radius, the Botanist — Alnoldi, Drosera, Flora, Geographer, Mandragora, Muscipular, Nepenthes (an invasive specie from the new world) GM Haziel, Grind all night long — Mistress GM Alisa, where Magic happens — I drew Mistress as a fairy, like her card illustration GM Phoenix, Rank it up — Cultivated mushroom in a pot GM Luna, Millenial — Light pastel colour
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    🌸GM Radius Challenge - The Botanist 🌸 Artwork No.1 Artwork No.2 Artwork No.3 Billybutton Cherry Blossom Cosmo Hellebore Peony Poppy Sunflower Bellflower Cherry Blossom Gumamela Hellnore Daisy Peony Sunflower Forget-me-not Hydrangea Lavender Lily of the Valley Marigold Sunflower Violets 🌸GM Xing Challenge - Party Crasher 🌸 🌸GM Luna Challenge - Millennial 🌸 ARTWORK NO.1 ARTWORK NO.2 🌸GM Luna Challenge - Millennial🌸 🌸GM Creed Challenge - Praise the Sun 🌸 ARTWORK NO.3 IGN: Katly
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    Introducing: Episode 14.2 Eclage! In their effort to trace the trails left behind by Satan Morocc, brave adventurers have crossed Bifrost into a mysterious city, Eclage. Laphines in Eclage were completely isolated from Splendide because of the Forest of Mist. Despite the extreme dangers, the adventurers have made their way to Eclage, pleasantly surprising the Laphines. Due to the will of the Bifrost Tree, all residents and visitors within the city's limits are able to communicate freely despite differing languages. Together with this new episode comes a new expedition to earn a unique reward and an additional event that will take players far beyond. Read on for more details as well as more updates launched during this maintenance such as Ancient Tower, New Cards, TamTam's Odyssey, Monthly Box, Battlegrounds, Valkyrie Bazaar and much more! New Episode Content Eclage Village is accessible through the Warp Girl, however this can only be done when the Eclage Entrance Quest has been completed. In order to get to Eclage through normal means, you can take the Mora east exit and speak to the Teleport Cat. This new episode adds many exciting new features such as the Blooming Flower Land, the challenging Bifrost Tower, Stat Gloves, new Consumables, Costumes, Custom Gears and a whole new storyline to follow. All fully rebalanced for our Pre-Renewal environment, this will surely add new exciting gameplay for young and old~ Eclage Quests There are a variety of new quests that have been implemented with this new episode. Help the Laphine Fairies with multiple tasks, pranks and find out more about the Dimensional Rift, Satan Morocc and time travel! Eclage quests will reward you with Splendide Coins (yes, the same ones earned in the town of Splendide) which can be spent on a variety of new consumables, gears and more! The following quests will be available: Eclage Entrance Quest Encounter in a Strange Land Oliver Wolf Hood Quest Mysterious Robbery Light & Darkness Memory of Professor Worm Wanted to be Big and Beautiful Troublesome Fairies Eclage Daily Quests Race to Top 10: Eclage Hall of Fame Event To celebrate the release of Episode 14.2: Eclage, we would like to introduce a brand new event that you will also start seeing on future content releases. The first 10 players who complete all of the Eclage quests (not including the daily quests) and speak to the Eclage Hall of Famer, will win a brand new Tink Pet! This adorable fairy pet is one-of-a-kind and will surely steal the show. While it is Account-Bound, you will be able to claim it on your other game account through the vending machine in Lutie. On top of the pet, your name will forever be remembered in the Top 10 at the Event Hall of Famer NPC! New Consumables The city of Eclage offers four brand new consumables. As these are Renewal-based consumables, they have vastly different effects officially. We have taken it upon ourselves to transform these items into interesting additions to our Pre-Renewal gaming environment: Peony Mommy Snow Flip Slapping Herb Yggdrasil Dust The items, with the effects shown in the image above, can be purchased from Herb Merchant Plafina at the Eclage Plaza for 5 Splendide Coins each or can be obtained in Bifrost Tower by killing a variety of Lichtern monsters. Some additional disclaimers about these new consumables: Only 1 can be active at a time (ex: you can't use a Peony Mommy together with a Snow Flip. Using a Peony Mommy while Snow Flip is active overwrites Snow Flip). These buffs are disabled on death. These buffs are not removed by Dispell. New Mobs & Drops With a brand new update comes brand new mobs and brand new items to explore! As per usual, due to this being renewal content originally it has to be adjusted to fit our unique pre-renewal environment! These changes and additions were made with TalonRO specifically in mind. The experience, zeny, and drop potential is adjusted accordingly to make a fitting experience for our server. You can view the below spoilers to gain more information on the mobs as well as the 5 new gear drops that were specifically added for our server! These drops have been distributed among a variety of mobs that spawn on the new field Blooming Flower Land outside of Eclage as well as the three levels of Bifrost Tower. Along with the brand new items that have been added, drop rates of official drops have increased and a variety of other useful drops have been added to these monsters. New Mobs New Items Costume Maker In Eclage Plaza, you will find Replication Expert Paltu. This wonderful new NPC can turn several existing headgears into Costume versions if you bring him the right materials! A couple of official costumes were removed from his selection as they have been used in other areas on TalonRO, but he has more than enough left to offer for all you fashionistas out there! Eclage Stat Gloves Introducing a new wave of accessories! They can be considered as the next step up beyond your traditional accessories such as Ring, Earring, et cetera. These items will be for Rebirth classes only, but do not have any other level requirement. Obtaining them is easy. By completing Splendide or Eclage storyline quests as well as Daily Quests, you will earn Splendide Coins. Exchage 10 Splendide Coins at Armor Merchant Naphara in Eclage Plaza and she will give you a non-slotted Stat Glove of choice. If you feel adventurous, you may try to add a slot to your glove by giving 5 Splendide Coins to Slot Expert Nattuer. She will then attempt to add a slot to your item. Keep in mind, there is a strong chance of failure, so try this at your own risk! The reward of having a slotted Stat Glove is definitely worth it, though! More information on these accessories can be found below: An Unexpected Alliance After having completed the Light & Darkness Quest, a new temporary event will open up that will be the start of a large expansion to TalonRO and beyond! Start by talking to Rin at the Eclage Plaza. She will inform you about a desire to expand Hiel's work with the Dimensional Rift Fragment to a much larger scale! We're talking Time Travel here, folks! This exciting new quest that offers daily tasks with marvelous rewards spans throughout the world of Rune Midgard, Eclage as well as Midgard Camp. Meet old companions such as Chief Balrog, Rin and Hiel and discover what magic lies beyond the Dimensional Rift and work towards the Reconstruction of Morocc and much more! After having finished the main quest, Rin, Chief Balrog and Hiel will offer you daily quests to earn Morocc Merit Certificates that can be exchanged at the vending machine at Morocc spawn. This exciting new custom content to TalonRO will be the start of something big. We hope you enjoy! Whew, that just about covers the new Eclage episode! Now, let's continue with some other updates! And with that, we are proud to announce the release of Ancient Tower, along with a batch of new cards, exclusive Valkyrie's Bazaar costumes, pets and a ton of other Quality of Life improvements. We hope you enjoy our latest content, and appreciate your patience throughout the development process! See below for more details. Battle of the Nine Instances *The release of Ancient Tower is among us! In order to gain access, players will need to gather a party of up to 12 and speak to the Instance Girl NPC, where they will be warped to the Valkyrie's Hall. From there, you will be able to embark on an expedition to take on this challenging gauntlet. Those who complete the instance will win, among others, 25 Valkyrie Coins, 150 Talon Cash and a key to access the Valkyrie Bazaar. The instance can be played twice per week, with the cooldown resetting every Sunday, end of the day. Valkyrie's Hall will be the hallmark for all future Valkyrie content. Stay tuned as we continue to work and improve TalonRO's PvE experience by introducing more tower challenges among other thrilling instances! For more information, you can visit our latest blog entry by clicking here, including a list of the latest Valkyrie's Bazaar update featuring new pets and costumes. Alternatively you can read more on Valkyrie: BotN by checking out the website or joining our Discord. *This is based on the actual live-hosted Ancient Tower event. We will continue to monitor its difficulty as a scripted instance and make adjustments to the gameplay, mob difficulty and/or rewards in the coming weeks/months as we see fit. New Cards The remaining Episode 13 cards have arrived! These have been in the works for a long time and we're happy to finally release them! This wave introduces 20 brand new cards. As usual, only the MVP Cards will be purchasable through the Talon Shop at a cost of 2000 Talon Cash. Regular monster cards can only be obtained through farming! Next up, at a future patch, be prepared for yet another wave of cards, including Biolabs 4 cards! For now, view the spoiler below for all new card information. April Monthly Box Our Monthly Box has been refreshed with a variety of new and returning costumes. Check out the image above or try them out at the Dressing Coach with the IDs below: Giant Cat Bag Costume [Garment] - #21291 Walking Baby Polar Bear Costume - #21413 Lovely Ribbon Hair Costume - #21370 Heavenly Dark Flame Costume - #20256 Protection Crown Costume - #20276 Brown Wintery Knit Hat Costume - #21371 Dragon Turtle Hat Costume - #20258 Feather Fedora Costume - #20984 Aries Crown Costume - #21352 Panda Hat Costume - #20511 Remover Hat Costume - #20671 Grand Peco Hairband Costume - #20515 TamTam's Odyssey The new TamTam's Odyssey region is Amatsu and Gonryun. Both the fields and dungeon maps are included, so be sure to farm there for Double EXP as well as Talon Cash and Bronze Coin drops! Misc Updates When killing a monster and a card drops, it now emits a large purple pillar of light on top of the card, for easy visibility. Improvements to Doctor NPCs: You can now fully heal yourself even when wearing Golden Thief Bug-carded shields. When doing a full HP and SP heal, the Doctor now also removes a variety of common negative status effects: Poison Curse Silence Confusion Blind Bleeding Change Undead Orcish Face Critical Wounds GM Challenge and Wave Challenge lobbies now have a Kafra for storage use. Oliver Wolf Hood Costume no longer drops from GMC boxes due to the release of the Eclage episode. We will update the boxes in the near future to compensate for the removal. The @time command now has a new row that displays Day of the Year. It will also display if today is Day of the Sun, Day of the Moon, or Day of the Stars accordingly. Basic Skill in-game description no longer displays chatroom creation at level 4 due to its stricter regulations on tRO. Asura Strike in-game description now displays that it has an 8 second cooldown in PvP. Battlegrounds Updates Deserting a BG Match now applies to the entire forum account. This solves players leaving a match that they expect to lose and join the winning team on another character. Added special BG Food Items, purchasable through Erundek NPC: Items can only be used during BG matches. Effect disappears after every BG match. +5 items cost 5 Valor Coins. +8 items cost 10 Valor Coins. Military Ration B and C now cost 100 Valor Coins instead of 150. WoE White Potion now weighs 5 instead of 10 and costs 3 Valor Coins instead of 5. WoE White Potion 30 Box now costs 75 Valor Coins instead of 100. WoE Blue Potion now costs 4 Valor Coins instead of 7. WoE Blue Potion 10 Box now costs 35 Valor Coins instead of 140. Siege White Potion now costs 4 Glory Coins instead of 5. Siege Blue Potion now costs 10 Glory Coins instead of 15. Siege Blue Potion 10 Box now costs 75 Glory Coins instead of 100. Bug Fixes Jewelcrafting Menu should no longer display Rough Gems when Crafting. Fixed WoE Hub Flags not correctly displaying the emblem of the current castle owner. Weapon Refine in-game description should now correctly display as an Active Skill instead of Passive Skill. Vending and Buying stores should no longer end up in areas they are not meant to be at. Fixed winter scarves not showing up in the Costumes slot in Kafra Storage. Small fixes to Day of the Sun/Moon/Stars calculation. Fixed warp in Umbala being blockable by players who did not do the required quest. Fixed Hillthion mob name in Manuk fields to Hillslion. Valkyrie Bazaar updates New garment costumes: Blade Relic Costume (1250 Valkyrie Coins) Seeker Relic Costume (1250 Valkyrie Coins) Magus Relic Costume (1250 Valkyrie Coins) New pets (food is Elysian Herb, purchaseable at 1 Valkyrie Coin or as a drop from a new mob type; Elysian Seed): Celine Kimi (900 Valkyrie Coins) Shroud (700 Valkyrie Coins) Geiravor Disciple (1500 Valkyrie Coins) Geiravor Partisan (1500 Valkyrie Coins) Saga (1250 Valkyrie Coins) Rainbow (700 Valkyrie Coins) Soheon (800 Valkyrie Coins) Rudo (750 Valkyrie Coins) Price changes: A variety of items have received price changes. Some have become cheaper while others (mostly consumables) have become more expensive. This is due to the release of the Ancient Tower instance. Repair Scroll and White Cat Ear Costume removed due to buggy behaviour. GMC Box Rotation Poring Soap Pipe Costume - #20716 Wind of the Prairie Costume - #20271 Wave Box Rotation Siroma Fur Hat Costume - #21057 Open Air Headset Costume - #20809 We wanted to take this moment to thank the community for their support throughout the years and choosing TalonRO as your home. With this month's release, we hope you continue to enjoy your experience and wish everyone's utmost safety and well being throughout the covid-19 pandemic. We'd like to also re-assure players that the database and SQI/Seals revamp are still our priority, with news of our progress soon to be announced in the coming weeks. Having said that, we thank you dearly for your patience. TalonRO is off to a great start this year. The staff team have been working extremely hard to release new content and reshape our older content. Although things are going great, we strongly believe things could get even better -- but we can’t do this alone. It is now time to reach out to you players to help the server grow. We get more than half of our players from Ratemyserver and your reviews are basically FREE advertisement for the server. The more players we get the more active the server will be -- PvE content, WoE, Battlegrounds and more people to socialize and enjoy TRO with. All we ask from you is to take 5 minutes to write or renew your review at Ratemyserver. We ask so little, and ask often, yet we are ignored by the majority of the players all the time. To the players that left a review more than three months ago, please renew it by deleting your old review and writing a new one. Things have changed drastically since 2019, let us know how we are doing! And finally, if you've left a review in the last 3 months, please encourage your friends online to write a review. Thank you. Leave an RMS review In other news, we are pleased to announce our next Staff AMA which will be held on Discord 2nd April (5pm server time). Save the date, ask Boreas why you were banned, how Radius keeps his golden locks so fabulous or which member of the staff team has an addiction to Oreo cookies. As always, we hope you enjoy our latest content release! We're looking forward to bringing you more updates and features as the year continues. Thank you again for all your support, and Happy Gaming!
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    IGN: Ardinda GM Spica Challenge: Add a Christmas cake somewhere in your artwork. + 1 GM Alisa Challenge: 12 Days of Christmas! - Include twelve (12) Christmas gift boxes. +2 GM Creed Challenge: Nobody should be left alone for the holidays. Include Antonio (either being naughty or nice). +2 GM Lance Challenge: Include TamTam in your artwork. +2 GM Gowther Challenge: Incorporate a gingerbread house with a white cat in the door in your artwork. +2 GM Haru Challenge: Include a hot drink in your artwork. +1
  21. 26 points
    IGN: Cat Valium GM Challenges: GM Aqua Challenge: Include a snowball fight. + 2 GM Creed Challenge: Nobody should be left alone for the holidays. Include Antonio (either being naughty or nice). +2 GM Lance Challenge: Include TamTam in your artwork. +2 GM Xing Challenge: Include cats with Christmas outfits. +2 GM Gowther Challenge: Incorporate a gingerbread house with a white cat in the door in your artwork. +2
  22. 26 points
    IGN: I Need Food I sleep a little bit less everyday to squeeze time for this, totally worth it ! Update: 2019-10-16 more details Update: 2019-10-17 some pumpkin details and rework Tamtam Update: 2019-10-28 I didn't like how much contrast there were in the painting, so more details to Jakk and Tamtam face pumpkin GM Creed Challenge () Include Jakk (the monster) GM Radius Challenge () Include at least 7 pumpkins (big tamtam face pumpkin,3 on the right, 1 on the left, small one in the middle, and Jakk head) GM Mikzie Challenge () Include TamTam wearing a costume (rocket raccoon) GM Haziel Challenge () Include only five colors (tints/tones/shades of each color are OK). You must name all colors you used in your post. Orange, Yellow, Cyan-Blue, Red, Cyan-Green
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    Hello, Here is my entry for the Spring Loading Screen Contest. - In game name: xRana - Challenges: Good luck everyone, Thanks
  24. 25 points
    IGN: IceDryst Baby Gopinich waking up after the long winter 🌸GM Alisa Challenge - Spring is Where the Magic Happens ()🌸 🌸GM Haziel Challenge - Grind All Night Long ()🌸
  25. 25 points
    In-game name: =Aviana= GM Challenges: GM Aqua Challenge (include a snowball fight) it's outside the window >_< GM Spica Challenge (Add a christmas cake in your artwork) GM Lance Challenge (Include Tamtam in your artwork) GM Haru Challenge (Include a hot drink in your artwork) aviana in her natural habitat, getting ready for christmas and drinking her hot choco
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    It is our great pleasure to finally unveil the latest update to TalonRO: Iduna. This is our most anticipated update, as well as massive in scope - one of the most ambitious things that we have ever attempted in our quest to update your experience on TalonRO and to bring the game that you love into an entirely new state of being. The Iduna update represents many months of work, testing, iterations, feedback, technical know-how, and intensive balancing all to bring you an entirely updated experience while preserving the aspects of our beloved game. The Iduna Update is first and foremost a switch to rAthena - a completely comprehensive engine which underpins all of TalonRO’s mechanics and gameplay characteristics. This update is far from trivial - rather, it provides an entirely new platform by which to offer incredible new content, updates, and many more features that preserve the best of your experience while bring it into entirely new frame. We are pleased to announce that this transition is complete, and TalonRO will remain the same wonderful pre-Renewal experience that you have come to love, while bringing the best of the latest innovations to bear and transform your gaming experience into one that is fit to continue our 12 year tradition. The Iduna update is all about allowing you to have more fun, making your in-game expeditions more memorable, intense, and making your time on TalonRO the best to date! The updates that accompany Iduna are almost too memorable to mention individually – rather, this update represents a composite of ne innovations and content that are designed to work synergistically together and take this monumental update into a wonderful new experience for you and your adventures through Midgard. The Iduna update will require you to update TalonRO - but this is easily done by simply running your patcher and downloading the update as normal. To ensure that you are receiving the latest content updates with Iduna, simply start TalonRO through your patcher, and let the update install and commence. In the event that the patcher fails to properly install the latest patch for Iduna, simply manually install the latest download from the TalonRO webpage by accessing our download link here: https://talonro.com/download/ Once downloaded, please reinstall TalonRO and overwrite your files in your TalonRO folder, then proceed to patch as normal. Please note: Homunculus AI will need to be reinstalled manually, as this latest update contains compatibility changes that will presently be incompatible with existing custom AIs. If this situation is applicable to you, please reinstall your homunculus AI manually after the Iduna update has been patched to TalonRO. Important: MirAI will unfortunately no longer work with the new Iduna client. Any other AI, given that you are using their latest version, should work. DLL related issues [MSVCR100.dll], refer to [this download] to get Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86). When first launching TalonRO, you will also be introduced to our new anti-cheating system software – called Gepard Shield. Gepard Shield represents an entirely new level of sophistication in security for your account, as well as allows for all players to participate on equal footing by invoking more comprehensive anti-cheating technology. At first launch, Gepard Shield will likely prompt you with a message warning you about illegal files within your folder - however, please note that this is nothing to be concerned about, as this is a one time error message. Instead, Gepard Shield will automatically move a number of files into a new folder within your TalonRO directory, ensuring an intended fix that allows you to play the game normally. The Iduna update features a number of incredible new additions – many of which are too numerous to almost mention! However, were happy to provide an update and recap of some of our most important highlights - many of which you’ve seen before in our teaser information, but some of which we are happy to share with you as new features that we hope you will find wonderful and entirely welcome: For starters, as with any major release, there's a good chance that bugs will be around. If you find anything that seems wrong or exploitable, please report it in our Bug Report Forum. Currently, the Control Panel is offline. Please bear with us as we re-implement it, likely this weekend still. Read more about that below. Also, along with a few other missing features that will take us a little longer to re-implement, we currently have GM Challenge, Wave Challenge and the Reward Guru disabled. This will take us only a tiny bit of time to fix. They were a bit too major to release straight away with our Iduna launch but will be released very shortly! Now, a small selection of some of Iduna's new features. Numerous new and changed features you will have to find out in-game by exploring! For screenshots, also refer to our Project Iduna announcement topic. First off, check out the Project Iduna announcement topic for screenshots and features A lot of game mechanics fixes. Moving to rAthena means lots of skills or mechanics that worked the wrong way are now fixed. This may give you an advantage but it may also mean gameplay can become slightly more challenging! Poem of Bragi revamp. Check our Dev Blog for more information. Gepard Shield: Our old anti-cheating software has not been updated in many years and is no longer being used. We have replaced it by Gepard Shield which is much more powerful and will make it even harder for botters and other cheaters to get ahead of you! Channel System: rAthena has replaced the !main/!market/!recruit systems You now chat by using #main, #market and #recruit in your whisper box You can also bind a channel to your regular chat so that typing in public will show up in the global chat of your choice. Simply type @channel bindto #channelname You can now also set up your own private channel, available to share with other people. Use @channel for more information about this! New commands: !ping Gathers specific information regarding your ping within 2 minutes after use including average, minimum, and maximum reply time, as well as packets sent, received, and lost. !vsync Enables and Disables the limit of FPS. /navi mapname x/y Draws a path from your current location to the given mapname, x, y. /quake Disables screen shake effects. /cashshop Disables and Re-Enables Cash Shop Icon. [Shift + Click] on Inventory Items Creates an item link in the chat which can be sent to other players. It can be clicked, which produces the same effect as if you right clicked the item. This feature is also present in whosell and whobuy! Many, many more, such as identifying items with a single click, adding items to Kafra Storage with a single click, you name it! New Mechanics/Features: Talon Cash & Cash Shop Replacing Copper Coins, Talon Cash is a new intangible currency which has a value of 2, in comparison to Copper Coins previously having a value of 1. For comparison, this means 100 Talon Cash = 1 Talon Coin. Note: Talon Coins will still be around as a tradeable method for Talon Cash. Replacing a big portion of the Reward Guru, the Cash Shop can be found at the top right of the Client. Here you can purchase Special Items, Weapons, Armors, Hats, Cards, Kahos, and PCBs which was previously done with the Reward Guru. There is a new Search Item feature to quickly find what you're looking for! This can only be used in town maps. MvP Tombstone Replacing !killannounce, a tombstone will now spawn where an MvP previously died. Navigation System Quickly find any NPC or Mob in the game utilizing the Navigation system. Additionally, you can have it draw a path should it be able to find a path to your choice. This system is still a WIP and does not contain absolutely everything as of yet. New Bank System By pressing [Ctrl + b] or clicking the button in your main menu you can access the brand new bank feature built into the client which offers more possibilities than the previous bank system. This can only be used in town maps. Rodex [Mail] System Replacing the mailbox, there is now a built in mail system in the client, accessible through a button in your main menu. You will get a notification at the top right when you receive mail. This can only be used in town maps. Equipment Swapping When opening your equipment window and pressing [Set Item Setting], you can now set a secondary equipment set. Then by pressing [Change], you will automatically switch your gear sets. This feature has a cooldown! Item Comparison When you have items equipped on your character, you you right click items in your inventory, they are now compared side by side. Replay System The replay system is now implemented fully as of this client and can be used properly. You can replay videos by going into the client and clicking Replay in the login window. Favorites Tab A new tab in your inventory below Etc. You can place any item in here, and to do so you simply drag onto the Fav tab. Having items in this tab allows you Lock NPC selling as well as align the items. New Merchant Carts Cart users can now utilize new cart designs by using the Change Cart 2 skill! Character position swapping With a new feature from the Reward Guru, you can now swap character positions within the same account. Updated Mechanics: Quest Log Offers more categories and ways to present quests. By default, all quests will end up in the Act tab. This quest log will later be updated after the initial launch. Party Window Party member entries can now be dragged outside of the party window, placed on the side, and accessed without having to open the party window itself. Guild Window and New Guild Skill Guild members will now have a last logged on date below their member entry. Creating a guild requires an Emperium as an item again, rather than it being completely free. New skill [Guild Storage Expansion]. This skill is needed to expand the storage space of the guild storage and usage of the storage. All existing guilds have received 5 extra levels to make up for the 5 new skill points required. Homunculus/Pets Pets and Homunculi now have a hunger meter to show when you have to feed them. More pets should have their intended dialogue now! Exact Stat Progression is now displayed every time a Homunculus levels up, making it much easier to pinpoint the exact stats you want when training. Game Account Gender Gender is now decided by character as opposed to your account. This means you can have male and female characters on the same account now. Whosell/Whobuy Now supports the new item link feature when making searches. Also has a cleaned up information display and is more accurate than before. Coming Soon: !expcount, Lottery, Card Recycling, Slot Machine, and Plagiarism NPC. For now these features are omitted, but will return shortly after this launch. Achievements System Will be functional at a currently unconfirmed date, built into the client and offers new ways to reward players! Battlegrounds Queing System Will be completed and operational after Battleground's short hiatus. Control Panel Revamp Moreover, the Iduna update also has given our player control panel a completely new look and feel - which is intended to synchronize seamlessly with the new back and changes in rAthena. This new panel is very rudimentary for the time being - owed to the fact that the internal structure of rAthena is completely different, and our player control panel had to be revamped from the ground up! With the revamp of the Control Panel, we have also decided to retire the Vote for Points sytem. Topsites are a relic from an ancient time that don't really benefit the server in any way anymore. On top of that, the system is very prone to abuse. In the coming weeks we will replace this with a new system to get you your free Talon Cash with little effort! This means an opportunity to completely rebuild the clear control panel from scratch, along with redesigning the user experience and interface for a more modern, slick, and lightweight panel experience that will enable and facilitate better usability and design. Additional pages for the control panel will be added back in later weeks as we continue to build out its functionality and form. Thank you for your patience as we continue to get all of the panel components up and running - we know that that will be worth the wait as we bring you a much more streamlined player control panel experience! Finally, the Iduna update is only the tip of the iceberg - as we mentioned, this switch over to rAthena enables us to more readily add in and improve existing features within TalonRO. Some of these changes include edits to classic additions and innovations from TalonRO, which are now made to be compatible and updated within this incredible new change. These changes are as follows: Our many minigame offerings are also undergoing a new revamp as well! Many games within the TalonRO ecosystem will be replaced by our newest innovation: the Comodo Carnival! Details on this latest change will be forthcoming in a subsequent update - and were looking forward to completely renovating the minigame experience to bring you something fresh, innovative, and most of all: fun! This feature will be coming soon, most likely within a week from launch, complete with the old minigames (including long needed improvements and tweaks to these games) and some brand new games added to the roster! So please hang in just a bit longer. It will be worth the wait! We are presently working on a revamp of this feature, meaning that all Seals have been disabled for the time being as we undergo this renovation. Please note that SQI creation and the bonuses area are both still open. We’re looking forward to unveiling our new offering in this space and bring you a refreshed Super Quest Item gameplay experience! We're sorry for this inconvenience, but the wait will be worth it! TamTam’s Gift Region. This much beloved monthly bonus incentive has been changed to reflect the latest evolution in TamTam’s journey – called TamTam’s Odyssey! We are presently halfway through this latest update, with the bonus maps being all set and ready - while champion monsters been removed. These will be replaced at a later date with something entirely new - and we're looking forward to refreshing this monthly update for you to challenge you on an entirely new adventure, with rewards that await you unlike any that you’ve ever seen before! Our BG offering is an intense modification of the existing Battlegrounds experience, and so to ensure proper stability game-wide, we have temporarily disabled the Battlegrounds system as we monitor the stability of these most recent changes. The reason for temporarily disabling this system is to focus on providing a stable gaming experience across all of TalonRO - and due to the intensive nature of the many custom BG changes we made, we will be reintroducing Battlegrounds once we have verified that the systems are stable and ready to accommodate our very custom Battlegrounds offering. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, however, we're positive that it will be better than before! So please hang in a bit longer. Embark on a heroic expedition with Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine. A unique PvM hallmark for TalonRO. Valkyrie: BotN will be part of an expansive adventure filled with brand new content for 2019. Along with fixed instances, Valkyrie will bring a whole new playing field in addition to exclusive rewards, new mobs, MVPs and end-game dungeons. Click here for more info! The Iduna update represents a huge leap forward in our ability to offer both existing changes to your gaming experience, and provide you a platform with which to introduce an entirely new world of future changes never before seen exhalation point the best way to experience all of these changes is to dive right in and learn all about what Iduna has brought - from new changes in interface design, hardware support for graphic drivers and visualizations, a completely redesigned navigation system and in-client features, equipment and replay systems, per-character gender options, and so much more! . We hope that you will enjoy the latest updates and experience just how deep and wide these changes to your gameplay experience go - knowing that it is the TalonRO that you love made completely better! Thank you as always for your continued support - we hope these changes represent our commitment to you to bring you the best gaming experience possible. May your adventures continue on – and as always, happy gaming!
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    A couple more for fun! I'd have loved to do some more based on more of my favorite cities. Would have loved to do Morroc as well but probably won't have time. 😭 IGN: Nichoman
  28. 24 points
    Here my first postcard from Midgard Camp's slack- err.. tribe *waves*, a pixel artwork. A lovely summer night with my dearest guildmates. Cheers Ngards. IGN: Nyphia
  29. 23 points
    IGN: Ji Bio A change from my melancholy Christmas. Date under the cherry blossom trees. Models are from my BF's SG and my Bio. Hope you guys like it~! GM Challenges: 🌸GM Haziel Challenge - Grind All Night Long ()🌸 Include MVP or Mini-Boss in your piece. (The Eclipse in the lower left) 🌸GM Mizkie Challenge - Sleeping Bunnies ()🌸 Include a sleeping Lop Rabbit. (Accompanying the Eclipse) 🌸GM Lance Challenge - Land of the Rising Sun ()🌸 Include Cherry Blossom petals. 🌸GM Phoenix Challenge - Rank it up ()🌸 Include Plant Cultivation usage. (I hope the herbs can be seen) 🌸GM Luna Challenge - Millennial ()🌸 Use only bright pastel colours. 🌸GM Creed Challenge - Praise the Sun ()🌸 Include a Star Gladiator. This is another submission. Just in case my first one wont make it.
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    IGN: Nayrue GM Challenges: GM Spica Challenge: Add a Christmas cake somewhere in your artwork. + 1 GM Radius Challenge: Cone Job - Include an ice-cream cone, a carrot and a party hat. +2 GM Alisa Challenge: 12 Days of Christmas! - Include twelve (12) Christmas gift boxes. +2 GM Luna Challenge: Include TamTam wearing Father Christmas outfit somewhere in your artwork. +2 GM Lance Challenge: Include TamTam in your artwork. +2 GM Haru Challenge: Include a hot drink in your artwork. +1
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    I've never made a post here so please forgive me if I do this wrong IGN: Mrawl Challenges included: GM Kuma Challenge () Include a pot of honey GM Radius Challenge () Include at least 7 pumpkins GM Spica Challenge () Include Loli Ruri (the monster) GM Luna Challenge () Include a scary Deviruchi-faced full moon GM Gowther Challenge () Include a white cat sleeping on a pumpkin GM Azul Challenge () Include four skeleton heads, and indicate their locations in your post ((I included one extra incase the 4 skulls in the BG were too subtle) Thank you for hosting the contest and good luck to everyone -
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    We are already five days into the Iduna update and are still hard at work making everything work properly. Today we've completed quite a big maintenance which solved a number of outstanding bug reports. We hope this improves everyone's TalonRO experience! Also, we are still doing our best to find out what's causing the in-game client crashes. We believe we're on the right track and will hopefully be able to release some fixes for that in the coming days. For the time being, if you or any of your friends have difficulty playing the game, we have updated our Iduna Troubleshooting Guide with a number of more articles, including a fix for players using dxVoodoo to play in 2k or higher resolutions, so be sure to check that out! For now, here's the changelog: Merged latest rAthena updates. Fixed character deletion not working properly. You should now be able to delete properly by using your account's e-mail address. Official walk pathfinding has been disabled and should now function like before. Ranged mobs should now see you when cutting corners, for example. Official Sharpshooting and North Wind behavior has been disabled and these skills should now behave like the old server. Official cell stacking limit has been disabled and reverted back to legacy behaviour. Heal Skill script formula has been corrected. Headgears such as Bacsojin should now properly work again. You can no longer use self targeted skills with storage open such as Ruwach. Bowling Bash no longer has the Gutter Line. Autospells no longer have any cast delays. You can no longer pick up items during Chase Walk. Fire Pillar can no longer be pushed by Sight Blaster. Ammo is no longer unequipped when switching to a non-bow weapon. Setting "monster remaining" announcements on Endless Tower should work again. Players setting up a private channel in-game can no longer force everyone to autojoin it. Guild leaders no longer get a storage cooldown upon opening Guild Storage. Fixed warp coordinates of castle flags. Fixed castle flags in towns not working anymore. Ground skills are now cleared when the caster dies. @identifyall no longer gives you a message for every identified item and only gives you a message for being successful or not. Ghostdancer additional buffs on soul link no longer work if the skill fails. Fixed mining rocks sometimes timing out unnecessarily. Fixed some incorrect NPC icon locations. Thank you all for your patience. Much love!
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    IGN: Tinfist Concept: The icon of Spring being friendly with the fuzzball of Winter, heralding that the changing of seasons isn't a dispute between 2 seasons, but merely passing the baton of nature's beauty in a perpetual cycle. GM Challenges: - 🌸GM Alisa Challenge - Spring is Where the Magic Happens ()🌸 (Include Fairies/Pixies and anything magical in your artwork) Uh... Mavka is a fairy, no?😂 - 🌸GM Seiren Challenge - Blossoming ()🌸 (Include Tulips.) On her garland, the leftmost one. - 🌸GM Blackstar Challenge - Bundle of Love ()🌸 (Include Camellia Flowers.) On her garland, the center one. - 🌸GM Lance Challenge - Land of the Rising Sun ()🌸 (Include Cherry Blossom petals.) Pretty much all across the pic + in the Spring season icon. - 🌸GM Spica Challenge - Full bloom ()🌸 (Include flower buds.) On her garland, the rightmost one. P.S. Is JPEG alright? Or should I submit the PNG instead?
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    ign: Tsumu GM Xing Challenge ()Include four different Niflheim monsters GM Haru Challenge () Include any of the in-game scarves It was meant to be the red waving scarf but... aha. GM Haziel Challenge () Include only five colors (tints/tones/shades of each color are OK). You must name all colors you used in your post. here's the palette I used: Purple, Orange, Violet, Magenta, Yellow Though I can understand if it doesn't end up qualifying for this one
  35. 22 points
    IGN : Koi Fish GM Mikzie Challenge ()Include TamTam wearing a costume GM Radius Challenge ()Include at least 7 pumpkins GM Luna Challenge ()Include a scary Deviruchi-faced full moon GM Gowther Challenge ()Include a white cat sleeping on a pumpkin GM Haziel Challenge () Include only five colors (tints/tones/shades of each color are OK). You must name all colors you used in your post. color : ("Orange", "yellow", "Black", "Gray", "White" ).
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    Posting this for now, might gonna edit again in the future (/ω\) IGN: Graytea Challenges: GM Creed Challenge () Include Jakk (the monster) GM Radius Challenge ()Include at least 7 pumpkins GM Haru Challenge () Include any of the in-game scarves
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    We’re thrilled about all that this month is bringing to Midgard! We also hope that you’ve been enjoying our Summer Race event - as well as our social media giveaway contests, to name a few! Our latest innovations coming with Iduna are part of our latest work in TalonRO’s twelfth year. We’re delighted that you are part of the TalonRO community - and we hope that you continue to enjoy your experience! Read on below for this month's latest - and as always: happy gaming! Added @iteminfo / @ii to Bonus Bundle commands. Fixed many palette problems. This should fix Summer Palettes not working and should also fix dark head sprites. In a few cases it may affect your existing color palettes, that unfortunately cannot be avoided. Potentially fixed the issue where the sprites of dead monsters remained on the screen. Please let us know if you are still having trouble with this! Fixed an issue with Chung E pets not working. Those with issues regarding this pet, please send a Support Ticket. Dressing Coach changes: Fixed an issue where players who didn't have a costume -and- did not have a regular headgear equipped could crash their client and those of other players when resetting styles or leaving the room. Dressing Coach is now located in a completely separate map just to make sure that nothing goes wrong in other rooms. Added a Stylist to the Dressing Coach room. Autocasted zeny-based skills no longer consume any zeny. Fixed an issue where if you'd cast a ground skill out of range, your character would walk towards it but never cast the skill. Added Glast Heim Chivalry and Glast Heim Staircase to the Warp Girl. Slotted Elemental Armors can now be worn by (Super) Novices. Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano [1] Saphien's Armor of Ocean [1] Aebecee's Raging Typhoon Armor [1] Claytos Cracking Earth Armor [1] Fixed announcements for Devil's Claw Machine continuing even after the game closed. Fixed a bug in Dual Monster Race where you would not always be able to claim your reward. You now have more time to pick up your loots in the Summer instance. Moved around some town NPCs here and there to make towns less messy. Fixed an issue with some event pets still running away. Fixed refining a level 3 weapon to +10 giving too many fame points for Blacksmiths. While we are still working on a major WoE revamp, we'd like to already introduce a few Quality of Life changes for War of Emperium. So without further ado: Wednesday WoE has now been moved to Saturday. This is done so that more players are available and European players will have a better chance to join WoE. Vanilla NonTrans is now at Saturday 15:00 server time instead of Wednesday 15:45 server time. Vanilla Regular is now at Saturday 16:15 server time instead of Wednesday 17:00 server time. Unrestricted Regular is now at Saturday 17:30 server time instead of Wednesday 18:15 server time. Improved the way Castle Flags work: Town Flags can now also warp castle owners to the entrance of the castle even when WoE is enabled. There is now a Warp Girl category which will warp anyone to the Castle Hubs. In the Castle Hub, you will find flags that can warp you. Castle Owners will use these flags to warp straight into the Pre-Emperium map. Non-Castle Owners can use these flags to warp to the entrance of the Castle. Castle Flags for WoE:SE maps can now also warp you to the Castle Map. Now for a few things that are arriving in the forthcoming weeks. Check it out and stay tuned! Ancient Tower will be the first of many automated instances coming to TalonRO, featuring a bespoke lobby which will house all future Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine content. With a new reward and ranking system in place, players will be able to organize a party to face the formidable tower and challenges that await them in Valhalla. AT is an increasingly difficult gauntlet themed around Valkyrie: BotN. Participating parties make their way up the 30th floor tower, with a special boss encounter every 10th floor. These battles function similar to ET, with players being required to defeat all monsters on a particular floor before the door to the next can open. Once on a floor, players are unable to go backwards. This is a good opportunity to farm for Valkyrie Coins as well as special Valkyrie Tokens for the Bazaar, where players can exchange these for special costumes, items, armaments and prizes! Many of you have been eagerly awaiting the return of Battlegrounds, and we are proud to unveil it in a whole new way that blends the excitement and spirit of Battlegrounds with months of planning and preparation. TalonRO's Battlegrounds System is a unique feature that blends the team aspects of GvG together with the action-packed pace of PvP. Together with carefully balanced changes to prizes, eligibility, and rules, we hope that our Battlegrounds system will prove challenging and fun to both those new to Battlegrounds and those who are familiar with its mechanics. We're excited to release this new feature over the coming weeks! We have been really busy discussing what new cards could make it into TalonRO and came to the conclusion that we want all of them! The past few weeks we have had many brainstorm sessions on designing these cards. Many of them are Renewal-based so a lot of them had to be redesigned from scratch. Nevertheless, we think these new cards will bring exciting new gameplay! The new cards will be released in groups, from various episodes and locations. To give you a glimpse: 13.1 Cards 13.2 Cards WoE:SE Dungeon Cards Port Malaya Cards Biolabs 4 Cards Moscovia Cards Brasilis Cards We're excited to announce the next episodic release of Ragnarok! The adventures in the Ash Vacuum continue as you delve deeper into Alfheim the land of the Laphine Fairies in Episode 14.2. In their efforts to continue to trace the path of Satan Morroc, brave adventurers crossed the legendary Bifrost bridge and discovered a lost city, Eclage. There they found that the Laphines of Eclage were completely separated from their brothers in Splendide because of the Hazy Forest Labyrinth. The city of Eclage was built around a giant tree and is the main base of the Laphines who created it to combat the Giants of Jotunheim. Be one of the first adventurers to explore this new land and help uncover the mysteries it has to offer! Visitors to the Village of Eclage will be enraptured by the natural beauty and whimsical architecture found there. Nearby, there is Bifrost Tower, a multi-level dungeon filled with the most dangerous monsters found in the region. Eclage introduces a number of unique monsters to the New World for adventurers to tackle. Stay tuned for an announced release date and upcoming news about Episode 14.2! Part of a brand new installment to Valkyrie: Battle of the nine, Dark Randgris is a new story lead instance where players are required to cleanse Valkyrie Randgris from the darkness that consumed her during the events of Nightmare's Rift. Dark Randgris is an invite-only instance (available from 20th September onwards), open to party leaders who have cleared Tower of Mischief. If you wish to gain access to Dark Randgris, click here to schedule a ToM slot or subscribe for notifications on available dates (updated bi-weekly).
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    Hi everyone! Started playing RO again after a whole year away... but now the only thing I want to do after work is play and draw RO 😭 Drew a couple after work today but I might submit more hehe! Some of my favs, AlonAlon and Bestemp, my wizard 😊 Happy summer everyone!
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    First ever post in the forums. Also a new player here. So this (artwork) kinda reflects my newbie status. My dependency on grape juice from the start and bad equips shown with the Cutter Dagger. P.S. I hope 3D Modelling is included under digital art. xdddddddd IGN: Sollertia ENTRY: GM CHALLENGES:
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    IGN : Koi Fish 🌸GM Mizkie Challenge - Sleeping Bunnies ()🌸 🌸GM Seiren Challenge - Blossoming ()🌸 🌸GM Phoenix Challenge - Rank it up ()🌸 🌸GM Luna Challenge - Millennial ()🌸 "Planting Plant at Spring Time!" *im bit not sure I do GM Luna Challange Bright pastel color properly ahahaha*
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    Henlo! Ign: Ilaris GM Challenges: 🌸GM Haziel Challenge - Grind All Night Long ()🌸 🌸GM Seiren Challenge - Blossoming ()🌸
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    Here’s my entry (in game name Feliciteas)! The girl in the drawing is my own character Feliciteas I’m also applying for GM Lance’s challenge! I hope you guys like it 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
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    Changelog 2019-11-22: Refine TamTam, destroy the ugly digital lens-blurred background "Mer...merry Christmas, friend", Antonio stuttered. IGN: IceDryst GM Lance Challenge: Include TamTam in your artwork. +2 GM Creed Challenge: Nobody should be left alone for the holidays. Include Antonio (either being naughty or nice). +2
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    Autumn 2019 Loading Screen Contest! Hello, my beary best friends! I just woke up from hibernation and BOY has the time flown by. It's now my favorite time of the year-- time for me to go back to sleep! While I'm still awake, though, I realize it's been a while since I've been involved in a cool and spooky event. Why don't we go ahead and fix that? Artists, rev up your pens, because we're having a good ol'-fashioned loading screen contest. Your entries must be both TalonRO-themed and Autumn -OR- Halloween-themed. The minimum size for entries is 1280 x 960 pixels. You're welcome to make it higher, as long as you maintain that 4:3 aspect ratio. All artwork must be 100% original and made for this contest. Artwork from other websites and sources is not allowed and will result in disqualification. Artwork may be digital or traditional, but traditional art must be scanned in at a quality appropriate for a loading screen. You may use screenshots and sprites from TalonRO to support your main image. You may also use the TalonRO logo (v1 and v2) if you like! Post your entries in this thread, and be sure to include your in-game name within your post. If you choose to complete any of the GM challenges below, you must note which GM challenges you have completed in your post. You may submit as many entries as you wish, but you may only win once. Please have ALL of your entries in one post. There will be five (5) winners. Each winner will receive: - 20x Talon Coins Abandoned Teddy Bear Egg October Costume Box - GM Challenges For the following challenges, you can complete as many as you wish, but you may only earn up to 5 bonus Talon Coins total. Per the rules above, don't forget to include which challenges you have completed as part of your post! GM Kuma Challenge () Include a pot of honey GM Lance Challenge () Include an MVP GM Mikzie Challenge () Include TamTam wearing a costume GM Creed Challenge () Include Jakk (the monster) GM Blackstar Challenge () Feature witches and pumpkin carriages GM Radius Challenge () Include at least 7 pumpkins GM Haru Challenge () Include any of the in-game scarves GM Seiren Challenge () Feature The Walking Dead-style zombie hunters GM Spica Challenge () Include Loli Ruri (the monster) GM Luna Challenge () Include a scary Deviruchi-faced full moon GM Gowther Challenge () Include a white cat sleeping on a pumpkin GM Haziel Challenge () Include only five colors (tints/tones/shades of each color are OK). You must name all colors you used in your post. GM Phoenix Challenge () Include the Curse status effect somewhere on a person or monster in your art GM Xing Challenge () Include four different Niflheim monsters GM Azul Challenge () Include four skeleton heads, and indicate their locations in your post - Deadline October 29th, 2019
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    IGN: SerKalt GM Kuma Challenge () Include a pot of honey - TamTam holds a pot of honey (the pot is in costume as a pot of 'hunny') GM Mikzie Challenge () Include TamTam wearing a costume - TamTam is dressed as a non-trademarked storybook stuffed ursine animal GM Creed Challenge () Include Jakk (the monster) - The Jakk featured is a pumpkin beauty guru/influencer and is there to judge the Pumpkin Carving Contest with TamTam GM Gowther Challenge ()Include a white cat sleeping on a pumpkin - The cat dreams it is whiter than it appears in the picture.
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    September has already ended and it's time for us to move into the last three months of the year, with many updates and events coming your way! Halloween coming up at the end of the month and Battlegrounds being mere weeks away. For now, we hope you enjoy our intermittent updates as we continue working on some major releases! A new TamTam's Odyssey region, Monthly Box, the return of Putty and some brand new cards! We now have our good old Autumn Prontera available to download! Simply download this file and drop it into your TalonRO folder. Restart your client and you should be good to go! Anyone who downloads the latest installers will already have this Prontera style available. Fixed flags at WoE castle entrances warping people who don't belong to the guild owning the castle to the castle entrance again. Card Exchanger Putty is back for all your Ancient Card Album needs. You can find her at her usual spot in Prontera. Valkyrie Key is now a usable which enables access to the Valkyrie Bazaar on people's entire master account upon consumption. Fixed a bug in Poring Catch and Rally where the game would spawn too many monsters. Evolved Pets should now properly delete the previous egg after evolution, fixing the "broken egg" problem with pet incubators. Changed the display of global chat from (for example) [Main] into [#main] to illustrate the new channel system more clearly. TamTam's Odyssey is moving onto a very popular region: Pyramids dungeon! As usual, this includes the Nightmare Pyramids levels for those higher-leveled players. We have a brand new selection of Monthly Costumes, including some player requests as well as the return of some player favorites. Let's also not forget the rotation of some GMC and Wave Box costumes! GMC Box rotation: Hunting Cap of Gust Costume Kamima Baphomet Horn Costume Wave Box rotation: Under Lamp Costume Lovely Fox Ears Costume The Fast Five winners for the Summer Race are here! Please PM @GM Seiren the character name you wish to receive your prize on. We'll make sure that you get the costume as soon as possible! As the #5 and #6 had the same amount of points, we have decided to roll with a Top 6 this time! Congratulations to the following players: @Cassidy (16) @Koriko (16) @Spellblade (13) @Bobito (12) @Boriz (10) @killerchip (10) As promised, here is the first batch of new cards, with many more batches to come! We are starting off with the Port Malaya cards! All non-MVP cards are drop-only, so you will have to farm the monsters to find these cards! MVP cards can be found in the Talon Shop for 2000 Talon Cash. So, without further ado, these are the new cards. We think they will be a nice addition to the game and will open up some exciting new gameplay possibilities! Bangungot Card (MVP) Shield Receive 20% less damage from Boss monster. Receive 15% less damage from Non-Boss monster. Add a 30% resistance against Stun, Curse, Blind, Stone Curse. Bakonawa Card (MVP) Shield Receive 20% less damage from Boss monster. Receive 35% more damage from Non-Boss monster. For Non-Monk classes, increase physical damage against Boss monsters by 15%. For Monk classes, increase physical damage against Boss monsters by 10%. Buwaya Card (MVP) Shield Receive 20% less damage from Boss monster. Receive 35% more damage from Non-Boss monster. Increase magic damage against Boss monsters by 7%. Bungisngis Card Headgear MaxHP + 5%, MaxSP + 5%. For every refine after +5, MaxHP + 1%, MaxSP + 1%. Engkanto Card Headgear Increase damage inflicted upon Poison Property enemies by 25%. Ignore 25% of Plant monster defense. Manananggal Card Weapon 20% more damage against Undead monsters with Heal. Receive 3% more healing when someone uses Heal or Sanctuary on you. Mangkukulam Card Armor MaxSP + 10%. Tikbalang Card Headgear MATK + 10. Increases the damage of Wind property magical attacks on targets by 5%. [Refine Rate +7 or higher] Add another 5% damage with Wind Magic. [Refine Rate +9 or higher] Add another 5% damage with Wind Magic. Tiyanak Card Accessory CRIT + 7 against DemiHuman, Brute and Fish Race monsters. Wakwak Card Garment For every 10 Base STR, ATK + 5. Jejeling Card Garment For every 10 Base VIT, HP + 200
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    IGN: Unit Finder01 Ah! I made it with barely just an hour left! I thought everyone would do a theme around flower viewing but now I feel so betrayed. This one has lots of characters in it including the Pope! Hiding behind the tree is the heroic spirit of Easter with a basket of easter eggs (?). GM Challenges: 🌸GM Haziel Challenge - Grind All Night Long ()🌸 - Deviling, Angeling, Both variats of Skeggiolds, Evil Snake Lord? 🌸GM Xing Challenge - Party Crasher ()🌸 - Well, they're barefoot and showing their belly buttons, does that count? 🌸GM Lance Challenge - Land of the Rising Sun ()🌸 - It's hanami of course there's cherry blossoms. This one is just the Pope, but there's a Laphine (Yube) in it because Eclage. Also, I don't know if Lance will recognize this map but I based it on Dark Randgris' Map, so yeah it's doubly topical! GM Challenges: 🌸GM Haziel Challenge - Grind All Night Long ()🌸 - Gloom Under Night Doll on the lower right corner 🌸GM Alisa Challenge - Spring is Where the Magic Happens ()🌸 - Laphines are fairies? 🌸GM Blackstar Challenge - Bundle of Love ()🌸 - Red and Blue Camellias! (Guess what they represent!)
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    In honor of TalonRO's 13th year anniversary, we're bringing back a very special event to thank the extraordinary community of TalonRO players with a 12x EXP event, including 25% more EXP from Eden Board Missions. It's all part of our way of saying thank you for helping TalonRO reach thirteen incredible years of providing incredible experiences and memories for over a decade! Stay tuned for more content updates in the coming weeks, including the highly anticipated Ancient Tower automated instance, the release of brand new cards and much more. The event will last until Monday March 23rd, midnight server time.
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