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    12x EXP | TalonRO turns 12!

    GM Seiren
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    With all the work on Project Iduna, we almost forgot that last week was TalonRO's 12th anniversary! Yes, on March 14th, 2007, TalonRO was born. This is over 12 years ago now. It's hard to imagine that our server was alive in a time where even the iPhone was not released yet and look at us now!

    While during other years we would celebrate with extensive events and giveaways, this year all of our focus is on Project Iduna, which is getting closer to completion by the day! We're excited for the day that we can unveil it all to you.

    However! We'd hate to not celebrate this major event, so we're glad to announce that for one week the EXP rates will be increased to 12x! On top of that, Eden Board Quests will give 50% more EXP than they usually do!

    As always, thank you for playing TalonRO. We couldn't have done it without all of you! :) So grab those level 98 characters and get yourself that last level while you can!

    The event will conclude on March 27th, 8pm server time.

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