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    GM Seiren
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    Introducing: Episode 14.2 Eclage!

    In their effort to trace the trails left behind by Satan Morocc, brave adventurers have crossed Bifrost into a mysterious city, Eclage. Laphines in Eclage were completely isolated from Splendide because of the Forest of Mist. Despite the extreme dangers, the adventurers have made their way to Eclage, pleasantly surprising the Laphines. Due to the will of the Bifrost Tree, all residents and visitors within the city's limits are able to communicate freely despite differing languages.

    Together with this new episode comes a new expedition to earn a unique reward and an additional event that will take players far beyond.

    Read on for more details as well as more updates launched during this maintenance such as Ancient Tower, New Cards, TamTam's Odyssey, Monthly Box, Battlegrounds, Valkyrie Bazaar and much more!



    New Episode Content

    Eclage Village is accessible through the Warp Girl, however this can only be done when the Eclage Entrance Quest has been completed. In order to get to Eclage through normal means, you can take the Mora east exit and speak to the Teleport Cat.

    This new episode adds many exciting new features such as the Blooming Flower Land, the challenging Bifrost Tower, Stat Gloves, new Consumables, Costumes, Custom Gears and a whole new storyline to follow. All fully rebalanced for our Pre-Renewal environment, this will surely add new exciting gameplay for young and old~


    Eclage Quests

    There are a variety of new quests that have been implemented with this new episode. Help the Laphine Fairies with multiple tasks, pranks and find out more about the Dimensional Rift, Satan Morocc and time travel! Eclage quests will reward you with Splendide Coins (yes, the same ones earned in the town of Splendide) which can be spent on a variety of new consumables, gears and more! The following quests will be available:

    Race to Top 10: Eclage Hall of Fame Event

    To celebrate the release of Episode 14.2: Eclage, we would like to introduce a brand new event that you will also start seeing on future content releases. The first 10 players who complete all of the Eclage quests (not including the daily quests) and speak to the Eclage Hall of Famer, will win a brand new Tink Pet! This adorable fairy pet is one-of-a-kind and will surely steal the show. While it is Account-Bound, you will be able to claim it on your other game account through the vending machine in Lutie.

    On top of the pet, your name will forever be remembered in the Top 10 at the Event Hall of Famer NPC!

    NEW CONSUM.pnglist.png

    New Consumables

    The city of Eclage offers four brand new consumables. As these are Renewal-based consumables, they have vastly different effects officially. We have taken it upon ourselves to transform these items into interesting additions to our Pre-Renewal gaming environment:

    • Peony Mommy
    • Snow Flip
    • Slapping Herb
    • Yggdrasil Dust

    The items, with the effects shown in the image above, can be purchased from Herb Merchant Plafina at the Eclage Plaza for 5 Splendide Coins each or can be obtained in Bifrost Tower by killing a variety of Lichtern monsters.

    Some additional disclaimers about these new consumables:

    • Only 1 can be active at a time (ex: you can't use a Peony Mommy together with a Snow Flip. Using a Peony Mommy while Snow Flip is active overwrites Snow Flip).
    • These buffs are disabled on death.
    • These buffs are not removed by Dispell.


    New Mobs & Drops

    With a brand new update comes brand new mobs and brand new items to explore! As per usual, due to this being renewal content originally it has to be adjusted to fit our unique pre-renewal environment! These changes and additions were made with TalonRO specifically in mind. The experience, zeny, and drop potential is adjusted accordingly to make a fitting experience for our server. You can view the below spoilers to gain more information on the mobs as well as the 5 new gear drops that were specifically added for our server!

    These drops have been distributed among a variety of mobs that spawn on the new field Blooming Flower Land outside of Eclage as well as the three levels of Bifrost Tower.

    Along with the brand new items that have been added, drop rates of official drops have increased and a variety of other useful drops have been added to these monsters.

    New Mobs

    Menblatt Petal
    image.png.a48bd5600984c3876c7f44e8656c33d2.png image.png.eb33bddcf305d8771e4a5fb698b8c9eb.png
    Level: 93 Level: 91
    HP: 36,600 HP: 36,015
    Race: Insect Race: Brute
    Element: Level 2 Wind Element: Level 1 Wind
    Base Exp: 112,040 Base Exp: 109,560
    Job Exp: 92,352 Job Exp: 90,728
    Required Flee: 276 Required Flee: 274
    Require Hit: 181 Require Hit: 193
    ATK: 1,298 ~ 1,788 ATK: 1,121 ~ 1,524
    DEF: 15 DEF: 14
    MDEF: 30 MDEF: 22
    VIT: 40 VIT: 55
    Drops: Hard Feeler [7163] 100% Drops: Pile of Acorn [6558] 90%
      Fancy Fairy Wing [6557] 90%   Unripe Acorn [12346] 60%
      Giant Butterfly Wing [7168] 60%   Acorn [1026] 60%
      Izidor [709] 0.6%   Sharp Leaf [7100] 45%
      Butterfly Wing Ears [19509] 0.03%   Piece of Darkness [6089] 15%
      Menblatt Wing Manteau [1] [21396] 0.03%   Nut Donut In Mouth [18566] 0.03%
          Rose of Eden [1] [2192] 0.03%


    Cenere Antique Book
    image.png.3cdd7e8aabc87bc856b18de9ed19b32a.png image.png.0b323bc9bc1c5f921d7cd2f2a3e4271a.png
    Level: 96 Level: 98
    HP: 53,815 HP: 54,556
    Race: Plant Race: Formless
    Element: Level 1 Wind Element: Level 3 Neutral
    Base Exp: 192,144 Base Exp: 195,056
    Job Exp: 154,224 Job Exp: 158,480
    Required Flee: 266 Required Flee: 298
    Require Hit: 155 Require Hit: 171
    ATK: 1,654 ~ 2,375 ATK: 1,703 ~ 2,448
    DEF: 16 DEF: 14
    MDEF: 40 MDEF: 27
    VIT: 30 VIT: 32
    Drops: Dustball [6561] 90% Drops: Leaf Bookmark [6560] 90%
      Mould Powder [7001] 90%   Worn Out Page [1097] 60%
      Dust Pollutant [7320] 60%   Memory Bookmark [7015] 30%
      Toxic Gas [7322] 30%   Bloody Page [7449] 30%
      Enforcer Cape [1] [21397] 0.03%   Level 8 Cookbook [7479] 0.03%
          Battlefield Textbook [1] [1562] 0.03%


    Red Lichtern Yellow Lichtern
    image.png.07f6f6401178c89dd1d4db5463f4482e.png image.png.75fd5f52b22ded0ad5c6a17a64b6917e.png
    Level: 99 Level: 97
    HP: 44,144 HP: 42,567
    Race: Formless Race: Formless
    Element: Level 4 Fire Element: Level 4 Ghost
    Base Exp: 194,408 Base Exp: 190,904
    Job Exp: 162,336 Job Exp: 156,864
    Required Flee: 307 Required Flee: 316
    Require Hit: 196 Require Hit: 211
    ATK: 1,613 ~ 2,272 ATK: 1420 ~ 1987
    DEF: 20 DEF: 16
    MDEF: 31 MDEF: 30
    VIT: 66 VIT: 75
    Drops: Star Crumb [1000] 60% Drops: Star Crumb [1000] 60%
      Star Dust [1001] 30%   Star Dust [1001] 30%
      Ruby [723] 9%   Topaz [728] 9%
      Flame Heart [994] 5.5%   Great Nature [997] 12%
      Peony Mamy [12813] 0.3%   Yggdrasil Dust [12815] 0.3%
      Ring of Fire [2683] 0.03%   Ring of Wind [2684] 0.03%


    Green Lichtern Blue Lichtern
    image.png.385f7337d0b323542d4dbac5b61a5f18.png image.png.e841c52b22948ed6f3b1e9830ec96810.png
    Level: 101 Level: 99
    HP: 43,293 HP: 42,454
    Race: Formless Race: Formless
    Element: Level 4 Earth Element: Level 4 Water
    Base Exp: 194,768 Base Exp: 194,040
    Job Exp: 154,160 Job Exp: 153,912
    Required Flee: 278 Required Flee: 266
    Require Hit: 181 Require Hit: 193
    ATK: 1,509 ~ 2,128 ATK: 1,483 ~ 2,088
    DEF: 21 DEF: 14
    MDEF: 33 MDEF: 26
    VIT: 58 VIT: 60
    Drops: Star Crumb [1000] 60% Drops: Star Crumb [1000] 60%
      Star Dust [1001] 30%   Star Dust [1001] 30%
      Emerald [721] 9%   Sapphire [726] 9%
      Rough Wind [996] 3%   Mystic Frozen [995] 3%
      Slapping Herb [12814] 0.3%   Snow Flip [12812] 0.3%
      Ring of Earth [2685] 0.03%   Ring of Water [2682] 0.03%


    Faithful Manager
    Level: 105
    HP: 77,322
    Race: Formless
    Element: Level 4 Neutral
    Base Exp: 483,584
    Job Exp: 368,600
    Required Flee: 268
    Require Hit: 153
    ATK: 1,907 ~ 2,744
    DEF: 30
    MDEF: 53
    VIT: 40
    Drops: Eye Drops [6559] 100%
      Small Jug [12353] 6%
      Alcohol [970] 6%
      Detrimindexta [971] 3%
      Karvodailnirol [972] 4.5%
      Enforcer Shoes [1] [21398] 0.09%
      Sprint Glove [1] [2935] 0.09%

    New Items

    Name Menblatt Wing Manteau Rose of Eden
    Item ID 21396 2192
      image.png.21ae0d8c0a055148e4e04dd16fda4da4.png 2192
    Slots 1 1
    Description A short coat that immitates Menblatt's feathers. A shield made with Heaven's Roses.
    Effect - SP Recovery + 10%
    - Increases damage with Ranged Attacks by
    [Every Refine Level]
    - SP Recovery + 3%
    [Every 2 Refine Levels]
    - MDEF + 1
    [+Angelic Ring]
    - Increase effectiveness of [Heal], [Sanctuary], and [Potion Pitcher] by 10%.
    - DEX + 3

    [Vanilla Mode]
    - DEX becomes + 2 instead.
    Class Garment Shield
    Defense 2 3
    Weight 40 100
    Required Level 60 70
    Job All Jobs Except Novice All Trans Jobs
    Dropped By Menblatt Petal


    Name Enforcer Cape Enforcer Shoes
    Item ID 21397 21398
      20800 22134
    Slots 1 1
    Description This blood soaked cape releases a terrible aura. These blood soaked shoes release a terrible aura.
    Effect - FLEE + 10
    - MaxSP + 10%
    - Increase damage with
    [Grimtooth] and [Meteor Assault] by 10%.
    [Every Refine Level]
    - HIT + 1
    - Increase
    [Meteor Assault] damage by 1%.
    - MaxHP + 10%
    - Reduce SP Cost of
    [Grimtooth] by 1.
    - Reduce SP Cost of
    [Meteor Asasult] by 8.
    [Every Refine Level]
    - HIT + 1
    [+Enforcer Cape]
    - 30% less cast time with [Meteor Assault].
    - 10% Aftercast Reduction with
    [Meteor Assault].
    Class Garment Shoes
    Defense 2 2
    Weight 60 40
    Required Level 60 60
    Job Assassin Assassin
    Dropped By Cenere Faithful Manager


    Name Sprint Glove
    Item ID 2935
    Slots 1
    Description Ideal for running at full speed due to its durability, quick dry feature, and exceptional grip.
    Effect - Reduce Casting Time by 1%
    - Reduce Aftercast Delay by 1%

    [+Sprint Ring, Sprint Mail, Sprint Shoes]
    - MaxHP + 8%
    - MaxHP + 8%
    - Reduce Casting Time by 9%.
    - Fast movement all the time.
    Class Accessory
    Defense 0
    Weight 10
    Required Level 70
    Job All Trans Jobs
    Dropped By Faithful Manager






    Costume Maker

    In Eclage Plaza, you will find Replication Expert Paltu. This wonderful new NPC can turn several existing headgears into Costume versions if you bring him the right materials! A couple of official costumes were removed from his selection as they have been used in other areas on TalonRO, but he has more than enough left to offer for all you fashionistas out there!


    Eclage Stat Gloves

    Introducing a new wave of accessories! They can be considered as the next step up beyond your traditional accessories such as Ring, Earring, et cetera. These items will be for Rebirth classes only, but do not have any other level requirement.

    Obtaining them is easy. By completing Splendide or Eclage storyline quests as well as Daily Quests, you will earn Splendide Coins. Exchage 10 Splendide Coins at Armor Merchant Naphara in Eclage Plaza and she will give you a non-slotted Stat Glove of choice.

    If you feel adventurous, you may try to add a slot to your glove by giving 5 Splendide Coins to Slot Expert Nattuer. She will then attempt to add a slot to your item. Keep in mind, there is a strong chance of failure, so try this at your own risk! The reward of having a slotted Stat Glove is definitely worth it, though!

    More information on these accessories can be found below:

    Gear Name Str Glove Agi Glove
    Item ID 2917 (0 slot) & 2923 (1 slot) 2919 (0 slot) & 2925 (1 slot)
      image.png.71165e30f7f5c85c446f66c7e7688919.png image.png.19c068685f57329646ca1d1fdc30a50b.png
    Slots 0 or 1 0 or 1
    Description A glove that grows in strength with you. A glove that grows in strength with you.
    Effect - MaxHP + 100
    - MaxSP + 20

    [Every 10 points of STR]
    - ATK + 1
    [Base STR >= 80]
    - ATK + 1%
    - MaxHP + 100
    - MaxSP + 20

    [Every 10 points of AGI]
    - FLEE + 1
    [Base AGI >= 80]
    - Perfect Dodge + 1
    Class Accessory Accessory
    Defense 0 0
    Weight 10 10
    Required Level 1 1
    Job Trans Only Trans Only
    Gear Name Vit Glove Int Glove
    Item ID 2920 (0 slot) & 2926 (1 slot) 2918 (0 slot) & 2924 (1 slot)
      image.png.6a1ac51cc443dcab2a6fc4f327bf9f12.png image.png.39d46030e64c6c03139b679aa0fa5b59.png
    Slots 0 or 1 0 or 1
    Description A glove that grows in strength with you. A glove that grows in strength with you.
    Effect - MaxHP + 100
    - MaxSP + 20

    [Every 10 points of VIT]
    - MaxHP + 50
    [Base VIT >= 80]
    - DEF + 1
    - MaxHP + 100
    - MaxSP + 50

    [Every 6 points of INT]
    - MATK + 1
    [Base INT >= 80]
    - MATK + 1%
    Class Accessory Accessory
    Defense 0 0
    Weight 10 10
    Required Level 1 1
    Job Trans Only Trans Only
    Gear Name Dex Glove Luk Glove
    Item ID 2921 (0 slot) & 2927 (1 slot) 2922 (0 slot) & 2928 (1 slot)
      image.png.49a092758c2b2ef6cc8a55dc681113b4.png image.png.73acca3a1983c3bbeb6a0eebeab1d642.png
    Slots 0 or 1 0 or 1
    Description A glove that grows in strength with you. A glove that grows in strength with you.
    Effect - MaxHP + 100
    - MaxSP + 20

    [Every 4 points of DEX]
    - HIT + 1
    [Base DEX >= 80]
    - Ranged Atk + 2%
    - MaxHP + 100
    - MaxSP + 20

    [Every 10 points of LUK]
    - CRIT + 1
    [Base LUK >= 60]
    - Critical Atk + 3%
    Class Accessory Accessory
    Defense 0 0
    Weight 10 10
    Required Level 1 1
    Job Trans Only Trans Only



    An Unexpected Alliance

    After having completed the Light & Darkness Quest, a new temporary event will open up that will be the start of a large expansion to TalonRO and beyond! Start by talking to Rin at the Eclage Plaza. She will inform you about a desire to expand Hiel's work with the Dimensional Rift Fragment to a much larger scale! We're talking Time Travel here, folks! This exciting new quest that offers daily tasks with marvelous rewards spans throughout the world of Rune Midgard, Eclage as well as Midgard Camp. Meet old companions such as Chief Balrog, Rin and Hiel and discover what magic lies beyond the Dimensional Rift and work towards the Reconstruction of Morocc and much more!

    After having finished the main quest, Rin, Chief Balrog and Hiel will offer you daily quests to earn Morocc Merit Certificates that can be exchanged at the vending machine at Morocc spawn.

    This exciting new custom content to TalonRO will be the start of something big. We hope you enjoy!



    Whew, that just about covers the new Eclage episode! Now, let's continue with some other updates! And with that, we are proud to announce the release of Ancient Tower, along with a batch of new cards, exclusive Valkyrie's Bazaar costumes, pets and a ton of other Quality of Life improvements.

    We hope you enjoy our latest content, and appreciate your patience throughout the development process! See below for more details.


    Battle of the Nine Instances

    *The release of Ancient Tower is among us! In order to gain access, players will need to gather a party of up to 12 and speak to the Instance Girl NPC, where they will be warped to the Valkyrie's Hall. From there, you will be able to embark on an expedition to take on this challenging gauntlet. Those who complete the instance will win, among others, 25 Valkyrie Coins, 150 Talon Cash and a key to access the Valkyrie Bazaar. The instance can be played twice per week, with the cooldown resetting every Sunday, end of the day.

    Valkyrie's Hall will be the hallmark for all future Valkyrie content. Stay tuned as we continue to work and improve TalonRO's PvE experience by introducing more tower challenges among other thrilling instances!

    For more information, you can visit our latest blog entry by clicking here, including a list of the latest Valkyrie's Bazaar update featuring new pets and costumes. Alternatively you can read more on Valkyrie: BotN by checking out the website or joining our Discord.

    *This is based on the actual live-hosted Ancient Tower event. We will continue to monitor its difficulty as a scripted instance and make adjustments to the gameplay, mob difficulty and/or rewards in the coming weeks/months as we see fit.


    New Cards

    The remaining Episode 13 cards have arrived! These have been in the works for a long time and we're happy to finally release them!

    This wave introduces 20 brand new cards. As usual, only the MVP Cards will be purchasable through the Talon Shop at a cost of 2000 Talon Cash. Regular monster cards can only be obtained through farming!

    Next up, at a future patch, be prepared for yet another wave of cards, including Biolabs 4 cards! For now, view the spoiler below for all new card information.


    Entweihen Crothen Card [MvP]
    MATK + 50
    DEX + 1
    [+Naght Seiger Card]
    Reduce Casting Time by 10%.
    [+Dark Illusion Card]
    Increase Casting Time by 5%.
    Maximum HP and SP - 10%
    Compound on : Armor
    ID : 4451

    Nidhoggur Shadow Card [MvP]
    [Swordman Class, Merchant Class, Thief Class]
    When using short-range physical skills, monsters will not switch targets to you if they are currently attacking another target.
    Lose 1% HP every 2 seconds.
    Compound on : Armor
    ID : 4456

    Naght Seigor Card [MvP]
    MDEF + 5
    Increases the damage of Ghost property magical attacks by 30%.
    Increase magic damage against Neutral property monsters by 10%.
    [Soul Linker]
    Ghost property magical attack is 15% instead.
    Compound on : Headgear
    ID : 4457

    Duneyrr Card
    ATK + 15
    When dealing physical damage, has a 2% chance of gaining Perfect Dodge + 10 for 15 seconds.
    [Lord Knight]
    When activated during Frenzy, add another Perfect Dodge + 10.
    Compound on : Headgear
    ID : 4458

    Rata Card
    MATK + 15
    Increases magic damage against Boss monsters by 5%.
    [Refine Rate +7 or higher]
    Increases magic damage against Boss monsters by an additional 5%.
    [Refine Rate +9 or higher]
    Increases magic damage against Boss monsters by an additional 5%.
    Compound on : Headgear
    ID : 4459

    Rhyncho Card
    MaxHP + 10%
    HP and SP Recovery + 25%
    [On Deluge/Hidden Water]
    Increase Resistance to Fire property by 10%.
    [+Phylla Card]
    Add a 3% chance of auto casting level 3 [Deluge] on the user when attacking normally.
    Compound on : Footgear
    ID : 4460

    Phylla Card
    DEX + 1
    AGI + 1
    MATK + 2%
    Add a 2% chance of auto casting level 2 [Waterball] on the enemy when attacking normally.
    Compound on : Headgear
    ID : 4461

    Hardrock Mammoth Card [MvP]
    DEF + 5, MDEF + 5.
    MaxHP + 10%
    [Every Refine Level]
    MaxHP + 2%
    Compound on : Armor
    ID : 4462

    Tendrillion Card [MvP]
    ATK + 45
    HIT + 35
    Compound on : Weapon
    ID : 4463

    Aunoe Card
    MATK + 1%
    INT + 1
    Disclaimer: You can only get this combo once!
    [+Isilla Card]
    ASPD + 10%
    Double the Duration of Isilla's Cast Reduction and Flee Boost.
    Vanberk not equipped & Vanilla Mode: Long Range Resist + 10%.
    Compound on : Weapon
    ID : 4464

    Fanat Card
    ATK + 30
    Disclaimer: You can only get this combo once!
    [+Vanberk Card]
    ASPD + 10%
    Triple the Duration and Double the Chance of Vanberk's CRIT Boost.
    Isilla not equipped & Vanilla Mode: Long Range Resist + 10%.
    Compound on : Weapon
    ID : 4465

    Beholder Master Card
    Ranged Attack + 10%
    Disclaimer: You can only get this combo once!
    [+Beholder Card]
    ASPD + 10%
    DEX + 3
    Disclaimer: You can only get this combo once!
    [+Seeker Card]
    Reduce damage from DemiHuman monster by 15%.
    Compound on : Weapon
    ID : 4466

    Heavy Metaling Card
    STR + 2
    Increases the damage of [Cart Revolution] by 50%.
    Compound on : Footgear
    ID : 4467

    Naga Card
    Increases [Mist Slash] damage by 35%.
    Causes Stun effect to enemies when using [Mist Slash] at a 12% chance.
    Compound on : Weapon
    ID : 4469

    Draco Egg Card
    Increases [Fire Wall] and [Crimson Fire Formation] damage by 25%.
    [Crimson Fire Formation] shoves the enemy 2 cells back; does not stack.
    Compound on : Weapon
    ID : 4471

    Bradium Golem Card
    HIT + 15
    15% more damage with All Kick Skills except for [Flying Side Kick].
    Increase Kick Skill rate by 5%.
    Compound on : Weapon
    ID : 4472

    Ancient Tree Card
    Increases [Esma] damage by 5%.
    HP and SP Recovery  + 15%
    Compound on : Weapon
    ID : 4473

    Zakudam Card
    Increase damage on DemiHuman monster by 20%.
    Whenever you do a Magical attack, 7% additional damage vs. Demi-Human-type enemies.
    [Monk Class]
    Reduce DemiHuman monster damage to 10%.
    Reduce damage done with [Asura Strike] by 10%.
    Note: This combo neutralizes Archdam's penalty, making it -10% instead of +20%.
    [+Archdam Card]
    Vanilla Mode: Reduce Casting Time by 30%.
    Compound on : Footgear
    ID : 4474

    Cobalt Mineral Card
    MDEF + 5
    ATK + 15
    Disclaimer: You can only get this combo once!
    Note: This combo neutralizes Mineral's ATK penalty by removing the -25 ATK.
    ATK + 25
    Increases resistance to the Freeze status by 50%.
    [Knight, Blacksmith, Assassin]
    Horn Card Not Equipped & Vanilla Mode: Long Range Resist + 20%
    Compound on : Headgear
    ID : 4475

    Hell Apocalypse Card
    MaxHP + 5%
    MaxHP + 200
    Disclaimer: You can only get this combo once!
    [+Apocalypse Card]
    MaxHP + 5%
    Increases resistance to the Freeze status by 50%.
    [+Apocalypse Card Equipped on Meteor Plate]
    Gain protection from the Freeze status.
    Compound on : Headgear
    ID : 4477


    April Monthly Box

    Our Monthly Box has been refreshed with a variety of new and returning costumes. Check out the image above or try them out at the Dressing Coach with the IDs below:

    • Giant Cat Bag Costume [Garment] - #21291
    • Walking Baby Polar Bear Costume - #21413
    • Lovely Ribbon Hair Costume - #21370
    • Heavenly Dark Flame Costume - #20256
    • Protection Crown Costume - #20276
    • Brown Wintery Knit Hat Costume - #21371
    • Dragon Turtle Hat Costume - #20258
    • Feather Fedora Costume - #20984
    • Aries Crown Costume - #21352
    • Panda Hat Costume - #20511
    • Remover Hat Costume - #20671
    • Grand Peco Hairband Costume - #20515

    TamTam's Odyssey

    The new TamTam's Odyssey region is Amatsu and Gonryun. Both the fields and dungeon maps are included, so be sure to farm there for Double EXP as well as Talon Cash and Bronze Coin drops!

    Misc Updates

    • When killing a monster and a card drops, it now emits a large purple pillar of light on top of the card, for easy visibility.
    • Improvements to Doctor NPCs:
      • You can now fully heal yourself even when wearing Golden Thief Bug-carded shields.
      • When doing a full HP and SP heal, the Doctor now also removes a variety of common negative status effects:
        • Poison
        • Curse
        • Silence
        • Confusion
        • Blind
        • Bleeding
        • Change Undead
        • Orcish Face
        • Critical Wounds
    • GM Challenge and Wave Challenge lobbies now have a Kafra for storage use.
    • Oliver Wolf Hood Costume no longer drops from GMC boxes due to the release of the Eclage episode. We will update the boxes in the near future to compensate for the removal.
    • The @time command now has a new row that displays Day of the Year.
      • It will also display if today is Day of the Sun, Day of the Moon, or Day of the Stars accordingly.
    • Basic Skill in-game description no longer displays chatroom creation at level 4 due to its stricter regulations on tRO.
    • Asura Strike in-game description now displays that it has an 8 second cooldown in PvP.

    Battlegrounds Updates

    • Deserting a BG Match now applies to the entire forum account. This solves players leaving a match that they expect to lose and join the winning team on another character.
    • Added special BG Food Items, purchasable through Erundek NPC:
      • Items can only be used during BG matches.
      • Effect disappears after every BG match.
      • +5 items cost 5 Valor Coins.
      • +8 items cost 10 Valor Coins.
    • Military Ration B and C now cost 100 Valor Coins instead of 150.
    • WoE White Potion now weighs 5 instead of 10 and costs 3 Valor Coins instead of 5.
    • WoE White Potion 30 Box now costs 75 Valor Coins instead of 100.
    • WoE Blue Potion now costs 4 Valor Coins instead of 7.
    • WoE Blue Potion 10 Box now costs 35 Valor Coins instead of 140.
    • Siege White Potion now costs 4 Glory Coins instead of 5.
    • Siege Blue Potion now costs 10 Glory Coins instead of 15.
    • Siege Blue Potion 10 Box now costs 75 Glory Coins instead of 100.

    Bug Fixes

    • Jewelcrafting Menu should no longer display Rough Gems when Crafting.
    • Fixed WoE Hub Flags not correctly displaying the emblem of the current castle owner.
    • Weapon Refine in-game description should now correctly display as an Active Skill instead of Passive Skill.
    • Vending and Buying stores should no longer end up in areas they are not meant to be at.
    • Fixed winter scarves not showing up in the Costumes slot in Kafra Storage.
    • Small fixes to Day of the Sun/Moon/Stars calculation.
    • Fixed warp in Umbala being blockable by players who did not do the required quest.
    • Fixed Hillthion mob name in Manuk fields to Hillslion.

    Valkyrie Bazaar updates

    • New garment costumes:
      • Blade Relic Costume (1250 Valkyrie Coins)
      • Seeker Relic Costume (1250 Valkyrie Coins)
      • Magus Relic Costume (1250 Valkyrie Coins)
    • New pets (food is Elysian Herb, purchaseable at 1 Valkyrie Coin or as a drop from a new mob type; Elysian Seed):
      • Celine Kimi (900 Valkyrie Coins)
      • Shroud (700 Valkyrie Coins)
      • Geiravor Disciple (1500 Valkyrie Coins)
      • Geiravor Partisan (1500 Valkyrie Coins)
      • Saga (1250 Valkyrie Coins)
      • Rainbow (700 Valkyrie Coins)
      • Soheon (800 Valkyrie Coins)
      • Rudo (750 Valkyrie Coins)
    • Price changes:
      • A variety of items have received price changes. Some have become cheaper while others (mostly consumables) have become more expensive. This is due to the release of the Ancient Tower instance.
    • Repair Scroll and White Cat Ear Costume removed due to buggy behaviour.

    GMC Box Rotation

    • Poring Soap Pipe Costume - #20716
    • Wind of the Prairie Costume - #20271

    Wave Box Rotation

    • Siroma Fur Hat Costume - #21057
    • Open Air Headset Costume - #20809



    We wanted to take this moment to thank the community for their support throughout the years and choosing TalonRO as your home. With this month's release, we hope you continue to enjoy your experience and wish everyone's utmost safety and well being throughout the covid-19 pandemic. We'd like to also re-assure players that the database and SQI/Seals revamp are still our priority, with news of our progress soon to be announced in the coming weeks. Having said that, we thank you dearly for your patience.

    TalonRO is off to a great start this year. The staff team have been working extremely hard to release new content and reshape our older content. Although things are going great, we strongly believe things could get even better -- but we can’t do this alone. It is now time to reach out to you players to help the server grow. We get more than half of our players from Ratemyserver and your reviews are basically FREE advertisement for the server. The more players we get the more active the server will be -- PvE content, WoE, Battlegrounds and more people to socialize and enjoy TRO with. 

    All we ask from you is to take 5 minutes to write or renew your review at Ratemyserver. We ask so little, and ask often, yet we are ignored by the majority of the players all the time. To the players that left a review more than three months ago, please renew it by deleting your old review and writing a new one. Things have changed drastically since 2019, let us know how we are doing! And finally, if you've left a review in the last 3 months, please encourage your friends online to write a review. Thank you.

    Leave an RMS review

    In other news, we are pleased to announce our next Staff AMA which will be held on Discord 2nd April (5pm server time). Save the date, ask Boreas why you were banned, how Radius keeps his golden locks so fabulous or which member of the staff team has an addiction to Oreo cookies. 

    As always, we hope you enjoy our latest content release! We're looking forward to bringing you more updates and features as the year continues. Thank you again for all your support, and Happy Gaming!


    Edited by GM Seiren

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