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  • August Patch | Summer Updates

    GM Seiren
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    The Summer Event is in full swing and we're starting August with even more updates to the event (TamTam's Tikibar, anyone?), along with our usual Monthly Updates. As we prepare for bigger updates the coming weeks/months, this maintenance will be a little smaller than usual. We will be dedicating a lot of our resources to BG and WoE matters the coming month, so expect updates there in the near future. For now, enjoy these updates!



    • New TamTam's Odyssey region: Geffen.
      • Includes fields and dungeon.
    • GMC Box Rotations:
      • Walking Desert Wolf Baby Costume [21216]
      • Spiked Belt Costume [21558]
    • Wave Challenge Box Rotations:
      • Alchemist Square Bag Costume [21215]
      • Cat On Head Costume [21497]
    • Monthly Costume Box items:
      • Daehyon Sword Costume [21776] [Garment]
      • Hopping Twin Pigtail Costume [21782] [Upper]
      • Stall Of Angel Costume [20847] [Lower]
      • Floating Ball Costume [21040] [Middle]
      • Smokie Muffler Costume [21744] [Lower]
      • Camellia Ribbon Costume [21589] [Upper]
      • Baphomet Hat Costume [20705] [Upper, Middle, Lower]
      • Checkered Bandana Costume [20710] [Upper]
      • Asgard Circlet Costume [21735] [Upper]
      • Leo Crown Costume [21243] [Upper]
      • Yellow Ribbon Costume [21807] [Upper]
      • Little Angel Doll Costume [21800] [Upper]
      • Orchid Hairband Costume [21802] [Upper]

    Limited Edition Costume

    For a duration of one week, you can now purchase this [Visual] Purple Fluttering Butterfly Costume at the Talon Shop for 5500 Talon Cash! This is a purple-colored version of a Fluttering Butterfly Costume we released previously. It goes in your Garment slot.

    Note: even though it's sold for a limited time, it may or may not return in the future to cater towards players from different timezones.






    The Summer Event gradually progresses and we're seeing great community interaction, which is amazing to see! For the August patch, we've made a few changes and updates to the events:

    • TamTam's Tikibar returns with a month full of free items! Read below for more details.
    • Added a new Conjuress NPC that can recolor your Fishbone Hair Braid Costume, Protection Cloth, Royal Mantle or Stall of Angel Costumes. You can find her in Port Malaya near the Bartender and Amazing Summer Race NPC.
    • You can no longer use your Digging Shovel in the Treasure Hunt event when mounted.
    • Fixed a bug where maps would have their "nobranch" mapflag removed incorrectly.
    • Slightly rebalanced some rewards in the Pro Summertime Boxes.
    • Slightly rebalanced the Bonus Rounds. If no bonus rounds happened during the entire day yet, the chance of it triggering will exponentially increase the later it gets.
    • Removed Strawberry collection mission due to their usage in WoE.
    • Lowered Unripe Apple collection mission from 2 items to 1.
    • Lowered kill amount for the following missions:
      • Crab: 80 > 70
      • Choco: 25 > 20
      • Kapha: 50 > 30

    Layla's Emporium

    The sleeping beauty has finally awoken! Layla's Emporium in Valkyrie's Bazaar will be open for business throughout the Summer period, as well as subsequent holiday themed events thereafter (between very long naps). However, do hurry, as her stocks will only last until the end of September!

    For more info on how you can gain access to Valkyrie's Bazaar, click here or visit the official Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine website.



    To celebrate the Summer season, we're pleased to bring back our annual TamTam's Tikibar event! Thanks to our fun loving and beloved mascot, TamTam, we're serving up summery drinks (and prizes!) throughout the whole month of August. It features daily images created by our awesome community through the Summer Postcards Contest!

    If you're unfamiliar with how this special event works, it's easy to participate! Click here to learn more about how you can receive a free prize each day.



    • For the past months we've had a malfunctioning version of our Kihop change implemented due to ongoing crashes. While the previously-announced change to Kihop is still our vision for the skill, we have reverted this back to official behavior for the time being as we are working on a more permanent solution. However, this does come with the hard cap of 6 party members (excluding the source Star Gladiator) to the damage increase.
    • Mjolnir's Charge Attack bonus is now fixed to only push back 3 cells, reverting it back to pre-Iduna behavior and making it easier to follow up with close range attacks.
    • Lowered the price of Rental Rooms from 5000 to 2500 zeny per minute.
    • Fixed Steal Coin displaying the wrong amount of zeny stolen from a monster.
    • The SQI Instances now all reward you with Vanaheim Gold in addition to all other rewards, up to once per day:
      • 35 Vanaheim Gold for Ancient Juperos.
      • 75 Vanaheim Gold for Battle for Vanaheim and Birth of a God.
    • Old SQI Seal Instances:
      • Yuno Seal is back up and running after a bug that needed fixing. (this was the case already for a while, but was not officially announced)
      • The daily cooldown now only applies to the rewards. So you can still play these instances even though you are on a cooldown. You just won't obtain any rewards at the end.
      • Lowered cost of Most Valuable Box at Asmund from 1500 to 1250 Vanaheim Gold.
    • In order to address some recent issues, we have introduced a number of Dead Branch Updates:
      • Only 200 mobs summoned by Dead Branches can exist at a time in a single map.
      • If a mob summoned by a Dead Branch hasn't been killed within 20 minutes, it is automatically removed.
        • This works like the Creator skill Plant Cultivation for comparison.
      • Bloody Branches are unaffected by these changes.
      • tha_scene01 is now marked as nobranch.
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