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    August Updates

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    Greetings, Talonians! August is a special month on TalonRO: we've launched and refined one of the most comprehensive updates in the history of the game with Iduna - and if you haven't seen all of the new offerings and updates, check out the Official News section of the forums - and we're gearing up for some wonderful summer fun! This month, we're bringing in all kinds of exceptional fun adventures - from the monthly Tam Tam's Tiki Bar prize giveaway calendar, to the return of seasonal favorites like the Amazing Summer Race and Starlight Soiree, and getting ready to release a completely fresh concept system in Valkyrie's Market - and much more! We hope that you're having a wonderful summer and that you'll enjoy these latest updates from your friendly neighborhood Game Masters at TalonRO:


    Summer is officially well underway on TalonRO - and to celebrate the season and the rollout of our latest Iduna update, we're pleased to bring back our annual Tam Tam's Tikibar event! Thanks to our fun loving and beloved mascot, TamTam, we're serving up summery drinks (and prizes!) throughout the whole month of August.

    If you're unfamiliar with how this special event works, it's easy to participate! Tam Tam's Tiki Bar is a special calendar with a unique prize for each day throughout August. It could be a useful consumable but even something as amazing as a unique costume! Read more below on how to participate and receive your free prize each day throughout August! Due to the work on Iduna, older players will see some returning items, but we do hope everyone will still enjoy them!

    Visit our official event posting to learn more about this special monthly event:



    If you’ve been participating in one of TalonRO’s many instances, then chances are you’ve been enjoying one of our great, live content features -  and we’re about to introduce something that will bring that opportunity to the next level! Coming soon, will be rolling out an entirely new feature of ways to earn some prices through these instances in a new feature we are calling Valkyrie’s Market! 

    Come to a number of bazaars and shops to enjoy this new feature that will allow players to spend earnings from these instances on completely unique and wonderful prizes!  We’re looking forward to refining and finalizing this in the coming weeks, but we hope that you will get ready to earn a number of magnificent prizes that are available to you - some of which are exceptionally rare! Stay tuned for more as this feature rolls out soon!


    The return of TalonRO's wildly popular Amazing Summer Race brings the action back to Port Malaya for a season of intense team fun! The Amazing Summer Race this year begins once again in Port Malaya at the World Race Center Headquarters.

    Your journey begins by speaking with one of the World Quest Center staff members to begin the journey of the season. After registration, you'll need to find the person in each region who can start your quest after starting in Port Malaya. From there, this person will be hiding in one of four regions. Once they are located, you'll begin a quick quest.

    This year’s Amazing Summer Race is coming soon -  and will be introducing all of the wonderful content and fun related to the race shortly! We can’t wait to see you there!


    The return of the summer party of the year is here! TalonRO is gearing up for the return of The Starlight Soiree! This celebration of summer is a real tribute to all things fun in Midgard: an island party at night with tons of prizes, music, and plenty of fun memories. The Starlight Soiree has all the elements of our big social parties - such as live music, games, prizes, and one-of-a-kind costumes - but also fun twists such as our Ocean Tiki Bar, Volcanic Hot Springs, and much more. As always, our social events aren't just anywhere; we're back at the TalonRO exclusive nighttime island paradise: Lumen Isle!

    The date and time for this event will happen towards the end of the month, so stay tune for your official invitation to this once a year fantastic event!


     As always, we’re pleased to bring you a number of updates and fixes to your experience every month. Here are this month’s following changes:

    • New GMC Box rotation:
      • Taboo Curse Scroll Costume
      • Alice Wig Costume
    • New Wave Box rotation:
      • Sorcerer Hood Costume
      • Fairy Feathers Costume
    • Amplify Magic Power should now display its MATK boost in the Status Window again like it used to.
    • Traps should no longer produce a dead cell when being damaged. Along with this change, they will no longer display damage received or a special effect since this was tied to why they had a dead cell after being hit.
    • Refining will now display the +refine amount when successful like it used to.
    • Fixed Mining Rock interactions ending abruptly.
    • Removed Return to Sender part of RODex as it was causing trouble of mails not being visible.
    • Eddga Card should now function properly.
    • Fixed nif_fild02 spawn of Loli Ruri being much too low.
    • Storm Gust should now double damage properly on every 3 hits against bosses.
    • Shadow Slash has been fixed according to Aegis behavior and now does melee damage regardless of distance used.
    • Fixed an error that would appear if you try to purchase a GMC Box.
    • Fixed Glorious Two-Handed Axe not applying ATK bonus for Merchant class.
    • Fixed Clock Tower warp showing incorrect floor number.
    • Fixed Soul Ring Quest and Wind Milestone Hat Quest NPC checks.
    • You can no longer enter a WoE Castle if you are not in a Guild.
      • All the following skills can be used in TamTam's Odyssey Regions again: Ice Wall, Greed, Sphere Mine, Bio Cannibalize, Plant Cultivation, Basilica.


      This month, Tam Tam’s Odyssey takes us to the far reaches of Mt. Mjolnir!  We hope that you enjoy this special reason and all of the bonuses as part of  special monthly bonus area!


      Finally, this month's latest Costume Box includes a variety of enjoyable new and rare costumes. The new Snack Party Costume is a fun new addition at the top spot that is a real rare get! Other additions to this month's box make it one worth obtaining - and be sure to do so, as each month a new box with new contents will take its place! August's costume box is currently available in the Talon Shop - and we hope that you get something fun to show off to the world of Midgard.

      • Snack Party Costume
      • Long Cat Ears CostumE
      • Walking Desert Wolf Baby Costume
      • Jioia Costume
      • Greater Dracul Horn Costume
      • Scarf of Hero Costume
      • Royal Guard Necklace Costume
      • Alice Von Friesinger Costume
      • Duneyrr Helm Costume
      • Leo Crown Costume
      • Feather Beret Costume
      • Hello Mother Costume



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