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    Bug fixes and improvements

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    This maintenance takes care of some small bugs and potential exploits. We also squeezed in a couple of other useful updates while we were at it. More stuff on the way! :)

    • In anticipation of the SQI revamp, the Valhalla Warper now always offers you both options to warp to either the Creation map or the Bonuses map.
    • Synced up the Port Malaya quest level requirements with their instance level requirements:
      • Bakonawa Lake instance now has a level 85 requirement instead of level 90.
      • Buwaya instance now has a level 80 requirement instead of level 90.
    • The portal to the Thanatos Tower boss floor is now exclusive to the party that opened it for only 5 minutes instead of the previous 30.
      • An announcement about when it opens up for everyone is now also added.
    • Torch Cap can now be traded as intended.
    • Fixed Zeny Gain bonuses, such as from Zeny Knife, working on MVP slave monsters, which allowed AFK farming.
    • The following maps now restrict Dead/Bloody Branches:
      • ve_fild06
      • yuno_fild06
      • yuno_fild03
      • gefenia02
      • moc_ruins

    Thanks everyone!

    Edited by GM Seiren

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