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    Bugfixes and BG updates

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    As we continue working on the brand new Super Quest Items storyline, some server maintenance is still necessary! During this maintenance we mostly updated some of our back-end systems, but we managed to squeeze in a few small updates while we were at it. We hope you enjoy! :)


    • !dropannounce, !noloot, and !partybuff should now all be cancelled immediately when the Bonus Bundle expires.
    • Fixed a bug in Nidhoggur's Nest instance where the timer would keep running and the party could get teleported even after the MVP was defeated.
    • You can no longer open a shop on a cell that another player is vending on already.
    • Added some additional party checks in the Ancient Tower return room which should hopefully reduce the odds of it warping you back to Prontera instead of inside the instance.
    • Fixed weight of Heartring and 99 Love Balloons incorrectly being 75. They now weigh 0.
    • Fixed Glorious Guitar and Lariat giving the wrong ASPD bonus.
    • Fixed Merchant Card Set not properly disabling Hylozoist Card's monster transforming effect.
    • Eclage Field monsters should now teleport on idle every now and then, which prevents them from getting stuck on top of the Bifrost Tower.

    General Updates

    • Synchronized the client item display name with the internal server item names. This way there should never be any item name mismatches anymore.
    • Battlegrounds updates:
      • Items are now automatically replenished when respawning.
      • Monk class no longer gets extra Blue Potions. They now get the same as everyone else.
      • Alchemist class now gets 15 extra Bottle Grenades.
      • Fixed getting dispelled in CTF and Rush when warped back into the Return Room after, for instance, a flag was captured.

    That's all for now. Thank you all for your patience regarding the SQI revamp. We are diligently working on it and are hoping to show something in the near future!

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