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    Bugfixes and BG updates

    GM Seiren
    • Patch Notes


    As the Summer Event (and SQI revamp, Soon™) draws closer, we are doing some minor updates to the server to fix a bunch of bugs and improve your general quality of life. We hope you all enjoy. As always, more to come!



    A new temporary Special Effect costume has been added to the Talon Shop for a duration of one week. This [Visual] Magic Circle Costume goes to the Garment Slot and can be purchased for 5000 Talon Cash. Please note that this costume is best experienced with auras disabled (!). image.png
    • The Bonus Bundle can now be purchased per week:
      • Choose between a duration of 1, 2 or 3 weeks.
      • The cost is 50 Talon Cash per week.
      • A one-week Halter Lead is still given out as an extra gift, regardless of the duration of the Bonus Bundle you purchase.
    • Changed the idle teleport on Gold Antler Scaraba and Gold Rake Scaraba from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.
    • There is now a sound effect that plays for people who are warped into Bingo but have yet to enter the portal.
    • Fixed a serious exploit in Monster Race where a timer mismatch could give you an advantage in the races.
    • Fixed Fluttering Cherry Blossom Costume having a weird outline with Assumption and a weird sprite in character select.
    • Fixed Pet Evolution quest description regarding Wave Challenge mission.
    • Fixed Halter Lead description incorrectly mentioning that Swordman and Baby classes could not use it.
    • Fixed various Morocc NPCs that got hidden inside buildings after the Morocc Reconstruction.
    • Fixed Valkyrie Coins. You should be able to purchase items in the Valkyrie Bazaar again.
    • Battlegrounds updates:
      • In-between rounds, when warped to the Return Room, negative status effects are now removed.
      • Added four new costumes to purchase with Valor Coins:
        • Sword Master Crown Costume
        • GrimReaper Protection Costume
        • Fallen Angel's Blessing Costume
        • Holy Sacrament Costume
      • Added two new costumes to purchase with Glory Coins:
        • Battle Flags Costume (Garment)
        • Concentration of Earth Costume
      • Reduced the cost of various WoE potions:
        • WoE White Potion: 4 -> 2 Valor Coins
        • WoE White Potion Box (30): 75 -> 45 Valor Coins
        • WoE Blue Potion: 4 -> 2 Valor Coins
        • WoE Blue Potion Box (10): 35 -> 15 Valor Coins
        • Siege White Potion: 4 -> 2 Glory Coins
        • Siege White Potion Box (30): 100 -> 45 Glory Coins
        • Siege Blue Potion: 10 -> 3 Glory Coins
        • Siege Blue Potion Box (10): 75 -> 25 Glory Coins
      • Reduced the weight on various WoE potions:
        • WoE White Potion: 5 -> 3
        • WoE Blue Potion:10 -> 8
      • Implemented two new lower headgears (not costumes):
        • Red Toy Syringe:
          • Increases HP recovery when using WoE White Potions by 25%.
        • Blue Toy Syringe:
          • Increases SP recovery when using WoE Blue Potions by 25%.



    Once a secluded garden infected by the plague, now a mysterious sanctuary governed by the Valkyries. Elysian Garden is a post-game dungeon with a variety of new mobs across multiple fields. Featuring Rift and Valhallan MVPs that drop special loot and boxes that can be exchanged for numerous rewards. In order to gain access, players must clear the Mystic Tower instance to obtain an Elysian Key (keys are character bound and have a 14 day expiry period). Please note that Elysian Garden Shard rewards are subject to change, if deemed necessary.

    For more information on Elysian Garden, visit the BotN website by clicking here.


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